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It’s the funniest thing ever. People say, “Oh, are you tired of the Jesus jokes yet?” I can’t get tired of the Jesus jokes because this is the rest of my life! I know that for some people I’ll always be Jesus, and people are calling it out to me and stuff, and you just have to go with it. Never in my life did I think I would be walking down the street and people would shout “Jesus!” at me in the street. It’s quite amusing.

probably one of the funniest things to think abt on this hellsite is the notes to followers ratio like i just answered an ask and 15 of you liked it which is like whatever but when you think about it in relation to follower count its hilarious and so odd because this blog has well over 65k followers which means i essentially performed to a stadium full of people and only 15 clapped and that just gets me every fucking time like can you imagine being in a stadium and the performer makes a joke and only 15 people respond what a concept

  • what he says: i'm fine
  • what he means: you know not everything has to be a joke. sometimes you can just be honest about your feelings, and that's how i see myself, you know? i may not be the most threatening silhouette, but i like to think of myself as somebody who can stand up for-- you know it doesn't always have to be "goof goof dildo machines" over here, okay? i'm traveling around with the Boner Squad and i never get to just say... what i'm feeling, i have emotions! it's not all abra-ca-fuckyou and what have you!! i have a beating heart!!! i'm multi-dimensional! i'm a fully-realized creation... fUCK!!!!!
So, the gals all got soaked from swimming in a moat. Solution? Dragon breath!

Man, is there any problem fire can’t solve?

They just stand there, ready for the all-consuming blaze…

…it covers them, and then…


Heh, that’s actually a moderately-humorous frame, and… wow, on purpose, too? We never get those!

Too bad we don’t see a wider shot, I wonder what it–

*camera cuts to Winnie*



You win, Hanna-Barbera. You win. That’s one of the funniest images I’ve ever seen in a cartoon.

I haven’t laughed this hard since I don’t know what.




Honestly I can just envision Piper meeting Thalia and oh god I honestly think it would be one of the funniest things…

-Like Jason becomes close with Thalia again, and Piper keeps hearing her name but hasn’t got the chance to meet her.

-From Percy, Annabeth, and Reyna she gets the idea that Thalia is the badass I-don’t-give-a-damn person which isn’t too far off from the truth.

-Word gets around that Thalia is coming to camp to visit Jason and when she comes Percy whispers to Piper “The monster is coming, run while you can!”

-That, to say the least, did little to nothing to help calm Piper’s nerves.

-Piper then walks with Jason to meet his sister and after the two siblings hug the two girls look at each other.

-Just as the girl is starting to seriously think that the Hunter of Artemis is plotting her death, the girl breaks out and says, “Are you sure this is a daughter of Aphrodite, ‘cuz I like her!”

-The two then quickly become friends much to Jason’s dismay and they’re also super protective of Jason.

EDIT: as someone pointed out, they did actually meet in TLH but I guess this is kinda a cannon divergence for if they didn’t

You know, I see official art of two people or more of my ship and I get angry. Because how can they NOT be gay. Like, the its OFFICIAL ART. It’s not like fan art, this came straight from the creators themselves and they make them seem so cute together and interact in the funniest/cutest ways. It like:

Creators: Oh! How about we design these two smiling sweetly at each other in a loving way, or glance knowingly at the same time to each other!

Me: Aw! They are so cute!

Creators: But they aren’t dating in any kind of way

Me: *is pissed and cries, but saves it anyways because you need it to live*

I need serious help you guys…

Imagine Junkrat randomly jumps out of no where onto Roadhog’s back. Hog just goes with it because in the end, Rat always gets what he wants after whining about it and he can’t be bothered trying to shake of the clingy junk boy. There’s a few seconds of silence as Junkrat hangs off Roadhog’s back triumphantly before giggling and saying, “I’m getting a Hoggy-back ride” and cackling to himself like he’s the funniest human on the planet. Hog just grunts and then shoves him off.

one of the best things I’ve ever read in a fanfiction was that time me & amanda found a KP fanfic on deviantart. I don’t remember the name or 100% what it was about. I think it was kim, ron & monique in college and ron apparently got really attractive & ripped but of course was blissfully unaware and then this line happened…..

kim: “ron you’re hot!”
*ron checks forehead*
ron: “well I feel fine….”

I was literally in tears.

it was so accurate like someone please award whoever wrote this.

You Didn’t See That Coming?

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Imagine: You are Sebastian Stan’s girlfriend, and Sebastian and you are the goofiest couple ever. Always throwing pick up lines at each other, pranking each other, etc.

A/n: Can’t stay off tumblr, because I love it yet hate it so goddamn much, so I’m probably gonna get an onslaught of imagines and oneshots out to help y’all calm down. Hope this gets your mind off the you-know-what

Genre: Romance, Humor, Friendship

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Fluff, cheesy pick-up lines, just fluff all around. You get a fluff, and you get a fluff! You all get a fluff!

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain

Sebastian Stan was the most adorable and sweetest man you had ever met in your whole life. One of the funniest, might you add. He was always so happy, always had a smile on his face, and was always cracking jokes with everyone to lighten up their day. His eyes always reminded you of that night you and him spent on the beach in Harbour Island in the Bahamas. 

In short, Sebastian Stan was the one man you adored and loved unconditionally. However, you two weren’t a normal couple. You were the most goofiest couple anybody would ever see. As Chris Evans, a good friend of Sebastian and your partner-in-crime, had said. 

“You two are one of those couples that you just gotta always ask ‘how the fuck did this happen?’”

It’s true that you and Sebastian were an unexpected match, but everyone had to agree that they should have seen it coming. You and Sebastian had met during the filming of The Bronze, as you had gotten a minor role of playing a competitor in the Olympics that Coach Tucker was training. You two had hit it off almost immediately. 

Sebastian always says when an interviewer asks about you that he was drawn to your quirky demeanor, the witty comments you would jab at him, and the way that you smiled at his corny jokes. You always say that you were drawn to his ‘Gloriously awesome muscles and those Thighs of Betrayal’. In the end, you two were like magnets and metal.

You never really thought about dating, but with Sebastian? It was on your mind 24/7. He was just so sweet and kind and funny and never seemed to leave your mind. You really didn’t want to let him slip between your fingers like sand, and Sebastian, thankfully, felt the same way. 

So, you had asked him out to dinner, quite boldly and bravely. You still chuckle at the memory of Sebastian’s shocked face, the thermos in his hand dropping and coffee spilling everywhere.

“Let’s make that a coffee date instead,” you remember saying. Sebastian couldn’t agree more with you. At least, you thought he couldn’t. If he didn’t, you two wouldn’t be dating, right?

Currently, you and Sebastian were sitting at a picnic table, side by side, in a park that resided in his hometown of Constanța, Romania. Families walked around, children played, and dogs ran about the park, creating a lovely scene for most. 

You were sipping on some tea as Sebastian sipped water, both as you two kept elbowing each other. Sebastian then pinched your side, making you squeal, and you both laughed.


“What? You were totally asking for it.”

You pouted at him, but in the end, you both still laughed. Then, a brilliant idea flew into your head. You seductively pressed your side into his, asking while batting your eyes at him, a smirk on your lips.

“Hey, sexy. Can I get your number?”

Sebastian laughed a bit and shot right back, making sure to push his left side into yours.

“Depends, doamnă drăguță, can I get yours?”
(Pretty lady)

Being the quick minded and witty person you were, you fired right back at him, the smirk growing on your lips as his eyes widened just slightly.

“Depends, what are you gonna do to get it?”

You face went red as Sebastian said, catching you completely off guard, a sly smirk adorning his lips.

“I can do you, if you want.”

It was a quiet moment as you both stared at each other, him looking at you with a sultry look, and you with wide eyes and a red face.  Then, you both bust out laughing, your head falling onto the table. Sebastian snickered a bit and said.

“I bet you weren’t expecting that, you dork.”

“I admit, I didn’t see it coming, you jackass.”

You both chuckled a bit before going back to sipping your drinks, your knees and feet kicking and bumping each other, enjoying the sunny day as glances continued to be exchange. You had to admit it: you and Sebastian were pretty goofy, but in the end of it all, you wouldn’t have him any other way.


Draco Malfoy is the type of drunk who:

-Whispers to Harry how much he likes his “stupid, ridiculous, amazing” hair.
-Accidentally shares his first time story while playing truth or dare in the 8th year common room just cause he thinks losing his virginity in a potions cupboard with Harry is the funniest story to tell in a room full of Gryffindors.
-Hugs Ron Weasley just to make him feel uncomfortable… (“Harry, tell your ferret- I mean, boyfriend to get off me…”
-Have an immensely intelligent conversation about alchemy and potions with Hermione and Pansy while simultaneously pounding shots.
-Watch a marathon of friends with a bottle of wine and calling Harry to ask him, “Where is the smelly cat, and how do I adopt him? Can you scourgify cats by the way?”
-Sulk in the corner and scowl at everyone when he’s sleepy until Harry takes him home.

anonymous asked:

I work at a bar/restaurant and this morning (3.18) I brought out food to a table and a little girl picks up her pickle slice and yells out "Piccccccccccccccklllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeee", it was the funniest and cutest thing I saw today.

I love how kids can get so excited over simple things. lol Of course this is before parents poison them with never accepting anything less than more. -Abby

The Signs as I know Them (Virgo boy perspective)
  • Aries: She's literally one of the funniest people I know and should seriously consider getting a career in comedy or something. Dark and light features, always whining about something.
  • Taurus: Looks like she's always in an existential crisis. Can be really loving and will comfort you if you're having a bad day. She's cried over the Walking Dead way too much. Medium to dark features. Curvy.
  • Gemini: Very sweet and mature. Loves to listen to music and learn about pretty much anything. Really smart and will tell you if your lying. Has a tendency to talk behind peoples backs (nothing too bad). Beautiful eyes, lighter features.
  • Cancer: He's probably the saltiest person on the planet. Has no chill. Is obsessed with Twitter and Overwatch, hits people for practically no reason. Very dark features with smooth black hair.
  • Leo: Very outgoing and is a very "inside-the-box" thinker. Will do anything for his family and loves to talk about the past. Medium features, small eyes, prominent nose.
  • Virgo: My best friend in the whole entire world. We're almost in sync. We're born a day and a year apart. Very critical, doesn't express emotions too much. Seems like she isn't really caring when your talking to her but remembers everything. Pale skin, light eyes, dark hair.
  • Libra: Tough cookie. We have a tough-love friendship. Flighty and says she hates everyone. She has a very sensitive side that isn't shown too often. Cares about people more than she lets on. Tan skin, expressive eyes.
  • Scorpio: My other best friend. She's very creative and keeps to herself a lot. Loves art and wants to be punk rock. We both really like comics and share a love of art and music. Light features, ash blonde hair, light eyes, short.
  • Sagittarius: Another best friend, she is very caring but has a mean streak which makes me laugh because she's probably the sweetest person I know. Dances, and is very skilled. Medium features, interesting facial expressions. We share a love of nerdy things like classical music and reading.
  • Capricorn: Well my mom is the most responsible person I know. She knows how to get things done and is very ambitious. Can be quite judgmental and cold but also very loving. Light features a little tall.
  • Aquarius: My dad is quite an original person. He's a very "out-of-the-box" thinker and is great at problem solving. Is a little emotionally detached, loves his home country of Greece and loves anything having to do with it.
  • Pisces: So talented. Can sing, dance, and draw. Sweet like sugar, but can be quite salty if you get on her bad side. Medium features, petite. Expresses a lot of emotion in just everyday life.
End-of-the-year Question Extravaganza Blog! #1

Hi, everyone! Thank you very much for sending in your questions to Twitter so that we could put together this blog! There was no way that we could answer everything this first time around, so we’re definitely going to revisit the questions that we got so we can do a second (and maybe even a third!) part.

Here’s who we’ve got participating this time around:

Tom – Localization Producer

Brittany – Localization Producer

Ryan – Localization Lead

John – Assistant Localization Manager

Nate – QA Tester

WARNING: Potential spoilers and naughty language!


Question: What’s the funniest blooper you’ve heard while recording VO talent?

Brittany: Our voice actor for Gaius in Trails of Cold Steel misread “Thanks for having my back, Jusis,” as “Thanks for having my back, Jesus.”

Tom: Clue Hunt

Ryan: The time the voice of HQ in Earth Defense Force 2 closed out a rousing speech with, “I’m gonna go get a ham sandwich. Good luck not getting killed by the insects.”


Question: What was biggest discrepancy b/t JP ref and ENG text?

Brittany: Oh, man, I could go on forever about this. Not quite the same, but here’s a great mistranslation that I fixed:

Original line when I received the script: “It’s my belief that technology’s something you can steal just by looking at it… When it comes to girls, I just can’t help but talk…”

What it means/What I changed it to: Most skills are easy enough to pick up just by watching, if you ask me. Girls, though? Hah! Haven’t been able to pick them up to save my life.“

Ryan: In Trails FC, when the player opened the same chest twice, the second message just read, “The chest is empty” in the original text. Since each chest had its own line in the text files that said the same thing, the original editor, Jess, decided to spice it up by adding a unique message for each empty chest, and it became a series tradition.

Question: I’m curious about what gets chosen to get dubbed and what does not. I remember seeing a statement made a while ago that you…guys had decided to put forth for a dub for Akiba’s Trip because it has lasting appeal, but something like Extella isn’t. Despite the fact Fate has a pretty long standing cult following in the west. Sorry for splitting this into 3 posts, was curious.

Tom: Basically, every time we license a voice-acted game, we try our best to also license the Japanese voices. If we can’t, the game gets dubbed for sure.

If we CAN license the Japanese voices, then we do just that, and the game is either presented dual-voice (like Akiba’s Beat) or Japanese-only (like Corpse Party). What determines whether we dub the game at that point is basically… well, all the business stuff that goes into localization. How expensive would it be to dub? And would the presence of a dub be expected to add enough value to make up for that cost, or would we end up losing money on it?

It can (and often does) get more complicated than that (like, with Corpse Party, the logistics of dubbing the game binaurally to preserve the 3D sound of the Japanese made it kind of impractical to even consider a dub), but that’s the long and the short of it.

Ryan: It’s not always a question of whether or not English dubs would appeal to the audience – we usually find that they would, at least as an option for the player – so much as a question of logistics and/or cost. Sometimes, for lengthier projects, an English dub just isn’t in the budget; we looked into doing one for Shinovi Versus, for example, but found it would have been too expensive. Sometimes, the devs or other license holders have certain rules about the usage of their Japanese VOs, which means bringing the Japanese VOs over isn’t always an option. Sometimes, there are complications in the industry that make it tricky to get all the actors we’d want. Ideally, of course, we’d love to have full Japanese and English VOs in every game, but unfortunately, that’s not always in the cards.

Question: which character(s) in both Trails of Cold Steel games were the most difficult or most interesting to cast actors for?

Brittany: I thought McBurn would be very difficult, honestly. I thought his Japanese voice was incredibly sexy, and the English needed to have texture that didn’t sound "anime forced” while simultaneously sounding equal parts apathetic and dangerous. I love the juxtaposition of natural deliveries/tones in an anime environment, so I mean…you know. There’s “I’ve smoked a few cigarettes in my day” texture and then there’s “I’m reeeeally forcing my voice to have this gravel sound and it sounds like I’m choking on dirt” texture.

I was shocked to find our McBurn in the first round of auditions–he was pretty much exactly what I always pictured in my head, and his acting ability nailed the boredness without ever sounding like a bratty teenager–McBurn always had a way of sounding in control. The voice seemed to be quite hard on the voice actor, though… If you need to know why, the other character he voices in Cold Steel II is Lechter, and that’s much closer to his natural voice. Going as low as he did with McBurn and adding texture while keeping his acting on point and not sounding forced could not have been easy, I think! We’re very lucky to have had Max for McBurn.



Question: what is considered before deciding to localize a game?

Brittany: Main factors are:

1. Does anyone in the office like the game? If no one does, there’s no point in working on it.

2. Can we justify the costs involved to localize the game?

Other details change from game to game, but passion and costs are the main factors. Our Trails lead loves Trails, our Story of Seasons leads have played the games since they were kids… And if it’s a new IP, we consider who has the personality for the game. If a game has lots of wacky shenanigans and puns, I would absolutely hate working on it because my writing style tends to be informative and direct, dry, and I suck at humor. I’m not a fan of inserting internet memes in games, either, so I can’t even do that kind of “humor.” Nick in our office absolutely loves puns and can come up with some pretty snappy, original ones on the fly, though, so that kind of project would suit him perfectly.

John: We have a thorough review process for potential titles. One of the best things about working at XSEED is that everyone is encouraged to give their opinion during this process. I learn a lot from hearing other people’s impressions of different titles we look at.

Naturally, we consider factors like the difficulty of localizing (amount of text, etc.) and sales potential, but also whether or not the game fits with our brand as a publisher.

Question: How does the process of getting a game Rated by the ESRB go exactly? Does it cost time/money to resubmit a game for rating?

Brittany: It costs money. A lot of money. A loooot of money. Sometimes it’ll cost more money depending on how many platforms the game is being localized for. If you submit a game and have to resubmit it for some reason, it’ll cost more money. The only time it doesn’t cost a lot is when it’s digital only.

As for the process…we play our games once we have a significant enough build, we record the footage with pertinent content, and then we detail the pertinent content for the ESRB so they can give an honest evaluable, except we make it sound really dry and boring. I don’t know if other companies do that, but holy shit, we make it sound soooooo boring. We don’t say some dude’s head was sliced off and blood was spraying mad everywhere and he screamed and stuff, we say, "The upper portion of the character model is removed by a long, sharp object, resulting in a red splatter effect. The character cries out briefly. Because sound effects and voice acting can be turned off in the game’s options menu, the crying out can be avoided or the player can press the start button the skip the cutscene entirely.” Oh, boy. That sounds super exciting.

Tom: It does cost time and money, yes. Quite a bit of both. That’s why a lot of companies – ourselves included – often consult with the ESRB prior to ratings submissions and ask them if a certain piece of content would put the game at serious risk of receiving an AO rating… and if they say yes, that piece of content gets removed before submission.

So far, that hasn’t happened since I’ve been here, and I don’t think it’s particularly likely to happen with any of the games we release. But it certainly has been known to happen at other companies, and I absolutely sympathize with the publishers for whom it does.

Note from Brittany: To expand upon that, AO titles can’t be stocked on store shelves and wouldn’t be allowed to go up digitally, so people with AO titles are kinda SOL.

John: Creating an ESRB submission can be complicated depending on your game’s content. The ESRB has a form that publishers submit along with a “highlight reel” of relevant content. The project lead will list examples for each content category and make sure that the corresponding footage is captured and assembled together. There is a fee to submit your game.

Examples of footage I took for the Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns submission:

-Characters using bad language (the worst was “crap”)

-One of the bachelors, after becoming your husband, suggesting that you take a bath together to relax. (In this series, it seems like there’s always a bachelor who has a line like this.)

-The main character hitting their cow with a hammer over and over :’ (


Question: Does the localization process for a game only begin once it’s out in Japan?

Brittany: Depends on the game, the dev team, the company, etc. Some dev teams are large enough to do near-simultaneous launches while others prefer to do things one at a time. Some are targeting Japanese audiences specifically and others want to consider both Western and Eastern audiences together.

Tom: Nope! Increasingly, we’ve been working on a lot of in-development titles. We actually started work on quite a few of our recent titles well before they were released in Japan, including both Story of Seasons titles, Akiba’s Trip and Akiba’s Beat, Corpse Party: Blood Drive, and Return to PopoloCrois. Heck, we’ve even influenced the development on occasion – the encounter rate slider in Return to PopoloCrois was a suggestion we made, as was the optional King difficulty.

Ryan: It varies by project. Marvelous will usually send us games to work on while they’re still in progress, with the goal of bringing them out as close to simultaneously as possible. With some other games, particularly those from other developers, we’ll often take notice after the games are already out (or just when they’re about to come out), approach the developer, and go from there.

Question: What’s a good way to get started and get involved in the game translation/localization business?

Ryan: The best way to get started is to write, both to practice and to have a body of work you can show people. For me personally, I’ve never learned much about coding, but I’ve always loved writing, so I picked up an easy-to-use “make your own game” utility (Klik-n-pay, which was the big new thing for non-code-inclined homebrewers back in the early 90s) and made a little game adaptation of a fantasy story I’d written. I used that to get my foot in the door as a QA tester back at the old Konami office in Redwood City. I wanted to get into localization, so I made all the friends I could around the office and took every chance to show them what I could do. After about a year there, during which I helped out with a couple of proofreading projects, they gave me a localization test and brought me on for Suikoden V. I couldn’t have asked for a better first project.

Fluency in Japanese is certainly a big plus, but it’s not necessarily a requirement. Generally, the way localization works is that a native Japanese speaker will translate the original script into English, usually in a very literal way, after which a native English speaker will revise that translation into something that sounds more natural in English. I’ve learned some Japanese on the job, but I and some other editors here still rely on our Japanese translators, and work very closely with them.

Another way to get yourself established in today’s gaming market, and this is more common now than it was when I got started, is to collaborate on an indie title. It can be difficult to stand out in the indie crowd these days, but even if your game goes largely unnoticed, just having that game available for people to see will help your chances of getting a bigger job immensely.

Nate: From a guy that decided to just get up and go for it, get up and go for it. You may not get the exact job you want at first, but what do you have to lose?

Question: Any crazy typo stories? (like hitting “i” instead of “o” in “dock”) Bonus points if they made it through release!

Tom: John? John, get over here! Tell the nice person about Calros!

John: When I was working as localization editor on Valhalla Knights 3, I let the sidekick character Carlos’s name get through to an early build as “Calros.” (Hence my username on the XSEED forum.) We caught the typo when I took some press screenshots, but my colleagues from the time will never let me live it down. (I can’t remember if we actually sent those screenshots out to the media, but needless to say this was all a few months before the game was completed.)

Brittany: I’m pretty sure Calros is in VK3’s digital manual somewhere. I could be wrong, but you know. Can someone check?

 (A note from today, 12/22/16!)

Ryan: One near-master build of Fate/EXTELLA crashed in the opening cutscene because one line, with function tags in it, had an extra space in the middle.


Question: How much coffee do you guys consume in a work week? Is there ever any drama over coffee? Are there any anti coffee drinkers?

Brittany: I hated coffee before joining XSEED. Absolutely hated it. Now I can’t start my day without it. This… This happens to everyone eventually.

Ryan: I’m mostly a Diet Coke guy, myself.

Tom and the rest of the XSEED crew:

Question: Do you guys have little office parties on launch days?

Brittany: We drink.

John: We’ll often pop a bottle of the finest corner liquor store champagne.

Ryan: That we do! We sit down in the meeting room, hand out copies of the game, drink beer, and sometimes eat cheesecake. 

Question: Who came up with the wild idea to post all of those crazy skeleton tweets on your twitter last October?! Those were great!

Brittany: A certain office employee who would break into wild fits of laughter any time we sent her a picture of a skeleton.

Ryan: That was Kelly, who loves skeletons. She’s moved on now, but we’ll try to spam more skeletons next year in her honor.


Question: about localization process: beer or wine, wich one is the best?


Brittany: Why go for the appetizer when you can skip straight to the hard liquor?

John: They’re the same in the eyes of the ESRB.

Question: Will you make me a hot dog


will you make

Tom: Presto! You are now a hot dog.

Nate: I will make you a hotdog.


I will not make.

Question: Why does Shiki speak French?

Ryan: I saved this question for last on my end because it’s the most complicated. For those who haven’t played Shinovi Versus or Estival Versus, part of Shiki’s background in the Japanese version is that she’s learning English, and occasionally speaks it, but in the English version of the game, the text has her learning and speaking French there instead.

Since the early days of English localization, there’s always been the question of what to do when a character in the Japanese text makes a point of speaking English. Over time, a sort of tradition developed whereby the English localizers would, as befitted the context, speak another language (usually French) instead. Mitsuru, from Persona 3, is one example. Why French? Partly because many English speakers are already somewhat familiar with the language, at least in terms of loanwords and interjections, somewhat similar to how Japanese speakers are already somewhat familiar with English (though of course, English is more commonly used and studied in Japan than French is here, so it’s not a perfect match). For Shiki specifically, the reason she’s learning another language is because her master/adopted grandfather Kurokage wants her to travel the world as an ambassador and representative of her shinobi ways, and French, for a long time, was considered the international language.

Of course, that whole tradition was established before it was common for every line in the game to be voiced over, and it does get awkward to hear the character speak one language while the text and other characters react as if they’re speaking another. So it might be time to revisit that approach in future titles.

Okay so here’s one for you guys!

I had the funniest dream I had to share. 

So, Marinette started working for Gabriel Agreste as a pupil (1. Because she’s really good and 2. Because he thinks she will be a suitable partner for Adrien).  They’re older, probably in their early twenties, and I don’t think they know who the other was.  It didn’t feel like they did.

Well an Akuma attacks and not only does Marinette (not Ladybuy but Marinette) save Mr. Agreste and Adrien but she defeats it (she just can’t purify it so the butterfly gets away) all on her own.

Mr. Agreste and Adrien are just kind of starring at her in awe.  She embarrassed and runs away claiming she needs to get them a doctor while both men just kind of stare at her slack jawed.

And the best part of dream, that forced me awake because it made me laugh, was Mr. Agreste turning to Adrien and saying “Make her your wife or she becomes your new mother.”

I woke up laughing.  I had to sit up because I couldn’t breathe after that.


Prompt Request #15 - Brett Talbot

Requested by Anon

Brett Talbot x Reader

27. “I love you, you asshole.”
4. “All I want is for you to show me you care.” 

You and Brett had been friends for years now, and you were very aware of him being a werewolf and everything included. Your friendship has been nothing but pleasant and you usually hang out every day after school.

Until last week…

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college au valentines:

- kendra is just laying across the chair in the common room surrounded by valentines from random strangers like well i can’t wait to see what carter manages to do this year

- sara: he can’t be that bad
kendra: have you ever gotten tired of eating quarterscale molds of your boyfriend’s dick because he thought it would be more romantic to buy in bulk
kendra: they’re white chocolate because he thought any other kind would be racist
sara: are they at least hollow
kendra: they’re caramel filled
sara: nothing about this story is good
(rachel’s note: this is the funniest joke i’ve ever come up with it’s all downhill from here)

- rip of course hates valentines day, did not get sara any of the dildos on her dildo wish list, would like to spend the day inside NATHANIEL IF I SEE YOU TAKE THAT DOVE OUT OF YOUR COAT ONE MORE TIME I WILL DROWN YOU IN THE MENS BATHROOM

- nate: slowly putting celebratory valentine’s dove under sweater as she coos gently

- ray: no matter what carter does it’s going to be so romantic that i will cry for 6 years

- amaya: so len + mick you guys are pretty much married what are your vday plans
len: same thing we do ever year
mick: steal a bottle of champagne, watch nightmare on elm street, gay sex
amaya: wait do you have sex before or after the horror movie because watching a movie about teenagers getting murdered would make it pretty hard to get aroused??
mick: well la-di-da
len: the fucking princess over here
mick: too good to have sex after watching teenagers getting murdered
amaya: you know what? yes. yes i am

- sara: honestly don’t even worry about it kendra at this point we’re all like, each other’s girlfriend boyfriends. carter is like everyones boyfriend so we’ll all be embarrassed
jax: i don’t claim him

- sara not 5 minutes later: kendra your boyfriend has shown up to our dormitory on a white horse
kendra: you said he was all our boyfriends
sara: that’s before he rode a horse onto campus to come see you. now you’re on your own

- ray: A HORSE!!!! SO ROMANTIC!!!!!!

- Carter: kendra come up on the horse
kendra: get off the horse
carter: i can’t hear you i’m on-
kendra: get down from the horse carter
carter: kendra get on the horse

- 10 minutes of horse related arguing later carter finally gets down from the horse and gives kendra this wicker basket with a yellow ribbon on it and she’s like please don’t be dick related please don’t be dick related please-


- ray: full bawling, has not stopped

- carter has an off campus apartment so he was planning to actually have aldus live with him but kendra is like NO HE STAYS WITH ME WE’LL PUT HIS LITTER BOX IN THE BATHROOM 

- rip: i’m going to end up cleaning out that box aren’t i
kendra, holding her baby cat son: yeah. yeah you are
rip, gently loving his cat son: okay :’)

- jax: what i want to know is where carter got a horse
carter: you don’t need to worry about that
jax: that answer is actually more concerning than you just telling me where you got a horse

- carter: and raymond, my sweet prince, the other love of my life, for you i have prepared a series of sonnets-
all: NO
ray as the rest of the group has to duck to avoid the incoming flurry of doves: I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO LOOOOOOVED

anonymous asked:

you know what pisses me most off about the 'get rejected by fictional straight people too' business? its that i cant do the same as pc. Say i want to flirt with an npc bc thats the funniest/most info loaded option but then it gets awkward i want by character to go "woops sorry im gay it was in good fun im sorry" kinda like dorian. i want to be able to be super unequivocally gay in a game, then we can talk about hets giving me the speech.

tbh…. i would be prefer if it would be okay if my ryder could open the game by kicking down the door—coffee in hand and sunglasses on midday—being like “WHATS UP WHOS GAY” and then we can clear THAT up in the first five seconds of the game

because lets be real here—if it’s the future where supposedly ~sexuality doesn’t matter~ (and god i hate that phrase because the audience that experiences this exists in a time where it very much DOES matter) then i should be able to be unapologetically gay and straight characters shouldn’t have to give me the “whoa im straight mcstraightyson im not like THAT” 

anyway im tired of my sexuality being treated as a punchline by a company that totes diversity as its selling point