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S A V I O R (B. Barnes x Reader)

Word count: 2688

Warnings: Kissing, some Russian and this is shit, but whatever.

Longing, Rusted, Seventeen, Daybreak, Furnace, Nine, Benign, Homecoming, One, Freight car
Тоска, проржавевший, семнадцать, Рассвет, печи, девять, доброкачественная, встреча выпускников/корпоративы, один, грузовых автомобилей

My hands sting and I can already feel the bruises beginning to form.
I sit to catch my breath, in the deafening silence I hear a drop of my blood hit the scuffed wooden floor.

Looking back, not wrapping my hands was a bad idea.

I get onto my feet and hook another bag up. This time, being careful to wash and wrap my hands.
Letting out years of pent up anger felt good after a long day of dealing with idiotic people.

“You should probably take care of that first.” Steve comments just as I knock the bag off its chain, accidentally spilling sand across the floor.
“If it isn’t the star-spangled man with a plan, why are you here? What do you want?”
“I don’t want anything -” he says obviously finding humour in his joke. My patience is running thin and I shoot him a glare.
He clears his throat, regaining his composure. “Fury wanted to see you.”
“Fury? Nick Fury, the one that relieved me of my title as field agent?-” Steve tries to cut me off
“-All because yours truly made one little mistake-”
“You almost got us killed.” He cuts in
“But I didn’t! I came in and saved your ass, again!”
“You wouldn’t have had to save us if you stuck to the orders!”
“It was my brother! What would you have done! I fixed my mistake, but Fury didn’t give me my second chance, why should I give him his?”
“Y/N I-” he sighs “I need your help.”
I shoot him a questioning look. “My silence is your cue.”
“Do you remember Bucky?”
“Bucky. Barnes?…The Winter Soldier? Yeah, why?”
“S.H.E.I.L.D wants to recruit him”
“Why? He tried to kill us. You were his mission-”
“I was his friend.”
“Steve, Bucky was your friend, the Winter Soldier, he’s your enemy. You can’t save him. He’s long gone. And he tried to kill us.”
“He remembers.” Steve argues “H-he’s still the Bucky I used to know, deep down.” He clears his throat again.
“Fury said that if you brought him back successfully-and alive- he’ll give you your job back.”
“Fine, but I’m doing this for me, and only me, not for you or your issues with your broken boyfriend.” Steve barely contained his excitement as we walk to the jet waiting outside. After a short flight to Stark tower and many questioning glances, we’re sat around a table discussing the terms of the mission.

“There are tracking devices in all the weapons in case you decide to go rogue.”
“Stark, I take my job very seriously.”
“Don’t flatter yourself, it’s just a precaution.”
I glance over the weapons layed out in front on me and pick a few, stuffing them in my duffle bag. I pause when I see an unfamiliar weapon. “Hey, Stark, what’s this?”
“Turn it away from you, press the green button, it vaporizes whatever its aimed at.” He demonstrated on a vase sitting on the table and it turned to a pile of ash.
“Woah. That’s awesome!”
“Thank you.”
“Tony, if only you were as big as your ego, maybe you’d be able to reach the top shelf.” Although he was a few inches taller than me I still liked to tease him about his height compared to the others.

I sat back down looking over the Winter Soldier’s case file once again, taking in all the details, adding them to what I already know. In his military picture he looks young, determined, sweet, definitely handsome, probably a ladies man with his hair neatly cut and gelled.
In the other two he looked different. There’s one of him in cryo. Even in his frozen state you can still make out the crease in his brow, he looks like he’s… in pain. The one of him in action, a majority of his face is covered by a black mask, his hair long and messy. His metal arm stood out against his black uniform. The vibranium caught the sun and made the red star stand out even more. The way I recognized him best, as the Winter Soldier.

“What?” I say snapping out of my stupor

“You spaced out, it’s time for us to leave, you’re headed to Shelbyville, Indiana, that’s where the target was seen last.”

“He’s not a target.” Steve yelled from down the hall, slamming the door.

“Actually, Sam? Wilson, right? Alright bird-boy. I say we head to Washington. I was thinking metal-man grew up in Indiana, maybe he went looking for answers he couldn’t find. If you’re a fossil who doesn’t know how to properly use a computer, where would you go to search for the past?”

“The Smithsonian.” Bruce chimed in when we walked past him lab. I shot him a smile, seeing as he was the only one who sided with me when I almost got them killed, he’s one of my favorites. Him and Natasha that is. Agent Romanoff was always one of my favourites.
“Exactly, there’s a big plaque dedicated to Barnes there. I say we check it out. I don’t think Barnes would stay in one place too long, he knows he’s wanted.”
“You really think he’s there?”
“Wilson, I’m a spy, its my job to know where people are.” I send over my shoulder on my way into the quinjet. I’m met with a light chuckle from Mr. Patriotism himself. “What’re you laughing at?”
“You know, you’re quite funny, agent Y/L/N.” I’m slightly startled by the title, not being used to it anymore. Does he just have that much faith that I’ll succeed? Although, I’ve only failed one or two missions. “Alright Rogers, we’ve got three hours on the jet, try to behave.”

Three hours later I’m dropped off at one of Stark’s safe houses a few blocks from the Smithsonian.
“Call when you’ve got him, we’ll send a jet. And Y/N, please, don’t hurt him unless you absolutely need to.” A quick nod and a small smile from the Captain is my parting, from here I’m on my own. I head into the small rundown house, it’s bigger on the inside, cleaner and brighter too. There’s a bed to one side and a bathroom on the other.

“There’s no place like home.”

I drop my duffle and slip a gun into the waistband of my pants. I also grab a knife and slip it into the holster in my jacket, you can’t be too careful.

I decide to take the small ‘getaway’ car in the garage. Its not as great as Steve’s bug though.

The first few days go by with no sign of the infamous soldier. I’m caught off guard to finally see the one and only sporting a baseball cap, jeans and a sweatshirt. He has gloves on too, it seems. Its not too cold, it’s only late October, he’s most likely trying to hide the metal that could set civilians into a panic and most certainly give him away. He’s standing near the plaque dedicated to the one James Barnes of the 107th.

I stand and observe him for a little while. He reads the words over and over again. Its a good ten minutes before I finally walk over, careful not to startle him. I stand next to him and read the plaque for myself.
“Bucky seems like he was a great person, definitely someone you’d want to befriend.” He seems caught off guard by my words and he takes a second to comprehend my sentence.
“Yeah I bet he was a great person.” He says. “Was.” He says. I don’t comment on it because I know I wasn’t supposed to hear it. After another few minutes of silence I start again.

“You know, Steve really misses you.” His head shoots up and his eyes are dark and guarded. He recognized the name.

“He remembers.” Steve’s words play over in my head.

“Who sent you?” He questions obviously ready for a fight.
“S.H.E.I.L.D.” the look on his face tells me he doesn’t believe me.
“They want to recruit you.” No response.
“Bucky-” recognition crosses his features, but is gone almost immediately and his eyes soften, barely. He looked like he was thinking hard, remembering.
“-Steve wants you back, he wants you to remember and I can help.” I show him my S.H.E.I.L.D badge for proof
“Let’s go because that guard hasn’t stopped watching you since you came in.” We head towards the street making our way to my car.
A tall man blocks our way. I pull out a gun and shoot. I clip his shoulder and he gets my leg, I collapse, but shoot again, this time its a head shot. The car’s gone and I can’t walk.
“How’d you get those through security?”
“Same way you got your arm through. Can you carry me, I can’t walk.” He picks me up as if I weighed nothing while I made a makeshift tourniquet.
I call Steve and then Romanoff and Banner, but none of them answer. He sets me down in a chair when we reach the safe house.
“Well, Earth’s mightiest heroes aren’t answering, I guess we’ll spend the night here. I’ll take first watch. You rest.” He hesitates, obviously not trusting me.
“If Steve trusts me, you can too. I promise.” He gets up and heads towards the bathroom. I hear the water start to run. I decide to make something light to eat for us, assuming he hasn’t had much lately. I hear the door click open.
“Hey, I made us dinner-” he standing in the doorway with only a towel wrapped around his waist. “I uhm, left my clothes.”
I hand him his clothes and try to keep my gaze from wandering. The door clicks shut again and I let out a breath I hadn’t known I was holding in. I sit on the bed and begin eating my sandwich. Bucky comes out, fully clothed with his hair neatly combed. I hand him his plate.
“You know, if there’s anything you want to know about yourself, I could try to answer, the basics at least. You’ll have to ask Rogers on the rest.”
“You know, that wasn’t me. None of it was me, I killed… So many people b-but, it wasn’t me.”
“I know Bucky.” I say taking his plate as he lays down.

He tosses and turns for hours. And when his breathing finally evens out I’m relieved to know he’s at least resting. I know what torture can do to a person. He sleeps for about an hour before he wakes up, immediately on guard. He wraps his metal hand around my throat
“Кто тебя послал?” Who sent you?
I’ve never been caught like this before, I could get out easily, but that would only make him more nervous,
“Bucky.” I choke out. “Its me, no one sent me.” His eyes soften and he drops me.
“I’m so sorry.” He says softly, glancing at the forming bruises.
“Its okay, I have them too, you know.” He looks surprised,
“You do?”
“Mm.” He looks at me for another second before going and sitting on the bed. He mutters quietly in Russian, but I can’t make out the words. I sidestep my bag and go to the sink.
“Drink.” I say handing him the glass. “What were you just mumbling?”
“Пытки равна прочности.”
“Torture equals strength.” We say together.
“ It was written on every surface back at Hydra.” I sit on the bed next to him, a bit closer than necessary.
“Все это будет нормально.” It’ll all be okay
He looks up at me and for the first time I see the ghost of a smile grace his features.
My phone rings interrupting our conversation.
“I’m sorry, we had a mission, I’ll come out to pick you up now.”

Thanks Clint, see you soon.“

"Katniss will be here soon, just throw your stuff in my duffle, I got it.” He does as he’s told, obviously confused, and goes back to his spot on the bed. It kind of set me off that he was trusting me. I knew well enough that it was an act. That he would try something. It was almost too easy.


Bucky became my new partner on all my missions and he’s remembering more and more.
With the help of Steve of course.
Its been about 2 years. I’ll fill you in on the details.

I was right, when Clint came, Bucky tried to escape. To kill us. He didn’t succeed. He was locked up for a while, with only minimal visits from me or from Steve. Steve helped him to remember, I was like a therapist. Maybe it was because I didn’t remind him, maybe because I was, in a sense, a stranger, but nevertheless, we grew closer. Eventually, I got Fury to agree to let Barnes roam, with me as an escort. Once he was stable enough, he began training, which, in my opinion, he didn’t need. And then he was recruited.

“Hey, Buck, we gotta go, we’re on our way to Vegas, remember?”
Finally, a mission in a nice place. We drop down and check into a nice hotel, that’s a new one. There’s a Hydra base under one of the abandoned casinos in town and its our job to take it down.


“Hey Buck, we’re in Vegas, we should do something fun.”
I say as we walk away from the burning building, cliché am I right?

“Why don’t we go back to the hotel and order room service? Watch a few movies, I’m still not caught up with the 21st century.” I laugh and nod my head in agreement.
I collapse on the bed and bury my face in the pillow.
“Are you tired, Мой ангел?”
I feel a rush of warmth at the name. Did he just call me his angel?
“No, just getting comfy.” I reply, my voice muffled my the pillow.
“I can make you comfy.” He says climbing in beside me and pulling me to him. He trails kisses up my neck to my jaw. I turn over to face him and give him a puzzled look. I’m not denying my feelings, everyone knew they were there, we’ve just never… confronted it, or even talked about it. And he’s never this carefree.

He smiles and captures my lips with his, a soft, yet hungry kiss, like he’d been waiting to do it. He wanted me just as badly as I wanted him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he instinctively put his hands on either side of my head to hold himself up. I tuck my hand up under his shirt and he pulls away only long enough my me to slip his shirt off and throw it across the room. I trace the skin where the metal meets, its still red, but not as bad as when I caught him watching his own reflection. As if he were a monster, a few weeks after I brought him to S.H.E.I.L.D. he slipped my shirt up over my head and trailed kisses down my neck, to my chest and onto my stomach, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. He brings his mouth back up to mine and his tongue skims my bottom lip. The moment ends when my phone rings insanely loudly. Bucky curses under his breath.
“What?” I snap at the person on the other line.
“Did I interrupt?” Comes the snarky voice of Tony on the other end.
“Why are you calling, Stark?”
“I sent Natasha to come get you guys, she’ll be there in a few hours.”
I end the call without a goodbye and look to the soldier piercing me with his blue eyes.
“I’m sorry.” He just chuckles and places a light kiss to my forehead.
“We’d better get dressed.” He muses a playful smirk on his face.
“To be continued, Кукла.”


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Sometimes, you think you can connect to someone who you later realize you’re only attached to because they fill sort of emptiness that needs to be taken care of. This connection can reach to great lengths from playful dates around the block to sudden heated bedroom games under the covers. I never knew I, myself was doing it until I saw her. I always announced that I liked someone anonymous to avoid any further confrontation about my love life. I finally had my anonymous person.

I was a house party thrown by a close friend and was sharing a drink with Olivia, a former fling who I had been hanging a lot with recently. She was one of the few people I was comfortable around and no matter what people said, I still enjoyed her company and it sort of shifted into a whole new direction when I noticed her acting different. All of a sudden, she always wanted to be around me and it got a little overwhelming. I was never one to know to handle someone’s feelings so I didn’t give myself any other choice but to keep whatever it is she thought this was, going. We were having what I thought was a stifling conversation when she leaned in and kissed me. With no warning, just went straight for it. I pulled away, not even a second later and looked puzzled into her eyes as she looked back at me in dismay. “I’m sorry.” She muttered and walked away, flustered.

I sighed and took giant swig from my beer when I felt a forceful thump against my back, pushing me forward, leaning on the skinny table beside me for stability. Feminine giggles heard behind me as I saw another friend of mine with a new girl I hadn’t recognized but was responsible for breaking me out of trance from her clumsy actions. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” She spoke, unable to contain herself. Her smile was the first thing I noticed, it was different; Her eyes, with a hint of nervous and unamusement. “Sorry Cal.” my friend, Blaire, pat my upper arm, smiling and ran off with the mysterious brunette, who quickly turned her gaze back at me and back. I downed more of my drink, furrowing my eyebrows and headed slowly in their direction. I momentarily made small conversation with people along the way so I wouldn’t make it too obvious I was following her. I tried to forget her but she kept reappearing wherever I went. With every person I spoke to, eye contact was rarely given because I could not stop looking at her. Her face was now plastered in my mind and so was her smile. She was definitely not afraid to let it stretch across her face. Her nose crinkled and she leaned slightly forward, sometimes covering her mouth to hide her insane smile. Before I knew it, the person whom I was supposed to be engaging in a conversation with was gone. I should’ve expected that.

My beer bottle was conveniently empty and I approached the table with the cooler in which they were provided and popped off the cap without an opener with my savvy skills. “Excuse me.” That familiar voice spoke behind me. She gave me that smile, for some reason, made me feel so different inside. I smiled back and stepped aside as she reached into the cooler and retrieved a bottle. Her body’s searching motions made me assume she was looking for a bottle opener and I turned momentarily to set my own bottle down to help her in attempt to potentially start a conversation. “Hey, I can open that for you, if you’d-” Pop “-like,” I chuckled, still finishing my offer to see her sipping from her self opened bottle already. “Thank you, but I think I’m all set.” She smiled through her teeth and turned to walk away. My first thought was what just happened as if it wasn’t simple enough. I furrowed my eyebrows and sat down. I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw Olivia standing there, fiddling her fingers.

“Oh hey…” “Cal, about what happened earlier tonight,” “You know what, don’t even mention it. We don’t have to dive into that. We both know we had a little too much to drink and shit happens.” Her eyes narrowed slowly down, sulking. “It’s alright.” I gave a small smile, patting her arm and her walking away. I broke out my trance once again as I felt a tap on the opposite shoulder. “excuse me… you must really like beer to always be blocking this cooler,” the voice spoke sarcastically. “I could say the same about you, you can really ingest a bottle,” “Actually, it’s for Blaire.” “What? Blaire can’t walk anymore and help herself like a big girl now?” I said shaking my head in Blaire’s direction while she stuck the middle finger at me grinning. She, however, smiled politely and shook her head. “Well, she can’t really open a bottle quite yet so I guess that’s why she has me.” Pop She set the water bottle I was drinking aside and tossed the beer cap in the basket. “Where did you learn how to do that?” “It’s an ancient technique.” “And I thought I was the only one who conquered the bottle cap trick.” “You must be Calum.” I blinked, taken back by her sudden knowledge of who I was. “I’m sorry, have we met?” I furrowed my eyebrows at her. “Uh no, Blaire just mentions who her friends are casually. She refers to you as, um, beer boy? And I assumed that meant it was cause of something like this.” “Nice. You know me, who are you?” “Y/N.” I held out my hand to shake hers and for the first time, I was feeling awkward around a stranger. “Thanks Y/N. I’m glad I can count on you.” Blaire bumped her shoulder, taking the bottle from her. “So… Have you met-” “Yeah, Blaire you’re about 4 minutes late. Thanks for trying though.” I sipped my beer, shaking my head. “Beer boy?” She broke out laughing. “Sorry I didn’t think that’d come up but since it did, now I know you guys talked plenty. I hate to break this up but our ride is outside sooo, I’ll catch you later.” She fist bumped me, clicking her teeth and pulled her away as she gave that familiar soft smile and mouthed a goodbye. I sat back down and started clearing bottles out of courtesy and I noticed a black rubber object peeking from between a few empty bottles. I pulled it out and saw it was a miniature bottle opener attached to few keys. I looked them over and saw Y/N scribbled onto the handle in silver ink. That little sneak. I quickly slid it into my coat pocket and with a smirk and walked away before anyone saw.

Imagine Chris introducing you to your son for the first time.

A/N: Part 5 already? Man, time flies when you’re having fun. Stay tuned for the epilogue. Here are the links to the previous parts: (Memory Lane - Part 1/Part2/Part3/Part 4) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist). This one is super cute if I say so myself. 💕

You could barely remember the labor experience when you woke from your nap, or anything for that matter. You could remember the pain, of course, that was still there but it had subsided sufficiently since the birth of your son. You could remember your water breaking at home because of the silly argument you had with Chris, and him rushing you to the hospital whilst apologizing the entire drive there. You smiled to yourself when you thought about it; you had the best husband even though he got a little messy sometimes.

“Knock knock,” you heard your mom’s voice and you looked up dazedly. “Hey sweetheart,” she smiled at you and you mirrored it. “How are you feeling?” She asked as she entered your ward; she sat down on an empty chair and took one of your hands in hers.

“Glad I’m not pregnant anymore,” you responded with a soft chuckle and she chuckled in response. “I don’t know how you did it, Mom. That was-” you shook your head in disbelief, “one of the most painful experiences of my entire life.” She squeezed your hand gently, chuckling. “I know I said I’d think about having a girl, but I don’t think I want to do that ever again.”

“You will,” she disagreed with a nod. “Not now, but you will. Believe me, honey. Parenthood is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. When you see your baby, you’ll understand that the pain is worth everything.” She pressed a soft kiss to the back of your hand and you smiled. “He’s beautiful, by the way.” She told you and your smile grew wider.

“Is Chris with him?”

“Did you really expect him to be anywhere else?” She responded and you chuckled. “Have the two of you decided on a name? I remember both of you saying that you didn’t want to think about it until you saw the baby, but surely there’s been some discussion on possible names.”

You shook your head in response because there hasn’t been. Sure there were names you both liked, but there was never one that either of you had your mind set on. Chris didn’t see the point of naming a child he hadn’t yet met, and to be honest- neither did you. When you wrote, you’d always create a character before you gave that character a name; a name was nothing if it didn’t fit the personality. Despite your need to control things, you quite liked the spontaneity of things which was one of the many reasons Chris fell in-love with you.

“We’ll decide when we decide,” you told her and she nodded. “Where’s Dad?” You asked but before she could answer you, you asked another question. “And did Chris call Lisa and Bob yet? They were meant to drive down for the due date but- well,” you chuckled. “Their son pissed me off so much that their grandson came early.”

Your mom laughed then said, “your dad’s getting some coffee, and Lisa and Bob are on their way as we speak. So are your brothers, and Chris’ siblings, and their families. Everyone’s been informed about the sudden birth, don’t worry. We’ve handled all the details, you just relax.”

“I don’t think relaxing is in her wheelhouse,” you heard Chris’ voice and you immediately smiled. You looked up and felt your heart skip a beat when you realized he was with a nurse and your baby. “We thought you might like to meet your son.” He said as he carefully pushed the baby cot over. “Hate to say it but- he’s the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen.”

“That’s ‘cause you didn’t see your wife when she was a baby,” your mom commented and Chris chuckled. “Okay, we’ll leave you two to get aquatinted with your son.” She beckoned the nurse out with her as she started to make her leave. “Pick a good name, no Jr. situation please.” You and Chris laughed softly at that, not wanting to scare the baby. “We’re better than that.” With that, she closed the door behind her.

“Before I pick him up, first things first.” He leaned over and gently caressed your face, pressing his lips against yours; you smiled and kissed him back. “I am so proud of you, Y/N, and I don’t think I have ever loved you more. You were so strong and beautiful and- I am just-” he cut himself off, glancing at your son, “we’re just the luckiest guys in the world to have you in our lives.”

“You’re just trying to make up for the fact that you basically pushed me into labor,” you giggled and he chuckled. “I can’t even give birth at a time that I want, and you call me controlling and manipulative.” You teased and his smile widened.

“You did say you were sick of being pregnant, and my job as your husband is to make your life easier so- I guess you’re welcome.” He quipped and you giggled, slapping his arm ever so gently. “Alright,” he chuckled. “Are you ready to meet your son? We really need you to because we need to decide on a name. I kinda have one in my head but- I want to see what you think of when you look at him.”

“Okay,” you nodded and Chris helped you sit up before gently lifting your baby boy out of the plastic cot. He sat down on the edge of your bed, just beside you and carefully passed the life you’d just given birth to over to you. You felt tears well in your eyes upon looking at his tiny face, he looked up at you with eyes the same shade as his father’s and smiled for the first time. “He’s beautiful, Chris.”

“Just like you,” Chris kissed the side of your head.

You looked down at your baby, gently swaying him back and forth as you thought about his name. His eyes reminded you of Chris, yes, but they also reminded you of the day Chris took you camping for the first time. It was near the Jackson River, he’d taken you out on the canoe just as the sun was rising over the water which was as beautiful a blue as your son’s eyes. You looked at him and all you could remember was that day, the day Chris took you out of your comfort zone without removing the feeling of warmth and safety while doing so. But that was what Chris did, and was incredibly good at; he challenged you and changed you for the better. Your son was the perfect example because without Chris- you would have never birthed this beautiful and angelic baby boy, and set out to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

“What are you thinking?” Chris asked, wrapping an arm around you.

“Do you remember that day you took me out camping?” You asked, not tearing your eyes away from your son. You felt Chris nod and you continued, “it was my first time out in the woods and I was a little nervous about it.”

“A little?” He chuckled softly. “Sweetheart, you were having anxiety attacks.” You chuckled softly in response. “But I also remember you telling me that I made you feel safe despite how unsafe you felt out there.”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “And you took me out on the canoe just before sunrise and we watched as it rose over the water.” Chris nodded again, smiling as he reminisced. “I fell in-love with you that trip, like- head over heels in-love with you.”

“Really, that trip?” He raised an eyebrow. “But you didn’t say anything, and that was- way before Disney World when I spilled the beans. Were you waiting for me to say it first?” He teased and you chuckled softly.

“Well, I didn’t want to scare you off.”

“Please,” he chuckled. “If you’d told me then, I would have told you the feeling was mutual. Sweetheart, I was in-love with you after our first date. I just tried to play it cool because I didn’t want to scare you off. Honestly- I thought you were going to run after the camping thing, your face when we got to the campsite was pretty priceless.”

“Shut up,” you giggled.

“Why are you bringing that trip up?” Chris quizzed; there was a hint of curiosity and hope in his voice because he too thought about that trip when he looked at his son for the first time. That trip was the one that gave Chris a glimpse of the life he could have with you, where he would constantly challenge you and lift you out of your comfort zone while making you feel as loved and as safe as possible. He fell in-love with you too, that trip, because he saw how hard you tried for him despite how much you clearly hated camping.

“Because when I look at our baby, I think of that trip.” You glanced at Chris and he smiled when you did. “He is here because of you, of what you’re capable of making me do. That trip was the first time I did anything out of my comfort zone for a guy, you are the first guy who made me want to leave my comfort zone.”

“And you are the first girl who has tried so hard for me,” he responded. “You know something, Y/N? You know why we work?” Your facials prompted a continuation. “Because despite our differences, we are one in the same. I thought about that trip when I saw him too,” he told you and you smiled. “Does this mean we’ve decided on a name?”

“Jackson River Evans,” you said with a smile and a nod.

“I love it,” you felt your husband kiss the top of your head. “And I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too,” you turned and kissed him, smiling against his lips. “And we love you, Jack.” You whispered to your son when you broke the kiss, leaning into your husband’s loving arms. “God, he’s so perfect.” You said to Chris and he nodded, smiling. “Jack,” you smiled and cradled the small bundle of joy closer to your chest.

“You know what I just realized?” Chris quizzed then chuckled softly as he said, “both Chris Pratt and I now both have a son named Jack.” The two of you laughed softly at that. “Chris Evans, Jack Evans. Chris Pratt, Jack Pratt. Well-” he chuckled. “I better call Hemsworth to tell him he’s got to have another son and name him Jack, God knows Hollywood needs another Evans-Pratt-Hemsworth trio.”

“You’re such a dork,” you giggled.

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Negan Imagine 

Summary: Negan flirts with you repeatedly. But never asked you to be his wife, until now.

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Warning: Swearing 

Negan x Reader

“Well, hello Y/N” you could hear the smug voice of negan directly behind you. You rolled your eyes without him noticing. You were in the sanctuary canteen collecting your food. “Y/N…” he whispered your name like a lullaby into your ear. “Why isn’t my lovely lady speaking?” Your eyes rolled so far back into your head, you thought you lost them.

“I’m not ‘your’ lady” you turned and was shocked to see how close he was to you. He grinned loving how annoyed you were, you knew he loved winding you up. 

“Keep your sexy knickers on!” he raised his eyebrows and all his men laughed.

“Like you’ve ever seen or will see my knickers.” You made sure his men heard, and they did. They roared with laughter as you took your food and stormed out. Negan gave them a death glare and they immediately stopped.

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C’mon In

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: C’mon In

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,116

Warnings: talk of abuse, angst, fluff, hurt/comfort

A/N: I know it’s late, but I was easily convinced to post this tonight. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

This was requested by anon: I’d like to request a Pride imagine of the reader going to Pride after their ex beat them and Pride cleaning the reader up and comforting them.

It was late at night and Pride was walking through the squad room.  He stopped to look at your desk.  You had been on edge lately and he was worried about you.  Earlier in the day, you had jumped at his touch.  It broke Pride’s heart.  As much as he wanted to know what was going on, he didn’t want to pry.

“Pride,” you squeaked, standing in the entrance to the office.  You were holding your arms, your keys in your hands.  “I need your help…”

When the agent peered over at you, his eyes grew wide.  You were covered in cuts and bruises.  Your nose and lip were bloody and there was a cut on your forehead.  It didn’t look too deep, fortunately for you.

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Congratulations everyone! It’s been a month since the last episode, and we’re all still here - and better news yet, week 5 marks the half way point of our #shaumondays schedule, and half way to season 2B of Shadowhunters! This week, we’re going back into the unknown, and we can’t wait to see you take on the challenge of:


There’s a lot of opportunities in this one, and remember, there’s no rules on settings or what we expect as long as it fits the theme. Maybe someone takes a trip to Disney World? Maybe someone runs a Disney Movie Marathon? Do our gang end up tangling with characters we know so well? Or maybe it’s time to do a full crossover AU? You decide!

The usual reminders apply: make sure you tag your work as #shaumondays in the first five tags and tag any triggers your work might contain. If you can tag any otps and brotps, that would also help us out with sorting!  Don’t forget if something goes missing, you can @ tag us, or just drop us an ask and let us know! 

We accept all types of fanworks, but please remember all works should be created originally by you! We love seeing what you guys create and watching this blog fill up each week, so please keep your enthusiasm going! We’re nearly there! If you’re in need of some ideas, don’t forget to check under the cut!

If you have questions, just drop us an ask here and remember we have an ao3 collection for all your fics if you want to add them or just take a look at previous creations. Don’t forgot to whistle while you work!

Love, the SHAUMondays squad

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I’m gonna drop some dark and depressing headcanon on y’all, so gear up. While I feel the writers didn’t do the best job with Blaine’s amnesia story, I have come to understand why he would continue faking it, from a character standpoint.

It’s pretty clear that aside from his grandfather, Blaine had no emotional support system or love in his family. I also don’t believe he had any real friends. Sure he acts friendly with those who work under him, but they are all too quick to turn on him when he loses his memory. They take advantage of him, lying to him and keeping secrets. Ultimately, they are criminals and their loyalty is to the almighty dollar.

Liv and the others always saw him as the bad guy, someone they couldn’t trust but had to tolerate because he fed Seattle’s zombies. Yet when he lost his memory, they didn’t lie to him or take advantage of him. They told him the truth about who he was and what he did to them. I think Blaine liked that brutal honesty, and I think for him it made the times they did trust him all the more meaningful. These were people who saw the worst in him and were still willing to come support him when he did his set at the lounge. He got his first taste of genuine friendship.

So when he told Liv he was afraid of remembering, I think that was still true. He was afraid that him remembering who he was would destroy the friendships he was building. Being himself only ever made people either not care for him or leave him in some way (his grandfather, his mother, Kurt Cobain), so he kept pretending to be this other person. His new self had a job that he earned through talent alone, a woman who was happy with him, people who trusted him… He was afraid that once he told the truth, all of that would be gone.

And I think this scene punctuates that fear being realized. That look on his face when it hits him that no one will ever see him as anything more than a murderer and liar. And knowing that he’s once again lost something important to him simply by being Blaine.

Steve Rogers Imagine: Need You
Words: 1.1K
Masterlist: x

Before you and Steve were ever in a relationship, he would treat you with the highest amount of respect, more than the others, he would do things for you that he wouldn’t do for the others, he would give you cute nicknames and just in general treat you like a queen. He was honestly the nicest man you had ever met. Everyone would tease him calling him whipped and completely in love but Steve didn’t care, he just simply told them he knew how to treat a lady. Which was true.

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Summary: After delivering the map to the Resistance, you are sent on another mission to bring back Luke Skywalker. During your trip, you are informed the First Order has attacked the Resistance base and you are quick to return back. Once at the base, you are surrounded and knocked out, only to wake up somewhere you wish you hadn’t be. And the reasoning? Execution.

A/N: So, as requested by some of you, I decided to add another part to transpose seeing as I actually liked the first part and had come up with something for part two. Like mentioned before, this is a sort of emperor/cowboy bebop au that is still set in the star wars universe (confusing, I know). Anyways, enjoy and feedback is welcomed!

Word Count: 6.4K+

Warning: Mentions of death/blood

Standing off to a side, eyeing your bruised knuckles and bloody hand, you let out a breath. The image of the blood dripping down Kylo’s face haunted you, the fresh wound the dressed his skin made your skin crawl. You never intended to cut half of his face open with the knife, but you had.

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Elijah Mikaelson

Prompt - I was a little shithead in heaven and as a punishment I now have to be your guardian angel but you hate me.


Being an angel was fun, you know the flying around, talking to my brothers and sisters and causing mayhem. Well that was until I pushed my father a bit to far. I was a little shit and may have changed someone’s heaven to be well, hell. Now I’m a guardian angel for a family.

The Mikaelson family travelled from the old world to the new world many years ago. I hate the fact that I have to just follow this family around for the rest of their lives. Being super angry at everything didn’t want the Mikaelsons to see me ever so I made my self ‘invisible’. I’m not actually invisible but to all earth creatures I want to not see me can’t. I was actually extremely good at my job and I kept the Mikaelson children safe for a very long time.

I was sitting on a tree one morning when I heard a scream emanate from underneath it. Flying to the ground I see a swarm of village people coming towards the centre of the village. Flying up so I could be above the hoards, I almost fell when I saw what happened. Henrik Mikaelson lay dead on the muddy floor, four large gashes apparent on his chest - the deep wounds showed his rib bones and internal organs. My eyes began to water and I covered my mouth to stop from making any sound. I watched as Mikael made his way through the crowd and began to scream at Klaus. Elijah and Rebekah tried to stop him from hurting Klaus but Mikael screamed at them also. I wished I could do something but I must only guide and guard them, I can never interact with them. Not that that was a proper rule but it was the rule I had been set until I realised what I had really done wrong. I pretty much had to realize that changing people’s future and heavens or hells is an extremely bad thing because it can damage the plan that my Father had set in place for them. I lowered myself to the centre of the crowd where Mikael was continuing to abuse his son. I reached my hand out and placed it on his back, chanting a small verse I had managed to stop him from going any further, he stood up straight and left, going back to his hut.

That night I sat on the branch once more and pondered. I stared into the sky watching the stars overhead. I had finally come to terms with being the Mikaelson children’s guardian angel. I spoke quietly to my Father, though it felt like talking to a brick wall when I had no answer from him. I sighed,
“Please Father, help me. Give me something.”

Stretching my wings I flew to the ground and began to walk towards the Mikaelson’s hut. When I reached the door I noticed that it was slightly ajar. Pushing my way in I saw every child of the Mikaelson family slumped on the ground with blood pooling around them from their chests. I gasped, my eyes welled with tears and I prayed that this wasn’t the end for them. I just came to terms with helping them and now they’re all dead. A gasp echoed around the room and I turned to see the eldest Mikaelson sitting up in the corner of the room. Finn looked around at his brothers and sisters, he started to cry when one by one each child shot up from the floor. Mikael and Esther then walked into the room, he grabbed a dagger and slit his wrist. Grabbing the back of Rebekah’s head be held his bloodied wrist to her mouth. I stood shocked as she began to groan and drink from him, he did the same with each child.

I stayed as Esther explained their new lives, they had been turned into vampires, the first of their species. Immortals, doomed to live for rest of time, an unnatural blood lust would consume them forever and they had to feed from humans in order to live. They also could not go in the sunlight otherwise they would burn to death, they would become nothing but ashes. I wept for them that night. These children had so much to live for and now they are all cursed. I was now cursed also, I had to follow them for the rest of time, I had to protect them from the evils of the world, I was stuck on Earth indefinitely.

Days passed and the children’s mother gave them a ring that allowed them to walk in the day like normal people but they could no longer enter the homes of the once welcoming villagers, they had to be given permission to enter them. One fateful day Klaus made a kill, his first kill, but in a sick turn of events he began to change, his body broke and his face contorted. It was at this moment that I realised he was part werewolf. His father was enraged by this, Klaus was not his son and he was now a hybrid. With the help of Esther, Mikael managed to block out Klaus’s werewolf side with a curse. Thus also the birth of the doppelgänger.

Many days later Klaus killed his mother and Mikael set out to destroy each of his children. The Mikaelsons mostly scattered, though Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah decided to stay together forever and always. I also promised them I would protect them all forever and always, though it was more of a promise to myself as they couldn’t hear or see me. I felt that I should leave it that way.

Centuries passed, betrayal upon betrayal happened and coffins were built. I tried to help each Mikaelson but their own actions could not be changed. Over the years I watched the loves and losses of each child, I watched them cry and laugh, but most importantly I watched them grow. I watched Elijah and Klaus become handsome more and more each day and young Rebekah become beautiful. I watched Finn and Kol as they lay decimated in boxes for years upon years. Over the years I found myself drawn to the second oldest Mikaelson, I was captured by Elijah’s dedication and nobility, his way of caring and helping his siblings and of course his charming features. It hurt whenever he fell in love, the amount of love he had for them was truly amazing and I longed for those same feelings to be given to me but I never showed myself to him, to any of them.

After a millennia of watching, caring and guarding the Mikaelson children I had finally reached the moment I had been waiting for. The day that all of them were back together again, and though I new it wouldn’t last long I cherished this moment. Their mother was also back and they had been persuaded into hosting a very famous Mikaelson Ball. Nearly the whole town of Mystic Falls were invited and they all showed up. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as a familiar face walked through the doors, the doppelgänger, this time her name was Elena Gilbert. She looked exactly like the rest of them before her, stunning. I wondered if Elijah and Klaus would fall for this one also, but that thought was short lived when she was approached by two young men. I walked closer to them so that I could see their faces, oh, I thought, these are the Salvatore brothers. The ones that fell for Katherine over a century and a half ago.

A glass being tapped lightly brought my attention to the stairs, all the Mikaelsons were standing together with their mother not too far off. Elijah began a small speech and everyone clapped when he had finished, he asked everyone to enter the ballroom for the first dance of the night. I watched as Esther climbed back up the stairs instead of joining in the festivities. Curious I flew up to the top floor and followed her to the furthest room in the house. I watched as she began to set up for what looked like a spell, a large piece of parchment lay in front of her each of the Mikaelson children’s names were inscribed in Viking runes upon it. A small time passed when the doppelgänger entered the room escorted by Finn, Esther seemed pleased with her appearance and welcomed her warmly. I never liked Esther she made the Mikaelsons what they are and then wanted then killed. But it was what she said next that shocked me the most.

“I wish to bind my children with your blood and kill them all, Finn will be the sacrifice and they will all die. At first Elena was speechless, I was also, then Elena agreed to it, she said she would help get rid of them. Anger filled me, there was no way I was going to let this happen. I had spent to long with these children and they were not going to die like this. Finn, I could care less about now, if he wished to die then I would let that happen. He could go to hell, he would get along nicely with my brother down there.

The ritual was about to take place, Finn was ready to be sacrificed and Esther was currently channeling energy from the place that she was killed. I flew overhead as the Mikaelsons and Salvatores headed towards her. I knew that I would have to get involved but I was torn because I would break my rule about not being visible. They reached their destination and began to battle it out against her, the group didn’t get very far because of the sheer amount of power that Esther had.

The battle seemed lost when the group all lay on the ground in agony. I knew then what my decision was, I was sent here to guard and protect the Mikaelson children and that is what I had to do, even if it was against their own mother. Flying to the ground I positioned myself in front of the injured vampires and stood tall. Finally I made myself visible, for the first time in history someone was going to see me, the Angel (y/n). Standing my ground I looked towards Esther she seemed shocked that I came from nowhere. My true form took my vessels place and bright light shine around the open plain. My voice shook the ground around me as I spoke, "Esther, you have gone against the ways of the Earth and Heaven. You are no longer fit to walk this plain, by the grace of my Father you are hereby banished from the realm of Earth and all your power is to be stripped from you.”

My true form diminished into my vessel and with one snap of my fingers she was dead, her body collapsed to the ground. Finn ran to her side but the deed was done. She was gone from Earth, hopefully for good. My wings were still visible to the others that now surrounded me, I folded them back in towards my body and they vanished from sight. I looked around to see the group staring at me, I laughed slightly at their attempt to intimidate me. The eldest Salvatore spoke up first, his voice sarcastic,

“Should we praise you now oh graceful one, for you banished our foes.” I cocked my head to one side,

“There is no need to thank me, I was protecting the Mikaelsons as I have done for over one thousand years, you are lucky I have spared you.”

“If you have protected us for this long how come we are only seeing you now?” the youngest Mikaelson questioned.

“I am here because you all would have died and then I would simply be a messenger once more. All this questioning and none of you have asked who I am as of yet.”

“That is because we are trying to figure out what you are sweetheart.”

“My dear Niklaus, I can tell you but you will not believe me.”

“We’ve seen plenty of strange creature throughout our lives, I assure you that you will not shock us.”

“Rebekah love, I must say that you really have grown into a beautiful woman. But if you insist, I am (y/n), guardian of the Mikaelson children and controller of the elements, I am an angel of the Lord.”

The shocked faces that now surrounded me made me laugh. That was until I remembered that I would have to wipe their memories and become 'invisible’ once more. My face dropped into a sad smile and a tear slid down my cheek. A large hand placed itself on my shoulder and I looked up to see that handsome face I had grown to love.

“My dear, why are you so sad to have told us what you are?”

“Because I must remove this memory from you and become invisible to you once again Elijah.”

“Oh but you can’t, you have been alone for so long, you can’t leave us now!” The blonde original yelled, a small tear running down her face. She ran to me and wrapped her arms around me. I was shocked, it never crossed my mind that they would care for me even though they had never met me until now. I loved each of the Mikaelson children and it was apparent that they loved me, somewhat, too. My heart ached at the thought of leaving them.

“I-I guess I can stay for a little while, maybe you can get to know me some as I know everything about you,” I smiled as I looked at the girls face, “I also need to for shopping, I’m sure you can help me with that.” The blonde vampire squealed and squeezed me tight in a hug.

“Rebekah, love, don’t kill the poor girl.” I looked over to Klaus and smiled. It was at that moment that I realised that they really did care for me. Rebekah let go and ran to her brothers side. I knew then that I had to stay with them, they were family to me and I couldn’t just leave them.

A few months passed and I had stayed with the Mikaelsons, they welcomed me freely into their home and cared for me as family, all except one, Elijah. The now oldest Mikaelson seemed to detest my presence and always left the room when I entered or glared at me when I spoke. Each time it happened it felt like a blow to my heart. The only Earth creature I had ever truly loved hated me, with such a burning passion that it felt as if I was on fire myself.

I entered the kitchen one morning to find Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah there, I greeted him good morning cheerfully but he just glared at me and left the room. I sighed once again hurt by his utter disgust for me.

“You should go talk to him you know,” Klaus stated.

“I agree with my brother, talk to him or you will be miserable forever. Especially when you love him so much.”

“Rebekah! I do not love Eli-”

“Of course you do love, it’s so obvious it pains me to see you hurt,” Klaus cut it, I sighed again.

“Fine. I’ll talk to him.”

With that I exited the kitchen and wandered up the stairs to try and find Elijah. I reached his room and knocked gently on the door. A faint come in could’ve heard from the other side. Opening the door I entered the room,

“Look Elijah, I get that you hate me and so if you wish for me to leave your family alone and go back to just watching I will.” A tear slipped down my cheek at the thought of leaving them but I lifted my head back up, “actually no. If you wish to hate me, so be it. I love your siblings, they are my family and I will never let them go.”

“They are not your family, they are mine. You are just in the way, you must leave. I will not tell you again.”



“No. I will stay, I love them and you will not get in the way of that.”

“You are so infuriating! They do not want you here! They are just feeling bad for you because you’ve been alone for so long, they don’t actually care for you at all.”

“How the mighty fall Elijah, I thought you were noble! I fell in love with you a thousand years ago because of those exact traits but now I see that you are a hateful and childish coward!”

In a flash I was pressed against a wall, Elijah’s hands on either side of my head, his body trapping mine against the wall and a terrifying look on his face.

“Look Elijah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, I’ll leave. I swear you ha-,” warm lips pressed against mine stopped that sentence. A passion I have never known flowed through his lips to mine. When I realised what was really happening I linked my arms around his neck as his gripped my head and hip. He pushed me further against the wall as his body became flush with mine. His tongue swiped against my bottom lip asking for entrance. Granting him that our tongues fought for dominance and of course he won.

Pulling away from our foreheads rested against each others. I looked up at him, bringing my hand around to his face I slapped him, hard.

“You dick! You can’t just say you hate me and want me to leave and the kiss me! What in my Fathers name do you think you’re doing?”

“(Y/N), I am so sorry for the pain and hurt I have caused you. I never intended to bring you such harm, I regret all of it. I in fact feel the opposite way for you than how I have been acting. I love you so much and understand if you do not accept the apology I have given you.”

“I hate you so much,” his eyes flashed with hurt but I smiled, “I just love you more. Come here you idiot.” I laughed and grabbed his face kissing him once more. When we pulled away again for breath I kissed his cheek.

“I love you (y/n), always and forever.”

“I’ll love you always and forever Elijah.”


The end! Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been sick and catching up with school work and shit so yeah. Hope you like it. Sorry the format is different, I did this on my phone so it’s a bit odd.

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Jonathan Toews

A/N: (Y/N) = your name, (Y/F/N) = your first name, (Y/L/N) = your last name

Hope you enjoy ! :)

“What are you looking at?” I questioned my boyfriend of 3 years, Jonathan Toews, Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks.

“My beautiful girlfriend”. He said with a smirk.

“That I want to kiss so badly right now”. He said and after placed a kiss on my mouth.

“So what are we going to do today?” I asked Jonny.

“I was thinking we could go skating”. Jonny said.

“I don’t know how to skate”. I said.

“I can teach you”. He said as a smile crept onto his face.

“You’d just love that won’t you, seeing me not being able to do something that you can”. I say as I cross my arms over my chest. 

“I sure would, but what I would love more is to teach you how to skate so we can skate together, now go get dressed, I wanna go”. Jonny said.

“Fine”. I said as I got off the couch and walked into our room to change into clothes suitable for skating. I put on my black leggings and one of Jonny’s Blackhawks sweatshirts and I wore my red converses, I did my makeup and put my hair into a ponytail. I walked out of the room and saw Jonny standing in front of me.

“You know I love it when you wear my clothes”. He said as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“I know you do” I said as I stuck my hands into the back pockets of his jeans and pulled out his keys.

“It’s my turn to drive” I say as I walked out the door.

“No you don’t, you drove last time” He said as he picked me up from behind as I squirmed in his grasped.

“Put me down!” I say (more like yelled).

“Only if you give me the keys”. He says as his grip tightens.

“Fine! Fine! you get to drive”. I say as I placed the keys in Jonny’s hands as he lets go of me.

He grabs my hand and holds it in his own. “I love you, (Y/N)” He says.

“I love you too, Toews” I say.


About a half an hour later we arrived at the Blackhawks arena. Jonny grabbed the bag with the skates in it from the back. He held my hands as we walked into the arena. We made our way down the familiar route to the locker room. He set down the bag and we grabbed our skates and started to tie them. 

“Make sure to tie them tight, (Y/N)”. Jonny reminded me.

“I know that already”. I said looking over at him and of course he was already done tying his.

“You want me to help you?” He asks.

“No, I’m good”. I say focusing on tying my skates instead of looking at my insanely adorable boyfriend, who I desperately want to look at. 

I finished tying my skates and we made our way over to the ice. Jonny had gone onto the ice first and then helped me on. He was holding my hands and making sure that  I didn’t fall on my face.

“Don’t look at your feet”. He instructed me.

“What am I supposed to look at then!”. I said.

“Look at me, (Y/N)”. Jonny says.

“I’ll get distracted and fall if I look at you”. I say not looking up from my feet.

“No you won’t and why would you”. He said with a laugh.

A blush starts to form on my face.

“Do I still make you nervous” He said.

“A little bit”. I say as my face gets redder and I feel tears starting  to form in my eyes.

“Why, (Y/N)?” He questions.

“Your Jonathan Toews, Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks and I’m (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N), a totally nobody who dating a somebody”. I say.

“Well how would you like to be (Y/N) Toews, wife of the Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, a somebody married to a somebody”. He says as he gets on his knees in front of me. I put my hand over my mouth and my face was fully red and tears were in my eyes.

“Yes! Yes! A thousand time yes!”. I say with the biggest smile I’ve ever smiled. Jonny slips the ring onto my hand and then gets up and hugs and kisses me.

“You get that on video, Kaner!” He shouts at Patrick Kane, who emerges from behind the seats.

“Sure did!” He yells back.

“Now there’s something to show our future children”. He says smiling making my smile get bigger.

A/N: Hope you liked it! Requests are open! :)

REQUEST: If you would do one where the reader is sent into the past and meets pre-serum Steve and just thinks “shit he is even cuter small”


“Stark! It’s six in the morning! This better be worth it!”

You rubbed your eyes and stifled a yawn. You felt like you had just fallen asleep when Tony had F.R.I.D.A.Y. wake you up from your slumber. He had requested for you to meet him in his lab.

Tony was tinkering with a huge metal box that was a few feet taller than he was.

“It will be my sleepy friend. You remember how I told you that I was getting closer to finishing my time machine? Well it’s done.”

That woke you up.

When Tony told you that he was building a time machine, you knew that if anyone could make one it was him. He had been working on it secretly for the past month. He told you that if he was able to succeed with it, you would be the first one to try it. You were a little skeptical to be the first one to test it but you trusted Tony.

“Is it safe?”

“Is my name Tony Stark?” He smirked.

“That didn’t answer my question.”

Tony rolled his eyes a little, “Of course it’s safe! I’m 90% sure.”


“Okay, I’m 100% sure. Now, are you ready to go back in time?”

You looked down at the purple pajama bottoms you were wearing, “Uh, not like this! Give me ten minutes.”

You hurried out of the lab and back to your room where you changed into jeans and a plain white shirt. You slipped on some sneakers and threw your hair into a ponytail before going back to the lab.

Tony was pressing some buttons on the machine when you made it back in the lab. He handed you a silver bracelet with a red button on it, “Press this when you are ready to come back. It will transfer you to the platform over there where I will be there waiting for your safe return.” He had a sly smile on his face that you didn’t question. The door to the machine opened and he gestured for you to step inside.

“If something happens to me, just know that I will come back as a ghost and haunt your ass.” You warned him.

Tony closed the door behind you. There was a small glass window that allowed you to see.

“Where are you sending me?” You asked him as you saw him typing something on the control panel a few feet away.

“You’ll see. I’m sure you’ll recognize a few faces! See you soon!”

Before you could say anything the machine started and you instantly felt like you were falling. Your stomach felt like it was in your throat and everything was black.

The next thing you know, you are literally falling from the sky and onto concrete. You landed on your left side and rolled onto your back. Filling you lungs with air, you were relieved that the experience was over.

You sat up once you were breathing normally and looked around. You were in an alley with two large brick buildings surrounding you.

You got up slowly and brushed the dirt off of your jeans. You didn’t know where you were or what time period. You could faintly hear cars and the sounds of people. You exited the alley and saw some stores along the street. You didn’t recognize any of them.

The people were all dressed differently. Women were in dresses and skirts and men walked around in suits. Kids ran up and down the streets.

You were completely out of place and earning some looks from strangers around you. You walked down the street a little before ducking into another alley.

You were about to press the button on the bracelet Tony gave you when you heard something from the end of the alley. Walking towards the noise, you made sure to be as quiet as you could since you didn’t know what to expect.

That’s when you saw him.


Well, not the Steve you were used to seeing everyday. It was pre-serum Steve who was currently getting his ass kicked by a guy twice his size.

You hurried over, “Hey!”

The tall, blonde guy turned and looked at you, “What do you want?!”

“Pick on someone your own size!”

“This kid was asking for it. Be a good dame and walk away.” The guy told you before turning back at Steve. He raised his arm to punch him again when you hurried and grabbed his arm throwing him off balance.

He looked at you, “I said walk–”

The guy didn’t have the chance to finish his sentence before you punched him as hard as you could on the nose. Blood squirted out of it and the sound of this nose breaking was clear to everyone.

His hands went to his face,“ What the hell?!”

You stepped on his foot making him crouch down. He was the same height as you now. “Like I said, pick on someone your own size.”

The guy hurried off. You turned and saw Steve was looking at you curiously, “I’ve never seen you around before.”

“I’m new to the area.”

He looked at your clothes and then back at you, “You’re dressed…..differently.”

“Oh yeah. These are uh.. new.”

He let it go, “Thank you for what you did. I hope you didn’t hurt your hand when you punched him.”

You looked down at your hand, “I’m good. Trust me, I’ve done worse.”

Steve chuckled. It was so weird seeing him like he was before he was experimented on. You thought that he was still as cute as he was in the present. If only he knew what his future had in store for him. You couldn’t tell him anything in fear that it could mess things up when you returned.

“What’s your name?” He asked you.

“Uh, I’m Pearl.” You lied. You weren’t sure why you gave him a fake name but you just rolled with it.

“It’s nice to meet you Pearl. I’m Steve.”

“I know– um I mean, you look like a Steve.” You recovered quickly.

“Thanks I guess,” Steve chuckled a little.

“It was nice meeting you Steve but I have to go now.” You told him before turning around and almost bolting out of the alley. You needed to get back to the present as soon as possible.

“Wait, Pearl!” Steve shouted after you.

You stopped hesitantly and turned to look back at him, “Yeah?”

“At least let me treat you to a milkshake or something. It’s the least I could do for what you did to that punk.” Steve offered.

“No, that’s okay. I just did what any other person would’ve done.”

Steve put his hands in his jacket pockets and looked down, “Not many people have helped me before. Mostly it’s my best friend Bucky that steps in.”

“Bucky is a great guy. I mean–he sounds like a great guy.” You recovered quickly.

“Yeah, he is.” Steve smiled a little. “There’s this expo tonight that he and I are going to. Are you going?”

“What Expo?”

“The Stark Expo. It’s supposed to be really cool. Why don’t you join us?”

“Oh, I don’t know if I can.”

“C'mon Pearl. I won’t have a fun time if you aren’t there.” He smiled and you knew then that you couldn’t say no. Who knew Steve was somewhat of a flirt back in his day?


You managed to snag a dress off of someone’s clothing line so that you could fit in with everyone else. You let your hair down and changed in a diner while Steve waited for Bucky. You had heard from present day Steve all about the Stark Expo. He told you that Bucky tried to set him up with a date and he ended up ditching them to try and enlist. You just had to make sure that it all still went the same as before. You couldn’t even fathom what would happen if Steve didn’t end up where he did.

Seeing Bucky before Hydra threw his brain in a blender was surprising to you. You were so used to him being the way that he was that it was strange to see the man he was before.

He had a smile on his face when he first met you, “It’s nice to meet you Pearl. Thanks for helping Steve today. I would’ve been there but I got a little held back with something.” You noticed that he was dressed in uniform. You knew that was the night before he would be shipped off to join the war.

“It was no problem. I’m sure Steve would’ve done the same for me if I were in his position.”

Bucky nodded, “The kid has a great heart.”

Steve stood idly by with the girl that Bucky was trying to set him up with. It was clear that she wasn’t interested and it made your heart hurt. Steve was so sweet and kind and any girl would be lucky to have him.

The five of you walked around the Expo and saw a few exhibits. You knew that you had to leave soon so that everything would still go off smoothly. First, you wanted to help Steve. You made sure that the girl that was supposed to be his date was watching when you leaned over and kissed his cheek softly.

He immediately started blushing, “What was that for?”

“For tonight. I’m having a really fun time.” You told him. You noticed that his date was now practically glaring at you.

“I’m glad you stayed Pearl.”

“C'mon guys!” Bucky shouted, “Stark is presenting!”

You trailed behind Steve waiting until he was with the others before slipping away in the crowd. Keeping your distance, you hid behind one of the exhibit tents still able to see Steve. You watched as he looked around for you for a little bit before he noticed the building where men were enlisting and went inside.

You felt a triumphant knowing that you didn’t mess up anything in the future. Steve was bound to meet Dr. Erskine at any moment.

You touched the bracelet that Tony gave you and pressed the small red button. You weren’t ready for the awful feeling that came with time travel.

Again, you felt like the air escape your lungs. You felt the terrifying feeling of falling without knowing where you would land.

It felt like an eternity that you were falling until you landed back on the platform that Tony had set in his lab. He rushed over to you, “How was the trip?”

It took you a moment to respond to try and breathe normally, “Just peachy.”

Tony helped you up and you smoothed out the dress that you had wished you changed out of before pressing for Tony to send you back to the present. He chuckled at the sight of you, “That’s quite a dress.”

You rolled your eyes, “I needed to fit in. Thanks for the warning by the way.”

Just before Tony said something sarcastic and witty, Steve rushed into the room. He looked at you and you knew that he remembered you.

“Pearl?” He chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s me.” You joked. You got off the platform and made your way towards him. Before you could say anything to him, he pressed his lips against yours.

The kiss was soft and sweet just like you had always imagined kissing him. Tony coughing in the corner made the two of you break apart.

You knew that you were blushing, “What was that for?”

Steve smiled at you, “I’ve been wanting to do that since you kicked that guys ass in the alley.”

“That’s one hell of a way to say thank you.”

“There’s more where that came from. C'mon, I owe you a milkshake.” He held his hand out to you which you took.

“See you later you crazy kids!” Tony called out to the two of you as you both left his lab hand in hand.

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Norman Reedus Imagine

<><><><>Past <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

I walked onto the set for Boondock Saints, fidgeting since this was my first time being on a makeup team for a movie. Norman came up to me and hugged me, i smiled and hugged him back.

“You made it!” He said with a smile.

I nodded and looked at the rest of the crew, nobody looked friendly. I known Norman since we were in diapers. We have been best friends since we were in elementary school, he was my only friend but i didn’t want him to think i was that lonely.  I sighed and looked down nervous thinking i was going to fail.

“Hey why do you look so nervous?” Norman asked interlocking our arms and walking me to the makeup department.

“Cause you know this is my first real set.” i mumbled moving the hair out of my face seeing i already had a person waiting in my chair. It was a man Norman shook his hand, and then motioned to me.

“Hey i’m Sean.” He said holding his hand out, i immediately took it,

“(y/n)…” I mumbled he chuckled same with Norma, who i glared at.  I started working on Sean even though he hardly needed any makeup, the Director came over and looked at him ,

“Can you maybe add some more here?” He asked, but i knew it was more of a command.

“Yes sir, would you like anything else fixed?” I asked politely, he shook his head no.  I started adding more counselor where he asked , Sean kept staring at me through the mirror.

“You are the makeup artist to not talk my ear off, do you know that?”  I turned and looked at the mirror ,  i dusted off my black shirt which was now covered in powder,

“Yes,  I get told that a lot, I only talk when spoken to Mr. Sean.” He smiled at me, he was charming in appearance.

“How do you know Norman?” He questioned and looked at the mirror.

“We have been friends since we were little.”  I mumble starting to clean my brushes since i was done with his makeup.  He nodded and watched me for some time before saying our goodbyes and leaving my chair. Norman sat down and smacked his hand on my ass cheek. I yelped and turned around thinking it was Sean. Noticing it was Norman I dropped my raised hand and glared at him.

“So how is it?” He asked starting to laugh.

“Fine Norman, go on set they need you.”

 I say and start to shoo him. He took off his shades and put them on top of my head.

“Keep these safe (y/n).” He said with a smirk before running off into the set.

<><><><><>Present <><><><><><><><><><>

I walked onto The Walking Dead set with a sigh. I raised my sunglasses off the bridge of my nose and onto my forehead. I chuckled remembering the first time I was on a set. I looked around and saw the makeup department and I started walking to it but I got stopped by the director.

“Hello (y/n) have you set up in your trailer yet?”

I raised my eyebrows at the mention of a trailer,
“Uh, no sir.”

“It is right over there, you can drop your stuff in there and then come to your chair.”

I nodded and walked to my supposed trailer, opening it was completely empty. I looked around for a few moments then walked out. I went to my chair where this woman sat, there was a wig in front of her. Her skin was a beautiful African American shade, she was gorgeous.

“Hello I am Danai, I need help with..” She motions toward the wig. I nodded quickly picking it up gently, like a newborn baby.

“I’m (y/n) by the way.” You mumble before slipping it on and beginning to attach it. She stared at me through the mirror with a grin. Throughout the years of college and my life I have gained more tattoos and began piercing my ears. My back was covered in black and white tattoos, my artwork.

“How long have you been a makeup artist?” She asked looking to my eyes.

“Well ever since my mama taught me how to put on blush.” I say with a chuckle.

She laughed at my response and shook her head. “Your funny, and I love how you put it on.” She said touching her hair. I smiled and picked up my makeup brush, she leaned back in her seat.

“Thank you, that was my first time putting a wig on to be honest.” I say truthfully.

Danai raised her eyebrows but tried not to move her face. I started applying eyeliner and little lipstick. It took me only a few minutes and then she was done. She smiled and thanked me going to wardrobe. I sat in my chair and awaited for my next person to work on. I started looking at my phone before I felt someone watching me.

“(Y/n)?” I heard a familiar voice. I looked up in the mirror to see Norman staring at me wide eyed. I froze in fear… I haven’t seen Norman since the last time I was at a set. My mouth went dry, and my tongue felt like sandpaper.

I turned in my chair and stared at a older Norman,

“Hi Norman.” I whispered even though I was far away enough that he couldn’t hear me. I stood as he walked towards me,

“I’m your next canvas..” He said softly.

<><><><> Past <><><><><>

I started walking towards my convertible when I heard my name being yelled,

“(Y/n)!” Sean yelled approaching me. I waved.

“Hey Sean, is something wrong?” I asked him.

“No I was just wondering if you would maybe like going on a double date with me and Norman?” He said softly and leaning on the hood of my red convertible. I smile and nodded,

“Good pick you up at 7? And hey remember some dancing shoes.” He winked and walked back to the set. I smiled then got in my car I sighed and drove to my small apartment.

When I walked through the door of my apartment, I looked at my mirror as i took off my Vans , “Shit I still have his glasses.” I sighed and put them on the counter.

I began the process of getting ready. I showered and put on some lipstick. I almost forgot my eyeliner, which i thank god i didn’t.  I winged the eyeliner and slapped on some mascara.

“Time for the hard part … hair.” i said taking out my wet hair, I decided to let it air dry with some gel in it.  Walking to my room i decided on a plain black tea and black leggings. I wasn’t a colorful person, at all. Looking at myself in the mirror i sighed taking off the shirt and throwing on my favorite Pink Floyd tank top, which also showed off my belly button tattoo.  I decided to show off my tattoos tonight, Norman hasn’t seen them yet. Thinking of Norman i sighed and tried not to cry.

I heard the doorbell ring, I took a deep breath opening the door. Sean stood there with Norman right behind him.

“Wow.” The both muttered, I just giggled,

“Let me get my heels.” I saw opening the door wider, allowing them access in. I walked into my bedroom leaving them at the door, who seemed in awh by my home. When I came out of my room in my vans , heels seemed too formal, the looked at me with a smile.

“Liz is meeting us at the club.” Norman said rubbing his jaw looking at me. I nodded as Sean kissed my hand and then interlocking our fingers. I smiled at him and walked with him to the bikes. Sean handed me a helmet but I shook my head no. He got on then me, I looked back at Norman, who was staring at me.

I chuckled as he drove.

Getting to the club I laughed since I never have been to one. Sean made sure to keep his arm around me, or hold my hand. We walked to a small table with a beautiful woman sitting with her legs crossed.

“(Y/n) this is Liz.” Norman said, I shook her hand and said hi.

Sean sat next to me and ordered a couple drinks. I started sipping my beer as we all socialized.

Hearing one of my favorite songs on I jump in excitement. “I love this song!” I whimper and look at Sean with puppy dog eyes.

“Let’s go dance then.” Norman said taking Liz to the floor, Sean practically dragged me there. Norman and Liz looked good dancing together, me and Sean…. No.

Sean was very forceful towards my hips, swaying them back and forth and practically making me rub my rear on his pelvis. At one point I yelled I had to go to the bathroom, just to get away from him. I started walking but a hand grabbed mine, it was Norman.

“Come on.” He said twirling me into him.

 I smiled and started dancing with him. He was so gentle yet he kept the lead. Our dance could be described as a tango with a modern flare. One point I was rubbing my back on his chest and holding his face to look at me. Even being Norman best friend, he was surprisingly hot, and attractive through our dance. I couldn’t stop smiling, and honestly neither could he. I giggled and stared at him as our dance ended, then noticed everyone was watching us at the middle of the dancefloor. I cleared my throat and stood up straighter, and i moved my hair behind my ear. 

The crowd applauded almost to the point of a standing ovation, but we denied and walked back to our table. I was bright red and still looking down at my shoes when we sat back down/ Sean now reeked of alcohol, as well as Liz, they laughed at everything they looked at.

“So (y/n) how do you like paint on people?” Liz asked. Since this was her first time speaking to me since she met me i decided to be clever,

“Its just like that actually, I am a artist, and the face is my canvas.” i said with a chuckle. Norman stared at me with a smile. Liz and Sean laughed at me but I knew I sounded intelligent to the sober.

I went on a bit of a rampage and managed to complete about 4 requests in 2 days - something of a record. I was going to queue them up but I figured what the hell? It’s not often I can post more than one thing a day. I intend to carry on with Autumn Thorn for a bit and then return to requests but I liked writing this one for vastudent3  just because of the banter between the reader and Steve and adorable/nervous Bucky.  Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: I was thinking about something with Bucky~ like he is just getting used to life back in the world, and Steve introduces him to the reader. However, the reader lost her sister or some other loved one due to the Winter Soldier (like the attack on the highway with Nat and Sam), so the reader is very upset. And perhaps Bucky talks it out with her and explains that it wasn’t really him?

“Memory Lane” (Part 1)

Daniel’s body lay in your arms – limp, blood soaked and cold. His mouth was wide open and his eyes rolled back in his head. You closed his eyes and pushed his jaw closed with a quivering hand. The civilians around you had helped to carry Daniel’s body out of the bus, just in time for you to see a man leap off of the nearby bridge onto the roof of a car. He wore a black mask and had a metal arm; two empty blue eyes stared forward as he walked by, with a gun in his hand. He was terrifying.

He walked towards you with authority and command, inflicting a fear upon you that paralysed your limbs. He got closer and closer to where you knelt, clutching Daniel’s body, and walked straight past you. His eyes flickered in your direction as you let out a sigh. The sigh turned into a sob as you lay Daniel down and tried to stand. 

Keep reading