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Fancy Seeing You Here

A little oneshot I wrote a while ago. Hope you enjoy!

Harry and Ginny run into the two people Harry least wanted to see on their first date. As if he wasn’t nervous enough.
Harry regrets telling James anything ever

It was a cool October day and the students at Hogwarts were buzzing with excitement due to the Hogsmeade trip scheduled that day. Amidst the crowd of excited students, however, was one student who had been dreading this visit for weeks: Harry Potter.

It’s not that Harry didn’t like Hogsmeade; he loved buying new pranks at Zonko’s and enjoying a butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks as much as the next kid. No, what the young man dreaded most about the visit was the date he had to go on.

After skirting around his feelings for her all summer, Harry had finally plucked up the courage to ask Ginny Weasley on a date, much to the chagrin of Ron (her older brother and Harry’s best friend). Harry had been worrying for weeks over whether or not the date would be a complete disaster.

What if he tried holding the door and hit her on accident? What if when he tried to pull her chair out for her, he pulled it too far and she fell? What if she got bored of him?

Oh, Merlin. What if he forgot money and she was forced to pay for everything? None of these imaginary scenarios, however, compared to the fate that awaited the two Gryffindor students.

Harry finished getting dressed and double-ok triple-checked that he had enough money to pay for whatever he or Ginny wanted. Checking his hair one more time in the mirror, he headed down to the common room to find Ginny chatting with another girl in her year Harry knew to be called Sarafine. Ginny politely excused herself, however, when she noticed Harry coming down from the dormitories.

“Finally. You were taking a while up there and it led me to wondering which one of us is the girl here. Tell me, Potter. Was it your makeup that took you so long?” Ginny teased once she caught up to him.

“Actually,” Harry retorted. “It was figuring out what shirt to wear. I just couldn’t find the right one to match my eyes.” He accompanied this comment with an over exaggerated fluttering of his eyelashes.

The two chuckled and Harry relaxed at the light banter, enjoying how easy the two got along. Harry forgot why he was so nervous in the first place as he tentatively took Ginny’s hand and led her out of the portrait hole. He tried to steady his breathing when her hand tightened slightly in his.

Once the pair arrived at Hogsmeade, they spent some time at Honeyduke’s (where Harry insisted on buying Ginny anything she wanted) and, after Harry noticed Ginny shivering a bit, they spent some time in Gladrag’s where Harry bought Ginny a new scarf and jumper.

(He may or may not have gotten a kiss on the cheek as thanks and he may or may not have blushed at the contact)

The two walked around for a while, talking about nothing and everything with a bit of shameless flirting thrown in for good measure. At around six, Ginny suggested they go to the Three Broomsticks for a drink and a bite to eat. Once inside, Ginny went to find a booth for them while Harry went to fetch them some drinks.

On his way back to the booth Ginny had chosen, Harry was confused to see a head of messy black hair identical to his own. Dread set in Harry’s stomach as he let out a list of expletives. Ginny smiled and waved her date over as the stranger turned to greet him.

“Hey, son. Fancy meeting you here,” James Potter smirked at his son  "I was just talking to this lovely lady here about how your date is going.“ Harry never regretted anything more than telling his parents about his first date with the youngest Weasley. “Wow, you didn’t have to get me a drink, Harry,” James said, taking the two butterbeer Harry had been holding and offering one to Ginny with a wink. Ginny started to giggle but quickly covered it up by taking a sip of her drink.

Harry took a seat next to Ginny while simultaneously shooting a death glare at his father that could have given the killing curse a run for its money. “Dad, what are you doing here?” he asked through gritted teeth. The young boy calmed down slightly when Ginny delicately took his hand in hers under the table.

“Well, when I heard my son was going on a date, I was so proud. But then, I realized that you have yet to fully master the ways of the Potter charm. Naturally, I felt it was my duty to help you so you don’t ruin your chances with the girl you’re so crazy about-”

“Dad, please,” Harry interrupted.

“And who you go on and on and on about. I swear all I hear about is Ginny this and Ginny that. Poor kid is completely and utterly infatuated,” James continued, ignoring his son’s protests.

“A Potter so obsessed with a red headed Gryffindor that he can’t stop talking about her? Sounds familiar, eh Prongsy?” a deep voice called out. Harry groaned and slouched in his seat at the sound of his godfather’s voice. “Sorry I’m late,” Sirius Black started. “The line for the loo was terribly long. What’s going on?”

James moved over to allow room for Sirius to sit as he filled his best friend in. “Just helping young Harry on his date here seeing as he has yet to fully master the use of the Potter charm.” At this, Ginny snorted and Harry let out what must have been his fiftieth groan in the span of two minutes. Sirius called over Madame Rosmerta and, after flirting for a bit, ordered two more drinks for Harry and himself.

Harry sat low in his seat, mortified at the story his father was telling about how to two got a bit carried away with a bottle of firewhisky on Harry’s birthday (which Lily thankfully never found out about) and how Harry went on a long spiel of all of Ginny’s best qualities, ending with a quite embarrassing poem about her freckles.

Ginny was fully immersed in the embarrassing tales being recounted to her by Harry and his godfather. “Now, I must know. Has there been any more poems since that incident?” Ginny asked, trying and failing to conceal the smirk playing at her lips.

“Sadly, no poems, my dear,” James said grimly. “But,” Sirius interrupted, “There were so many letters. All of them stating how beautiful you had gotten and how he needed our expert skills in wooing you.”

“Padfoot, those letters were for mum!” Harry cried indignantly. Sirius and James shared a knowing look before James said, “What’s mine is hers and what’s hers is mine, including mail. Plus, your mother is not an expert in the use of the Potter charm so of course I was the only one who could properly help you in wooing your lady love.”

“And I just tag along simply to embarrass you,” Sirius added.

“You know, I think you two have done more than enough to help. Mum must be so worried that you’ve been gone so long and we should really be heading back to school. Maybe you should leave. Ya know, now,” Harry mumbled.

“Alright, alright. I know when my presence is not welcomed. C'mon, James-y. Let’s leave Prongs Jr. alone with his special lady friend so they can get some quality snogging time,” Sirius sighed dramatically, causing the two young teens across from him to blush profusely.

“Right you are, Snuffles!” James started. “But, what encounter of meeting your significant other’s parents is complete without-”

“Dad, don’t you dare!”

“Baby photos!”

Harry groaned and wished he could melt into the floor right at that moment. Ginny, on the other hand, was excited to see what pictures James had brought along and her face lit up like a Christmas tree when James pulled a stack of wizard photos from inside his cloak. He promptly laid the pictures out on the table and pointed to each picture, explaining the story behind them to a giggling Ginny, a smirking Sirius, and a mortified Harry.

“Here we have Harry’s first room ride. The kid was always destined for Quidditch. He got the athletic genes from me, of course. Oh, Harry’s first steps! Lily had just changed his diaper when Harry spotted the cat and got up to start chasing it around. Ah, here’s a personal favorite of mine! Harry’s first bath. Look at his little bum!”

“Would you look at the time! We must really be heading back to Hogwarts,” Harry said hastily. “It was great catching up with you guys. I’ll owl you. Make sure to send mum my love. C'mon Gin.” And with that, Harry grabbed her hand and made a mad dash for the front doors of the pub while trying to hid his red face that could rival that of a Weasley’s.

“It was nice to meet you Mr. Black and Mr. Potter! I’ll make sure to write you, I’d love to hear that poem sometime!” Ginny called over her shoulder before she was pulled out the door and onto the streets of Hogsmeade.

Harry ran a gab through his hair and began to ramble aimlessly. “I’m so sorry about them, Gin. Honestly, I had no idea they would be her. And bloody hell, the baby pictures. I really am sorry. Today was going so well and we were having a great time and then those two show up and ruin it because they just had to embarrass me! Next Hogsmeade weekend, I promise-”

Harry was unable to continue because Ginny, who had been fondly watching him talk, had grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and pulled him down for a kiss. The green eyed boy immediately placed one hand in her hair and the other on her hip, sighing into her mouth as he forgot all about his bothersome father and godfather. Just as Harry had started to deepen the kiss, he was suddenly knocked over. As he sat on the ground, he looked around for what could have caused his sudden fall.

A few feet away from the couple, Harry noticed a shaggy, black haired dog wink at him before running off. He was just thinking of creative ways to get revenge on his godfather for interruptingpozzibly the best moment in his 16 years of life when a smug voice broke him out of his scheming thoughts.

“Wow, Potter. Only one date and you’ve already fallen for me.”

Harry smiled up at Ginny as she offered him a hand. “What can I say, Weasley. You just have that effect on me,” he smirked, taking her hand and standing up. He decided that he could forget about the Three Broomsticks incident for now.

“Now, about that poem…”

Or maybe not.

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dragon slayer guys and Gray's s/o getting jealous because an admirer is getting touchy with their guy? love your blog so much >.<

You never specified gender so i’ll try a non-specific, if that’s not okay let me know xo

Gray: It had been one day. One day since Gray and (Y/N) had told each other they loved them, after years of silently wishing they could be together it was finally happening. And it only took a few hours for it all to nearly come crashing down.

(Y/N) walked into the guild searching for her team and of course, Gray. Last night was perfect and they couldn’t wait to spend the day with him, talking about all the things they never got to when they were “just friends”.  They walked through the buzzing guild waving a hello to Mira on her way to their team. Just as they approached Natsu and Lucy jumped up, grabbing an arm of theirs each.

“Heyyyy (Y/N), what are you doing here? Why aren’t you at your house? I think we should go there. Don’t you, Lucy?” Natsu blabbered, dragging them to the door.

“Yep definitely i agree Natsu. Why don’t we bake a cake hm? Or watch movies?” Lucy listed all the things they could do back at hers.

“Guys guys guys. What’s going on?” (Y/N) asked, turning their attention to a worried looking Erza and Wendy. Then they realised, where’s Gray? They pulled themself from the hold of their two friends and walked to the table looking around for Gray. Then they seen it. Gray, their beloved, pushed up against a wall by Juvia who was playing with his hair, hand on his bare chest. And then of course she went to kiss him. (Y/N) was ready to walk over there and scream and ball or burst out of the guild in floods of tears. But then Gray did something no one expected.

“For God’s sake Juvia! Really?! When are you going to get it into your head that i don’t like you?! I’m in love with (Y/N) and you’re going to ruin everything!” He wiped his mouth with the back of his arm and then he realised, (Y/N) was standing there mouth wide open. As Juvia ran out in embarrassment Gray ran over to (Y/N) half expecting them to flinch away from his touch.

“(Y/N) i’m so so sorry i never meant for any of that to happen or you to see it and i promise i love you and-” They cut him off with a kiss and only then did they realise they’d just announced it to the whole guild. Shit.

Natsu: Given that Fairy Tail was so well known around Magnolia it was a given that the mages would have fans and admirers. (Y/N) expected this of course but what they didn’t expect was how forward some of them were.

On a casual walk to get lunch together Natsu was bombarded with people asking him to show them magic and take pictures and whatever else. People also came up yo (Y/N) so they could sign things etc. and they were flattered by it. While everyone surrounding (Y/N) was respectful the same couldn’t be said for poor Natsu. An admirer went to full on snog him (apologies, i’m British) not caring if (Y/N) was there or not and Natsu was too caught off guard to react.

“Excuse me guys,” (Y/N) excused themselves from the crowd around them and made their way over to Natsu and the crowd of admirers. (Y/N) put a hand on the admirers shoulder,

“Listen, i don’t know who you think you are but that’s not okay. Not when the person is single or with someone. Never. Unless they give you consent it is never okay and frankly shows how little you actually care for Natsu, if you’re supposed to like him. So i’d very much appreciate it if you would leave now and never pull a stunt like that on anyone again, never mind my boyfriend. Okay?” (Y/N) spoke calmly and deliberately trying as hard as possible not to send the admirer flying across the river. Said admirer didn’t need to be told twice and ran from the scene before (Y/N) could say anything else. Once the crowd was taken care of and congratulated (Y/N) countless times on how well they handled the situation Natsu turned to them and took their hand in his,

“You’re cute when you’re jealous.”

“Shut up Natsu.”

Laxus: Laxus and his s/o were coming back from a mission together along with Freed, Evergreen and Bixlow. You were all laughing and talking about the mission and what you’d do as soon as you got home,

“I’m gonna go for a bubble bath my bones are aching.” You said thinking out loud.

“Sounds like a plan,” Laxus smirked causing you to flush a bright red, when something Freed said caught your attention

“Laxus you were so good back there. Honestly, we couldn’t have done it without you. How did you get so strong?”

“Maybe it’s Freed you should share a bath with,” you quipped, laughing. You knew Laxus only cared about you and Freed’s admiration was just something for you to poke fun at. Freed turned the darkest shade of red you’d ever seen a human turn and Laxus gave you a dirty look but his eyes gave away that he was actually quite amused.

“Touchy subject then?”

“Drop it, (Y/N)”

And that sent you laughing all the way back to the guild at Freed’s expense.

Rogue: You had somehow managed to drag Rogue and Frosch out shopping with you. Your attention was solely on an outfit that you wanted and you failed to see what was happening behind you. Rogue was standing in the doorway of the store awkwardly not quite knowing what to do with himself. Frosch was attempting to ease his awkwardness when a girl came rushing over,

“Oh my god you are so cute! Can i pet him?” she gushed over Frosch.

“Eh yeah sure” Rogue rubbed the back of his neck and looked for you in the store, not finding you he cursed under his breath.

“It only makes sense he’d be this cute when he’s got such a cute owner!”

“He’s not my owner he’s my friend” Frosch stomped.

This caught Rogue’s attention,

“Ha yeah thanks but i actually have a s/o in there and i’m just waiting for them to come out, so if you wouldn’t mind…” This was the most awkward experience of his life.

“Rogue, Love! What do you think?!” you shouted from inside and he practically ran to your side to get away from the girl outside.

“Wow what’s wrong? I though you hated shopping what’s got you so eager?” you asked giggling.

“Nothing. What was your question (Y/N)?” he asked kissing your head, relieved.

You giggled and asked which he preferred and to your surprise he was much more involved with your shopping that day, not leaving your side. Neither did Frosch (he’s still offended)

Sting: You and Sting had a fun relationship. The kind of relationship that involved teasing and cuddles and stolen kisses. You wouldn’t trade it for the world and neither would he. However, one night during a night out this was tested.

You were on the dance floor of the club with your friends, already slightly drunk and ready to have a good time while Sting was at the bar buying you both drinks. Tonight was a night for celebration and you both intended on celebrating as much as possible. While buying a drink, the bartender winked at him

“This one’s on the house”

“Oh thanks” Sting just took it as a nice gesture.

“So what’s a good looking guy like you doing at a bar alone?” the female bartender lent closer to him over the bar. He moved back in his seat slightly,

“Actually my partner’s just over there” he pointed to you on the floor dancing.

“That’s what they all say. What do you say we get outta here when i finish my shift?” she pushed her chest up as far as possible, hoping that’d help.

“Okay lady, i appreciate the compliment but my partner’s over there and i’m gonna go take these drinks to them. And no i most certainly will not be leaving with you tonight, have you seen the hot piece of ass i’m here with?”

And with that he got up, bringing your drink over to you and kissed you full force on the mouth. If the bartender didn’t believe him at first she certainly did now.

Gajeel: Gajeel was never one for PDA even when he was with someone, but today he carried you on his shoulders around the guild and gave you kisses on the cheek. He told everyone what a tough s/o he had and how proud he was of (Y/N).

There’d been a rumour going around for a while now that an old member of Phantom Lord was an admirer of Gajeel’s. That didn’t bother you but what did was that apparently this admirer was following Gajeel. You didn’t want to freak him out so you walked home with him one night keeping an eye out for anything moving behind you. You seen them hiding behind the house in front of Gajeel’s, staring at you two. You completely lost control of your own body and before you knew it you’d walked right up to them and punched them square in the jaw. After the altercation was resolved and they’d left promising to stay far away from you both you informed Gajeel of the situation. You thought he’d be angry, but he was far from it. He told you how proud he was and carried you over the threshold of his house yelling something about showing you just how proud he was.

sorry if it’s shit it’s my first one :) also i switched writing styles halfway through idk