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Newt Scamander Imagine

Summary: Newt is insecure about his body around you because of all the marks and scars he got from his beasts- Lots of fluff.
(Newt’s scars are in no way caused by self harm)

This is my first imagine, so I’m sorry if it sucks.

Words : 577

“Newt? You called out as you set foot into your shared apartment after you just got back from visiting a friend.

You kicked your shoes off and walked towards the small living room. Books and sketches of beasts were scattered everywhere, forming a pile on the floor. You made sure not to trip over anything as you made your way to the bedroom, expecting to find Newt there. Perhaps with his beasts.

Opening the door slightly you called out his name again before realizing he was standing across the room, facing his closet, with his bare back towards you.

"Y/N?” Newt turned around quickly when he heard you come in, startled by your sudden presence. An amused smile made its way on your face as you closed the door behind you.

“I didn’t mean to scare you,” you said softly as you leaned against the door. You couldn’t help but let your eyes trail slowly to his bare torso. Newt seemed to notice and put his arms around himself, trying to hide his scarred body. His cheeks turned red as he moved his eyes away from you, staring at the floor instead.

This wasn’t the first time you’d seen Newt shirtless, but Newt couldn’t help but be shy whenever you did. He was somewhat afraid that all his scars and marks would throw you off, and that you’d leave him for someone else.
But he couldn’t be more wrong.

You let out a sigh and walked towards him. You grabbed his arms and put them around your shoulders before placing your own arms around his waist. He appeared to be frozen and didn’t move a finger, but after you placed a soft kiss on his chest he seemed to loosen up slightly.

You gazed up into his eyes, long enough for him to stare back. You gave him a small smile as your fingers traced random patterns on his back.

“You know I love you right,” you whispered, soon noticing that the redness in his cheeks reappeared again. You removed your arms from his waist and placed your hands on his chest instead, feeling his heart beating rapidly under your touch.

“You are so beautiful, Newt,” you said, “it hurts that you’re so insecure about yourself around me.”

Newt remained silent and furrowed his brows, he couldn’t find the right words to say. He gently held the side of your neck as he placed his lips on yours. This sudden action shocked you, Newt didn’t show his affectionate side very often. And before you could respond and kiss back he already pulled away again.

Speechless, you took a step back. You hated the fact that he was so insecure. It wasn’t that Newt was ashamed of his scars, but whenever you were around, he felt like he wasn’t good enough, that you were out of his league. But anyone else wouldn’t agree on that, you two were made for each other.

“I love everything about you Newt. Your eyes, nose, freckles, scars, li-”

“Stop it,” Newt cut you off, blushing furiously as he tried to hide the smile forming on his face. You grabbed his hand and held it against your cheek.

“And most importantly..”

“Y/N,” Newt said with a warning tone, he wasn’t good with compliments. It only made him even more shy than he already was.

“I love you,”

You smiled at Newt, he looked adorable being all embarrassed. He sighed and leaned his forehead against yours, closing his eyes.

“I’m sorry Y/N,” Newt said, suddenly feeling very stupid on why he acted like this towards the one and only person he loved most.

“It’s okay Newt,” You replied placing a hand on his cheek. You couldn’t blame him, especially not when he was smiling that adorable smile of his while looking at you.

“I love you,” he said and leaned in for another kiss.

Trend Report Fall/Winter 2016


The boudoir has been a serious source of inspiration for designers recently, Gucci, Fendi and Louis Vuitton took the trend pretty literally with pajamas co-ords that made their way down the fall 20016 runway.

Surprisingly, pajama dressing has remained a constant in fashion’s revolving door of trends. First, there were hints of it with silky bottoms and drawstring elastics one season. And now, designers have taken the trend to a literal level for spring, with full pajama sets and robes at Daks, Umit Benan and Etro. 

I wouldn’t suggest pulling out your old ratty pajamas for just any occasion and you need to be very careful about selecting a pair that is right for wearing out and about. The pajama trend is all about the material. Silky night gown dresses and pajamas that can be worn out need to be in either silk or velvet, and worn with slip-on loafers or oxfords.

Tendencia Otoño/Invierno 2016      


by Michel Medina

El boudoir ha sido una fuente seria de inspiración para los diseñadores recientemente, Gucci, Fendi y Louis Vuitton tomaron la tendencia bastante literal con coordinados de pajamas que caminaron por la pasarela de otoño de 2016.

Sorprendentemente, la indumentaria de pajamas se ha mantenido como una constante en las cambiantes tendencias de la moda. Primero, hubo indicios de ello con pantalones sedosos y pretinas elásticas una temporada. Y ahora, los diseñadores han llevado la tendencia a un nivel literal para este invierno, con conjuntos completos de pajamas y batas en Daks, Umit Benan y Etro.

Sugerimos no portar las pajamas con las que habitualmente dormimos y ser muy cuidadosos acerca de la selección del par que es adecuado. La tendencia se basa sobretodo en el material. Las batas sedosas y pajamas que se recomiendan usar necesitan estar confeccionadas en tejidos de seda o terciopelo, y portarlos con zapatos como loafers u oxfords.


Abzal Issa Bekov, Andrea Crews, Daks, Dries Van Noten, Etro, Fendi, Gucci, Julian Zigerli, Louis Vuitton & Umit Benan.

Norman Reedus Imagine

<><><><>Past <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

I walked onto the set for Boondock Saints, fidgeting since this was my first time being on a makeup team for a movie. Norman came up to me and hugged me, i smiled and hugged him back.

“You made it!” He said with a smile.

I nodded and looked at the rest of the crew, nobody looked friendly. I known Norman since we were in diapers. We have been best friends since we were in elementary school, he was my only friend but i didn’t want him to think i was that lonely.  I sighed and looked down nervous thinking i was going to fail.

“Hey why do you look so nervous?” Norman asked interlocking our arms and walking me to the makeup department.

“Cause you know this is my first real set.” i mumbled moving the hair out of my face seeing i already had a person waiting in my chair. It was a man Norman shook his hand, and then motioned to me.

“Hey i’m Sean.” He said holding his hand out, i immediately took it,

“(y/n)…” I mumbled he chuckled same with Norma, who i glared at.  I started working on Sean even though he hardly needed any makeup, the Director came over and looked at him ,

“Can you maybe add some more here?” He asked, but i knew it was more of a command.

“Yes sir, would you like anything else fixed?” I asked politely, he shook his head no.  I started adding more counselor where he asked , Sean kept staring at me through the mirror.

“You are the makeup artist to not talk my ear off, do you know that?”  I turned and looked at the mirror ,  i dusted off my black shirt which was now covered in powder,

“Yes,  I get told that a lot, I only talk when spoken to Mr. Sean.” He smiled at me, he was charming in appearance.

“How do you know Norman?” He questioned and looked at the mirror.

“We have been friends since we were little.”  I mumble starting to clean my brushes since i was done with his makeup.  He nodded and watched me for some time before saying our goodbyes and leaving my chair. Norman sat down and smacked his hand on my ass cheek. I yelped and turned around thinking it was Sean. Noticing it was Norman I dropped my raised hand and glared at him.

“So how is it?” He asked starting to laugh.

“Fine Norman, go on set they need you.”

 I say and start to shoo him. He took off his shades and put them on top of my head.

“Keep these safe (y/n).” He said with a smirk before running off into the set.

<><><><><>Present <><><><><><><><><><>

I walked onto The Walking Dead set with a sigh. I raised my sunglasses off the bridge of my nose and onto my forehead. I chuckled remembering the first time I was on a set. I looked around and saw the makeup department and I started walking to it but I got stopped by the director.

“Hello (y/n) have you set up in your trailer yet?”

I raised my eyebrows at the mention of a trailer,
“Uh, no sir.”

“It is right over there, you can drop your stuff in there and then come to your chair.”

I nodded and walked to my supposed trailer, opening it was completely empty. I looked around for a few moments then walked out. I went to my chair where this woman sat, there was a wig in front of her. Her skin was a beautiful African American shade, she was gorgeous.

“Hello I am Danai, I need help with..” She motions toward the wig. I nodded quickly picking it up gently, like a newborn baby.

“I’m (y/n) by the way.” You mumble before slipping it on and beginning to attach it. She stared at me through the mirror with a grin. Throughout the years of college and my life I have gained more tattoos and began piercing my ears. My back was covered in black and white tattoos, my artwork.

“How long have you been a makeup artist?” She asked looking to my eyes.

“Well ever since my mama taught me how to put on blush.” I say with a chuckle.

She laughed at my response and shook her head. “Your funny, and I love how you put it on.” She said touching her hair. I smiled and picked up my makeup brush, she leaned back in her seat.

“Thank you, that was my first time putting a wig on to be honest.” I say truthfully.

Danai raised her eyebrows but tried not to move her face. I started applying eyeliner and little lipstick. It took me only a few minutes and then she was done. She smiled and thanked me going to wardrobe. I sat in my chair and awaited for my next person to work on. I started looking at my phone before I felt someone watching me.

“(Y/n)?” I heard a familiar voice. I looked up in the mirror to see Norman staring at me wide eyed. I froze in fear… I haven’t seen Norman since the last time I was at a set. My mouth went dry, and my tongue felt like sandpaper.

I turned in my chair and stared at a older Norman,

“Hi Norman.” I whispered even though I was far away enough that he couldn’t hear me. I stood as he walked towards me,

“I’m your next canvas..” He said softly.

<><><><> Past <><><><><>

I started walking towards my convertible when I heard my name being yelled,

“(Y/n)!” Sean yelled approaching me. I waved.

“Hey Sean, is something wrong?” I asked him.

“No I was just wondering if you would maybe like going on a double date with me and Norman?” He said softly and leaning on the hood of my red convertible. I smile and nodded,

“Good pick you up at 7? And hey remember some dancing shoes.” He winked and walked back to the set. I smiled then got in my car I sighed and drove to my small apartment.

When I walked through the door of my apartment, I looked at my mirror as i took off my Vans , “Shit I still have his glasses.” I sighed and put them on the counter.

I began the process of getting ready. I showered and put on some lipstick. I almost forgot my eyeliner, which i thank god i didn’t.  I winged the eyeliner and slapped on some mascara.

“Time for the hard part … hair.” i said taking out my wet hair, I decided to let it air dry with some gel in it.  Walking to my room i decided on a plain black tea and black leggings. I wasn’t a colorful person, at all. Looking at myself in the mirror i sighed taking off the shirt and throwing on my favorite Pink Floyd tank top, which also showed off my belly button tattoo.  I decided to show off my tattoos tonight, Norman hasn’t seen them yet. Thinking of Norman i sighed and tried not to cry.

I heard the doorbell ring, I took a deep breath opening the door. Sean stood there with Norman right behind him.

“Wow.” The both muttered, I just giggled,

“Let me get my heels.” I saw opening the door wider, allowing them access in. I walked into my bedroom leaving them at the door, who seemed in awh by my home. When I came out of my room in my vans , heels seemed too formal, the looked at me with a smile.

“Liz is meeting us at the club.” Norman said rubbing his jaw looking at me. I nodded as Sean kissed my hand and then interlocking our fingers. I smiled at him and walked with him to the bikes. Sean handed me a helmet but I shook my head no. He got on then me, I looked back at Norman, who was staring at me.

I chuckled as he drove.

Getting to the club I laughed since I never have been to one. Sean made sure to keep his arm around me, or hold my hand. We walked to a small table with a beautiful woman sitting with her legs crossed.

“(Y/n) this is Liz.” Norman said, I shook her hand and said hi.

Sean sat next to me and ordered a couple drinks. I started sipping my beer as we all socialized.

Hearing one of my favorite songs on I jump in excitement. “I love this song!” I whimper and look at Sean with puppy dog eyes.

“Let’s go dance then.” Norman said taking Liz to the floor, Sean practically dragged me there. Norman and Liz looked good dancing together, me and Sean…. No.

Sean was very forceful towards my hips, swaying them back and forth and practically making me rub my rear on his pelvis. At one point I yelled I had to go to the bathroom, just to get away from him. I started walking but a hand grabbed mine, it was Norman.

“Come on.” He said twirling me into him.

 I smiled and started dancing with him. He was so gentle yet he kept the lead. Our dance could be described as a tango with a modern flare. One point I was rubbing my back on his chest and holding his face to look at me. Even being Norman best friend, he was surprisingly hot, and attractive through our dance. I couldn’t stop smiling, and honestly neither could he. I giggled and stared at him as our dance ended, then noticed everyone was watching us at the middle of the dancefloor. I cleared my throat and stood up straighter, and i moved my hair behind my ear. 

The crowd applauded almost to the point of a standing ovation, but we denied and walked back to our table. I was bright red and still looking down at my shoes when we sat back down/ Sean now reeked of alcohol, as well as Liz, they laughed at everything they looked at.

“So (y/n) how do you like paint on people?” Liz asked. Since this was her first time speaking to me since she met me i decided to be clever,

“Its just like that actually, I am a artist, and the face is my canvas.” i said with a chuckle. Norman stared at me with a smile. Liz and Sean laughed at me but I knew I sounded intelligent to the sober.

I hate for asking because I feel like you’ve done this enough lol but I love your writing! Can you do another Rami interview except it’s with his girlfriend who’s also an actress?- I kinda took liberties and made her an actress on Mr. Robot, so I hope you like!

Interviewer: So this is your first movie with (y/n) yes? Is it hard to keep your relationship going on set?

Rami: Surprisingly no, I think everyone’s getting really fed up with us actually! We keep it professional when the cameras are rolling, but we’re the worst behind the scenes.

Interviewer: What do you mean by ‘the worst’?

Rami: (Laughs) Ugh you’re going to get me in trouble! Basically we just wreak havoc. I mean, she’s good friends with Portia on set, because they have so many scenes together, and about half the time we’re just trying to make her laugh during their scenes. (Y/n) will stand right in front of Portia with the straightest face as I jump around them. It’s ridiculously stupid. 

Interviewer: Sounds like fun!

Rami: Maybe… for everyone but Portia!


A Koenma gif set as requested by @nightjasmine10

This was fun to do, because I have never made gifs of Koenma before. And I searched through so many episodes to pick out scenes I liked, but this one is by far my favorite. When Koenma uses the Mafuken on Sensui during the Yusuke vs. Sensui fight. 

He was ready to sacrifice his life and that was a first for Koenma in the series. 


My very first character psd I’m posting for general use, huzzah! POSTED is probably the simplest character PSD I’ve made to date. If you know how to clip images, you’re pretty much set. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Dimensions: 540 x 300
  • Font: Franklin Gothic Book
  • The coloring and sharpening action used are not mine and can be downloaded here.
    How to install & use Photoshop actions.
  • The image used for the background is mine.
  • Please like or reblog if using.
  • Do not claim or redistribute as your own.
  • Credit is not required, but it would be appreciated.


hey! so I’ve had some people ask me how I did the exploding effect on this graphic, so I figured I’d make a tutorial! it probably doesn’t make sense at all + I ramble talk way too much so yeah

it’s a relatively easy technique and you just need some patience

please like/reblog if this tutorial helped you!

things you’ll need:

  • photoshop (I use cs6 but any other version should work as well)
  • basic knowledge of photoshop
  • both sets of brushes from this brush pack

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While Ray’s coffee truck is brand spanking new, the sketch of Alex Karpovsky’s face (featured prominently on the side of the truck) has been around since Season 1.

According to production designer Matt Munn, the sketch was created when they first designed Ray’s coffee shop. “We had Alex do a series of ho-hum poses, and then we turned those into a little sketch.” As an on-set joke, the crew made the drawing into a stamp and has been putting it on coffee bags and other props every season. It’s just never made its way into show footage—until now.  

The coffee truck finally gave Munn the perfect platform to share the sketch with the world: “I just love the idea that when the coffee truck flips over, what you see from behind is Ray’s ho-hum face"—Eleanor Laurence

“A year has gone by since the night we stood watching the first scenes being made for Gone with the Wind. It was an awesome spectacle–whole blocks of sets being consumed by flames as buildings in old Atlanta burned, and I was a little confused by the grandeur of it and by what seemed to be a frightening confusion. In retrospect, it seems to me that the fantastic quality of that tremendous fire, the confusion I felt and the feeling of loneliness in the midst of hundreds of people, were indicative of what was to come. The unexpected happened: it made me, for these months at least, and whether I wished it so or not, into the character known as Scarlett O'Hara.”

X-Men: Apocalypse: Alexandra Shipp on Storm’s Mohawk, Black Panther & More

When we learned that Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past sequel X-Men: Apocalypse would be introducing younger versions of even more mutants from the original trilogy, most figured Storm would make the cut. She’s an incredibly cool character, a vital piece of the X-Men puzzle, and Halle Berry’s performance (and wigs) certainly made its mark in the first few movies. But the question then became, how do you replace Halle Berry? After an extensive casting search, director Bryan Singer landed on young actress Alexandra Shipp to bring the new Storm to life, and having spoken with Shipp on the set of X-Men: Apocalypse, I have a feeling she could be the breakout character of the new movie.

While on the Montreal set of Apocalypse last summer along with a small group of reporters, we got the chance to sit down and talk with Shipp about this new iteration of Storm and how she fits into the overall story. In contrast to Tye Sheridan’s Cyclops and Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey, Shipp’s Storm finds herself on the side of the bad guys, recruited by Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse to be one of his Four Horsemen.

During the course of our conversation, an enthusiastic and very funny Shipp spoke to us about how this version of Storm differs from Halle Berry’s, why Apocalypse is so alluring to the character, getting to finally bring the Mohawk Storm to the big screen, and much more. Additionally, having read the comics, Shipp shared with us the backstory she came up with for the character, which involves a connection to the character of Black Panther, who’s coming to the screen in the entirely separate Marvel Cinematic Universe via Captain America: Civil War… [+]

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Santana Lopez vs. The World

Will Santana defeat the 7 Evil Exes and win the heart of Brittany Pierce?

#1 Quinn Fabray - The Head Queerio

S: When did this happen?! I never noticed you two flirting at practices.
B: Well remember that day I was really happy, because she put me on top of the pyramid?
S: …Yeah.
B: She said she’d only let me if I got on top of her first…
S: Oh God. Well I’ll just tell her she looks fat in her uniform. That always tears a cheerleader down.
Later that day Quinn had sex with Puckerman.

#2 Mike Chang - The Situasian

S: I don’t blame you for this one. He’s got a nice set of abs.
B: It’s from all the dancing. He’s like a machine. Made in China.
S: Why did you guys break up?
B: His parents didn’t like me.
S: Yeah, don’t they usually have arranged marriages or something? I’ll just hook him up with an Asian girl’s number.
That night Mike texted Tina to help volunteer with him at summer camp.

#3 Kurt Hummel - The Vogue Villian

S: You can’t be serious?! He’s gayer than an albino dolphin.
B: I know, but he’d do my make up before we’d make out. And I’d feel really pretty.
S: So he still wants to be with you, even though he’s gay?
B: Oh he’s strictly dickly now, but he misses doing my make up.
S: I’ll just give him a pair of sensible heels and convince the Schuester to give us a make-up packed assignment.

Next week Glee club was Lady Gaga themed and Kurt got to do the girls and guys’ make-up.

#4 Blaine Anderson - The Dapper Danger

S: How am I supposed to beat this guy? He’s leading a legion of swoon.
B: They’re the Warblers. If you defeat Blaine, they lose their charm.
S: Wait a second, my gaydar is going off again!
B: I didn’t think he was gay, but he did steal my pink sunglasses…
S: Oh hell no! All I have to do is get Kurtsy to sing in front of him and he’ll be wanting some saucy-manly pecks in no time.

After Pavarotti died, Santana helped Kurt pick the perfect bird song to sing.

#5 Sam Evans - The Blonde Badass

S: There’s something fishy about this one.
B: He’s human. I think…
S: His flounder face is so freaking distracting.
B: Just don’t ask him if an Avatar is an airbender! He gets mad.
S: Whatever, I bet he’d lose his charm if her grew out that mane. I’ll convince him to become a male Rapunzel, then he’ll be repulsing.

After a few make-out sessions, Santana convinced Sam to never cut his hair again.

#6 Finn Hudson - The Frankenteen

S: Wow, he looks dumber than a bag of marshmallows.
B: That’s how his chest feels.
S: He’s also huge. I keep looking up and then there’s s'more of him.
B: Now I’m hungry..
S: Aww Britt, how about I get him to take us to Breadstix?

A couple pinky-links later and Finn agreed on the the threesome date, where he quickly realized they were much more into each other than him.

#7 Artie Abrams - The Wheel Deal

S: So this is the last evil ex…
B: Uh huh. I don’t know if he has any weaknesses.
S: Britt, he can’t walk.
B: Yeah, but his wheels can run us over.
S: Let’s just walk up those stairs. Battle over.

Santana and Brittany walked away from Artie and never looked back.
The End.