this is the highlight of my career

god I’m absolutely going to hell I’m sorry guys 

I was at my friend’s engagement party yesterday and everyone was about to do cheers with these nasty ass shots of blue tequila but I don’t drink and I especially do not drink tequila, blue or otherwise, so I grabbed a piece of bread from the basket on the table and just tapped it against people’s glasses like it was a legitimate beverage instead of a wheat byproduct 

and one of my friends was like ‘ho what in god’s name are you doing’ 

and I didn’t know how to say I would rather slice off my own foot than drink tequila so I just held my bread up and said ‘I’m toasting’ 

and in that moment I felt my soul descend directly into the eighteenth circle of hell

This definitely qualifies as a career highlight for me! The song was composed by Rebecca Sugar, and an initial demo arrangement was made by Jeff Liu, which Estelle sang over. Estelle is one of my favorite modern R&B singers, so this was a daunting and yet enticing proposition to arrange.

Taking Jeff’s arrangement as a guideline, we really wanted to emphasize the euphoria of Garnet being reformed. Rebecca told us to capture the feeling of “there’s no way she could lose”. I also felt that the new Garnet design warranted a new Garnet bass sound (for those of you keeping score: where Pearl is piano, Garnet is represented by synthbass), so this was a great opportunity to showcase it. I also felt like the bridge needed a synth solo, so I went all out on this one!

Aivi did a fantastic job adding to this arrangement by making the string sections magical (especially at the end when the song turns dramatic) which were then beautifully performed by Jeff Ball. Everybody did such a great job with this song, and I’m extremely proud of the final result.

Thank you all for watching the season finale! Tune in tomorrow for Full Disclosure!

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one time a student airdropped my astronomy teacher a dick pic and she accepted it, looked at it, said “thats pretty small,” deleted it, and kept teaching. the highlight of my high school career.

B’chill tea time

Spilling the tea with Bambam’s mother HIGHLIGHTS

- Bambam scolding his mother for gossiping about him at B’chill

- Bambam wanting to be the only member that has a picture in B’chill and Jinyoung being salty about it

- Bambam’s mother adorably joking about making department store like announcement about Bambam’s stories

- Bambam watching Taiwanese F4 with his mother and loving Vanness (my fav) while his mother liked Jerry

- Then Bambam loving Rain which basically lead to his career

- Bambam complaining about the song playlist and fixing a playlist as soon as he arrived in thailand for B’chill

- Bambam being damn proud of his trend setting influence on his members and his mother saying ‘ he is getting worst and they spend to much time with him’ (i love how sassy she is about him)

- His mother saying that Bambam would probably never shut up about B’chill to his members because thats just who he is when he likes something.

“Hey, legend,”~s.m.

Not What I Can’t Have part three, I knowww but y’all will get that soon, don’t worry! I gotta make it perfect first <3.

For now enjoy idkhowmanywords of fluff. Hope y’all enjoy :)


“What next?” I murmured, staring at the illuminated screen of my laptop, at the page half filled with pure mumbo-jumbo. 

How about I put….no.

Oh! What about…..God no.

I slammed my laptop shut, groaning. Having my fingers hover over the keyboard while my brain conjured up and immediately denied the next sentence I would write always drove me over the edge. Being a writer was my dream, yes. But I never imagined that it would cause me so much frustration and anger.

I sighed deeply, picked the laptop up, and walked over to the desk opposite my king sized bed. As I set it down, I heard the tiniest of ‘meows’ come from behind me, and I smiled. I turned to face the door, and, sure enough, my orange Tabby Cat, Jimi, stood  there, staring at me with jade green feline eyes, head tilted, ears pointed, face angry as always.

“I’m okay, Jim. Just…fed up,” I shrugged, walking back over to the bed and crawling back on top of it. I patted the empty spot next to me, and he jumped onto it eagerly. He curled his fluffy, twenty pound body into a tight ball and closed his eyes, setting himself up for one of his many deep slumbers. I sometimes looked at him and felt envious.. If only I could sleep as much as he did. My career, unfortunately, did not make life so easy.

I only ever let Jimi on the bed when my husband Shawn wasn’t home. And tonight was one of those occasions.

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i def hc that nursey has this one faculty member in his department that he took sophomore year that he just LOVES. it was a big lecture class, but he had a question after the first test, so he went into her office hours and she really explained it so well and she was so nice and funny that he just kept coming back to office hours after that. on the last week of the semester she made sure he knew that he was always welcome to stop by or drop her an email, even though he wouldn’t be in her class anymore. nursey was so relieved, bc he was wondering how he was going to get along w/o her guidance. she’s not his academic advisor, but nursey still goes to her with questions about classes he should enroll in or opportunities he should take. she emails him contests she thinks he should enter or works she thinks he would like, and he emails her work he needs proofread. he trusts her editing and critique more than anyone’s. by senior year, they’re getting coffee together every other wednesday, and she’s practically begging him to go for his master’s so he can TA for her. she’s the faculty member that sponsors/nominates him as the english/lit department’s valedictorian and speaker at graduation, and they both cry when he gets it. she introduces him before his speech, she says, “i am honored today to introduce one of the most inspiring students i have ever taught. since i met derek nurse his sophomore year, i have been continually amazed by the utter bravery that he shows in every piece he writes. it is nothing short of courageous to pour yourself and your voice into your work, and derek’s voice is strong and unwavering in every poem, every essay, every story. i have never met a writer more capable of forging such a raw, open connection with their reader simply through their words. watching derek’s works transform and grow even stronger throughout his time as a samwell student has certainly been one of the highlights of my career as an educator. so without further ado, i would like to introduce your valedictorian, derek malik nurse.”


“Hola and welcome to FourFourTwo (or should that be FourThreeThree?!). My first interview with the magazine was in 2006, and since then I’ve been interviewed a few times. But this is the first time I’ve been guest editor, and what a privilege it is.

“As well as the main cover interview in which I discuss a selection of my career highlights, there’s a piece on the other members of the 500-goal club (which I had the great honour of joining during the week that I edited the magazine) and a look back at the La Masia team I played in, featuring Cesc Fabregas and Gerard Pique to name but two of a host of team-mates who were brilliant both on and off the field.

“We also went over to Milan to speak to my former Argentina captain Javier Zanetti, while Ronaldinho picks his Perfect XI – here’s hoping I’ve made the cut…” - Leo Messi