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My friend and I made it a priority to visit Iwami (the town that inspired the visuals for Free!) and it was absolutely magnificent! ; u ; Such a gorgeous town and the locals were so friendly and welcoming!

I even ran into a few Free! fans who were happy to see that others came to visit, and it was nice to talk about/fangirl over the series, language barrier and all!

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Oh gosh! Did Rinrin see Michael Phelps race the shark? I bet he's gonna wanna race him some time and that Rinrin is a little jelly one if his relatives did.


[After School Club] Ep.274 - KARD(카드) _ 072517

Zig in Football Jersey

Book: The Sophomore

Dedicated to: @zigbadboy

Notes: Thank you, @zigbadboy for suggesting me to draw Zig in football jersey from head-to-toe. I had fun while doing this. Hehe. Since I never draw a football athlete before, most of the ideas come from a manga, called EyeShield 21. It’s a sports manga about football. So, if you guys are interested with football, maybe you can check out this manga. The artist is the same person who created One Punch Man, which is Yusuke Murata. He’s one of my fav manga-ka after Kubo Tite (Bleach manga-ka). XD Ok guys, I hope you’ll love this Zig’s fan art. I’m sorry if there’s something wrong with the drawing…and have a good day! Tata!

Til The End (Finn Balor) One Shot

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Characters: Finn Balor X Reader

Summary: When Daddy Finn comes out to play? You submit. You oblige. You say yes, sir. You give Daddy what he wants.

Notes: This is from a request prompt from @yourr-anger-your-anchor  I know this took me a while to get out for you, but Finn’s match tonight inspired this! I hope you all enjoy my depiction of Daddy Finn. He just wants you to say yes Daddy!

Warnings: MAJOR smut. All smut. 97% smut. Daddy Finn. Daddy kink. Anal sex. Dominance. Biting. Light fluff.

Word Count: 1.4k

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