this is the group

Discord… was so fun. 

I love listening to everyone speak they are all so cute and nice and supportive. Azura wailing about a spider and Cam staying up till sunrise and Aki making more AUs and Danny being a sweetie reciting Chariot lines and Rae being supportive sending me stuff from Alex and Ray laughing so hard at Neon’s gif they literally stopped breathing and had to lie down and Neon crying for like an hour straight.

Everyone. Is so cute. I am in heaven I am blessed with all of these angels.

@theaceofgays and @hatsune-miku-was-here have the most adorable sneezes and @azurathemagician and @cwjhunt  have adorable voices and @akilice and @xraveyn and @chariotdunord and @theneonflower are so talented and literally this is the purest group of people I have ever met they are so supportive and cute in every way shape and form and I do not deserve them.


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if y'all are ever worried about messing up during a concert just keep in mind that last night during a chamber concert i was in a clarinet quartet and squeaked so damn loudly and fucked up a solo part and later on i was talking about it and everyone was like “you did what?????” either they didn’t notice or they didn’t know it wasn’t supposed to sound like that, but either way, it doesn’t matter as much as you think it does

Yesterday and today have been fucking bananas y'all. My car broke down on the way to the Ghost show (it managed to putter into (and luckily out of) the parking lot of the venue) but we made it, finally had the elusive Billy Vanilla Experience (he gave us some stickers, guitar picks, and some empty banana boxes from the tour bus, which were honestly my favourite thing we got) and we got to chat with New Aether for like fourty-five minutes (he is the sweetest angel and I love him so much) and then we got rained on (those banana boxes came in handy) as we ran to my broke ass car (Aether seemed kinda genuinely worried we were going to be stranded in the rain, and honestly I was too) and managed to drive it the ten miles to a friend’s house where we spent the night (no change of clothes, no toothbrush/paste, no phone chargers, because we’re complete failures) and then I had to dump my car off at a mechanic and drive poor @keelee-von-cupcake’s car back to Houston (I’m sorry you’re stuck being my friend, I really don’t deserve you) so I can continue packing for my move next week. There are a lot more details, but I’ll have to fill y'all in later!

lycobra  asked:

so like, this might be random BUT, lately you and the other people I follow from your "hell group" have absolutely made my days (and my dash) better and more positive and I love it! Bless you all!!!

They are… literally the sweetest people and I am truly blessed ;w; I’m not surprised they make your days better. I’ve only been there a few hours and it’s added 10 years to my life ;w;


Fabulous Sisters, Dance Studio Vivid
1st Place Senior Competitive Super Group [Score: 118.4]
Showstoppers Anaheim III 2017

These amazing dancers traveled all the way from Japan to compete at Showstoppers Anaheim III! Their studio is Dance Studio ViVid and you can follow them on Instagram @dance_studio_vivid! They beat out 2nd place (WCSOA) by 1.2 points, which is a lot a Showstoppers!