this is the first time i'm wearing a long dress


Today I wore a dress for the first time in forever. I’ve been taught my whole life that plus sized girls can’t wear dresses. And I lived by that rule. I thought that I couldn’t wear a dress and look half decent. Well guess what? Today I challenged that. I felt more body positive than I have in a long while. And I’m just so happy I’m making progress on the journey to loving me.

If Percy’s Drift compatible with me,” she reminded him. She leaned back in her chair, running a hand through her curls. “This is the universe’s idea of a joke. You really think Percy and I can Drift? We hate each other.” 

“No you don’t.”

Annabeth rolled her eyes. “Fine. We strongly dislike each other, then.”

That hadn’t always been the case. She and Percy hadn’t been great friends in the past, but they’d been close colleagues. Annabeth had initially been surprised by how well they worked together. She tended not to get along with most Rangers, mostly due to ego clashing. Percy lacked the typical, grating Ranger cockiness and had a self-deprecating sense of humor she liked. He was also pretty smart, though he tried to downplay it for God knew what reason.

And, okay, yes, she’d developed bit of a middle school crush on him, so sue her. Percy was undeniably good looking, with his messy dark hair, bottle green eyes and killer jawline. She might be a genius, but she was only human, and no human attracted to men couldn’t not flirt with Percy when his shoulders looked that good in the standard issue black sweaters.

She’d even asked him on a date, which had ended up being a hilariously awful idea. She’d managed to scrub off most of the grease streaks on her skin and put on a dress for the first time in months; Percy, on the other hand, had showed up late, still wearing his wrinkled uniform, and spent all of dinner pestering her about the jaegar prototype because Leo Valdez hadn’t been able to his stupid fat mouth shut about it.

Annabeth had gotten the message pretty quick: Percy Jackson was much more interested in her jaegar than he was in her.

Which was fine. Disappointing, but fine.

Totally, 100 percent fine.

somehow, i think it’s not fine, annabeth… 

anonymous asked:

Hi Jane, long time listener first time caller. I'm a 19 y/o trans girl who can't buy or wear a lot of femme clothes 'cause my parents are human kidney stones, and I feel like I've been deprived of that important middle school phase everybody goes through where they kinda figure out how they like to dress. Do you have any tips for getting your style down relatively quick without burning a lot of money? You're kinda my #HairGoals atm, so I've got that down at least (although I'm thinking lavendar)

is that a phase ppl have in middle school?? shit i didn’t figure out how i wanted to dress until like. last year. when i was 20.  in fact i’m still figuring it out, i’ve been experimenting heavily lately.

okay so, basically, in the beginning, the key is to go to your local goodwill or similar large, impersonal thrift store location and just try on all the clothes that interest you.  don’t let yourself get paranoid about being DMAB and bringing clothes to the changing room with you, cause chances are that’s very very likely not even the strangest thing that a person is doing in any given goodwill at any given moment.  it’s really fucking difficult to gauge the size of women’s clothing, because every brand uses a different fucking measurement scale, so keep that in mind when trying on clothes.  If something doesn’t fit, it’s probably not because of you or your body, it’s because women’s clothing is completely fucked.  there are tons of femme clothes that will fit a dmab body just fine, you just have to remain determined and scout them out.  

once you find some things that make you feel good when you wear them, buy them.  If you’re absolutely mortified at the idea of bringing femme clothes to the counter, again, 100% not the weirdest thing that employee will see that day.  But if it’s still too much for you, you might be lucky enough to have a trustworthy dfab friend with you who will make the transaction for you.

in my experience, i’ve found that there is a more-or-less pretty standard New Trans Girl fashion starter kit that most girls tend to start building up before moving on to their own individual styles. it’s something similar to this:

1. a couple pairs of tights.  very good to have, usually pretty cheap.  If you’re not the type to shave your legs very often, you may want to go with some opaque leggings instead.  

2. simple short/midlegth skirt with elastic waist.  one that’s flowy, not one that’s tight around your legs like a pencil skirt.  don’t force yourself to tuck, tucking is unhealthy. for the warmer months, if you’d like to keep wearing skirts but don’t want to sweat in your tights/leggings, consider investing in a pair of compression shorts.  they’ll keep your bulge contained while eliminating fear of upskirts.

3. Thigh high socks. , need i say more?

4. some boots.  lots of trans girls wear combat boots or black timbs or something, if you’re into the futchy punk look, but personally I think riding boots are the cutest and fit better into a femme look.  Don’t get anything with a big heel, unless you’re really willing to try and learn to walk in them. you don’t need to destroy yourself, plenty of cute boots exist without a dramatic heel.  ALSO: if you’re looking for shoes, add +2 or +3 to your mens shoe size (i.e. i’m a 9 in mens and an 11 in womens) and try before you buy. I also highly recommend looking for women’s shoes with “wide” in the size description.

 5. girl’s t-shirts.  buy them a size or two up from what you would get in men’s or unisex (for example, i’m an M in mens but an L in women’s)

my personal recs:


2. theres a type of panty called “boyshort” that is probably the #1 cutest and most practical panty

3. buy sports bras if you don’t like wearing real bras, they’re hot af, WAY easier to size (shopping for wire bras is a NIGHTMARE), and also way more comfy.  

and from there, just explore, don’t be afraid to try anything once. you’ll find a look. hope this helps!