this is the first in a very very very


オペラオムニア ➡ クリスタル覚醒 ( part 5 )

Its a little late but a promise is a promise update for Bound Secrets

Raph has just given birth to the very first next generation for the Hamato clan. its a bit bloody but isnt it beautiful? Raph is extremely drained and thats just number one. RIP Leos right hand it was a lound crack too, Raph was holding back to believe it or not but he’ll be alright. He did such a good job TTvTT

good night 

New bicycle! I went for a solo ride to get all the gears and stuff figured out since it’s a bit different than my last bike. It was waaaaaaay too hot to bring the fishes. It’s still too hot to take them out…We ride at midnight!!


I was not prepared for this.

FUCK YES the first mass effect is 5 dollars on origin fuck yeah

i’ll prolly never finish this bc the original video is already perfect and 1000x better than anything i’ve ever produced but hey!!! i’m back!!!!