this is the end isnt it

It makes me so mad that trans people are getting kicked out of our own safe spaces because we have dysphoria and think you need dysphoria to be trans (which isnt an opinion, its just true)
The amount of times i see people call transmedicalists/truscums transphobic for believing this is absolutely ridiculous.
To deny that dysphoria is a key part of being transgender is transphobic, end of story.
If you’re claiming to be trans and have no dysphoria whatsoever then youre using a label that isnt meant for you and never will be. You’re making a mockery of our lived experiences and struggles.

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yike im p sure chicago's eliza is white,,,, when i saw it she appeared to be white but i might be wrong

Either way, Ari Afsar has a dark complexion. I used a colour-picker tool on a picture of her face to get her skin tone for the drawing. I also used a purple overlay, which made the colours a lil more darker. (I didnt use that exact purple for the drawing in the image above. That’s just an example) 

Tho, im pretty sure she isnt white as the main cast (apart from King George and ensemble ) are for poc only? I do not know if the same rules apply for Chicago but I know they do for Broadway and West End. I know that’s what Lin-Manuel Miranda wanted. 

On stage, some people may look lighter than they actually are because of the lighting.  Also just because somebody passes off as white, doesn’t mean they are. They could be biracial or just pale-skinned. 

Sorry if this came off as rude at all and sorry for the length! I just wanted to clear some things up! Sorry for my bad explaining. 

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rusty sponsors Adidas (rmr him matching Louis in NY *chrissy teghan gif*) so I don't think it means anything, hell he might have liked it on Louis account to stir up trouble

Could be too…

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:its definitely her baby, just not Liam’s. And people saying Liam is the dad because Cheryl didnt get papped at doctor appointments and wasnt confirmed via a trash bag post doesnt make sense because Cheryl was in fact pregnant and in fact gave birth when Breep wasnt, also Liam isnt going over the top with the tweets, etc. because he wants to give Cheryl’s son privacy for now (i think she’ll go over the top after a few months) but he definitely isnt the father, hope it ends soon….

Liam’s situation to me is too confusing to say anything for sure, but the contrast between the two is absolutely amazing 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:So my older brother is 14 years older than I am. He thought my Grandparents had been his parents till he was 16. Grandpa was a known Baptist preacher. Like big name back then. Mum got pregnant at 15. So. People (antis) need to realize this shit happens but also, it likely won’t be such a big deal when kiddo is older. So many things can be said. Or the truth. We got paid to pretend you where his kid like an actor.

If I was the kid I’d be pissed cause they spent all the money on plastic surgery and travels lol

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i want angst where flaky and nutty are hanging out and lifty isnt too sure if they are dating and he stalks them for the entire day until the end of the day where nutty and flaky go to the park and kiss and its cute and i want lifty to get fucking crushed with depression, i have no room in my heart for him i want him to suffer alone and fall into an endless pit of despair, sadness and pain.. i can imagine him slowly isolating himself, stop taking care of himself, stop talking to people, etc.

Idk… I like to think that Lifty would be fine with it bc he would “know” that Flaky loves him more

But he’d probably still isolate himself and hold a grudge toward Nutty


‘The journey has come to an end at last’
 ↳ Final Fantasy XV Chapters + Favourite Scenes


(Not so Valentine again) Celebration Day 4: Zen : That-Cheesy-Romantic-Valentine-Surprise-That-You-Sometimes-Wonder,-Are-People-Really-Doing-This?

Valentine’s after ending for Zen will be always like this in my mind. *cue Careless Whisper*

Day 4 for an event held by @mysticmessimagines

jaytim au where Tim’s a band photgrapher (or whatever that job is) and he ends up staring at the lead singer of Red Hood and The Outlaws all night through his camera lens

Can I talk about one line I especially appreciate in Undertale?

On it’s own, this line is a huge wham line of feelings on its own. It’s one of the pinnacles of the Pacifist run. It’s a single sentence basically summing up the morals used through said run, and it’s pretty heavy. But it also has a personal meaning to me, and I’d like to talk about the way the lowercase ‘love’ is used. 

Throughout the game of Undertale there is no direct romance involving Frisk. (They’re a child, first of all, and that’s just not the focus of the game in general), yet, this term is used.

‘Love’. In media you never really hear that outside of sexual and/or romantic relationships. You only hear the term ‘love’ when kisses or romantic partners are being described. And as an Aromantic it’s almost alienating to me. You can’t ‘love’ your friends in media. You’re ‘best friends’. Or you ‘Care about each other’. And in familial relationships only young children tend to say they ‘love’ each other. It’s never used like that. It’s as if media treats those two types of love as somehow less real. 

But they’re not. They’re just as, if not more, important as romantic ‘love’. And frankly I love that this one line throws that idea down the drain. 

Because this is love

This is love

This is love

This is love

This is love

This is love

And this is love

And Undertale isn’t afraid to admit that.

Relationship Goals

• Person A loves Person B so much but they’re too shy and grumpy to admit it

• One day Person B dies in Person A’s arms,and A lives for his revenge

• Plot twist! Person B is alive and 4 years after they meet in the battlefield

• Person A is ready to sacrifice everything for B because heck,their most dear one is alive and vice versa!!

• They both are ready to sacrifice so many things for each other’s sake

• goes through bloodlust for 4 years just foR BAE

• Mika and Yuu


Then and now

  • People: But why does Superman bother saving people? What's his motivation? It doesn't make sense if you don't give him a clear motive to help people! It's unrealistic!
  • Me: You know when you see someone trip and drop their shit? And you just immediately start trying to help them pick it all up? Just, you know, because you're a human being and you're decent? Like. It's probably just that instinct but like up to 11 and with super hearing and world ending scenarios. I dunno.

a few storyboards for a project i never actually finished, it was going to be a short film about an aromantic girl that can see people’s “red string of fate”