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Okay but why Jk always looks away in panic when Jimin caught him staring at him like how obvious can he be

The funniest thing is that Jimin didn’t even catch him he just slightly turned his head back and he was already in his panic mode. As bad as he is at this he’s actually improving, believe it or not, I have multiple moments in my mind when even getting caught it took several seconds for his brain to understand that he should probably stop staring (like in this gayo episode or world kpop festival interview…). What is subtilty for him

The Signs Based On The People I Know Who Are Those Signs
  • Aries:Strong, hard-headed, funny, independent, can't stay mad at them, determined, smart, hardworking
  • Taurus:Dependable, loyal, great friends, awesome people to just chill with, great first impressions, smart.
  • Gemini:Adorable, so cool to be around, hardworking, persistent, makes the funniest jokes, holds the best conversations, random.
  • Cancer:Bossy but cares so much, leader, amazing friend, planner, organized, headstrong, not the person to get into an argument with, careful.
  • Leo:Cold frame holds a warm heart, flirty, casual, smart, sneaky, good friend, touchy, actually a good person deep down.
  • Virgo:Quiet warrior, does so much without recognition, leader, intelligent, best talker, gives the best advice, loyal, some can be annoying at times but love them anyway.
  • Libra:Positive, conscious, loving, patient, stronger than they think, protective, needs assurance they are loved even though they always are, kind.
  • Scorpio:The biggest hearted person you'll ever meet, loves deep, jealous, huge walls built, secretive, loyal, loveable, will always forgive even those who dont deserve it, best friends.
  • Sagittarius:Loud, funny, raw sense of humor always has fun wherever they go, can easily hide emotions, promiscuous, hates being trapped, dreamers, center of attention, loyal to all friends, once you make them leave they are gone forever.
  • Capricorn:Amazing, overcomes hurt quickly, gives advice but it might not always be good, has your best interests at heart, loveable, judges but for good merit, jealous, protective.
  • Aquarius:Social, clever, rebellious, can hold back emotions well, almost everything they say is sarcastic, dresses original, some of the best people to shop with.
  • Pisces:Compassionate, falls so hard sometimes they don't know how to get back up, imaginative, best to hold deep conversations with, a little oversensitive, can't ever decide, open-minded

After three years on Teen Wolf, you’ve had your fair share of makeout scenes. What’s been your biggest revelation?
Make sure they don’t have oral herpes. We have a couple of cast members who have cold sores, and when they have outbreaks, kissing scenes legally have to be rescheduled. I am not getting mouth herpes from Teen Wolf. You can take my dignity, but you’ll not take my lack of mouth herpes.

I went to G-A-Y in Manchester after my 1989 show and I was dancing to Billie Piper when my friend asked me to go outside with her so she could smoke.
Just as we got to the bottom of the stairs I stopped, grabbed her hand and said “wait, wait, wait. My Taylor senses are tingling” AND THEN 22 STARTED PLAYING AND I SHIT YOU NOT EVERYONE AROUND WHO HEARD ME SAY IT WERE JUST STARING OPEN MOUTHED AS I SCREAMED AND RAN BACK TO THE DANCE FLOOR

Okay so here’s one for you guys!

I had the funniest dream I had to share. 

So, Marinette started working for Gabriel Agreste as a pupil (1. Because she’s really good and 2. Because he thinks she will be a suitable partner for Adrien).  They’re older, probably in their early twenties, and I don’t think they know who the other was.  It didn’t feel like they did.

Well an Akuma attacks and not only does Marinette (not Ladybuy but Marinette) save Mr. Agreste and Adrien but she defeats it (she just can’t purify it so the butterfly gets away) all on her own.

Mr. Agreste and Adrien are just kind of starring at her in awe.  She embarrassed and runs away claiming she needs to get them a doctor while both men just kind of stare at her slack jawed.

And the best part of dream, that forced me awake because it made me laugh, was Mr. Agreste turning to Adrien and saying “Make her your wife or she becomes your new mother.”

I woke up laughing.  I had to sit up because I couldn’t breathe after that.

Artists that Impacted my Life: 2/??

Thomas Sanders 

Okay so @thatsthat24 is literally a cinnamon roll I’m just gonna say it. And, before I go on– yes, comedy IS an art form. Anyways, this flippin amazing vine makes the funniest vines I’ve ever witnessed, and one of the few people I’ve seen to not use racist/sexist/profanity in order to make something hilarious. His quirky, relatable vines totally make my day, after a particularly depressing day, this cinnamon roll cheers me up ^_^.

Also, you can tell he truly cares about his fans, posting videos to help people going through depression, anxiety, etc. Like seriously, what an amazing person. And that man must get a billion asks a day, and he manages to reply to almost all of them?!?! He reblog a bunch of of his fanart?! Honestly, he’s a literal god tbh. 

Thank you Thomas Sanders, for making me smile :)


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Inside the pixelated imagination of Italian artist @the_oluk

To see more of Manolo’s pixel art creations, follow @the_oluk on Instagram.

“I asked myself, ‘Will I be able to draw something appealing in such a small area?’” says Manolo Saviantoni (@the_oluk). The art director from Ciampino, Italy, began creating these characters in a limited pixel drawing area as a game to play with his daughters. “The funniest thing was getting home at night and asking my daughters to guess who those characters are.”

Manolo soon realized there was a wider audience for his art online. “I created my own pixel art style and began to post those creations on Instagram,” Manolo says. “My works are usually inspired by video games, films and cartoons. It is wonderful to know that you can make people smile through tiny colored squares.”

LAMEN. I couldn’t get OVER it. xD

Either it’s a joining of Laurent and Damen’s names… or Laurent was subtly making fun of Damen. Still one of the funniest, BEST parts of the book! So here’s a doodle for you guys since I can’t seem to work on anything other than these two dorks… ¬___¬’

  • what he says:i'm fine
  • what he means:you know not everything has to be a joke. sometimes you can just be honest about your feelings, and that's how i see myself, you know? i may not be the most threatening silhouette, but i like to think of myself as somebody who can stand up for-- you know it doesn't always have to be "goof goof dildo machines" over here, okay? i'm traveling around with the Boner Squad and i never get to just say... what i'm feeling, i have emotions! it's not all abra-ca-fuckyou and what have you!! i have a beating heart!!! i'm multi-dimensional! i'm a fully-realized creation... fUCK!!!!!
  • Y'all:omg omg omg talk to us in English we can't understand Korean please say something in English I wanna see how good your pronounciation is *_* <3
  • Idols:*add English in their songs, makes efforts to read things in English in interviews, talk shows, v-app streams etc*
  • Y'all:*make videos titled "50 of KPOP's Unintentionally Funniest English Lyrics", "KPOP English test", "KPOP English Fails", "misheard lyrics" etc*
  • Y'all:LOLOL "she got me gOAT crazy" rofl!!!! why do they even speak in English if they can't even get the pronounciation/grammar right??? lmaooooOOOoo
  • Y'all:why won't they write to or communicate with us in English anymore??? ugh they wouldn't be half as popular as they are now without us international fans the least they can do is communicate with us in English!!! ughhhh
  • Me:*stares into the camera like I'm on The Office*
Funniest story

Ok so a couple years ago for Christmas I made my dad a cd and I put his favorite songs on there and then as a joke I put I can’t dance from high school musical followed by girls just wanna have fun as a joke never expecting him to listen to them and one night I went out to eat with my friends but there was a long wait so we went next door to dollar general and I get a phone call from my dad and apparently he had butt dialed me because he is singing GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUUNNN at the top of his lungs and I started laughing so hard I accidentally hit the speaker button and so then everyone in the store just hears THATS ALL THEY REALLY WAAAANT IS SOME FUUUUN GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUUNNN and that is the story of my dad’s singing debut at dollar general aka the funniest thing that ever happened to me


I have made a bunch of friends on Tumblr and we all love each other so so much! We love freaking out over everything you do and about each other’s lives’ and etc. These guys have always helped me out when I needed something so I thought that I needed to help them out to get noticed/followed by you! If you can follow them that would be awesome!!!!


tays-baes: Brittany! Her and I met a while back and have become really good friends. We saw each other a bunch of times at Gillette and during the 1989 Tour! We always text each other and keep in touch and she even gives me tips on how to play guitar and stuff!!!

maybeitsmeandmyblindoptimism: Lindsay: OK so Lindsay is the funniest person on this planet STG! She is literally my twin because nobody else on this planet freaks out about things on the level that she does and it makes me happy because I’m not alone! We both love your squad to death and literally can’t get over you guys!

swiftful-thinking13: Bella: Bella is literally the nicest human being on this planet and I am so sad that we live like 3,000 miles away from each other (this is why the internet sucks, you meet nice people you can’t meet). She is always the first person to like a selfie or laugh/like a post that I just made that i think is funny but in reality is not. She’s also going to see you at Staples Center soon so please follow her and look out for her there!!!

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Hetalia Characters Being Tickled
  • Italy:Giggles, very cute. He's not super ticklish so he's not out of breath and fighting you off or anything, just laughing.
  • Germany:Actually really ticklish, and kind of flails when he gets tickled. It's bad, he might hurt you, do not tickle Germany.
  • Japan:Not ticklish. If you try to tickle him he'll probably just be a bit uncomfortable and ask why you're touching him.
  • America:He's so ticklish, and he's obnoxiously loud about it when he gets tickled. "Dude! Dude stop bro oh my god I can't breathe dude cut it out!"
  • England:If he knows it's coming then it won't affect him, but if you manage to surprise him then he has the funniest laugh.
  • France:Has a shrill, squeaky laugh when he gets tickled. Be careful though because he WILL tickle you back and he WILL think that's the funniest thing in the world.
  • China:Will cover his mouth to try and hide the fact that he's laughing with one hand while smacking you with the other.
  • Russia:Tends to curl up to try and hide his body from you. He also is one to seek revenge.
  • Canada:Cute, pretty defenseless, will try to escape. If he accidentally hits you trying to get away, he'll apologize for days.
  • Prussia:"I'm too awesome to be ticklish." He says, backing away slowly. He's actually super ticklish and will be on his ass, laughing and snorting and squirming in a split second.
  • Austria:Whiny, will try to push you away but with minimal effort. He tries not to laugh but his giggle is super cute.
  • Spain:Totally thinks it's a fun game. You tickle him, he tickles you, you're both laughing and having a fun time.
  • Romano:Swears, tries to squirm away. He also gets super red in the face really fast.
  • Hungary:Will accidentally kill you, don't do it. She honestly doesn't mean to attack but her reflexes are too strong.
No, I don’t want to feel a thing. I don’t want to feel anything. Not tonight. So I do away with my bad habits and I’m alive again. The irony of this whole thing, the funniest part is that once this whole thing is over– I’ll be thinking about it daily and even more often than so. When I said I don’t want to feel a thing, I meant my heart might beat for you, but tonight… tonight it beats for me and my eye sight is getting all fuzzy and I’m listening to Eden sing his sad songs about drugs and lost love and I can finally understand the lyrics because I’ve been exhausted with living in my own head. I’m so tired of being this way. Why not give myself a brand new brush tonight? Why not jump out of my body, I can use a new scare. My heart rate isn’t acting right, I guess it reads poetry too. My hands aren’t listening because I’ve been telling it to stop, but I’m still writing and I never loved myself enough to stop my own torture. I’m stripping my skin, taking out every cell that has injured someone’s emotions and I’m burning it. I’m burning it inside of my head and I’m a loose leaf piece of paper, won’t you write on it? I have a confession. I’m addicted to feeling something and nothing at the same time. I have a secret to tell. I’m addicted to love and I’m running out of ways to say my, I wish we worked something out. I have my arms open and I’ve wanted to tell you for some time now– I miss you in my arms, but we’re something only strangers could love. The breeze is back and I’m high again. The night is back and I’m on the moon again. The music is back on and I’ve never been one to dance, but tonight my fingers dance inside of this poem and I’ve been meaning to ask myself why I hate myself so damn much, but I write these long prose pieces and they no longer make sense and they don’t but you still love it, but I guess what I’m trying to say here or find here is what is it about me? What’s in this fucking poetry that you love so much? Why can’t I stop writing? I’m on auto pilot and I’ve been living a lie because my heart hurts and I’ve been digging my own holes, but my heart is quiet and I’m screaming, but I’m whispering for you to come back to me– but you can’t hear me and you’re just a stranger and I’m just me… If this is really goodbye, I’m sorry to have touched your thoughts, but if your heart meant every word, I would like you to know– that these past few days, I’ve been kissing your thoughts and only yours. I’m kinda screwed and we’re kinda fucked. I’m kinda done and this isn’t finished, this isn’t a poem, or hell… I don’t know anymore it might be. My story doesn’t have enough words and this book doesn’t have any chapters… my poems, they never rhyme, but I’m still all out of time. I wrote my first poem when I was 13. It was a love letter that no one returns. I found myself set on fire at the age of 17 and to this day, I’m still burning with nightingale wings and stardust flowing through my veins. You once said that the universe whispered us into existence, but I’m still here without you and I’ve tried to find love, but I’m a fucking mess sometimes. I take painkillers to avoid the pain. It wasn’t because my hand was broken, the pain of a broken bone compared to shit when it came to a broken heart and I no longer love you and if we ever got back together… nothing good would could out of it. Plus you’re happy and I’m somewhat inside of my feelings to know that this is good for you because when you loved me you cared for me more than I did to myself and baby, every night before I sleep into empty dreams, I still wish you were next to me. I fell in love with my junior college professor because she had a love for words that even I couldn’t match. She said free write until your heart feels right and baby, I’ve been writing until my heart breaks right and I’ve been loving until my heart breaks even and I’ve been meaning to say these words are all yours and they were never mine to begin with because if you never kissed my lips with such poems–
—  I would have never became this kind of sad poetry.

I think one of the funniest things in TFA is how fucking done Megatron is with Starscream. But like, genuinely done, and not “desperately trying to pretend like I don’t care but getting weirdly angry”-done. 

I love that they check Starscream’s spark chamber right away after Megatron gets his revenge and they see that he is definitely dead, but then he keeps reappearing and that montage of Megatron killing him happens, and not once does Megatron show confusion or surprise. He is so not threatened by this guy that he doesn’t even question how the hell he’s still alive and attacking after all of this.

I just love this so much, Megatron doesn’t even give a shit. How done do you have to be with somebody that them rising from the dead doesn’t impress you. It’s hilarious and I love it.