this is the character thing i was talking about

Quickly finished another drawing :“) i wouldn’t normally want to see Tweek crying but i also like drawing angst ;

OOT: i do respect people’s opinion about things but sometimes i just get pissed :T i’ve been rewatching people live stream SP season 18-20 and Of course seeing my fav episode Craig x Tweek // some homophobic people or just really mean people need to keep their comments to themselves - yes freedom of speech and i know the director of SP made the show say some racist things, talk about politics, make fun of trending topics etc. -u-) i just don’t understand why some people find it shit now only because of one god damn episode.. some people say it’s ruined because two significant characters have a “canon” relationship that is gay.

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Hello, Silly question coming your way. When is it appropriate to introduce a sex scene into your WIP if it’s not a full blown erotic novel? I have a habit of making chapters 1-4 random details about the characters, and then in chapter 5 I may introduce a sex scene because I’m kind of embarrassed about it. I feel that it’s weird to open a book and the first chapter is full detailed sensuality, but at the same time I run out of exposition content to write about. What should I do?

First, it’s not a silly question. It’s a great question!

A lot of newer writers start writing without understanding what a story actually is–and it isn’t an assortment of scenes where people do random things for no particular reason. Nobody wants to read a story where the first four chapters are “random details about the characters” and then they have sex. That’s not a story. It’s just talking about what people are doing and what they’re like.

Every story needs to have a purpose. The purpose of your story might be to show that an ordinary boy can be someone extraordinary, or that love conquers all. It might even be as simple as showing what it means to be lonely in the 21st century. If you don’t have a reason for telling this story, it’s not going to be a story anyone will want to read.

Part of giving your story a purpose is giving your main character a goal. What does this person want and why? How do they plan to get it?

In a character-driven story that is more “slice of life” than any sort of adventure, your character’s goal can be as mundane as it needs to be, but it still needs to be there. In a story about loneliness, perhaps the character’s goal is to find a companion or learn to be comfortable with being alone. In any case, your goal has to exist and your story should be working toward illustrating this character, their goal, why they want it, and how they struggle toward achieving it.

The first four chapters of your story shouldn’t be random details about your characters. They should establish:

- who your main character is
- who the supporting characters are
- the setting of your story
- what your character’s life is like
- what changes in their life to make them establish their goal
- what else motivates them toward their goal
- what’s at stake if they do or don’t achieve their goal

If your story is about the relationship between these two characters, and the relationship is already established at the beginning, you can put a sex scene in wherever you want to or not at all. Not every story needs to have a sex scene. Don’t feel pressured to put one in if it makes you uncomfortable. You can also choose to do a “fade out” if it’s important to include the fact that they did have sex. If the relationship develops throughout the story, you will probably want to build up to the sex scene by ramping up the romantic and sexual tension between them. In that case, a sex scene may not occur until the middle of a story or toward the end. In other words, there’s no general point at which they should be included. It really depends on the needs of your story.

Please have a look at the links below for more help. :)

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Using Timelines to Pace Romantic Relationships
Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: portrayal of diverse characters, portrayal of emotions, specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), “how to portray/describe,” asking for tropes/cliches, asking for resources; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

By far the thing I find weirdest about the d/eh fandom is the shipping of evan and connor. Aside from any issues I may have with the portrayal of mental health in the musical itself, I don’t understand how people can take a character who abuses his sister and only appears as himself for about 10 minutes in the show and call him their “dead gay son” then pair him up with a guy he never even knew who exploited his death and invented a whole new personality for him just because they “sound gay” in the song one of them spends lying about their friendship

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What was your reaction after seeing “The End of the Galaxy” ?

On one hand I was happy and proud of what the characters accomplished, but on the other one I felt like I needed more of them, I felt like some things were left undone and I felt the need to see what stories this show still had to tell. That’s when I began to feel this guilt I talked about earlier.  

Analysis of VKM11

If the last few chapters were a vision of angst, this chapter definitely took things to the opposite end of the spectrum with it’s comical expressions, overreactions and a return to a Kaien Cross we haven’t seen much of since the first arc. It seems Ai has picked up on her mother’s habit of jumping in and out of windows, as she wakes up early from her slumber to check on the “idiot chairman” who milks his illness for all its worth, although no one ever actually says he’s dying. (I guess that’s what happens when you haven’t had any cold symptoms in a hundred years.)

Although this felt more like a bonus chapter than a part of our main story, I do think there were some interesting things to take away from this chapter that I wanted to talk about. This chapter felt an awful lot like the calm before the storm, and perhaps a final tribute to a character who may have just been marked for death.

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What I loved about, "The Fair Folk"

• Luke
• Alec being the head of the Institute
• Alec and Maryse talking (I seriously can’t get the image of little Alec writing with crayons out of my head)
• “Mr Bane” “Mr Lightwood” (that was honesty the best thing I’ve ever seen)
• Downworld council
• Maryse trying to make herself a better person, I love her character development. I’m happy that she talked to Izzy and is trying to better their relationship
• Izzy being there for Clary

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Can we just talk about how much I love Saihara because he literally has all the same flaws as me and because of this I can love and relate to him more than any other Danganronpa character in the entire series? When anon said that weakness is the reason others will hate him as a character really annoys me because those are the things that I personally ENJOY about the protagonists. (Also, I really don't see Saihara as 'weak', anxious and insecure, definitely, but not weak)

I feel you anon, I relate to Saihara quite a lot, too. He’s not designed to be a self-insert protagonist in the way Naegi or many other vn protagonists are, but that doesn’t make it impossible to relate to him either. Rather, his weakness, anxiety, and depression are all traits that made me feel he was more relatable, not less.

It’s rare that a protagonist has these flaws so openly, and even rarer when they aren’t magically “fixed” or brushed under the rug by the narrative. Many protagonists who might start out in a series as weak or timid or anxious often become brasher, more extroverted, more shounen-like as they begin to adhere to the “believe in your friends, believe in yourself, you can do anything as long as you try” mindset in fiction. So the fact that Saihara managed to grow and develop as a character while still remaining very much the same person at heart made me love him, honestly.

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just out of interest, do you always know everything/most things about a character's backstory before you introduce them? like, did you know about damien's parents when you first brought him in, or did you know about frank being experimented on in the military when chloe first mentioned him?

I know…most stuff I’d say. I knew that Frank had had a pretty unique and intense military experience, but the tie-in with The A.M. came later. Damien has constantly evolved and he’s one of those characters that I feel like knocked on the door of my brain and has been a consistent house guest who refuses to talk about himself (Dr. Bright is the other character like that). 

The things I determine right off the bat are similar to what I think about when building a character I’m acting: what is their relationship to music, what shoes do they wear, what’s the make-up of their family, what do they look for in relationships/friendships. Once I figure out how they relate to the world and the people in their lives, the other various bio stuff tends to be sketched in as I go. 

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I’m writing a story where the villain eventually realises she’s been a dick and becomes a decent person again. Thing is, some of the team of the “good guys” are going to die because of her. And i’m talking about supportive characters like ron and hermione for example, very close to being protagonists. So im not sure how to make the villain “likeable” since she’s going to kill these characters. Can you help? (And sorry for my english) thanks!  

This is in my post master list. :)

Making a “Villain Gone Good” Likable

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: portrayal of diverse characters, portrayal of emotions, specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), “how to portray/describe,” asking for tropes/cliches, asking for resources; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

Carried Away

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Characters: Sam, Dean, Sister!Reader

Warnings:LOTS of language, bit of fluff

Word Count: 1k

Description: Dean has pissed you off on a hunt. It’s not the first time but this time he really crossed a line. What could he have done to deserve such a hard time?

A/N: I enjoyed coming up with this one! It’s written for Tristan’s 200 Follower Challenge. My prompt was from New Girl and it was  “We’re a family. Families talk about things.” / “No! Families ignore things until they go away.”. I’ve put it in bold below. Hope you enjoy! xx


Flashbacks are in italics


Seething, you stomped down the stairs into the bunker.
“Come on Y/N! Let’s talk about this!” Sam hurried after you.
“No, I don’t want to! Not until he apologizes.” You huff, slamming your duffel on the table.
“Y/N/N, please, let’s just all talk it through, together. We’re a family. Families talk about things.” You spin on your heel, prepared for a fight.
No! Families ignore things until they go away. Or at least they do in Dean-Land…” At that precise moment, Dean saunters in, oblivious to your rage. “Oh, and here he is, Mr I-Always-Know-Best!” Dean’s looks at you, tilting his head to the side in confusion.
“What are you so mad about?”
“Wha- You don’t know?!” You scoff as he gives a slight shake of his head. “Un-fucking-believable…” With a disgusted sigh, you stamp past him to your room, slamming the door forcefully.

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my favorite thing about the dishonored art style is that the backdrops and scenery look like either really saturated or really dim versions of reality so they do look very realistic, just unsettlingly so, and the characters drifting into looking more like sculptures than real people really makes the universe come together and i could talk about the art in dishonored for days

unpopular opinion but while i do agree that su deserves criticism especially from the marginalized groups it admits to writing, /especially/ when its emphasized that the group that will consume this media first and foremost are children-it kinda sucks that its turned into what it is on here bc idk.

its cute and has nice sound design and appealing characters and i grew up completely surrounded by cartoons that lacked any kind of female character much less two that are canonically and obviously in a gay relationship + are explicitly in love… and also i feel like it turned out this way bc a huge chunk of yall are freaky brats and the rest was getting ready to pounce as soon as a thing popular w lgbt folk and women showed a possible weak spot

and then we were cursed forever with incredibly ugly redesigns and i have to sit in my classes everyday hearing animation students talking about how dumb yall are goodbye

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Brain teaser for feminist, how come y'all ignore men's issues like custody, suicide, incarceration, domestic violence, etc, if it's about treating men and women equally then also talk about men's issues and not be painting with period blood and whining about how athletic female characters have "unrealistic" body types. And stuff like the wage gap have been debunked multiple times.

I’ll have you know that my period blood paintings are an important part of my income that allow me to do many things, like ignore your stupid attempt at “trapping” me or whatever you think you’re doing with your +1 Fedora of Stupidity.

We need to talk more about how sassy some of the Robots in Disguise characters can be because I was watching some older eps and this half second thing with Bumblebee is absolute art like just

“omfg Sideswipe can you not this is why im sending you on the away team so i don’t have to deal with ur bullshit”

“jesus prime im way too young to be a dad why did i agree to this mission its like im everyones boss and babysitter”

But like immediately after when his dad needs him he’s all back to lieutenant cute patoot.

FFXV Observation - Episode Prompto *SPOILERS!*

Hey guys! Now, I realize it’s been a while since I’ve shared my thoughts like this, but with the release of Episode Prompto, I’ve wanted to again.

This is my personal opinion, so don’t be offended if you don’t agree with what I’m writing. If you feel differently, then fine by me. ^_^

Anyway, this will contain SPOILERS! You have been warned

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To the anon with the sleep talking thing: I was half asleep once, in a car with my coworkers when I began talking about my characters (and love interests and whatnot). No one thought it was strange though, they just thought it was an intense dream. No one pressed me for details, or even said anything about it, but if they did I would've just said that I don't remember what the dream was about.

Horror rant

I’ve gotten a new book and in the beginning it talks about the main character going back to the home she hasn’t been to for almost 20 years and is looking at all the things she was forced to leave behind. This and some nightmares I’ve been having, bare with me, just makes me think what I enjoy about horror. It’s a bit of a rant below, so read if you’d like!

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13 for Alec and Bucky Barnes


13. Unpopular opinion about the character

I’m not sure if it’s considered an ‘unpopular opinion’ to want both of these men to use Nice Things like bubble baths and fluffy robes and beautiful lingerie to fight all of the harm that’s been instilled in them by the toxic masculinity and violence of their respective societies… but I’m gonna say that anyway because I like getting to talk about it. 

Also, for Alec a genuine unpopular opinion is that I absolutely hate the idea of him ever becoming immortal.

-send me salty fandom asks!-