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baby it's ok to ship sasusaku and still know that naruto and sasuke are soulmates, It's just the only truth, idk what else is there for you to understand

Baby it’s okay to ship sasunarusasu and still know that despite being soulmates, Naruto and Sasuke are only sibling soulmates. It’s fact. They are the reincarnation of BROTHERS and no romantic undertone there. It’s just the only truth, I don’t know why you insist it is something more.

It really must hurt living in denial of this cold hard truth when everything else is just your imagination, right?

the signs as people i’ve known

aries: passionate verging on obsessive.  defensive of both themselves and the people they love.  few layers; what you see is more or less what you get.  good-hearted, intelligent.  always up for a challenge, but becomes stressed out very easily and handles stress very poorly.  even when they’re tired, they somehow seem so alert and two steps ahead of you.  responsible.  they prefer to lead and lead very well.  interesting, competitive, loyal.  although they like to be correct and love to prove people wrong, more than anything they just want someone to listen and expand on their point, not disagree with it. romantic but they like to pretend that they aren’t.  they seek instant gratification and hate doing things that they’re not naturally great at (but they’re naturally great at a lot).  can be very self-absorbed, but it’s not conscious.  so loving and so lovely.  the yang to my yin, the storm to my calm.  a friend who completes me.

taurus: extremely nice, and they never want to hurt anybody’s feelings, so they tend to skirt around the truth or omit their opinion.  truly, genuinely kind, the sort of person you hope will always stay in your life, the sort of person you feel like you really need.  dependable, hardworking, stable.  they have been through a lot, but looking at them, you wouldn’t know it.  will ultimately put themselves before you (which is a good thing), but is always there for you when they can be. very realistic; they know what they can achieve and expect themselves to do so.  private to a fault, and doesn’t usually express their feelings. there is something about their soul that makes me smile whenever i think of them. one of the people i love most in this world.  my equal, the friend who i hope knows how much i love them.

gemini: endlessly charming, supportive, and brave.  always wants to make everyone happy, often at the expense of their own desires, so they’ll do things they don’t want to do but be kind of grouchy about it, leading others to believe that they are picky and that they change their mind too much.  frequently changes the details of a story to either make it more interesting or get out of trouble.  wants more than anything to see and experience the good in the world but is very often a victim of the bad.  overly-trusting.  they can make any experience memorable, and they are the most fun you’ll ever have. quite self-critical but they also know that they have a certain power over people. forgetful, tolerant, warm.  often feels quite overwhelmed and may not handle this feeling wisely.  crazy but kind.  the one whom words fail to describe.  the biggest piece of my heart, my mother.

cancer: both friendly and intimidating.  difficult to read.  patient and cooperative but more often than not, they think their idea/opinion is better than yours.  very, very smart.  super dependable, so sensitive, hold grudges like it’s their life’s calling. courageous.  behave very differently around authority figures, likes being seen as innocent and cute. they will keep your secrets but they will kind of hold them over you, and they tend to taunt others by saying, “i know [x] about [y] and you don’t.”  very funny, dark, and sarcastic once you get to know them, but initially sweet and sugary.  survivalists; they protect themselves first and their loved ones second and don’t really care about everyone else. friendly. once they’re in a relationship, they become rather absorbed by it and neglect the other parts of their life.  dramatic, obsessive. rather strong-willed.  when they’re having an off day, get out of their way.  they will never forget anything you tell them.  they see life as an inside joke.  my figurative fraternal twin.  the friend who is just like me but whom i’ll never understand.

leo: impressively loving, astonishingly generous, the whole universe in one person.  soft and loud, wild and cautious.  they are full of power, grace, and energy, and they awaken within you the sense that you are good and that you can do whatever you want to do. even when they’re quiet, their presence is felt. very self-critical, constantly questioning their worth. always in need of validation, which is why they like to be the center of attention; in order to know that they’re a star, they require a standing ovation. they want to love themselves, they need to love themselves. such a romantic, wants to be wooed and adored, and they’ll gladly return the favor.  soothing.  they are so easy to trust, but they are more careful with their own secrets than they seem. they love with every bone in their body.  they want, more than anything, a best friend. loyal, inventive, go-getters. great listeners.  can somehow empathize with every situation, but are mildly obsessed with themselves. love winning. my idol, the part of myself i hope i grow into, my aunt.

virgo: hilarious, dependable, treats you like their kid.  trustworthy, sympathetic. they are fascinating and unique, but they are too attached to their own magic. more obsessive than they like to think they are.  they take criticism very well, perhaps because they dish it out even better. level-headed but aspirational. they prefer to be the less loving one in all of their relationships.  feels guilty for feeling sad or emotional. curious and interested.  can talk for hours if you let them.  kind and smart, wants to be special and different from everyone else. treats the people closest to them the worst. believes in tough love.  loves to joke and be sarcastic but usually takes it a few steps too far.  perfectionistic, which leads them to put little effort into things that they feel they can’t do flawlessly.  the one i protect who thinks they’re protecting me.  the friend whom i loved right away.

libra: angelic, enchanting, sweet.  picky. they are so afraid of offending someone that they have to know someone really likes them before they’ll be honest with them.  so many layers.  funny and diligent. treats everyone like their best friend, but when you are their best friend, there is just something so slightly different about how they treat you, something that makes you feel amazing. good at everything.  completely unable to make decisions. gossipers. they want to like everyone, but they just don’t.  absolutely hates saying no, but will do it if it’s 100% necessary.  sleepy and goofy around people they love. works hard to look good, trendy.  smart, fair.  nervous around authority figures. fearful of loss and of growing up.  secret control freaks.  they are at once youthful and wise.  crazy patient on the outside, just crazy on the inside. always somewhere on my mind, the one who i was always meant to know. my very best friend, my soul’s sister.

scorpio: the best listener. truly wants to know everything about you. extremely devoted, passionate.  knows you very, very well.  so funny, so kind.  will stick with you through thick and thin, always on your side.  gives great advice. the person across the room who you can’t stop staring at.  secretive, fearful, romantic.  both observant and judgmental. will hate you for judging them while they judge you.  their heart is bigger than anyone else’s, and all they really want is to fill it to its brim with love. very often the sidekick, but they stand out to me. they are quite obsessive and they rarely wait for explanations. they want to own the people they love.  intuitive.  loves you soooo much.  impossible to know fully. deep, powerful. the ocean flows inside them, yet all too often that ocean is stormy.  the person many people think i am, the person i sometimes i wish i was.  my confidante, my partner in crime, my heart, my friend.

sagittarius: the most supportive and dependable person on the planet.  an amazing friend, the best person to have in your corner.  honest and disorganized, friendly and capable.  very quick to anger and has a hard time admitting they’re wrong.  devotes themselves wholly and completely to their partner and puts them on a pedestal, but once they’ve moved on, they’ve really moved on.  tends to succeed, lucky.  has a hard time seeing the truth of a situation and often must be told what’s really going on.  charismatic and caring, overly generous.  can spread themselves thin.  guided chiefly by morals which they never abandon.  has a strong sense of right and wrong (specifically, they’re right, you’re wrong).  my backbone, my other mother.

capricorn: pensive and stoic.  has a brain that never stops going.  they wake up every morning in the climax of a novel they’ve written in their sleep.  loyal, just, intimidating.  cold and private.  mean to people who are mean to them.  shuts down entirely for seemingly no reason.  the wisest of all.  mature.  silently romantic. victim of their thoughts.  intense, original.  they want someone to fall really deeply in love with them, but they close themselves off to everyone. admires the beauty of the world, moved by small details that many people miss. always thinking of the future, no matter how good the present is.  judgmental. wants to be better than everyone else. exceptionally smart. often falling apart on the inside.  can think themselves into sickness, into joy, into anything. loves to be alone, hates more than anything to be lonely.  soft on the inside. the best leaders but they don’t like to lead.  kind-hearted and always doubting it. immensely fatalistic.  the dreamy head behind my eyes.  myself.

aquarius: very patient.  analytical, detached.  they have favorite people and things and they will be honest about who and what these favorites are.  they love you, they just can’t tell you.  wants to be cared for without caring in return. easy to talk to, somehow always makes you feel safe.  impressive intellect. generous with the people they love.  genuinely good, inspiring.  easily overwhelmed.  resorts to humor when offended.  doesn’t try very hard to act like they like someone they hate.  wants to be special.  artificially nice to authority figures.  can be surprisingly mean without intending to.  very good liars.  super funny.  compliments mean a lot coming from them.  the person i forget i am, the friend i should talk to more.

pisces: kind-hearted, funny.  to really know them, you kind of have to know them forever.  so easy to love.  hates to think about the difficulties of the world and prefers to just have fun.  very much in the present and tries not to think about the future.  as such, they sometimes behave without thinking and wind up messing things up for themselves.  they tend to be kind of lazy in regards to some things and extremely passionate in regards to others; there isn’t a lot of balance.  can be very mean and very angry.  won’t apologize first when you’ve made them mad. must express themselves in some way.  no matter how much they say that they love you, they always love you more than that.  quite sensitive, hates few things more than being called annoying. super generous, always wants to be there for you but hates not being able to make you happier. truly the sweetest. my favorite person, my brother.

All I’ve got II pt. 5

Jungkook x reader

genre: ANGST, fluff, hints of smut, bestfriend!jungkook and tattooed!jungkook

word count: 11.6k

happy birthday to me

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?

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~*~Sellieve’s Moon Sign Interpretations!~*~

Moon in Aries: You impulsively act on your feelings without thinking them through. You need adventure in order to feel complete. You are moodiest when you feel impatient. Very passionate and deliberate. Straight and to the point, you prefer not to dwell on or analyze your feelings.  Precocious, eager to get going in their pursuits.  A strong sense of autonomy, insistent on doing things on their own, a lust for independence.

Moon in Taurus: When provoked, you become stubborn and hardheaded. You have a hard time understanding the feelings of others. You can get stuck in emotional ruts, but what’s good about this is the fact that it gives you determination. Various smells, tastes, textures, sights, and sounds have more of an effect on your mood than they do for other people. Your emotions are less fickle than anyone. Once you feel a certain way about a person or situation, it is unlikely that you will change.  An emotional need for affection, you love to be touched.

Moon in Gemini: You feel the need to talk about your feelings and get it all figured out on a mental level. Indecisive, you understand both sides of a story and often feel strongly about more than one opinion on an issue. Acting shallow, letting loose, and seeing things from a lighthearted point of view helps you become emotionally at ease. Sometimes viewed as inconsiderate, you have a hard time understanding why others keep their feelings secret. When provoked, you try to weasel your way out of the situation. You consider all possibilities before making up your mind. You are moodiest when you have gone a long time without having fun.

Moon in Cancer: This is the moon’s favorite position, as Cancer is ruled by the moon. You are lovey-dovey, touchy-feely, affectionate, soft spoken, sensitive, nurturing, gentle, considerate, motherly, but whiny at times. You are ruled by your emotions and have difficulty seeing things objectively. You have a need to feel needed and love being a shoulder to cry on. You love deeply, laugh wholeheartedly, and sadness stings you more painfully than it does for others. You are clingy and have a hard time letting go of old feelings. You are guarded and might not show how emotional you truly are.

Moon in Leo: You have an emotional need to have your ego stroked. You can fill a room with your presence and enjoy being the center of attention. When you feel passionately about something, you express it with full enthusiasm. You are not one to keep their feelings private. Some may view you as demanding, others admire the fact that you really know who you are and aren’t afraid to show it. You are dedicated at getting what you want.

Moon in Virgo: Little things tend to set you off, and you notice things more than others would. You can be thoughtful and nurturing, but cynical as well. You feel like your good deeds go unnoticed, but you give appreciation to other peoples’ favors more than many would. You really think through your feelings before acting on them; you feel that you must analyze your feelings to get them perfectly figured out, then you tell people exactly what you feel. Sometimes you get bogged down in details and miss the bigger picture. Men who have moon in Virgo are in touch with their feminine side. Sometimes the fact that you are considerate of others’ feelings gets in the way of pursuing what you want.

Moon in Libra: You have an emotional need to be balanced and to please other people. Against separatism, you strive to make everyone feel included and comfortable around you. You will refrain from speaking up about how you feel out of fear of disturbing someone else. You can be resentful as you often put your own needs on the back burner to help someone else. You are indecisive about how you feel but after collecting enough information, your opinions are stronger than anyone else’s. You care about what other people think of you and try to be as fair as possible. You use your charm to get what you want. You are pretty good at seeing the bigger picture but often miss important details.

Moon in Scorpio: You are emotionally intense and occasionally you erupt. You feel the need to get down to the bottom of an issue, finding the very source of a conflict. You use your emotions to give your life more meaning. You are annoyed by shallow people and prefer to view everything from a deeper perspective. You lack the ability to be carefree as you thrive on feeling everything to the extreme. You are not afraid to face the more painful things in life, and you prefer to heal yourself from the inside out rather than cover up the surface of a problem.  When people hurt you, it leaves a deep impression on you, and you have trouble forgiving or forgetting.

Moon in Sagittarius: Emotionally, you are all over the place and unstable. Trying new foods and broadening your horizons fills your explorative heart. You have an emotional need for action, adventure, and freedom. You have this “go go go” attitude and other people tell you to slow down. When you feel passionately about something, some people may perceive you to be radical. You are open about how you feel, to the point that people see you as tactless. Nothing can extinguish your flaming enthusiasm and zest for life!

Moon in Capricorn: You take your feelings to the next level, always wanting to experience them at full complexity. You have supreme sensibility and logic that keeps you emotionally stable. You like to be seen as sophisticated, and so you often hide your passion and intensity behind a well composed, serious disposition, and well-crafted speech. You thoroughly contemplate your feelings before acting on them; you feel that you must analyze your feelings to get them perfectly figured out, then you tell people exactly what you feel. Some people who have moon in Capricorn ignore their emotions all together, for the sake of practicality, while other people with moon in Capricorn are the most emotional people you know, whether or not they show it –or even admit it to themselves! You have been wounded so many times to the point that you have grown to have thick skin, and get annoyed by people who are overly touchy. You have an “it is what it is” attitude and will tell the cold hard truth without sugarcoating.

Moon in Aquarius: Having your uniqueness stroked makes you feel fulfilled. Inspired by science and literature that has morals, you enjoy an intellectual challenge! You have a rebellious streak to fight for what is right. You rationalize the way you feel, a few friends of mine born with moon in Aquarius write what they feel in order to make sense of it. You prefer to view things objectively. You may have a hard time understanding the way others feel as you can be quite opinionated. You are good at thinking outside the box and seeing a situation in a new light.

Moon in Pisces: You have an emotional need to just go with the flow, meaning that you will act based on whatever feels right at the time, without analyzing the possibilities or considering the outcome. Though you are easily hurt, you are good at letting go and getting on with life. Others see you as hard to hold onto or pin down in a situation. Your personality is hard to fully grasp, even you aren’t sure of yourself. Your emotions are almost never concrete, you tend to change your mind and you are easily influenced by others. This makes you very agreeable and easy to talk to, but spineless. Very conflict-avoidant and evasive, you have a hard time facing your fears or having conversations that require you to be honest about your feelings. You feel like your good deeds go unnoticed and that you get walked all over, because it is hard for you to stick up for yourself. You have a lovely imagination and intuition.

I can write 10+ pages on your natal chart if you’re interested in a reading that integrates all your planets and aspects. I can forecast what your upcoming months or years will feel like based on how planets make transits to your natal chart! Message me for a reading!     Sellieve Neptune

It’s not the dark nights that make me lonely, or even cold and gloomy winter

It’s the part of the day, when the sun is at its brightest and warmest, that I feel cold and empty loneliness

It’s those moments I’m surrounded by people that love me, but none of them are you

The long drives on a cool autumn day to my favorite places, or a warm summer night with the windows down driving around town

Every moment that I have to spend without you is when I’m at my worst

I fake a smile, put on a good show so no one knows

But inside I’m screaming for you to hold me again

The witty banter, and half-hearted laughing, all a cover for the deep dark secrets I hide within

The false courage facade, when I’m not even brave enough to tell you how my stomach is in knots whenever you’re near

It all comes crumbling down on my chest and sits there, heavier every second I go without your hand in mine

Every single day is a struggle, but nevertheless I persist, because I hold onto the moment I get to feel your kiss on my lips

It’s what keeps me going

The hope of one last chance to make everything right in my world once again

It’s not the darkness, the light, or even the night

The cold hard truth is everything makes me feel alone, and only your heart can make it right.

—  randomgirlsdontunderstand, Loneliness All The Time
Ben and Rey: The Other Side of the Line

In The Last Jedi after Ben Solo turns on Snoke and kills him, and after he and Rey fight back to back to destroy the Praetorian guards, he turns to Rey and asks her to abandon the Resistance and everything she’s known and rule the galaxy with him. Rey, who boarded his ship with the single intent of getting him to turn back to the light, is heartbroken by this and begs him “not to go this way.” Both refuse to change their positions; she reaches for her lightsaber; so does he and after a brief struggle they are forcibly separated. Apart from a brief, important scene at the end, this is the last time we see them in the same frame. 

Ben’s Force!Darcy “let’s rule the galaxy together” proposal and Rey’s subsequent rejection is tragic and heartbreaking, but above all a PERFECT encapsulation of why romance can never override morality. And I don’t mean “shouldn’t”, I mean “cannot”. This scene proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is a literal impossibility. There is a line between Ben and Rey that is keeping them apart, and it is the line of morality, cold and hard and sharp-edged. And Ben and Rey’s arc, and this scene in particular, is about how that line cannot be ignored or crossed or blurred by feelings, however soft or deep they may be. And I love that so much. I love that this scene shows you very clearly the line of morality emerging out of the fire and softness of their emotions for each other, like iron, like cold truth, to separate them from each other until they’ve learned their ultimate lesson- how to deal with that line between them without pretending it isn’t there or that it can be circumvented or that it is anything less than the earth-shattering, life-shaping thing that it is.

Ben and Rey are equals and opposites on either side of a war, of the line between light or dark, essentially good and evil. When Ben is presented to the audience for the first time it is as Kylo Ren, the Villain to Rey’s hero, the Bad to her Good. The tension between them (and this is presented in The Force Awakens before it is expanded in The Last Jedi) comes from the fact that though they are on opposite sides of the moral line, there is an understanding and attraction there- humanly speaking and through the force, and that both of them know it. Kylo knows it, and because he’s on the side of the line that has no stake in respecting the boundaries the line represents but everything to gain by making people cross over it, he offers to train her. Rey knows it and, understanding that that line is the fundamental difference between love and hate, destruction and life, losing her soul and saving countless others, does her best to keep him out. He says, essentially, stay with me, and she responds by slashing his face open and leaving him to die in the cold.

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I don’t blame Mark.

I don’t blame how absolutely fucking ridiculous the stress gets.

I know how it feels to get to the point where nothing is but a bunch of fucking fire and anger and fuck this and fuck you.

I also know it’s ok to feel that way.

Even better, it’s normal.

You will go through days where all you want to do is strangle the living shit out of people due to circumstances or whatever.

You will go through times where you just say fuck it. Fuck it all.

And laugh. Cause it doesn’t matter.

You will find yourself stuck in a position where so much of what you built depends on such stupid actions and insignificant shit that shouldn’t even matter in the first place.

That’s life.

And what’s the best way to deal with that?

Depends on you.

No one copes the same.

Life is stressful.



Guide for the Truth about "High End" Girls

So, for awhile now I keep getting inquiries from various new girls asking how to be “High end” or attract high end clientele. Although, it’s been a combination of experience, business instincts and intuition that keeps me successful, it was definitely superficial and unfair traits I was blessed with that branded me as “upscale”. The cold hard truth is that most women won’t be able to meet the “high end” requirement simply because of competition. The list below is comprised of universally accepted traits that are a prerequisite for ATTRACTING high end clientele.

The industry operates on first impression. The things below are usually the bare minimum traits whereas humor, kindness, intelligence etc. are more like bonuses that can help maintain clients over time AFTER they get to know you. You can’t get to know somebody you don’t even want to open the door to.

1) Youth; the most prime age is 18-25. This is not a hard rule as some women can stay youthful for quite awhile. HOWEVER, this IS the age range your COMPETITION will be.

2) BEAUTY; this is an industry based primarily on attraction. Remember, a man won’t pay to fuck someone unattractive. Although some women may be able to defy the beauty standards by out shining in other traits but those are the anomalies. The hard TRUTH is this industry is most beneficial for girls of traditional or stereotypical beauty.
-Nice teeth: Doesn’t necessarily need to be perfectly straight but does need to be healthy white.
-Clear or nice skin: It radiates youth and is regarded as hygienic. Stretch marks are okay. Not many men will see a problem with it.
-Curves: This is optional because many wealthy men love the fashion editorial look. Don’t be discouraged if you’re more flat.
-Thin: This one is unfortunately one that not many people will be honest about. Whether you have big bouncy curves or not, your waist and overall physique should still be considered thin or toned. There is a fetish for BBW but that is a small pool.
-Well kept hair: Another matter of looking presentable and hygienic.

3) Education; no wealthy and educated man will embarrass himself with a bimbo on his arm when he could afford beauty AND brains. That’s not to say people without degrees can’t trick their audience into thinking otherwise. I know some girls who barely made their GED but managed to self educate and carry themselves in a way they pass as Master graduates. Ladies, learn to read and study for fun.

4) RACE; a very unfortunate and hard truth for the industry. If you’re a black sugar baby, it will be harder for you than your white or Asian counterparts. I’m not sure if it’s because there are more black SW’s or there’s still racism or a combination of the both. This is just something I’ve observed about the competition. There is an overwhelming amount of black and Mexican SW’s in the industry struggling.

5) Schedule flexibility; it will be much harder to make a lucrative career out of high-end SW when you only have a few hours each week. These men are paying high rates for you to accommodate to their needs, not the other way around.

I recognize there are of course women who are the exception to some or all of these traits but I got tired of seeing posts painting a delusion to every young and naive girl that they can pursue a ‘glamorous high end lifestyle’. It is one thing to be a SW and another thing to be a SUCCESSFUL SW where the money is actually worth it. Often times, the mistake is marketing yourself in the wrong image for the wrong clientele. I wanted to be brutally honest because not every woman’s potential money is equal. While the risk is the same, this industry IS easier for some than it is for others.

The more traits a girl has on this list, the higher the POTENTIAL income will be. It is still up to a variety of other factors for the potential to solidify into a tangible number. This is simply a list of traits generally highly sought out by POT’s or clients.

I have met MANY middle-end SW’s who have much better work ethics and business instinct that ended up making a SHIT ton more than a high-end girl.

All in all, don’t be discouraged if you don’t fit many of the traits. Readjust your vision of intended audience and market yourself correctly. Rather than cluelessly not make any money as a small fish in a large pond, be the big fish in a smaller pond. Be realistic and be smart. Go get that money. 💸💸💸

Definitions (Steve Harrington x Hargrove!Reader)

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

Summary: Much like your brother, you hate Steve Harrington. Which makes being paired up with him for a group project that much more intolerable. Especially with his stupid voice and hair and sunglasses and soft lips.  

Based on Request: ok but imagine that billy from stranger things has a twin sister and she is sneaking around behind billy’s back with steve and one night steve comes in through her window and while they are fooling around they almost get caught by billy and steve has to hide under the bed. maybe steve’s glasses are on the nightstand and billy gets suspicious because they look familiar. idk i love your writing and knew that you could do justice to this prompt that has been running through my head

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Hargrove!Reader

Word Count: 4,624

Author’s Note: This is definitely not what the requester had in mind (sorry about that!) but hopefully you love the story nonetheless. It starts off angsty for sure, but it gets increasingly fluffy and cute as we go, so enjoy :)

Warnings: Language. Fighting. Mentions of “adult magazines.” Heated kissing. Angst. Fluff.

It started the way most momentous events in your life did: with an argument.

In some ways, this argument had been brewing ever since Mrs. Hanson paired you up with Steve Harrington for the Family Tree Project. Not only had she NOT paired you with Bobby Mueller, but she put you right in the middle of Steve and your brother’s pissing match. Which was great.

You had determined early on not to take sides in the matter. Even though Billy had spent the whole first week of school ranting about all of the ways Steve was a dickhead who needed to be taken down a peg, you had kept your mouth shut. You continued to keep your mouth shut through Billy’s commentary on the Nancy/Steve split. And you were still silent when Steve came to school bloodied and bruised in the same week that a slightly bruised Billy had wobbled in the door with a glaring Max at 3 am in the morning. Because all things considered, Steve seemed pretty innocuous, especially compared to other high school boys.

But at this current moment, you could no longer keep your mouth shut. In fact, it was all you could do to keep yourself from screaming in Steve Harrington’s face at the top of your lungs.

“Can you shut up for five fucking seconds about Billy?” You ran your fingers through your hair, clutching it tightly to keep yourself from strangling him with your bare hands. You paced back and forth around your room, trying to reign yourself in.

“I’m just saying that he is not touching our baby,” Steve snipped, crossing his arms.

“He’s my brother,” you released your hands and scooped up a marker from the floor, chucking it at Steve. He ducked away, and the marker smacked against his arm. “Can you cut the dick measuring contest and recognize how weird it would be if my twin brother didn’t have some type of meaningful role in our baby’s life!”

You had begun arguing over the second question on the assignment sheet:

Congratulations! You and your partner have recently discovered you are having a baby, which means it’s time to think about how your bundle of joy will fit into your family.
For this project, you and your partner are going to develop a family tree that goes back three generations from your baby. It should include the following information:
1. How is each person related to you/your partner? To your child?
2. What role do you want each person to have in your child’s life?
3. What would you like your child to call each person on your tree?
4.What will you name your baby?
5. What does family mean to you?

You thought Billy would be a good on-call babysitter. He was protective and loyal, and as the uncle to your imaginary baby, Billy would want to step up. You had tried raising these points to prevent Dustin Henderson—the middle school boy that Max hung out with—from becoming the designated babysitter. The last thing you expected–although, honestly, the fact that you didn’t expect it was on you–was for Steve to launch into “99 Reasons Billy Hargrove is a Douchebag Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed Near Children.” Sure, you knew that Billy was a huge ass to Steve. Billy was an ass to everybody. But blood was different. And this imaginary baby was Billy’s blood. Not Dustin Henderson’s.

“Yeah, ok, you want to talk about how siblings should have a large role?” Steve started, and you sucked in a breath, already having a gut feeling as to where this was going. Straight back to the fight you had yesterday. “What about Max?”

“What about her?”

“She’s your sister, and you haven’t even put her on the tree,” Steve gestured at the pitiful poster which lay on the floor next to him. You looked over at it. To be fair, there was hardly anything on the tree. The two of you couldn’t stop arguing over things long enough to put people on. So far, it had the two of you, your imaginary baby, Steve’s parents and grandparents, your mom, and Billy. Max and Susan were not there. Neither was your father.

“I’m getting to her,” you argued back, defensively. Steve snatched up one of the markers that you’d already thrown at him, uncapping it and extending the thick black line that connected you and Billy. A bubbling feeling of panic rose in your chest.

“That’s not the right line!” you cried out, reaching forward to stop him, and he looked up at you, eyes blazing.

“What kind of line should I put then?” His words came out clipped and cold.

“I–I don’t know,” you stuttered. “But not that one. She’s not my sister.”

“Who is she then?” Steve’s lips were curled in what was almost a snarl.

“She’s my…” you trailed off, thinking about it. “She’s my Max.” Steve scoffed and turned away.

“Well what do you want me to say?!” you snapped.

“She’s your sister! Jesus, Y/N. It’s not that hard.”

It was so easy for other people to define family. They had their mom and dad and brothers and sisters and cousins. You had your father, who you refused to call “Dad” because he didn’t act like what you thought a dad should act like, and then your step-mom who was very step-mom-y. After them, there was your  brother, who was technically your twin but more like a brother, and your Max. She was so much more than your step-sister, but she hadn’t grown up with you and Billy. She didn’t get it sometimes. She wasn’t quite your sister yet. She was in-between. And if assholes like Steve didn’t get that, that was his problem not yours.

“Fine. If you want to stick her into that hole, then go for it,” you answered, coldly. “And then get the hell out of my house.”

Steve finished the line, drawing another branch down and putting Max’s name underneath it. He threw the marker at the floor, flicked his sunglasses over his eyes, and then left your room, slamming the door behind him.

You were fighting again.

This was hardly out of the usual. You’d already been banned from working together in the school library and the public library. Now you had to drive across town to Steve’s house just to finish this stupid project. You had only made it to question three. What would you like your child to call each person on your tree?

Steve had suggested that the baby call his dad Grandpa Asshole.

You asked if Steve was feeling bitter because his dad found and burned his porn stash.

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Flash (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hiiii! Can I request a peter parker x reader where the reader is a badass spy but she’s super shy at peter’s school and doesn’t talk and one day she shows off her badass school and peter falls in love with her plz and thanks 😋

A/N: Aaaaaah, feels good to be back. As I’ve already said, I will try to upload an imagine everyday now that I don’t have anything related to school until late September -probably not going to happen, but hope for at least 3 imagines a week! Hope you enjoy this one!

Peter didn’t know why she acted that way -being an Avenger and an expert in martial arts, he would have expected her not to be shy, but she was the kind of girl who would blush if a person complimented her. He didn’t mind, though. He found the way she would act around everybody in school cute, although he wouldn’t admit it, hoping the crush he had on her would disappear.
He was, to say the least, surprised when he first saw her at the Stark Tower. She had tried to turn away when she saw him, but it was too late. Tony Stark had come behind her and there was no way she could escape now, so she had had to tell Peter, her classmate, that she was part of the Avengers. He hadn’t believed it at first -he sat next to her in 3 of his classes, and all he had heard her say was the answers to questions the teachers directly asked her. He couldn’t believe she was part of the team he was aspiring to be part of -she even called Tony Stark by his first name.
It had taken him a while to get used to it -silent during school, sassy during training. He found it funny -after all, he was clumsy and got tongue-tied all the time.
There were many things he wouldn’t have expected about her, but there was one that would top all the other; and that was the way she handled his bullies a Tuesday morning during school.

‘’Come on, Parker,’’ Flash said, ‘’aren’t you gonna do anything?’’
Peter decided not to answer, knowing it would only make it worse. He kept silent and looked at the ground, trying not to blow up and kick Flash in the face.
‘’What’s the matter with you, dude?’’ Flash asked. ‘’What if I do this?’’
Peter’s backpack was torn off his shoulder and thrown to the ground, and that was when he realized that he was in trouble -his stupid ass hadn’t thought about this and had put his suit at the top of his bag, hoping to get home and not have to open it before being alone.
Just as Flash was about to open his backpack, he heard a voice from behind the crowd looking at the bully and the bullied.
‘’What are you doing, asshole?’’
Peter’s head rose, not being able to believe what was going on. [Y/N] made her way through the crowd, an angry look upon her face as she got closer to Flash.
‘’You are asking what is the matter with him,’’ she said, ‘’but what is the matter with you?’’
Flash froze on the spot and [Y/N] took that as a chance to get Peter’s backpack and throw it at him without tearing her gaze off Flash.
‘’Do you think this makes you funny? That being a jackass will gain you popularity?’’
Flash quickly unfroze after hearing her insult him, raising his fist as if to prove he was strong.
‘’Do you want me to hit you?’’ Flash asked her.
‘’If you want to try’’ she told him in a sarcastic voice.
He tried throwing a punch at her, this resulting in her quickly grabbing his arm and putting it behind his back, kicking him so that he was kneeling on the floor. She crouched next to him and whispered softly, but loud enough so that the whole crowd would hear.
‘’And now, will you apologize to my friend Peter, or do I have to hit you on the front?’’
Flash tried to get his arm out of her grip with no result, and ended up giving up, looking at Peter with gritted teeth.
‘’I’m sorry, Parker.’’
Peter nodded softly, not being able to say anything else as he was still impressed from what his colleague had done.
When the crowd finally dispersed, [Y/N] looked at him and shook her hands, as if to show she had finished everything she had to do.
‘’Ice-cream?’’ she asked Peter.
Peter nodded once again, no words coming out of his mouth yet. It was then when he realized the cold, hard truth -this was no crush, and he would have to do something about this strong feeling soon.

Regarding relationships, I have just one rule: Give me truth, however cold or cruel, or hard it is to hear. I would prefer to have my heart bled and broken if it means I can then move on, than waste a single moment of my time being fooled by a lie intended to preserve my feelings.
—  Beau Taplin // T r u t h