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The Many Flaws of Steven Universe

Steven Universe is the show that been praised for all sort of things like LGBT, diversity, women role, and being created by a bisexual woman, Rebecca Sugar, who also worked on Adventure Time before. Having a huge fanbase and called the “best cartoon show ever”. All that sounds great if it only it was true. This show has many problems that only a few people discuss such as @robobuddies. So here’s a list of the many flaws of Steven Universe.

1) The Action Scene

There isn’t many in the show but when they do show it, they’re okay. ,The pacing of fights slow and they intent to end it very quick but they’re entertaining to watch. Still wishing for Corrupt Gems to come back.

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Also for some odd reason, the crew have this weird tendency to nerf the characters. I’m questioning on how come characters won’t use other abilities . They have to explain why they couldn’t use the abilities, they can’t leave it in the dark.

Look at Lapis Lazuli

In “Mirror Gem” and “Ocean Gem”, Lapis fight off the Crystal Gems easily

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Control the entire ocean while support a broken gem

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But in “Jailbreak” she couldn’t defend herself from Jasper and they’re next to the water

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And then she was able to defeat her in “Alone at Sea”. How does that make any sense!?

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That’s not all

Pearl can summon Holo-Pearls for training. Why can’t she use them in a fight? She summon them in beach volleyball but not a fight?

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Garnet’s future vision. That whole Greg being taken by Blue Diamond could have been avoided if she just lend Steven her ability. She gave him to before and they were pretty pointless

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She lend him it to rethink his actions in “Winter Forecast”

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She lend him it to help Frowney in “Future Boy Zoltron”

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They aren’t being consistent in their ability at all. Speaking of consistency

2) The Crewniverse are Inconsistent

I would’ve fine if it only happens once or just season 1 because it’s their first time, everyone makes their first mistake like their first day of school or something like that but it’s everywhere   

I know that Rebecca is letting her staff to have the freedom to draw they’re own art style but oh my goodness it’s their job to be on model of the characters and they’re not doing what it’s required to do. It’s lazy and unprofessional like they can’t even get their height right!

3) Steven Perspective

I know Steven is the main protagonist and it’s called Steven Universe for a reason but that doesn’t give them excuse to keep reusing ideas for every episode

1. Steven and one of the Crystal Gem members have fun but then rush into emotional development with lots of tears and sometimes singing 

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2. Just chilling at Beach City with his friends

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Steven is an angel of the show and all but come on, it’s been four seasons and can’t we see other characters beside him. Even when they try something new, he has to be in the background

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Look at other modern shows

“Varmints” - Adventure Time

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“Ricklantis Mix” - Rick and Morty

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“The Extras” - The Amazing World of Gumball

What makes those episode great and memorable because they explore other characters and let take the spotlight for one .

What’s even worse about this is rush development. We don’t get to see how the characters change and why did they change. They have to show it on screen not off screen! 

Lars turn into a space pirate for some odd reason. Wish they explain on how get those really fancy cloths and a ship, they probably but for only like two minutes 

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Lapis accept becoming friends with Peridot. That’s cute but that takes time to form a bond with the one that took you as captive. Lauren Zuke herself said herself that she wants them to be a romantic couple and even sneaked in Lapidot moments which means that this was a rush relationship

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So if Steven isn’t there, we don’t get much lore huh?

5) The Villains do NOTHING

Villains are the one further the plot, being the obstacle that keeping away the protagonist goal. However Steven Universe does not. I know there’s Yellow Diamond but she barely makes any appearance or do anything at all. We also had Jasper but then got corrupted and we don’t how long will she come back. Rebecca herself said that there’s no villain… boring

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6) Nothing Happens

Nothing anything happens in the show, you expect that something big happens but nope nothing. I thought the Crewniverse will reward the fans that pay attention something amazing to happen but no,  nothing new for the fans that watch from season 1 to season 4. When there something does happen in the show, it only last like one or two episodes. We get to see two gems come to the party, Lapis and Peridot but they don’t contribute to the story at all, waste, 

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When Bismuth first came in, I was hoping she’ll be the new addition to the team, a gem that’s been out of commission for so long, come back and help Steven on his growth but no, she got bubbled again and we had to wait for gods how long and that sucks ‘cause I was hoping to see more of her in future episode of how she’ll help 

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Again, look at other modern shows that has done it

Star vs The Forces of Evil season 3 starts off Star going back to Mewni to finish Toffee once and for all. Moon backstory and introduce upcoming villain for the season. What makes things better is a new intro and outro and also it was a two hour long special. Amazing

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When they announce we get to see Homeworld I was so excited, we finally get to see what it likes for after four years of waiting, we see it on the show! And then this happens 

Dark room 

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Five seconds of screen time

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Then Steven get’s to go home early

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That’s it? That’s all we get to see homeworld and they even hype it up since season 1. Man the Crewniverse just stab us the fans that been into the longer than everyone else


You might think I hate this show for being nitpicky about everything but to be honest, I don’t. Steven Universe used be one of my personal favorite and that’s why a few people are so critical to the show. This show is good and I can be one of the greatest but the crew really needs to work together and Rebecca gotta be little strict, she’s a amazing woman with great ideas but she gotta where to put her foot down. All I hope is season 5 will be worth watching. 

Flood my Mornings: Little things far beneath us

Anon said: Was reading FMM again () and had forgotten how mean and judgy Claire’s old neighbors were to her back before Jamie came. I would LOVE to see a scene where sassynach gives her a peace of her mind!!!

@themusicsweetly suggested (many moons ago): Jamie going into his first skyscraper and looking out over the city. 

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: Winky (Claire’s nickname for Ian has some unexpectedly poignant tie-ins to their lives) 

Special Flashback installment! 

Yes, the date is March! No, you’re not going crazy! 

As noted on a previous post, I intentionally fastforwarded through the Ian pregnancy, with the intention to occasionally flash back and show some of the scenes I had already written, but chose to skip over. As always, feel free to request scenes from any point in the timeline  :) - Mod Bonnie

March, 1951

It was amazing to see the exact same expression on their faces as they looked out at the city below; to hear the awed delight in both voices, battle-hardened man and tiny girl in his arms somehow one in the novelty and wonder.

“Da?” Bree’s hands and nose were smushed right up against the glass. “Everyfin’s all LITTLE down-there.”

“Aye, you’re right, Bree.” His hands were occupied holding her up, but his own nose would have been eagerly flattened too, if it weren’t for the brim of his hat. “All the Cars and people are like wee bugs crawling about.”

“….They’re…. BUGS?”

“Nay,” he laughed, kissing her cheek before peering out again himself. “Only from up so high, they seem bitty and small, aye?”

“Uh-huh….Will they stay small all ever?”

“They’ll go right back to their proper sizes when we go back down,”  I promised, slipping my arm around Jamie’s back.

“M’okay, that’s-good!” 

“So, what do you think?” I asked Jamie, rubbing my belly gently and already knowing the answer. 

“’Tis a grand sight, Claire. Thanks for winning me over to the idea, for ‘tis well worth it.”

It was an unseasonably warm, blue day for March, and from the top of the skyscraper’s observation deck—even at only 25-or-so stories—the view was little short of spectacular.

“What’s the highest up you’ve been, previously?”

“When I voyaged on the Aeroplane, I suppose,” he said after considering a moment. “Though, I’ll confess, I didna once hazard looking out the wee portholes to inspect the view.” 

“Oh, you absolutely must next time! It’s breathtaking to see the world from up there.” 

“Aye, took my breath and my breakfast both, repeatedly.” He gave a playful shudder. “Why d’ye think I was so reluctant to let ye drag me up here? I’ve been atop mountains that were higher still than this, certainly, but a view so high of a city….” He shook his head, kissing the top of Bree’s before turning his gaze back to the horizon, “I canna recall ever seeing such a thing.”

“We’ll have to pop down to New York, one of these days,” I said dreamily as I threaded my arm through his. “The Empire State building is over triple the height of this one.”

Truly?” he breathed, staggered. “How far away is—”

“Oh my goodness! If it isn’t Mrs. Randall!”

We both jumped and whirled, and a dread I hadn’t felt in over a year suddenly drenched my entire body at sight of that perfect wave of blonde hair bobbing toward us.

“From the old house?” I was nearly as shocked by Jamie’s immediate comprehension as by the sight of Julianne Wirth herself, until I remembered. Lord, he must have encountered her as he went door to door, asking after me. I nodded once in answer and saw his jaw tighten. Knowing her—as I unfortunately did— she would have shut the door in his face immediately, unless she had called the police first.

To this very day, I couldn’t say what it was exactly that had made this woman take such a dislike to me. In those brief months, though, when Frank and I were—by all appearances, anyway— a normal, happily-expecting couple on Furey Street, Julianne had picked up on my detachment immediately and saw fit to make every encounter a living hell. She had a knack for bringing me down with a masterful array of half-veiled jibes, all while fawning and mooning over Frank, leaving me and her poor husband to stand awkwardly to the side. I was convinced it was all a game to her, not driven by any desire for Frank or anything at all, really, apart from fiendish cruelty. 

After the divorce, when I was alone as a new mother, encounters with her had been rarer (for I didn’t bloody go out of my way to invite the Wirths over for dinner parties, anymore, did I?), but no less nasty, and had sent me into fits of enraged tears behind closed doors on more than one occasion. Even then, though, I had kept my mouth shut and taken it, too vulnerable and uncertain in my place in the world to risk outright confrontation. 

“My word, what a pleasant surprise” the present incarnation of the spiteful bitch was simpering up into my face, her 5-foot-2-inch frame still infuriatingly perfect. “How are you, Mrs. Randall?”  

Julianne,” I said with a warmth I that I’m sure did not extend to my eyes. “I’m quite well, thank you, and it’s Mrs. Fraser, now, in fact,” I said, turning to introduce Jamie. “This is my—”

“Oh, that’s right,” she was already saying, eyes alight as they moved between Jamie and me. “The divorce.” She said it with deepest pity and loud enough to be heard across half the observation deck. 

I could hear Jamie’s rage in every tightly-controlled breath as he very deliberately put his free hand on the small of my back. Reinforcement, it said. Ye need only say the word.  

“My, and look how much sweet little Barbara has grown.” 

Brianna,” I corrected with a smile so forced it could have broken through a brick wall. “I trust Daniel and the children are well?” 

“Yes, wonderful, all,” she beamed over her shoulder, where her family stood at the opposite end of the observatory. Clearly, she didn’t want them personally witnessing this exchange, for she jumped right in with, “How is the job, going, these days, dear?” 

Out for blood, but damn me, if I would let this harpy get the better of me. “It’s splendid, thank you for asking!  It’s beyond compare, to be so useful in a context outside the home. Though, I’m working only part-time at present, as I’m soon to be studying to be a physician.”

“Goodness! What a devastating challenge that will be to your family; but you’ll keep at it no matter what, I’m sure,” she said with a sympathetic grimace before brightening and having the gall to pat my belly uninvited. “And you’re in the family way again, I see! How lucky that you found another husband so quickly.” She paused, distracted by Bree, who—oblivious to the drama—had pulled Jamie’s hat off to play with. For the first time, Julianne looked actually surprised, and I watched her expression go positively crazed with glee. “Ohhhh….Oh, I do think I see.”

“See?” It was Jamie that said it, sharp and wary. I myself knew precisely what she was piecing together. 

“Well, Mr. Randall was a lovely man, but there are limits to what even a saint can endure, of course, when he learns that his wife isn’t—well—Not all surprises are good ones, after all.” 

I wasn’t certain if it was peripheral vision or premonition, but I caught Jamie’s wrist behind my back before he could even budge. His fingertips were like a vise through my coat, perhaps the only thing preventing him from lunging forward and slapping the woman. Lord knew, I agreed with the sentiment wholeheartedly, but I only gave him a squeeze. 

And then, I charged. 

“Oh!” I cried, blinking as though coming out of a daze. “Oh, Julianne, dear, I’m terribly sorry, have you finished?” She opened her mouth but I was already flashing her a dazzling fake smile to match every one of hers. “Didn’t think so. I’m sure you’ve got an endless list of faults to throw in the face of someone who, despite more than a year’s acquaintance, is an absolute stranger to you. That being true, of course, because no matter the many, many opportunities you had to extend kindness, you stood by and reveled in her struggles and made sure everyone called it shame.” 

My voice was as saccharine-sweet as my smile, but I took a step forward, letting every inch of my superior height and pregnant bulk work to my advantage. “I truly hate to disappoint you, but I’ve no room in my life whatsoever for shame, and what’s more, I’m precisely where I wish to be.” I placed a hand softly on her arm, still beaming. “Please don’t ever come near me or my family again, mm?” I leaned forward as though to kiss her cheek in farewell and took the opportunity to whisper in her ear, “Kindly go fuck yourself, Julianne.” 

Her gasp and splutter were sweet, sweet music.

“Have a good day, dear,” I said at normal volume, stepping back and linking arms with Jamie. “Lovely to see you.” 

Bree, uncharacteristically silent up to this point, piped up suddenly with, “Mummy, who’s ‘at?”

I maintained eye contact with the still-indignant Julianne and tilted my head to the side in challenge. Do you really want me to say aloud who (or what) you are?

She clamped her jaw shut and turned on her heel. Across the observatory, I watched her find her husband and children and begin herding them at once toward the stairs.

“Just a mean woman, lovey,” I said to Bree as I let the breath escape me in a whoosh. “No one we need worry about.”

If we didn’t have an audience,” Jamie whispered, in French to evade little listening ears, “I would have you right there on that bench….RIGHT now.”

He was absolutely serious, of course. I laughed and patted his cheek. “We really need to work on finding a less base outlet for your appreciation of female assertion, my love.” 

“Tell me another way, and I’ll do it, gladly. That was—Damn, Claire, if that wasna the best thing I’ve ever bloody seen!” He leaned in and kissed me, still chuckling gleefully as he pulled away. “Can we go find someone else for ye to eviscerate next?” 

“Anyone in particular?” 

“Well, and surely we can think of a handful of other people at least that have wronged ye over the years.” He jostled Bree encouragingly. “Is there anyone else that’s been mean to Mummy?”

“Umm….” She gave it considerable thought. “Somm-atimes you bite her on’the neck?” 

Jamie’s grin was positively impish as he raised his eyebrows in my direction. “Never fear, Bree, Mummy likes that.” 

Bree scrunched her eyebrows sternly. “Da, isnot NICE, bite’n.” 

“It is the way I do it. Mummy’s verrrra ticklish, aye?”  

Planetary Effects

When a planet is aspected by the Sun, it becomes a fundamental feature of your identity. It is illuminated for all to see and indicates an area of natural talent.

When a planet is aspected by the Moon, it is private, subjective, and affects your sense of security. It influences the way you care for others and how you were cared for as a child. The Moon gives this planet an aura of nostalgia and can be a source of comfort when seized by anxiety and fear.

When a planet is aspected by Mercury, it becomes a keen interest, a field of study, something you intuitively learn and remember. It influences the content of your thoughts, what you like to talk about and your manner of communicating.

When a planet is aspected by Venus, it is romanticised and beautified. It is a side of yourself you reveal when flirting and a common trait in the people you attract into your life. It affects your sense of style and personal ideal of beauty and pleasure.

When a planet is aspected by Mars, it becomes a survival tactic, a cause worth fighting for, something you are magnetically drawn to. It influences your energy levels and how you go about pursuing your desires.

When a planet is aspected by Jupiter, it is exaggerated, inflated and deified. It indicates the kind of god you seek, the questions you want answering, the value you will pursue to the end.

When a planet is aspected by Saturn, it is refined and controlled. It influences how you are received in society and your means of exercising authority and self-discipline.

When a planet is aspected by Uranus, it is electrified, becoming a channel through which the collective consciousness expresses in the individual. It becomes a source of genius intuition and colours your vision of an ideal future.

When a planet is aspected by Neptune, it affects the content of your (day)dreams and becomes a means of escaping the mundane. Neptune softens and romanticises any planet it touches. It becomes a way of losing yourself either in wholeness or madness.

When a planet is aspected by Pluto, it becomes a door to the subconscious realm. It can indicate the manner in which your life is dominated by some external power, or the key that grants access to the well of unconscious knowledge.

i can’t make the video because i’m not about to go collecting hypothetical footage but hear me out

u get some lingering shots of the seven without percy and annabeth on the argo 2, right, and every time it does that BUM it flickers to black right

and then u get some lingering shots of the tartarus landscape and it flickers black in a kind of strobey way in time with the music — “welcome to your life, there’s no turning back” u see a glimpse of percy and annabeth’s faces in some kind of like terrorized expression okay

and then a couple more strobey/flickering shots of the legion preparing for war

“turn your back on mother nature” maybe a pan up on the athena parthenos and then a strobey shot on her face or something

and then because most trailers are about a minute 30 seconds, you skip to “help me make the most of freedom and of pleasure” and you do a voiceover thing of hazel having an argument with hecate and then show her manipulating the mist somehow

and then in between the silence after “nothing ever lasts forever” and the eerie build up before “everybody wants to rule the world” you see the ground kind of like rippling and gaea’s face in the dirt, probably opening her eyes in time with the music or something

and then it’s like BOOM percy and annabeth killing things in tartarus (there’s a room where the light won’t find you), probably hear them screaming something or calling out to each other (maybe annabeth shouting his name when she’s blind or something)

and then BOOM (holding hands while the walls come tumbling down) you see hazel and leo holding hands while they’re jumping through pasiphae’s labyrinth thingie

and then BOOM you see nico and jason facing off eros/cupid (when they do i’ll be right behind you)

“so glad we’ve almost made it” percy and annabeth pointing at the doors, maybe a shot of the army

“so sad we had to fade it” — couple really quick shots of maybe iapetus and damasen attacking something, maybe percy and a shot of the poison (which would look super cool if he’s just crouched and not really doing anything and it’s glowing green or whatever), maybe nix rising out of the pit

first “everybody wants to rule the world” reyna hacking through monsters in the mediterranean, then cut to octavian doing something evil in charge of the legion

second “everybody wants to rule the world” nico stabbing the scepter into the ground, and then frank taking control of the skeleton/ghost warriors

and the third “everybody wants to rule the world” is a bunch of very quick shots of the seven all doing cool things (piper and khione, jason doing..idk something, etc etc)

and THEN with the freaky DUN DUN DUN things at the end you do some choppy pan-up shots of tartarus’ physical form

fade to black say “coming 2017″ or something

im telling you guys someone should’ve hired me by now

anonymous asked:

can you please do one of those boyfriend nsfw things with tae??? luving it

IM GLAD you appreciate it and uhhhh bih writing this is gonna make me frustrated


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  • let me just say, taehyung has a very talanted tongue. 
  • like he works magic swirling around your clit until your legs are shaking, groaning when you pull his hair in need of something to hold onto.
  • not to be soft but he loves being the little spoon. when y’all are done fucking, he rests his head on your warm stomach, arms wrapped around your waist and his breath tickles your arm but thats fine
  • taehyung goes animalistic when you’re being loud and verbal during sex. your moans when he hits the right spot makes his vision go blurry for a sec from the adrenaline-rush. 
  • same when you clench down on his cock, his hips involuntairly thrust frantically because he just can’t contain himself. 
  • taehyung is the person to get lost in the moment when he’s fucking. he forgets everything, even his mamas name - all he thinks about is here and now and the lust, getting off. 
  • him loving to go shopping with you because when you walk out of the changing room with that new outfit or dress his jaw drops. he stutters with his hands covering his face, just stop it i can’t take it! he dramatically exclaims, making you blush. He would fake faint and you’d hit the back of his head lightly; sit still and tell me i look nice like a normal person! you love it though.
  • him always asking you to show off your newly bought lingerie and giving him a full on fashion show in the living room. talk about fake fainting. That’s my girlfriend everyone! he’d yell, pretending there were more people than the two of you there. of course you end up taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom. 
  • as I said, he goes animalistic in the bedroom. this includes letting go of the control and giving it to you. yes. he LOVES to have you on top, tying him up, blindfolding him, making him ask for it. all of it.
  • honestly he’d enjoy a little role or pet-play once in a while. imagine keeping him on a leash aka a black silk choker around his neck. 
  • him not letting himself come until you do first. this does not mean you only come once.
  • his biggest turn on is when you kiss his neck. he can’t say no when you bite and suck, even if he’s mad or tired. he chokes on his own chuckles when you start grinding down on him at the same time.
  • this boy has a pretty cock. like it’s beautiful. good in size also. 
  • generous when it comes to oral sex. never let’s you go down on him first, he wants to please his queen first. 
  • him letting out a deep moan when you pull on his hair while you’re fucking or dry humping while you’re straddling his lap. 

dwight enys appreciation week

day 2: book quotes scenes you wish were included in the series the wedding night conversation from The Four Swans

Caroline said: “Well, my dear, so we are here together at last, unified and santified by the church. D’you know, I find it very difficult to detect any difference.”
Dwight laughed. “Nor I. It’s hard not to feel adulterous. Perhaps it’s because we have waited so long.”
“Too long.”
“Too long. But the delay has been outside our control.”
“Not in the first place. The fault was mine.”
“It was no one’s fault. At least it has come right in the end.” He put down the poker, turned and looked at her, then came to sit on the bed beside her, put his hand on her knee.
She said: “D’you know, I heard of a doctor who was so earnest in his study of anatomy that he took a skeleton away on his honeymoon and the wife woke to find him fingering the bones in the bed beside her.”
Dwight smiled again. “No bones. Not at least for the first two days.”
She kissed him. He put his hands to her hair, pressing it back from either cheek.
She said: “Perhaps we should have waited longer until you were quite recovered.”
He said: “Perhaps we should not have waited so long.”
The fire was flickering brightly, sending nodding shadows about the room. She said: “Alas, my body has no surprised for you. At least so far as the upper half is concerned, you have examined it thoroughly in the harsh light of day. Perhaps it is fortunate that I never had a pain below the navel.”
“Caroline, you talk too much.”
“I know. I always shall. It is a fault you have married.”
“I must find ways of stopping it.”
“Are there ways?”
“I believe so.”
She kissed him again. “Then try.”
Addewid (XVI)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,353

Warning: Character death (minor)

Genre: Fey!AU + Series

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

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I had honestly thought this would be a shitty birthday. My mind wasn’t right, so I got it right (mostly) last night. So, it ended up being quite alright.

Part of getting my mind right meant laying out all the things that are weighing on me. A lot of it is out of my control, but a lot of it is under my control. I see that I am heading in the right direction and damn if that isn’t exactly where I want to go.

All I can do is my best and that’s what I did today, and like I said it was quite alright. By that I mean pretty good. I feel far better today than I did yesterday and better than most of my days in recent memory.

Thank you for the birthday wishes and those that commented or messaged in regards to my text post this morning. I appreciate y'all more than you know.

Love you

bein’ a writer is kinda like bein’ a sea captain

  • long hours of darkness & isolation
  • knowing that any control you have is fleeting and illusory
  • beginning and ending can be seen from shore but the work is mysterious
  • disheveled and/or stubbly thousand-yard-stare
  • moderate to severe substance abuse*
  • thoughts either fade in the face of the work or overwhelm it
  • hopefully your first mate (editor) knows what they’re doing
  • because you sure don’t
  • cabin fever

Day 3 Pidgeshipweek: Sacrifice

Each day he sat there… watching her. As her last words continued to haunt his very core. 

“It’s too late Pidge… the virus it’s going to spread…”

“No… I won’t let it end this way. I’m going to route myself into the system and stop this.”

Her fingers raced against the control panel as a green light started to surrounded her. 

“Stop! Katie… if you enter the system you won’t know the difference between our world and that reality. You won’t be able to come back you–”

Her hand softly touched his face as her lips gently pressed against his. 

“I love you Lance… I’m sorry…” she whispered softy.

Her eyes closed slowly, as the green light engulfed her and her body fell limp. Tears ran down his face, as he held her in his arms.

“I promise… I’ll find you… I’ll bring you back…”

Okay hope you don’t mind as I write and draw out my angst Plance feels. I had this script sitting in my head for like a month and I was going to use it for another fan project I have in mind, but after seeing all the amazing art on the pidgeshipweek 2017 I felt I needed to give it my all. 

Pumpkins (Pt 2)

Pt 1

Henrik didn’t listen.

The minute Jackieboyman blacked out was the minute they all realized Anti had done the deed.

Jackie woke up a few minutes later screaming, which made the whole void rumble and shake.

Henrik ran.

The good doctor was not going to lose his friend that easily. The minute Sean was back in control he grabbed the traumatized Jackie by the shoulders and shook him.

“Vea is he?!” He shouted. Jackie was sobbing with no end.

“Just northeast of the house…” Jackie whimpered. He had seen it all happen. He felt Jack’s vision go black along with his own, and felt the blood dripping as if it were dripping down his own neck. “Just northeast. Just northeast!” He whispered angrily.

Jackie wanted to toss himself into the deepest darkest part of the void and just disappear.

Marvin had to shut Sam in their room for the time being.

Sam wasn’t told anything. Just to sit and wait it all out.

“He told me to protect him! And I didn’t even try to stop him!” Jackie’s fingers tugged at his hair as his teeth gritted.

“I vill be back,” Henrik shouted, “Marvin! Get him some water!”

Henrik tossed on his coat and put on his rubber gloves as he headed out the door.

“Keep Sam avay!” He yelled as he slammed the door shut.

Henrik sprinted faster than he had ever sprinted before.

Then he saw him.

Jack was sprawled out on his side. His skin was pale, so pale that Henrik could see it from afar.

“It’s okay, old friend, I vill save yo–”

He flipped Jack onto his back and wanted to vomit.

There was a single scar drawn along his neck, with blood seeping into his black shirt. Henrik didn’t remember him ever wearing it before. Or the gauges in his ears.

Henrik scooped him up and brought him to his lab.

When they got there, Henrik gently set him down on the table then fumbled to get his supplies together.

He worked for hours with trembling hands.

He didn’t (and wouldn’t) tell the others.

After a day of work, he sat and began waiting for his friend to wake up.

He didn’t.

But Anti did.

He sat up wide eyed, his eyes darted around the room in a frenzy. All at once his body began glitching and flailing about.

Henrik reached out to hold him down, but he teleported away before he could get the chance.

“Thanks for the help,” Anti told Henrik, “Now I have a body that actually works!” 

Anti pulled the stitches that the doctor had placed out of his neck, letting his scar openly bleed. Henrik put his hand out in an attempt of stopping his hard work from being destroyed, but only realized the error of his decisions.

He had given Anti a form.

He had given Anti a body.

And now, there was no going back.

Also about the duel in the snow

I find it really cool that Griffith was the one thinking about using a move which would most probably kill guts if he lost the slightest control, but ends up completely missing the mark.

Whereas Guts is the one who ends up winning by using a move which would have most definitely killed Griffith if he had an iota less control over his monster blade than he did.

And he doesn’t even consider the possibility of what could happen if it goes south. There’s no- “Oh god how can I do that, it might kill him” moment.

Which is

ALSO incredible because Guts is actually not at all used to holding back his hacks in any way. He’s never had to before. His fighting style is kind of the reason the manga is called ‘Berserk’

So there was more precedent for him to lose control than Griffith, whose style is ALL about precision and control.

I may also be implying that sure, Griffith’s 'I’m willing to risk your death if you don’t stay’ reasoning is messed up.

But so is Guts 'im willing to risk your death if you don’t let me go.’ reasoning.

Of course it’s subconscious for him.


anonymous asked:

Do you have any DADA professor Harry and Potions professor Draco fic recs? love ya

All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl


• Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go •

Harry isn’t the DADA teacher, but he’s a teacher at Hogwarts nonetheless. This is the only one I’ve read where they’re both teachers and it’s a MASTERPIECE.

Love you too!

anonymous asked:

Does MF Papy actually care about the reader or does he just like having control of people. If he does care how much? How does h feel

He does care, but not to the extent that he believes himself. He thinks that him and the reader were MADE for eachother, afterall she’s the only person who has ever been willing to keep him as a friend. Really, he just has a strong platonic love as well as a romantic and sexual infatuation with her, which ends up leading to obsession. The whole controlling everything about her life and making her belong to him kind of the is a side effect of his infatuation, but the whole wanting her to be happy and love him is a side effect of his platonic love. 

In short, platonic love brings good while infatuation brings chaos.


Endless Summer, Book 2, Chapter 12. “Last Chance to Turn Back” - this is it, guys. The beginning of the end of what seems like an endless summer. Gaaaaah.

For the next chapter:
Will they make it to gate?
Will Quinn’s powers take control of her again to the point that she endangers the gang?
Is Mouse… Mike? (Awesome theory from @punexpectedly )

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Cakes In The Rain Part Two

Words: 1204
Tony Stark X Reader
Part One
“Can you make one imagine where reader is stark’s fiancé but she stoods her up at the altar bc of a mission so she breaks off the engagement but at the end he makes up! Please.” -Anon

Six months had passed since the day that would have been your wedding. You’d used those six months to distance yourself from Tony Stark as much as you could. You’d left your job at Stark Industries and the world of technological companies all together. You knew that you’d never be able to control yourself if you were to bump into your ex-fiance, even at a work-related function. So, you threw everything you had at the fashion industry. It was something you’d dabbled in during college and something you knew Tony had no interest in.  

After changing careers you found yourself slowing dropping off each of your friends one by one. Some of them it was easy to lose as you never really talked to Clint or Natashia much to begin with. Some of the others, like Dr. Banner who you’d seen nearly every day for the past few years, left a gaping void in your life once you finally stopped returning his calls. In the end only two of them refused to let you slip out of their lives.  

For Steve that meant weekly phone calls where he would call just to check in on you. It had started a week after you were abandoned at the alter. The Captain had felt guilty for making Tony go out on a final mission on the eve of your wedding that he would call all the time to see if there was anything he could do, any way to make things up to you. Of course, there was nothing Steve had done that required forgiving and after time you grew use to talking to him. It was part of your routine.

“You know it’s been six months, Rhodey.” You sighed at your second forced best friend. You each took a step forward advancing your place in the coffee shop line. “I would completely understand if one of these days you tell me that you’ve decided to take Tony’s side and we can’t be friends anymore.”

”[Y/N], I would never do that to you.“ Rhodes insisted. "No this is what I do, it’s what I’ve always done. Taking care of Tony’s messes in what I do.”  

Keep reading

V route thoughts

There’s no one listening to these thoughts, but here I go with a post, talking about some of the things that are I guess ‘hot topic’ issues concerning V-route. I’ve finished both good, normal and the prologue endings, now I’m going for Bad and BRE endings.Beware spoilers ahead.  

Anyway first thought;

300 Hourglasses

I’ve seen alot of people complaining about the price, but most people forget that V route is meant to be played


the main routes, deep story and the secret endings. So the high hourglass price is, in a way, to ensure that people don’t get to the route too soon or before the other routes. Its meant to act as a controller to the narrative of the story. Secondly, hourglasses aren’t that hard to earn because you can reply stories and just answer chats as and when you please to get hearts or rely on the spaceship.

Ray/Saeran/Unknown’s story

Well, off course people are going to fall for him, he’s like the forbidden fruit in the story, the unattainable Blue rose, but I don’t know if it was intentional, but it was very clever for them to sort of somewhat mirror the manipulative relationship of Unknown and MC with that of V and Rika. Do I wish Unknown was saved in the end? Off course and I know many people are actually pissed about this, so I’ll explain why I think it’s not bad that Cheritz had him go boom.

In a way, it’s to add realism. The realization that not everyone can be saved and also just how the charas are connected. There’s an ongoing theme of sacrifice in the MM universe, especially in Another story and in the secret endings.

In Yoosung’s route, we can see a sort of sacrifice between his studies and games. In Jaehee’s, we see the sacrifice of her dreams for a steady job, in Zen’s, we can clearly see that sacrificing his family for his dreams. Jumin to an extent, gives up being emotional in order to guard himself because we clearly see just how emotional and possessive he can become. In 7’s route, you see the clear sacrficie of a normal life for his brother.

And in the secret endings and another story, there’s the sacrifice between V and Saeran. It’s like their lives are on a balance with one another. To save one, another has to be given up. And it’s heartbreaking, but I think it emphasizes that core theme and makes the people you do save all the more precious, because of what you had to lose for them. Do I wish everyone was saved? Off course, but remember, we already saved Saeran in the secret ending.

Rika hate

Well, this has been going on a while. Everything that needs to be said, has been said. So this will be brief.

Yes, Rika has a tortured past and mental illness. That helps us understand what and why she did things, it does not, however, make it right. Does she deserve a second chance? Yes, because people who’ve actually suffered in real life from these illnesses can recover. Should we still condemn her for her actions? Yeah, she clearly did something illegal and harmful to others.

Really, it’s all about finding the right balance to punish and to help her. Rika is kinda like the evil character in most Korean dramas whom finally get redemption in the end, either through jail or suicide. It’s… scarily the same really.

Yoosung Hate

I won’t lie that Yoosung is really annoying in this route cause he wants to keep latching onto Rika and all despite what she’s done. Yeah, it’s not right that he’s so disillusioned, but from his perspective, I would be disillusioned too.

Rika to Yoosung was his role model, his family member and the person that gave him the most guidance and moral advice. So, suddenly getting news that this bright person commited suicide, turns out to actually be alive and now is suddenly someone bad and has done all this bad things. It’s a lot of whiplash for the poor guy and I imagine if people thought of the most bright person in their life doing all of that, they’d be in shock. And they’d most likely want to latch onto the image of the person when they were all bright and morally sound.

So, the guy’s going through a hard time, guys. Just let him ease into it.

Normal vs Good Ending and V’s recovery

I do… prefer normal ending to good ending like most people do, but I don’t get the hate over Good ending. In a way that good ending trumps normal ending because; Rika does face judgement for her actions and she will be getting the help she needs, Yoosung actually got stronger and overcame his bias, V actually went to take time to better himself.

I get that we all want romance as much as possible from V route, but the man literally took 2 years to cut himself off from the world in order to love himself and become a person worthy of loving you in a healthy way. So… I don’t get why people hate that. To me, it’s a bit more realistic than a turn of the switch recovery. I do wish Cheritz could’ve gone beyond the 11 days to go deeper into him getting better, but it’s understandable they were limited and all. So, Kudos for what they could accomplish.

justgot1 replied to your post “cornontherun  Top 5/Bottom 5 story meme …”

That’s amazing, I’m glad you’re writing an original novel! MATGR is so fucking good, Kings County is so fucking good, you are SO FUCKING GOOD. :D

 It is SO HARD. And I really, really I psyched myself out last year about the whole thing. I had a lot of things going sideways and I ended up moving across the country and then back again a few months later, and meeting the love of my life (SUPER unexpected), and then on November 8th we all found out we were on the darkest timeline, and I sort of - got - scared - about having that much control over anything, much less this story that I already care so much about, if that makes sense?

I just have to build it, though. Every story starts out as just one word after the other, and that’s literally the only way you get through any of them. (I’m so happy you’re rooting for me though, it means a lot!!)

eliannaeldari replied to your post “cornontherun  Top 5/Bottom 5 story meme …”

You absolutely have the skill to do this, and I’m really proud of you, and can’t wait to buy the book!!!


I don’t think writing is easy for anyone, unless you’re Stephen King on a bender or something, but goddamn writing is hard. I’m not a fast writer, and I don’t think of myself as a particularly clever writer; I just plod along at it and try my best and I usually have something in the end that I like. Which IS skill, ultimately, but it is always hard to see it from the inside, isn’t it?

When I first started doing yoga I was thrilled about how bad I was. It’s weird as an adult to realize how hard things are when you start them, and writing an original novel sort of feels like that. It’s an entirely different beast, and it’s not only the story itself that is very ambitious, the point of the story is very ambitious as well - to write a loving, historically accurate story set just before WWII, where a couple of young people get to discover how great it is to be queer, and how they can live real and fulfilling lives that way. It’s going to be a good book, and I think it’ll be a good book for our times specifically, because even now we don’t get a lot of happy endings in queer narratives. I just gotta do it, and keep reminding myself that I can. In the mean time - seriously, thank you. <3 <3 <3 


Angel 11 #12: Dark Reflections, part four

Publication date: December 20, 2017

Angel, Fred, and Illyria, back in the present, find they’ve changed history… for the worse. There’s a crack in time, and something monstrous, growing beyond control, has become the fount of an insect plague – a harbinger of the end of days! As Dublin is overrun, the trio must figure out how to destroy it, before it destroys… everything.

Script: Corinna Bechko; illustration: Geraldo Borges; colors: Michelle Madsen; cover: Scott Fischer; variant cover: Stephanie Hans.