this is the crappy quality of a winner

My prize for winning @beerwolves​ 2k follower tumblr giveaway arrived! (I never thought anyone actually ever won these ;v; thank you whatever random generator was used to pick me as a winner!) Big thank you to Beer too for being generous enough to offer to swap out the werebunny!pin for this keyring instead because I’d already bought it ^^; It’s so beautiful, I can’t stop looking at it!

I bought the cute stamps (so cuuuute!) and they arrived too. I couldn’t resist trying them out like this :^) (excuse the crappy picture quality…)

@Beer Thank you for all the art you gift to the Sterek fandom. Your ongoing HS!AU is giving me life ♥

Recently we hit 100 followers! A huge thank you goes out to each and every one of you who follows us. :) (BTW: sorry for the crappy picture quality.)

Rules & How to enter

Please make sure to read and follow these guidelines ! 

1.    To win you MUST be following this blog (dupingcrossers.) *Will will be checking!

2.    Reblog is one entry and a like is another. Please refrain from reblogging more than once! (2 entries per person!)

3.    Must be comfortable with sharing your friend code with us. 

4.    No give away blogs are permitted!

5.    If the 1st place winner does not reply within 24 hours, the 1st place prize will be given to the 2nd place winner, the 2nd to the 3rd, and a new 3rd place winner is picked.

6.    Please do not be rude to the participants, or to us. If  you spam, and or harass us, you will be disqualified!


First place:


  • 1.5 million bells

  • 2 items of your choice:

  • (yule log, box of chocolates, berliner, rice cake, dango ,afternoon tea set.)

    Second Place:

  • 1 million bells

  • two of the remaining items.

    Third Place:

  • 500k bells

  • The remaining items.

  • red carnations.

    Additional Information:

                Have fun! See you at the next giveaway!  (≧σ≦)


It’s over!

Check out my current botm and my runner ups

  • Must be following sauron (spoiler: it’s me)
  • Has to reach 50 or this never happened
  • Reblog to enter (likes won’t be counted)
  • Deadline is Jan 31st, will be posted Feb 1st
  • There will probably be 3 runner ups - it depends on the notes this gets
  • There will be no poll
I am looking for:
  • Doctor Who blogs (can be multi-fandom but it’s fine as long as you do post doctor who)
  • Clean, organised theme
  • Nice looking url
  • Fantastic posts (quality gif-sets and pretty edits)
  • A lovely personality
The winner gets:
  • A link on my sidebar for the whole of February
  • Unlimited promos 
  • A follow (if I am not already following)
  • A crappy edit announcing you as the winner
  • I can make you a icon of your choice
  • My undying love
  • Pizza
  • Matt Smith
Runner ups will get:
  • 2 promos in the month
  • A place in my updates tab
  • I can make you a icon of your choice
  • A follow (if not already)
  • Marshmallows
  • My love


ayyy here we go again as usual


  • as always mbf piece of poop
  • reblog this post until the end of July // likes for bookmark only
  • must reach 40 notes or this will disappear magically as usual ooo
  • maybe check out my super cool July BOTM?
  • one winner + three runner ups c:

What I’m looking for

  • fandom blog // mix with others is good B)
  • an organized and great tagging system
  • a clean cool theme 
  • quality posts :^)
  • a nice blogger :)

Winners will receive:

  • a follow from me if not yet
  • a link in my updates tab until end of July
  • unlimited promos :::))))
  • (optional) handwritten url/ crappy edit-graphic thing
  • my eternal love and friendship

Runner Ups will receive:

  • a follow from me if not yet 
  • unlimited promos throughout the month of July B)
  • a link on my updates tab as a symbol til end of July
  • my eternal love and friendship :::)))


guess who’s doing her first BOTM? (hint: it’s me) (sorry for the crappy edit, i need to get photoshop…)

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post (like= bookmark)
  • must reach 25 notes or it never happened
  • polls are dumb
  • a hella rad fandom blog
  • super nice
  • good quality theme and posts and stuff
  • +follow (if not already)
  • promos whenever you want throughout the month (with reason)
  • link on my updates tab for all of May
  • my love and friendship forever
  • there will be 2 runners up
  • +follow if not already
  • 2 promos on request
  • a link on my updates tab for all of May
  • my love and friendship forever
  • reblog until April 29
  • winners will be announced May 1
  • ok start reblogging!!

HEY HEY HEY! Can I just say that I’m slightly proud of making this edit myself? Okay having said that… Welcome to my July botm lovelies! (photo credit)

So, I enjoyed doing my June botm and thought “hey, let’s do a July botm as well!” because I love y'all very much so here we are:

How to enter

✩ follow this strawberry
✩ check out my June botm?
✩ only reblogs to enter (likes are for bookmarking)
✩ ends 30th June
✩ let’s say it should reach 25 notes?
✩ 1 winner, 3 runners-up picked by me

Looking for

✩ fandom blogs (mainly spn, multifandom is fine too!)
✩ clear theme with quality posts
✩ hella rad url
✩ the most important: a lovely person

Winners will receive

✩ follow back if not already
✩ spot in my updates tab for all of July
✩ random asks
✩ help with anything you need
✩ promo’s whenever you want (ask me or I’ll just promo randomly)
✩ an edit from me? (sorry it’s gonna be crappy but I’ll try c:)
✩ my eternal love & friendship, lots of strawberries and cuddles from sam.

Runners up will receive

✩ follow back if not already
✩ spot in my updates tab for all of July
✩ random asks
✩ help with anything you need
✩ 3 promo’s throughout July (ask me or I’ll do it random)
✩ my eternal love & friendship, and do you love strawberries? :)

Okay people, you can start reblogging now woo (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧