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Why Phichit is my Favorite Character

In honor of reaching 500 followers, I decided it was about time I made a post that shows that this blog is actually what it sounds like. This is going to be a long ride full of incoherent rambling, so hold on tight. Yes I am listening to Shall We Skate and Terra Incognita on repeat while writing this

Lets start from the beginning. The first time we see Phichit, we see him for only a few seconds, where he only says one line of dialogue, ¨Yuuri!¨, which was preceded by a giggle. We don’t see him again for the rest of the episode, or the next. Or the next. There is nothing that you can glean from this character at first glance.

But that was the moment I fell in love with the character that is Phichit Chulanont. 

See, It wasn’t his first official appearance that made me fall in love with him. The reason I liked this character so much was because I understood he was close to Yuuri and cared about him. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I became invested in Yuri!!! on ICE because of Yuuri and the premise + figure skating. Not victuuri, although that was wonderful because!!! Representation!!! I was just glad there was a main character I, and many others, could deeply relate to. But this post isn’t about Yuuri. Its about Phichit. And because I could see he cared for Yuuri, I got interested. 

So I watched the scene again to figure out what I could. And here is what I was able to come up with.

He lives in Thailand, but has just arrived home after being somewhere else, or is leaving. More likely the former. He is cheerful, and invested somewhat in social media. He is close friends with Yuuri, or at least acquainted, and is likely a figure skater. 

I looked him up after that, and my love only grew. 

Also, we had this picture in the ending

God I love him

The next time we see Phichit, we see him in a video call with Yuuri in episode 4. His first appearances are all very Yuuri-centered. 

But boy did this scene deliver a BIG LOAD of information. 

I had been right about quite a few things from my first guesses about Phichit. He just arrived back in Thailand and likes social media, as seen by the literal touchscreen gloves and multiple IG posts. He is also very close with Yuuri. VERY CLOSE. I damn near cried over how comfortable and happy Yuuri became when he was talking with Phichit. And how comfortable PHICHIT looked when he was talking to Yuuri. 

They had clearly been friends for a long time, Yuuri even knew phrases in Phichits native language, and I have no doubts that Phichit knows phrases in Japanese.

This sort of familiarity and calm interaction is something we only really see Yuuri take part in when he is with his family, +the Nishigori’s, at least at the beginning of the series. 

When Yuuri starts talking about composer girl, Phichit is able to immediately understand what Yuuri needs without even having to hear Yuuri say it. That is the kind of friendship some can only dream of. 

We already know Phichit is a wonderful, reliable friend from less than a minute of interaction. Less than a minute. I counted. I have seen dozens of shows where it takes multiple WHOLE EPISODES to understand the relationship between two characters, but with Yuri on Ice it takes less than a minute. This is a result of good writing and good, rounded characters. 

Which leads to my next topic of discussion.

Phichit is such a well-rounded character holy shit

There are no lingering doubts about Phichit’s character. There isn’t a scene where you are left wondering, “Why did Phichit do this” or “What is Phichit thinking” because we know, at least in my case. As long as you understand Phichit as a character you can understand the motivations behind his actions. 

Episode 6 is a beautiful Phichitfest and I was having a good ol’ time. 

Now, for reference, episode 6 is when I really got into Yuri on Ice as a show. Characters I didn’t really like were starting to have more appeal, like Viktor, and characters I loved got better, somehow. 

Bonus points for fashion goddamn


His constant need to document everything on social media is also much appreciated. 

also this

Captain of the #victuuri ship honestly same Phichit

So,as I’m watching this episode I’m just waiting and thinking 

when do i get to see Phichit skate?? when??

I find out Phichit skates first and Im !!!!

then he skates. 


Phichit steps out onto that rink in his princely attire and I am gone then and there.

Shall We Skate? is such a masterpiece and I LOVE IT

You can say what you want about Phichit, but if you cant see how much Phichit adores skating through his performance than you clearly haven’t watched the series. 

I have a record of crying every time I watch Phichit skate when I watched the episodes he was in for the first time. Every time. This one is no exception. 

The fact that the audience is shown to get very caught up in Phichit’s performance made me so happy? These people, who are all there to support the more popular skaters, are getting caught up in the dance of a skater who hadn’t even been on their radar. 

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what a good friend fukc i love him

What I wouldn’t give to have a friend like Phichit


Terra Incognita. 

me too ciao ciao

This performance showed how much you can glean from a person while watching them skate. And yes. I cried. 


His motivation for skating is so fucking clear. 

He wants to make his country proud.

And he does. 

The audience is rooting for Phichit, he gets the crowd hyped up and he delivers. 

He worked his ass off for this performance and it pays off

He nails all of his components and scores higher than he ever has

He is so confident that hes won and he WINS






And that’s why it made me so mad when he lost the Grand Prix Final. 

Sixth. Place. 

I love the other skaters. I really do. But JJ did not deserve a bronze medal. He was way over scored and should have gotten last place. Phichit scored about as high as the previous years third place winner. JJ. 

His Shall We Skate made me hella emotional and sob along with him at the end. He is SUCH A GOOD SKATER. 

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I never cried as hard during the entirety of YOI as I did during Phichit’s Terra Incognita performance. He was so happy to just be performing. Even after he messed up one jump he continued to smile. 

That is what makes a performer. 

Phichit entertains the audience. He holds their attention and gets them hyped up and on the edge of their seats. 

He has fun while he skates and just genuinely loves his sport. 

This gif sums it up pretty well

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The scenes he got outside of the competition made me happy at least, and some of the flashbacks provided some nice information and depth

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and the iconic #victuuricaptain moment

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and I may be really salty about his loss but i am SO PROUD OF HIM

I am going to quote something I said when I first made this blog. 

“Just by qualifying for the Grand Prix Finals, Phichit won. He may not have won a medal, but he achieved not only one of his dreams, skating “Shall We Skate” in a major competition, but also made history by becoming the first Thai skater to compete in the Grand Prix Finals. WE should all be extremely proud of him, and hopefully watch him continue to made his dreams reality in the next season!”

I stand by this statement fully and wholeheartedly. Yes, Phichit deserved to be placed higher, and yes, it was completely unfair. But lets be proud of what he did achieve, and appreciate him for the amazing character he is. 

tldr; Phichit is a wonderful character and I love him. Thanks for 500 followers!

GOT7 HI TOUCH 07/05/2016


I  don’t think this ever submitted to your page last year so better late than never because girl. I was destroyed by this concert. I cut out some venue gripes that were at the end in the original post.


For my birthday I decided to get myself GOT7 tickets for Fly In NYC and boy oh boy I do NOT REGRET IT! I got a P2 ticket and got early entry (i’m so happy i was sooo hot) the show WAS FANTASTIC and I was so blown away by how hard the boys worked and the lighting was on fuckin point. The sound was a little too loud on some of their mics (to me) because even though JB’s voice was absolutely beautiful and had me sobbing it sounded really loud almost too loud and I remember him at one point motioning for them to turn either the mic down or the ear piece. either way it didn’t happen. EITHER WAY EACH MEMBER WAS BEAUTIFUL AND SOUNDED SO GREAT. 

JACKSON was so fun on stage, I always saw him and Mark doing something or him and JB and he dances so well I saw him doing every “black” move he’s learned, he was hittin the folks, the quan you name it he was low key doin it high key KILLIN IT.

 JUNIOR i didnt pay a lot of attention to and I feel so bad for it but he just didn’t capture me this time which is so weird. I will say he sounds lovely live and seems really sweet in a jerk kind of way.

 YOUNGJAE is a singing angel and his smile is so beautiful I die. I know a few times I just listened to him sing with my eyes closed. His duet with JB made me cry because I remember when he couldn’t perform it and my heart was so happy for my son. 

MARK was so in his element, he’s runnin around and being all cute, and he was feeling the crowd so it was fun to see him just be Mark from California. HE FUCKIN TWERKED, THAT LITTLE BOOTY WAS ON POINT AND I NEED MORE. I KNOW he’s been practicing and I WANT THE TAPES!

 My baby JB, let me just say his voice is like silk on silk with honey on top. I thought I loved to just watch videos of him sing but  hearing him live  made me cry and then sob the day after, he still wasn’t 100% and I was watching him like a hawk so i noticed he wasn’t as extra as usual. It was super apparent when they took the concert group photo and a member had to help him back up, They also did state when we were shouting for him (JB) to do the FLY thrust that his back was still not good. He only started being extra after the stop stop it dance break so I lost my mind. I just want bby to recover but I get that he has to work and would want to perform so I’m happy I at least got to see him but also i need him to be healthy.

 Now the two THIRST TRAPS; YUGYEOM and BAMBAM were so EVIL AND NASTY. IT WAS GREAT!! My bias is JB but those two killed me anyway, they declared it YUGYEOM day and every five seconds he was thrusting and hip rolling while biting his tongue like STRAIGHT FREAK and i’m like BOI YOU IS TOO YOUNG! I FEEL like  BAMBAM is his partner in crime because so many times I saw him grabbing his crotch in the middle of a move or thrusting into his hand or doing the chris brown move but legit grabbin the D. SLOW DOWN WIT CHO FAST ASS! Every TWO seconds they were doing something like jeeze. lol  

They were super interactive with the crowd through out the show and my favorite part aside from their parting words which were super sweet, was the little moments like when they asked the crew to turn down the lights so they could see the people all the way in the back in the seats, or when they talked to the men in the crowd and told them to treat all the ladies well (and not just their girlfriends everyone at the concert lol) 


I had planned out what I was going to say and had been rehearsing for TWO SOLID WEEKS. I almost made it out alive.

Mark was first, and he was so bright and happy! he has such a beautiful smile and his voice is so cute in person, I greeted him with “Ayo Mark!” and he came back with the swag “YO!” we hi fived (his hands are smol and soft but he’s super skinny in person so its expected! but my hand is super tiny too but his was bigger) I told him his rapping was on point and he said thank you.

Jackson was next and I think he was really tired, I don’t even know if we had eye contact because his hat was really low and he seemed a little off. I hope he gets proper rest. I told him I was proud of him but he was really out of it. I don’t remember his hand because for a hot second I was worried about my golden son. I really need them to get some down time.

BamBam was excited to see me and complimented my septum ring + nose chain combo. I called him the dab king and he laughed. Yoo his hands look so long like his fingers are hella long.

Yugyeom  was smiling so widely with his pink hat! He pointed to his nose (in refernce to my septum and nose chain) and all I could do was nod and say his name, he is sooo talll (i’m also hella short but no really)  HIS HANDS ARE HUGE. LIKE OMG NO WONDER HE’S SO EXTRA HE IS COCKY FOR A REASON I BET YOU!

My life ends here. IM JAEBUM  was next and i’m so ashamed. I was prepared to tell JB that his voice is beautiful and thank him for singing period. but my brain stopped the moment he was in front of me. I was 100% composed when speaking to Mark, like he was just a dude on the street so I thought I was good. The second I stepped in front of Jaebum, everything as I knew it crashed down and I became just a pure fan, all my suaveness went out the window and i fucking screeched at him  not even a good screech a strangled yelp of  JESUS CHRIST YOU ARE HANDSOME YOUR EYES ARE PERFECT YOUR SKIN IS SO SILKY YOUR VOICE MADE ME SOB PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. put into one emotion. I said JB in a high pitched voice and he was already looking at me like are you alright? but with a smile and he nodded like “yeah that’s me” and I felt myself lightheaded as I touched his perfectly perfect hand. Like slow motion with barry white in the background. 

I almost left the line. I was so destroyed. I had BEGGED the kpop gods to put him last because I KNEW I couldn’t take him. and I was right. ALSO For some reason there was a lot of space between me and the girl in front of/next to me. 

Youngjae saw this happen AND LAUGHED AT ME, and because I almost left ( Like I stepped backwards away from the line instead of to the right) the line he had to readjust his hi five hand like “girl get over here”  still drunk on JB said “Oh my god Youngjaaeeee!” and he just smiled all brightly. his hands were hella soft and I felt like i could have intertwined my hand with his and he would be okay with it. I had wanted to tell him his smile was like sunshine and that i’m glad he was feeling better. 

Junior  was last and Yo, his eye contact was on point. I again had wanted to compliment his beautiful voice but instead was still on JB high, so I said “Hi Junior!” and I have a habit of tucking my head into my shoulders when overly excited so he mimicked me, nodded and high pitched said “HI!” Normally once you have your moment they look away but HE WAS STILL STARING ME DOWN, I was so trapped by his eyes that I thought we were about to have a deep conversation like legit, from the moment I stepped away from Youngjae our eyes connected and they did not separate until i went around the corner. He was still staring me down with the girl behind me in front of him. YALL

I didn’t expect to have such memorable moments with a HI Touch but I had my moment with 2Jae and 2Young lol