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e/R AU fics I want to see

- (optionally modern) Fiddler on the Roof AU (Where Courf, R, and Jehan are siblings feat. Courferre as Tzeitel and Motel, Enjoltaire as Hodel and Perchik, and Jehanparnasse as Chava and Fyedka. Kinda feeling Bahorel and Feuilly as Tevye and Golde respectively cuz it would be hilarious tbh?) 

- Blades of Glory AU feat. Grantaire as Chaz Michael Micheals and Enjolras as Jimmy MacElroy (just because this would be fucking hilarious tbh)

- The Holiday (French Enj is heartbroken after all his causes seem to be failing and Indian-American Combeferre just needs a fucking break so they house swap for Christmas holidays. Ferre meets charismatic Courf (Enjolras’ best friend) and Enj meets ex-politician Valjean who encourages him not to give up on the Cause and composer R who seems pretty depressed but is SO INTERESTING) 

- Bride and Prejudice AU. I know there are Pride and Prejudice AU’s but I want the Bollywood one as an AU. It would be awesome! (Indian siblings Ferre, Enj, Joly and Jehan in age order. Courf as Balraj, Grantaire as Darcy, Parnasse as Whickham. Cosette as Chandra,  Marius as Mr. Kholi. This would just be another funny one tbh) 

- St. Trinians AU? Some kind of school full of problem children. Les Amis would do well there I think. And R would love the whole art theft thing ;) (Feat. Enjolras or Marius (or both) as privileged rich kid who doesn’t want to be left at a school full of maniacs, but rethinks their ideas and becomes wild. R constantly trying to see what Enj is made of and getting him to loosen up through frustrating him. Also feat. Posh totty Courf because YES!) 

- It’s a Wonderful Life AU. Has this been done? idk. Anyway, another Xmas one. This would feature R as the one who never got what he wanted out of life. (He wanted so much but never got it and didn’t think anyone cared about him bla bla you know how it goes. In the world he was never born in, Enj never fought as hard for his causes and never got anywhere, and the city lost a lot of its culture)

- Mean Girls (cuz who doesn’t love Mean Girls?) The Triumvirate as the Plastics of course cuz they’re exclusive and unattainable without meaning to be (Enj is unapproachable and Courf and Ferre are too busy pining after each other once Courf gets over Marius) Others are the artsy hipster group. R does a political piece of art and Enj tries to rope him into their group. The group grows. “You can’t date Montparnasse, Jehan. He objectified Enjolras!” “You can’t date Feuilly, Bahorel, Enj had a massive crush on him!” Principal Javert of course. I feel like it could be funny too ;P

- Troll AU as done by Amanda Hocking. Enjolras is a Skojare Markis and Grantaire is the Kanin tracker employed to get his trust cuz he’s the best, although retired now, and ENJOLRAS WON’T TRUST ANYONE WHO TRIES TO BRING HIM BACK WTF ENJ

- Enjolras and Grantaire who always see each other at the same small cinema but always go to see vastly different movies until one day they go to the same movie and argue about it in low whispers the whole time and Enj gets so frustrated he leaves and then R sees him again the next week at the movies. Feuilly who works at the cinema on weekends sees all this and invites Grantaire to an ABC meeting. And angst and UST ensues of course

- Rule 63 ballet school AU where there’s vicious competition and lots of angst. Loosely based off ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ but less cruel, more sex, and gayer. Much gayer. 

- An epic 7th year Hogwarts AU feat. werewolf Feuilly, a prank war between Les Amis and Patron Minette, all the ships, and lots of fun times. 

- And finally, a Titanic AU. Because it would break my fucking heart cuz I’m a huge sap. 

You were feeling down so I quickly got to work. 

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I couldn’t choose which color scheme I wanted best, so I settled with this one and lightly shaded it so I could at least share the design fully.  It’s super simple and I’m mostly likely going to change it a bunch, but I love him and he’s so sweet and I hope you like him too.

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just wanted to let yk that you're one of my favorite artists and that your style and ocs give me chills! also id like to ask smth (could be that you have answered this before but i couldn't find it): will you continue waiting for sunlight??

thank you. i havent said anything official about wfs yet.. but it will be on a prolonged hiatus. chapter 6 was going very smoothly, but it came to an immediate stop the day after the orlando pulse shooting. i just couldnt work on an angsty story whose main cast was entirely lgbt (ray is gay, jeremy is trans, the nurse svetlana is a lesbian, and ray’s ex-bf nishant is bi). 

so i dont know if youve noticed but ive been making a deliberate effort to make more positive lgbt content. stuff like making the redemption comic for qamar and tsvetan, being more obvious about my trans ocs, making fun nonsensical lgbt ocs like miller the cowboy and gay polyamorous mechs and my secret VN project that follows a gay secret agent bird-man. and its been really good for me. i think its a little obvious i wasnt in a good place when i started wfs. im better now, and want that to reflect in my work. 

i definitely dont want to abandon wfs. i even want to finish chapter 6 (even though the art will be drastically different from page to page because my style has developed a lot over the past 6 months) but after that itll be on hiatus. and when i do go back to it, it’ll most likely be a complete reboot. so im sorry for the bad news. here are some panels from chapter 6 as a peace offering;

again, sorry about this. i hope you’ll continue to support my other projects. i feel much better about the content im making right now. 

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Playlist for Reflections instalments

Originally made based on this request: Yoongi + “How could I ever forget about you" + Angst | for anon

Character: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Angst

“Because just then, when he hears the faint sound of the boy’s laughter, and when he sees the boy’s eyes - how he licks and bites his lips to hide his goofy gummy smile, and how he is showing his side grin as he jokes with you - it is as if he is looking at his own reflection. The reflection of himself from so many years ago.”



Hello, wonderful people! I decided I HAVE to take a week off from all this fun on the dash so I can concentrate on some real life work. I’ve been halfway trying it lately but not getting enough done to make a real difference. :/ After I get a couple more posts made and scheduled, I’ll be off. Making it official so I hold myself to it!!  

I won’t be gone-gone, because I have group blog responsibilites, but will be staying away from the dash. And I want to spend down-time reading some long fics that I haven’t had time to delve into. Message me any posts you don’t want me to miss! (Seriously love that) :) And I’ll be back for groupwatching (join me!) and fun times on Friday night!