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3.10 part 5 - Bånder: The three times Isak broke eye contact, closed his eyes, or averted his gaze + the three times Even doesn’t let Isak let go of him

Everything I Meant to Say - Part 1

Rating: E

Summary: Cassian sends the wrong message at the wrong time.

(Modern AU)

A/N: Based on a prompt that I just couldn’t resist. Even though I should be resisting it, because I have so many other writing projects to do.

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Cassian didn’t mean to text her.

Hell, he wasn’t even sure why he had Nesta’s number in the first place. They parted ways six years ago and hadn’t said a word to each other since. The only time he even heard her name was during the holidays, when Feyre and Elain would discretely leave the dinner table to call their sister in the kitchen.

He never failed to notice how Rhys and Azriel often doubled their efforts to distract him while Nesta’s voice could clearly be heard in the other room.

She was always travelling somewhere now. The last he heard, she was in Paris. Or was it Prague? Sometimes, he would see her without meaning to. On a billboard somewhere. Or on the cover of a fashion magazine. Such was the glamorous life of a supermodel.

He should be happy for her.

He was happy for her.

Even when thinking about her still made him mad as hell.

Time heals all wounds, or so the old saying went. You would think six years would be more than enough time to forget the way they used to singe and scorch one another. But if there was one thing he and Nesta were good at, it was wounding each other deeply.

He still carried the scars with him to this day.

To be fair, she was probably still carrying hers too.

It was a thought that never brought him any comfort.

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Preferences: When He Has a Nightmare

Requested by Anon~ Enjoy!!

A/N: Crowley and Benny are included in this one. This is my first time writing for Benny, so I hope it’s okay!


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You notice Dean stir in his sleep about an hour into research. He had fallen fast asleep, for he was just running on fumes, so his random pass out was warranted. Soon after he begins to stir, you notice him clench his eyes tighter and his fists ball together tightly. You gently stir him, cringing when you see his emerald eyes look at you with panic. 

“It’s okay, Dean. I’m here, it was just a dream”, you comfort him, placing soft kisses on his forehead. When he calms down enough, you both head to bed where you wrap your shorter arms around his taller frame. Dean thinks it’s humorous that you’re the big spoon, but he can’t resist how safe it makes him feel.


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It’s around 3:00 AM when you notice Sam tossing and turning. His face was contorted into a grimace as he tirelessly fidgeted in his sleep. You shook him awake softly and eyed him with worry when he shot his eyes open and took in deep breaths. You rested your head against his racing heart while your hands gently held onto his shaking ones. After you felt his heart rate slow, you motioned for him to lay back down with him facing away from you. You could almost sense his disappointment before your arms made their way around his huge frame. Sure, you weren’t usually the big spoon, but Sam loved the comfort of your body pressed against his. 


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Normally, Cas wouldn’t sleep. But, when he was human for a brief time, he had to sleep. When he did sleep, it was riddled with hundreds of nightmares. When he awoke one night from an especially bad one, Cas reached over to you hesitantly. When you roused, you noticed the fear in his normally brave blue eyes. You let him relax in your arms as you held him, brushing through his brown locks with your fingers. When he was ready to sleep again, you lay behind him, snaking your arms around his tired figure. With the warmth and comfort your supplied him, Cas fell into a deep, peaceful sleep in a matter of seconds.


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Crowley had no need for sleep. Thus, he never had “nightmares”, but instead lived with the guilt of what he had done. One night, you noticed the absence of your boyfriend and got up to find him. When you did locate him, he was on his knees, pulling at his hair as tears leaked out of his eyes. You quickly knelt beside him, shushing him and cradling his head. These episodes occurred fairly often, but your comfort always seemed to calm him down. Eventually, you both made it back into your bed, where you wrapped your arms from behind him. He found peace from your tight embrace and the soft breaths you exhaled as you dozed off again.


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Because of Benny’s vampire status, he slept during the day. Even though you still slept at night, you would both cuddle for a couple hours while each other were sleeping. You noticed Benny clutch onto you harder as he grimaced in his sleep. You gently coaxed him awake, comfortingly running your hands along his face as he caught his breath. After reassuring him that it was just a dream and you were here, he calmed down enough to sleep again. He allowed you to be a big spoon (which didn’t occur often), basking in the warmth and security being in your arms brought him.

Feedback is appreciated!

(So, since this is my first time writing for Benny, I don’t have a tag list for him. Anyone interested on being on it?)

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Key Lime Pie {bucky x reader}

Summary: Set in a diner, inspired by Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name”. It’s fluff, very PG stuff. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 1.2K

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“Soo.. are you gonna keep staring at me?”

There is a twinkle in his eye. He must be incredibly proud of himself, he must think it was a smooth line.

Glib tongue. Licking those lips. Failing to wipe off that cheeky smile on his face.

Gotta give it to him though, for noticing that you were noticing him too. In fact, it had been for more than a month or so, since he first stepped foot in here for a slice of key lime pie. Because the thing is, no one really chooses key lime over apple, pumpkin or its familiar counterpart – lemon meringue pie. No one really has key lime pie, period.

Except for him.

The scruffy stranger who always picked the seat at the corner window, far away from the door.

There wasn’t much to make of him at first. With his cargo jacket three sizes too big for his already large stature, you did wonder how he found such a massive piece of outerwear to begin with. He was often just flipping through his small, leather-bound notebook, turning to random pages, looking out the window intently, before scribbling a new addition onto the next lines on the pages.

He was strange to say the least. But so were all the regular customers at Aunt May’s Pies and Coffee. From students who were so obviously cutting class, to the middle-aged men circling new listings on the ‘Jobs’ page of the newspaper, and that one aspiring artist who moved to New York City recently who was so fascinated with the counter stools.

You remember approaching his table to take his order.

“What can I get for you, sir?” you said with a smile.

That was before met his deep, blue eyes and lost any kind of self-respect you had for yourself or your job.

He returned the smile. You nearly dropped your pen. Because good lord his perfect teeth and soft lips, hidden beneath all those layers and that scruff.

“I’ll have the key lime pie. And the blackest coffee you have.”

You tried scribbling his order on your notepad but no ink came out. That’s when you realised you were writing with the wrong end of your pen. At least he didn’t notice. Anyway, it’s not that you need to jot down his unusual order.

Who else would have asked for a slice of key lime pie at 7am on a Saturday morning?

You were curious to know more about this guy, so you observed.

  1. He chugged down his coffee before starting on the pie.
  2. But he took his time with the pie, savouring every bite.
  3. Unfortunately, he wasn’t any good at rationing the whipped cream, leaving more than half his slice without Aunt May’s fluffy vanilla cream topping.

You made a mental note with the third point when he came back the second time, just a couple of days later. He always received a generous dollop of cream, something you tried to hide from Uncle Ben. “Dairy ain’t cheap around here, missy!” he would complain.

But of course, you were willing to bend the rules a little for this guy, this guy whose name you still didn’t know because he always paid in cash and never with a card. Seeing his body relax and slight smile he lets outs after the first bite was always worth it.

Sometimes, he came late at night, with just ten minutes before you had to lock up and clean up. You remembered him on those nights especially because he cleaned out the remaining slices of key lime pie, either burrowing through two or getting the rest to go.

Those nights, you didn’t like him as much. Aunt May always allowed you to take any leftovers home with you. Your roommate loved her signature banana cream pie, and you always took home the key lime. (It’s not like that mysterious, handsome scruffy man was the only one in New York City who liked it.)

Even though you had the same favourite pie, and met almost everyday now, you never chatted beyond the usual pleasantries. And you always forgot to ask for his name (and his number). 

But things are different today. It is the first time you don’t see him alone. There are two other men in the booth seat, both their shoulders just as broad as his. Seated opposite them are two red-headed ladies who are also in tip-top shape. You wonder why they’re here for pies and coffee instead of a salad shop or a sushi bar a few blocks down from here.

And today, he leaves his seat to approach you at the counter, before you could approach his table for their orders.

“Soo.. are you gonna keep staring at me?” he says in a hushed, low voice.

“I’m sorry?”

“I know you’ve had your eyes on me since I first came here about a month ago, Y/N.” He doesn’t even glance at your name tag to know your name.

“Well, umm..” You stutter.

Aunt May pops out of the kitchen and walks around the counter, passing by you, and him. “And she’s been giving you extra whipped cream, thinking I wouldn’t notice,” she reveals. 

“Aunt May!” Welp, now your secret’s out of the bag.

You’re flustered. He remembers your name from all the times you’ve introduced yourself and yet you still know nothing about him (except for the colour of his eyes).

His friends call out from his corner booth seat.

“Bucky have you placed our order yet? This is not the time for flirting, Nat is hungry and you know what she would do if you don’t get her that key lime pie you’ve been raving about!” Steve yells.

Ah. Bucky. So that’s his name?

“So, Bucky, is it? This is the first time I’ve heard your name.” 

“Ah damn, I knew forgot something. Guess I never really introduced myself, eh? The name’s James, but call me Bucky.”

“Can I have your order please, Bucky?” His name took some getting used to.

“We’ll have 5 slices of key lime pie,” he says with pride.

“Shall I add five coffees to that?”

“Yes please. I see you’ve memorised my order,” he winks.

“You’re a strange man, Bucky.” You’re getting the hang of saying his name now.  “It’s not something I would forget,” you tease back. “Will that be all?”

He smiles at you. “Yup, thanks Y/N! Looking forward to those pies.” And he adds, “with extra whipped cream.”

He starts walking back to his booth just as you feel blood rushing to your cheeks. But before you get yourself together again to start on his order, he turns his heel.

And he’s back at the counter once again, arms resting on the tabletop as he leans forward and closer to you.

“One more thing actually, could I get your number along with that?”

Now you’re sure your cheeks are visibly turning pink. But you’re still full of that pep in your step. Swiping a napkin from the stack you were about to refill at the other tables, you quickly scribble down your number and hand it over to him.

“You already know when my shift ends, I’m sure.” And you head back to the kitchen immediately. He doesn’t need to know how ticklish this all makes you.

Steve is beaming when Bucky gets back to their table.

“Geez, what took you so long, Buck?” Nat jokes.

“Took him long enough,” added Sam. He’s heard some stories about the cute waitress who wouldn’t stop smiling and he finally gets what Bucky’s been talking about. He wasn’t about let her go again, especially not a girl who’s been treating him and feeding him right.

“And now she knows my name.”

i know i haven’t posted in a while, but i was looking through my drafts and figured this was ready. i’d intended for it to be longer and i’m not sure if i’ve ever posted this before because i’ve been sitting on it for over a year. i hope you enjoy this short one! lemme know what you think and as always thank you for reading!

minimal resistance (conductivity)

Ship: Tetsudenki, background Kiribaku
Rating: Teen and up
Word count: 2881
Tags: the kiribaku is a slow burn train wreck in the background, crack, but i’m also dead serious, fluff and humor, fluff, spin the bottle, T for language (but it’s not just baku this time wow)
Summary:  Denki notices Tetsutetsu for the first time when he’s fighting Kirishima during the Sport’s Festival and later there’s a birthday party and spin the bottle and bench pressing and help

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So yeah this is what happens when I’m de-stressing from my big intimidating fic-project combined with de-stressing from exams and uh yeah

BangDae college/university AU  [masterpost]

part one


It’s Saturday afternoon, and while most students in the area are still sleeping off all the booze from last night, Daehyun is stumbling off the bus and running towards the campus library.

One week, he thinks to himself. It’s only been one week, and he already feels stretched too thin. He slept badly even before he started college, didn’t think it could get any worse, but he’d been wrong. He’s been living on the average two hours per night throughout the week. He’d been looking forward to spend most of his first weekend in bed, until he woke up with a start this morning, realizing he doesn’t have the course book they’re supposed to have read before Monday’s morning class.

He expects to find the department as busy and crowded as is usually is, but the place is shockingly quiet. Daehyun nearly holds his breath the moment he steps out of the revolving door, the sound of his pounding heart seeming so incredibly loud to his own ears. There are students scattered around the tables and couches, but no one lifts their head to look at him entering. They seem to be in their own world, focused on their work. Thank god.

Collecting himself a little, Daehyun takes a new breath and straightens up. He runs a hand through his morning hair, even though it’s a condemned mess, and rearranges the bag strap that’s about to fall off his shoulder. He glances up at the clock, noting that the library will close in less than three hours.

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Okay, so, I was looking at this post by @daisytachi that has pictures of some of the actors in their season 5 outfits and I noticed something for the first time in a picture I’ve seen quite a few times on here and other SM platforms. 

I haven’t been on tumblr much lately, so I’m not sure if anyone else has pointed this out/noticed this already.

Now, I’m sure we are all familiar with this picture by now

The thing I really started to take notice of was Monty

Sorry Bob and Richard, have to crop you out for this.

Two things I took note of about Monty’s outfit is

#1 Monty loves thumb holes in his sweaters/shirts

and #2

the thing that is what really stood out to me are…can you guess it?

the blueish shoulder patches on the shirt.

Why is this worthy of noticing?

Well, because going back to season 1 the sort of extra detailing/coloring on Jonty’s jackets reflect each other (Jasper with his mostly all dark blue but the maroon detailing on the hood, and Monty with the mostly all maroon jacket and dark blue shoulder detail)

So having that patch of dark blue, whether or not it was a shirt found as is on the Ark or Monty made it that way, it’s still a way a small, subtle way of showing the importance of the Monty x Jasper relationship even after Jasper’s death and the 5 years since it happened.  

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A China Rose: Chapter 6

Originally posted by theweirwoodswhisper

Summary: Y/N was once an employee at Prince Adams castle along with being his childhood friend but she doesn’t remember. Caught up in the curse, she ends up in Villeneuve where she stands out. But circumstances arrive and she somehow returns to the place she once called home, and a beast she once thought a friend.
A multi-chapter fanfiction. MASTERLIST

Author’s Note: So chapter 6 is here. You’ll notice that I have made a Masterlist for the series, to make life easier. So far despite exams I’ve remained on schedule, so hopefully I will continue to upload on time. I’m excited for the next couple of chapters. It’s beast and staff time at last. As always tags and requests are open. Plus a heads up, if you change your username, please tell me so I can still continue to tag you. Hope you enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 6: Once the Door Closes
The first thing you felt was that although you were cold, there was no snow where you laid. Instead, all you could feel was a smooth, hard surface beneath your body. Your head was throbbing and as you forced your eyes open, you realised that your vision was slightly blurry. Laying still on your front you waited for the pain in your head to subside before you decided to push yourself up in a seated position. As you slowly sat up, the world around you became less blurry and spun less. When your eyes finally focused, you realised immediately that you were no longer outside. Phillipe was gone, as was the rose you picked. You were in a small circular space. A stool was mere inches away from your face and by your feet was a pile of straw, coupled with a woollen blanket and copper jug. Your bag was on the opposite side of the space, next to a red wax candle. To your left was a large gap in the dark stone wall, a makeshift window. Scooting slowly over to the hole, you went to look outside to see where in the castle you were, if you were still in the castle at all. You looked out and let a small yelp escape your lips as you scooted back towards the centre of the room.
The other side of the gap was a sheer drop into the depths of the castle. Clearly you were in a tower of some sort as when you looked down there was just darkness suggesting the fall was almost never ending. Panicking at the imminent death to you left you turned to your right to try and get as far away as possible. Scooting backwards, you yelped when your back crashed into something solid behind you. Wincing from pain you slowly turned around to see that iron bars (placed in a cross pattern) were the cause of your suffering. You stood up and looked through the bars to see a small pathway that descended down a staircase to the right.
It hit you like a rock. You were in a cell. A very high cell. A very lonely and cold cell. You were a prisoner. You couldn’t help but tear up. You left Villeneuve to be free from all the gossip, the judgement and here you were a prisoner once again. Not free at all. You wiped away tears not wanting to let anyone see you cry, despite the fact that the entire castle was abandoned apart from you and whoever placed you here. You looked through the bars to the left to see a rather large lever. You presumed, but more realistically hoped, that it was the lever that would release you from this hell. You approached the lever with caution just in case it set off an alarm, but you highly doubted that an abandoned castle would have that good security. Putting your hand through the bars you tried as hard as you could to reach the lever. After a lot of sweating, you reached it. You twisted your body in ways you never imagined you could get into, trying to pull the lever down. After several minutes you accepted that you were stuck. As much as you liked to believe you could jump out of the ‘death hole’ (as you were now calling the hole in the wall) you knew that that meant only certain death, something you were not ready for. You stood staring out past the iron bars, just looking at the different shadows that were being created by the flickering candlelight. It was when you were staring that you noticed that one of the shadows was textured and was moving. Someone was there. Your captor maybe?
“Who’s there?” You let slip out of your mouth before you could even stop yourself. You were met with silence. The longer you stared, the more certain you were that someone or something was standing amongst the shadows. You wanted to scream at them for locking you up in a cell.
“I said who’s there!” You yelled, “Who are you?”
There was a slight pause before a deep, harsh, loud voice echoed around the tower.
“I am the master of this castle.”
You seethed with anger. You had done everything to be a polite and proper house guest, trying to thank the person who provided you with the hospitality and this is how they treat you. You fumed and refused to let your emotions to be hidden any longer.
“Release me!” You demanded, your voice shaking from both anger and fear.
“No. You are a thief!” The mysterious voice answered back, anger creeping into their own voice.
“Liar!” You retaliated. You hadn’t stolen anything. You had left all of the valuable objects (which was most of the objects you came across in the rooms you visited) where they were and had only eaten the food that was provided to you.
“You stole a rose!” The voice roared back. You stood there in shock for a few brief moments. This is what you get from picking a flower. This was ridiculous. Is this really what you get for picking a flower? It was barbaric.
“You can’t keep me here!”
“Yes, I can. You begged for me not to hurt you, that you’d do anything. You are now my prisoner.” The voiced said icily, almost as if it were taunting you. You internally slapped yourself at your stupidity. You had always read in books that begging, saying that you’d do anything, for something always ended up going south. How could you have been so stupid? Now this stranger thought that he could keep you in this cell forever. This was wrong.
“A life sentence for a rose!” You exclaimed, hoping that your anger was clear. This was ridiculous. It was simply a flower. A small piece of this stranger’s large and exquisite garden. One rose shouldn’t matter or was this voice so cold hearted and self-absorbed that if anything of theirs was taken, even if it were only the dust that caught onto your clothes, then they’d lock the supposed perpetrator up for all time. You would have let out a long list of insulting words to the mysterious voice but it beat you to it. There was a large animalistic roar that echoed throughout the tower that originated from amongst the shadows and it made every bone in your body rattle.
“I received eternal damnation for one!” the voice bellowed at you. You saw a large figure amongst the shadows move closer to the door yet it still stayed hidden enough so that you couldn’t see its face. “I’m merely locking you away.” the voice stated, distracted as if focusing on a distant memory and not the present.
You wanted to scream. To tear the bars out of the wall and make your true feelings known to this person, this monster.
“Let me out!” You said as you banged on the iron bars.
“No!” the voice said, “You are my prisoner!” You noticed that the figure amongst the shadows was moving closer to you but remained anonymous, as faceless as the darkness surrounding it.
You wanted to retaliate to the voice’s words but you knew deep down that it would lead nowhere. If you kept on arguing with this person, you’d be stuck in a loop for a long time, as they seemed as argumentative and bull-headed as you were. If you were to be a prisoner so be it. You were to play your part till you figured out a way to escape. With your tools you were certain you could figure out something. However, if you were to stay here, you wanted to see your captors face. That way you knew who to punch when you managed to free yourself. You saw how they hovered in the shadows; you needed them to come into the candlelight.
You looked at the figure questioningly. You could make out how tall they were (which was very tall), but apart from that you couldn’t figure out a single thing about them.
“Come into the light.” You said but much gentler than your previous tone of voice.
The figure stood frozen and you could tell that it was contemplating running from where they stood. No sir. That was not about to happen. You were going to see their face. You grabbed the candle that was by your feet to your left. You forced your arm through the bars, shoving the candle where you presumed the persons face was. You almost dropped your candle and you let out a small audible gasp. Before you stood a beast. There was no other way of putting it. From what you could see it was completely covered from head to toe in fur. Brown, bushy, fur. It had two curled horns protruding from its head and due to the scowl on its face you could see fangs that were worn and slightly yellow. You stared at it and felt unsettled but it wasn’t the fur, fangs or horns that made you feel so. It was the eyes. They were sky blue and looked eerily like a humans except they contained so much pain and anger that you glossed over that small detail. The beast’s eyes bore into you and the longer you stared the more nervous you felt. Before you could stare any longer, it took one of its big paws with claws and pushed your hand back through the bars so that you could only just make out its features.
“You stay on that side.” the beast said, its voice deep and condescending. “This door is closed, and that is how it is to remain.” He scowled as he said it. He turned, rather dramatically in your opinion, to head down the stairs away from you forever. You wanted to grab onto him and make him stay. No matter what a monster he was you didn’t want to be alone. You internally scolded yourself for such a brash and stupid thought, but you couldn’t stop yourself from letting out a small whelp. The beast didn’t hear your final plea as he had already descended the stairs and was passing through a lower doorway. You were left staring out between the bars of your cell, your new home. Alone and cold, just like how you woke up only a few brief minutes before.
You had sat on the floor by the cell door for the past hour, trying desperately to find a tool that could undo any of the bolts holding the cell bars down. Unfortunately you had had no success. You now were slumped on the pile of straw, tools back in their box and the box in question in your bag. You had pulled the blanket provided around your shoulders for warmth but it was highly ineffective. With your head in your knees you had let yourself weep slightly at your predicament. Suddenly you heard a clang from outside your cell. Looking up, you could see candlelight and a shadow of a person who seemed to be quite tall and intimidating. Then a creak was heard and the iron bars that had given you so much grief swung open. You knew that this was the perfect time to pick up your bag and run, but all your instincts were telling you to stay away from the creepy door.
“Forgive my intrusion mademoiselle,” a voice said as the door finished moving. You wondered who the voice could belong to. You knew it wasn’t the beast’s, as this voice was too high, too welcoming, too French. Not wanting to take any chances, seeing as for all you knew this could have been another monster, you grabbed the stool that was by your side and raised it like a bat ready for an imminent attack. “But the master has sent me to escort you to your room.” The voice continued.
Your brows furrowed. The beast, who you presumed was the master, had made it quite clear to you that this was where you were to remain.
“My room?” You questioned, “But I thought…..” You were cut off by the voice.
“What!” The voice exclaimed, as you started to edge towards the cell door, stool still raised. “You thought that ONCE THIS DOOR CLOSES IT WILL NEVER OPEN AGAIN!” The voice does a very bad but slightly amusing mockery of the beast’s voice whilst also doing a mini roar as well. You were at the door by this point. You looked down the corridor to see no one there. “I know he can be so dramatic!” The voice said once more. Above. That’s where it was coming from. You slowly looked up to find yourself face to face with the candelabra (that disappeared from the table along with the mantle clock) hanging from the lever that opened the door. You looked at it before it did a small wave and gave you a pleasant “Allo!”
You screamed in such fright and shock that it sent the candelabra to the ground. It tried to say something else but you were having none of it. You brought down the stool upon the candelabra’s head and the stool smashed into several pieces whilst also flattening the weird device in front of you. It did little to affect the golden oddity as almost immediately it relighted its wicks and was standing up once more.
“Wow, you are very strong! A great quality!” The candelabra talked. How?
“What are you?” You demanded whilst trying to comprehend how a candelabra could be alive.
“What am I?” The candelabra echoed as it looked up to you. “Why, I am Lumière!”
The candelabra had a name. This day was getting weirder and weirder, maybe due to your lack of sleep. A castle, a beast and now a talking candlestick. Great, you were going mad.
“And you can talk?” You enquired as you continued to stare at the candelabra called Lumière. He was about to open his mouth to answer when a third voice, slightly deeper and more polished, joined the conversation.
“Well of course he can talk. It’s all he ever does.”
You turn to see the mantle clock from before hopping up the last step. He ignores you and waddles straight over to Lumière. He clearly was going on a tirade and you took this time to edge back into the cell to pick up something to hit the clock with. You emerged from cell with the copper jug in your hands and raised above your head. Before you were about to bring the jug crashing down on the clock Lumière placed up a golden arm and exclaimed, “Un moment, mademoiselle!” He turned back to the clock, and you lowered your make shift weapon. Staring at two lively, lifeless objects argue was surreal. Lumière turned round, his bickering with the clock now finished.
“Ready miss?” He asks and you can only nod in agreement as he begins to head up the stairs instead of down. You grab your bag quickly before heading tentatively up the stairs behind the two household objects.
You had learned that the clock’s name was Cogsworth and that household objects had a hard time climbing stairs. You had carried them up them and now Cogsworth was at your feet whilst Lumière was still gripped tightly in your hands. So far you had seen zero safe ways to escape and as you walked over the roof on a walkway you now realised how extensive the grounds and the woods were. The sun was shining and from its position you guessed that it was about afternoon. That meant you’d been unconscious for at least half a day. You were about to spiral into a thought and most likely never escape from it, when Lumière snatched the attention away from the grounds.
“You must forgive first impressions,” he said earnestly, “I hope you are not too startled.” You scoffed slightly.
“Startled? How could I be startled? I’m talking to a candle.” You pointed out.
“Candelabra!” He emphasised, “Please, there is an enormous difference.” He clearly sensed your uneasiness and instead decided to turn to usual hospitality tropes. “We do hope you enjoy your stay here. After all this is your home now, you may go anywhere you like…”
“Except the West Wing!” Cogsworth exclaimed. Lumière clearly didn’t like what he just said as he was shaking his head vigorously. Your curiosity, however, was now peaked.
“Why? What’s in the west wing?”
“Oh nothing. Doesn’t even exist.” The clock said trying to cover his blunder. Lumière was the one who saved him.
“It is just storage space.” He said but his voice no longer flamboyant but instead nervous. You raised an eyebrow, not for a second buying the explanation given to you. You were about to enquire further when Lumière once again interrupted.
“This way please to the East Wing,” He gestured dramatically ahead, “Or as I like to call it, the only wing!” He joked hoping that you would forget about them even mentioning a West Wing at all. You had other plans. You were determined to remember this piece of information because if you couldn’t escape, you were certain that you were going to get in that wing. No matter what.

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Moments In Laser Tag

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(calum thomas hood is a fucking babe. I’d do anything for this boy. number 1 bub of life heyoooo)

Pairing: Calum + Y/N

Rating: if you ever been to a laser tag match, sometimes it gets nasty. it’s like a full on war in there, lol. so be warned. 

Requested: nope.

TW: swearing, friendly taunting, the intensity of a laser tag game. some awkwardness present in here.

Key:  (trying something new, heeeeey)

Y/bf/n - Your best friend’s name
Y/bf/s/n - Your best friend sister’s name


Moment 1: Introduction

When your best friend invited you over to her baby sister’s birthday party at an indoor family fun center, you didn’t think one of options for games was laser tag. It was a bit odd considering the birthday princess was turning 5 and didn’t know anything about this game but if you knew one thing for sure, it’s that you’d have to protect your favorite girl since she’d be an easy target to other players. Speaking of which, as the workers were prepping the safety rules video, another worker and a group of 4 people entered which caused everyone’s eyes to fall onto them.

“Sorry Matt, we have a last minute group who wanted to join in on the fun.”

“No problem, we didn’t start the video yet so you made it just in time.” Hushed whispers from your group of friends and two other guys soon filled the room and you would’ve been one of them if it wasn’t for the little girl grabbing your shorts to get your attention. “Y/n.”

“Yes bubs?” Watching her motion her hand to come down to her height, you bent down and offered her a smile as she leaned in to whisper into your ear. “It’s 5sos! Did they come for my birthday party?” Giggling, you looked her in the eyes and held her shoulders softly. “I don’t know, maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. You must be happy either way right?” Watching her nod her head happily, the worker called for everyone’s attention so they could finally play the video.


Strapping on your vest and hearing some of your guy friends wanting to team up with what little guys were in for this match, your best friend tied up her baby sister’s hair as you decided to help out with the small girl’s vest. “Y/bf/n, can I be with you guys?”

“Of course silly. Do you think I’d be a nice a sister if I wouldn’t let you? Come on girl, it’s all about you today and you have to be on the winning team!” Watching them talk, you finally strapped her in and stood up, fixing your hair into a ponytail. “Don’t look now Y/n but Calum is so checking you out.” Y/bf/n teased as you laughed quietly. “Shut up hoe, he’s probably looking at you.” Hearing a gasp from both her best friend and her sister, the girl stuck out her hand for a quarter, knowing you had swore. “Oh yeah Ms. Sassy pants? Excuse me, Matt was it? My oh so dear best friend needs you to make sure she put on her vest correctly!”

Opening your mouth in shock from her bold move, the worker trudged his way towards you as your friends laughed at the obvious set up. When you glanced towards Calum’s direction, you had seen him nod his head while he was laughing to himself then after, continuing on his conversation with Michael, Luke, and Ashton. “Really?” You mumbled to your friend as she shrugged her shoulders as Matt gave you the ok that you had your vest on right. “You deserved that one.”


You were prepared for the dark room but what you didn’t expect was the fog. It felt heavy when they allowed your group to go in first and once the game started, you knew you had to suck it up and play. You also knew some of your guy friends on the other team would play dirty so you kept your best friend’s sister near you at all times. No one was going to shoot the birthday girl, definitely not on your watch. With y/bf/n trying to take down the opponent’s bases, she left you in charge of babysitting as it was part of the group’s plan and not even three minutes into the game, you came face to face with 5sos.

“Y/N! 5SOS!” She screamed excitedly as you told her to quiet down. Spotting one of the two boys she saw earlier in the video presentation, she aimed her gun and shot his vest causing his lights to go down for five seconds. “Dude, don’t you dare or I’ll get your friend to come for you as well!” Feeling your shorts getting yanked again, you focused your attention back on the girl as you heard the noise from your vest getting deactivated.

“Needed to do that.” Michael announced as you smiled. “No big deal. Hi, I’m Y/n, this is Y/bf/s/n. She’s a big fan of you guys as am I.” With all four boys properly introducing themselves, y/bf/s/n asked if she could hug them which they happily agreed to. After all that and shooting some of your guy friends, you looked at your favorite band and grinned. “So what brings you boys here? I figured you’d have a private playing session given that your ‘celebrities’.”

“We wanted to join in and see what all the hype was all about before the rest of our party showed up. Get a feel of the game before we dominate and crush our friends.” Ashton answered as you nodded your head, understanding their situation. “Don’t take this the wrong way but you seem awfully calm about meeting us here. I get that everyone’s different but, actually wait, this is a nice change.” Luke spoke as you chuckled softly. “No harm in that but I would’ve been fangirling if it wasn’t for the fact we’re playing laser tag. Also, just because your one of my favorite bands doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you.” Noticing their face scrunch up in confusion, you aimed at Michael’s vest and deactivated it, also doing the same for Luke and Calum. Y/bf/s/n got Ashton who feigned death dramatically, causing the girls to laugh wholeheartedly. 

“That’s your first warning. And tip number one, in here; don’t hang out together all the time. You become easy targets for the other players.”

“Wow, are you a professional?” Calum questioned as you blushed. Thankfully, since it was dark, they couldn’t see your face turning red. “No, it just makes sense. By the way, Ashton, she’s your favorite.” You spilled as Y/bf/s/n looked up at you in horror like you revealed her deepest, darkest secret. “You promised to never tell anyone that!” In retaliation, he defended her by shooting your vest. “So if I’m her favorite, who’s yours?”

“If you want to know, you have to get me! And remember when I said about not hanging out together because you’re easy targets?” Watching the colors fizzle out on all four of their guns and little patches on their vest, you looked behind them and saw the only guy on your team assisting you. “Thanks, bro!”

“I told you I was a good shot ma!”

“I said to not call me that!” Running away with y/bf/s/n following behind you, you glanced back and saw them split up before catching Calum’s smirk and ‘I’m watching you’ motion. Shaking your head, you began to play again.


Moment 2: Stealth at it’s finest

It was your third gameplay and while it was you and your best friend who decided to keep playing before a break, you were against 5sos once more and two of their friends. Besides you and y/bf/n, your team also consisted of the two same guys from earlier which you remembered their names as Tommy and Ryan. “So, mami-”

“Oh my god Ryan. Shut it. I will go friendly fire on your ass if you don’t stop calling me that so don’t test me.” You grumbled as he raised his arms up in defense. “Fiesty but no, let me continue. We need to devise a plan and we’re outnumbered here. That guy Michael, he’s a good sniper and dodger. The other guy Calum is a heck of an observer along with that other dude, Mitchy. Luke is easier but he’s with Ashton who’ll sometimes back him up. I’m unsure about the Casey fellow.”

“That’s a lot of bro terms Ry.” His friend Tommy spoke as you nodded in agreement. “So what do we do?” Y/bf/n asked as you thought up a plan. They loved to hang out in pairs and sometimes, they come together to come up with a plan if there is a slight chance of losing. Thinking of their weak points, it’d probably be that they used the center of the arena as a meeting point and you came up with an idea. “They don’t ever go in alone and since they’ll be busy looking for us, they’ll forget about bases and bases are the ones where you can rack up the most points. It’s a risk but we have to go by ourselves. Activate a mine if you’re cornered and need help but that’s for emergencies only. Don’t draw more attention to yourself otherwise they will all get you. Since Michael is the sniper, he’d be guarding the center while keeping an eye out for the bases but don’t be fooled. He likes to shoot players more.”

“Damn girl, you’re so badass.” Y/bf/n laughed as you high fived her and joined in on her laughter. “If you’re at one of their two bases, shoot it and leave. Don’t wait around for one of us to come. We’ll get to it on our time.” Hearing the horn, signaling the match begun, Ryan looked at you impressed. “So mami, you taken?” Glancing over at his friend Tommy, he shrugged his shoulder as you aimed at Ryan’s vest and watched his smile turn into a frown. “We probably lost 5 or 10 points but we can get it back if you listen to me. Protect our bases when you can.” Splitting up, you ran behind a wall, almost near the center when you heard someone activate a mine and a girlish yelp. “Sorry Y/n! My bad!” Y/bf/n shouted.


Seeing one of the bases, you saw Tommy shooting up towards its ceiling, making the noise that someone got to it. Watching him duck near another wall and Michael running towards that spot from up above, you aimed and fired at him, making him have to wait 5 seconds which allowed Tommy an escape. Moving to hide behind the wall you were using, you heard Michael yell out a quick ‘fuck’ and some other words you wanted to laugh at. Noticing that Calum came into view, you listened intently, hearing one of your team’s bases get destroyed in the process.

“They’re really good at this. Almost like wannabe ninjas or assassins.” Calum vocalized as you made sure to stay quiet. Even if the music in the room was loud, you didn’t want to put yourself at risk at being caught. “I bet it was that girl you like who came up with it.”

“Could be. Can you believe she’s a first timer as well? She’s fucking good at this shit.”

“This game makes you competitive and even if you suck, you become good if you’re the one getting hit at all the time. It feels like the hunger games where only one can come out as champion.”

“True that but there’s something about y/n and it’s not because she’s kinda hot.” Covering your mouth to stop the giggles, Michael chuckled from the pun and pushed Calum’s shoulder playfully. “Bro, that was lame.” Deciding to focus on the game, you carefully hid behind the wall enough to stay hidden but enough to aim at Calum. Sniping him, you crouched and made sure none of the lights from your vest and gun were seen. “What the hell! Who’s there!?”

“Like they’ll tell you.”

“Still!” Aiming for him once more, you saw that he was getting frustrated and you felt good. You really loved this game! “Come on out or are you too chicke-” Michael ran away to another corner when he heard Luke yelp out in surprise. With only Calum in view and watching y/bf/n shoot either Casey or Mitchy to the left of him, you fired once more at Calum who looked everywhere for the culprit. Finding you, you gunned for the base and destroyed it, running away as he chased after you. “Y/n! Get back here you trouble maker!” As you heard the noise of your vest being disabled, you turned around having Calum bump into you as you both toppled over onto the ground, hidden by one of the statues. With him being on top of you, you blushed as he gazes down at you in shock and admiration. Motioning him to get off, he complied as you crouched face to face. Sitting down was against the rules apparently. “That wasn’t nice of you to keep hitting me.” Watching him raise his eyebrows in a challenging manner, you stuck out your tongue and fixed your ponytail. “I said I wasn’t going to go easy on you.” Gaping at the way you released your hair from its tie and putting it back up, he was in a trance. The way you looked doing something so natural like this caused his stomach to flutter around crazily and he didn’t understand why.

“W-wow. Y-you’re really beautiful.” As the music stopped and the lights turned back on, nothing could save you from showing that you were blushing at his words which caused you to cough uncomfortably and for him to grin. Helping you up and following him outside the arena, you inhaled a fresh breath as you checked the scoreboards. “We won by fifteen points! We survived!” your team cheered as you stared at the man in front of you. “Congrats.” Calum beamed at you, sticking out his hand for a hand shake. Accepting his gesture and looking at him shyly, he held onto your hand a bit longer until Michael patted his back, causing him to drop it. “We’ll get you the next round whenever that is.” Michael insisted, letting his friend know the rest of their friends showed up.

“I guess that’s my cue.”


“Y-you fight good.”

“You did not just pull a Mulan quote on me.” You chortled as he joined in before waving good bye to join his friends. Going back into the room to return the vest, y/bf/ waited for you and linked arms. “He was so flirting with you and I seen everything. Let’s rest before we continue.”


Moment 3: I swear he’s after me!

After a few more rounds and a short food break, they were back to playing laser tag again when the group decided to play free for all. Instead of hosting their own event, they decided to play with others again and Calum almost danced in joy when he saw you again. “You really like her huh?” Ashton inquired. “That obvious?”

“You’ve been ogling her and that guy for the past two minutes.”

“I do not ogle!”

“But you haven’t denied you were keeping an eye on them. Come on Calum, I think you should ask her out. Or at least get a number at the end of this round because it’s getting a little sad to watch. If you haven’t noticed yet, a lot of guys are starting to take a liking towards her. I won’t be surprised if one of our friends ends up liking her as well.”

“Is that supposed to be your idea of a pep talk?”

“Is it working?”

Tommy! That’s so not funny!’ You squeaked out as the boy across of you smirked and winked at you. It had caused Calum to grip his gun a little too tightly and he shook his head, knowing who his first victim was. He did not like this and maybe he’d take Ashton’s advice on what to do. “Good luck.”


While everyone was running amuck, Calum was currently in the center of the arena, staying out of sight until he heard your voice. “I swear to god Tommy! That little boy is after me! He has it out for me and only me! Before I can even aim, he’s already got me and it sucks!” Seeing your chest piece get disconnected, he saw a little boy run past him and decided to avenge you by getting him right back. The boy was so confused but continued moving on as he decided to approach you guys with Tommy disabling him as soon as possible. “Really dude?” Calum groaned as the guy ran away to give you some space. Sensing that you were still feeling awkward about the confrontation from earlier, he leaned against the wall piece and smiled smugly.

“Speaking of which, I hope you’ll be happy to know I got that little boy for you. He’s a quick one.”

“You heard about that?” Observing the way you stroked your arm in hesitation, he shot at the same small boy again as he seen him hiding in a corner, pining after you. “Oh yeah. I really do think he’s after you, Maybe he has a crush and is trying to impress you. It’s a total guy thing.”

“Does that mean you’re doing the same thing as well?” 

“That depends on if it’s working and if you might have a thing with that Tommy guy.” Peering down at your facial expressions, your nose scrunched up in bewilderment as you scoffed. “He has a thing for my best friend and he’s trying to get on my good side.”

“Duly noted. So do I stand a chance with getting a number at the end of this game? It’d break my heart if you said no.” Spotting the twinkle in your eyes, you pretended to think about it and nodded. “Sure thing lover boy.” He rolled his eyes and told you to follow him anyway, excited for the game to end.


Moment 4: You little shit!

In the same round, the game was getting even crazier and when the little boy kept coming for you and you calling him a little punk ass bitch, Calum would diffuse the situation and act as your bodyguard. You didn’t really need help but it was fun getting to know the guy you could only read about online and in the papers. He was super sweet and not to mention very funny. He was quiet and shy a few times but so were you so it wasn’t that much of a big deal. You still couldn’t believe you were hanging out with Calum Hood and it left you feeling giddy most of the time.

Crouching down behind a statue big enough to conceal the both of you, Luke came into your eye sight, alongside with a girl.

“Hey Calum, watch this. You’ll see why they’re my favorite targets.” You whispered as he shook his head in disapproval. “Really? My friends?”

“Just watch. It’s so funny.” Aiming at the girl right at her back, she squealed and turned towards Luke in horror. “What happened to not shooting me!?”

“How can it be me? I was standing beside you! Someone else probably did!”

“Then what happened to protecting me!?”

“I told you I suck at this! I literally have Michael covering us most of the time!” As they started bickering, you fired at her again and done the same thing to Luke which caused him to grumble. “You’re so bad y/n.” Calum murmured as you shushed him. As if on cue, Michael came into view as he crossed his arms. “Come on Hemmings. Defend yourself!”

“Someone has it out for us!” He exclaimed as you told Calum to go at it. Seeing Luke’s face fall even more, you wanted to burst out laughing. This was too hilarious! “See!?”

“It looks like someone has it out for you and just you Luke.” The girl retorted as she was about to walk away causing Calum to act fast and disabling her weapon. “Are you guys serious!?”

“That wasn’t us!” Doing the same thing to both his friends, he saw you giving him the thumbs up and a big smile, watching the scene unfold in front of them. “Okay, who’s there!?” Michael called out with Luke rubbing his head in stress. “You can get both of them but no- STOP IT!” It was Luke’s turn to laugh and Michael was about to growl back at him when you shot his vest making Michael mock him in return. The girl rolled her eyes and walked away, planning to go solo this time. Luke be damned. Pushing Calum to come clean, Michael seen him first and gasped. “You little shit! That wasn’t funny!”

As Luke got his revenge and fired at Calum, he jumped in joy, doing a little victory dance. “I FINALLY DID IT!” Michael waited a few seconds more before he could do the same thing. “That’s what you get Hood!” Leaning against the statue in feigned defeat, he waited for them to leave, signaling her the coast was clear. “You betrayed me and did me wrong. I’m hurt. Did you see the overkill?” He said as you busted out laughing in tears. Holding it in was a bad idea. “I’m sorry but I wanted to see what they’d do. They did not disappoint.”

“You’re lucky I saved you and took the fall!”

“Oh, my hero!” Putting your hand on your heart, he pouted and got vengeance by pointing his gun at you and taking you out for a moment.

“I deserved that one as well.” You giggled as he flicked you off. “I don’t want your number anymore.”

“Suit yourself.” Walking away, you counted to three in your head when you heard him sigh and follow after you. You were so glad you got invited to your best friend’s sister’s party. “I’m kidding. I did not get blasted by my friends just to not get it. I sacrificed my dignity for you.”

“Didn’t ask you to.”

“You pushed me out of hiding!”

“Don’t sass me!”


Final moment: The number

Y/bf/n was waiting for you outside, grinning like a madman when she had told you she had seen everything on the tv. Did you mention that while playing, there were cameras everywhere, tracking your every move? It was for safety reasons but realizing a few people seen you and Calum together, and maybe getting murdered by an 8 year old boy, you felt embarrassed.

“You got 7th place by the way. I was rooting for you to be in the top 5! But that’s expected seeing that all you did was get cozied up with Calum. So hoe, spill the damn tea. My sister has been driving me nuts waiting for you to come play with her again!” About to tell her the situation, Calum walked up to you with Ashton in tow. “I’m finally meeting the legend of this game.” Ashton spoke as you shrugged off his compliments. “Thank you.”

“So, that number?” Calum pressed as he gave you his phone. Inputting your contact information and him doing the same for yours, you switched back and also asked if you could hug him. “We were seriously standing shoulder to shoulder and you’re asking if you want to hug me? That’s backwards.” He teased as Ashton patted your head in mock pity. Pouting at their actions, Calum chuckled and opened up his arms. “Bring it in. I’m just a normal guy after all.”

“Yeah but I don’t hug normal guys and break their personal bubble without permission. I’m like a vampire.” You sassed back, enjoying the short and sweet embrace. Pulling away, y/bf/s/n came and grabbed your hand, wanting her turn to have your attention. “Me time now? It’s my birthday!”

“You planning to play another round?” Calum called out causing you to laugh and smile. “Fuck that, I’m playing mini golf or mini bowling with the birthday princess now! You’re on your own now”

“Why you gotta hurt me like that? Don’t go!” He joked as y/bf/s/n stopped walking and faced him. “No! My turn! It’s not your birthday!” When she yanked you down to her eye level, she grabbed your face and smiled. “You owe me 2 quarters now!” Laughing off the situation, you stood back up and winked at Calum, having the little girl drag you away with your best friend following in tow. “I’m still waiting for the hot new gossip. Should I plan the wedding now?”

“Oh put a cork in it Y/bf/n.”



A/N: ……my comeback is finally here lolol. I know for a fact that there are some errors in here but I couldn’t find them. I’ll probably proof read this again later after I’m done grocery shopping and fix it then but I hope you enjoyed this :) up next comes my first ever; Ashton imagine, wooo! I’m so excited to write that one!

Tis The Season!

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I know this is a bit short notice, but I thought it would be fun!  This is specifically for billdip shippers

Important Dates:

  • Sign-ups until November 25th 9pm CST
  • Emails will be sent out November 27th
  • Dec 18 - 24 post your gifts and tag this blog
  • Dec 27 I’ll present a list with all links


  • All levels of skills and talents are accepted, but please put your best foot forward!
  • Fanfictions has to have a minimum of 1000 words
  • Fanart has to be full illustration 
  • The product needs to stand alone and not a continuation of any old project.

If you’re interested please sign up here!

This is also my first time attempting at organizing a Secret Santa, please be kind and any advice is appreciated.

Managing Expectations:  Fitz

Now that we have the press release out and based on what I’m seeing on there @jessiecrimefighter and I have really adjusted our expectations as to what I’ll see from Fitz in the first two episodes…as in not much if at all.  I still think he’ll come up, for example once Jemma has 5 seconds to catch her breath and process what’s happened.  Or we’ll get a glimpse of him in the tag like we did with Jemma in Season 3.  

I know this isn’t what a lot of people wanted, but its something I’ve been expecting for a long time now.  Overlord was a fantastic opportunity for Iain and a huge project.   It should also be noted he is under contract with AOS, they let him do the project.   They have clearly planned accordingly by having Fitz initially left back on earth.   

And its because he’s on earth I’m not expecting to see him much if at all.  Looking at the Press Release and the Guest Stars most of these guys seem to be in space and the one from earth are part of the initial Spacenapping:

Orientation Part 1:

  • Jeff Ward as Deke:
  • Joel Stoffer as Enoch
  • Jordan Preston as driver
  • Peter Hulne as Jerry
  • John Wusah as young soldier
  • Deniz Akdeniz as Virgil
  • Nathin Butler as Jone
  • Derek Mears as captain 

Enoch and “driver” are likely earth for sure and there is a chance we see Enoch circle back to Fitz at some point in one.   

Orientation Part 2:

  • Jeff Ward as Deke
  • Eve Harlow as Tess 
  • Dominic Rains as Kasius
  • Florence Faivre as Sinara
  • Paul Duna as Reese
  • Kaleti Williams as Zev 
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince as Grill
  • James Babson as Holt
  • Tunisha Hubbard as Ava
  • Derek Mears as captain
  • Wes Armstrong as Rick
  • Jay Hunter as watch commander

“Rick” is the only one here who has even a small chance of being on earth but l’m leaning towards him being a Scavenger.  Zev is in IMDB for 3 so he is one that can go either way, but again leaning towards Space for him too.

Due to the team and at least the first pod being in space a MASSIVE amount of set up needs to be done.  The introduction of the new places and faces to set up what is to come.   Iain wasn’t available for the first two episodes, the easiest way to deal with that was to simply write Fitz out, and they didn’t have room for an Earth story alongside the space story, and/or no time to film it when he got back, especially when the Premiere was bumped back up.  Jemma and May weren’t in in 3.01, they were both mentioned but not seen. Well, Jemma did have the tag the tag and May didn’t show up until 2.  And since 1 and 2 are airing on the same night I don’t think his absence will be as noticeable as if it was spread over two weeks.

The writers, especially our writers for 1 and 2 Jed, Mo, and DJ, have proven they don’t need to have Fitzsimmons together to give us some amazing moments.  The Return in my book is one of my strongest Fitzsimmons episodes ever, even without glorious pod hugs.

Nor will this be the first time Fitz isn’t in an episode that much.   4722 Hours and Melinda are two examples, with Melinda he was just in the tag here too.  The difference is now we know its coming.  

I will say, it does look like the writers are going to make it up to fans.  Fitz has a mini arc of why he was left behind and getting to the others.   Five looks to be a pretty Fitz-centric episode WITH the bonus bro trip team up with Hunter (bows to the wise and powerful Timeline).  Followed by when I expect him to get to Space with the others in the Clark directed episode.  Not to mention “so many cute things” for Fitzsimmons, Chloe talked about. 

Look, I get that some fans are frustrated.  When theorizing I have a lot of ah ha moments and I had one other day.  Because for me its felt like forever since I’ve had Fitzsimmons properly together where its actually them.  And it has been for viewers:

  • Fitz was kidnapped in 4.14 Which aired on 2/14/17.
  • Depending on how AOS breaks for the Christmas Holiday I can see 6 airing 1/12/18.  Nearly 11 MONTHS since Fitzsimmons were properly together especially considering how crazy the finale was and they never got a second to even catch their breaths.
  • The writers purposely set up a ton of stuff in Season 4 knowing they wouldn’t get to it until Season 5.  Fitzsimmons was one of those.  They left them in a good place (but didn’t wrap them up as definitely as they did Mackelena and Philinda) and intended to pick it up in Season 5….and then there were a couple of we’ll call them hiccups.
    • They got picked up for Season 5 but were informed they wouldn’t be back until January. 

So we need to be patient a little while longer.  I realize many of you want to outright deck me when I saw this but I think we will be really rewarded in a big way this time. 

I would love to be wrong on this but as always, Plan for the worst, Hope for the Best!

Lovely Complex

Hello again! This is a one-shot requested by the wonderful @itshaejinju​ for the Fictional Kiss Prompts. Hope you enjoy!

“ 17. height difference kisses where one person has to bend do wn and the other is on their tippy toes for the kiss prompt. Gladiolus x short f!s/o.“


* Short is kinda relative with this guy…He’s 6′6″ XD

* Little reference to my most recent post here :3 

* Title taken from “My First Kiss” by 3OH!3 feat. Ke$ha

Also tagging: @themissimmortal @blindbae @ohgodsnowwhat @insomniacapples @stunninglyignis

My First Kiss (Gladio x Short Fem! S/O)

“How…much…longer?” you gasped as you made your way up the Rock of Ravatogh, noticing that the sky was growing darker by the minute.

“I believe we’ve almost arrived, Y/N,” Ignis responded from a few paces ahead, looking a little past you to check up on Noctis and Prompto. “Only a short distance to go.”

“Gaaaahhhh,” you moaned after pausing for the nth time to catch your breath. “Whose idea was it to take on the damn Zu hunt in the first place?”

“Want me to carry you the rest of the way, babe?” Gladiolus asked from behind you, a teasing smile on his face. “Might not be able to see you if you fall, since you’re so tiny and all.”

Huffing, you carefully made your way over to your boyfriend and swatted at his arm with what little strength you had left. “I’m…fine, you asshole. Besides…who’re you calling…tiny, you damn…titan? I’m almost as tall…as Prompto! Everyone…is short…to you!”

The Shield merely responded with a deep chuckle before hoisting you onto his back, causing a small ‘eep’ to escape from your lips. From behind, Noctis and Prompto let out a few cat-calls, the latter snapping a few pictures of you both. Gladio simply flipped them the finger before climbing with you in tow, a smirk forming on his lips when he heard the Prince and gunner slip for what seemed to be the hundredth time during the hike.


The rest of the trip was made in silence, the primary concern being to reach the haven before nightfall. A collective sigh of relief came out of everyone’s lips once the familiar glowing runes were spotted on the side of the mountain.

“Made it,” Noctis mumbled as you all finally reached Owlyss Haven. Gladiolus set you down then, you giving him a quick peck on the cheek as he did so.

As he sauntered away to put up the tent with Noct, Ignis instructed you and Prompto to get the fire going. The two of you were able to perform the task rather quickly, thanks to your lover’s lessons on your camping dates.

After setting up the chairs, both of you were left with nothing to do until Ignis had finished preparing dinner. It was during this lull that Prompto decided to strike up a conversation.

“So, Y/N,” the cheerful man began. “Tell me, how does it feel to be dating the big guy over there?” The question was punctuated with a nod in Gladio’s general direction.

Giggling, you replied, “Wonderful, actually. He’s pretty much the sweetest guy in all of Eos…” You trailed off before suddenly yelling playfully, “When he’s not a total jackass about my height!

Laughter and jabs of ‘ooh, burn!’ resonated throughout the campsite, a few chuckles even escaping from Ignis before he turned his full attention back to cooking. When the laughter died down, Prompto continued with his line of questioning.

“Anyway,” he chuckled. “I’m kinda curious, Y/N…How did your first kiss with him go? It must’ve been awkward with the size difference!”

“Would it be better if I show you?” Gladio decided to step in at that moment, a devious smirk on his rugged features as he tipped up the blond’s head as if to kiss him. This caused the younger man to sputter and blush like crazy, eliciting a few poorly concealed snorts and laughs from you, the Prince, and his adviser.

“Quit teasing him, love,” you chided gently. “What’s the harm in letting them know?”

“Fine, fine,” your beloved raised his hands in surrender as he made his way over to the chair beside yours, scooting it closer to put an arm around you. “You be the one to tell them, though.”

“Deal,” you giggled before turning back to Prompto. “You were actually on the money there. Our first kiss was really awkward…and painful.”


*3 years prior*

“You give my strength purpose and meaning. I’ll let the world burn before I see you hurt. Please…go out with me, Y/N.

You had nearly choked on your water when Gladiolus had suddenly blurted out these words. You two were taking a break from another intense training session at the Citadel. As two of the top members of the Crownsguard (especially with him being the next Shield!), there was absolutely no room for complacency.

After a good minute of coughing or so, you had stood up and stuttered, “Gladio, what the…where the…where is this coming from all of a sudden?”

Admittedly, you two had not clicked instantly when you met as children. Both parties having headstrong personalities, you had constantly butted heads with the Amicitia boy for as long as you could remember. However, this rivalry between you had mellowed out in recent years, ever since he saved you from being assaulted on your fifteenth birthday.

It was also then that you began to have a little crush on the slightly older teen.

The kind-hearted tough guy, the passionate reader, the ever so stubborn older brother…As time passed, you had fallen deeper and deeper in love with your childhood friend.

Who knew that he actually felt the same way?

“I’ve liked you for years, Y/N. Ever since the night of your birthday. I’ve denied it to hell and back since then, but spending time with you, getting to see you and your quirks in a different light…” the large man let out a sigh of longing before continuing. “I can’t lie to myself anymore. I want to be with you.”

“Gladio…” you mumbled.

“I mean, only if you want to,” he quickly amended. “If you’re not comfortable with this, then let’s just forget it ever happened.”

“Gladio”…you repeated a little louder.

“Because we can still just be friends.” He was rambling now. “I just hope that things won’t become too awkward between us since we’re going to be working together and all…”

“Gladio!” You finally yelled, causing the man to flinch slightly.

“My bad,” he muttered. “What’d you wanna say?”

“Stand up.”

He blinked at you twice, a dumbstruck expression on his face. “Why?”

“Just do it, you asshole,” you let out an exasperated sigh.

When the amber-eyed man stood up, you slowly made your way over to him, careful to keep your face neutral.

“Y/N?” Gladiolus raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing?”

Stopping in front of him, you closed your eyes and began to stand on your tiptoes, straining to reach his lips. When he saw what you were trying to do, Gladio’s eyes widened in surprise before closing his own orbs and bending down towards your level…

…Which would’ve resulted in a perfect kiss had you not tilted yourself up slightly, causing him to accidentally knock his teeth into your chin.

Both of you had let out a soft groan, quickly pulling away from each other. When the pain had subsided, you both had burst out into laughter before officially kissing each other for the first time.

*End Flashback*

When you had finished telling the story of your first kiss, Prompto and Noctis were both laughing hysterically, Ignis simply shooting an amused look in your direction.

Oh. Em. Gee,” Prompto wheezed out. “Real smooth there, big guy!”

“Yeah,” Noctis cackled. “Oh man, that was hilarious…Way to go, ladies man!”

You and Gladiolus exchanged a look then, you silently nodding and giving him permission to start torturing them. He responded with a wide grin, kissing you fully on the lips before making his way over to the duo.

As he chased them around the camp site, Ignis turned to you and said, “Well, that was quite the story there, Y/N. Gladio is quite lucky to have you around.”

Shaking your head, you replied, “Nope. It’s pretty much the other way around.”

The bespectacled adviser let out a low chuckle before responding. “As you say, then. Do tell these morons that they should eat first before trying to kill each other.”

Giggling, you gave him a mock salute and said, “Aye, sir!” before heading off to pull your boyfriend before he could crush the last member of the Insomnian Royal Family.

Needless to say, you all completed the hunt without a hitch. The Zu didn’t stand a chance.

Hope this was alright ^^ Thanks again for the request, Jin!

State of the Blog Address

Hello everybody! Hoo boy 2017 has been a crazy year already! I wanted to check in with all of you and let you know my plans from here!

First of all, I would like to proudly announce I’m back in college! Hurrah! Because of that, my time has become a bit crunched and as some of you may have noticed, updates have been very slow and sporadic lately. To address that, I’m putting myself on a schedule. New translations will now be coming out every Thursday, at the very least. Please look forward to it!

Next, by popular demand, I will now be hosting my full doujinshi translations on the blog itself. Some of these doujin are NSFW, and will be tagged as such and underneath a cut. Please be careful to read warnings and only open that you want to see! Hopefully this will make the doujin I have translated easier to find and more accessible, since they’ll be available on less a sketchy site.

And finally, to fill the time between Thursdays, I’m going to start a reblog queue like a normal person. Feel free to send submissions! I’ll be happy to add your work to the blog! Fics are welcome too! I’m also going to have answers to various asks I’ve received in there. They will be tagged #blahblahblah, so if you aren’t interested in seeing the asks, feel free to filter that tag off. Some of those asks have been in there for over a year, so it’s about time! Please pardon me for that.

And, that about sums it all up! Thank you for everyone who has stuck with this blog and me through thick and thin! I hope I can keep bringing you content you enjoy in the year to come as well! Everyone keep doing your best, keep taking those risks, and stay Plus Ultra!

Klance circus au pt. 2

Ok since @jollyjellbeanjanet@insert-voltron-related-name-here , and @gatorademachinegun all asked, and a bunch of the rest of you all said stuff like “give it to me” (very entertaining to read the tags on that last post, i love yall)

I am writing it. Like, I’m already halfway through the outline, sorry if it wasn’t clear but yes this is a fic in progress. I’ll be working on it more full-time after @klancebb2017 finishes, since I’m writing for that and it takes priority.

But here’s some more stuff:

  • Keith’s a little child watching the circus for the very first time. Notices a boy, the youngest there, only about his age, doing all this acrobatic shit and he thinks it’s hella fuckin cool and he goes again and again and again watching this boy grow up. The obsession never leaves.
  • He’s 22, (i might change the ages between now and when i finalize everything) college dropout, works under Allura now
  • Pidge is 19. Knows Keith from Math, suggested Allura’s thing to him as a job, but kind of as an offhand comment so they’re genuinely surprised when they find Keith at work. Pidge is agender and uses they/them in this.
  • Lance is 23. He gets food poisoning before a show because the other performers are jealous that he’s always in the spotlight, so after they perform with a replacement for him, Allura assigns Lance a private prep team because she can’t afford these things happening to their best performer. Keith, Pidge, Hunk are all part of that
  • Nyma is a tightrope walker from the circus Lance used to be at. She’s visiting her cousin Rolo who decides to take her to see his local circus, and she totally recognizes Lance right away - she goes to talk to him, sort of a tense situation there.
  • Keith isn’t being paid enough, especially now that he can’t just live on campus where they had given him full ride until he dropped out. Eventually his savings deplete enough that he can’t pay rent gets kicked out, so he asks Allura for a raise. She gives him a place to stay with her instead.
  • Lance and Keith do grow closer. Keith eventually tells Lance that he wants to work with Lance’s old circus, not knowing that Lance used to work there, and this ends up actually drawing them apart somewhat, but Keith honestly has no clue why.

Everything else, I’m gonna just wave my fingers and whisper spoilerssss so look out for this sometime late August, maybe! Definitely writing it. 

anonymous asked:

what’s the trick to gaining followers and support in the simblr community? I’m Struggling™ to get even one follower & it’s been months :/ I aspire so much to achieve the level that you and other blogs have, all clean and shiny (yikes) do you have any tips regarding photo editing and the like also? ✨❤️

Good question… tbh my irrelevant self would like to know the trick too, l o l. ><  Let me just tell you, I was struggling as well in the beginning. + It took loads of time for me getting noticed! But I’ve learned it’s usually hard to get seen in the simblr community, at first. Since most of us don’t reblog posts of others, that makes it harder. Therefore tagging will be quite a helpful friend! read more abt tags > here. Being active and socialize with other simblrs, like sending asks and comments can be a good way to get noticed too! 

2nd. think about what makes you wanna follow certain someone? ~ Get inspo from others!

3d. I’d say have an appealing aesthetic, personally, I like this maxis matchy cute/clean look, but it’s subjective, some prefer something else. It’s easiest to just post trash you’re proud of. ❥ 

4th. Editing ! My tip - invest in some actions. I know smubuh has really great ones, also brilliant editing tutorials in general!!  

(disclaimer, I know the thought of a large follower count is tempting. But it isn’t anything to seek for imo, nor obsessing abt - they’ll come slowly but surely. still, I was just as happy when I had 10 supportive followers, as I’m now. :3]


Hi, folks! Finally, the video of my presentation of The Lady and the Bandit is up! Be sure to activate the English subs, because the audio is in Spanish.

This was the very first time I spoke of one of my novels in front of many people, and as you’ll notice, I was SUPER nervous. But the guests had a great time, so did I, and I was eager to share this with you.

Do you want to know about Rafael’s horrible past and Pepita’s mindblowing fantasies? Get the book here!

What did you think of the presentation? Do you have any advice, opinions, jokes? Do you have any information about the Mistery Sneaky Cat who blessed our reunion? Leave them in the comments or tell me via tag/reblog/message :D


i have officially reached the ‘i am a baroque broke art student who has literally no money for anything’ point in my life, and have decided it’s time to open commissions!  I’m in severe need of money as of right now, and i’m struggling to find money for groceries and everything, so anything is greatly appreciated. my REDBUBBLE SHOP can be found HERE as well!


  • you can reach me at, as well as @dmitryanya​ where i will answer to im’s and asks. if contacting me through email, please leave something along the lines of ‘art commission’ in the subject area so i don’t overlook it!
  • i will be taking 5 at a time so as not to overwhelm myself, and will accepting on a first-come, first-serve basis. i will make a notice under the tag ‘#amanda does commissions’ when i reach that amount as well as when i reopen.
  • prices will vary; for example, i will add ~$5 for each character added past the standard 2 in a full piece. it all depends on how complex your piece is going to be as a whole, so prices are going to vary. if you want to discuss this part with me when placing your commission, i’m more than happy to negotiate!
  • i am ONLY USING PAYPAL at the moment. we can discuss that kind of information through im, asks, or email. just read this, as it’s what i’ll be referring to through the process!

my inbox is always open for questions, so you can go ahead and send any inquiries my way about any aspect of my process! also, tumblr enjoys killing the quality of images, so click on the pictures for a better look!

If you could signal boost this via reblogs I would greatly appreciate it!