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Impasto | Chapter Two

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The moment the lecture was over you made a beeline for the exit, not wasting any time in disappearing as quickly as possible. He didn’t notice you leave amidst the crowd of students, and you preferred it that way; the last thing you needed was for him to address you now that he knew who you were.

From now on, you were going to hide in the middle and back rows, out of sight, out of mind.

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Exo Next Door

Chapter 1: Forgotten

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It had been many years since you first met Chanyeol, and many years more since you last saw him.  You couldn’t remember your first meeting with the boy in preschool, only the time you spent together.  The two of you running around his house, playing Power Rangers as his mom cooked lunch in the kitchen, and his sister watching the two of you with an open book splayed across her lap in the living room.  They said the two of you were inseparable; like best friends where you wouldn’t see one without the other.  You remembered the time he gave you your very first piece of gum, and how it got stuck in your hair so you had to hide in the bathroom and pull it out before your mom came to take you home.  Your favorite one was when he fell sick at school, and your parents decided that it was unsafe for the two of you to play at his house for the day; both of you begged and pleaded, Chanyeol trying to prove for all it was worth that he was perfectly fine even with a burning fever, and you telling your moms that you wouldn’t mind getting sick together.

Then it was all gone.  You said your goodbyes as you transferred schools and moved houses, the last play date being the summer before your first grade year.  There were no phone calls afterwards, no visits, nothing.  The red thread was simply snipped by a cruel blade.  Not once did you forget him though, and you secretly hoped that he would be the same.  Some nights you would stare up at your ceiling, wondering how he was doing, what he looked like now.  You wished you could see him, say hello and hang out again.  Years flew by, and you liked to imagine that he would sometimes think of you too.  

High school arrived, sooner than you realized.  The first day was chaotic, of course; you managed to get lost numerous times, fail to open your locker, and had few classes with any of your friends.  At lunch you sat with the few that managed to have the same lunch time as you, when you saw him.  He looked nothing like how you expected him to, then again, you weren’t sure what you were expecting.  His brown hair bobbed above the others in the cafeteria, his smile lighting up like the city lights of New York as he excitedly talked with his friends at a table across the room.  Beside you your friend closed your jaw for you, unaware that it was even open in the first place.  

“Think he’s cute?” she nudged you.  

“No, I think I know him though,” you respond distractedly, keeping your eyes on him while fumbling with a bag of cookies.  “We used to hang out when we were little.”  Chanyeol turned from his conversation to meet your gaze.  You gave a small smile before averting your eyes; you didn’t want to seem a bit creepy.  Everything was the same though: his warm brown eyes, his blinding smile, his dorky ears that stuck too far out.  His height came as a surprise though, the lanky collections of long limbs and bones being far from what he had when he was little.  

“Hey,” a deep voice came from in front of you.  You looked up, surprised to find Chanyeol there.  

“Hi,” you felt your heart race.  Maybe he would remember, maybe you could pick up the friendship you had left off.  “Can I help you?”

“Are you going to eat all of that?” he pointed to the bag of two cookies you had packed earlier that morning.  You shook your head and gave one of them to him.  He excitedly took the treat and began to wolf it down.  

“Not to be weird or anything, but is your name by any chance,” you timidly began, “Chanyeol?”  He stopped in mid-chew before remembering that he needed to swallow before he spoke.  

“Yeah,” he studied you for a moment, scratching his head.  “Do I know you?  You didn’t go to my middle school.”

“We used to be friends when we were little,” you looked at him hopefully, wondering if it would trigger a memory.  Chanyeol continued to give you a blank stare.  You tried telling him your name, the old teachers in the classes you shared.  

“I’m sorry,” he shook his head sadly.  “I don’t remember any of that, I think you’re mistaken.”  You tried to hide your crestfallen expression.  So he didn’t remember, so he didn’t think of you all those years.  It would be an understatement to say you were disappointed, but you knew from the start it was an unrealistic hope to have anyways.  From his table one of his friends hollered and waved him over.  “Thanks for the cookie,” he said as he turned and waved goodbye.  “I’m sorry I don’t remember you.”  

“It’s fine,” you said to open air.  He had already disappeared back to his table.  

“Doesn’t look like you guys were friends,” another friend at your table observed. 

“It was a long time ago, most people don’t remember that long back anyways,” you tried to justify as you looked at the other cookie still in your hands.  Suddenly, your normally ravenous appetite had vanished.  Everyone else went about lunch, talking about their teachers, other new students and all the excitement of being in a new school.  You remained quiet in your seat, absentmindedly nodding and giving short “mmm?” and “oh, mhm”s time to time as you kept your thoughts to yourself.  There were questions, oh so many questions. The most saddening one was, why did only you have to remember?

*Hello: This series is very loosely based of Line’s drama “EXO NEXT DOOR”.  The plot of this series will not follow the drama exactly though it will heavily borrow from it.  There is not set length to the series nor a schedule as to when I will update.  Please understand that this is not intended to steal from the Line drama, only to create a version of the story that I see fit.  Thank you so much for reading, and hope you will continue to read as new chapters are released.

Stephanie goes on a rant! Which I can't even number cause I go on so many rants due to all the stupidity that I've lost count.

Before I start, warning that I am a little extra bitter and you’ll realize why once I get into it all. I also apologize if at one point you’re reading this and it sounds like you’re reading an article. I’ve been writing for the Klaroline Magazine for a bit now and I’ve noticed that the way I write on tumblr is similar to how I write for the magazine, so yeah. But let’s get to it, shall we? As some of you may or may not know, for the past few days it’s been the TCA conference which is the Television Critics Association and they hold like conferences for separate networks at different times of the year. Today just so happens to be The CW’s day and ohhh my god I can’t even. I definitely want to start out with saying that what was said wasn’t bad, ridiculous is more the word I would use. But I do have a really positive point on all of this which I’ll get to at the very end. Kay, so early today I was to talking to the lovely Jade on twitter and she directed me towards the following tweet.

And neither one of us were buying it so we kind of left it as is. Then a few hours later, I read THIS tweet.

For those of you who don’t know who Pedowtiz is, he is Mark Pedowitz the President of The CW and after this statement, officially a moron (to me anyway). This is what has me bitter and some of you are probably like ‘omg Stephanie’s finally lost it, it’s just a tweet’ and it’s not so much the tweet that’s pissing me off. It’s the word being used IN the tweet. Organic. ORGANIC? Lemme tell you something, TVD/TO are the LAST shows on earth that should be using the word organic. Because in TVD they set up literally the entire 1st season of TO with 4x16 in which Klaus out of the blue became charitable and decided to offer Hayley protection, only to then spend the entire episode being annoyed by her when the Klaus we had known for 2 seasons would have just thrown her ass out the second she opened her mouth. ONLY FOR THEN to have him sleep with her, a plot that the writers literally pulled out of their asses to favor an actress that shouldn’t have been in the project to begin with so that they could set up the entire crisis and story for TO. Every single aspect of that storyline was forced–every.single.part. It came out of the goddamn sky. There was nothing natural about that which by default applies to TO as well. And now you want to pride yourself on making sure crossovers only happen when it’s organic? That’s honestly the biggest load of BS I’ve heard all year. First of all, storylines kind of can’t be organic because they’re written by writers whose JOB it is to make all the stories flow. The opportunities for crossovers won’t come from thin air, it’s the writers JOB to have it make sense and appear to be natural. But I mean hey, if organic is what you want, how about you stick with the only organic thing you’ve got. Which last I checked, was Klaroline. Our ship wasn’t planned, developed naturally so the way I see it, we’re a pretty good option. Also throwing it out there that there are a billion ways to make crossovers feel natural. If you’re 'professional’ writers can’t figure it out, the thousands of fanfiction writers are about 2,000 steps ahead of you and have devised several sets of scenarios. If you were a network that prided itself on audience response instead of you’re BS 'organic’ campaign, maybe things would be in better shape. But hey, you’re the President. Not to mention that last year at the TCA conference you were avidly promoting that crossovers between TO and TVD were not the shows first priority, saying that making sure the shows stand separate was. And my, my, Mark Pedowitz–that’s an entirely different song you’re singing this year, isn’t it? 

I called that the second he said that last year. Let’s not forget that he is the President of the network, and although I trust everyone associated with that network about as far as I can throw them (which trust me isn’t far), this wasn’t something he was asked. That was a statement that he chose to say. The President of the network wanted to make it clear that the opportunity for crossovers is there which screams volumes. We have CC in like a week so we’ll see what get’s said there. Klaroline is coming you guys, it’s only a matter of time.