this is the first thing i've made in forever holy crap

we did it! yeah, we. all of you who are following me right now have helped make brienne one of the funnest muses i’ve played in a while. if i had known she would be staying with me for so long ( which, i admit, hasn’t been long —- yet! ) then i would have made myself look a bit more the part. but we’re here now. i started in september with brienne after realizing just how much like me she was, and have fallen in love with every bit her character… and gwendoline christie, as well, who is a great, great role model, for me especially.

anyways, i’m gushing and getting gross and sentimental. while i’m on that track, here are a few special mentions. without you, brienne would not be complete.

@ofcasterlyrock. | @ofhousehunt.sorry man that sucks.” don’t tell me you weren’t expecting to appear here, liz. yes you were. all right, guess who was my first follower? guess who was the first to know about brienne? you were. and you have talked to me every day since, about brienne and jaime and their stupid, blind shenanigans. they’re two stupid idiots but they’re our two stupid idiots. your jaime is my jaime, and my brienne is your brienne. you’re one of the lights of my life and i love you so much! thank you a lot okay. for everything. i can’t imagine a day passing where i don’t talk to you now. thanks so much for being here for me! and i’ll be here to catch you whenever you fall too, i promise! xox

@ascarredhound. i totally just almost typed ‘ascaredhound.’ now, guess how much i love you, e? i love you to the moon and back. i’ll be honest, when we first started talking, i wasn’t expecting us to click so quickly. and yet we did click, so fast, as did sandor and brienne. that was something i never thought i’d see in my life, but here we are, fretting over stupid beardogs and watching them punch each other to the pain. how did it end up like this. but we also talk every day, and you’re honestly one of the funniest people i know. i love you, e. you’re magnificent! thanks for everything you do. i never want to lose you!

@axgonianmage. | @raxonhnhaketon. wow, where do i even begin with you, kris? you’re an absolute beauty, bab, inside and out. you are one of the kindest people i know. i’m shit at replying sometimes, but you still talk to me regardless. i also have to thank you for pestering mercer. looks directly at elona. he stirs and is kept alive because of you and of her, and he’ll be back. but seriously: thank you so much for the jaime funko, too. he’s chilling out next to my bed, and i love him. i love you! we talk pretty much every day, barring your late night work schedules, but i never want to go without talking to you! ilusm sweetie!

@his-spirit-lives. JAMES. FREAKING JAMES. we have been friends for such a long time.what amazes me the most about out friendship, though, is the fact that it has never wavered. we may go days at a time without speaking, but on the nights you do manage to catch me before i pass out, our conversations are never to pass up! you’ve spent so much on me, with that amulet last year, and these two cute funkos this year. there’s no way i can repay you for all the kindness you’ve given me. i hope we’re friends for a very long time, you know that? i appreciate you so much. i’ll always be here to hold you up and support you.

@reignoftheflorentine | @fatherofwolvcs. | @ofhouseorgana. lina. can i tell you how much i love you right now? right now, i love you so much i could explode. you’re so funny, and so sweet, and so upbeat all at the same time! holy cow, i don’t ever think there will be a time when i don’t ever want to talk to you. i need to thank you for putting up with me. and thank you so much for plotting things with me and writing with me and making me excited to write on brienne, because you seriously have. you’re one of the driving forces behind this blog, seriously!

@upyriism. | @dovchkiin. | @iiincubus. okay i seriously can’t remember all your blogs off the top of my head, but i remember these whoops! okay anna, you talk to me every single day, and you send me links that make me laugh so hard! thank you so much for putting up with me every single day, and thank you for all these things you send. i love talking with you and receiving your messages on skype. you’re a light of my life, and i love you very much. it’s been months since we first met on alduin, but it’s been some of the best months i’ve had!

@cerseilionesslannister. i still hate cersei lannister though, but that’s because reasons. but, and i am loathe to admit this, you’ve actually made me like her more than i normally would, scarlett. you’ve given her a depth i didn’t even consider before i met you. you’re amazing, you’re wonderful, you’re absolutely fucking hilarious. i love the group chats we have with liz, and i love reading everything you talk about when i’m away. and when i’m there, holy crap is it funny. i never thought i would become as close to you as i have. thank you soso much for being here and making me laugh and making me happy. brienne and i thank you a thousand times over.

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