this is the collage i made

A Collage for @tooeasilyconsidered‘s fic For Here Is Rest

After a devastating personal loss, Benjamin Tallmadge retreats from the life he knew in Connecticut. Seeking solace, he finds himself in rural Virginia fixing up a small house with only the company of the surrounding woods and his reclusive widower landlord, George Washington.

A spreedrun of the process is available here


Twitter suspends Martin Shkreli for harassing journalist Lauren Duca

  • Martin Shkreli spent his weekend persistently harassing writer and Teen Vogue editor Lauren Duca on Twitter. 
  • On Thursday, Shkreli began his bombardment with an invitation, asking Duca to be his “+1 to the inaug.”
  • After being rebuffed, Shkreli apparently added a note to his Twitter bio: “also i have a small crush on @laurenduca (hope she doesn’t find out).”
  • He then updated his profile picture to one of Duca and her husband but with Shkreli’s face edited onto her husband’s body.
  • He also replaced his cover photo with a collage of her face, which was allegedly “fan-made.”
  • The pharma bro told the Verge that he wasn’t harassing Duca — because she hadn’t directly told him to stop, he couldn’t knowingly be acting “against Duca’s will.”
  • Twitter suspended him at approximately 1 PM Sunday. Read more

so i made a post complaining that we had no lazytown collages, and so naturally i rectified the situation by making my own

i sized them to work as a wallpaper for my samsung s6

merry christmas lazytown fandom

Kent is colourblind.  So he has no real concept of why everyone is so freaked out by what his anime-trash eyes do.

Alexei gets this idea to photo Kent every time his eyes change colour, then on his birthday he makes a collage and surprises Kent with those colourblind glasses.

They spend a day outside checking everything out (Kent may or may not cry a few times, and spend about two hours in a park, then another hour going through his gallery of Kit pictures).

After Kent’s Bday dinner Alexei takes him by the hand.  “I’m have one more surprise for you.”

Then he pulls out the photo album he made, complete with portraits of Kent he’d taken over half the year and shows him what everyone is on about.  “Is not so strange, just different.”

Kent goes through it all, then just looks up slowly at Tater and whispers, “Oh my god.  What the fuck.”


The novice fan doesn’t understand when the word “chemistry” is used to describe your relationship with an opponent. Every step the last couple of years, including the first ever female ironman match in WWE history, you have made this journey with Sasha Banks. How has that chemistry developed and how does it play into taking your matches to incredible heights? (x)

“Looks like you made the wrong choice.”

I am so fucking excited that Dark’s back, you don’t even know. I’ve always loved his character, and I got really sad when Mark reduced him to a sniveling emo vampire. BUT FEAR NOT, as it seems to all have been a ruse. The real Darkiplier is here and I am SO HAPPY. This event and video really made this Valentine’s Day great for me, and is one of the only times I’ve ever looked forward to it.