this is the dorkiest smile in the world


1. Kelley is the only one eagerly awaiting Hope. Once they see each other, they both burst into the goofiest grins I’ve ever seen.

2. Hope literally SKIPS to Kelley and Kelley’s hand makes its way down low…as it does.

3. Kelley proudly guides Hope into the group huddle as if she has possession over her.

4. Reminder that Julie is there and how that is definitely not up for discussion. Kelley, hold your girl close.

5. Huddle ends but Hope turns the tables and SMACKS KELLEYS ASS. ARE YOU DONE WITH THIS POST YET? BC I AM.

6. Lol jk lets observe Kelley in squirrel mode as she breaks away with the dorkiest smile knowing that she and Hope made more physical contact within the last ten seconds than the entire World Cup.

God bless this victory tour.