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learn-from-the-past-the-future  asked:

When dealing with racist works you could always add (sic) after terms you think shouldn't be used, alternatively you might want to add the word you'd prefere to be used in brackets. For instance, you might see the sentence 'the slave was walking' and then copy it as 'the slave[enslaved person] was walking'. Doing this means you maintain the intergrity of the original document whilst also adding important remarks.

My first instinct was to use the brackets. My only worry is that people unfamiliar with that formatting might get confused by it. Or even someone who isn’t really expecting to see it here, might be wondering what it means. It’s still my first choice for this matter, however.

I do realize this creates more work for me, but since I’ve literally spent the last year and a half going back over every post from the previous year and a half for accessibility including changing “[x]” to “[source]” or “[links]”, it’s not really that much of a difference.

Because someone sent me a message a year and a half or so ago, linked me to this post,  and suggested I change it for those who might be reading, and find the “[x]” difficult to see.

Not only did I make the change, I made it retroactive so that all posts would be accessible if they were reblogged in the future. Sometimes when you see me reblog an older post of mine, it’s because I edited it for accessibility and want people to have a chance at it.

Basically my point is, please always feel free to tell me anything you think would make using these resources easier (or possible) for you, or let me know if you see something that bothers you. A hundred thousand people know more than any one person is capable of, and if you let me in on that, you’re doing me a favor. <3