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Hey sorry if im disturbing you... Im a supergirl fan but i dont keep up with the fandom or interviews and stuff. I just watch the show. I am a supercorp casual shipper though. Can you tell me what happened? Something about the cast relating the ship? I see everyone talking about it but i have no clue of what happened.

Basically, the cast mocked Supercorp and said it would never be canon. Jeremy Jordan kept singing rather loudly that THEY ARE JUST FRIENDS and most of the cast and the crew danced and sang along.

Including Melissa Benoist.

The only two exceptions were Katie McGrath and some guy named David who looked sort of uncomfortable throughout the whole thing.

Tbf, I don’t think the cast realized just what type of reaction their song would get, and were just joking. Still, the damage has been done and it doesn’t matter if they didn’t mean to offend. To borrow a few words from J.L Austin, your illocutionary intent might have been one thing, but you still have to deal with the perlocutionary effect you’ve had on others. Or to put it in a plainer parlance, you can’t control the way others feel about your actions, whether you intended for them to be harmful or not. So you need to own up to them and apologize.

I just can’t help but feel for Supercorp shippers because if that were me and my ship, I’d be pretty devastated. A lot of young, LGBT women use Supercorp to cope and to come to terms with their sexuality. And they also use it as a blank slate to project their hopes and dreams upon, and a refuge and an escape from the problems of every day life.

I know I’d be devastated and pretty upset if it were my ship. But I’ve been fortunate that the two ships I really care about (Korrasami and Pharmercy) have the full support of their VAs, and other members of the cast and crew as well.

Heck I’ve met Janet Varney a few times and she’s always been open, receptive and supportive of Korrasami, and she’s really attentive and fully embraces the young fans who tell her just how much Korrasami means to them, and how the ship has helped them in a great way on a personal level. It’s really something that makes you tear up, especially with how sweet Janet has been about the whole thing.

(She’s an actual angel btw. And one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your whole entire life).

But to go back to the original ask, it’s incidents like these that remind me that I’m pretty lucky to have all of the VAs supporting my ships, especially in a world where gay women are constantly invalidated, and our sexuality is treated like a joke. (And when it’s not being invalidated, it’s being fetishized for pleasure).

The video is here if for some reason, you wanna watch it

And for the record, I don’t think the Supercorp fandom is overreacting. It was a pretty mean spirited thing to do, and the Supercorp shippers are justifiably upset, and they have every right to feel the way they feel right now.

I was at my therapist the other day and I told her about my newest OBSESSION that turned out to be Villainous. Well, she handed me pens and a piece of paper and said “draw it!” and I was like “now?!” and she was like “yes right now” and well okey here you go, have a drawing on shitty paper of Black Hat being proud af of his scientist

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hey ally you made me read the bnha manga in what,3 days? time has lost all meaning. and i feel like i am actually going to combust!!!!! the fights around chapter 90 and 117 left me literally shaking and i just feel like you should take the resposibility. and also thank you. god i hope you draw more bnha im,,shaken

welcome to the hell hole, comrade

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I hope someday you finish every pokemon in between , then a new generation gets announced

This is oddly aggressive sounding haha.

I’m sure this will happen. Seeing the Gen 7 announcement was very exciting - but then I realized it added on more to my workload. I don’t really mind though, to be honest. While it’ll be immensely satisfying to finish this project some day, I started this blog in an attempt to stay motivated at working on my digital art, so I’m okay if I have reason for motivation a bit longer.

*jason accidentally calls bruce*

bruce, over text: what’s wrong?

jason: nothing

bruce: did u want anything or did u just want to talk?

jason: it was an accident

bruce: were u driving?

bruce: r u ok???

jason: i’m fine

bruce: who was driving?

jason: damian is driving

bruce: the car hurt?

jason: what

bruce: what happened?

jason: nothing happened, i just called you by accident

bruce: what happened?


jason:  what are you talking about?

bruce: u said that u had an accident

jason: i said it was an accident, i called you by accident

bruce: what accident???

jason: bruce there was no accident. I CALLED YOU BY ACCIDENT!!!

do you think the fact that juno made it through school with 0 computer literacy is indicative of that endemic capitalism problem in hyperion? like, he went to school in oldtown, a place the city decided to basically give up on, and i imagine that’s a recipe for some Not Great educational funding

  • Hoseok: [In his studio working on his mixtape]
  • Hoseok: *sighs* Please Yoongi hyung, I appreciate the encouragement but I'm trying to focus.
  • Yoongi: Oh sorry.....
  • Yoongi: *whispers* j-hoooooooooope

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Hey Jen, I heard How Would You feel has "Paean" in the title because it's Cherry's middle name but I looked it up and it means "song of praise" so is it named after her or not? Just wondering because I thought it could be the type of song. I thought you would know. Thank you for your blog!

Hello! I believe How Would You Feel could be classified as a paean if you wanted to call it one – which I think Ed did – but it is also his girlfriend’s middle name. So since the song is about her, the word is working two different ways in the title. 

…You don’t understand how long I just spent going through my Ed video folder to find his quote about this, haha! But here you go. This is what he said: 

The reason I called it paean… A paean is a song of praise, if you google it. But uh, Paean is also my girlfriend’s middle name, that she has had the piss taken out of her for so many years with. And uh, there was just part of me that was just like, everyone rips into her for it, so I thought I’d put it as a song title that would be a hit, and now it’s suddenly a cool thing. In my mind. I hope so, anyway. 

So there you have it! If anyone thinks “paean” is a cool thing now, it’s because of Ed. :)  Thank you for your question!

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So don't this I'm a cis woman, but I do identify as a woman but also sometimes I really don't identify as eitger. Like I don't feel like I ever identify as a guy but it's like I go from female to nothing? Is that a thing with a word?

It is!!

Genderflux: A shift in gender intensity. It can also be thought of as genderfluidity between agender and some other gender.

Agender: Agender individuals find that they have no gender identity.

So at one point in time you might feel 100% female, but then later feel 100% Agender, and sometimes you might fell both at once in varying intensities, 50/50%, 30/70%, 80/20%, etc!