this is the first time i've listened to it and not cried

they’re standing in a different order for the first time in history are they okay has the universe overturned

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Just joining the fandom, been listening to them from the beginning of the year. It's so hard to find their content >.< Could ya help me and post/tag a thread on their profiles? I mean the kinda profile fans have inside jokes with and everything, not their blood types (which is basically all I've been reading because IT'S SO HARD TO FIND THEIR CONTENT).

AHH welcome to the fandom bud!! Hmmm I think I know what you mean? I don’t think I remember seeing many of these so I’ll try and make a little one for you but I’m not sure how good it’ll be,, I don’t know how caught up I am with the fandom really and whatever inside jokes they have sdklnfsdlkfn BUT

Jae (Park Jaehyung):

- born 1992.09.15 !! (oldest member)

- lived first few years of his life in Argentina then in the United States then moved to Korea what a cool guy

- participated in the first season of Kpop Star along with Park Jimin, Lee Hi, Baek Ahyeon, Lee Michelle, Lee Seunghoon (Winner ;;), Yoon Hyunsang etc. and placed 6th!! leading him to join JYP Entertainment 

- had a youtube channel called yellowpostitman when he was a small baby and sang covers on there :’‘)

- hosts asc (after school club) with his pals Jimin and Kevin

- does vocals and guitar in Day6!!

- is called Chicken Little (cause he looks like him like really does it’s wow), Sweg Chicken (he doesn’t even know what this means why’s he called that)

- uses a lot of hashtags like.. calm down my guy

- wanted to have long hair the way JB from Got7 did at one time it was the cutest

- is the designated English speaker in the group and you can watch one of my favourite clips of him speaking English here!! (you feel me? you feel me Brian?) incredible

- can play badminton !!!! and was on Cool Kiz on the Block (?) for that

Sungjin (Park Sungjin):

- born 1993.01.16 (leader!!)

- does vocals and guitar and can also do percussion (I’m not sure the term for the instrument apologies) as you can see in a couple of their radio covers and in this predebut performance as 5live

- needs to let Wonpil live

- says that he’s the most emotional at dawn xdknvfkldnfs

- a legendary dancer

- people used to joke that it was his fault Day6 didn’t go on variety shows because he once went on Hidden Singer with Park Jinyoung (JYP) and was pretty nervous and couldn’t speak very well

- he’s like a dad but is actually a mystery to me???? because somehow he’s simultaneously a lame joke bad pun kind of dad and such a savage so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- has a gorgeous, super distinct voice it’s really amazing one of my favourite voices

- is called Bob because Jae thinks he looks like Bob the Builder which.. I have no words for..

- also has suCH a beautiful laugh,, they all have beautiful laughs though !!

Young K (Brian Kang or Kang Younghyun):

- born 1993.12.19

- stage name is Young K and he always tries to get people to call him that but everyone still calls him Brian

- lived in Canada !!!! my Canadian bro

- when he lived in Canada performed songs on a youtube channel with his pal Terry He !!! (Terry and pals made a cover of Congratulations when Brian debuted you can watch it here ;;)

- when in Canada was also in a band with Terry called KMESS + one called 3rd Degree

- does vocals, rap and bass

- originally played guitar before debuting with Day6 and didn’t get along with Jae (this isn’t the right wording but) when they first trained together because he took his guitar spot and he had to learn bass but they’re great buds now

- told YG to get an attitude (some peeps say that’s not what he actually said but I’m going to believe it forever) you can see here !! truly iconic, legends only

- is studying in University !!!! while still balancing being a part of Day6 what a guy :’‘) he works very hard

- Did a song with Baek Ahyeon called Shouldn’t Have and here you can watch the cutest performance of it in the whole world look at his dancing and them smiliNG at each other if you ever need to be cheered up watch this 

- also watch this with him and Jae !! the best thing? in the whole world? another iconic moment

Wonpil (Kim Wonpil):

- born 1994.04.28

- is the most emotional member according to Sungjin

- does vocals, keyboard and synthesizer !!

this is what he looked like predebut sdfsklnfsk

(a shark angel?)

- they always give him trash for his pink sweater (especially Jae)

(idk what they’re talking about he looks like an angel)

- the sweetest cutest person in the whole world his nickname is Pirimili is that doesn’t prove it to you I don’t know what to say

- likes to snuggle and sometimes goes to Brian’s room dlknfskldnfl really an angel

- he’s also really funny and is almost as legendary of a dancer as Sungjin as you can see here

- also has a super distinct voice !!

- when Day6 need aegyo he’s the one they turn to

Dowoon (Yoon Dowoon):

- born 1995.08.25

- plays the drums !! (also sometimes sings a little tiny bit I hope we can hear more in the future his voice is lovely)

- is very shy especially when they first debuted

- when they first debuted he always had to practice speaking neutrally because he naturally speaks in dialect

- Brian loves him so much he loves making him sit on his lap they’re so cute sldknfskl

- everyone loves him so much really

- I don’t know I don’t have that much info on him really but he’s the most precious in the whole world

Some general things about Day6:

- were originally a 5 member band called 5live and became Day6 when Dowoon joined

- had a past member named Junhyeok who did vocals and the keyboard who left on February 27th, 2016 (I cried)

- good pals with Got7

- do a LOT of covers both in English and Korean on the radio !!

- are very frequent radio guests especially on Kiss the Radio

- are really a true band they’re incredibly talented and hard working and deserve all of the love in the world

SO that’s all I have for now? Everyone please feel free to correct anything I might have gotten wrong and add things that I missed !!


Here is a list of many of their radio covers made by @softwoc !!

And some good Day6 blogs off of the top of my head are @fyeahdaysix (+ all of the fyeah blogs) @theday6 @brianskangs @bryankang @youngk @jaechicken @wonpilimiri @its-youngk their content should be able to help you get into Day6 !!

I’ll try to add on anything I missed and I hope that you continue to enjoy and support Day6′s music :’‘)

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Bro. Bro. i want to take a sip on this krisgate. I only joined this fandom last year so I've only read the legal side of kris leaving -law suits, sm cover up- and ive never read details because most articles talk about all 3 vaguely. Omg. What is all of this? Is there a luhan-gate and tao-gate too? what. happened.

WAit??? do new baby exo-ls really not know exactly what went down during the breakup of 2014?? like is it really that vague did sm cover up that much??? this is wild i feel like im homer abt to bestow the odyssey on all of u xdbskznks if i don’t post that means sm’s sent someone to take me out

it was all really confusing tbh because qe were getting info left and right and some of it was just rumors to instill panic but like basically kris didnt tell exo he was leaving he just straight up rolled out a window or something and then filed a lawsuit and it was wild bc exo started unfollowing him on ig really suddenly (rumor has it they were forced to do it mostly bc baekhyun kept following kris despite everyone else unfollowing before he suddenly unfollowed and a really wild rumor flew around that said that they used violence to make bbh listen) exo m was back in korea and on lockdown and suho did have one interview where he talked about kris (i dont really remember but i think he was telling kris to come to his senses or something this might be made up tho but i think sm was attempting to get kris to not file the lawsuit first) exo had their first concert tour in a couple days and it was honestly v sad i bet they were exhausted :( lawsuit stuff were coming out and exo didnt even talk about kris again until their second happy camp (even tho they didnt even use his name anyway) and like 2014 was a mess bc when a new lawsuit news development came out suddenly baekyeon was found out (conspiracy theorists say their relationship was used to distract the public from sm’s lawsuit and their human rights violations)

anyway luhangate was relatively less dramatic mostly bc luhan told exo about it. he was basically hospitalized from being overworked the months before but sm kept making him work and his last stage was the concert in beijing and im pretty sure the rest of the band knew he was leaving because they all looked sad and kept clinging to him (specifically yixing and minseok) and luhan looked so teary eyed and so so so tired and sick it was heartbreaking. luhan left and suho said something about supporting luhan even tho luhan filed the same lawsuit as kris

taogate was just….woah….because he sprained his ankle and he was made to get medicine by himself and at the beginning of 2015 he was apparently “sent” to LA for rehab for his leg but i think exo already knew at that point (there were no bday wishes for him on ig at least not publicly….im emo… baektao hort cried) then a statement came out that taos father wanted him to leave for health reasons and tao just never came back he started making new music but technically speaking he hasnt filed a law suit and is technically under contract (unless they negotiated by now idk) so he wasnt allowed to sell albums, he still made mvs tho and rumor has it he still talks to exo members when he goes back to korea and he said he still talks to luhan but probably not to kris tbh….

tbh the whole 2014 mess was why exo cried so hard when they won the daesang at the end of the year because they thought they’d lost it all after everything and they worked so hard to get it back….my babies….tbh also krisgate was the reason why let them rest culture began among international kpop fans….we’re all still hurt….and thats what you missed on glee

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hello there you wonderful human beings, i was wondering if y'all could please update the angst tag bc lately i've been in need of a good cry, idk why i like to torture myself like this lol.. much thanks in advance xox

angst is so much fun to read

Old Houses by words_reign_here (20/20 | 66,893 | NC17)

Written from a prompt I found on tumblr you can find here.

Basically, a 21 Jump Street meets Teen Wolf meets shadowy government agency.

Come Back by hazelNuts (1/1 | 2,577 | G)

Anonymous said: “I hope you might consider writing one for me please using this prompt. Everyone in the pack made fun of how sad and desperate Stiles seemed every time Derek was away for more then a few days even Derek joined in the slightly hurtful teasing. So Stiles decide to teach them all a lesson by going to stay with his aunt for two weeks. After a week Derek and the pack turned up at his aunts and nobody made fun of him again. Thank you”

Stiles always thought that confessing his feelings to Derek would change everything, it’s why he’s put it off for so long. Two days ago, it had slipped out. It wasn’t how he’d imagined it would go down, there were far fewer roses, and far more monster guts lying around. But nothing’s changed with Derek, he continues to treat Stiles the same as before, with serene amusement.

Emissary by dragon_temeraire (1/1 | 3,771 | PG13)

To keep the peace, Stiles agrees to be emissary to the Hale pack.

The Lover, But Not His Love by midnightcas (1/1 | 2,461 | NR)

After getting in the way of a demon, Derek is banished to hell. He returns months later, but he’s not alone.
After an entire two months in Hell with the boy, he had grown accustomed to him.
His ever fidgeting body, his endless questions, his streak of humor, his long winded ramblings, his clever mind, his broken ways.

“So,” Allison said slowly, “you’re back.”
He nodded, not too sure what to say after the long explanation he had just given.
“And…” Scott led on.
Before Derek could repeat himself, Lydia spoke, “You brought a creature back from Hell with you.”
“Hey!” the boy cried indignantly, “Derek, who are these people?”
“They’re my pack.”
“Well your pack’s a bunch of psychos. I’m not Hellboy.”

We’re Born to Return to Home by LiviKate (1/1 | 2,201 | NR)

Derek slumped to the ground, bleeding like a glacier, slowly loosing parts of himself. The pack was safe. Scott would keep them safe.

He closed his eyes and smiled a little, listening to his body trying to knit itself together too slowly to stop all the falling apart it was doing. The pain in his side was hot, radiating through him, flames of agony flickering inside him. He thought it was right for him to die in flames.

we’ll be looking up for heaven by smallbeans (1/1 | 13,285 | NR)

Stiles works in a music store with Derek’s older sister, and when Derek drops in to give his sister some lunch, he slowly finds himself becoming curious about the pale teen he used to go to high school with.

Magic Bullet by matildajones (1/1 | 10,345 | PG13)

Someone clears their throat loudly and Derek looks up and finds Stiles in the dead centre of the room, his arm raised. Derek finds himself smiling slightly.
“Seriously?” Stiles says. “Don’t you think you’re reading too much into this?”
Derek’s only comfort over the past few years has been a novel written by his favorite author. When he decides to teach it at an entry level university course he doesn’t expect a fiery student to disagree with everything he says…

Trust Fall by hazelNuts (1/1 | 1,826 | R)

anonymous asked: “Hi could you please write a fic where Stiles and Derek have been dating for a few months but Stiles won’t let Derek see him naked and Derek gets angry thinking Stiles isn’t as in love with him as he is With Stiles. So they have their first huge fight and Derek ends their relationship. It’s only later when Stiles turns up at his door Derek realizes that Stiles loves him but he was ashamed of the scars he had from an accident years earlier. Derek shows Stiles just how beautiful he is to him.”

Derek is sitting on his bed, knees pulled into his chest, a comforting mug of hot chocolate in his hands. Stiles would’ve told him he’s brooding if he were here, which Derek would then vehemently deny. A smile pulls at Derek’s lips, but then he remembers Stiles isn’t here to tell him he’s brooding, might not ever be again. His smile drops and he clutches the mug a little tighter.

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stingy sweet and amazing? i've watched like 2 seasons of lazytown and i dont see evidence of this. maybe i'm missing something? can you inform me? i wanna like him, i wanna believe theres some good redeeming quality to him

here’s an incomplete list off the top of my head from seasons 1&2 on why i love stingy:

•in Crystal Caper stingy feels genuinely guilty for stealing sport’s crystal and while he could have traded it to robbie for all that other stuff he was being offered he instead returns it. additionally, as reward for returning it he could have wished for anything like a lazytown holiday in celebration of him or to rename the bank after him or something but he!! wishes to never steal again. Pure Boy
•in Robbie’s Greatest Misses in pixel’s house when stephanie leaves and stingy keeps playing the game and gets excited that he’s beating stephanie and trixie needs go tell him that she left?? that was adorable???
•in Swiped Sweets when they’re investigating and he’s just in his car wearing a lowered hat and drinking (probably not) coffee
•speaking of his car in The Lazy Rockets when robbie bumps into his car and sends it flying off in the beginning of the ep and the entire time sport’s saving bessie from it stingy’s just telling robbie off and when it pans back to them he’s saying smthn like “i’m just a little guy who drives a little car with a piggy on the hood!”
•in Rottenbeard when he sings “me and my bird and my bird and me!”
•also in Rottenbeard when he gets sad about sport stepping on his toy shark? the fact that he dressed his piggy bank up as a parrot?? love it, love him
•in LazyScouts when they tell him to go to sleep and he just puts his head on the steering wheel in his car
•all of Prince Stingy tbh
•in Miss Roberta when robbie’s trying to trick him into opening the presents and he'a like “you’re toying with me!” “is there a hidden camera somewhere??”
•tbh?? also all of Secret Agent Zero
•in LazyTown’s Surprise Santa when he gives santa/robbie the huge book that is his wishlist and he’s like “you’re getting older and my presents are getting heavier, so you might need a wheelbarrow” (some might argue that this was bratty/annoying of him but i thought it was really cute)
•in Trash Trouble when robbie spits his gum on the ground and stingy scrapes it up all upset and says very seriously “don’t. do that. a-gain.”
•any interaction with robbie if i’m being honest
•any time he wears glasses (i’m thinking of school scam but i know he does in other eps? it’s like me as a kid when i only wore my glasses selectively aww)
•in Energy Book when he’s like “if i put the stickers in the book then they aren’t mine anymore?? they’re in the book permanently??” Extremely Relatable™
•in The Lazy Genie!!! he feels so bad about “accidentally wishing everything away” and wants to fix his “mistakes”!! and then when he gets the Actual Real Wish from the genie!! he wishes for robbie back bc lazytown isn’t the same without him!!! listen that was the sweetest thing ever i cried about it, i’m Still crying about it
•in Once Upon A Time when they’re first scanned into the story and he says he’s gonna build the straw house and realises that he’s..well gonna build the straw house and he goes “ugggh, think before you talk, stingy!! think before you talk!!!” all upset
•also in Once Upon A Time how scared he is of robbie/the wolf? i wanna protect him, the poor boy :(
•in Dancing Dreams when stephanie’s leaving and they all give her presents and he gives her this small replica of his piggy bank and says “it’s a baby piggy”
•and then really just look at him. his little vest and bow tie and his neat hair and he’s like 6 or 7 years old but he’s got cufflinks like?? what a cute and dapper little kid

in short he’s an adorable kid and this blog is a Stingy Appreciation Zone

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bokuaka for the ship thing would be great!!!

BokuAka is great!!!!! <3 

  • who hogs the duvet
    Akaashi, he likes bundling himself up in it and Bokuto’s naturally really warm so he doesn’t mind~  when it’s really cold during the winter, they’ll become a deluxe blanket burrito since Bokuto + duvet = maximum warm and Akaashi loves it
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going
    Bokuto! Sometimes he texts during class, but Akaashi is diligent and won’t respond until afterwards; it’s usually just things like “what are you having for lunch today?!” “i hate math, it makes my brain hurt…” but sometimes Bokuto will text “i miss you </3″ and during break time Akaashi will quickly text back “I miss you too” 
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
    Bokuto! He’s actually pretty observant about knowing what Akaashi likes, and often gives gifts that surprise him~ 
  • who gets up first in the morning
    They’re both pretty heavy sleepers and can honestly sleep like 11 hours straight; it takes 5 alarms with the ringer on full blast to get them out of bed in the mornings, but once they shower they’re fully awake and ready to go! 
  • who suggests new things in bed
    Bokuto, Akaashi’s a bit more reserved about these sorts of things, but Bokuto wants to learn all the different ways of making Akaashi feel good~ 
  • who cries at movies
    Bokuto, Akaashi doesn’t cry easily when it comes to movies but Bokuto gets caught up in all the emotions 
  • who gives unprompted massages
    Bokuto! He likes helping Akaashi relax and his fingers are strong but gentle; he usually peppers Akaashi with kisses at the same time 
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick
    They both fuss over each other, but Bokuto’s way more intense about it and becomes a nervous chatterbox because he’s so worried; Akaashi ends up having to calm him down and he can sound exasperated but he knows this is one of the ways Bokuto expresses his love 
  • who gets jealous easiest
    Akaashi, Bokuto makes friends with anyone willing to be friends with him and Akaashi knows how easy it is to be wooed by his passion, power, and good looks, so he gets in the habit of observing people who act close with Bokuto and mentally file them as a threat or not; but at the same time, Akaashi knows that Bokuto can be really troublesome and usually reassures himself with the knowledge that he’s the only one who can truly deal with the whole Bokuto package 
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music
    Uhh I feel like Bokuto listens to hip hop, alternative rock, pop, and dubstep, while Akaashi listens to classical music, jazz, and electropop
  • who collects something unusual
    Akaashi collects owl-related things (plushies, keychains, he even has an owl onesie) since he thinks owls are cute (I wonder why…)
  • who takes the longest to get ready
    Bokuto because he has to spend time spiking his hair~
  • who is the most tidy and organised
    Akaashi, although he still makes small messes sometimes; Bokuto’s a little bit more of a whirlwind and leaves some clothes on the floor, some dishes by the sink, but when it’s time to clean he does his fair share
  • who gets most excited about the holidays
    Bokuto gets more outwardly excited, but Akaashi gets excited internally! They love being able to spend time doing things they don’t usually have time for amidst school and volleyball, like marathoning TV, going to the beach, sleeping in, going to hot springs 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon
    Bokuto is the big spoon, Akaash is the little spoon~
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
    They both get competitive, although it takes some egging on to get Akaashi to participate
  • who starts the most arguments
    He doesn’t start it purposefully, but Bokuto’s fluctuating mood can happen at the wrong times and Akaashi doesn’t always have the patience to deal with it, so he’ll usually go do his own thing and leave Bokuto to stew, and once he comes back Bokuto’s either snapped out of it or Akaashi will talk him through it 
  • who suggests that they buy a pet
    Akaashi! He likes cats and Bokuto thinks they’re cute so they end up getting two~ one of them is named “Val” and the other “Libra” 
  • what couple traditions they have
    Massaging each other’s hands after a game; Wednesdays are Chinese food nights; matching ugly Christmas sweaters; making nachos with the works when marathoning a TV show; going to festivals and winning prizes for each other; going to the countryside for a week in the summer to get away from the city and enjoy nature; Akaashi bakes heart shaped cookies for Bokuto on Valentine’s day, while Bokuto buys him chocolate candy; marathoning Marvel films during winter break
  • what tv shows they watch together
    Sense 8, The Flash, Black Mirror, Bob’s Burgers
  • what other couple they hang out with
    KuroTsukki, Konoha/Komi, KenHina
  • how they spend time together as a couple
    Discussing volleyball; practicing plays; study sessions; buying snacks after school; watching Pacific Rim when Bokuto randomly gets in the mood for it; Bokuto warming Akaashi up when they’re outside and even with three layers and a scarf he still feels cold; Akaashi making their lunches for the next day and Bokuto hugging him from behind as he does so; Akaashi kissing Bokuto’s fingertips and Bokuto kissing Akaashi’s forehead, cheeks, nose, and mouth; going for picnics and lying on the grass and holding hands as they gaze at the clouds; wiping away tears, hugging each other fiercely, murmuring “I love you forever and always” 
  • who made the first move
    Bokuto, he just got to the point where he couldn’t hide it any longer and blurted “Akaash I like you so much would you pretty please go out with me?!” Akaashi responded “Bokuto we’re still having practice” and Bokuto went into dejected mode until Akaashi added “that wasn’t a no” 
  • who brings flowers home
    Bokuto! He likes placing them behind Akaashi’s ear because they look good on him~ 
  • who is the best cook
    Akaashi, especially when it comes to cooking meat; Bokuto can make basic dishes like pasta 

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Hello, Londoner here! I've been lurking in the TJLC community for about 2 years now and this is my first time making contact. :) Your blog is great! I come here every time I feel down about the 'fucky business,' which is quite a lot. Just wondered if you'd seen the clip of Andy Murray meeting Benedict at Wimbledon last summer. Andy asks Ben how many episodes there are in the series and he seems to have a hard time remembering. It struck me as odd at the time. Now I think (hope) I know why!


Wow, thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, that’s so lovely!! <3 <3 I’m happy that I am a place you come to when you are down; it is my happy place as well, and I am so happy that it is yours as well.

I actually HADN’T seen it until you told me about it, and now that I have, it’s really really interesting that Ben had to think about it… It’s really hard to hear and there’s a REALLY ANNOYING high pitched intermittent buzz, but around the 10 second mark, you can here Andy ask Ben “How many you gettin’?” and Ben then fumbles, shakes his head and closes his eyes and replies with “Er, Uhm, three”. Now, I CAN’T CONFIRM that they’re talking about Sherlock, because I can’t hear what Ben and Andy are talking about before the 10 seconds. If it is indeed about Sherlock, that is a rather curious response to a show that ALWAYS has three episodes…

Or, I mean, to be fair to Ben, he is also a little scatterbrained sometimes, especially when he’s meeting people he admires; I mean… I get really REALLY dumb around celebs and people I admire all the time, so it could also just be a “Ben Thing” because he’s precious that way.

Here, all, have a listen for yourself and tell me what y’all think. Again, there IS a REALLY high pitched intermittent buzzing that grated on me and I don’t have sound sensitivity, so just an heads up:

Look how precious these two men are. They’re so in awe of each other and admire each other and I legit cried happy tears watching this, though :D They’re so adorable.

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Hey, I'm really sorry to bother you and I hope I'm not out of line but I just read your newest post about your stomach and I'm curious... Do you have any idea what's wrong? See, I've got something similar and for the last year and a half I've been living on rice, chicken and the few veggies that don't make me sick. I've lost a third of my original weight, but all the doctors I've gone too have no idea what's wrong! Which is why I'm asking. I hope I'm not out of line and I wish you the best day!!

Not a damn clue. My diagnosis currently ranges from “you’re overweight try losing weight” (no longer valid since I dropped fucking 20lbs in a month and likely wasn’t valid for most of my symptoms to begin with) it’s “just” IBS (a chronic condition unto itself which too few people including doctors seem to realize and dismiss as non life impacting simply because it’s “common”) leaky gut caused by allergies (previously thought to be celiac but repeatedly tested negative for) chronic GERD (somewhat more under control than it was to the point when I am off my meds which worsened the other symptoms) vocal chord dysfunction (previously misdiagnosed as asthma which before that was misdiagnosed as purely anxiety when in fact the reason I was panicking was because I couldn’t breathe) “it’s just anxiety” (which yes I have anxiety, but I’ve realized a LOT of it was being caused by allergies causing a near constant adrenaline response so that was fun. Nice to know I was on sedatives as a teenager because no one bothered to listen to me when I said eating XYZ hurt), hormonal problems (despite my hormones always being “normal”), and last but not least “I mean, it could be fibromyalgia or an autoimmune disease, your symptoms are kind of hard to pin down”. That latter part being a direct quote from a doctor. 

I’ve also had severe issues with my teeth, which since I have switched to a holistic dentist, have largely been resolved. (Still in pain, but every time he does something my health bounces up a notch so it’s a process I’ll be working with him toward fixing over the next few years. He even suspects I might have been getting mercury poisoning from some seriously dangerously over the limit leaking amalgam fillings I got in my early teens. He’s also the only dentist willing to remove my root canal teeth because they’ve never fully healed.)

So. Yea. I have some of my own possible theories that it might be SIBO which many doctors here in the US seem reluctant to even admit is a real thing (my current dr certainly doesn’t and will not test for it despite it being an easy culture test to do) and some possible genetic fuckery/immune system bullshit. Both my parents are extremely ill people with very similar issues, my dad even has an autoimmune disease he doesn’t care enough to even remember the name of so I can’t just narrow the field and test directly for that. Thanks dad.

The difference between me and them is I am actively trying to get a diagnosis and claw some semblance of health/sanity back before I turn into a hermit resigned to dying young. 

A big thing for me seems to be allergies/intolerances which have sprung up in the last few years. (Rice is the first thing doctors recommend for eating “plain” food but it’s actually a huge trigger food for a LOT of people) Eating only organic seems to have helped (suggesting a preservative allergy, which my allergist just kind of said “I believe you, but there’s no reliable test for it so just…don’t eat them”) 

Which is where you find me at now, two years down the rabbit hole of trying to get an accurate diagnosis. As for asking questions, it’s entirely okay to ask questions. I’ve pretty much wound up documenting my chronic health issues because a) it was helping me to keep track of things and then b) my blog got popular due to shenanigans and then a bunch of other people started going “HEY ME TOO” and we’ve created a sort of exhausted support group for each other and also c) the number of people who message me on a daily basis to tell me it helps them to know they are not alone is just…I’ve cried twice today at some of the messages I’ve gotten, and at the time of typing this it’s not even noon. 

I do not mind being public with any of this because gods help me if someone can figure out some small puzzle piece of their life from me falling apart then in some small way it will be worth it. Cause I know what that feeling is like. And I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Chronic health issues are so incredibly isolating.

So yea…next step I’m off to see a natruopathic/functional medicine doctor (yes I made sure they are licensed physicians and not just crazy hippies) in the hopes that she might have some answers for me, or is at least willing to listen to me, which uh, yeah, the more you refuse to accept suffering to be your way of life, many doctor’s don’t seem to appreciate. I had my GI doctor tell me I shouldn’t google my symptoms and just accept the fact that the meds he prescribed for the chronic GERD would dissolve my intestines which, hahahahah, ha. No. I do not accept that. Not even a little bit.

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hey it's me!!!! i'm sorry i've been away but school has been SUPER hard plus i have swim practice every day. i had an idea for a fic? i think i saw one similar but id like to see your take on it. just super angst you saeran in love with mc but she doesn't return his feelings BC she loves saeyoung. pls no saeran x mc x saeyoung BC it makes me super uncomfortable

Thank you for your request sweetie  *v* i hope you like it!

He saw her first

It’s just painful. Painful to see the very first person you ever loved in your whole life in another man’s arm, especially if this man is your brother.
Saeran just wants to hold you in his arms for at least one time and know that you’re his, but you know that this is not going to happen. Of course, he feels bad for loving his brother’s wife, but he just can’t help it, and he doesn’t want to tell that to anyone, he never opens up, imagine in this situation.
Even being cured, even being here with his family, with new friends, and with a life, he can’t help it, he still feels a big hole in his heart, he needs love, a true love, you would be perfect.
He thanks himself for having this grumpy face, nobody even thinks he must be jealous or sad, only grumpy, hating seeing you and Saeyoung being all lovey dovey together.
He wonders if one day you’ll change your mind and see him in from of you…But this another wild dream in his head, oh yes, this all that he can do: Dream.
He always dreams, what would be like if you were his, all those kisses were meant for you, not for Saeyoung, he would do all that you wanted him to do, he thinks a smile would be always in his face…But he’s alone.
He wants to forget you, he really does, but every time you smile at him for anything, or if he listens to you laugh, or look at your eyes...Or even think about you, he has no choice, he can’t help but love you.
He needs help, he can’t do this alone, he wants to pray, Saeyoung always said that helps, but every time he closes his eyes he remembers you.
You’re in control of him.
Your story with Saeran has no ending since it hasn’t even a beginning.
The heaven that is being with you is not meant for him, he accepts that.
His whole life will be like that, he can’t stand on his feet, what is he becoming now?
He cries about this, almost every night, he wipes his tears with his sleeve of his sweater.
This time, he has almost a hundred percent of sure nobody will save him, even one day with you would be the best thing in his life if he could only spend all day with you…If he could only hold tight, but he accepts the defeat.
He wants to let you know all this, this hurts so much, he’s trying to let you go. He’s so grumpy, mad about everything, cold, but with you, it’s not like that at all.
Inside this mask, inside his walls, it has a Saeran that loves you so much.
His life is not going to get brighter.
You’re in his brother’s arms and he has to see this every day…Time is his only ally, only he might take you out of his mind.
He always tries to not kiss you, or even hug you, or he doesn’t let you go. He could even try to confess, but he knows he would get an“I don’t love you.” and it would ruin everybody’s life.
He’s so sick, so tired of all these feelings, he’s crying so much because of that, he took you like his new drug, he lost his mind again.
He fell in love and fell apart.
And every time Luciel asks him if he’s alright Saeran lies and say “Of course i’m fine, idiot brother.”
Saeran just hopes you’ll be happy.
But he’s too tired of listening to the sound of his tears.

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I've got this feeling that if Sam is serious about working with the bmol and this isn't just some kind of scheme... Sam told Mick to give him time to convince Dean... That just awfully reminds me of s4. Sam making a decision behind deans back and we as an audience know that in this instance Dean is the one who is right. Well at ledast this time he isn't alone he has cas and Crowley and Rowena probably too.

Anonymous said: So I really hope that Sam knows what he is doing and kind of wants to infiltrate the bmol because otherwise I’m getting some s4 vibes over here. Dean against tje rest of the world actually doing the right thing but no one listens to him. At least this time around he has cas and Crowley right?

^ I am so amused. You two should be friends.

Are we just getting season 4 vibes because that’s the biggest example of Sam working behind Dean’s back? In that case it was so absolutely wrong of Sam and he couldn’t SEE it because he was in a horrible descent arc where Ruby was corrupting him, mind and body, and feeding his powers. Season 4 was so awful for Sam as Sam I don’t really ever want to be light comparing Sam to it, because he REALLY learned.

I was thinking it’s more like season 10, where Sam goes behind Dean’s back to save him, but mostly because Dean’s given up as he thinks. He knows Dean could be argued around to it if he was just regular old Dean and thinking clearly about wanting to live, and makes the choice he thinks is best for his brother even if it means going behind his back. If he IS serious about this and has bought the sales pitch rather than doing it for infiltration/Mary protecting reasons as people are speculating, then he thinks the pitch about saving them from their own awful lives is a good one and Dean would like it too, while he ALWAYS knew it was wrong working with Ruby and from 4x01 he’s worried about telling Dean, lies about it, and withholds stuff for most of the season. 

With the BMoL if he’s serious, he said already that he thinks Dean can be persuaded to go along with it and that he’d want it - his sense of right and wrong told him the demon blood thing was too awful to share, but in this case Dean’s already seemingly grudgingly accepted MARY’S choice to work with them and it’s just whether Sam can convince him to JOIN the BMoL rather than go through another round of having accept his family is working for them but not join himself. Like, there’s already a line here that Mary crossed, and seems to have been forgiven. (Although it’s more that she lied to them, and Dean doesn’t know half the stuff Sam does after that episode and we don’t know if Dean would be told about the Colt between episodes or if that’s a reveal for him too - considering Sam cried over seeing the Colt again, you’d think we’d need at least half a weighty scene for Dean finding out…) 

It’s the smart choice instead of the heart choice thing, but applied in a way which is too removed from the emotional situation. Everyone’s pointed out for weeks how Sam should be most hurt by Mary’s choice because the BMoL tortured him, and so he’s far more the one who stood to be personally injured than Dean. Of course Sam compartmentalised all that in the fight and was the one to give Mary a chance first. And I think he may be misinterpreting Dean saying he doesn’t like Mary’s choice to thinking Dean’s made a choice with his head not his heart here and is going to be more reasonable. Dean always acts emotionally but he doesn’t want to fight with his family and he still thinks this is wrong and the season can’t really have Dean give in now Mary AND Sam are working with the bad guys because we need balance and a POV character NOT doing it so I suspect Dean will stick his ground and not join them or Cas is going to come back like

Originally posted by miss-malaphor

So yeah, Dean and Cas and probably Rowena and maybe Crowley if the whole Lucifer thing doesn’t get in the way, are gonna be the obvious resistance to the BMoL while Sam and Mary are going to be on the inside… 

But I don’t think Sam not being able to convince Dean will be like, the sort of split that season 4 caused, even if they’re now misunderstanding each other’s motives if Sam is genuinely set on joining the BMoL. Dean’s forgiven on a family level, the personal stuff, wit Mary, but it’s not like he’s warmed up to the idea of working with the BMoL, he’s just not actively disowning Mary for doing it. Sam tends to think things through from so far outside the box (where the box is his own feelings) he can logic his way through like, an entire obstacle course without thinking he’s taking any emotional damage, although I really don’t think this can be healthy for him :P His repression is very different from how Dean bottles up emotions because Dean still feels them, just tries not to express them. Sam tries not to feel them at all. I think this is what Dean was telling him about picking a side - he wants Sam to get angry and feel something about it. Sam goes to feel out Mary’s side of it, and then literally picks a side, which even seems to go against his own stated feelings on the matter (he says hunting is his life to Mary at the start, and while it was magnificent bullshit on one level either way you look at it, I think he did also agree with what he was saying in the cops and robbers speech to the Alpha because holy crap that was good). So again he hasn’t picked a side INTERNALLY he’s picked one EXTERNALLY by thinking it might be the smartest choice after all even if it didn’t feel good in many ways to him and the BMoL have represented themselves as an enemy in his head all season.

(This all seems to be addressing Sam’s way of doing this head on so maybe we are getting a storyline to belatedly make up for Sam working with Lucifer without more than a few worried side-glances at the end of last season)

Anyway I love Sam and this episode made me love Sam more than I ever had before, so I absolutely can’t see how this is as bad as him working with Ruby because we’re with him here. I mean we’re not WITH him with him, but the story is showing us Sam’s internal processes in its own way where Sam doesn’t really reveal those to us ever, and I have honestly never found him more fascinating or compelling, because these decisions are BAD but they’re not BAD DECISIONS if you know what I mean? I mean, not in the scale of a guy who drank demon blood for a year and started the apocalypse :P

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I've seen around that a lot of people think Romeo and Juliet is a dark comedy or satire rather than a romantic tragedy. Do you agree?

Oh man. Okay. You didn’t ask for a rant, but it is ABSOLUTELY RANTING TIME because I’ve been travelling for four fucking days, I’m already angry, and I have a lot of feelings about this issue. To be clear I’m not ranting at you, I’m just ranting. In general. At everyone.

First and foremost: Romeo and Juliet is a really fucking complex play, and trying to say it’s strictly one thing or the other is like saying the Civil War was strictly about slavery. (If you disagree take a fucking history class–like, yes, dude, slavery was a HUGE part of the conflict, but was it the sole cause? No. Politics and economics, motherfuckers.) It’s simplistic and reductionist. This is the biggest problem with R & J analysis–people spend a metric ass-ton of time arguing that it’s one thing or the other without admitting the possibility that it could be both. 

Emma Smith, who’s a lectuerer at Oxford, does this amazing series of podcasts called Approaching Shakespeare (which you should absolutely download and listen to if you haven’t already, they’re free) and in her R & J lecture she talks a lot about how it actually plays like a comedy until the crucial turning point of Mercutio’s death in Act III. That’s when everything goes off the rails: Romeo kills Tybalt, he’s banished, Juliet is betrothed to Paris, and it sets off a chain-reaction of catastrophes. Before that, the play looks like a classic romantic farce, complete with forbidden love and oblivious parents and every trope of the genre dating all the way back to commedia dell’arte. So is it partly a comedy? Absolutely. But that’s what makes it so fucking tragic. Would we care half so much what happens to Mercutio or even Romeo if we hadn’t seen them so delightedly playing with each other three or four scenes before the fatal duel? Would Juliet’s death be half so devastating if we didn’t see her as an eager, excited girl, nervous to meet her lover for the first time? Hell no. Mercutio dies and Romeo dies and Juliet dies and it’s all absolutely gut-wrenching because they were alive and well and laughing only half an hour ago. 

This sort of brings me to my second argument, which is with the heartless shitheads who think Romeo and Juliet are just a couple of stupid horny teenagers. (I talked about this briefly in this post here but I want to expand on it.) Romeo and Juliet are not just a couple of stupid horny teenagers. They are a couple of stupid horny teenagers, but they are also in love. For fuck’s sake, do you not remember what it was like to be fifteen? Yes, your hormones were all over the fucking place but so were your emotions. Are they really impatient to get in each other’s pants? Duh. Look at Juliet’s monologue when she’s gearing up for the wedding night:

Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds,
Towards Phoebus’ lodging: such a wagoner 1720
As Phaethon would whip you to the west,
And bring in cloudy night immediately.
Spread thy close curtain, love-performing night,
That runaway’s eyes may wink and Romeo
Leap to these arms, untalk’d of and unseen.


But why for the love of Eros should that mean they’re not also head over fucking heels for each other? Isn’t that the dream??? To be married to someone you not only want to bang into oblivion but also someone you love so much that you’d literally die without them? Listen the fuck up R & J haters, because love and lust are not mutually exclusive, and if you think they are, I pity you, because you must have one hell of an empty love life one way or the other. (Unless you’re ace or aro or something in which case you’re probably doing just fine all by your bad self, rock on.) If you want proof that they’re in love, just keep reading. Look at the end of this same goddamn monologue:

Come, gentle night, come, loving, black-brow’d night,
Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars, 
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.

Bro, nobody says that shit about someone they just want to play tonsil hockey with. Every instance of their language towards each other illustrates a consuming, intense (if naive) kind of love. Look at the balcony scene, when Juliet tells Romeo that if he were her pet bird, she would be afraid of killing him by pressing him too tightly in her hand. What does he say in reply? I would I were thy bird. That’s all he wants. When they meet, their first lines to each other form a perfect sonnet. The sonnet was the most romantic poetic form of the time and I fucking refuse to believe that Shakespeare would have wasted one on ‘just a couple of horny teenagers.’ 

More to the point, if Romeo and Juliet aren’t in love, the play simply doesn’t work. If Juliet was just a pretty face and a quick fuck, why is banishment worse than death to Romeo? Why does he try so hard not to fight with Tybalt? He goes fucking mental when he learns that Juliet is ‘dead.’ HE BUYS FUCKING POISON, JOY-RIDES BACK TO VERONA, THREATENS TO LITERALLY RIP HIS SERVANT TO PIECES IF HE TRIES TO STOP HIM GOING IN THE CRYPT, MURDERS PARIS, DRAGS HIS BODY INTO THE TOMB, CRIES OVER JULIET’S BODY AND THEN FUCKING OFFS HIMSELF TO BE WITH HER AGAIN. YOU DON’T DO THAT SHIT FOR SOME PIECE OF ASS YOU MET ON TINDER. It’s love. It’s young love and it’s messy and impulsive and irrational, but it is love. Shakespeare isn’t George R. R. Martin, this isn’t Game of Fucking Thrones. Death and sex are not schlock gimmicks to get good ratings. 

But let me be clear: Just like Romeo and Juliet are not just horny teenagers, their story is not just a love story. It’s a didactic tale about the perils of holding a grudge. The ongoing feud between the Capulets and the Montagues has a body count before the play even begins, as we’re told by Prince Escalus, and it takes literally the gruesome deaths of these noble families’ two youngest children–not to mention Tybalt, Paris, and Mercutio–to bring them to their fucking senses and put the bad blood behind them. It’s a love story but it’s much more than that. It’s a cautionary tale against grudges, against revenge, against civil war, and so many things that are so much bigger than the two title characters. 

Like anything else in Shakespeare, you can read it a million different ways. But I think if you reduce it to a cynical satire about the idiocy of youth, you are doing Shakespeare a great disservice by willfully misinterpreting some pretty significant chunks of the text (because he couldn’t possibly be serious about these two young lovers), and you are doing yourself a great disservice by completely missing the passion of the play–and a much bigger picture. 

And exit. 

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Hello~! Do you think I could request the rfa with a hopeless romantic MC. She constantly watches old romance movies like Dirty Dancing and The Princess Bride, reads romance novels and has a full bookshelf of them, has hours of cute love-y music on her ipod, that sort of thing? Love your writing by the way! I've been scrolling through your blog all day!! :)

A/N: This was so hard for me because I’m actually a REALLY big tsundere and i just yeah lmao im so sorry ^^;; ~Admin 404


           -He’s sensitive and all

           -And he’s so hung up on finding love!!! He wants to love and be loved!!! Only wants one person in his life!

           -And it’s you!

           -You have the same idea, so the two of you work very well together

           -So much love between the two of you oh my god


           -Seriously, there’s so many small, cute kisses between the two of you that even Zen pretended to barf

           -The two of you THRIVE off of romance movies!!! Those and Disney movies are about the only things you two watch

           -That being said, he’s a-okay with you being a hopeless romantic, he is too!!!

           -He just didn’t know it until you came along <3


           -He’s such a hopeless romantic omfg

           -He will burst into rooms with grand gestures

           -Constantly singing love songs to you

           -10/10 you always sing along

           -Always spins you around, pulling you into a dance

           -Completely ecstatic that you’re the same way!! Y e s MC, burst out into love songs from movies and plays, he’s gonna jump right on in

           -He always brings you flowers! And you just live for it you don’t even have to mention it to him hype hype hype

           -Both of you are so emotional during movies but there’s never any judgment

           -He’s even worse than you though??? Like, cliché kisses in the rain happen every time it rains

           -Since he’s 10x more hopelessly romantic than you, he’s completely okay with it, you do you MC


           -Secretly loves those old romantic movies

           -Lowkey judges you for crying at happy movies but you turn it right back around on her when she cries at beautiful love scenes played by Zen

           -The two of you listen to the music on your phone constantly

           -“MC, these are all love songs” “Yes, I’m aware”

           - secretly downloads them all onto her own phone later

           -You’re always dancing around the room with such grace, bringing her along

           -You somehow always seem to sweep her off her feet and she loVES IT

           -She gets so flustered!!!!!

           -Oh my goodness, she has no idea how to handle the flowers you shower her in??

           -MC our house is overrun with flowers where is the remote? The DVD’s? MC where is tHAT DOCUMENT IT’S HIDDEN UNDER FLOWERS I NEED THAT


           -He noticed fairly quickly what your taste in novels were

           -You had a shelf full of these romance novels, so he attempted to read one

           - is this truly what MC wants???

           -You come home to a whole floor-to-ceiling bookshelf full of romance novels for you to read

           -He started to come home with flowers every now and then, and you were so!!! Happy!!!

           -The smile on your face was to die for, so he vowed from then on to do whatever it takes to get that smile

           -You love to talk about the future with him, plan your ideal dates, things of that sort


           -Your ideal dates are now reality, he’ll make sure of it

           -Therefore, he absolutely loves that this is part of your personality, because you’re so cute! So innocent! And he is going to do everything he can to enhance it!!


           -Both of you cry to 10 Things I Hate About You

           -He put it on for the first time, hoping he could console you at the end

           -Both of you were complete sobbing messes

           -He doesn’t surprise you with actual flowers

           -Makes bouquets of HBC wrapper flowers thanks saeyoung

           -You tell him how much you love him multiple times a day and it gets to him every single time

           -Seriously, he cries sometimes because??? How did he ever get you??

           -The two of you like to talk and theorize about your OTP’s

           -That’s your dinner talk, not “how was your day” it’s usually “sO LISTEN, WHAT IF-”

           -Every now and then, the two of you dance around the house, blasting love songs he puts on a dress and heels and everything




           -Do I even need to talk about all the adorable candid pictures he takes of you? No? Too bad I just did

           -If you’re ever sad, he hangs up pictures of the two of you EVERYWHERE what a DORK NEED ME A FREAK LIKE THAT

           -You make him playlists full of love songs all the time

           -You even write down why you picked each song!!!

           -God damn he loves it??? He needs someone soft and loving like you


           -He feels so blessed?? Like, you want to act out your own personal love story with him???

           -Sign him right the fuck up,  he’s so happy and toTALLY DESERVES THIS


           -If he’s honest, it makes him uncomfortable sometimes

           -You watch all these romantic movies and cry and just

           -HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO????

           -He does like watching you dance around and sing to those sappy love songs of yours though

           -He doesn’t pay much attention to the lyrics, he just pays all his attention to you

           -When you aren’t paying attention, he reads a lot of your romance novels just to see what they’re about

           -He actually gets pretty insecure because?? He isn’t like the guys you read about, he isn’t smooth with his words and he doesn’t know how to be so…. spirited

           -So when you take the role of being the passionate one, he’s actually pretty relieved! Maybe he can learn from you before attempting it on his own

           - still refuses to dance with you though, it isn’t happening

           -He does surprise you with flowers every now and then though, sometimes he even plays a love song to describe the feelings he has for you


Reinstalled my newly signed sun visor in the Impala~

I’m so happy and so grateful to everyone who has helped me get this far from where I was. I’m truly blessed and I’ll honestly never be able to thank everyone enough. 😭

I'm feeling better ever since you know meI was a lonely soul but that's the old meA little wiser now from what you've shown me x
Elisabeth & Darcy from Pride & Prejudice

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"It kills me to see you with her" is the best story I've read in a while. I love it so much!!!!😘😍 Will there be a part 2?

“It kills me to see you with her”Pt.2 -Nate Maloley

I drove away with tears streaming down my face. You saw a familiar jeep following you, Nate. You drove through neighborhoods and abandoned street trying to loose them. Nate didn’t loose you, if anything he got closer. You finally got to your apartment,and ran up the stairs. The jeep parked and out jumped Nate. You grabbed you keys from your purse and tried to find your house key. “Baby, wait let me talk to you”,Nate shouted running up the stairs. You finally opened the door and got inside before they could reach you. You slid down the door and continued to cry “Baby, c’mon open the door. Let me explain”,Nate said beating on the door. “(y/n),open the door please”,Nate said. “Please open the door babygirl”,Nate said. “I can hear you crying, at least let me hold you”,Nate said again. 

Originally posted by flame0120

You cried harder and harder. “(y/n) I have my key, i’m coming in”,Nate said. You got up from the and went to you bedroom. You went to the bathroom and wiped your tears. You heard the lock turn and footsteps coming to the back of the apartment. “Baby”,Nate breathed out. “Nate, don’t fucking touch me”,you said backing up. “I just wanna be with you, I love you”,Nate said. “You broke me, you left and didn’t give me a reason Nate!”,you screamed. “You were dating her, while you were with me! You proposed to her and got her pregnant. You didn’t even say goodbye”,you said wiping your tears. “I’ll call of the engagement and be with you again, I love you”,Nate said. “No, no you don’t if you loved me, you wouldn’t have hurt me. I’m not going to be that girl that breaks a relationship. She loves you Nate, just like me. And i’m so fucking stupid because I can’t get over you. I haven’t gone on a date, I haven’t slept with anyone. And you know why, because I’m still in love with you”,you said pushing his chest back. 

Originally posted by ohgiulianne

“If you love me, then be with me. I miss you”,Nate said. “I can’t, I can’t, you need to leave. Go to ingrid and love her and don’t let her go. She’ll make a beautiful bride”,you said smiling at him with tearing falling from your eyes. “Baby, I don’t have to marry her”,Nate said caressing your cheek. “Yes, yes you do. You’re going to make her happy. Do it for me Nate, marry her and I’’ll finally move on”,you said kissing his hand. 

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

“No, no I can’t let you go. Not again baby”,Nate said kissing you. You kissed back but you pushed him off you. “Stop it Nate, we’re done now get out”,you said holding back more tears. “I will always love you more and more each day remember that. You’ll always be my babygirl”,Nate said kissing the top of your head. “I love you baby, forever and always”,Nate said wiping his cheek and leaving the apartment.

2 months later

You not entirely over Nate, but you’re getting there. You miss him, a lot actually. But you’ve learned it was for the better. You always made sure everyone in your life was happy before yourself. You were on your way to work, but first a coffee would wake you up. You walked into the local coffee shop right by your office. While in line you looked around the store until someone caught your eye. It was Ingrid, with another man. You didn’t think anything of it, although you were nosey to know who it was. You were causally listening to their convo while standing in line. “Look, the whole fake pregnancy thing work. He was going to break the engagement for the stupid little ex of his but anymore. All I have to do is get married, fake a miscarriage, and take all his money in the divorce”,she said to the guy. You got out your phone and recorded all that audio and saved it. She then kissed him and slid the finger back on her finger and walked out. You were shocked and mad at the same time. You then called Johnson and told him everything. You then called Nate and invited him over.

Originally posted by konstantlyky

“Hey Nate, why don’t you come in”,you said softly. “Hey, what’s up?”,He asked. Then Johnson and Sammy showed up and you played him the audio clip. He stood up and walked outside yelling and cursing. You walked down the stairs and stood near him. When he looked at you, you immediately hugged him and didn’t let go. “I wanted to be a dad so bad”,He cried. For as much as he didn’t want to marry her, I think he really wanted to be a father. “Now I know what you went through, all this heart break. I’m sorry baby”,Nate said crying into my sweater. “I-I gotta go and call off the wedding”,he said. “Oh wait I forgot something”,he said turning around. He then abruptly kissed you and you felt fireworks. “I love you and I’m gonna fight for your love”,he said kissing your cheek and getting into his jeep.

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Ciel x Lizzy Modern AU

In Elementary school Ciel fell in love with Lizzy. It was an adorable, innocent love. They would do their homework together, play house, and hug, thinking that was a really adult thing to do. 

Then Vincent got a job in another city and the Phantomhives had to move. Ciel tried everything to avoid this. He cried and pled that they wouldn’t have to move but his parents made him anyway. They tried to comfort Ciel about leaving Lizzy. They told him he was still young and a lot of things could happen but Ciel didn’t want anything to happen. He wanted to stay with his beloved Lizzy. Rachel told him he could write her letters to stay in contact and thus, under tears, the two had to say goodbye.

And as it is with long-distance-relationships, it doesn’t usually work. Ciel and Lizzy lost sight of each other but every day without her hurt Ciel’s soul deeply. He turned out to be a rather grumpy teen. He rarely had any friends but the friends he had were good ones. Despite his behaviour he was well popular but he never went out with anyone. This went well until his mother heard of his popularity. One day she asked Ciel why he wouldn’t date anyone. Trying to dodge the question Ciel told her he just wasn’t interested. But being the mom she was Rachel dug deeper. And completely annoyed Ciel told her he didn’t want to date anyone because he hadn’t forgotten about Lizzy yet. For a moment Rachel was speachless. She just barely remembered the little girl her son has had a crush on all those years ago. And then it escalated. She looked at her son and told him to stop holding onto a memory that has passed. She told him to move on. With a good intention, she didn’t know how strong this “little crush” really had been, but for Ciel it was a real blow. His mother had told him his love for Lizzy was lost in time, she had declared his feelings hopeless, and it gotten him hopeless.

And so Ciel started dating people. He wouldn’t listen to his dates talking, he didn’t bother to hide his desinterest. When somebody would try to hold his hand he’d rip it loose again. Once they’d try to kiss him he’d forcefully push them away. He was breaking on the inside. Every day he had to force himself to pretend he had passed on a little more. 

His friends got worried for him, asking him why he agreed to go out with everyone if he was only gonna push them away. And Ciel told them it was to please his parents. And that evening Rachel and Vincent Phantomhive received a call from Ciel’s best friend Soma who felt he had to do something to help his friend. And both were shocked, Rachel on the verge of tears. Neither of them had ever wanted for this to happen. They hed never intended to put so much emotional pressure on their beloved son. They immediately went to apologize to Ciel. They hugged him, they would pet his head, tell him everything was going to be alright, and that he shouldn’t have forced himself to do things he didn’t want to do. He didn’t have to date people he didn’t like just to make them happy.

After this Ciel stopped forcing himself. He was a grumpy but other than that emotionally healthy teen. His parents were still a little bit worried that after almost a decade their son was still so dedicated to a childhood crush. But they had seen where to much critizism lead so they decided to just stay by his side and watch over him. They’d ask how he was more often, meddled a little bit more in his life. Ciel, of course, appreciated the love his parents showed him, but he was a teenager and one with a reputiation on top of that. He wouldn’t tell them. Also, they were rather annoying.

Then came the time Ciel went to collage. He therefore moved to a whole different town yet again. Rachel and Vincent were extremely proud, yet torn. After all they had to let their only son leave the nest. Ciel on the other hand was ready for a new challange and he hoped it would be a good one. And in his very first course in collage he encountered a moment that would make his heart stop beating. That very moment when he accidentally happened to run into Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford. Neither of them could believe their eyes but they recognized each other in a heartbeat. Their presence felt so close, so intimate, it was awkward for them both, having such intense feelings for someone they had last seen about a decade ago. Her smile had become a lot more beautiful he felt, and he had, sometime in the last ten years, become one hell of a blushy mess. But they were together and they got to know each other once again.

Vincent and Rachel were fairly surprised when they heard their son was in a relationship with his childhood love again. They were worried they’d both still cling onto the memory of each other. But as they met the young couple in person their doubts disappeared. They didn’t think they had ever seen Ciel act like this before. Not even in his childhood he had a glow like that and for some reason their sweet and slightly awkward interactions were soothing to watch. They were close, not in a corney tennage drama way, but in an adult way, speaking to each other freely, agreeing, disagreeing, being a team. And on the next class reunion, with classmates and friends, Soma was very pleased to be able to announce that Ciel Phantomhive was finally engaged, to the love of his life. 


Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad x Reader

Warnings: Smut!

Request:  That last altair fic was so good but pretty tragic! after that tradegy some Altair x reader (maybe rough) smut could be nice ;)

A/N: Huzzah! I really need to work on writing smut XD I see what you’re insinuating there Malik… (;

The sun was harsh and unforgiving as it loomed ominously above, the rays beating down on your strained muscles. Despite the heat, you still continued on as if the temperature didn’t matter, your determination keeping you cool. Or maybe it was the need to wipe that damn smirk off Altaïr’s face. Either way, you couldn’t be bothered by such conditions. Jaw clenched and hands fisted, you charged forward once more, keeping your balance in preparation for Altaïr’s dodge. The two of you had been at it for hours, attempting to find some sort of weakness in the other’s attacks. 

Malik had long since retired, leaving you both in the secluded alley you’d originally began fighting in. He’d attempted to sort out some sort of truce, but you and Altaïr were much too stubborn. Sick of his arrogance and insolence, you finally challenged him. Altaïr wasn’t too keen on your lack of listening skills, claiming that he’d have no problem winning. But that had been hours ago and there still wasn’t a winner. 

His foot slid back, leaving a dust cloud in its wake as he jumped forward, nearly slamming his fist into your cheek. Fortunately, you were quick enough to dodge, giving you a chance to land a blow to his side. He grunted at the force of impact, placing one leg behind you as his fist came back down. In order to dodge him, you moved backward, tripping over his waiting leg. Before you had a chance to right your balance, he forced your back onto the ground, the hard stone digging painfully into your skin.

“I told you.” He smirked, hands on either side of your head. You bared your teeth, much too annoyed at the man to let him win. With sharp, calculated movements, your wrapped a leg around his hip and pushed off the ground on the same side, flipping the both of you over so you were on top of him. You were straddling his waist, your hands pinning his arms on both sides. He looked to you, slightly surprised but more annoyed. A triumphant grin pulled at your lips, your body careful not to let go of its hold.

“You were saying,” you teased, winking at him. For a blissful moment, the mood was playful and light, but it was quickly replaced with something more serious as your smile faded away. You watched intently as Altaïr swallowed, his tongue dragging along his lower lip unconsciously. Unintentionally, you mirrored the action, his stare zeroing in on your tongue. 

You couldn’t be sure who made the first move, but in the next instant his lips were sliding deliciously along your own, your body pressed against his tightly. It wasn’t beautiful or sweet, but it was exactly what you needed. He was bruising your lips, tongue on tongue and teeth clashing. Every bit of previous tension was thrown out the window as he flipped you over, the air being filled with something more desireable. 

His hands were ripping at the fabric of your robes, yours doing the same to his. It was a flurry of limbs and cloth, only being settled once the both of you lay semi-nude. Altaïr seemed too far gone to even try and finish ridding you of your clothes, his hard member pressing incessantly into your thigh. A stab of arousal pooled low in your belly, the feel of him ready and willing sending a shot of heat down your body. He smirked, almost as if sensing your arousal, but gave you no time to tell him off for his cockiness. 

He pushed his length into you in one hard thrust, pain and pleasure mixing in equal measures. Your head dropped back against the stone, the sun that had once been nothing more than an annoyance, now heating you to no end. A strangled moan left your lips, your arms and legs linking behind him. Something about the way he moved so ruthlessly, so mercilessly, inside your wet heat was terribly erotic, the secluded alley filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh. Despite your back and bottom being slammed brutally into the hard ground, you were in heaven. 

His thick cock was filling you so completely, you felt content to spend the rest of your life right there. His thrusts were unforgiving as you met him blow for blow, the movements similar to how the two of you fought. A cacophony of moans and breathless groans could be heard, neither of you sure from who they were actually originating from. It didn’t really matter when he was pumping in and out of your slick walls, the feeling building in your stomach. 

Each thrust brought you closer to ecstasy, your nails digging painfully in your back. He didn’t seem to mind, the smallest bit of sweat trickling down his forehead at the amount of exertion he was putting into his movements. It was too much and not enough, the world disappearing with a final scream of his name on your tongue. His hot seed warmed your belly, your mind too far gone in pleasure to fully acknowledge his own cries of fulfillment. 

You were floating, your body humming in delight at the tremors of pleasure that wracked your form. Despite the earlier display of roughness, Altaïr placed a gentle kiss to your forehead. The reality of the situation came crashing down on you like a brick, your body tensing. You had just had sex… with Altair… the man that annoyed the hell out of you…  You couldn’t stop the groan that rumbled from deep within your chest. He was never going to let you live this one down.

  • Yoongi cried in Hoseok's arms. Period.
  • I don't care what anyone says, that means something.
  • I've traveled plenty, and studied many cultures. So I know that in enough places, a man crying in another mans arms is not a regular occurrence, UNLESS you have that level of comfort. And even in Korean society, for one bro to turn to another bro for a heartfelt cry is a little awkward, and the receiving party is usually like ' ummmm, ok bruh...*internal panic* lol. So for Yoongi to so easily turn to Hoseok in his emotional state, and for Hoseok to be so openly ready with soothing arms, shows that this isn't the first time and they are that close. And I'm dying about it XD
  • But then again, don't listen to me. I'm insane XD

anonymous asked:

WAIT ok ok ok so in the au is it jake or amy who felt the connection first?? this is very important



Jake is seven years old the first time he feels his soulmate.

It comes unexpectedly in the middle of recess in the form of a sudden, scorching spike of panic that shoots directly up his spine. He stumbles mid-run, hands rising up to his throat, eyes bugging out of his head. Gina slows her graceful run ahead of him upon realizing that he’s no longer beside her, confusion evident in her curious gaze.

“Jake?” She calls uncertainly.

“She’s scared,” he says, only his voice comes out all funny and choked.

Gina’s brow furrows. “What?”

“She’s - she’s scared!” He can feel it, the phantom heartbeat fluttering against his breast, the panic as bitter as bile in his mouth. “Something’s scaring her!”


“My soulmate!”

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