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HC that kanaya is obviously freaking jacked and so rose is always discreetly trying to get her to wear tank tops and whatnot so she can admire those muscles

Rose copping a feel of Kan’s buff arms:

y’all: manorian is true love 

me, an intellectual: manorian is true lust 

so i saw this post by @parttimedragon​ and all i could think of was the awkward moment as my now rep-aligned agent, adrian, answers the door with a bowl of cereal in his hands like   “…don’t let me stop you……?”

i looked at so many guys laughing with bowls of salad for this… @.@


got tagged a couple days ago by one of my tru loves @seven-stories-underground (🍦🍭🍰🌹🌈♥️🎈💞🐾✨) to post a selfie or two so here they are 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

i’m gonna tag @linton-rubaeno, @newsorders, @ellahrairah, @grimlygroovy, @from-blind-to-blue, @gimme-stitches, @lifewasted, @wipe-that-grunge-off-your-face, @the-seattle-grunge-scene, @sarcasticstone, @headbangervixen, @born–to–lose, @grungemami, @era-vulgar, @bee-grrrl, @sweet-summer-rain, @smellslikestarlight, and anyone else who wants to do this because i know i forgot like a million people ♥️ ((sorry, i tag lots of people when selfies are involved bc i like seeing you all 🤡))

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in your history video you said "hopefully this addresses some of the problems in the original" what did you mean by that? genuinely confused here 😂

Hahaha aaaah, I saw the History MV was making the rounds again. 🙈

I don’t remember all my reasons behind why I loathed the official MV so much but it was enough to make me go ‘yeah fuck that’ then sit down for three days and three nights because that absolutely was not the ‘five year reflection’ this fandom deserved.

Honestly it was just so… lazy. It was supposed to be a celebration of 1D’s history yet it turned into something akin to a dreary funeral and I mean… there was SO MUCH POTENTIAL - do you realise how many times EVERYONE in the fandom would’ve watched it if it wasn’t 1) depressing as all heck (I mean that ENDING, precisely in the time everyone was panicking about the 1D split, was such a bitchy and intentional move???), 2) irrelevant (there was zero substance as to what people are actually a fan of this band for) and 3) if they’d actually used footage we hadn’t seen 100 times over for years. For a song aimed AT the fandom the music video sure as heck wasn’t - how many times have we pleaded for any of This Is Us’ 900+ HOURS of footage they withheld, yet instead they give us, what, 6 seconds of new cutaway shots with the rest of the footage simply ripped from the more popular videos on 1D’s YouTube channel?

Access to new footage completely brings this fandom to life - it’s how we THRIVE. But compare the release of the DMD video, where the entire fandom was up and engaged for WEEKS yelling and sharing new gifset after new gifset after new gifset while ruthlessly streaming for the Vevo record, compared to after the History MV dropped and we all just… stood around scratching our heads. Gifmakers were at a loss and hardly anyone wanted to rewatch it because there was more Simon Cowell than actually showcasing the relationships between all of 1D. Selection and omission of footage is SO important and they essentially tried to insinuate that the OT5 connection never existed which, lmao, way to be transparent. I’d almost go so far as to label it as part of the exit sabotage… but I digress.

Look, there are so many qualms that I had with the official MV, some of which were very context-specific to the time/nature of release, but the important thing is that we as a fandom deserved better. Better than lazy. Better than more gaslighting. I couldn’t make something that could contribute to any Vevo records, but I could make something that people could find comfort in and remind them that growing alongside this band and being a part of such a wondrous, influential, huge platform over the last six years is something to be proud of.

And, according to the tags, it worked.