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Always there for each other

She was having really hard time. She failed her driving exam for the third time, her birthday party was canceled because of the problem that happened in the restaurant, her exam results were pretty bad and the weather itself was rather depressing than relaxing. Rainy and windy, for awhile. She even fought with her best friend around some dress.

Ridiculous, she thought. But she couldn’t change anything, she was the one who was right, but her friend wasn’t gonna give in.

Her phone rang. It was B. She declined.

She loved him. So much. But right now, she was feeling really down and she preferred to just lay in her bed and cry.

She texted him tho. Shortly

“Sorry. Not in a mood right now. I don’t wanna pass the sadness on you. We’ll talk later. Love you xx”

As she dropped her phone she buried her face in the pillow and started crying.

She didn’t know what time it was. The only thing she felt was someone’s hand roaming over her, pampering her.

“B?” She shockingly yet sleepingly said, yawnin.

“Hey.” he worriedly looked at her.

“What are you doing here?” She crawled up amd sat on her bed.

He put his hand on her shoulder. “Came to see and cheer you up.”

That sentence and his smile momentary got to her. She sighed, trying to withhold her tears. “You really shouldn’t have done that. I’m okay.”

“Yeah, as if I buy it.” He came closer.

“No, please don’t.” She put a hand on his chest. As her tears again started to fall, she wanted to go to bathroom. “Excuse me.”

She tried to move away, standing up from the bed, but soon she was pulled back, crushing against his chest. He hugged her hard and kissed her head.

“Don’t withhold your emotions in front of me. Ever again.” He squeezed hard to emphasize the words. “Understood?”

He felt her nod against his chest before breaking down in sobbs. He held her tight against him.

They stood there for about five minutes, when she finally started to calm down. He coshered her back and kissed her head all the way.

She exhaled deeply and moved away from him, clearing her face with her hands.

“God, I’m so sorry, your T-shirt is ruined and…”

“Don’t even think about it.” He stopped her. He then took off his T-shirt and dried her face off with it.

“Oh, God, I look like shit” she took his T-shirt and covered her face “Don’t look at me.”

He chuckled. “Don’t be silly.” He hugged her and moved away his soaked shirt from her face.

“No, let me wash my face first.” She caught him before he leaned too close. “I’ll be right back.”

“Okay.” He smiled, sitting down on the bed.

She couldn’t believe how caring and understanding. She was so lucky to have him.

When she came back to room opened her cupboard. “I will find the biggest thing I have here so you wouldn’t catch up a cold.”

“Just come here, I don’t need anything else.” He smiled.

“Here.” She dragged a big, old hoodie.

“No.” She smiled “Let me put it on you.”

He smiled and let her teasing touches. As his head poped out of the hoodie opening she pressed her lips against his.

He gladly accepted them, parting her lips with his tongue.

She hummed satisfied, pulling away and rolling the hoodie down his stomach.

He then pulled at her hips and sat her in his lap. He leaned back against the headboard of her bed and held her around her waist.

“Hey.” He smiled.

“Hey.” She pecked his lips shortly. “I’m sorry for everything.”

“Don’t be silly. You know I’m always here for you. As you are, for me.” He placed a palm on her cheek.

She looked at his eyes with such adoration, for a few moments.

“Pink is your color, definitely.” She commented referring to her hoodie on him.

“Yeah, goes with my eyes.” He joked, making her laugh for a few moments.

“There’s my smile.” He pinched her cheek. “Now, tell me, what is wrong?”

“Everything. Just everything.” She sighed. “You sure you wanna hear it?”

“Of course dear.” he said, kissing her nose.

She pressed her forehead against his and started talking.

  • Amon: this group conspires to secretly control the world and keep us down, we must cleanse the world of their impurity by exterminating every last one of them or at least prevent them from passing on their genetic filth
  • Unalaq: The world would probably be better if everything was bound by a conservative religious government with no separation of church and state, and who better to be the pope-king of this government than me?
  • Zaheer: Hi my name is Ayn Rand Paul and I never shut up about wizard libertarianism
  • Kuvira: The government should be controlled unilaterally by me, a dictator at the head of the military, and the first thing I'm gonna do is prioritize my ethnicity over those dirty foreigners and build a magic A-Bomb so I can destroy any cities that refuse to bow before my authority
  • You dummies: this is probably a dig at leftists somehow,
Inspiring September

Hey everybody! Even through September has already gone and it is 6th October on the calendar I don’t want to forget about the month which didn’t only inspire me in lots of ways but also gave me a huge amount of energy and motivation for the next year. And I find it obligatory to share about all these things with you guys because you might find out something new or something united between me and you.


If to talk about the september movie which have taken a special place in my hearth it of course will be a IT - the Stephen King’s book screen adaptation and also a film remake. It came out on September 5th and every fan of horror movies was hurrying to the cinema. Even I - the person who is afraid of every horror movie ever - loved it. A saturated plot, incredible costumes and decorations, a dynamic picture, deep sounds as well as an absolutely stunning work of the cast, the film director, the scriptwriters and all other people who took part in making this masterpiece. You can read more about IT and my opinion about this film here.

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I finished it i was going to post the speeddraw of this first but it was taking to long and i couldn’t wait to show you guys and all the designs where things that just poped in my head “original recipes” XD
But there will be the speeddraw of this soon
(There are all smol childs)
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Oh and that reminds me i can’t forget about pennywise :)

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