this is the golden age of something good and right and real

fic: this is the golden age (of something good and right and real) 

summary: immortals!au in which they fall in love in 1961, fall apart in 1965, and fall again in 2015. 

word count: 10.1k

warnings: the usual swearing/sex, vague descriptions of PTSD, somewhat detailed descriptions of war violence, implied character death 

a/n: WHAT?!?!?!? CALISTA WROTE A ONE SHOT?!?! SAY IT AIN’T SO!! as always s/o to the other half of team sugar spice and everything nice, megan slimeboyhowell for cheering me on and letting me headcanon abt hot Marine phil at odd hours of the morning <33 i was gonna make a playlist for this but nobody ever listens to those, so i come bearing two wonderful songs for u to listen to that remind me of this fic: the song from the title, state of grace (acoustic) by taylor swift + forever and ever amen by the drums

They’re unabashedly in love in the biting New York frost of the winter of 1964, one month before Phil leaves for Vietnam.

Dan is twenty-three and already established as a photographer at The New York Post; Phil teaches English and Art History to thirteen and fourteen year olds at Astor Country Day on the Upper East Side. Their apartment (their, their, their, he loves reminding himself of the sharedness, even now) in the Village is cluttered with scattered mementos of their three years together, photographs framing bare skin, cheap photo booth strips, notes signed with hesitant x’s and drenched in cologne, brochures from the Van Gogh exhibition at the MoMA from the year before. It’s big enough for the two of them to hole themselves in from the tenacious hum of the city below, to hide them from eyes that linger too long on their clasped hands and twin smiles, to last on artist salaries.

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This is the golden age of something good and right,

                                                                                                 and REAL.

46 Taylor Swift Lyrics For When You Need An Instagram Caption

According to Buzzfeed (who never fails to get it right)

1. I could show you incredible things.
2. People are people and sometimes we change our minds.
3. Nice to meet you, where you been?
4. I hope you remember that today is never too late to be brand-new.
5. Taxi cabs and busy streets that never bring you back to me.
6. Screaming, crying, perfect storms.
7. Darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.
8. I could dance to this beat forevermore.
9. This is the golden age of something good and right and real.
10. Nothing safe is worth the drive.
11. I got that red lip, classic thing that you like.
12. I make the moves up as I go.
13. When I was drowning, that’s when I could finally breathe.

14. I’m dying to know: Is it killing you like it’s killing me?
15. We play dumb but we know exactly what we’re doing.
16. Because you know I love the players and you love the game.
17. Still all over me like a wine-stained dress I can’t wear anymore.
18. I like the way you’re everything I’ve ever wanted.
19. All I know is we said hello and your eyes looked like coming home.
20. I don’t wanna dance if I’m not dancing with you.
21. Baby, I know places we won’t be found.
22. I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams.
23. You’ll see me in hindsight tangled up in you all night.
24. We found wonderland — you and I got lost in it.

25. The best people in life are free.
26. Long live all the walls we crashed through — all the kingdom lights shined just for me and you.
27. The rest of the world was black and white but we were in screaming color.
28. We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.
29. Too busy dancing to get knocked off our feet.
30. Well, I don’t know how it gets better than this.
31. We had this big, wide city all to ourselves.

32. Just because you’re clean don’t mean you don’t miss it.
33. Time won’t fly — it’s like I’m paralyzed by it.
34. I’ve found time can heal most anything.
35. For the first time, what’s past is past.
36. When you’re young you just run, but you come back to what you need.
37. I think when it’s all over, it just comes back in flashes, you know?
38. And I think about summer, all the beautiful times.
39. It’s hard not to find it all a little bittersweet.
40. Wasn’t it beautiful when you believed in everything?

41. My mind forgets to remind me you’re a bad idea.
42. I took your matches before fire could catch me, so don’t look now — I’m shining like fireworks over your sad, empty town.
43. If you come my way, just don’t.
44. You searched the world for something else to make you feel like what we had.
45. Words, how little they mean when you’re a little too late.
46. People like me are gone forever when you say goodbye.

Mean (2010) VS New Romantics (2014)

I mean seriously, this is the golden age of something GOOD and RIGHT and REAL ❤️

Yeah, yeah, definitely. I mean, if we’re also talking low chaos here (and I assume we are), she wouldn’t see the mask as something that affects Corvo and changed him into a different person, so…there’s no real reason for her to feel bad towards it, as if it’s a #cursed object or anything? 

In fact, right after you meet her at the Golden Cat, she says “you’re wearing the mask to sneak around, aren’t you?”, so she understands, right away, that this scary-looking thing is actually protecting him, and he’s wearing it for his own good. She would see it as a friend! A talisman, almost.

And yeah, I agree that it’s unlikely he’ll encourage her. I believe he thinks of it as a weapon of sorts, and before Emily came of age and their training got serious, Corvo was…very serious about her touching weapons. She would definitely be very curious about them, she would want to inspect his sword, his pistol and his crossbow, and would try to do this, but he would only allow it under his supervision, and he would try to make it clear that these are not toys and Emily should take it seriously. The mask, on top of that, has a lot of emotional baggage of Corvo doing the job she doesn’t know or doesn’t need to know of, at least not yet, so it’s pretty complicated.


27 days to MYE - {04/05/16}
‘this is the golden age of something good and right and real’ 

it’s getting closer and closer to the exams i’m so worried… i feel like i haven’t prepared At All!!! anyway in the pic is my pink erasable pen from muji and i swEar that it’s the best erasable pen ive ever used and when you rub off the ink, it doesnt stain like others do!! i give it a 10/10 omg