this is the cutest thing ever omfg


so after I got the synth kid, the cutest thing ever to happen was coming home from whoopin ass with MacCready to find Sturges and Hancock sitting in a little circle having fucking storytime with the kid. I didn’t get it in the screencap, but I shit you not, Hancock was telling his “So a ghoul walks into a bar” joke omfg I can’t


Anna’s first word

Apparently to have a free afternoon for finish a comic I started in December I have to sleep too much and lose an email from work… good to know.
“Elsa trying to teach Anna to say her name? Omfg it so sappy I could puke a rainbow, but how can I make it even sappier?” I thought when I had this idea. It may be one of the cutest thing I ever done in my life, and with the screenshots from Frozen Fever the last page is even better…
It was so much time I didn’t do a full comic, with pages and all… I should do it often.


emilysshook  asked:

ARP just killed me. Oh my gosh. It was the softest, cutest thing I have ever read omfg! I've just been smiling for like 30 minutes, I can't believe that happened!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

AHH im glad you liked it man!! im smiling all big at the thought of you smiling at it idek thank you haha!!

Having children with Justin...

Lemme just say that having children/a baby with Justin would be one of the most cutest and best things ever. I feel like he’d never take his eyes off of your baby and he’d constantly be wanting him/her to be happy and comforted. You’d probably always catch him rocking the baby in his arms, humming a lullaby or making his dorky faces trying to make the baby laugh. He’d call the baby really cute nicknames like “monkey” or “princess” and omfg it would be so adorable. You could just be rocking your lil baby to sleep and he’d be watching for a while before coming over and saying cute things like “You’re such a great mother” or “You’re both so beautiful” Idk he just seems so gentle and sweet and he’d probably value every moment, god it would be so fucking precious. Can he pls just father my children already I’m out