this is the day i've been waiting


So one of the radio stations I listen to in the morning on my way into work does these little like ”what’s new in Hollywood” news stories once every hour and the one I caught on my way to work this morning they talked about the Big Hero 6 tv series! It was so cute all the DJs were really excited and talking about how good the movie is and all this stuff! It was amazing!!

probable 4-5 days hiatus

(I’m saying “probable” because who knows, maybe I do have a bit of time to draw and post but it’s very probable I won’t)

In exactly two days I’m turning a year older (feelsbad.jpg wait oh no that was a pic of pepe the frog wasnt it? forget it then) and the next day I have to vote a billion kilometers away, in my actual city. So.. because of these two events I will have to travel there for 3 days. Why 4-5 days then? Bc today My family is all over my face, and on monday I have classes. Y…yes


pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3


Naruto Week 2017 // Day Seven
             Free Day // “No matter how far away you are, we will always be under the same sun, moon, and stars.”

my mom: what the hell were you thinking spending $290 on clothes in one day????

me: pisces season is all about artistic and creative pursuits. self expression through presentation is an art we each undertake daily and this coupled with the subconscious and intuitively healing nature of pisces season offers a unique opportunity to transform from the inside out


This girl is honestly the love of my life and I never even believed that those existed. Thank you for loving me, @ktorr19. I can’t wait for our lifetime together!


Thanks for all the kind comments! I can’t believe any of you put up with me making these let alone encourage me to do them <3

Part two of three! Part one here / part three here!

Claudia and Stiles, June 1998.

Here’s another sneak peek for the final chappy of Home, which I’m aiming to post in June (60 drawings + Lupus = Julie needs extra time) but now it’s 42 paintings down, 18 to go!! Thanks for your unending patience ♥

I realized I was so excited for Autumn, yet I hadn’t done anything to commemorate the occasion. So I drew this. Nothing special. Just a sketch.

Anyway it’s midnight here.


(expect reblogs because absolutely NO ONE who follows me is going to leave their dash without knowing it’s Fall)

⊱simple introduction starters⊰
  • ❝what are you doing here?❞
  • ❝you're going to hurt yourself, let me help you.❞
  • ❝why are you staring at me?❞
  • ❝if you didn't want to talk to me, you could've just said so.❞
  • ❝i think you dropped this.❞
  • ❝here, i'll pay for that.❞
  • ❝so i assume you're the one everyone's talking about.❞
  • ❝that outfit looks nice on you, where'd you get it?❞
  • ❝why are you doing this?❞
  • ❝so that looks dangerous... want to try it?❞
  • ❝you're going to do WHAT with WHAT?❞
  • ❝can you help me grab this?❞
  • ❝don't talk to me until i've had my coffee. thanks.❞
  • ❝that was possibly the weirdest thing i've ever seen.❞
  • ❝you have the prettiest smile i've seen all day.❞
  • ❝do i have anything on my shirt?❞
  • ❝are you waiting for an interview too?❞
  • ❝is this seat saved for anyone?❞
  • ❝i've never been here before, it's beautiful.❞
  • ❝do you know the directions to (location)?❞
  • ❝so how long have you been working here?❞
  • ❝how many of those have you had?❞
  • ❝i'm not suppose to talk to strangers.❞
  • ❝you'll be ok, i promise.❞
  • ❝can you hear me?❞
  • ❝i think you're on my foot...❞
  • ❝i guess you're stuck with me 'til the elevator starts working.❞
  • ❝could you POSSIBLY get more annoying?❞
  • ❝i have several questions, first off WHY?❞
  • ❝why would you do that?"
  • ❝i think that guy is giving you a weird look.❞
  • ❝hey are you ok?❞
  • ❝do you live here?❞
  • ❝are you third-wheeling too?❞
  • ❝why are like this?❞
  • ❝who did this to you?❞
  • ❝who told you that?❞
  • ❝why are you following me?❞

Bob shut down b.echo, explained why o.ctavia’s anger at bellamy for “killing lincoln” was irrational and hypocritical, and basically confirmed that we’re getting canon bellarke all in one day. He literally saved us in one. day. 

Bob Morley is literally a fucking icon in case yall forgot.