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hush, blush, crush [ bill x reader ]

summary: billy draws (name)’s picture

a/n: this is written for @superwolfiestar ‘s “Beauty and the Beast Halloween prompt challenge”! this is day 11 and prompt scary story. YA I KNOW, I WAS SUPPOSED TO POST IT YESTERDAY BUT I HAD NO TIME OK. also! sortha this request from anon:  hi! can you please do a bill x reader where the reader is bill’s girlfriend/best friend who has a crush on him and she comes across his sketch book and the pictures he drew of beverly? and there’s just a lot of angst and jealousy and maybe ending with some fluff? :)

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The forest oozes with dazing scents. Summer. The night’s sky is littered with bright stars with golden threads around them, and the moon hangs just above the tree tops, almost as if it’s watching over your notorious group of friends. A series of tents stand in a strange circle around a log fire that radiates warmth and nearly blinding light. The Losers Club sits on found logs, huddled together with marshmallows melting on the tips of their held sticks, with blankets over their shoulders. Your hair drips with chilly water sending a shudder down your spine. The wind rustles wet clothes hung on wires and branches.

“-And…and…it’s…” Richie is the one speaking in a hushed, raspy voice. Next to him Eddie looks anxious, grasping his inhaler fiercely and waiting for the story to end. All eight of you took turns in telling scary stories by the camp fire. Naturally, Richie’s is the longest and the most interesting one - the kid is quite a good storyteller, and if he was only half as annoying as he is now, you’d probably have a crush on him instead. A curious whisper rounds the crowd – who is it?, you all wonder – leaning in closer to the fire to hear Richie better, “It’s…it’s….EDDIE’S MOM!”

“Dude! What the hell is wrong with you?” Eddie bellows, inhaling deeply. You refrain from rolling your eyes as the rest of the group replies in weak snorts and an occasional snicker. Figures it was something to do with Eddie’s mom, why else would Richie Trashmouth Tozier be interested in flapping his mouth if it wasn’t to somehow insult or ridicule? You shake your head, and Beverly sends you a cheeky smile, nudging your shoulder. You glance at her. Wordless, she bites her lip and motions to the boy sitting next to you. You frown at her, but refrain from uttering a single word.

Speaking of crushes, yours is just a few inches away, leaning close to the fire and watching carefully when for his marshmallow is done cooking. William “Bill” Denbrough sits in a respectable distance – he had, by accident, sat too close and hurriedly apologized and moved to give you some personal space. Not that you could complain, he had been beside you (thanks to the strategic placing of Ben and Beverly) all day. You couldn’t ask for more than that, even if you did feel a tad of disappointment when he had scooted closer to Mike.

Little by little the gang trickles into their tents. Beverly stays for a while, mostly waiting up for you to be done eating, but you simply shoo her away. The camp fire grows smaller; the silhouettes of you and Bill shine clear to whoever peeks out their tents. Beverly gives a knowing smile before wishing the both of you goodnight. Finally, for the first time in a long while, you and Bill are left alone.

The crackling of the fire lulls your heavy eyes and you feel the first notes of sleep calls you. But you stay alert. Your heart hammers in an unruly pace once you glance at him; his childish face appears happier in the dark, the bags under his eyes aren’t that deep and a spark of genuine joy reflects in the depths of his irises.  You blush, or perhaps it’s simply the hot flame that tickles your cheeks. You look down at your knees: a couple of bruises dot the surface of your skin, no doubt you had rammed into something by accident, though you can’t quite remember. A corner of a dark blue book catches your eye. With a curious brow raised you ask, “Hey, what’s that?”

“O-Oh…” Bill knows exactly what you’re talking about, and a bit unruly he swoops the sketchpad from the dry ground. He holds it, unsure of what to do next, “I-I-I-It’s my sketchb-b-book. Y-Y-Y-You c-can look, i-if you w-want t-t-to, t-that is.” He sounds nervous, more nervous than usual and his stutter is worse. With a soft smile you nod, hoping to ease him. He blinks rapidly as he places it on your lap. A chill creeps up your spine and you shiver. Bill licks his lower lip, “A-A-A-A-A” it takes almost thirty A’s for him to finally say “-are you c-co-cold, (N-Name)?” The wool blanket covering your shoulders has grown damp over the course of the day, but you simply shrug, not wanting to bother him. So he takes action on his own.

He avoids your gaze, opting to stare into the fire as if trying to engrave its mesmerizing dance into his mind. He takes his blanket and throws it over your shoulders, scooting close to you so you’d both share it equally. The proximity is a bit alarming; you fear your heart may pop out, but most of all you fear that he can hear the drumming from this close up. You gulp. Daze seeps into you, into your very bones and warms from within. It’s nice. After a moment you get used to this feeling, the feeling that the whole universe is at your fingertips and planets collide at the simple touch. Bill waits patiently for you to open the first page, and with a new wave of energy, you pry it open and—

Your heart shatters into a million brilliant pieces, like glass it spews all over the sky and becomes stars. Beverly. Beverly’s face drawn in a pretty red color; she looks just as beautiful as she does in real life. Of course he would draw her, why wouldn’t he? They kissed in third grade, you can’t fake such passion! A spike of jealousy pools in your stomach and the idea of simply throwing his sketchbook straight into the fire is tempting. But you refrain. You dive deep into sadness – there is no hope for you, is there? – just like you dived deep into the quarry this morning. Your throat ties in knots and shakily you breathe out, “Beautiful…” You murmur, a somber note in your voice but whether Bill can tell you have no clue.

He looks at you, examines the curl of your lashes, the waves your wet hair makes, the way orange and yellow colors play on your face and says, “Not as beautiful as you, (Name).” It’s a whisper, one you almost fail to catch but you do. You gulp hard, a spark of hope lighting up like a small flame that gradually grows larger as you tilt your head to look at him; your eyes meet in the dark, you note sparks of embers dance in his gaze as he catches each and every detail of your face. Grasshoppers play their silent tune somewhere behind you. Magnetic. The touch is magnetic, his touch on your wrist as it slowly glides into your palm and your fingers intertwine. “W-W-W-Would you l-like me t-to draw you, too?”

“N-Now?” You ask flustered. He gives a curt nod. You almost want to say ‘No’ because you don’t want to part, but the thought of having him sketch you grows more appealing by the moment. So you agree. He grins sheepishly and excuses himself to get some pencils from his tent. Your side grows cold much too soon as you wait for him to return. Is this real? You wonder. And will this exist even after the night fades into dawn and all of your friends awake? These questions are pressing and difficult, much too difficult for someone as young as you.

Bill emerges from the tent with a goofy smile and tip-toes back to you, sitting just as close as he did before leaving, taking his sketchpad and opening a blank page he grabs a red pencil and looks at you, “Oh, uhm, what should I do?”

“S-S-Smile.” The reaction is automatic to his request – the biggest, dorkiest grin blooms on your lips in a show of pure happiness. Bill stares for a long while, a small smile of his own pulling on the corner of his lip.

“Uhm, Bill?”

“Y-Yeah, (N-Name)?”

“You’re not drawing.”


He hurriedly gets to work. His hand glides through the paper, shapes slowly start forming; he glances up at you every two to three seconds to make sure each detail is created with impeccable precision. The night goes in silence, but neither of you mind. The real world fades into the back of your mind and for the time being only you and Bill exist in the warm glow of the campfire. But the sweet dream ends much too soon, and when he finally looks up one last time, you inhale sharply and the grin that had dimmed over the course of an hour comes back in full swing. Bill scribbles something on the top of the picture; thinking he’s done drawing you lean in and rest your head on his shoulder to get a better look.

There lies your portrait, a bit cartoonish, but it’s still you and surprising accurate, too. Like Beverly’s, but it would be obvious to anyone that he had put much more work into yours. On the top left corner there are two words scribbled, which is your name.

“I-I-I-I wi-will k-keep it, if-if you d-d-d-doo-don’t mind, (Name).” Bill says, “I-I can d-d-d-d-raw you another o-one n-next t-t-t-t-t-t-tim-me.”

“Next time?”

Bill nods, “M-M-Maybe th-then there c-c-c-could b-be just t-the tw-two of us.”

The best way to describe this feeling is to name it as a firework, powerful and ultraviolet, “O…okay. Just the two of us, Billy.”

“J-Just the two o-of us, (N-Nickn-name).”


 forever tags: @tozierswheelers @princesspeach212 @ohblue @phillipas00 @ichigothewisewolf@alittlebitofmagic @vanillaladyuniverse @onehellofdevilotaku @itsallinyourimagination  @whatshernamemaria @magical-spit @viixenbriiar @averagewemo

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MC & RFA on a date @ Disneyland? I think this would be extra cute ❥



  • He never takes off his mouse ears and OMG HE IS SO CUTE IN THEM AHHHHHH
  • Yoosung loves zoos, and since animal kingdom is like a zoo on steroids, HE WANTS TO STAY THERE THE ENTIRE TIME
  • “I’m sure something just got in its-“


  • Insists on taking a picture of you two kissing in front of the castle while the fireworks go off in the background
  • When you two passed Snow White and Zen leaned over and whispered
  • “The fairest of them all? Yeah right, obviously they haven’t seen any of my movies.”
  • After your visit he stopped calling you “babe” and started calling you “princess”
  • You didn’t mind at all


  • Her eyes are wide & full of excitement the whole time
  • Holds your hand and drags you eveRY WHERE
  • “One day, we’re going to visit these places for real.”
  • “Okay, Jaehee.”
  • “No, I’m being serious. Let’s travel the world together, MC.”


  • Is confused by the concept of the people in costumes
  • “So, there are… people inside of those suits?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “And that’s their job?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “And they get paid for it?”


  • He is such a tourist omg
  • Like he stops and makes you take so many pictures of him
  • like when he stood in front of the Disney sign
  • “Really Seven? Two thumbs up?”
  • “Uh, yeah? I’m giving it my seal of approval!”
  • he has the goofiest smile but it’s so cute
Burn The Stars

The multitude of stars pulse across the midnight sky gracefully, but the light pollution birthed by one of the most populous cities on Eden-6 makes them hard to detect by mere eyes. Not unlike the stars, elegant tall buildings pulsate with the night life full of bright lights and loud cars; the city is up and alight with energy and excitement.

Two figures fidget in their chairs where they lounge lazily on top of one of the hundred-floor apartments to the east of the city, sharing the general mood. Rhys and Vaughn have less than a day ahead of themselves to get shipped to Elpis, the only moon of the planet Pandora that’s pretty much across the galaxy; they are amongst the select few who got accepted to one of Hyperion’s top universities, a great (and rare) honor and opportunity to attain.

The first spark occurs at this particular moment where midnight melts into the early hours of the morning. Rhys looks at Vaughn, his brown eyes sparkling with anxiety and hope simultaneously; the shorter boy returns the gaze just as fervently, hiding his emotions behind a brave grin.

They sure are nervous and afraid. This will be the first time they’ll leave their planet, let alone travel across the galaxy, leaving their families and friends behind for at least four solid years. But then again, they both worked hard to achieve this; they’ll learn and improve, getting closer and closer to their dream of working for Hyperion one day.

And they will do that together.

With a blush dusting his pale cheeks, Rhys reaches a hand out to Vaughn, fixing the strands of hair falling onto his face with his other hand so that he can buy enough time and be brave enough to look into Vaughn’s eyes.

Vaughn always thought Rhys has the dorkiest smile around, but he’s not the one to judge, as he smiles back just as silly. He huffs as he tries to catch his friend’s eyes, his fingers brush Rhys’s gently before the digits intertwine.

The city provides white noise in the background, the chilly, humid night air ruffles their hair; the stars shine just as bright, Eden-6’s two moons move across the sky without a care in the world, a burst of orange and a splash of peony blooming in the dark.

They have each other, and a bright future ahead. Their hearts swell with love and hope.

It’s almost ten years later that the same cocktail of emotions catches them off guard, blanketed by yet another starry night. Naturally, they have changed throughout the decade- they’re Hyperion now, like they’ve always dreamed to become, with fancy clothes and classy haircuts. Unlike what they planned all those years ago, however, they’re not in one of the grand plazas sipping whatever fancy drink they want. No. They’re pretty much running away from Hyperion after that failed vault key deal that cost them ten million dollars (and eventually, their heads).

Immaculate clothes ripped, fancy shoes covered with dirt and hair disheveled, Vaughn and Rhys pace through the desert, keeping the caravan and their weird ‘teammates’ within their sight while gossiping amongst themselves.

“Look at all those stars!” Rhys points at the sky, his mismatched eyes filled with awe. Vaughn finds himself marveling at Rhys’s dorky smile like he did when they were teenagers instead of the sky. “I guess the only pro of being in the middle of nowhere is the lack of light pollution, I mean, look at how bright they are!” Listening to the cyborg’s excited chatter, the accountant barely stops himself from making a cheesy comment like “None of them are as bright as your smile, bro.” He knows Rhys would love that and let out that silly giggle-snort of his, reserved just for Vaughn’s ears; but he simply doesn’t want to interrupt the taller man, he loves his voice and he loves listening to Rhys after all.

The cold, dry night winds chill them to their bones, so they end up huddling close to seek warmth and intimacy in each other. They end up walking hand in hand, watching the blinking stars, admiring the purple hue of Elpis and the ever-watchful eye of Helios. Winds take handfuls of sand and hurl them at the two man occasionally, and Vaughn ends up with a mouthful of sand because he happened to laugh at one of Rhys’s jokes at the wrong time. Rhys rubs his back and murmurs soothing words into his ear as he coughs up the unwelcome material, and finally takes a breath to calm himself. He lets out an unhappy whine as Rhys gently cleans his face from any lingering particles of sand with gentle hands, “You think we’ll get out of… whatever this is alive?” he asks, looking up at his friend’s eyes. Rhys’s eyebrows furrow as he considers the question, and Vaughn thinks there is nothing more adorable than that little pout gracing the company man’s full lips. Rhys smiles a moment later, and Vaughn is so lost in those pretty eyes that he doesn’t notice the arms sneaking around his waist for a moment. He gasps, but it’s too late and he’s rendered unable to move thanks to Rhys’s noodle arms pulling him close.

Not that he complains.

As Rhys buries his nose in Vaughn’s neck, they’re already blushing hard. The shorter man wraps his arms around the other’s neck and they stand there, as quiet as the night itself.

“We have each other, bro, of course we’ll pull this off.” Rhys mutters into Vaughn’s neck, his warm breath making the accountant shudder involuntarily. He hugs the cyborg close and sighs.

Even on a foreign planet, practically stranded on a huge desert, they still have hope; because they have each other. There’s that spark again, both Rhys and Vaughn can feel it deep in their palpitating hearts. It must be love.

“We should stop meeting like this.” Vaughn says with a downturn his lips, but his amused voice betrays his face. Rhys doesn’t respond, as he’s currently busy ogling Vaughn. Vaughn appreciates it, he really does; the whole Bandit King attire took a lot effort to come up with, after all. He’d just rather… Rhys did something other than just stand so far away from him, frozen as if shot by a powerful cryo gun.

But that’s fine. He strokes his beard and Rhys’s eyes follow the movement, Vaughn thinks liquid gold fits him more than electric blue. He smiles and takes a step towards the other man and that seems to snap Rhys out of his weird reverie.

The fallen remains of Helios remain a crooked mess in the distance, glowing in a shade of pale lilac in the night’s darkness. With all the lighting up Children of Helios done around the area, the makeshift town shines brighter than the stars glittering across the sky. Rhys ignores the scenery as he runs towards Vaughn, he knows he should be agitated by the mere sight of the satellite’s metallic corpse, but he has much more pressing matters at hand, like holding the Bandit King close.

Feet dangling in the air as he’s given a chest-crushing hug by Rhys, Vaughn simply chuckles and hugs him back. The cyborg finally lets Vaughn go so he can breathe and stand on his own, but that only seems to last a moment as they’re pulled within each other’s orbit yet again. Rhys grabs Vaughn’s face with both hands, silver fingers stroking his beard curiously; the shorter man fondles Rhys’s ass innocently and gets a surprised chuckle from the man.

“I’m gonna kiss you now.” Vaughn declares, nodding to himself. Rhys nods along, his dorky smile making the other tipsy; it never gets old, that smile.

The kiss is a decade late, they never felt any different when they were teens than they do now; but the experience crowning their minds, the sins on their backs and the friends they’ve made along the way make it much more wonderful than it could have ever been. They ended up in a place so much different from where they started off, they should be afraid and worried. But as their hands worship each other’s bodies and their tongues delve deeper into each other’s mouths, they’re anything but those.

When they finally break the kiss with silly smiles on their now-numb lips, they can hear the way people around them holler and cheer. It’s fascinating, how one can feel at home and ease in the middle of a wild planet. It’s weird to think how they hoped to become high-level Hyperion goons once and ended up a CEO of a once-dead company and a bandit leader who leads people with an iron fist and the heart of gold.

It is exciting. It gives the two man hope.

As they hold each other close, giving each other chaste kisses every so often, they’re happier than ever. And there’s the third spark, lighting their hearts on fire.

“I love you.” Rhys whispers into Vaughn’s ear.

“I love you, too.” Vaughn replies, just as calm and quick.

They always have.

For the lovely @nokikissa!

You’re awesome and I hope you like this, my friend!

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So I recently saw a piece of fan art that got me thinking: do you know of or can I request an actual angel Sam Wilson fic? Like something happens and he has to reveal himself with his real wings ( he had 6 in the image.) And the boys are like....dafuq?!

I’m not sure if that exact fic exists, but here’s some awesome winged!Sam fics! Also, totally keep your eyes on @samwilsonbirthdaybang because I’d bet there’s at least one wingfic!

Waiting in the Wings by bioloyg

“He’s not sure what it is that draws Sam to his space, be it him or some other divine purpose, but he’s not willing to push, afraid to find the answer. Despite Sam’s cryptic nature, and the swirling pool of mystery that surrounds him, he’s the closest thing Bucky has had to a best friend in a very long time. There’s some sort of understanding – something Bucky can’t quite place his finger on. He feels like he knows something about Sam that he shouldn’t sometimes – how Sam is just as in need of a friend as he is.”
An AU wherein Sam is a Guardian Angel and Bucky is his ward. Not everything is as it seems at first glance. It isn’t a pretty life, but it’s not ugly either. Oh, and everything works out in the end. Promise.

now winging selves sing sweetly by iwillnotbecaged

According to the stories, all families used to have a Trait. Deer antlers, tiger stripes, cat ears — something that marked them as a member of their family and that was passed from mother to child. Traits were less common now, although not quite rare enough to cause people to turn and gawk when someone with a lion’s mane or a lemur’s tail walked by.
The Wilsons had wings.

put your arms around me baby (I just wanna fly) by silverfoxflower

“Hey, hey,” Bucky said, stroking his knuckles against the edge of Natasha’s upper wing. “Leave me out of it. I told her you were touchy about people handling your wings, but,” he grimaced, “They are looking a little … neglected.”

Steve didn’t have to turn his head to know that that was true. Right now, his too-long primary feathers were dragging on the barroom floor, and he swore he used to have white wings, but no matter how he preened they remained a dingy, lackluster grey.

“Alright,” he said with a sigh, glancing at the gift card before slipping it into his wallet. Seraphim Spa, it read in gold script, Massages, oil treatments and more.

The Art of Missing the Ground by Sholio

An accident in the field gives Sam sudden!surprise!wings. (Also fills my h/c bingo “Mutation” square.)

Already the World Entire by pearwaldorf

“He thinks it over for a few days, because he’s not completely stupid, just mostly. But deep down he knows that if it’ll help Steve, there’s not a thing in the world he wouldn’t do.”
Or, Sam Wilson gets actual wings.

After the Mission by neverfinishe

Sam’s exhausted after a mission with Bucky, and Steve takes care of him.

And Dream for Miles by permashift

Sam let himself smile, knowing it was likely the dreamiest, dorkiest look he’d given anyone in the past ten years but unable to help it. He felt a lot like he was drifting on clouds in the sky, like coasting on a current, like swinging from star to star.

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request for a suuuper fluffy ryan/reader!!!

((Sorry for the long wait, hopefully with two mods we will get fics out faster. And I hope this is ok!))

“Hey, everybody!” Ryan greets the AH guys from atop the kingly throne once more, his Minecraft skin complete with a crown this time.

A chorus of “hey”s, “hello”s, and “hi”s ring out in the achievement hunter room as King Ryan’s loyal subjects gather at the base of the throne.

“Welcome back to yet another ‘King Ryan’! This is the third one now, I believe. And as your king I would like to introduce you to my assistant for the day.”

“Kerry?” Michael asks, running around the throne.

“Nope! That traitor is on the run and hasn’t been seen for weeks. Today, I have brought in my lovely girlfriend and Minecraft extraordinaire, [Y/N]!”

“My king!” Geoff cries, “I would be more than honored to go retrieve the traitor for you!”

“Sucking up, I like it. Anywho, [Y/N] here has definitely assisted in the creation of today’s tasks, but there are changes in the tasks that even she doesn’t know about and the first ruling of today’s let’s play is that you will not be on any teams the entire let’s play. No team Nice Dynamite, no team Rayplacement, nothing. It’s every man for himself.”

“What would you like us to do, your majesty?” Gavin asks, impatient to begin.

“Your first task of the day is to each take a map and a book. Any gubbins you currently have must be disposed of in the gubbins pit. Each of you has a book with unique instructions, and you may trade now, but once you have opened your book you cannot trade with another player. Go ahead and start trading.” Michael and Gavin immediately trade with one another and Jeremy trades with Jack. Geoff refuses to trade, claiming that his book is “his and only his”.

“Alright, has everyone traded to their hearts content? Then when I say ‘Go’ you will each open your book to the VERY FIRST PAGE and only that page. That has the instructions for the first task on it. Killing is allowed because you will each memorize your task and put your book in your chest. Ready, set, go!”

You open your own enchanted book, reading the initial page:

Go collect enough wood to create 64 signs.

“Are you doing this with me, my king?” You ask Ryan and he turns to you in real life, giving you a small smile, “I wish I could, my dear, but I must moderate my subjects. Those signs will be essential in the future though so please go do that.”

“As you wish,” you smile, giving Ryan a sly look as you quote The Princess Bride. Your character runs off to begin punching trees. For the next twenty minutes, various squawks from Gavin, shouts from Michael, and the occasional “Noooooo!” pepper the laughter and banter of the Achievement Hunters.

“My king, I have completed my first task!” Jack announces, running up to the throne and crouching in a bow.

“Very good, Jack! You will receive a piece of the tower and then you must move on to the second task in the book. It is on the next page.” Ryan tosses Jack a single gold block which Jack places on his obsidian piece.

“So do we stop now or…?” Michael asks.

“No, you will continue your tasks and try to go faster. Jack is on round two of three before the rest of you, so you’ll want to hurry up.” A cacophony of groans bombards the microphones as Geoff, Michael, Gavin, and Jeremy continue whatever they are doing.

“My king, what would you like me to do?” You ask, “I have created a stack of 64 signs as you requested.”

“Now, my dear, I would like you to go into the Nether and collect for me two stacks of glowstone and craft them into blocks. Here is a diamond sword and pickaxe and some armour.”

“Thank you, your majesty, I will return shortly.”

Another twenty minutes and Jack has collected a second block of gold, but Gavin is closing in on the bearded ginger fast by completing tasks in record time.

“Gavin is awarded his first gold block, finishing his final task from the book just seconds before Jack!” Ryan MCs and tosses Gavin a block. Gavin crows and runs to his obsidian, placing the block on the ground next to it.

“Goddammit!” Gavin shouts, the office erupting in laughter. Ryan sighs and mines the block, placing it for Gavin.

“Your next task is to create an ender chest! Any previous chests have been removed so you must create this new one and place the gubbins from the previous tasks in it for it to count. Killing is allowed, just make sure you do not lose your specific gubs! Ready, set, go!”

Michael immediately dashes forward and begins beating Gavin with his diamond pickaxe.

“Hey, hey! Micoo! My boi! What’re you doing?”

“Sorry, Gav, but one gold block is one block too many. You must be stopped before you begin.”


“My king! I come bearing two stacks of glowstone as desired!”

“Good, good. Here’s a curveball, boys. [Y/N] is outfitted in diamond armour and is invisible. Don’t die by her hand or else you are disqualified for this round. Oh, and she has a map with each of you on it.”

Chaos breaks out as people scramble for cover and sanctuary from your rampage. You set fire to the ground and forest as you run through, your flint and steel running out of utility quickly.

As you slay Gavin, Michael comes up behind you and tries to take you out.

“You think I cannot defeat the mighty Mogar? Fear me!” You cry in joy as you beat the shit out of Michael. For this round Geoff manages to avoid you long enough to create an ender chest and place his gubbins in it.

“My king, I’m done!”

“Very good! You will all now follow me to this conveniently placed End portal and we will embark on our journey to the final part of this King Ryan!”

As you each pass through the portal, you land in a small obsidian room with a single ender chest, the purple end matter flowing into it.

“Geoff, please remove your gubbins from your chest and give [Y/N] the stack of 64 red stone.”

“Yes, your highness!” Geoff tosses the red stone at you and you pick it up, giving Ryan a puzzled look. You didn’t help design this part of the Let’s Play at all.

“[Y/N], you will now go down this nicely lit hallway and enter the room beyond. We will follow you of course.” Ryan commands and you comply, placing the red stone in your hand and sprinting down the corridor. It gives way to an enormous obsidian room that is lit by glowstone and an assortment of torches. In the center of the room is a large white mansion made of quartz.

“Explore the mansion, my dear. The rest of you, the winner of King Ryan III will be whomever does the best job of protecting my darling [Y/N] from the monsters inside. If she dies even once, Achievement City will win. [Y/N], you’ll know you’re where you need to go when you reach a room with a large painting on the wall. Go!” You rush inside the mansion with Geoff, Jack, Jeremy, Gavin, and Michael hot on your heels, each of them wielding some sort of weapon. Many times they throw themselves in harm’s way to prevent you from dying, which is effective to say the least. You notice the signs you collected for Ryan placed on the walls, each with an inside joke between the two of you typed on it. 

“This rain sure is wet.” 

“That’s all you do! You’re just a big cat!”

“Sometimes you just gotta stab a bitch.”

“’Mad’ king? More like ‘rad’ king, amiright?”

After a decent bit of exploring, you enter a room that is smaller than the others, with a large Kung Fu painting on the wall.

“Now, my dear, I need you to place one red stone between the switch in the floor and the wall. Once you have done that, feel free to flip the lever.” In real life you look at Ryan with confusion, but he just has a warm smile on his face as he watches you on your screen. You shrug, turning back to your computer and don’t notice when Gavin slides from his chair, turning on his phone and starting the video capture.

You place a single piece of red stone and flip the switch. Mechanical thumps and movement can be heard and a portion of the wall slides open, the Kung Fu painting breaking away. A single chest is revealed and you step forward, opening it, to see a lone gold pickaxe in it. You mouse over the pickaxe and the name pops up. You read the name of the pickaxe and then read it again. And again. And once more just to be certain.

“Ryan…” You say quietly, turning to him from behind the screen to see his kneeling on one knee beside you. Your hands fly to your face and you squeak in surprise.

“Every mad king needs an equally mad queen,” Ryan smiles happily, his eyes crinkling and his cheeks reddening, “Will you become my mad queen?” Ryan opens a small black box to reveal a silver ring in the shape of a crown with a single diamond on the band, “Marry me?”

You have tears streaming down your face and you nod profusely, removing your hands from your mouth, “Yes,” your voice cracks, “Yes, Ryan, I’ll marry you.”

The Achievement Hunters cheer as Ryan slides the cool ring onto your left ring finger and you glance at the computer screen where the name of the pickaxe is still visible as “Will you marry me?”. You then look at the other AH guys and see many of them smiling and patting each other on the back.

“You were all in on this?”

“Only them and half the office,” Ryan says, standing up, “We had to keep you distracted somehow. Why do you think Jeremy had so much missing footage? He was building!”

“Who won the Tower of Pimps, Ryan?” Gavin inquires, pushing his camera in Ryan’s face. Ryan smiles goofily from happiness, “The most beautiful woman in the world.” He then dips you backward, kissing you hard on the mouth and you throw your arms around his neck to keep your balance.

Later, you sit curled up on the white ikea couch with Ryan next to you, admiring the shiny ring.

“So how long did it take you to come up with that one?”

“Three months,” Ryan chuckles.

You rolls your eyes, “You’re such a dork.”

“Only the dorkiest for the mad queen.”

“You realize what this means, right?” You ask.

Ryan runs his hand up and down your side absently, “What’s that?”

“There will be a Queen [Y/N] series. And I can think of the perfect King to assist me.”

Ryan lays his head atop yours, pressing a kiss to your hair, “I love you. So much.”

“I love you, too.”

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From the Bottom of my Heart,

How should I begin? Well, to be truly honest you were ever the first group that pulled me into K-Pop and I never stopped listening. I was a hardcore fan. Sone, if you will. You were the group that I grew up listening as we both aged and matured in our lives. The reason I stan you wasn’t because of your looks, it was the melody of the music and the deep messages of the lyrics and mostly the girl power showing the world girls can be powerful as the boys. It was great to see more girl groups debuting more after and after each other. You were the start of many female artists and groups who are here are known great.

Another thing that I loved about Girls’ Generation was your dorkiest side-all nine of you. You made me laugh and smile, forgetting the worst behind. Even with the good and the bad hardships you made me cry, showing me just being an idol doesn’t mean you’re not human as well. We are alike. We hurt, scream, cry, and laugh as the world takes a roll on us.

And here’s where I get serious and real, although I don’t know what happened in 2014, my feelings have changed over the years. I’m no longer that hardcore Sone as I was. Some of my feelings towards some of the members change their direction. I still respect them as great artists, they make good music there’s no doubt of that, but my sense/gut is telling me that I was blind behind the ‘bond’ I thought it was real. It might real but not as real as we thought. Few years before it all went south, I searched up the situation between Taeyeon and Jessica. It seems to have been that the two of them distanced from each other due a fight. Too blind to just shrug it off to not believing the lies of fans said. I felt by the end of 2014 and the years go by, some of the members true faces came out. Of course, the girls fight. They were kids when they were training and debuting as Girls’ Generation. Family fight sometimes, it’s natural. We are free to have our own option. But still, I felt like some of the girls were two faced. Hate me, but this is what I’m feeling.

Now, it doesn’t mean that I hate some of the girls. No way. Was I angry? Ooh yes. I was fucking pissed. Fucking angry at SM Entertainment of their unorganized ways of dealing things and the way SNSD went down. I felt like SM forced the girls to kick out Jessica. I believe that they were scared of what SM could do. They panicked. Right now this might come as wrong as I write because I don’t know how to word it or explain it. I was angry at Taeyeon. An amount of me feels like Taeyeon failed as a leader when it all happened. She was my role model of how to care for someone. She cared for nine girls, being the mother figure when their mothers couldn’t be there. I felt like she protected 8 of 9 members. Yes, I know. She and Jessica weren’t close anymore, but throughout the years all together, you hoped that percentage would rule over all. To my mind, yes, I still think she cares for Jessica as Jessica cares for Taeyeon. I just think it should have ended in a better way.

Do I hate Taeyeon? No. I stopped being angry long time ago, besides I don’t know fully what happened. I cannot put all the blame on her or anyone. I still love her as a human being and a wonderful singer. Feelings changed? Yes. Does not mean I won’t stop stanning Taeyeon & Girls’ Generation and Jessica Jung.  Just because they are no long the well known nine members, they are still my favorite group/artists.  They were my first K-Pop group that pulled me into a world of people from all over who love the same thing. Without them, I would not know about K-Pop or the cool people who admires them as I do.

I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all of the years, the good music-the melody and lyrics, the catchy dance movements, and the laughter and tears, for everything. I wish you all of the great happiness you deserve. Thank you and love you.

I already made a post about INTPs, INTJs and INFJs but I wasn’t yellLING ABOUT HOW GREAT THEY ARE SO LISTEN TO HOW GREAT THEY ARE

INFJs = we all know INFJs are actually magical time lord wizards of space they have like That So Raven level psychic powers and are probably reading your mind and seeing into the future but they’re also giant dorks and have the cutest giggles ever and like reading and writing and probably like tea and candles anD they’re SO CALMING and good at listening  ? ?? ? they are like IRL Gandalfs - wise and baddass you know what I’m talking about. They also remind me of kind knights/princesses from fairytales that you want to hug and be best friends with forever ? ? ? ? like how could you not love them ? ? ? they’re always there for you  ? ?? ? always happy to help even when they are struggling themselves ? ?  no matter what they want to do what they can to create a better outcome? ? ? ?they’re so compassionate and nice  ? ?? ? always put others before themselves  ?? ?? ?  are INFJs real ?? ? are they actually angels ? ? ?? is earth the planet the place they meant to come to pretty sure they got lost on the way to heaven where these angels truly belong like we don’t deserve INFJ tbh

INTPs = basically cats who know how to use the computer and are actually super nicE?? ?? ?very sweet ? ? ? ?? ? and hilarious ? ? ??  make perfect puns ? ? ? they’re giant memes ??? but also veRY VERY SMART they make amazing connections ? ? ?? could probably hack tumblr if one wanted to but they probably wouldn’t because they got better things to do ? ?  like ?? ? they are  geniuses but they’re so casual and laid back  ? ? ?? ? / ? ?? their smiles and giggles have been said to stop world crime and give angels wings and bring out sunshine on a cloudy day and cure any known sadness don’t argue with me INTPs I read this on a sciencey site thing it’s a fact you can’t deny it it’s science okay your smiles are blessings <333

INTJs = the dorkiest masterminds ever holy crap I always laugh when people say INTJs are like villains like have you met one ? ?? ? ??? I honestly think the only people who believe INTJs are villains are themselves like tbh INTJs listen to me you are the kindest people ? ??? ? you are such amazing friends ? ?? ? ? ?  like during an average day I’ll get texts from my INTJ friends and they’re all like “Have a good day!” “Hey, how are you feeling today? I hope you’re doing well!” “If you need any help with anything let me know.”  like I’m aCTUALLY CRYING you guys I cannot stress how much I love INTJs like they’re kind and so great and so funny ? ?? ? ? also major dorks omg ??? ? ? ? but they’re so cute ? ? ?? ? ? they get embarrassed over the cutest things ? ?? ? ? ? they sass everything that breathes and I love it ??? ? ? ? being an INTJs friend is like being a friend to the greatest person on earth ?? ?? being cared for and loved by an INTJ is literally the best feeling ever?? ? ? they’re so cute and protective of their friends too ?? ? ? ? like ? ? ?? ? I love them ? they’re the ones in the room who just come out and say what everyone’s thinking ?? ? ? ? ? they’re also super smart ?? ? ? ?? they also would probably start a fight but they aren’t really assholes they just don’t care much for ‘social rules’ and what people think about them which is actually kind of amazing ? ?? ? ? ? like I stare in awe at INTJs I bask in their glow

anonymous asked:

How long does it take to realize you're in love?

as soon as those butterflies in your stomach turn into a warm feeling whenever they’re around, something more subtle yet so much better. when you think of home and they come up, when you’re doing something and wishing they were there with you every moment of it. when you start to imagine what could be in the future and they start to put flowers in all the dark places this world has tried to give you. when you smile because they’re just happy and that’s all you need to be happy as well. when no matter what mood you’re in you want to be talking to them and have them comfort you in a way nobody else can. when you have the sweetest or dorkiest nicknames for each other. when you start looking back and thanking whatever force brought you two together and wishing nothing more than the pure innocent love you two will always share and the satisfaction of finding somebody who will only look at you in a group of people and who will look at you instead of the dumb movies you two will watch because your face is just so much better than what’s on that screen. when you don’t need to talk to be comfortable and you don’t need to say I love you directly but in other subtle ways. falling in love doesn’t come in days, weeks or months it comes in emotions, smiles and explosions of love for somebody


1. Kelley is the only one eagerly awaiting Hope. Once they see each other, they both burst into the goofiest grins I’ve ever seen.

2. Hope literally SKIPS to Kelley and Kelley’s hand makes its way down low…as it does.

3. Kelley proudly guides Hope into the group huddle as if she has possession over her.

4. Reminder that Julie is there and how that is definitely not up for discussion. Kelley, hold your girl close.

5. Huddle ends but Hope turns the tables and SMACKS KELLEYS ASS. ARE YOU DONE WITH THIS POST YET? BC I AM.

6. Lol jk lets observe Kelley in squirrel mode as she breaks away with the dorkiest smile knowing that she and Hope made more physical contact within the last ten seconds than the entire World Cup.

God bless this victory tour.


atokatsu  asked:

How do you think bangtan would react to a girl that was a friend of theirs telling them they liked them?Do you think they'd have a reaction at all? I'm a really straight forward girl so it's something I'd totally do if i liked someone!(Favorite blog)


 3 member limit since i feel like other people will ask for it anyway i did a gif reaction/scenario response ENJOY!


i feel like Seokjin would just be really surprised/confused - whether the feelings are mutual or not. he wouldn’t feel so caught off guard because of the fact that you like him, his intense people instincts (come on he’s a mother of 6) would’ve picked up the fact that you liked him before you even knew it. but he wouldn’t have anticipated the confession - especially so soon. 


Yoongi would definitely appreciate how blunt you are - that’s probably one of the reasons why you two are such good friends tbh. even when considering this, i still think he’d be surprised and maybe even a little bit concerned. especially if he feels the same way - dealing with feelings is complicated and something he seems to avoid. if he doesn’t like you in the same way, i think he’d know you could deal with how straight forward he is, and flat out tell you that he just likes you as a friend. 


whether he likes you or not Joonie would just smile the biggest, dorkiest smile in the world (with a hint of smugness, ngl) his dimples would make you melt oml and he’d just stare at you with that stupid smile and ask you out in the same blunt tone that you’d just used - if he just wanted to remain friends he’d put his face in his beautiful hands, all flustered, but kindly tell you that he’d rather keep your relationship the way it is. 


omg this nugget would be so flattered. Hoseok would probably start giggling like an idiot, and not know what to say to you. whether he likes you or not, he just would not be able to stop smiling. i think he’s the one of the 7 that would be the most likely to consider asking you out anyway, because if he’s close friends with you - he’s obviously already attracted to you in one way or another!


whether he likes you or not chimchim would just stare, confused and ask you “Why?” he doesn’t find himself very attractive and would wonder why you do? also, he’d be caught off guard by your abruptness and might even be a little upset that it wasn’t as special as he could have hoped (especially if he likes you back lol)


lol the infamous blank faced tae. he totally wouldn’t be able to process your words right away. plus, he gets distracted by everything. who knows, there’s a number of ways it could go tbh. he might think you’re joking and go off on some random tangent, or be thinking about something like meat and accidentally ignore your random confession. you’d probably have to address Taehyung a few times before he’d really respond to what you’ve said. it’d start with the biggest, brightest smile in the world and if he likes you back, i’m not sure he’d actually say anything - he’d be way too giddy and happy to form an actual sentence lol


okay so please have your phone ready to dial 911. this fetus would be a few rapid beats shy of a fricken heart attack. he wouldn’t be able to look you in the eyes, all the while wearing the cutest little smirk on his face because he’s actually happy that you confessed first. even if he didn’t like you, he’d still be smiling because DAMN one of his girl friends just straight out said that they have feelings for him?? wait until his hyungs hear about THAT

oh god confessing to these angels can u imagine

~ admin ariel

Listen, twenty years ago, it wasn’t so cool to have a calculator watch, right? And spending all day inside playing with your calculator watch sent a clear message that you weren’t doing so well socially. And judgments like ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ and ‘smiles’ and ‘frowns’ were limited to junior high. Someone would write a note and it would say, ‘Do you like unicorns and stickers?’ and you’d say, ‘Yeah, I like unicorns and stickers! Smile!’ That kind of thing. But now it’s not just junior high kids who do it, it’s everyone, and it seems to me sometimes I’ve entered some inverted zone, some mirror world where the dorkiest shit in the world is completely dominant. The world has dorkified itself.
—  David Eggers, The Circle
“I don't hate you” “This is damaging my self-esteem, I hope you know.”

Request: “Can you do #1 with Peter or Bucky where you guys get into a huge argument, and then he says he hates you, and his words hurt more than you expected and then he feels rly bad and goes to comfort you and y'all kiss or something? Please and thank you!!”


“Can you do 22 with Peter and he says something really mean to you and you can take it from there please ;-))”


“Can you do one where Peter and reader are in a mission and You guys “"hate each other”“ and on the mission you guys are paired up and you’re being really mean to each other but you end up getting hurt and peter is really worried about you (very angsty and sad/ fluffy please and thanks !!)”

A/N: I hope you don’t mind that I mixed all three of these requests together.  I just found them really similar and thought they would fit well together.  Also I was super excited to write this one. I hope you guys like it.

Warnings: Angst

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by tchakka

You and Peter had a burning hate for each other.  You couldn’t even stand each other’s presence in the room.  The thing was you didn’t even really know why you hated him or why he hated you.  It’s just always been that way.  This is why when Steve told you that you had to go on a mission with Peter you were completely upset.

“Steve I don’t understand why he has to come with me.”

“Y/N, I know you are perfectly capable of handling yourself but who knows how many Hydra agents will be there.  I would go with you but I’m kind of busy at the moment.” You heard the sounds of punches in the background.

“Alright fine.” You said as you hung up on him.

You took the bus to Peter’s apartment which took forever because of the traffic. You knocked on the door and his aunt opened it.

“Hi Y/N. It’s so nice to see you again.” His aunt had no idea he was Spiderman and she had no idea that Peter and you hated each other.

“It’s nice to see you too.” You said with a smile. “Is Peter here?”

“Yes he is. You’re welcome to come in. Peter your girlfriend is here!”

“Oh I’m not his-”

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Peter said as he walked into the room.  He had a frown on his face and there was an awkward silence.

“Peter I’m going to the store to buy some things. Do you need anything?” Aunt May said breaking the silence.

“No I’m fine.”

“Well I’ll leave you kids alone then.” She shut the door behind her signaling that you and Peter could stop pretending to like each other.

“So what do you want?”

“What do you think I’m here for? A friendly visit? No, Steve has a mission for us.  There’s a Hydra base located in Manhattan and he want us to go check it out.”

“Oh what you can’t handle it by yourself.” He scoffed.

“Listen I’m not thrilled about us working together either but Steve gave us a mission and I’m just following what he told us.  Go put on your suit were leaving in 5 minutes.”

He rolled his eyes and left to change. You sat down in the living room and turned on the TV.  There was some cooking show on but you didn’t really pay attention.  You were just thinking about the mission and Peter.  You hated him with a burning passion which is exactly why you were worried.  You were used to working with people you got along with and you felt that that’s what made all your missions successful but this time you were scared that because of how you and Peter got along that this mission would fail.  Your thoughts were interrupted as Peter came out from his room in his suit. You couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous it was.

“Oh God I hate you.”

“The feeling’s mutual. Let’s go.”

“Wait I’ve got to put something over this. You didn’t expect me to leave like this?”

“Just hurry up.”

You guys left and decided to take the subway.  There were no seats so both of you had to hold on to the bars.  A few times Peter stumbled causing you to call him a idiot which caused him to call you an jerk.  You stopped a bit before where the actual base was located. The building blended in perfectly with the neighborhood.  No one would have ever suspected suspicious activity in that building.  It was already late outside and it was pretty quite.

“Okay let’s go.”

“What we ha-”

You didn’t get a chance to finish your sentence before being picked up by Peter as he used his web shooter to go to the roof.

“What the hell Parker! You can’t just do that without warning me!”

“I just want to get this mission over with quickly so I don’t have to spend another minute with you. You’re annoying, mean, and I hate everything about you.”

“Ouch. This is damaging my self-esteem, I hope you know.” You said sarcastically. You couldn’t help but admit it hurt a little but why did you care you hated him right back. “Oh by the way another thing.  How the hell are supposed to get in if there’s no entrance from up here.”

“There’s a vent right here. We can go-”

“No way I’m not squeezing into that small space.”

“Do you want to do this mission or not.”

You groaned. “Fine fine whatever.”

You went in first and he went behind you. “Oww!” 

“What is it now Parker?”

“Really you didn’t feel your foot kick my face?”

“Actually I did but I don’t care.”

“You know I was having such a great day today and then you ruined it.”

“That’s my goal in life. There’s an exit over there.”

“Great observation Sherlock.” 

You were slowly getting more and more frustrated.  You had never hated him more than that moment.  You hated his sarcasm and his clumsiness and his stupidity and his good heart and responsibility and perfect face. No you thought to yourself. Not Peter Parker.

You quietly opened the vent and got out. 

“A little help here?” You heard Peter ask.

“You can’t even get out of a vent yourself? Oh my God.”

“Wow this is- wow.” Peter gasped as he saw all the computer and other high tech devices that were in the large room.

“Okay stop geeking out let’s get this over with.”

You both walked over to one of the computers and began to copy all the information onto a USB.

“Only 20% has been copied so far? Parker make it go faster.”

“How am I supposed to make it go faster I have no control over it!”

“Keep it down.”

“I’m tired of you hating me all the time and I’m tired of hearing you complain.  Every single thing I do is wrong.  After this you’ll probably tell Steve about how I was completely useless-”

“Parker shut up! Now is not the time for your stupid little rants!”

“You know that I genuinely hate you.”



You felt like punching him but this mission was the only thing that prevented that from happening.  Suddenly you hear footsteps nearing you.

“Now look what you’ve done!” You yelled at Peter.

“What I did? I-”

Peter was interrupted as a mob of Hydra agents entered.  Peter webbed up a lot of them as you used your training to take out as many Hydra agents as you could.  Just as you were fighting you felt a horrible pain on your side.  You fell back and look down to see that you had been hit by a bullet.  Most of the agents were knocked out.  Peter was taking out the last three. 

“Y/N!” Peter yelled as he ran to your side.  He lifted your head and place it on his lap.  You felt yourself slowly losing consciousness. “Come on stay with me.” Peter said with tears rolling down his face. 

“Why are you crying. I thought you hated me.”

“I don’t hate you.” He said as he choked up on the tears. 

You smiled a bit. “I don’t hate you either.”

“I’m sorry for everything I ever said to you.  I’m sorry for being and idiot and a jerk.  I’m sorry for this.  It’s all my fault.  Please don’t die.” 

“Peter you got to get out of here. More of them are coming.” You were trying to catch your breath.  

“No, not without you.”


“I love you.” 

“I lov-” 

You woke up in a hospital room feeling lightheaded.

“Thank God you’re awake.” You immediately recognized the voice as Peter’s.  He neared you and moved the hair away from your face. “I almost thought I lost you.” He sniffled. 

“You didn’t think you were gonna get rid of me that quickly?”

He laughed. “So we’re good?”

“Yeah we’re good.”

“Well I um…gotta get back home so.”

“Yeah yeah of course. See ya.”  He neared the door but you remembered that you never finished what you were going to tell him before everything went black. 

“Peter wait.” You said as you got up.

“You aren’t supposed to be getting up you’re still recuperat-”

“I love you too.” With those words the cutest smile formed on his face. “So are you going to kiss me or what Par-”

He placed his hands on your face, pressing his smooth lips against yours.  A warm feeling came over you.  Everything else in the world seemed to disappear as both of you were engulfed in a passionate kiss that never seemed to end.

You pulled away as your side began to hurt.  You looked to see Peter with the dorkiest look on his face. “Hey are you going to help me get back in the hospital bed.”

“Oh yeah sorry my bad.”

You laughed. “I hate you.”

“I love you.” He smiled.

“I love you too.”


You are the dorkiest dork to ever dork. I hate you so much like holy fucking god if you didn’t exist I would never have gotten in to this life ruiner thing called kpop like wow amber thanks. No but I love you. You mean the world to me and you just always make me smile. You are old now and soon you will have grey hair and wear old lady clothes with bad patterns but its okey I accept it. Just please never stop being the dork you are like seriously if you do I will come to korea and fuck shit up. 

Happy Birthday you big dork, I love you. <3