this is the downside of an unknown fandom

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce HIDDEN GEM WEEK!

October 17th - 23rd 

The FMA fandom is huge which is normally a great thing but sadly, it has its downsides too. We all know some wonderful artists whose art gets lost in the tags; those brilliant writers with only a few notes on their fanfics; the unknown editors and gifmakers and all those creators with fantastic ideas and content who deserve much more recognition than what they are getting. 

It’s their turn to shine! 

During this week we will post only community content with less than 50 notes to bring you these undiscovered treasures of our fandom - both new works and posts that passed unnoticed before. 

Both our ask and submit are open so feel free to tell us about your favorite underappreciated content creator and what you like about them, tag us in your friends’ works, or show us your own posts that you worked hard on! (The no-ship rule of this blog still stands, so please keep that in mind when choosing content to submit.)

Have fun!~