this is the end ending

Please stop whatever it is you are doing to appreciate that the Galra techies working on Zarkon’s mecha suit have little cat ears on their helmets.

They also have =m= faces.

Actually, this does make me wonder if there is a kind of hierarchy in the ranks that floofier Galra actually do get the specialized, important jobs and Galra that are more reptilian looking end up being the grunts.


and just close enough

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Okay so I started reading Nerve Endings and while it's fucking great, I only have two reactions while reading: one is me giggling like a school girl and the other is me screamimg at yuuri and Victor that they're fucking stupid. Just thought I'd share.

literally my two moods while reading Nerve Endings:

(it’s one of my favourite fics!!)

You’re the woman I love. You’re the woman who kissed me outside a pool house when it was pouring rain, took me to shoot tommy guns on Valentine’s Day. That’s who you are. You’re the one who proposed to me with a stick of beef jerky in your hand, even though you’re a vegetarian. You’re the Roxy to my Tony and the Wanda to my Buck. Who else is going to sing Hot Blooded with me? And besides, we are way better than Mulder and Scully.
—  Seeley Booth 12x12

Maybe it’s just because of the headspace I’m in right now, but I keep thinking about how Nancy stresses out over college finals, sometimes to the point of tears, and how Steve and Jonathan help her through the anxiety and self-doubt.

Jonathan brings her cups of cocoa (and water, because “staying hydrated is important”) and cooks her healthy dinners. Steve goes on a run with her every morning and helps craft her flash cards (going a little overboard with the sparkly markers).

Most importantly, they never shame her feelings or take them lightly. Nancy’s boys are always there for her and it warms my heart.