this is the cutest sh*t

Why should light crew be appreciated
  • They know how to operate those light boards and it is really hard
  • They always felt like VIPs to me because of their importance
  • They are very important for the final performance and everyone loves them for that
  • Actors are never standing where they need to be standing WHY
  • “How do you switch off the spotlight… oh, sh*t”
  • If one gets sick you can’t just replace him because you can’t teach someone how to operate all the lights in one hour
  • “cAn YoU pLeAsE sTaNd In ThE sPoTlIgHt”
  • I once tried to do this and failed REAL HARD
  • They can’t make a mistake as it will actually be so visible for the audience
  • They are the cutest little pies I have met in the whole of theatre honestly
  • It takes such a long time to design all the lights…
  • …and even longer to plot them into the light board
  • Blackouts are HELL
  • They look so cute when they sit in their light booth

The Countries On Tumblr 1#


America: I think we should have glow stick juice injected into our bones when we’re born so when we break them there’s a fun little surprise

France: What’s the surprise

England: Blood poisoning


England: She’s beautiful

America: Who?

England: Girls

America: That’s gramatically wrong

England: Am I supposed to take advice from someone that couldn’t even spell grammatically correctly? You fool. You absolute coward. I will take your bones.


America: It’s 2:30 AM and I’m in the men’s bathroom and someone was in another stall and I started blaring the Thomas the tank engine theme and I literally heard them stop peeing out of fear

France: How do you know it was fear not arousal?

America: I like to think we live in a nice world and not the one you just created


Sweden: Ideal number of teeth?

England: As many as I can get my hands on


Taiwan: Y’all people if you’re truly an ally to people under 5’5 please start redistributing your height among us. You’re hoarding all those feet and inches and quite frankly it’s selfish. I don’t know what the top shelf looks like.

Hungary: I’ve had enough inches from men over 6’ redistributed into me and I still can’t see over the top shelf


Seychelles: Self care is eating mangos

England: I hate mangos

Seychelles: Oh die then


England: Enough is enough I’m going to weave a f*cking tapestry!


America: Would I trust a dinosaur to watch my young child while I went to buy some cigarettes? No, because any dinosaur that lets me smoke near my son has poor judgement.


America: Person about to invent hummus: man f*ck these chickpeas *beats the sh*t out of them*

Russia: I’m gonna invent powdered toes

America: Honestly I don’t know what this means but I feel like you should go to jail


France: Years ago I watched this porn and the girl was screaming ‘oh god! Oh god!!!’ And this dude was like ‘there are no gods here!’ And to this day it haunts me like wtf was he talking about?


Canada: My parents made watermelon pops and it’s honestly the cutest thing to me

Prussia: My parents made 25 years of marriage go down the drain


France: Make her wet without even touching her

Canada: Throw a glass of water in her face


Denmark: If you were to vacuum up jello through a metal tube well I bet that’d be a neat noise

Norway: I beg to differ

Denmark: Then beg


England: Pray for me

England: Nothings wrong I just want more power


Finland: Y’all ever just have the overwhelming urge to swim??? Like not actually but you just wanna… be in the water and have some peace

England: That’s how it gets you

Finland: This is so f*cking ominous am I gonna die?


America: It’s 2018 please put the k back in thicc

Hong Kong: Thikc

America: You know what I’ll take it


Japan: Me being dramatic at work after I make one mistake: I’m going home to reflect on what I’ve done. I’m a work in progress. Thank you everyone for being so patient with me. I deserve much less than the kindness you’ve shown me. Good night team.

South Korea: Holy sh*t this was me when I almost burned down the store two days ago.

Japan: I’ll admit the mistake I made was a lot smaller than yours


America: You’re the bad guy in somebody’s story

Russia: Pal I’m the bad guy in MY story


America: When I was

Canada: A young boy

Hong Kong: My father


Australia: To see a marching band


Estonia: U ever think about how your skeleton is always wet?

America: I wish I never had but thanks for ruining my life

Lithuania: Don’t worry! There will come a time when it’s not

America: Thanks! Even worse


England: Met a dumbass today, awful

France: You looked in the mirror?

England: Someday you will have to answer for your action and god may not be so merciful


America: Hey here’s a fact for all my followers who follow me. Butter, ice cream, milk and cheese all come to us from the same animal. I can’t remember which animal it is right now but I know for sure it’s the same one

Canada: I’ll give you a hint. It moos

America: Thanks, yeah it’s the moose


Prussia: Tiddies so big you call her the boobonic plaque

China: Hi There! I didn’t ask for this!


England: What are the healthiest teas?

America: Honestly, integrity, and loyalty

England: Can y’all ever just give me a normal answer?


Greece: If you don’t kiss your cat on it’s tiny soft little forehead wtf are you even doing

Czech: Yelling at her for trying to eat plastic


Scotland: I can’t express how much I hate f*cking bees

America: Then stop f*cking bees it’s a really simple solution


America: not after bee movie we don’t


WIRED | Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions

the dreamies and their first jobs (’00 line)

Donghyuck: works in a skater shop


Originally posted by haenyan

  • sorry i’m still not over skater hyuck
  • he realized he needed a job when he ran out of money to buy new vape flavors
  • looks intimidating but is an actual sunshine and loves it when customers ask him questions about skateboards
  • “i recommend this brand for trucks, you’ll save more money!” “even though the ceramic bearings are a little more expensive, i think they’re worth it!” “nah, you don’t need a helmet”
  • always tries to give out discounts but his manager has to keep telling him he can’t do that
  • sometimes gets distracted talking to one customer for too long
  • one time mark came into the skate shop
  • “excuse me sir are you lost?”
  • “donghyuck it’s me”
  • “sorry this place is for cool people only and you’re not, so,, you have to leave now bye”
  • “i just wanted to buy a skateboard man”
  • always has to stop himself from buying new skateboards because he already has like five
  • when he’s on his break he ends up singing random songs but he doesn’t even notice
  • nobody tells him anything because his voice is so sweet and it’s become a regular thing
  • “oh is it 7 o clock already? hyuck’s singing again”
  • his coworkers love him and think he’s the cutest boy ever bc he is
  • can you tell he’s my bias

Renjun: cashier at mcdonalds


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  • so done with everyone’s sh*t
  • he didn’t even want to work at mcdonalds but no other place accepted his application and he wanted money
  • is ready to fight customers 24/7
  • “excuse me i asked for no pickles”
  • “exCuSe mE i aSkEd fOr nO PiCklEs”
  • “what?”
  • “so sorry sir here let me fix that for you right away”
  • he tells people he doesn’t like that the ice cream machine is broken even though he gave ice cream to the person before
  • whenever a customer does something stupid he pretends he’s looking into a camera like on the office
  • says he’s gonna quit every other day but cries out of happiness every time pay day comes
  • blows all his money on video games and food tho

Jeno: barista at a local coffee shop


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  • he’s so nice to customers, he goes out of his way to make sure every coffee is brewed to perfection
  • on his first day he accidentally messed up someone’s order
  • when he went on his break, he cried
  • he always gets hella tips because customers love him
  • his attitude and smile brightens people’s day
  • always tries to converse with customers and ends up getting to know some of them
  • they turn into regulars that ask for him
  • “is jeno working today?”
  • “oh hey steve!! how’s the cat?”
  • “loving the new haircut, jim!”
  • “how’d you do on your bio exam, amy?”
  • all in all he’s a beam of sunshine and everyone loves him
  • he’s saving up for a car
  • spends his other money on taking his friends out for lunch n stuff what a nice dude

Jaemin: cashier at a movie theatre


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  • tired of his job since day one
  • gossips to coworkers 24/7
  • “i bet you they’re gonna make out by the first half of the movie”
  • “this is the fifth guy i’ve seen her with in the last month but that’s none of my business 🐸☕️“
  • “didn’t he take amy here just last week? what’s he doing with becky? jim’s been getting busy i see 👀”
  • lowkey sassy towards customers
  • “oh you’re seeing that movie?” “yeah why?” “no reason” *under his breath* “the guy dies in the end”
  • but is generous when it comes to the popcorn
  • gives out free refills even though he’s not supposed to
  • hates cleaning up after a movie tho
  • complains about how people always spill popcorn and leave their trash everywhere
  • the only reason he tolerates his job is because he gets to watch free movies
  • gets super excited whenever a superhero movie comes out
  • he’s seen spiderman homecoming like twenty times
  • spends his money on geeky things like superhero comics
  • but also he spends a lot at the coffee shop that jeno works at
  • “i just really like coffee okay? get off my back”

*Picks up my cat and holds her like a baby*

*Cat enjoys it but also whines at me*


*Cat yells at me even after I put her down*


dream daddy is the cutest sh*t and i’m still emotional about all of hugo’s dates

heavydeco-deactivated20190724  asked:

smol!akira (rlly short akira) as a phantom thief >:0

I don’t know if you want a fanfic or headcanons or imagines - but I’m gonna do the latter two - kinda.


  • He and Futaba are short buddies 
  • it’s super hard for him to get the jump on shadows, but he does it anyway 
  • like he literally has to climb up their backs 
  • the taller members use him as an armrest 
  • the group thinks it’s adorable 
  • Ann especially 
  • they have a group chat named the “Akira protection squad” 
  • he’s just so small and cute!! 
  • If anyone makes fun of him he looks them in the eye and says “are you sure you want to make fun of me? My arm is the perfect length so that I can punch you in the genitals” 
  • he’s especially sassy 
  • ryuji says he makes up for height in sass
  • when is finishes the final big bang challenge someone asks how he does that because it’s like half his size
  • his s/o loves his shortness
  • his s/o is the big spoon
  • forever and always
  • he enjoys cuddles, espically ones where he’s wrapped in his s/o
  • s/o thinks he’s the cutest sh#t ever 
  • jumping out from behind stuff to surprise shadows with how short he is is his go to thing

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