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For Those Who Weren’t at ACE:

1. Both Mackie and Sebastian were extremely sick on Sunday. I was talking to an ACE Comic Con volunteer who said that they both wanted to cancel, but they stayed because Chris (who was apparently really sick by the end of the day on Saturday but tried to suck it up like a trouper) was sicker than they both were and they didn’t want to disappoint anyone else.

2. Tom was in the photo-op booth all day on Sunday. He was there from the start of the day (about 9:30am/10:00am) until his autograph time (about 4:00/4:30 I think) and then he was on the main stage for the panel at 6:20ish.

3. The reason Tom was doing photo-ops was because he didn’t want anyone to be disappointed. According to an ACE volunteer I was talking with, when he heard Chris was too sick to show up, he asked what he could do to help. He took pictures with people who had a single photo-op with Chris, which added an extra hour and a half to his photo-op time. He had very little time to breathe on Sunday, and he was such a trooper.

4. Hayley Atwell flew 10 hours to be there. She flew to Arizona just for ACE, and was flying home THAT NIGHT to rehearse for her play that she’s in.

5. despite all of them being tired (and some of them being sick and tired) they were all so kind and loving towards all their fans. even if you weren’t at ACE, I hope you know that your favs do genuinely love and care for you! it’s hard not to feel appreciated when they do this kind of stuff for us! for all of us! 💖💛💝

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Lottie, give us a little Hoe drabble please? I can't fuckin believe this is the new name. Truly superior in every way

Poe exhales in a long shuddering breath before slumping down on the bed on his back beside Hux, their legs becoming intertwined as they come down from their climaxes. The rough sheets of this cheap space-station hotel room are coarse against Poe’s skin as he shuffles closer to Hux, going back in for another kiss before he’s even regained his breath.

“I thought I told you not to kiss me after we were done,” Hux warns, yet makes no attempt to cease Poe’s advances.

“I don’t see you trying to stop me, Gingerbell,” Poe smiles, deepening the kiss further.

He feels Hux smile back into the kiss before there’s a hand on his chest, pushing him back. Hux looks down to where Poe’s cum lies sticky and fresh on his stomach and chest, giving him an unimpressed look before rising from the bed and going into the small, adjoining refresher.

“You’ve got a bite mark on your ass, too,” Poe shouts back, smirking to himself.

It isn’t long before Hux comes back out, clean and with his hair brushed back into place. He sits on the side of the bed, back to Poe, and sighs.

“This can’t go on, Dameron. We have to stop this. Today.”

Poe sits up, eyebrows raised. Even when he moves behind Hux and begins kissing his shoulder, Hux doesn’t look at him.

“You’ve said that before,” Poe says. “And here we are, still. Making dates to meet in crappy spaceports for the night. You need this like I do—”

“And what would your precious General Organa say if she knew you were meeting me here?”

Poe’s kisses stop, “She doesn’t have to know. No one does. Do you think Kylo Ren would be any less impressed with you meeting me? He despises me.”

“Just as Organa despises me, but unlike you and your problem, Ren is not the boss of me.”

“Could’ve fooled me.”

“Watch it, Dameron. I might just have to put you in your place.”

Poe rolls his tongue and purrs.

“As long as that place is on top of you, Hux, I don’t care.”

Hux finally turns then, looking back over his shoulder to where Poe sits behind him. Poe smiles, seeing the man he’s been unable to keep away from all these years. Not the Starkiller, not General Hux, just Hux. Those shining eyes and those freckled cheeks, the boldness and the brashness that radiate from his movements, his silver tongue and that smirk. The lithe body, his long legs, hair like fire—

Poe is well and truly addicted.

“See?” Poe says, kissing Hux’s neck. “This is what we’re about. No politics, no war. Just us in this room.”

“But the galaxy doesn’t stop existing as soon as we shut that door, Dameron.”

“Stop calling me that,” Poe snaps, feeling his anger rise in his chest. He wants to shake Hux, tell him to stop being so detatched. “Say my name. Call me by my name.”

Hux’s gaze drops, turning away, but he runs his tongue over his lips as though needing time to prepare himself to say the name that’s haunted him for years.

“Poe,” Hux whispers. He swivels around on the bed until they’re facing each other, kneeling. “Poe. We were never supposed to take it this far.”

Poe isn’t sure whether the coldness spreading across his skin is the chill from the lingering sweat on him or it’s the fear of losing Hux; his Armitage.

Their fingers link when Poe moves his over Hux’s, both staring down at their connected hands.

“Tell me to leave you, and I will,” Poe says. His gaze is firm, burrowing into Hux’s skull and willing him to look up at him. “Hux.”

Only when Poe cups Hux’s pale cheek with his other hand does he look up, and Poe sees Hux’s red-rimmed eyes.

“Don’t leave me,” Hux says. “Poe. I don’t want to give this up.”

“Me neither,” Poe smiles.

“But the galaxy—”

“It doesn’t matter. We’re not Commander Dameron and General Hux when we’re here, we’re Poe and Armitage, right?”

“I told you not to call me that,” Hux smirks, giving Poe a playful tap on his hand.

Poe bites his lip and moves in for a kiss, elated when Hux kisses him back, reciprocating with just as much raw enthusiasm as their first kiss on the day they met; when they were two sad drunks in a rundown cantina and found comfort in each other’s arms. Their identities were unknown to each other, but Poe had thought Hux beautiful the moment he set his gaze on him from across the bar, and he later learnt that Hux had felt the same about him. And only after months of their arrangement did Poe eventually see Lieutenant Hux’s face on a First Order propaganda poster and his world crumbled.

Yet, he hadn’t been able to stop himself. Hux, neither. They’d agreed the sex and raw attraction would be too much to ignore. They’d forget their responsibilities when they’re together, they’d promised, but Poe privately admits to himself that the danger of the situation arouses him more than it should.

Their charade continues: enemies by day, lovers by night.

“You tell me not to do a lot of things,” Poe winks. “I don’t listen.”

“No,” Hux rolls his eyes, lifting himself up to point to the bite mark on his left ass cheek. “I know.”

Richie: So guys what are all your kinks?

Stan: Not to get too dirty… but genuinely being loved and appreciated by people I cherish and support

Richie: Hm, corny. Anyway, I’m really into handcuffs


Richie: . … and whips.. ..

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