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Contains :  bestfriend!junhui, SMUT !  


Member : Jun/Wen Junhui

Words : + 2,8k

Summary : Junhui was a cocky guy, that was for sure, but you never thought that he was that cocky, as you glare at your phone screen, a shaky finger pressing on the imagine of his smooth torso, his hand wrapped around his cock.

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A/N : For all my babies suffering from the lack of seventeen smut, there you go ! + I’m writing this now instead of after my exams because I was revising and my friend sent me the video of Jun dancing to Who and yeah I couldn’t.
+ someone told me it was similar to other smuts and yes it is, I red other writings with the same plot so this smut is inspired by them

[11:06] you : jun, leave me alone

A sigh left your lips as you placed your phone beside you, trying to focus on the papers all over your desk. Fingertips rubbing your temples, you closed your eyes, trying to remember the things you were reading a few moments before. You hated it, you hated having to learn things by heart, just to recite everything like a robot in front of a teacher, as if it would prove that you were intelligent or something.

On top of that, your best friend was texting you non stop. You were already a pretty distracted person, but with him making your phone buzz every minute, it was even worst. He was a year above you, and didn’t have to pass any exams. His school year was over, and he was celebrating it tonight, in a party thrown by someone from his class.

But apparently, the party wasn’t that amazing, since it seemed like he wasn’t leaving his phone to go grind on some girl.

 [11:07] junhui : talk to meeeee :(
[11:07] you : omg jun why are you like this, leave me alone
[11:08] junhui : its boring without you :(

A laugh escaped your lips, he was probably at least a bit tipsy. See, Jun was your best friend, but you both had this thing were you acted like you hated each other. But when alcohol was running in his system, Jun was the first to spill his feelings, and it was always so rewarding to see his face the day after when you red him his drunk texts.

[11:08] you : you know i have my last test soon
[11:08] you : are you already drunk ? its not even midnight omg
[11:09] junhui : no shit i fucking know you have a test
[11:09] junhui : i cant believe you left me like that

You rolled your eyes at his text, before typing. Yeah, you could understand him. You two were ready to leave, because you were supposed to go with him, but you decided to stay at the last minute, quickly leaving your tight dress for your large pyjama shirt.
Jun had tried to convince you to go with him, after all, the test was only in a week, but you didn’t want to waste time partying while you could use this time to work.

[11:10] you : dont be like this, you know its an important test
[11:10] you : go dance or something, we’ll have all summer to party together
[11:11] junhui : i dont want to dance :( :( :(
[11:11] you : im gonna study byyye

For a moment, the boy stopped texting you, and you thought that maybe he was finally dancing and having some fun. Going back to your notes, you tried to memorize everything, repeating the important points to yourself.
A tired smile stretched your lips when you finally got everything right, moving to the next text. Rolling your eyes, you groaned, seeing how long the plan you had to memorize was, and how depressing the text was, talking about how Humans were damned no matter what.

You took a deep breath, sitting comfortably before starting reading every point, then, your phone buzzed again.

[11:25] junhui : hi
[11:26] junhui : answer me
[11:27] junhui : y/n
[11:27] junhui : :(
[11:28] junhui : i wont stop until you answer
[11:29] junhui : thats the worst party ive ever seen
[11:30] junhui : and i cant even leave because mingyu is the one driving
[11:30] junhui : plus im kind of drunk
[11:30] junhui : wow i cant believe you did this to me
[11:31] you : omg wen junhui ill kill you

You sighed, he wasn’t going to leave you alone, you had to navigate between answering him and revising, rolling your eyes, maybe going to the party was a better idea.

[11:31] junhui : i like when you call me by my full name thats hot
[11:31] you : wtf you have weird kinks
[11:32] junhui : wow cant believe my best friend is shaming me for my kinks !
[11:33] you : find mingyu, maybe he will drive you home
[11:33] junhui : nah i saw him going upstairs with some random girl
[11:34] you : gross
[11:34] junhui : i cant believe u did this to me
[11:35] you : omfg junhui how many times are you going to say that ?
[11:35] junhui : until you apologize ???
[11:36] you : fuck you this exam is more important than an obviously shitty party

You breathed, all your focus now on the coversation with your best friend. He would distract you anyway, and you wouldn’t be able to get any work done, so what was the point. Giving a last look at the pile of paper, you moved from your desk to your bed, trying to find a decently cold spot.

[11:37] junhui : ohmy god your test is in a fucking week
[11:38] you : fuck its just a party why are you getting mad about it ?
[11:38] junhui : because
[11:39] you : you’re a child
[11:39] junhui : whatever
[11:40] you : omg

You growned, dropping your phone on your side, your arm resting on your eyes. He didn’t respond, and it was for the best, when Jun was drunk, he could either be super whiny for nothing, or super angry for nothing, and you would rather stop talking to him for the night than have a conversation with an angry stubborn guy.

The summer night was growing hotter, your shirt starting to stick to your body. Tugging at it to let some air hit your skin, you thought for a moment that Jun finally gave up, maybe finding someone to drive him home.

[11:55] junhui : im in the bathroom
[11:57] you : k
[11:57] junhui : i have a boner
[11:58] you : dID I ASK

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, drunk Jun could be either way super whiny, super angry or super horny, yeah you forgot about that.
See, another thing in your friendship was how comfortable both of you were when it came to sex. Junhui was already super comfortable talking about it, and so, you grew more and more confident talking about it with him. That was one of the few things you were grateful for.

[11:59] you : go get some girl to grind on i’m studying

You lied, hoping and praying god that you couldn’t have to deal with a drunk and horny Junhui.
A few moments passed, and again, you thought that he was out of the bathroom dancing on some girl, because you knew that a lot of them were willing to do it. It wasn’t news that Junhui was pretty popular, his delicate features and sweet voice were enough for a lot of girls, but he also had amazing hands, and those thighs, god, the result of years of dancing.
In addition to all of this, the way his hips moved was sinful. You remember seeing him dancing to one the songs he made with his friends, his hips moving slowly, his hand resting on his thigh, so close to his crotch.

Yeah, these were one of these days where you asked yourself, how the fuck do I even contain myself. 

After moving his hips, you remember his eyes finding yours before he started body rolling, his shoulders broad, toned stomach moving.
And it wasn’t all, the choregraphy continued again until his hands made contact with the floor, supporting himself as he fucking grinded on the floor, powerful thrusts over the floor, and you cursed under your breath.

You couldn’t admit it to yourself, but you couldn’t stop thinking about how his body moved, and you blamed it on sexual frustration, yeah that was it.

But more and more, your breath strated inching everytime he got closer, or when his hands got too adventurous, because he also wasn’t helping it.
But soon, you convinced yourself that you couldn’t think about your best friend in such ways, it was weird. You were making it weird at least.

[00:05] junhui : sent a video

Your thoughts got cut by the sound of your phone, your hand grabbing it before tracing your password, and your fucking mind went blank.

Your eyes stayed glued to your screen, blinking a few times, before checking again the name of the contact, yeah that was Jun.
Your troath was dry, and you tried to swallow the built of saliva.

The thumbnail was enough to leave you breathless, and even more sweaty.

Fuck, what was that for ?

You unconsciously licked your lips, your eyes fixed on the image.

Jun’s was sitting in what looked like a bathroom, his black jeans tugged to the middle of his muscular thighs, his black shirt riding up, revealing a parcel of his skin. His hand was wrapped around his cock, tip already red, several rings hugging his fingers. You couldn’t see his face, the image cut to his sweaty neck, but you could understand that his head was thrown back.

You cursed under your breath, a shaky finger pressing on the message, the image filling your screen before starting.
And it started right away, the boy’s hand slowly pumping up and down, his thumb stopping to collect the drop of precum. Touching his sensitive head, you heard a hiss, your mouth falling agape, waiting for more, and it stopped.

Your eyes widen, still locked on the screen, before catching the small three dots on your phone.

[00:06] junhui : fuck, im so hard
[00:06] junhui : help me

You looked up from your screen, as if someone would suddently appear at the end of your bed to help you in this situation.
Your heart was pounding, what the fuck were you supposed to do ? He sent it like it was the most normal thing to do.

And fuck, you wanted to run away from your phone and hide, but on the other hand, your eyes were still glued to the small picture, your mind replaying the faint hiss.

[00:07] junhui : y/n
[00:08] you : you can’t send things like that omg
[00:08] junhui : omfg its okay youre my best friend
[00:08] junhui : just help me
[00:08] junhui : please

“Best friends”, was that a common thing to send nudes to your best friend ? You took a deep breath, before typing again, what the fuck were you getting yourself into.

[00:09] you : what the fuck do you want me to do
[00:09] you : you have a fucking boner its not my fault youre a horny fuck
[00:10] junhui : sent a vocal

You rolled your eyes, taking your headphones before playing the audio, and your heart sank. It started with a clear, deep moan, you could hear that he was trying to stay quiet, before muffling it, the sound of his hand moving in the background was faint, and he started talking. God, his voice was raspy, low, breathless, “What do you mean it’s not your fault ? I have a fucking boner because of you, fuck- That dress looked so good on you.”

Your breath grew uneven, catching your lip between your teeth. A breathy moan fell from his lips, probably picturing you in the dress you were wearing earlier, “And fuck- d-did you really have to start taking it off in front of me ?” You couldn’t help but smile as you remembered taking the straps off in front of him, letting him see a bit of your bra, but you couldn’t imagine that it had such and effect on him.

“God, please, send something, a picture, anything, I don’t care.”, he moaned, before ending the audio. You eyes widen, a picture ? Fuck, you wanted to continue whatever was going on, feeling the familiar discomfort between your legs but you really didn’t know how to take it.

Eventually, you moved your phone, stretching your arm above your head, opening the camera. Your moved to lay on your back, bending your knee up as your other hand tugged your shirt upwards, enough to show the right of your bra and your panties.

It was the exact same bra that Jun saw as you took your dress off earlier, the lacy black bra un panties hugging your body. You quickly took the picture, cutting it after your lips, your lower lip rosy after biting it, and you sent it.

[00:14] you : sent a picture

Biting your lip, you waited for his responce.

[00:15] junhui : fuck, you look so good
[00:16] junhui : sent a video

And this time, you didn’t hesitate to open the video, your breath stopping. Fuck, if he was touching himself while looking at a picture of you, you could to that too, right ? Your hand traveled down your stomach, letting your finger press on your clit, a gasp leaving your lips.
Keeping your eyes open, you watched as the video opened on your phone, Jun’s hand moving faster this time, and holy shit, he looked so big.
His tip was red, a groan coming from his chest as he moved the phone and,

“Oh my god.”, you cursed under your breath as you took your panties off, your digit spreading your wetness. You gasped as Jun moved the phone so you were able to fully see his hand pumping his cock and his face, and god, he look amazing.

His lower lip between his teeth, looking straight at his camera through the locks of his back hair. His mouth suddently fell open with a silent moan as his head fell backwards, letting you see his Adam’s Apple bobbing and the video ended.

Fuck, you were keeping those videos, for scientific reasons.

[00:18] junhui : are you touching yourself ?

Your finger started rubbing your clit, trying your best to reply, but you didn’t even know how, so you took another picture. Quickly opening the camera, you took another one in the same position, your hand clearly visible in the shot.

[00:18] you : sent a picture
[00:19] junhui : i knew it
[00:19] junhui : fuck, i wish you were here

And then, out of nowhere, your phone rang.

You didn’t hesitate long before you accepted the call, placing your phone on your pillow beside your head.

“Y/N.”, he breathed as your finger started to work faster.

“Jun.”, you wanted your voice to be as quiet as his, but it came out in a moan.

“Fuck, why did you have to stay home.”, he gasped, breathless.

“Why did you have to go to this party.”, you replied.

“Whatever, be fucking prepared when I come home.”, a broken moan fell from his lips as you cursed under your breath, your imagination running wild. You allowed a finger to enter your heat, your digit easily sliding in. You moaned, your other hand gripping your sheet.

“God, I couldn’t stop thinking about you in that dress.”, the sound of skin clapping grew quicker as he continued, “I wish I could feel your lips around me.”, he gasped, before continuing, “You’re going to let me fuck your mouth when I come home, won’t you ?”

You moaned, his words hitting your core, but he wasn’t having it, his cocky self coming back. “Words.”

You opened your mouth, breathing heavely before answering, “Yes.”

“Yeah.”, and he laughed out of pleasure, the sound ringing in your ears, adding another finger.

“I’ll make you feel so good.”, he purred, a long moan tumbling from his lips. “You’re touching yourself, right babygirl ? Fuck yourself with your fingers, curl them, imagine my fingers instand of yours.”, he rasped, clearly reaching his climax as he was finding it hard to talk.

And you did, curling your fingers and moving faster, picturing your best friend between your legs, your hips bucking against your hand.
Your moans grew higher, more and more frequent as you moved your hips.

“Are you gonna cum ?”, he asked, breathless, groaning as he tried to wait for you.

“Jun.”, you moaned, unable to give him an answer, feeling the knot in your stomach ready to explode.

“God, I can’t wait to be inside you.”, he cooed, a broken moan filling your ears. “Come for me.”

And that’s all you needed, moaned, your back arching, a clear layer of sweat near your collarbones. Collapsing, you tried to catch your breath, closing your eyes, trying to focus on what was going on on the other side.

A series of curse words mixed with your name tumbled from his lips, before he came on a long moan, gasping every now and then.

“Fuck, fuck.”, he cursed, trying to process everything, before letting a long sigh.

Both of you stayed silent for a moment, before Jun moved the phone, before speaking in a breathless voice.

“Wait for me, I’ll be here soon.”

Monsta X: boyfriend Hyungwon

•   So tbh I could only imagine him falling in love with a close friend of his

•   Like slowly getting to realize his feelings for them, bc he’s not gonna want to rush anything bc he’s like !!!! Wow I love y/n but I can’t be an idiot and ruin our friendship if I actually confess

•   He’d fist notice how close you two were getting one night when you were working together hella late

•   And that you were just ALWAYS there for him

•   That just makes him inch closer and closer to you day by day, in hopes of you noticing and making a move first

•   (save him ahshskdlf what an awkward bean)

•   But eventually it would work and he’s like “?? Wow okay so I guess my flirting was obvious bc I cant stand the sight of another human being than you……….didn’t think that through :’)”

•   Listen he’s a tol man so you gotta expect short jokes to come flying outta his mouth whenever he sees you reaching for something

•   Ik I’ve said this before but lmao listen

•   Just imagine him strutting over to you w/ his long ass legs, just to barely reach up and grab the box of cookies you’ve been wanting

•   “Need some help, y/n?” *wink wonk"

•   “Oh myfkingodbitch gimme the cookies hyungwon”

•   He really would be the least annoying boyfriend ever

•   He’d never force you to tell him why you’re upset, bc his shoulder is always there for you to cry on until you’re ready to spill it all out

•   And tbh he’s the same w/ you

•   He’ll always come to you when he feels ready, even if you’ve been noticing his weird and sad moods lately

•   So ofc there’s lots of makeouts and kissing involved bc he lives for those

•   Also he’s just really chill about it like he never has to ask if he could kiss you, he knows you’re always down for a couple hours of your lips pressed against his

•   Lots of cuddles bc he’s the perfect cuddle buddy w/ those long ass legs lmao I’m never getting over how tall he is

•   Lets you borrow his fashionable coats in the winter

•   And always laughs when he opens the door and sees you wobbling inside, basically being swallowed up by the coat

•   And he kinda just wraps his arms around you as you’re cuddled into it and kisses the top of your head

•   “You’re so cute, y/n :((((”

•   *cue the other members vomiting*

•   “Yall get a fkin room!!!!!!!”

•  "It’s literally my house, stop raiding my fridge and get out"

•   Low key getting disturbed by horror movies like you do but never admitting it

•   But he’ll hold you in his arms and conveniently bury his face in your neck while you hide your own face in his chest

•   Lmao he ain’t slick

•   But hey lots of comfort food and cuddles later so win win 

•   Watching Game of Thrones together and crying when your favorite characters get killed

•   Esp if you warn him not to stan a particular character bc they’re gonna die, he won’t believe you and is emo for the whole week when they die

•   “But I loved joffrey”

•   No one really believing yall are dating bc you always messed around w/ each other in a best friend manner

•   So then he’ll just grab your face and kiss you yolo

•   Ok so yall would always joke around getting each other’s names tattooed on you, so one day he-

•   Omfg he cried bc he thought you got a really tattoo of his name on your arm when you showed him the fake sticker

•   “I can’t believe u love me this much, wtf, y/n we have to go get a tattoo of ur name on me, grab ur coat,”

•   Having hella movie marathons

•   For some reason he’s always buying you perfumes as a present bc he’s scared that you might not like anything else

•   But then you’re like ummmm you’ve known me for how many years now???

•   He seriously doesn’t get that you’d love anything that he got you

•   Winter dates are his favorite bc he could snuggle up to you in public and actually having a reason for it “I’m cold, hold onto my arm and make me warm ;(”

•   Having to get the other members off your back bc they’re always wanting to know what you two are up to

•   Bc yall keep your relationship mostly secret even to them lmao

•   Him tracing his finger over your lips before kissing you idk like it’s just a habit now and yes it probably kills you inside

•   Also when he grabs the back of your neck and kinda massages it when he’s giving you one of those passionate kisses oml

•   Your causal dates consisting of coffee and people watching as you cuddle together on a bench or a cafe loveseat

•   Ughhh those quiet moments w/ him are the best bc you just feel so at peace

•   Bc it’s always so chill when you’re together 

•   And ofc, being giant memes together 💚

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Uhhh gotta go with the BoyfRiends for that ask thing my pal

(I’m so sorry this was sitting in my inbox for like a week omfg)

Who is more likely to hurt the other? - Jeremy, seen in Michael in the Bathroom

Who is emotionally stronger? - Michael. I cant really explain my reasoning for this, but I just feel like he is.

Who is physically stronger? - Michael, again.

Who is more likely to break a bone? - Michael, he would do some stupid dare while high

Who knows best what to say to upset the other? - Jeremy, see again Michael in the Bathroom

Who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? - Michael. They’re both very stubborn, but if he realizes he’s wrong he’ll apologize.

Who treats who’s wounds more often? - Michael treats Jeremy’s wounds if he ever gets hurt, but if he sees anyone bullying Jeremy he will fuckin destroy them

Who is in constant need of comfort? - After the Squip, they would both constantly need reassurance that they were okay and that their friendship was fine.

Who gets more jealous? - Michael. If anyone tries to flirt with Jeremy he will start spontaneously making out with him

Who’s most likely to walk out on the other? - Jeremy. oPtiC nErVe bLocKiNG oN

Who will propose? - Both of these nerds would be too shy to propose ffs but I kinda think that Michael would. (“Do you like, like me?” “What?” “I mean like, romantically.” “Babe, we’ve been married for 20 years.” “…is that a yes?”)

Who has the most difficult parents? - I’d have to go with Jeremy, because we don’t know that much about Michael’s family other than headcanons.

Who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? - Really it’s just whichever one is in the mood. Either of them start it, and it escalates until they’re literally sitting on the other.

Who hogs the blankets? - Jeremy. He has no body heat he needs blankets

Who gets more sad? - I’d have to say Michael. After the Squip incident, I feel like his abandonment issues would get worse before they get better.

Who is better at cheering the other up? - Michael. Again, I can’t explain why, but I just think so.

Who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? - Both of them. Everyone slaps them both for the stupid jokes.

Who is more streetwise? - Michael. Jeremy would get lost in his own house.

Who is more wise? - Both are about equal. Growing up together, they learned everything at the same time, they would probably have the same amount of wisdom.

Who’s the shyest? - Michael

Who boasts about the other more? - Both of them. They’re both such proud boyfs!!!

Who sits on who’s lap? - Jeremy sits on Michael’s lap. If he’s not sitting on Michael, he’s touching him in some way.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…



1-In the first 10 minutes we have like… 10282939291 iper gay scenes… ESPECIALLY 1115 SCENES

2-Uno trying to save his boyfriend is SUPER FUCKING CUTE OMFG



5-I want Honney and Trois to be called Nanba-papa and Nanba-mama PLZ THEY ARE LIKE… AN OLD COUPLE WORRIED ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN

6-Uno worried about himself… ok… Uno worried about Jyugo… OMFG

7-Trois-mama best mama


9-Kappa boy plz be gentle


(I’m gona doodling a lot on this episode MUHAHAHAH)

just some modern high school headcanons . 

(it’s focused on jesper bc i’m working on a jesper x wylan au so here are a few of the headcanons)

  • jesper is one of those guys who’s not necessarily good at test taking or problem solving, but he can bullshit an essay in one sitting
  • his biggest problem in school is meeting deadlines
  • and also getting there on time
  • he hates all of the extra curriculars offered, but he took up tv production class just for the hell of it
  • it bores him though. the only time he’s not bored at school is during lunch - and that’s because he gambles like his life depends on it during that half hour
  • he’s the reason card games got banned at school so he had to come up with other ways to gamble
  • i.e. betting. he tricks people out of their lunch money on a regular basis
  • “dude, i bet you two dollars you can’t make that orange into the trashcan from where you’re sitting” 
    • the dude can’t. jesper wins two bucks.
  • “milk chugging contest. five dollars it’ll come out of your nose in the end”
    • this dude wants to punch jesper because jesper intentionally made him laugh and now his nose burns bc milk came out. plus he’s out of five bucks
  • and he arranges bets on the school’s sports teams and the whole school gets on it. he has an entire system. with clipboards, and files, and receipts.
  • don’t get me wrong, he makes outlandish bets, too
  • for instance,,
    •  "i will put twenty bucks on the fact the new guy is actually a vampire. look at him. he’s so pale, he only wears black, and he moves so fast. one minute he’s there, the next he’s not. how does he move so fast with a limp like that, huh? and the gloves?“ everyone stopped listening to him at this point
    • “guys he wears gloves! it’s spring! vampires can’t go directly in the sun, you know. he! has! to! keep! his! skin! covered! from! the! sun! guys! guys? hello!!!!”
    • (yes he’s talking about kaz. he can’t stop talking about kaz. this new kid fascinates the hell out of him.)
  • later kaz sees him taking bets in lunch and he’s like, “your system is stupid. you’re stupid.” then helps him rearrange his books and leaves without a word
  • jesper is like oh, okay??? he seems decent???
    • he’s not. jesper doesn’t realize for weeks that kaz made it seem like jesper was owed fifty bucks less and put on the back of people’s ‘receipts’ “see kaz brekker for details” or something. long story short: kaz was stealing jesper’s business and he didn’t even know
  • jesper hates him, but he’s so damn impressed by him, it might as well be a crush. it is
    • he still calls up his best friend like “omfg can you handle this fucking guy for me, i can’t deal”
    • “what do you want me to do about him?”
    • “hmm don’t know…maybe something like…kick his ass, inej!”
    • inej doesn’t. but they talk shit behind kaz’s back all the time instead like best friends do. inej is like your enemy is my enemy. and lowkey like damn, your crush is also my crush #awkward
  • okay now back to tv production class
  • the school shoots documentary-ish videos for their sports teams and activities
  • jesper’s assignment this year is filming the school band as they get ready for an upcoming competition
  • and that’s how he meets wylan. he has to interview him bc he has a flute solo this year or something????
  • jesper has never seen anyone more socially awkward before in his life he cannot believe he was given this assignment
  • this kid is so flustered it’s annoyingly cute
  • he has to get wylan to warm up to him before he can get him on camera without sputtering and blushing profusely.
    • jesper isn’t cruel. the school airs these videos during the morning announcements, he’s not going to let people see how awkward wylan is.
    • he got secondhand embarrassment himself from the first take they did
  • so jesper films all the practices first. he interviews the other students so wylan can watch for cues on how to act on camera/what to say
  • he uses his extended time around the band as a conversation starter with wylan
    • “band looks really good this year”
    • wylan: *mumbles something*
    • “think we might win?”
    • “winning isn’t everything”
    • jesper: ???????? is he even real????
  • and this is pretty much where i’m ending it bc it’s long and if i turn this into a whole fic i don’t want the whole plot given away haha
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Guess which nerd spent the best part of last month working on a Harry Potter fic for Bechloe week?? (hint: it me)

Written for Bechloe Week 2017 - Day 5: Harry Potter.

Well, you know… After the final episode, I always wanted to put this beautiful music for Samurai Jack, for good reasons… But… I don’t know…

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I don’t know what to say, maybe… I’m sad, happy, concerned, well, very, very awful for Jack… Really, my poor cute cinnamon roll T-T (Bitch, shut the fuck up! Oh, hell no!)

Ok, ok, people calm down, calm down!!

I made a list of all good things about each episode of SJ

  1. Episode I - A super badass intro with a samurai driving a metal horse of hell (Holy shit, The Ultimate Samurai)
  2. Episode II - The Ecstasy of Gold (yes dude, best part!)
  3. Episode III - “The decisions you make and the actions that follow are a reflection of who you really are”
  4. Episode IV - Pffff… “I like the back fur!” Oh, and the bug scene (Daughter Ashi loves Ladybug LOL)
  5. Episode V - Tiny Ashi, the Creepy Guy and more Stylish Jack
  6. Episode VI - “Never Forget Samurai Jack” and Ashi’s Beautiful Transformation (TinkerBell or some Sailor Moon costume)
  7. Episode VII - Tea Time or Cha-no-you… Oh, right… R.I.P Jack’beard (Dammit whyyyy???)
  8. Episode VIII - Uhhh… Damnit… Well, Jack’s fish-shaped head and he still is a cute cinnamon role? (Huh? Well yeah, I think)
  9. Episode IX - Ahhh… WTF?! So Aku it’s the REAL father of Ashi?!! Well, I did not see that coming… ¡Ah, yeah, turu-tututuru! R.I.P Scaramouch
  10. Episode X - OMFG, THE BEST FUCKING BATTLE OF THE FUCKING YEAR, YUUUUSSSSS!! (Oh, wait, If Aku dies… then that means Ashi never existed… oh, ok) (Oh, shit)

Huh, I really feel awful for Jack, cuz at the end, he lost the only person who mattered to him, and who he knew as for… ten episodes (weeks maybe? Ugh, I don’t fucking now). Wow, it was really an unexpected twist, but… That does not change MY perspective. I mean, I feel very, very, VERY bad for him… But I did not shed a tear at the last moment, yes, poor Jack, poor Ashi, Jesus, somehow I already knew it… 

I hate to be right.

I’m sorry for all people who likes Jashi, but… whoops, all we knew (or maybe not) from the first episode that once Jack defeated Aku, the future would change. And actually I don’t know how others are feeling this morning… dissapointing? angry? sad? happy? HOLY FUCKING JESUS, STOP.

Yes, I might have hoped for a better ending, with a super battle that really impressed me (Fucking seriously dude???) (No bitch, no, you just don’t understand but watching all the people that Jack gave them hope made me scream of happiness).

I personally would have seriously preferred that the final battle be commanded by King Jack and his first-chapter clothes (yes honey, like The Ultimate Samurai), along with the Scotsman and his daughters, along with Ashi wearing his white kimono and her own weapons (as well as having her onion-shaped hair) and along with everyone Jack has met against Aku… Just like the final comic… NOT A VERY FAST ENDING OR A FUCKING WEDDING… OMG, seriously?! Just one minute and everything went to hell… Are you kidding me?? 

Originally posted by y0ur-makeup-is-terrible

The other thing is that I feel very bad for Ashi, because I think she deserved more opportunities, she is a very lovely character, and although most of the fandom is crying because she “died”, I still think she was a great help for Jack, romantically (uggghh) or as a daughter (yup, that’s me). 

At the end Jack was able to achieve his goal, and that should matter.


Well, even if this is over, I will still ship Samurai Bravo, I will still see Ashi as a daughter for Jack, I WILL still love gay couples, the world it’s gonna kill me, but hey… Even if we do not match between… kind of ships (if I dare to say), I feel great because Samurai Jack has had the best and sad end deserved after so long. (If you don’t like that, you can kiss my ugly ass)


I was really productive yesterday in non-school things (of course), so I’m hoping to be productive in school things today. Last day of classes is next week. Omfg. Once I go to the chiro, I’ll be able to get back to lifting (it’s only been 3 days off so it hasn’t been a big deal lol). Sam and I decided that instead of California which, although awesome x 1mil, would have cost us way too much than we can afford – we are heading to North Carolina! I know, seems like an odd alternative. But some of his family is there and they’re letting us borrow their Jeep! So we’re going to do some coast stuff and some hiking stuff! Best of both worlds which is exactly what we wanted!! Plus, we’ve only had to spend $300 for round trip, nonstop tickets which are at great times. We won’t have to rent a car, and we have a free place to stay for some nights (they’re offering that we can stay with them every night but we’ll be spending some nights in other cities). There will be extra expenses along the way but not the immediate $1000 blow of airline and car rental with the Cali trip we were planning. We can’t afford that kind of trip yet… Extra plus is that we get to see his family, and I really like them. So that planning is finally off our shoulders and we’re both very excited for the trip!

Another good thing is that I was able to plan around this golf outing that a partner invited me to! It’s an outing that real estate people are invited to. I looked at the email list for who’s going from my firm - 3 equity partners and ME. !!! The partner who invited me said that she chose me because she likes me! Lol. This is a great opportunity to keep my foot in the door while I’m making the transition this summer to a different internship (for which they’re all excited for me). Plus, I think it’ll be a fun event. I suck at golfing because I’m too aggressive and am not great at aiming. She said she sucks too.

Things are good. NYC is planned. NC is planned. Gonna get my neck in order. Yes, finals are coming up and I don’t feel prepared. But what can ya do.


1. I got pretty drunk at a car race watch party last night and had to spend the night. That hasn’t happened since last year. I won’t let it happen again until next year.

2. I’m fuckin’ tired today and even hung over I killed the shit on my “to-do” list because ya know what? I’m a badass. I don’t complain, not much anyway, I just get shit done. Ain’t no body got time for not being responsible around here.

3. One of the ladies we went to church with had to have a surgery after a pretty lengthy hospital stay so I’m making her a pulled pork butt, baked beans and salad as a meal for her and her boys tomorrow. She’s a single mom of two teenage boys and I want to help as best I can. I hope that if something ever happened to me people would bring me food.

4. Y'all can bring me food now if you want. Omg speaking of food Devon’s husband made us homemade samosas and Indian lentil stew with, wait for it…….cinnamon stick, clove, cardamom pods and turmeric flavored oil for dinner tonight and omfg it was so good! He gave me some for lunch tomorrow, score!

5. Week number two of plant based dinners and lunches starts tomorrow! The only meat we will be having this week is the halibut on our fish tacos. I’m pretty excited to try all of these new recipes!

6. I met a dude last night that works at Daytona Raceway and he works there seasonally because he “doesn’t really have to work but wants to and what is better than doing something that you really love.” Like, what is that even like? I have no idea.

7. My vagina is all a twitter for GoT tonight. Haters gonna hate but my vajay gonna love.

That’s all. I’m out.

Everything Is In Place//Vic Fuentes Imagine

Can I have a Vic Fuentes one where he has a girlfriend and she treats you like crap, she’s always calling you a whore because you and Vic are best friends. You try telling him but he doesn’t believe you and so like a week later he hears her bullying you and stands up for you :) then tells you that he loves you but has never asked you out because he thought he didn’t have a chance so he tried getting over you by dating other girls. Sorry if it’s really long

a/n: omfg i have just tried to write the ronnie radke imagine but all my ideas are crap and i can’t even lead up into the smut so for now i’m just gonna skip it and go up the list, sorry

-sgtc marilyn

I stepped off my car and walked to the venue, flashing my ID to get in early to the concert.

“Vic!” I called out to the man hunched over a guitar.

“Y/N! I’m glad you made it!” He said, setting it up on the guitar stand then got up to hug me.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world, especially since I haven’t seen you at all this year!” I smiled.

“World tours are crazy but I’m so happy you’re here.” Vic smiled, looking into my eyes. It was moments like these where neither of us didn’t say anything, no awkwardness followed as we both stayed silent, nothing but the sound of our breath to fill the silence.

“Vic!” I heard a voice say. We both turned and looked as a chocolate haired girl walked towards us. Colleen was her name, and to say she was pretty was an understatement. She was drop dead gorgeous.

She had long legs, a toned tummy, long silky brown hair and looked good in everything she wore. She was also Vic’s 6 month girlfriend.

“Colleen, you remember Y/N, right?” Vic asked. I tried not to scream inside as she fake smiled and hugged me.

“Y/N, It’s been so long! I love what you did with your hair.” She said, casual sarcasm coating her sweet voice.

“Thanks.” I responded.

“Anyway, I have to get back to helping set up. Why don’t you two go out for coffee or something? It’ll be kinda boring just watching us all set up.” Vic suggested.

“No, that’s fine.” I said quickly, trying not to sound too rude.

“Actually, I think that’s a great idea, Y/N. Obviously everyone is busy and we shouldn’t get in the way. Starbucks?” She asked me, a smile plastered on her face once again.

“It can’t hurt.” I replied as we walked out of the venue. There was a starbucks across the street as we both crossed and entered it. We ordered, me a small tea and her a coffee as we sat down at a booth.

“What have you been up to, Colleen?” I asked, trying to make small talk.

“Not whoring around like you obviously have been.” She said snobbishly, her voice still sounding friendly as ever.

“Excuse me?” I responded, my ears going hot.

“Well, have you seen all the guys you hang out with? It’s no wonder Vic is with me and not you. God, you can’t even keep yourself away, I feel so bad for you.” She smiled but quickly dropped it.

“That’s bullshit and you know it is. I don’t need to prove anything to you that I’m not fucking my friends. Most are dating others already.” I said, sipping my tea.

“Oh, cut the crap Y/N. You want Vic so bad, everyone knows it but him. It would be a shame if someone were to tell him…” She smiled, sickly sweet.

“I don’t give a fuck what you do or don’t do. We’re best friends. It won’t matter.” I got up, grabbing my tea and walking out.

“That’s so sad, you can’t even handle an actual conversation without bailing.” She said, following close behind.

“Colleen, shut the fuck up.” I snapped, opening the door to the venue.

“Y/N, what the fuck?” Vic said as my heart dropped.

“Vic!” Colleen said, running up to him as he quickly wrapped his arm around her waist and held her close.

“Why did you tell her to shut up?” Vic asked angrily.

“She was being a cunt!” I said, drawing the attention of Jaime and Mike who were near bye.

“I was making conversation!” Colleen said innocently, wrinkles forming on her forehead.

“Bullshit, my sex life is none of your business.” I said.

“Hey! Colleen wouldn’t say that, she’s not as rude as you are being right now.” Vic said.

“Vic, she fucking calls me a whore every time she sees me, bullshit she’s not fucking rude.” I shot back, my face as red as I tomato.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, but I need you to leave.” Vic said quietly.

“Vic!” Mike said. I looked at him, my face red and my eyes starting to fill with tears.

“Vic, she drove six hours to get here…” Jaime said.

“Just fucking leave!” He shouted as I turned and ran to my car, Jaime running outside and knocking on the window.

“Y/N, don’t go. We haven’t seen you in so long.” Jaime said, worry forming on his normally happy-go-lucky face.

“Sorry, Hime. Tell Tony I said hi.” I said as Jaime backed away, leaving me to drive home.

Six hours. 

I fucking sobbed for six hours.

I ran out of tears to cry, I couldn’t even speak because my throat was so thick. I just lost my best friend since grade 5 because of someone he knew for 6 months. Show’s how much he cared about our friendship.

I went into my room and collapsed onto my bed, pulling my pants off and staying in my t-shirt.

I opened my phone, checking my current instagram notifications. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Every post. Every fucking post was Colleen bombarding it with indescribable hate. Whore, fat, ugly, worthless we’re just a few. I groaned, throwing my phone as I buried my face in my pillow and promptly went to bed.

When I woke up, I saw that I had several texts from an unknown number and a missed call.

Sucks to suck, doesn’t it, sweetie?
How does it feel to know that you’re worthless?
Fucking kill yourself
Vic loves me and only me.

My lip quivered as I started to sob again, I didn’t even want to hear the voice mail she left me. She must’ve looked on Vic’s phone to get my number, there’s no way it was anyone else.

My phone began ringing as I answered it, not bothering to check who it was.

“Please, leave me alone. You had your fun, now drop it. I wasn’t trying to get in the way of you and Vic, I just wanted to see my best friend.” I said, my voice quivering.

“Y/N, It’s Vic.” I froze, sitting up and listening intently.

“I can’t explain to you how sorry I am on what happened yesterday, I had no idea Colleen could be so mean. Jaime showed me the instagram comments and I looked on her phone this morning.”

“Reason why I’m calling is, I want to meet you and give you a proper apology. Can I come over today.” He asked me.

“I guess so.” I responded, sniffling a bit.

“Please don’t cry, I’ll be over soon.” Vic said hanging up. I groaned, getting up and getting dressed. I washed my face and put on some simple eyeliner. Just as I finished, I heard a knock at the door.

I opened it, Vic looking at me intently. I motioned for him to come in as he came in and hugged me. I breathed in the scent of him as I hugged him back. It felt like how it should be, me hugging him and not a problem in the world.

“I’m so fucking sorry, Y/N. I don’t know why I didn’t notice earlier. I thought she could be a distraction, but she was just another obstacle.” Vic sighed.

“What do you mean?” I asked him, pulling away so I could look into his eyes.

“I needed a distraction, Y/N.” Vic started, taking a deep breath.

“I needed a distraction because I was in love with you.” He said, his voice cracking. 

“I’ve loved you since we were kids, you were my role model and inspiration. Growing up with you is the most amazing thing that’s ever happened in my life and we have an unbreakable bond. I couldn’t ask you out because I was scared, Y/N.” Vic whispered, his voice shaky.


"I was scared you didn’t love me back.” He said. I leaned up to him, tears flowing freely down my cheeks again as we kissed. We kissed through my hot tears, my dry, salty lips against his soft ones.

“I love you so much, I just wanted you to be happy.” I said, shaking.

“Don’t cry, I can’t stand to see you so sad.” He said, a single tear dripping out of his eye.

“I’m so happy, Vic. These aren’t sad tears. I loved you and still do.” I said as I kissed him once again as everything fell into place.

a/n: this was so fukking sappy shit


[O. M. F. G. LIKE, HOW. YOU WERE 150 LAST WEEK AND NOW - OH GOD I’M DEAD. I’ve no words to thank you for all the support oh golly. I’m very bad at telling my feelings but, honestly, I’m so damn happy to see that you all seem to enjoy this project and it gives me more and more determination to work on it! I’ll do my best to create a good game, one I hope you’ll enjoy to play as well as I did/do to imagine it!

I also wanted to tell - if you have an ask blog and if you want to interact with Little Italy, don’t hesitate (notlikemebecauseI’mveryshybye)! *u*


Gleam Party Surprise

*For @omfg-its-laura :) Hope you like it!*

Joe sighed before taking another sip of his drink, eyes scanning the crowd. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to be at the summer Gleam party, he just…well okay, he didn’t want to be there because he was missing his best friend. It had been a couple of weeks since they had seen each other in person, since she was on tour. They would text and facetime every night, and he was proud of her for becoming so successful with her singing career, but that didn’t mean he hated being apart for so long. And he knew they would only have a little bit of time together before him and Caspar left for tour.

It felt weird being apart from her for this long, they were just that close. They practically lived together. And he may have a slight crush on her, meaning he was basically in love with his best friend, but was scared of ruining their friendship, so he just supported and loved her as a friend.

Just as his eyes scanned the crowd once more, he thought he saw a flash of ombré hair, exactly like hers. Joe stood on his toes, trying to find where it went.

“Joe?” He heard Caspar ask from beside him, and slowly he lowered back onto his heel and looked up at the South African.

“I thought I saw her for a moment, that’s all.”

“She’s on tour, mate. You’re just imagining it.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Joe took the straw from his drink and started to move the ice around in his glass, his mood seeming to only worsen.

“Come on, Dom said he hired a pretty awesome performer, and she’s about to start.” Marcus said, placing a comforting hand on Joe’s shoulder. “Let’s go check it out.”

Nodding, Joe followed Marcus and the other guys towards to the stage, his eyes still slightly scanning the crowd.

“Hello everyone!” Dom said into the mic from center stage, smiling down at the crowd. “Hope you are all having a wonderful time, and thank you so much for coming. I know you don’t want to listen to me ramble on, so I’ll leave my speech for later when I have you all trapped around the dinner table.” Laughter flitted throughout the crowd. “For now though, welcome to the stage a wonderful singer, and probably a very familiar face.” Clapping his hands, Dom moved to the side of the stage as someone else walked from behind a screen taking his place.

If Joe had been paying attention to the stage instead of still scanning the crowd, he would have realized who it was, but it wasn’t until she spoke that his head snapped towards the stage.

“Hi everybody.” She smiled at the crowd, her own eyes searching for a certain pair of blue ones. “Thanks to Dom for convincing my manager to allow me to come back for the party. This one is dedicated to a very special someone. I hope you realize how important you are to me.” The words were spoken directly to Joe as their eyes connected. With one last smile, this one reserved for just him, she began to sing.

He listened as she sang, hearing the words of love float around him, and at first Joe was shocked, but then he began to smile. He was oblivious of all his friends around him who alternated between watching her sing and him react, because all his attention was on her, and that was all that mattered. That, and the fact that she loved him back. As her last note faded into the night’s dimming sky, he remained standing there, staring at her. Until he felt someone elbow him in the side.

“Go to her, you idiot.” It was Zoe, with a huge grin on her face.

“Right.” Joe mumbled before letting his feet carry him towards her, the crowd easily parting before him. Within moments, he was on stage, in front of her.

“Hi.” He said, reaching his hand out for hers, intertwining their fingers together.

“Hi.” She said back, looking up at him.

“I missed you, Y/N.”

“I missed you too, Joe.”

They stood staring at each other, both in their own little world, only broken by someone yelling out KISS HER. Realizing that that person was much smarter than him right now, Joe bent his head and kissed her.

The crowd burst out into applause, happy that the two friends had finally opened their eyes and realized their true feelings for each other.

“I should have done that a long time ago.” Joe mumbled into her lips, causing her to giggle.

“Yeah, you should have.” She replied, kissing him once again.

“About bloody time.” Zoe said, wiping a tear from her eyes, the smile still on her face.

“I know!” Caspar said beside her, grinning up at his former roommate.

“Well, looks like Zalfie will be fighting for cutest couple with those two in the running.” Marcus said from his spot beside Alfie.

“I think we’ll let them take it for a while.” Alfie replied, wrapping an arm around Zoe’s waist. “They’ve earned it.”

Um… @ikimashou dude omfg yeah…

I’m crying right there with you, Lanna. Please tell your boy to get out of my face with his beauty ;~;


Karkat Vantas & Aradia Megido Bloodswap | Homestuck

Japan Expo is over and it was really amazing ! I spend a lot of time with my gf and my friends ! Also my exams are over, I’m free ! I would like to thanks my gf because she’s so fucking cute and she help me with my cosplays and my stress and.. She’s the best gf in the world. ♥ ( I can’t wait to have our DaveKat pic omfg )
Moreover, I’ve seen a lot of people and it was really cool ! ( A lot of homestuck trash of course :’) ) 
I share these two pic’ before it was the two cosplays that I’ve prefer to wear at this con ! I will have some pic of our DaveKat shoot next week ! o/ 

Also, I will try to test Rose Lalonde this week and I think I will shoot Aradia soon ( normal and bloodswap version ) ♥

alluroa  asked:

hello!! ur headcanons r the best best best (esp the sexy dancing one,, mY weakness)!! can u do an andreil one related to getting new phones !! or an andreil neck fetish hc thing?? :-)

oh my god thank you so much!!! you’ve made my entire week better ty!! and of course, i’ll do my best :-) here we go

  • it’s not a secret both neil and andrew think smartphones are a waste of time and money
  • the ones they have are totally fine???? they can make phone calls and text what else is there to do with a phone???? 
  • but when neil’s freshmen year finishes he and andrew go on a road trip and they travel the whole country 
  • omfg imagine that????  i’m in tears????
  • they are away for like a month
  • and neil hates to admit it but he misses the foxes with his life
  • and that’s when it hits him
  • next year the girls aren’t gonna be around anymore
  • the thought terrifies him and, even though he doesn’t say it out loud, andrew realizes something is bothering him and somehow he figures it out
  • so the first thing andrew does as soon as they go back home is drag neil to a shopping center and buy two identical iphones, one for each of them

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