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(billy hargrove x reader)

request: remember me w/ Billy? 💕 (from dating prompts: Leave a “Remember Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character trying to get another to remember them)

summary: reader is home for the holidays, and meets an old enemy (ish). turns out late night diner talks aren’t the worst thing in the world. 

word count: 2,568

warning: there are mentions of abuse in here. nothing detailed, but it’s mentioned.

The holidays are a lot of things, but after high school, they went on another level of special for you. You’d ended up missing your friends and family a lot more while you were at college, so a couple of weeks at home was on par with heaven for you - even in your junior year.

You’d been home for a couple of days by that point. The first day home had been spent in your bed catching up on all of the sleep that you’d missed out on during the fall semester. The second and third day, however, had considered of the party crowding into your house, Dustin and Steve making hundreds of cookies while the rest tried to steal any amount of cookie dough that they could.

It was weird, being older. The kids were growing up, all but Will having grown taller than you (Will was as tall as you now, and you had no illusions that in a year, you’d be the shortest one). Nancy and Jonathan were in college as well, due back within the next few days. Steve had - to the frustration of his father - decided to stay in Hawkins and join the police force to work alongside Hopper.

“Who else is going to save his old ass when the weird shit hits the fan again?”

So it had been nice to see them all again, the pain in your chest abating a little the longer you were all together.

You loved your family and spending time with them, but with the party, it was different. Shared trauma, and all that.

Eventually, though, everyone ended up heading out. Lucas and Max had talked of going to the movies, while the rest of them were heading to their various homes. Except Mike, who was taking El home himself.

(The thought of him driving disturbed you on a whole other level.)

Once they’d all left, you shrugged on your coat and shoved a hat on your head, wincing as you stepped outside. The cold stung your face, but you tried not to pay much attention to it. Hawkins Main Street was calling to you, and you’d be damned if you didn’t go.

From the time that you’d been a child, you’d always loved walking into town, late at night in December. It was like your own private Christmas lights show. String lights were strung from street lamp to street lamp, with wreaths shaped as bells and Christmas trees lined the pole lights. The storefronts were all individually decorated to the owner’s preference, but most had Santa and presents in some form or another.

You’d just made it into town, your hands shoved deep into your pockets when you heard someone calling your name. You froze at the sound of the voice, trying to place it.

“Y/N! Y/L/N, is that you?” You turned around slowly, furrowing your brow as your gaze settled on the man approaching you. The voice reminded you of Billy Hargrove, but the man in front of you…

He had short hair - no mullet in sight - and was grinning easily at you. Sure, towards the end of your senior year, Billy hadn’t been bothering you anymore, but that was due to Max almost taking a nail-ridden bat to his crotch.

“Uh, yeah? Do I know you?”

“You don’t remember me? Do I look that different without the mullet?”

Your eyes widened. Holy shit, it was Billy Hargrove.

“Nah, I just didn’t recognize you without you harassing me and my friends.” You raised your eyebrows at him as he looked down at his shoes. His lips pressed together into a thin line as he looked back towards you.

“I was a pretty big dick to you, huh?”

“You were a bigger dick to Lucas Sinclair. And your little stepsister.”

He let out a sigh, nodding his head slow a couple of times.

“I know I was. I had a lot of shit going on, but that doesn’t excuse what I said. Or what I did. I’m, uh, I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You stared at him, your gaping mouth resembling a fish. It had been around three years since all of that had happened. People could change in that amount of time, but Billy Hargrove? Really?

“What the hell happened to you?”

He barked out a humorless laugh, ducking his head once more before taking in a deep breath, and letting it out through his nose.

“You wanna grab some coffee?” You furrowed your brow, giving him a look that made him chuckle. “It’s kind of a long story, and I’m starting to freeze my ass off.”

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Batgirl #65 - August 2005

i know i’ve already pulled the receipts on Cass and Jason’s ages and proved that she’s six months older, but i’d just like to point out that them being the same age wasn’t some mistake or accident by DC in some kind of lol what are timelines shenanigans. They did it deliberately. 

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Can you tell me about how Granada Sherlock changes over the course of the series? I've had to watch them out of order and I feel like he becomes nicer and Watson has an effect on him?

I suppose you are referring to emotional and character changes, not physical changes, if that’s so then let’s see: Sherlock Holmes is nice by nature, he’s an extraordinary and unique person (in Watson’s words) that helps people, people that no one else would help and the police would turn down. He knows how to talk to them, how to make them trust him to open up and talk to him, he doesn’t like anyone to touch him but he knows when to give comfort to someone who needs it. 

He treats the same everyone, in the way that he is not different with a super rich and powerful client from one that barely has the means to pay him for his services, or the soon-to-be Prime Minister from a maid. Is true that in some episodes you can see him annoyed with some clients, but I think it gives more realism to the character because no one is in a good mood or can be nice every single time and some clients are exasperating *cough* the king of Bohemia *cough* Also, maybe in some occasions he lacks tact and that’s where Watson helps and gives him little cues (or an eye roll) like in The Dancing Men episode, when Watson whispers Holmes to ask the house keeper to sit down.

So overall, maybe in the Granada series there’s not a big character arc for Holmes in that aspect but is clear from the beginning that he’s a nice person and even a better one with Watson at his side, and I love that over the course of the series you can see that they get better and better at communicating with just a look.

Hello everybody! A little while ago I had talked about creating a Western Marches style game for the Dungeons and Dragons 5e system, and ever since me and a small group of DMs have been hard at work getting the whole thing set up. As of now, we’re happy to say that we’re accepting applications!

There are a few rules, however, regarding what kind of character you can play due to the sheer number of players we’re expecting. We’re only accepting classes that can be found in the PHB and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. Additionally, only races from the PHB are allowed, with Aasimar, Firbolg, Goblin, Goliath, Kobold, Lizardfolk, Orcs, and Tabaxi accepted with special permission. We are also banning multi-classing due to a number of game breaking combinations that can be made with them, as well as the sheer amount of extra work that would be put on our shoulders with managing all of that. 

If you are interested, I implore you to go ahead and make your character using either the standard array or point buy (27 points) on a pdf and submit it to our google form here. If you are unable to edit pdfs, you have the option of manually inputting your character’s stats and proficiencies into the google form.

Thank you all so much! We’re really excited to get this started.

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Feel free to absolutely ignore this. I, um, I'm not entirely sure I should be pointing this out to you, but you're very male focused in your fanfic? It's probably unconscious bias, and not necessarily something you need to address. You write amazing stories. There's just a small part of me that wonders about the fact that you tend to redeem/reclaim "evil" men, but not the women. Anyhow, sorry to bother you.

Oh yeah, I totally know my fanfic is a sausage fest. I don’t really know why, but I’ve always enjoyed writing men more than women, and particularly men in gay relationships. No clue why. Even when I was younger and totally unaware that slash fiction was a thing that existed, I tended to write male characters, and the female characters I wrote were shameless self-inserts. 

I’m not sure which evil men you’re talking about, though? I mean, obviously I do a lot with Peter Hale, but other than that, I can’t think of any evil men I’ve redeemed/reclaimed. I kill off Gerard literally every chance I get. I guess Chris is a little morally ambiguous? (And I did write Deucalion as a semi-good-guy in Whatever Works, mostly because the plot turned out that way; it actually wasn’t my intention when I started it.) So yeah, I’m not sure which evil men you’re talking about, unless I work with Peter so much that he counts as multiple people, which I would accept, really. XD

If I had to theorize about why I prefer to write men, it’s because writing is an escape for me. I hardly ever write “real world” fiction, either - I’ve only ever written a couple fics (or originals) that have no fantasy elements. I write to stop thinking about real world problems, not focus on them. So it’s possible that a female character’s struggles would be too real for me, since I’m a woman. The dilemma of, say, a gay man who’s struggling with family and society’s expectations of him is a struggle I can empathize and relate to, but it’s not my struggle. ……that’s 100% speculation of my own psyche, though. 

Truthfully I just like to write dudes going at it.

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What makes you think that Sasuke loves Sakura so much? What does Sakura like about Sasuke other than being cool or looks? Also, Why do you like Sasuke so much despite of the all the bad things he did in the past (sorry if I asked this before)?

1. Why would Sasuke start a family with someone he doesn’t love?

2. Sakura stopped caring about Sasuke’s looks from as early as chapter 49. She loves Sasuke because she knows exactly what Naruto is talking about when he says something like this:

3. Whether or not a character is “good” or “evil” has no bearing on my liking for them. Case in point - 6 out of my top 10 characters in the story were at some point considered villains. All that matters to me is how well they retain my interest, and Sasuke did that for me better than anybody else.

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Percy vs Jace?

OKAY SERIOUSLY WHY DO MY READERS HATE ME. What have I done to you? Is this revenge for all the cliffhangers I put you through, huh? Huh?

*more distressed whale noises*


I just. Yes, I love Percy. But… Okay. Lemme explain a thing to you:

I like to talk about my “most precious character of the fandom” - the one I prefer as a bottom, the one I focus on most in my fics and also in my readings. The precious one that needs to be sheltered and loved.


That character does not necessarily have to be my “most favorite character of the fandom”. Most of the time, that’s how my OTPs come together; one is my most precious character and the other is my favorite character and together they are perfection.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians?

Percy is my most precious character of the fandom, but Nico is my most favorite character of the fandom.

But Jace is one of those characters where both those things happen to be one and the same character. He’s my favorite and my most precious one.

*hugs my poor angelic little puppy and cuddles him*

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Could you talk more about the male Party Guy personally type, I want to write a superhero novel with the male as the main POV character and I’m thinking about using this personality. Is it okay to add the Playboy trait to it?

I think the main thing I would say is that being a “Party Guy” doesn’t mean a character has to be a jerk. More to the point, constantly portraying guys who like to have fun as jerks gives real guys who act that way license to behave that way as it’s become sort of societally expected.

As for the “playboy” thing, that point kind of ties into the first. Sure, a guy can flirt with a lot of girls and even have sex with a lot of girls. But it would be nice if it was portrayed as safe and fully consensual in every respect. Because, again, there’s a sort of societal expectation where “playboys” make promises and lead girls on, then break their hearts and move on. 

The problem with that trope is that lots of girls are totally fine with a little bit of playing around, and it doesn’t have to be romantic. He doesn’t have to be a heartbreaker.

All this to say - the trope is that this guy is usually an asshole. But he doesn’t have to be, and you can make your character much more interesting if he’s a party guy but he also cares a lot about his friends and wants to make sure that when they do go out and party, everybody is having a good time and everybody is safe. 

Ep 34 review

Ok here we go…

Things I liked:

Friendships last forever yay

Sumire finally admits to wanting to become a kunoichi and uses her power for good.

Nue was super cute!! I want one!

Sakura talks a bit , which is nice. I do like family time for any character. I kinda wished sasuke was mentioned but oh well.

We got some more shikadai and boruto bonding!

Things I didn’t quite like:

The pacing of the episode was a bit slow. But maybe I’m just petty.

Most if it was about wanting to catch a fish?

And all his friends coming up on the end was a little bit.. uh.. “eye rolling” I guess?

The writing was a little weird to me. Everyone wasn’t really themselves ( besides sakura)

I donno maybe after seeing episode 33, I am starting to expect too much now 😂😂

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Opinion on Hareley? Have you read any comic of her? [especially talking about the Harley and Ivy comics]

I! Love! Harley! She’s a wonderful girl, awesome character and deserves the best. It’s just sad how people treating her sometimes.
Like, DC surely just making money of her. Some people think of her just as a “ Property of Joker”. It’s just sad, she’s more than that. And her relationship with Joker is way more than just that. I like their interactions tho, it’s pretty interesting! It’s a bit long thing to explain my opinion about Joker and Harley, but i think Harley makes batj even more canon as for me x).
But! i have read only  comics WITH her, not  her series yet. I kinda confused where’s the best place to start. I want to buy Harley’s new52 series (it’s the only one in a local comic shop so i don’t have any choice x) ) as a first step, but right now don’t have any money and if i had i probably would spend them on Azzarello’s Joker. 
If you can help me to figure out where to start  and what to read that would be just great! 

Hi all. Things have been crazy at my house, but I wanted to step in before hitting the hay to give you a daily dose of logyn love and serious character comments.

I’ve been talking about this with my partner and just sort of, bouncing it around, but I came to a realization the other day of what makes Menace fundamentally different from the MCU Loki, and I can honestly just say it is Sigyn.

MCU Loki does not know what satisfies him and Menace suffered from the identical issues. From almost day one of Loki’s life he has been having a hole carved in him. It was an absence of Odin’s full-love, it was lack of respect and acknowledgement, it was being mocked, it was being told ‘know your place’ by a beloved brother… Slowly, but inevitably, he was having a cavern carved into his heart and his life, one that he was hungry and desperate to fill. He became jealous - a weed he never wanted to grow in that void, but one he felt helpless to uproot - and the hole yawned larger, and then came his revelation of his heritage and he started breaking. He began hemorrhaging from within, since the damage had already been done; that canyon was already weakening and the lies of his family, the betrayal, caused it all to crack. He turned angry, and bitter, and feverishly desperate.

Then Thanos happened and the pain never stopped.

But he has never known what satisfies him entirely. Love, affection, acceptance, acknowledgement, being worthy… He had begun to think the throne, or something akin to it, might ease the ache.

But then Menace reunited with Sigyn, and he suddenly began to realize this - she satisfies him. He wants their life. He wants what he can have with her, and that is why… the throne? He would accept co-regency if it was offered, but he no longer sees it as a possible means to satisfaction (he no longer actively wants it). Sigyn satisfies him. He loves her, and wants what they can have, and he is okay with that being his everything.

It is why he seems to have found some measure of happiness, even when he is still so broken in so many ways.

What he has with her isn’t broken. He is. And he still has so much pain he does not know what to do with it, lots of times. He still is bitter and in pain about his past, but

Their relationship? Her? It is enough.

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Can u tell us more about noir!!! I lov her a lot

YES!! I already talk abt her a lot on here but I guess one thing I never touch on is that she legit has powers LMAO ;: she was originally a marvel villain fan character lolol but she has “shadow powers” where she like can manipulate shadows, turn into a shadow/shadow creature etc etc all that fun stuff and she has killed ppl but they were all trashy horrible men who did her and her mom wrong like for revenge and stuff y’know villain stuff 🙄🙄 she has a redemption arch tho but does get caught and jailed later on in her life lol *I GOT HER WHOLE LIFE STORY FIGURED OUT LMAO it’s kinda lame but it’s something that’s fun for me. I normally don’t like posting abt my ocs bc I get embarrassed hahaha

Here’s a thought I’m sure other people have had George Lucas wasn’t just bad at writing people talking to each other he just doesn’t know how people express emotions because he’s a robot. Think about it

  • Every single romantic scene in the entire cinematic universe is awkward and weird and the dialogue doesn’t follow human speech patterns
  • None of the aliens act as of they have complex motivations. There’s one thing they want or are interested in and that’s their character
  • The robots actually have more personality than the characters most of the time they are super relatable
  • The places where people talk like normal people would in similar circumstances is during meetings discussing trade, politics, and war strategy

Essentially he has to be a robot that can only write things as a robot would. Robots wouldn’t know how incoherent and reactive people are around romantic feelings. They would just use bad dialogue in cliche ways that don’t make sense but they would totally know how to write about themselves and how to write the very structured and logical proceedings of formal meetings

tldr: George is a robot and Star Wars is self representation

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Monopoly is ace!

i am so incredibly ace that most of it carries over to my characters and like more of them are ace/ambiguous than not, but here, have a thoroughly stupid story about a character i don’t think any of y’all have ever seen

so i didn’t realize asexuality was a thing (or that i was probably ace) until like after college. in high school when i worked at dairy queen i had been roleplaying for a while and one of my characters was an old dude who hunted monsters for a living. and in high school, as you all know, sex is all pretty much anyone talks about.

lyon the monster hunter was a bachelor. i knew this in the same way i knew eli was gay and betten had one arm and that if i ever changed any of that then they wouldn’t be good characters at all. in my head, making up lyon’s back story, i was going through so many loops to figure out why lyon had never married or why he wasn’t even interested. like i even went so far as to go “he’s cursed??? he can’t love/kiss anyone with them dying??? but he doesn’t need a tragic backstory???? you can’t be a fifty year old person without having smooched people!!!”

and then a few years later i joined tumblr and they were like “hey this is asexuality” and after going “OH HEY SO THAT’S WHY I NEVER DATED ANYONE EVER” i went “oh dang like all my characters are also asexual w h a t”

[for this ask game]

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Are you watchting FOX' the gifted as spin-off from the X-men? I wonder if you could talk about the Struckers as the central family? I see the value of blandness as a recognisable everyman's character, but their lack of awareness is piling up so fast it's becoming unbearable to me. Am I demanding too much too soon?

i’m afraid i’m not watching it! i’ve heard positive things, but i wasn’t attracted to the premise of an X-Men story that focuses on a white american family whose father is an anti-mutant government guy. i’m sure there’s more to it than that, but unless i hear that it’s become essential must-watch tv, i’m probably not gonna bother.

defiant-trombone  asked:

I'm doing a talk on the a spec at my school lgbt+ society, do you have have topics to include/ avoid?

Definitely include split attraction model, sex-repulsion vs non-sex-repulsed, the difference between sexual attraction and sexual desire, the stereotypes associated with ace and aro identities, the difference between a-spec non-ace/aro people and non-a-spec non-ace/aro people (i.e. a-specs who aren’t ace or aro but on the spectrum vs general non-a-spec people), the queer platonic relationship, the platonic relationship in general, the characters and real life people with a-spec identities, the studies associated with a-spec identities, the inclusion of a-spec identities in the LGBT+ community (i.e. where they are and what they’re doing - parades, volunteering, etc.), ace specific merchandise and sites (why the ace of spade is the most popular, AVEN, problems with ace specific sites, etc.)

Things you should probably not talk about (but can) are the exclusion of a-spec identities in the LGBT+ community UNLESS that is the point - there is no need to bring in discourse when it’s obvious we’re already there, intercommunity fighting (i.e. splitting of different groups such as the antisexual and hard-line aces from AVEN or anti-ace aromantics and anti-aro asexuals, trauma/dysphoria related a-spec identities (i.e. people who identify as a-spec because of trauma or dysphoria), separation of romantic/sexual identities of a-specs (i.e don’t talk about just gay aces or het aros - talk about aces and aros as a whole, but you can discuss how a-spec identities affect other identities (i.e. how it leads to a smaller dating pool for an already tiny dating pool, a draw for a-specs to date other a-specs, etc.))

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head at least! 

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Since you seem to like hearing me talk about it on my end, Phineas and Ferb

haven’t heard of it | absolutely never watching | might watch | currently watching | dropped | hated it | meh | a positive okay | liked it | liked it a lot! | loved it | a favorite

don’t watch period | drop if not interested within 2-3 episodes | give it a go, could be your thing | 5 star recommendation

  • fav characters: A certain semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal and his arch-nemesis.
  • least fav characters: None that I can think of.
  • fav relationship: A certain semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal and his arch-nemesis.
  • fav moment: Again, none that I can think of.
  • headcanons/theories: Phineas is actually in a coma the whole time and just kidding, none.
  • unpopular opinion: I don’t even know what the popular opinions are!
  • how’d you find it: An archaic, overpriced, outdated form of entertainment streaming known as “cable television.”
  • random thoughts: It’s been a while since I watched Phineas & Ferb, and I haven’t ever watched the whole thing from start to finish, but back when it was on TV it was one of my favorite shows. I rewatched the first few episodes recently, and while I didn’t find the main “What are we gonna do today?” plots as entertaining I used to, I still absolutely loved Perry & Doof’s subplots.
  • Normal person: I like that character.
  • *moves on with life*
  • Me: I like that character.
  • *looks up fan art of character*
  • *blogs about character*
  • *cries eternally over character*
  • *buys merch of character*
  • *listens to songs thinking of character*
  • *goes to the gym to make character proud*

Caleb McLaughlin WILL get the recognition he DESERVES just like the rest of the Stranger Things crew. He put his time and talent into the show and I️ REFUSE to have people forget about Lucas when mentioning the kids. He’s ’ literally the only black child on set and if that’s not alienating then I️ don’t know what is!!! so the least people can do is show him even half of the love y’all show for the other kids.