this is the gayest thing i have ever seen oh my god

First Time Watching the Gay Pilot

So I finally got around to watching the Sherlock Pilot for the first time last night (on the eve of their anniversary, hngg)! 

It fucked with me so bad that I had to make a list of the actual irl commentary I made:

-Wow this is probably the greatest title sequence ive ever seen

-Bby lestrade my boy

-Mike Stamford the real mvp

-Why the fuck are they at a fancy restaurant

-This music tho

-Damn he’s young

-This is so gay


-Mrs Hudson owns a fuckin bakery?

-Wow what a gay flat

-Hudders ships it in every universe

-Such gay ambiance

-There’s 5 suicides now?

-Could they have made this more gay

-“oh god yes” sounds gayer every time I hear it

-cab rides are a blessing

-who is this Donovan

-why is Sherlock wearing the biohazard suit thing

-such a young, smol, softe bean

-john Watson please stop looking at sherl like that in public

-wow that’s the gayest thing ive ever seen


-You bet your ass john Watson is wired

-He’s wearing jeans?!!?!

-No John I promise Sherlock isn’t the killer




-You bet your ass there’s a fire in the fireplace

-Straight men who just met don’t walk within 3 centimeters of each other dear god

-Haha gay

-Angelo the real mvp


-You know I really never thought things could be any gayer but here we are

-“I wasn’t asking you out” my ass

-John Watson stop sounding so dejected, Sherlock holmes fucking loves you


-Oh this shit is good


-How the fuck did jeff hope haul sherl’s ass up 2 flights of stairs

-O no is this gonna be sexual again like with magnussen

-O shit please don’t rape him


-His gay eyes

-His gay hair

-Wow I love the princess bride

-Please stop licking your teeth


-“good ole doctor Watson” In fucking deed

-do not dry swallow that shit

-john fucking Watson to the rescue

-oh dear god he has his blood on him

-“dreadful business. Dreadful.” I’LL TELL YOU WHATS FUCKING DREADFUL. TFP. THAT’S WHAT.

-John watson’s gay eyes

-“I’ll sleep fine tonight” hmm what’s this weird lump doing in my throat

-“and only a fool argues with his doctor” im sorry, is this gay or is this gay?

-john Hamish Watson did you just purse your lips

-martin freeman and benedict cumberbatch shouldn’t be allowed to smile at the same time while standing so close to each other


anonymous asked:

oh god she's amazing she always smiles at me and i feel like i'm floating every time. just this past thursday she was studying and i was sitting pressed up next to her. I was reading her book with my arm around her shoulder, then she turned and smiled at me and rested her head on my shoulder and it was the cutest thing ever. she's the most adorable person you've ever seen and the kindest you could ever know and I'm so far gone for her. i have no idea what i did in a past life to deserve her love

9/10 this is the gayest thing I’ve read all night 

The Signs as Things My Best Friend Has Said
  • Capricorn: That’s a long cat. It’s a slinky cat. It’s a weiner cat.
  • Aquarius: *flings noodle across table* Fucking Shit!
  • Pisces: I want animals in heaven. Except for ducks. Ducks are fucked up.
  • Aries: Thank God for negligent cops!
  • Taurus: *looks at our faceswap* Let's have kids
  • Gemini: oh shit I’m at a gay ass party
  • Cancer: you're number one, cause you're wearing yellow and pee is number one. everyone else is number two: they're poo
  • Leo: *at anything* me!
  • Virgo: you could be a comedian and use me as your material! what, are you writing that one down?
  • Libra: I too get my drugs in the mail. It’s anthrax. They’re out to get me.
  • Scorpio: My vocabulary consists of “gay” and “you are”.
  • Sagittarius: That’s the gayest little fruit car I’ve ever seen.