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Hay cross how do you feel about me and nightmare sans shipped together because he's mine!

Now that we’re talking about ships…

Here comes another little tought.

You’re free to ship any characters you want… I won’t impose you which things I do like and which ones I don’t…
I think the shipping world is wonderful, because you’re creating something after all… (even if it’s nsfw lmao) and you are having fun! You like to do your story and that’s great!


Sometimes there’s something that can ruin a friendship between artists in real life because of this you know?

Like, some people only cares about their fictional characters and fame instead the people who supported them and had a nice time with those creations and ideas…

Always happen something that can hurts an artist just because someone didn’t like what this artist did, that person shows his dissapointment with hate, jealous, with fear of their fanchilds/ fan ships could disappear… in the worst case, they take the artits’s personal mistakes as an excuse in order to get everyone’s approval about their thoughts and “what must be right”.

I said before that I was afraid about some people could misunderstand the canon characters because of the “popular” ships, but this doesn’t mean I don’t hate those ships… actually this make me feel sad…not for the misunderstandings!

It makes me feel so sad when some people wants to hurt others because of a different point of view… and make that person could be hated for a entire fandom…forcing  them to quit all the work this person did, and being judged about their acts for another events… just because one person hated them for a ship they doesn’t like it and helped to increase hatred and revenge.

Is that…fair?

When someone’s favorite character is a villain who has done incredibly terrible, evil, and horrifying things:

When someone tries to justify, excuse, or deny the terrible, evil, and horrifying things that their favorite character has done and tries to make them out to be a “misunderstood baby” who hasn’t done anything wrong:

Dream On Dreamer

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Synopsis: y/n wakes up to Sam sleep talking, then proceeds to tease him about it.

Prompt: 36. “I understand the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it.” For Juju’s Fluffy Birthday Challenge!

Characters: Sam, Y/n.

WARNINGS: fluff.

Word Count: 258


You let out a content sigh. Snuggling closer into Sam’s chest. Just when you thought you were drifting off into deep sleep, you heard Sam say something.

“Don’t worry princess (y/n), prince Sam is here to save you.” Sam mumbled, pulling you closer to him.

“Sam.” You whispered, lifting your head up, to look at him.

Sam smiled as he mumbled some more.

“I’ve got you princess (y/n), you’re safe with me. The dragon is slayed.” Sam mumbled.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” You grumbled. Sitting up and punching Sam’s shoulder.

“W-what?” Sam gasped, rubbing his eyes.

“(y/n), are you okay?” Sam asked.

“I understand the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it?” you grumbled, as Sam’s cheeks turned red.

“What, are you talking about?” Sam asked, knowing fully well what you were talking about.

“You know what I’m talking about, Prince Sam.” You teased.

“Shut up.” Sam grumbled, covering his face with his hand.

“So, tell me, what happened, after you slayed the dragon, did princess (y/n), kiss you?” you asked, snickering.

“Please don’t babe.” Sam whined.

“Was it leading to sex?” you asked.

“(Y/n).” Sam warned, taking his hands away from his face.

Sam turned towards you.

You let out a squeal, as you felt Sam’s fingers tickling your sides.

“Shush.” He laughed, as you wiggled around.

“Are you going to slay me too?” You giggled, trying to escape.

“I have other plans for you.” Sam flirted, pressing his lips against your neck…

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You know, I'm really glad Maris Stella returns, she's safe and sound and all. But, BUT, where is seiakiramon??? How long should we wait?

Hey Anon :)

Aaaah, I was very sad when Seidou left, even if the promise of an Akiramon talk in the next chapter made me really happy. Also I’m very glad to see Maris Stella again, I missed her :3

However when it comes to Seiakiramon, for now, it’s definitely on hold :) with probably a major akiramon breakthrough in chapters to come, since this little arc seems to focus on Akira’s character development, amongst other things. Anyway, I’m still sad, because…

…Even though we know he has all these feelings about both Akira and Amon, he considers that bringing Amon home to Akira was what he had to do and so now he’s leaving.

It’s Seidou we’re talking about, so no matter how tsundere he can get, we know he leaves because he feels he doesn’t belong with Amon and Akira because of all the crimes he committed. :/ That’s still the redemption path for his character development, so it’s not that surprising as a plot twist even if I would have loved to have him stay. :/

Well, at least we can be sure that he’ll be back…

So that’s already something, and hopefully he’ll really face Amon and Akira properly next time. :3

Let’s focus on the Akiramon talk next Anon-chan! It seems very promising and I can’t wait :3

Have a nice weekend!

One thing some writers do when they’re writing teen romances is having the characters refer to making out as “hooking up” and it always throws me. Like… that’s not the same thing and even teenagers know that. I was reading a book the other day and the teen narrator talks about hooking up with some girls at parties and then later she’s with her girlfriend on the couch and talks about “that place I’ve only ever touched myself.” I was confused af lol. Making out isn’t hooking up.

things i’d like to see: zero being respected as a character and more discussion about the trauma and abuse he went through shaped him
things i get from this hell fandom: lmao he’s a sinning pervert xDDD *draws him with another man* omg i’m sinning!!! hey what if he’s actually afraid of being seen as vanilla so thats why he talks the way he does???

there has been a lot of ppl lately going thru my tezuka / star system / hamegg / acetylene lamp related tags n reblogging stuff so i wanted to say. actually, if i can go even deeper w/ that thought, whenever theres a resurgence in the fandom lately i notice ppl will rblog tons of stuff from me but then…no one rly talks to me haha. im not sure why that is idk if ppl assume im not active in it anymore (i very much am and actually am doing a comic on it posted weekly) or that im like…idk….ive been told in the past ppl are intimidated to talk to me? i have no idea why but that’s all i can think of

so this is my confirmation: u can talk to me !! i love these characters very very much and know lots about it and have lots of resources im happy to share and help find etc etc!! and talkin about it is my fav thing! i am the tzka librarian as i like to say :~) if you are just getting into tzka im rly happy to meet you !

Saving and Backing Up Work Guide

Things my job and college taught me about saving and backing up work:

  1. Iterative saves. ITERATIVE SAVES!!! Make a new save every work session. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Also make one once you complete an important step (save for final sketch, save for inking one character, save for inking bg, save for animating a hand, save for first pass of animation). That way in case you accidentally delete a layer or your file gets corrupted, YOU DON’T HAVE TO START OVER!! Also this is good for when clients go “oh you know what, I actually like the look of this one thing from like 4 exchanges ago, can you change it to that?” Also in case the power goes out midsave and corrupts the file. Note: Google Drive automatically does iterative saves for a lot of things (docs, images, spreadsheets, etc) which is SUPER nice
  2.  If you work at company or are freelance that sends work files, please for all that’s good in the world, MAKE A SAVE BEFORE YOU MERGE YOUR STUFF IN A DRAWING PROGRAM! Some poor sap (possibly you) a year from now is going to have to tweek something and you are going to make their life an absolute hell when they find you’ve merged everything.
  3. Save on a portable hard drive or an internal drive. Back that drive up at LEAST once a year onto a different drive or onto CDs/DvDs/Bluerays.
  4. Save on Google Drive and/or dropbox. Have it on a cloud SOMEWHERE in case you need it. Especially for school projects because you probably will forget your portable hard drive at least once the day an assignment is due.
  5. If possible, keep your Operating System (Windows and/or Linux) on a SEPARATE harddrive from where you save your work. JUST IN CASE your OS gets corrupted and you have to wipe windows. So get two drives, one for OS and your programs, another for your work and other stuff you don’t want to get accidentally wiped.
  6. I know this is stupid and most people will ignore it, but have a naming convention for files. This way it’s easier to find in case something goes wrong or you have to find a file 2years later for whatever reason. A quick and easy one, Client_Project_Descriptor_#. Example: I’m doing a color piece intended for print with a rocket for SpaceX and this is the 4th time I’ve sat to work on it, I might do something like: SpaceX_PrintColor_Rocket_4. If you want something more specific for the work session number, you could do a time date stamp like YYYYMMDDHHmm (Year, month, day, hour, minute). There’s lots of variations, but that’s the easiest one I’ve done.
  7. If you think about saving, save. If you’re working with other people, just saying “SAVE” out loud when you think about it. In school and at my job, a lot of people appreciated the reminder. This is especially appreciated if you notice something in your cube/side of the room flicker (an indicator that the power is about to turn off).
  8. LEARN THE CORRECT SHORT CUT KEYS FOR SAVING! This is handy if your computer is hooked up to a power backup. Some places ONLY have the computer towers attached to it AND NOT THE MONITORS. So using the shortcut key, is very important.
  9. Learn where programs save automatic backups and/or temp work files. If a program crashes, DO NOT IMMEDIATELY OPEN THE PROGRAM OR RESTART YOUR COMPUTER IF YOU CAN. Google where the temporary files are kept, there may be a backup that way. This isn’t reliable and sometimes the file is partially corrupted, but this has saved my ass so many times with different programs
  10. Have a saving “ritual” when you’re done working. What I mean is: name properly, local save, cloud save, flattened/combine/viewable save (png, jpg, pdf, obj, fbx, ect).

I didn’t get to briefly talk about the Power Rangers movie last night since I came home super late, but I’ll just say that I ended up enjoying it and I’m glad that it was good. I thought that the characters here were well written for the most part, and tone was balanced decently throughout, including some genuinely funny moments that got a chuckle out of me. I loved that we got some backstory in the movie as well, it was one of the best parts of the film for me.

One thing I did notice, was that in the trailers Jason and Kimberly started making out. This does NOT happen in the movie at all, and I’m seriously glad it didn’t because having an unnecessary romance subplot would have dragged this down. Kudos for not going that route and focusing on what matters.

I don’t want to spoil too much else (outside of what I mentioned here), but I have hopes for the potential sequel to this film after enjoying this movie.

What I liked about Power Rangers


-The very first scene with the cow.  If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about.  I’m still cackling.  If you haven’t, basically a football player jerked a bull off.

-The fact that twenty one pilots played when they rolled the truck.

-Jason got in real trouble for doing a stupid thing.  Like, house arrest.  No light punishment because he’s the star football player.  Real consequences.

-Billy’s character.  His whole self.  Pure.  Wonderful.  Very intelligent.  Loved him.

-The sassy robot.

-Zack’s relationship with his mom.  He adores her.

-The nuns crammed together in the vans singing songs.  Reminded me of a friend.


-Clapping along to “HandClap” during the training montage.

-How Elizabeth Banks went all out with her weird-ass character.

-Zack keeps hitting on Trini and she just ignores him bc she likes girls.

-Kimberly admits her mistake (albeit only to Jason, but whatever) and owns up to how she handled it poorly and feels ashamed.

-Trini is made out to be the one who will betray them all, but defies the weak-link stereotype and sticks by her team.


-Did I mention how much I adored Billy?

But despite the things I liked about it, a lot of the acting was mediocre and they really needed to elaborate on character backstories (especially Zack’s and Trini’s).  It also was a lot of exposition.  Like, a lot.  And the way they all met was sloppy and entirely circumstantial.  I want to see where this goes, though, because I feel they could do a lot with the characters they’ve established.

so i’ve officially made my way through seaons 1-4 of Samurai Jack, and WOWWIE WOW THAT WAS A GOOD SHOW TO GET INTO

it’s funny because i used to see promos for it all the time when i was a little kid, but i was never even slightly interested in it. until i heard all my friends talking about it i had no clue that such a good show was just right under my nose, waiting to be watched.

it had its issues, of course – mainly the fact that it’s a total fucking sausagefest, the few female character designs usually made my sameface-hating heart weep, i’m not sure how respectful it is to portray Africans with literal black skin, and it’s kiiiiind of a typical Prophesized Magical Child story where everything hinges on this one kind being awesome despite the fact that so many fucking things are wrong with that kind of plan (and also it’s really psychologically unhealthy to put so many expectations on a child’s shoulders but i think the new season might address that)

but for a premise that didn’t sound especially promising, it REALLY executed it well. Jack wasn’t just a boring hero full of ManPain™, he was surprisingly gentle and sweet and i really wanted to see him succeed. Aku was a FUCKING AWESOME villain, both hilarious and simultaneously diabolical, up there with the great disney villains imho. the animation was great, the art style was gorgeous, the writing often relied on minimal dialogue and true visual storytelling – and the dialogue it did use never felt wasted. i’m so glad i gave it a watch!

what i basically did was, instead of watching every episode, i got recommendations from people who’d seen the show on which episodes were the must-sees. i’m including my final list below in case anyone wants to do the same thing!

and with that, onwards to the brand new season!!

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Well, no one gives a shit if you don't like Cora. And she's, human biotics working with Asari commandos is a thing.


Look, I tagged my critical shit and put it under a cut. I’m not giving anyone hell if they do like her. I’m not going into tags and being a dick. I even censored her name.That’s probably the only semi-negative thing I’ll ever even post about her.

I almost never talk about characters I dislike in any fandom, but I generally love every single BioWare lady and it was striking to me that she wasn’t evoking the same reaction. I wanted to talk about it, and apparently I’m not alone.

Block me if you’re this worked up over my slightly critical opinion of her.

For now, I am opening 3 smol/chibi commission slots. All of them will be fully coloured and made with traditional medias. They will cost $5 only. Payment via Paypal. Please direct message me if you are interested so we can talk about the details and reblogging would help spread the words for me, also appreciated. <3 ;w;) <3

Things I can only do:

  • human
  • simple backgrounds
  • SFW stuff
  • Original characters
  • Canon characters

Example of my full coloured smol/chibis. sorry if all the examples are Assassin’s Creed. I’m AC trash

(This post is meant to be a mocking shitpost. You can do whatever you like, idc.)

Seems how somebody thinks she owns a certain historical character I’m going to put down a few things on someone else.

1) There will be no additional hugging or kissing of Dr. G.
2) There will be no licking, biting, and or otherwise mauling.
3) No cute pet names.
4) No talking about Magda or Joseph or I’ll hunt you down.
5) There will be no discussion of LIda Baarova either.
6) Or any other flings on either side.
7) Kids are off limits.
8) Fake marriages, desires to bang, and otherwise such posts are banned.
9) No talking about various body parts.
10) No usernames related to the Goebbels family in any way.
11) No shipping Dr. G or Magda with anyone else, including Hitler.
12) You must show extreme devotion at all times or do not discuss any of them at all.
13) They are not your BF/GF.
14) No making comments on pictures. Shitposting is off limits.
15) This means no cute, offensive usernames either.
16) No dreaming or fantasizing about either of them.
17) And absolutely no humor in any way.
18) Photos are allowed.

This has been a totally b.s. post, by yours truly and co. :P

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I had to unfollow a lot of Supergirl blogs. The fandom take pettiness to a whole new level. They get too personal.

agreed. i mean, do i understand that there are issues with the show? absolutely. do i understand that there are things that are problematic going on? sure i do. but i just don’t have the energy to hate on every single aspect of show i enjoy. 

and trust me, i understand it is important to call out a show for being racist/misogynistic/homophobic/whatever. as someone who is not a fan of moffat, i totally get the importance. but it’s come to a point where literally every single thing is being ripped to shreds and ppl just talk about how terrible supergirl is now and how most characters are toxic/abusive.

i mean, are there wrong things? yes. but here’s a list of things i very much like

  • winn/lyra
  • lyra in general
  • any scene with winn i love him
  • sanvers. period. they’re beautiful
  • maggie/winn/alex  in any combination
  • j’onn jones!!! y’all sleep on him so much i stg
  • kara danvers. what a ray of sunshine!! she’s so pure!!
  • kara/lena as a friendship or relationship however you fancy it
  • james/winn friendship
  • i enjoy this less now bc i don’t really like mon el anymore but monwinn!
  • james as the guardian! i actually really enjoy his arc this season!
  • j’onn being a Space Dad
  • kara/barry friendship (ik this isn’t a main thing but still)
  • awesome fight scenes
  • danvers sisters goofin off with each other
  • maggie storylines
  • maggie/kara blossoming friendship they’re gon be in-laws soon
  • everyone’s amazing acting chops

look i prefer season one so much! so so much! but i just, don’t wanna think about every reason a show is bad. call it out on its issues, but just, having literally nothing good about any episode makes me sad. 

EDIT: btw i don’t think anyone calling out bad stuff is petty or anything. i understand its importance and i do not begrudge anyone that bc i do not disagree. i just really love the show and i wanna stay positive about it and this was my way of doing it. 

thanks for agreeing with me!

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Do you think Jennifer's views on Emma and her clothing is problematic? She says (& I believe it's a constant thing) about how Emma's clothing has changed cause she let down her walls (b/c of hook) and she's softer. Like Emma before with the leather jackets was just rough around the edges until a man came along. It just sets or implies a really bad message especially towards younger girls. Idk if it's PR talk or what but she seems to really believe and be proud of that and that's just sad.

I don’t pay super close attention to the PR anymore, so I can’t really tell you anything nuanced. As far as I know Jennifer Morrison - since she doesn’t write the show - can only talk about the character’s current story line -  and then only the parts she’s allowed to talk about. The thing is, that’s where we’re at in the story. It’s true. Emma is softer and she’s let people in, but she had never done that before and the pendulum clearly swung too far to the other side. Something Archie actually subtly stated, about the collateral damage of being the Savior. 

“A psychological construct which makes a person feel the need to save other people. This person has a strong tendency to seek people who desperately need help and to assist them, often sacrificing their own needs for these people.”  [x]

Her relationship with Hook is the definition of what’s called a “Savior complex”, so while it seemed to be about fighting physical battles over the years… the current battle Archie hinted at is really the battle within herself. She has to acknowledge that she isn’t responsible for anyone’s but her own behavior. She is actually keeping Hook from his real growth by making excuses for him and allowing him to put his redemption on her shoulders.

“While motives may or may not be pure, their actions are not helpful to all involved. The problem is that trying to “save” someone does not allow the other individual to take responsibility for his or her own actions and to develop internal motivation. Therefore, the positive (or negative) changes may only be temporary.” [x]

We’ve clearly seen that Hook’s changes are only temporary and directly tied to Emma during the Dark Swan arc. This season is about Emma dealing with her savior complex and how it’s slowly killing her to ignore her own needs. I think in the end the clothes also symbolize Emma isn’t herself, but that she’s trying to live up to all the expectations… and that’s because she’s opened herself up too much. They just can’t tell us that story in PR, because that’s what they want us to discover on the show.

In general, though, the PR is the most problematic thing about this show to me, because yes, they make it sound like the Emma from before was a version that needed improving and… well, what they’ve changed is take away the clothes that queer code her and tie her to a man. So yes, the message about gender expression and sexuality is insulting if this is where it ends. If it were just me and the show, I’d find it pretty clear it’s not framed as a good thing, with hints she’s trying to become her mother and live up to expectations… but yeah, the PR takes away from our liberty to freely interpret what we see. Then again, it’s simply a reality of television and PR. They have to talk about something…

IZ Issue #17 Discussion - Part 2: “Selfish Human!”

O.K,  let’s start off with the fact that this issue begins with Zim dressed as a Girly Ranger, cute dress and all. Why isn’t this part one? How dare you question my arbitrary way of doing things!

I just love how good Zim is at fitting into certain circles. He’s such a good Girly Ranger that he already knows the “Girly Ranger 73 Rules of Conduct.” What a dedicated noodle.

Anyway, let’s talk about the reason Zim’s there in the first place:

This is in response to Dib saying: “To think I was just moments away from exposing you for the evil space-horror you really are!”

Can we take a moment to appreciate the irony of Zim calling Dib out for being selfish? If you’ve followed me long enough, you might recall what I’ve said in my Abducted Review about Zim being quick to call others out on faults he himself may have (the pot calls the kettle black). This is called  psychological projection, and Zim does it a lot. It’s part of his character, he tends to defend himself against his “not very good” qualities by denying that they exist, and attributing them to others. Denial is one of this fascinating little snot’s way of coping with the fact that he’s… not as great as he’d like to be

Anyway, Zim is actually right… kinda. It depends on how much Dib actually cares about his fellow humans in contrast to the glory he’d get if he actually succeeds in exposing Zim (the comic hints that his child-like mind is still simple enough to want to shower in that glory and be what every kid dreams of being: a hero). But that doesn’t change the fact that Zim was actually being self-less in this case. Let me remind you that this isn’t the first time Zim has been masquerading as a Girly Ranger. He was so close to stealing another box FOR GIR. He just called DIB out on being selfish for whining about not getting to bust his cover to the Girly Rangers, while he dressed up as a little girl, integrated himself into the group, and memorized their 73 rules of conduct, all to spoil Gir with a box of cookies so that he could keep him clean. What was that about Zim being unable to care about others beside himself? To say that Zim is completely self-absorbed would be a flanderization of his complex character.

So let’s end this with the fact that Zim’s method of getting his robot servant to obey him is by spoiling him. He’s like a frustrated parent, trying to bribe his kid with their favorite cookies so he can finally wash their clothes. Ain’t that sweet?

emma watson was so dry during batb what the hell?? plumette/gugu mbatha-raw was so much more entertaining and she’s a fucking feather duster for 95% of the movie
there were times where emma really came to grips with what she wanted her character to be but it was so… eugh, not belle? it was all emma shining through. it was just so dry and totally not emotionally moving. literally right before where the movie perks up with the snowball fight is boring as shit

I never talked about this before. But yes, I associate myself a lot with Sniper because he means a lot to myself, and I feel pretty comfortable about do it, and seeing him around makes me so happy and remind me a lot of good things that I share between friends, 

Please, anon, I hope you don’t misunderstand this post, because you probably didn’t have bad intentions, but still, I feel really attached to the character of Sniper. But more to my Sniper oc (Lawrence), even if he is really different from me as a person, he is such a huge copying mechanism for myself, and I can use him to take all the bad thoughts of my mind. Actually is he is a pretty negative person, he is such a way to explain about how I don’t want to let my fears be real. So, since I associate him with me a lot, It helps me to think about my decisions a lot. And also, it makes me happy when people associate me with him, or the character of Sniper in general…