this is the first gifset i've ever made


highly forgotten cartoons from the early ‘00s (part 1/?)

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Spideypool AU: Gwen usually loves to be the little sister, especially since her step-brother Wade is mostly awesome and badass. She does not love it, though, when her best friend Peter starts to show alarming signs of harbouring feelings for Wade, who’s more of a fuck-and-flee kind of guy. And no matter how much she loves her crazy ass brother, there is no way she’s letting him use and/or hurt Peter, so she tries and keeps them as far from each other as possible. But then Wade’s practicum happens during their senior year and suddenly keeping them separated is no longer possible.


Supergirl // Captain America

You were meant for more than this, you know.



“No, thank you,” said Professor McGonagall coldly, as though she didn’t think this was the moment for lemon drops.


“Look Sammy, what can I say man, it’s a dangerous gig. I drew the short straw. That’s it, end of story.”
“Don’t talk like that, alright? We still have options.”
“What options? Yeah, burial or cremation. And I know it’s not easy. But I’m gonna die. And you can’t stop it.”
“Watch me.”


“I’m not the protagonist of a novel or anything…I’m a college student who likes to read, like you could find anywhere. But… if, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be… a tragedy.”

–Kaneki Ken


I was tagged by sunlitcas, inacatastrophicmind and hallowedbecastiel to remake my first gif ever. (Thanks for tagging me!) But since the quality of this video is quite poor, I thought the result would probably be the same if I only remake that gif, so instead, I made a gifset from the video :)

I’m tagging: castials, argentiel and howboutnovak ♥


gorgeous tao in call me baby mvs