this is the cutest shit ever

my fav part of ybc is probs when andy went back to kiss the girl that gave them the weapons or whatever like that was the cutest shit ever

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I have small boobs as well and it's making me me incredibly insecure about my body but I just like to think about Luke telling me they're cute and touching them and kissing them while smiling up at me and it makes me feel a liiiittle bit better :-) ugh please I just want luke

please this the cutest shit ever

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No but literally in a matter of hours I have become Liam Dunbar trash just bc he reminds of the pack when they were younger. He's literally the cutest shit ever and all he wants to do is make his dads happy, it's life.


I feel the same. Also that whole “I fell in a hole” business is the best thing ever

  • Daichi:if u don't sit thE FUCK DOWN
  • Kuroo:ha i love my team so much my team *reads smudged writing on hand* nickleback
  • Oikawa:lol i tried kissing the cutest person ever and ended up kissing my mirror i cry
  • Ushijima:u should've joined shiratorizawa
  • Bokuto:hOOT
why the signs are attractive

Aries: has the best laugh you will ever hear
Taurus: the best hair ever
Cancer: their clothes - like how does one dress themselves that well
Leo: they smell amazingggg
Virgo: have the cutest faces
Libra: the best bodies, they are sexy af
Scorpio: when they frown or look cross, scorpios can seduce in a second
Sagittarius: their height, either romantically tall or adorably small
Capricorn: they have the best smiles, they make you smile too
Aquarius: their voice, a legit angel when they talk
Pisces: you are perfect

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In You're getting old, do you notice the way Kyle literally turned to Cartman for comfort when he lost touch with Stan? Without a doubt the most depressing episode yet and a sad reminder that life changes. But the way Cartman kept glancing at Kyle and then smiling at him. My friend once told me that it was like Cartman saw Kyle in a new light that day. What do you think?

I went through that sad ass montage just to go look again. Oh my gosh so sad. ;__;

But when I looked at it, I found something quite different…

It wasn’t Cartman that first smiled, or even Cartman that first looked. Kyle literally turns to him, holds his gaze and smiles. Cartman seems to see Kyle looking at him in the corner of his eye or something, glances at him, does a little bit of a double take and then smiles back. 

…. Guys stop it

Stop being this cute right now STOP oh my god the cuteness

it’s such a small thing but it’s so cute AGHHH I can’t handle it 


The boys! @Mitchmarsh235 and @93Cummins with a bromance #CWC15