this is the hard one

omg you guys my likes section is almost EXCLUSIVELY mad sweeney

i………………………………love him so much and AG was so satisfying BUT IT TOO IS OVER

that being said, i’m still going to spend most of the summer doing American Gods work, because it was so refreshing. after the wringer spn put me through, i really was trying to make mountains out of molehills. i do have a few spn comic ideas to get to, tho!

SO IN REGARDS TO SPN CONS I’M WORKING! my plans for the rest of the year (which are subject to change, but this is the basic overview!) are:

  • CHICAGO, IL JULY 14-16
  • NEW ORLEANS, LA OCT. 27-29

sanfran might still be on the table, but it’s a bit too far off to tell right now. i love seeing everyone’s faces with my traveling comic show HOWEVER i might need a month to get my bearings at some point :’)

anyway here’s that gif of me with my cat band again

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playlist - you lead me on and I miss you but you don't even seem to care about me

  • Santa Monica Dream - Angus & Julia Stone 
  • Just a Little Bit of Your Heart - Ariana Grande 
  • To Whom it May Concern - The Civil Wars 
  • I’m Tired and I Hate This Song - Cyberbully Mom Club
  • Sick of Losing Soulmates - Dodie
  • Happier - Ed Sheeran 
  • If I can’t Be Yours (Cover) - Jayn
  • Ooo - Karen O
  • All I want - Kodaline 
  • Shades of Cool - Lana Del Rey 
  • This Town - Niall Horan 
  • Love You Goodbye - One Direction 
  • The Heart Wants What It Wants - Selena Gomez 
  • It’s Over Isn’t it - from Steven Universe 
  • I Know You All Over Again - Trixie Mattel 
  • Always Attract - You Me At Six 
  • Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer 
  • Someone Else - The 1975 

@little-giant-yixing tagged me in the “Favorite Bias, Favorite Picture” tag!!

instead of spamming u with 100 photos of Himchan, I decided to choose just one!! this photo shows why Himchan is my ultimate bias; he has such a beautiful smile, one that can light up even the darkest of days. (i still can’t believe that his angelic smile has been directed at me)

credit is on the picture!

I’m tagging: @linguisticstudies @oh-look-its-trash @bapsujusechskies and anyone else who wants to do this!!!

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top 5 pictures of Kaoru's nose

Like seriously every picture of Kaoru is a great picture of his nose??? So this was difficult to narrow down okay. In no particular order:

???? With bonus this entire photoset and honestly there are just so many good ones out there what even

Okay but can we just talk about how good Nicola’s acting was in this ep????

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Drama Recommendation

welcome to the segment I call Ranxie Recommends!!!.. lol that sounded like what a Vlogger would say oh demn!🤦

HARD NUT! ( ハードナッツ! )


it has all the perfect ingredients that define my style…

  • It revolves around Mathematics   ✔️
  • its crime and investigation   ✔️
  • beautiful casts  ✔️
  • Slight tinge of romance   ✔️
  • best of all its hardcore COMEDY  ✔️✔️✔️

What more could I ask for.. it was just sugoi for me.


the story is basically a genius girl and a detective using Mathematical approach to solving difficult cases.

“Unbeknownst to us all, our reality operates according to mathematical laws.”

I particularly love this line because it just stated the fundamental truth…

YES, PEOPLE!!! Whether you like it or not MATH IS ESSENTIAL!

As an engineer, I have a fair background to those technical terms, mathematical equations and principles that were used so perhaps I had more in-depth understanding of what she was saying but don’t worry everything was simplified into layman’s term so you’ll still completely understand it.

Every case shown in here was very interesting (even though I immediately predicted all the real killer just by the start), how they played it out on how it would be solved was already enough to keep me pinned to my seat. and the leads are just adorable enough to entertain you.

The only set back is there were a lot of questions left unanswered in the end. I’ve read a comment (dated 2014) that they’ll do season 2 but it’s already 2017, therefore the probability of that happening is very low now


Ah for ones they’ve portrayed a genus being quirky(not serious and moody), friendly(not antisocial), kind(not rude), and cutesy(not prim and proper). Not your typical genius trope. I JUST PLAINLY LOVE HER.She gave color to the show and her comical antics were the best! I had a good laugh.

Your typical detective that has mysteries surrounding him. but unluckily none of it was revealed… His past remained in the shadows.

but nonetheless, I pretty much like all the characters even the annoying ones lol!


I give it 8.5/10… because of a number of unresolved issues I cant give it a perfect score but it was one of the best crime dramas I’ve seen so far.

I bet after you finished it you’ll appreciate the power of Math.. Don’t go hatin’ on it. Well, you might not see the importance of those X and Ys doing with your life but try to at least try to appreciate for you can’t escape it, any field of profession you go Math is required.

As also tackled in this show, the things you are using and doing today ALL used Math to make it possible… for short you won’t be even enjoying the comfort of your life now without Math principles.(wow that felt like I just gave an inspirational talk about Mathematics)

so go watch this drama you’ll have a better understanding how it works.

Plus I assure you won’t be bored because the casts are just too funny and cute.

JAA NE!! ( ^_^)/

Ship #2 🌺

This is the second ship/match up! I hope you’re not mad that it took so long, please enjoy it and be happy; you got Snooji! Thank you for playing in the “special special”!! @musicmarble

Your partner is Snooji Sanji!

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When Sanji first announced his love for you, no one was surprised, but when he started to ignore other woman and only cared for you, they knew, he got serious. He falls for your energy and for the love you have for your friends. When he first met you, he wanted nothing more than to be called one of your friends, but after some time, he wanted, no, needed more of you. He is a sucker for your voice and whenever you ask him if  he’s hungy, his heart jumps in excitement. He doesn’t care at all that you might not suit the “girly person” society has build, he is only interested in you and your personality, the rest doesn’t matter. For him, you’re the most beautiful person he has laid his eyes on, even if you say that you’re imperfect and that you have flaws, your him you’re a masterpiece. He makes sure you know your real worth, even if he has to tell you every night. Also, when he found out about your past, he realised that you both have more in common than you think. Without noticing, he found the perfect match for him and he is not ready to let you leave all too fast.

Your best friend is Chopper!

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Sweet, precious and maybe a little dork; here are two perfect best friends. You and Chopper click the first second you meet each other and are not able to be without each other for too long. You both get high on each others’ spirit and never fail to make everyone else feel happy, that’s just how you both work. He is a doctor too, so he will try to help you whenever you feel a bit pain from your injury, he will notice if you’re acting different than unsual and will make sure to make you feel better. Also, if stupid Snooji ever hurts your feelings, this little cutie will beat his ass for you, believe me. Sometimes you both sit around for hours and talk about anything, sometimes you play pranks on the others and snicker behind books.

Your bounty is 80 Thousand Berry!

First, you’re a part of the strawhat crew, so let’s put some berry on your head. Second, you’re the partner of Sanji, so let’s put some more berry on your head. Third, that one time, in middle of a fight, you accidentaly kicked someone so hard, they went unconscious for a few hours, which made everyone wonder… how the hell did you do that? You don’t know, they don’t know… lets put some more berry on your mysterious head.

Your secret admirer is Usopp!

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He hates himself for the way he feels, he feels so so bad! Sanji is one of his family, his brother and yet, he crushes on his partner… It was the way you laughed, the way you adapted to your friends and the way you cared so deeply for them, that he couldn’t stop himself and fell for you. You were something different in his eyes; a treasure that didn’t know it’s worth and he was swept away from it. When you went up to him and asked him if he could teach you to become a sniper, his heart stopped in his chest. You just turned more perfect by the second, but he couldn’t act on his feelings. He decides that his friendship with Sanji was more important than his feelings, so he leaves you alone. After some time, he feels himself losing his interest in you and he’s glad. But deep down, he still has a sweet spot for his brothers partner.

Worst enemy is Enel!

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You both, you barely know each other, but from the short moment you saw each other, a horrible and deep enemyship was born. You hate this guy with everything you can think of and he? He thinks it’s fun, so he hates you back. Sanji and Chopper had to pull you back in skypia, so you wouldn’t run into your death, but you were harder to calm down than expected. It was the way he talked, the way he wanted so much attention and the way he treated others that made you hate him. When Luffy beat his ass, you were glad, bu still to this day; every time you hear his name, you just get grumpy. You both had some other kinds of sparks..

Who comes and saves you if you’re in danger: Jinbei! (Jinbae)

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Look at this Jinbae, he will fight everyone for you! He will get all of his friends/fighters to save you, not only because you’re in the strawhat crew, nah, because you both are good friends as well. He loves the way you talk about the ocean and he will not let someone hurt you, not now and not later.

Who is secretly trying to catch you and get your bounty: Big Mom! (Spoiler)

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SPOILER WARNING! When she found out that you were in a relationship with Sanji, she knew, she had to get you in her hands. There could be only one person who can have Sanji and in her eyes; it couldn’t be you. So, to everyone’s surprise, the yonko wants you. You, the 80 thousand berry person. To say that you’re shocked is not enough to explain what goes through your head.

Kitchen concert - a little drabble

Soft sounds of Sanji cutting vegetables surround your figure leaning against the kitchen counter, making you sigh in content. Today had been a quiet day, dark clouds were shielding the bright sunlight away, making everyone either hide in their rooms or relax in the kitchen. You didn’t mind though, it was nice to relax like this from time to time.

You glance at your boyfriend moving the knife faster than you ever could and lean your head back, sighing another time.

“Are you okay, my love?” The sounds of the knife turn quieter. You look at the blonde haired man and see him staring at you in amusement. “Are you so bored?”

“No…” You mumble and shift from one foot to another. “I’m just a bit tired.”

Sanji nods, turns back to his work and is about to start again, when he stops another time. “Y/N, come here.”

“Hm?” You frown and stay where you are, not knowing what he wants.

“Come here for a second, I promise, I won’t bite.” He says and winks. “Not now.”

You feel yourself blushing and slowly walk up to him, avoiding his eyes. You hear him mumble something about you being cute and then, he stands behind you, arms wrapped around your body. “What-”

“I’m scared you will fall asleep, so I’d rather have you here in my arms.” He whispers into your hair and softly pecks your cheek. You purse your lips, trying to hide the smile that tries to escape.

You stay in his warm arms for a few minutes and stare at him cutting food, still surprised at how good he actually is. Neither of you say something, both enjoying the company, when suddenly, you start to hum quietly, still shy.

Your boyfriend stops his actions- you stop. He turns his head towards you and smiles. “Ah, don’t be shy. You sound so nice, don’t hide it!” But you’re still too embarrassed, which makes Sanji sigh.

“Okay then.” He says and kisses your cheek again, making you turn your head to the side, laughing quietly. You lean back against his body and after a few seconds, Sanji starts to hum himself, quiet at first, but grows louder with every second that passes. You take another glance at him and bite your lip, slowly joining him.

You grow more and more comfortable and after a few more seconds, you start to sing quietly. Sanji makes sure to sing along, even tries to sing the instruments, which makes you laugh.

Suddenly, the door opens and a skeleton comes inside. “Is this a concert? Yohohoho, let me join!”

“I want too!” The sweet voice of your best friend echoes through the kitchen and then he appears in front of your eyes; Chopper.

You smile and turn around, about to walk to your friends, when Sanji steals a kiss from your lips, making Chopper giggle loudly. Your cheeks turn deep red, but Sanji just winks. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

fic writing shenanigans:

Me, who’s brain-dead after all the studying, mistakenly telling @misspaperjoker about how then Wade (Wilson) instead of Ward (Grant) briefly shows up in the story. 

Helene: […] and Steve’s so fond of him! :D

me: what? why the fuck would Steve be fond of Wade?? (again, meaning Ward)

Helene: cause he’s Wade and he’s troubled?

Me: He’s HYDRA?????

Helene: why the fuck would Wade be HYDRA???????

Me: $%@#%&??????????????????

I realize I do tend to the hyperbolic when it comes to Certain People, and so I try not to fall into the this is everything trap too often, but truly, honestly—

This. Is. Everything.

Yep, having heard this last night:

SAM: I’m in no shape to be hunting. 

5x02 Good God, Y’All

Hearing Dean say the same thing is soaring pretty fucking high on my S13 wishlist.


Never drawn a srs comic in my liiiife. Guess I shouldn´t think too hard about this, everything about it. Who knew this was harder than shit posting.

Been feelin real bad bout my drawings for a bit, and I don´t think I really know how to pace something. Good to know, see you tomorrow class

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