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          -  presh cinnamon roll too pure for this world.
          -  went through a whole   `
mulan  `  phase in her past life  (  going
              to war for her brother by impersonating a man lol  
          -  so physically weak she probably can’t even lift bread…  :/
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Marissa in light of the recent #discourse, I wanna know: have you ever dated a hockey player?

wait lmao is there discourse rn? i’m so out of the loop lol. but nope i’ve never dated a hockey player, although when my older brother was in high school and i was 7 i had the BIGGEST crush on one of his teammates. i literally planned our whole life as a couple out. he’s married with two kids now tho so guess that ship has sailed. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Eleven Questions Tag

I stole this from @reidbyers because she’s amazing, she tagged anyone who hasn’t done it (me) and also I’m bored so lol

1. who is your favourite video game character?

- The Robin from the Arkham series purely because he just takes no shit and is exasperated the whole time

2. what’s your biggest irrational fear?


- That I will amount to nothing, that everything I do in life will be forgotten and i will help nobody

3. what’s your favourite holiday?

- DisneyLand Paris (2016) because It was the first Holiday I went on with all of my Siblings and we’re technically in the 25th anniversary ad (it’s so small you can barely tell but we know it’s has XD)

4. best/worst school memory?

- Best is probably the time I went to London with school just because I was pissing myself the whole way there and back and we went to parliament and it was just amazing.

- Worst is probably the time I got 24/60 on a test and my Maths teacher flipped her shit and we were all like ’?? but we tried bitch fite me’

5. sweet food or savoury food?

- Savoury tbh

6. who was your first celebrity crush?

- The older brother from Wizards of Waverley Place, David something I think…

7. what’s your favourite piece of clothing you own?

- My giant ass Cardigan that actually swallows me up whole, or my battered Converse that are the comfiest thing ever

8. what’s your guilty pleasure show/movie to watch?

- Mamma Mia!

9. do you prefer rainy days or sunny days?

- I grew up with Rainy Days (Uk weather is unreliable as actual shit) so I’d have to say Rainy Days

10. what was the name of the first pet you had?

A dog named Stella

11. do you have a sibling? if not did you ever wish you had one?

I have a Sister (Emma, 6) and a brother (Oliver, 3)

I tag my favourite typewriter/goose ( @faithisaliteralpotatoe ) and my wifuu ( @saltyfromthestart )

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First of all, thank you so much to the lovely angel that is @gimmeraserhead, for tagging me to answer these A-Z qs!!

A- Age: I am 17 and will be turning 18 on July the 21st

B- Biggest fear: I have a quite a few big fears tbh, one of them being wasting my life or not living my life to its full extent/potential. I worry that I will die with a lot of regret for not experiencing more. As well as this, my biggest fears are hurting people or causing significant damage to someone’s life, experiencing the death of loved ones and being really deep underwater with scary sea creatures lol… maybe being isolated from humanity as well? Never being able to see the people I love again? God this is turning into a whole novel haha

C- Current time: 18:38 but will probs be much later by the time I get round to finishing this :’)

D- Drink you last had: Hmm… I think maybe some water cause I am Edgy like that

E- Every day starts with: Probably going on tumblr, youtube or instagram! Stroking my cat if she’s around :)

F- Favourite song: Ughh this is so hard because when I love a song I basically listen to it constantly until I am sick of it… I’m sure if I can answer this as I just have too many!! It changes every day!

G- Ghosts, are they real: I’m pretty open minded about this tbh, I’m definitely not ruling out. I think I believe in something ‘else’ if that makes sense, some spiritual/energy presence which we haven’t yet encountered, so maybe!

H- Hometown: Cambridge in England :~)

I- In love with: My family and friends, my cat, animals, nature, people in general, art, books and films, history, exploring, inspiring places… human connection, my life! (despite its ups and downs)

J- Jealous of: I always feel guilty for feeling jealous because I feel like I am in a very privileged position and don’t have any real problems but maybe… people who have their shit together and are organised? Also people who have a talent or passion which they pursue, people who are good at making friends and are always up to something fun or interesting. All of these things I can achieve myself I know… I think these are more my own personal goals.

K- Killed someone: Do my grades count? My soul after all this stress? Ahaha :’)

L- Last time you cried: I literally cry Every. Single. Day but this morning a little bit when I was stressin the fuck out about failing my exams and getting kicked out of college.

M- Middle name: Jane…

N- Number of siblings: I’m an only child!

O- One wish: I think what is on my mind a lot atm the moment is passing my exams so I can go through to next year but really I that’s not what I care about, it’s more reaching a point in my life where I feel like I really love what I’m doing in my life, that I have discovered my 'thing’, whether that’s a career or whatever, and am surrounded by people who are really nice and into the same things as me, and going on lots of exciting and inspiring adventures ! That’s not really one wish is it tho lol

Person you last called/texted: My dad!

Q- Questions you’re always asked: 'So Isla… have you finally got your homework in for me today?’ 'Why the f is there mess everywhere?’- my mum (sorry mum), and also 'how are you?’ which is a very nice thing to be asked frequently and I am very lucky for that!

R- No q

S- Song last sang: Can’t remember as I am always singing some tunes around the house! I can say the last time I danced to a song though, which is Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado and Timberland lol

T- Time you woke up: I think 9 in the morning?

U- Underwear colour: green!

V- Vacation destination: Ooh tbh what @gimmeraserhead described sounds like the ideal tbh! I’ll happily join you in that beautiful place, wherever it is :’) Other than that I’d quite like to go to some Scandinavian countries I think. But there a heaps of places I would love to visit some day!

W- Worst habit: SO FUCKING MANY by my main ones are probs being disorganised n procrastinating to extreme levels n having 0 motivation, feeling guilty abt everything n regretting life choices n actions, especially if that involves other people’s feelings, worrying too much about what other people think of me and wanted to impress other people as well

X- X-rays you’ve had: I think I’ve had one or two but I can’t remember what they were- one when I had a bad chest infection n I think one on my foot?

Y- Your favourite food: Any food my dad makes but maybe… burritos or tacos?

Z- Zodiac sign: cancer!

I feel a bit shy to tag ppl to do these qs on here as I feel like I don’t really know anyone that well and am worried they might think I’m a bit of a weirdo but maybe… @ttenderly-soft ? Only if you feel up to it though! Also I tag anyone who follows me/feels like giving this a go! I would love to see people’s answers to these qs :~) 

Namie's 2014 Japan Report! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


I’m back from my trip with Lulupu! It’s been 4 years since we’ve seen each other! ^////^ We’ve been planning to meet up have a honeymoon in Japan for a long time… 

I haven’t done reports in forever but it really was a dream come true. I want to record it somewhere. So I have a lot of photos and very spastic commentary under the cut if anyone is interested

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Hi just wanted to get something off my mind =] I don’t make music to try and 
prove that I’m some “amazing singer” because I’m far from that haha. I make it 
for fun and for people to enjoy. I see some people sometimes saying things like 
“why is Ricky singing, he should just stick to regular videos, singing isn’t his 
So what if I’m not the best singer? From the start I was completely aware of 
that lol I am by no means trying to prove to people that I’m amazing because I 
know that I’m not. Singing is fun, and making music is one of the funnest and 
coolest things I’ve ever gotten to experience. It’s something that I wish 
everyone could get a chance to do because it’s so awesome!
So if you don’t think I’m good or if you don’t like my music or if you want me 
to stop singing. That’s fine, I respect your opinion, you don’t have to like it 
lol. But just keep in mind that I’m not gonna stop singing just because some 
people out there think I should stop. One of my biggest things that I go by in 
life is to never stop doing something that I love just because some other people 
tell me not to. I almost stopped making videos from the very start because of 
that, but luckily I didn’t =]

I am still extremely new to this whole singing thing. I’ve literally only been 
trying it out for a few months so Im still very much a beginner. But I am 
practicing and working hard to improve because I definitely have a lot to 
improve on and a lot to learn. I recently started taking vocal lessons to learn 
all there is to know and to improve my singing abilities. And just a little side 
note, sometimes I see really ignorant comments that say things such as “Ricky 
has no musical talent or musical abilities or Ricky doesn’t know anything about 
music”. Haha this makes me laugh because that truly is so ignorant to say. In 
case you didn’t know I was in band for 9 years, I played the trumpet and I was 
actually very good, I was one of the top players at my high school and college. 
so I actually know music VERY well as I did study it and play it for almost 10 
years =] the more you know 

Singing live on tour has been one of the most scariest and most challenging 
things I’ve ever done. I’ve had to completely step out of my comfort zone and go 
for it. I still have SO much to improve on, I will be the first to say that. 
Singing live on a stage in front of thousands of people is actually so much 
harder than I thought. I can sit in my room and sing and sound pretty good, but 
when you get up on stage you have to project your voice so much louder and 
fuller and it’s so much different. That being said, I’m finally starting to get 
the hang of it and I can feel myself Improving =] I definitely have a long ways 
to go with it but that’s the fun part! It’s something I can work hard on and 
watch myself improve on. But all that being said, it may be scary but it’s also 
honestly one of the FUNNEST things I have ever done. The feeling and energy I 
get from the crowd while I perform is such an incredible feeling. And when you 
guys sing along and know the words to ordinary I almost cry. It’s such a cool 
feeling haha. I honestly love performing so much so thank you for giving me the 
opportunity to do it =]

I love trying new things, and I gave singing a shot and I found that it's 
something that I truly love doing. Yes I know I am not the best singer out 
there, you don’t need to tell me that because I am completely aware haha. Like I 
said, my main focus with me singing and making music is to have fun with it and 
to make fun music for people to jam out and sing along to and enjoy and make 
themselves feel good. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. If you 
don’t like my singing then just don’t listen, I’m not forcing anyone =] my main 
focus will still always be my regular silly videos haha

And thank you SO much to those of you out there who DO enjoy my singing and who 
DO support it, your support really does mean the world to me, whether it’s with 
singing, my videos, or anything else I may try out, I genuinely appreciate it so 
much. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such an amazing and supportive 
audience <3

and btw, after I get back from tour I’m gonna work on making an EP =] I’m super 
excited and I’m gonna work extremely hard on it for you guys!
I love you all so much! <3 thank you for everything. You’ve made me the happiest 
I’ve ever been in my life, I actually never thought I’d ever be this happy


 fitzsimmons + quotes

 “You don’t recognize the biggest day of your life, not until you’re right in the middle of it.  The day you get your heart broken. The day you meet your soulmate. The day you realize there’s not enough time, because you wanna live forever. Those are the biggest days. The perfect days. You know?” 

Nicole Beharie by me.

I love this woman with my entire heart.. she’s one of my biggest inspirations.I love her with my whole heart not only for her beauty but she has the biggest heart, shes so kind, wise, and ugh words cant do her justice but i try..she has the best energy, she is light, she is love. she’s so silly lol i heart her, her facial expressions are my whole entire life! If it were up to me she’d be in every movie, every show.. i get chills and super emotional everytime this woman is on my tv. I cant wait to meet her. Did ya’ll know she can sing her throat off too? i’m just waiting on her to drop an album and change the game (wait for it). i love the way she thinks. She has the bestest butt butt ever ever! the sweetest smile, her laugh is my fav. She’s woke bruh! i could go on and on but im not…i just hope she’s happy and knows how important she is.

 -Kelly MOON. | (twitter @_swotu)