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How YOI has affected my Wednesdays
  • Before YOI: I hate Wednesdays. They always feel like either a Monday or a Friday, I have an hour of piano lessons right after school, not that I hate it but it can make my night very inconvenient, and it's so fucking boring.
  • During YOI: When is Wednesday When is Wednesday When is Wednesday When is Wednesday When is Wednesday When is Wednesday When is Wednesday When is Wednesday When is Wednesday When is Wednesday When is Wednesday When OMFG ITS WEDNESDAY I LOVE WEDNESDAYS WEDNESDAYS ARE THE BEST DAYS OF THE ENTIRE WEEK WEDNESDAYS ARE MY FAVORITE DAY!!!!!!
  • When YOI ends: *sobs uncontrollably* I fucking hate Wednesdays.
Lá Fhéile Vailintín

omfg one of the funniest moments in my secondary school career happened today.
our irish teacher (a sub that we’ve only had a few weeks) wanted us to write romantic poems for Valentine’s Day so she made us listen to poems people had sent in to our local radio station (raidió na gaeltachta) for “ionspráid”.
i’d like to point out that we are a class of native irish speakers and our teacher is a barely literate sub from Dublin. anyway, we were listening to what we thought was a sweet poem when we heard the line: “éiríonn mo bhod nuair a fheicim thú” which literally means “my dick rises when i see you”.
i’ve never laughed so much in my life. the best part was, the teacher had no fucking clue why we were crying from laughter and kept replaying the inherently sexual poem, (which got sexier as it went on) trying to figure out what we found so funny. i was in actual pain

My Stepbrother Ch.9

Im baaaaaack!!

!Part 4!/Part 5!/Part 6!/Part7!Part.8!

It’s been 2 weeks since you told Irene about you and Yoongi. Her response was definitely not what you were expecting even if she was you bestfriend…

“You’re what?”

“SHH! Yoongi and I are kindah fucking around” your face started to get bright red from your own comment.

You couldn’t really tell what your best friend was thinking since it was probably the first time since you both have met that she was silent.

“OMFG!! NO WAY!” oh no here comes the judgment, you thought…

“Y/A! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME SOONER! GIRL HES SO HAWT!!! DAMN GET THAT D!!” she said practically yelled in the cafe.

“IRENE!!” you said in a loud whisper. Your face was basically a cherry tomato at this point. If you could count all the eyes that were staring at the both of you…

You politely bowed and thank the heavens that you both were speaking English so it at least cut down a lot of people that could actually understand.

You and Irene spent about 2 hours of laughs and giggles, talking about Yoongi, relationships in general, try to find to find her a “suga daddy” for Irenee as she puts it//yeah… thats my bestfriend// you went your seperate ways.


You spent most of your day in bed, your mind clouded of so many thoughts of what has been going on. It’s been now over two weeks since you last talked to Yoongi. You seen him around the house no more than a few minutes before telling your parents he would spending most of days getting ready for “school”. His words not yours.

“Why is he avoiding me? What did I do??” Did you miss the sex or him? Lost in your thoughts you didn’t notice your mom had walked in your room waving hear hand in your face.

“Sweetie you ok? It’s noon and you’re still in bed!” she said worried// she always was so caring

“Yeah mom, I’m fine, wheres Uncle?” You gave her your best fake smile and tried to actually focus on what she had to say.

“Uncle has some work he had to get done so he’ll be gone for a few days and I’ll be working late again tonight so you and Yoongi will have to call for delivery again. As usal play nice and no boys!“

“Yeah yeah sure.” you said mindlessly before she stepped out.

Wait what?? Did she say Yoongi and you will be home alone again…

You didn’t know what to think, I mean will Yoongi even be home? Before you even started to panic a good thought had came across your mind. Yoongi was already avoiding you these past few weeks, you were so sure he wouldn’t be home anyways.

You decided to finally leave your bed and get the day started. Doing the usual routine, washed up, showered, got  ready, applied your daily makeup and went downstairs. You stepped into the kitchen and opened the fridge door. You bent over to look in the far back to see what there was to snack on and right then you felt a slight slap.

“Ah!” you screamed before turning around and seeing who was the culprit.

“Yo-Yoongi?” you mentally slapped yourself in the face for stuttering…

“Who else would it be” he said, there he goes again with that smirk on his face..

“What are you doing here?”

“I DO live here.” he said nonchalantly before passing you to check for himself what there was to eat.

Mental slap times two!

“You know what I meant!” your voice came out more annoyed than usual.

“Chill sis!” emphasizing on the sis part.

God i hate when he says that

“Whatever Yoongi, I’m not in the mood for your antics today.” you said while walking away. Before you could even walk any further you stopped dead in tracks from the words that follow up next.

“Wow, someone needs to get laid… you need some help with that?”

right ok…..I got into my university’s volleyball team???? I have never played a game in my whole life???? How did I manage that??? omfg I start training in a few weeks and they’re going to rotate me through positions to see where I fit best like I’ll probably be just training and not actually playing for a while once we start the competitive season but still???? I did it???

Omfg this was just so much fun! Lady Aki of Jiyel for Day 6 Despair(bc angst), she is one to believe that research will provide the answer to every question in the world, but at the Summit she is starting to realize that might not be the case. This is supposed to represent not only her personal plot but also her romance with Clarmont and, using his words, Revaire darkening her light.

Day 6 - Despair: The Venom of the Rose

“Some things just aren’t in books, and if they aren’t there, how am I supposed to learn about them and work towards solving them? Am I destined to die because I’m not good enough or is it my ultimate fate?” - Lady Aki of Jiyel

Gleam Party Surprise

*For @omfg-its-laura :) Hope you like it!*

Joe sighed before taking another sip of his drink, eyes scanning the crowd. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to be at the summer Gleam party, he just…well okay, he didn’t want to be there because he was missing his best friend. It had been a couple of weeks since they had seen each other in person, since she was on tour. They would text and facetime every night, and he was proud of her for becoming so successful with her singing career, but that didn’t mean he hated being apart for so long. And he knew they would only have a little bit of time together before him and Caspar left for tour.

It felt weird being apart from her for this long, they were just that close. They practically lived together. And he may have a slight crush on her, meaning he was basically in love with his best friend, but was scared of ruining their friendship, so he just supported and loved her as a friend.

Just as his eyes scanned the crowd once more, he thought he saw a flash of ombré hair, exactly like hers. Joe stood on his toes, trying to find where it went.

“Joe?” He heard Caspar ask from beside him, and slowly he lowered back onto his heel and looked up at the South African.

“I thought I saw her for a moment, that’s all.”

“She’s on tour, mate. You’re just imagining it.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Joe took the straw from his drink and started to move the ice around in his glass, his mood seeming to only worsen.

“Come on, Dom said he hired a pretty awesome performer, and she’s about to start.” Marcus said, placing a comforting hand on Joe’s shoulder. “Let’s go check it out.”

Nodding, Joe followed Marcus and the other guys towards to the stage, his eyes still slightly scanning the crowd.

“Hello everyone!” Dom said into the mic from center stage, smiling down at the crowd. “Hope you are all having a wonderful time, and thank you so much for coming. I know you don’t want to listen to me ramble on, so I’ll leave my speech for later when I have you all trapped around the dinner table.” Laughter flitted throughout the crowd. “For now though, welcome to the stage a wonderful singer, and probably a very familiar face.” Clapping his hands, Dom moved to the side of the stage as someone else walked from behind a screen taking his place.

If Joe had been paying attention to the stage instead of still scanning the crowd, he would have realized who it was, but it wasn’t until she spoke that his head snapped towards the stage.

“Hi everybody.” She smiled at the crowd, her own eyes searching for a certain pair of blue ones. “Thanks to Dom for convincing my manager to allow me to come back for the party. This one is dedicated to a very special someone. I hope you realize how important you are to me.” The words were spoken directly to Joe as their eyes connected. With one last smile, this one reserved for just him, she began to sing.

He listened as she sang, hearing the words of love float around him, and at first Joe was shocked, but then he began to smile. He was oblivious of all his friends around him who alternated between watching her sing and him react, because all his attention was on her, and that was all that mattered. That, and the fact that she loved him back. As her last note faded into the night’s dimming sky, he remained standing there, staring at her. Until he felt someone elbow him in the side.

“Go to her, you idiot.” It was Zoe, with a huge grin on her face.

“Right.” Joe mumbled before letting his feet carry him towards her, the crowd easily parting before him. Within moments, he was on stage, in front of her.

“Hi.” He said, reaching his hand out for hers, intertwining their fingers together.

“Hi.” She said back, looking up at him.

“I missed you, Y/N.”

“I missed you too, Joe.”

They stood staring at each other, both in their own little world, only broken by someone yelling out KISS HER. Realizing that that person was much smarter than him right now, Joe bent his head and kissed her.

The crowd burst out into applause, happy that the two friends had finally opened their eyes and realized their true feelings for each other.

“I should have done that a long time ago.” Joe mumbled into her lips, causing her to giggle.

“Yeah, you should have.” She replied, kissing him once again.

“About bloody time.” Zoe said, wiping a tear from her eyes, the smile still on her face.

“I know!” Caspar said beside her, grinning up at his former roommate.

“Well, looks like Zalfie will be fighting for cutest couple with those two in the running.” Marcus said from his spot beside Alfie.

“I think we’ll let them take it for a while.” Alfie replied, wrapping an arm around Zoe’s waist. “They’ve earned it.”

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Okay, i just gotta say, your writing is AMAZING like it be just right ;) omfg im cringing at my self that was too punny. Are you possibly going to write any more chapters for Fools because OMG i started reading it late last night and ended up till two to finish it and it was *tears up* so good 😢😣

Hi there! It’s been a long time since I updated Fools, but I definitely am continuing the series because the goal is to finish every series I start. I try to update every other week, but obviously with school in session, that’s a little harder to do. I try my best to update when I can now because I don’t like feeling pressured to write, it takes the fun out of it for me.

Thank you for stopping by and being so sweet, your praise and support means the world to me. I’m hoping to have the next chapter of Fools up by next week. Nice meeting you!

♡ Sica

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hannah I tried your corn chowder recipe for the first time after hesitating on it for like months and omfg it's the best thing ever????? the combination of corn and coconut milk is just so amazing i now understand why derek likes this so much this is AMAZING omfg you're a genius.... I'm literally gonna have this for every meal of the day every day it's SO GOOD

Yeah its Dereks fav meal in the world, I make it every week haha! GLAD you like it!

Everything Is In Place//Vic Fuentes Imagine

Can I have a Vic Fuentes one where he has a girlfriend and she treats you like crap, she’s always calling you a whore because you and Vic are best friends. You try telling him but he doesn’t believe you and so like a week later he hears her bullying you and stands up for you :) then tells you that he loves you but has never asked you out because he thought he didn’t have a chance so he tried getting over you by dating other girls. Sorry if it’s really long

a/n: omfg i have just tried to write the ronnie radke imagine but all my ideas are crap and i can’t even lead up into the smut so for now i’m just gonna skip it and go up the list, sorry

-sgtc marilyn

I stepped off my car and walked to the venue, flashing my ID to get in early to the concert.

“Vic!” I called out to the man hunched over a guitar.

“Y/N! I’m glad you made it!” He said, setting it up on the guitar stand then got up to hug me.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world, especially since I haven’t seen you at all this year!” I smiled.

“World tours are crazy but I’m so happy you’re here.” Vic smiled, looking into my eyes. It was moments like these where neither of us didn’t say anything, no awkwardness followed as we both stayed silent, nothing but the sound of our breath to fill the silence.

“Vic!” I heard a voice say. We both turned and looked as a chocolate haired girl walked towards us. Colleen was her name, and to say she was pretty was an understatement. She was drop dead gorgeous.

She had long legs, a toned tummy, long silky brown hair and looked good in everything she wore. She was also Vic’s 6 month girlfriend.

“Colleen, you remember Y/N, right?” Vic asked. I tried not to scream inside as she fake smiled and hugged me.

“Y/N, It’s been so long! I love what you did with your hair.” She said, casual sarcasm coating her sweet voice.

“Thanks.” I responded.

“Anyway, I have to get back to helping set up. Why don’t you two go out for coffee or something? It’ll be kinda boring just watching us all set up.” Vic suggested.

“No, that’s fine.” I said quickly, trying not to sound too rude.

“Actually, I think that’s a great idea, Y/N. Obviously everyone is busy and we shouldn’t get in the way. Starbucks?” She asked me, a smile plastered on her face once again.

“It can’t hurt.” I replied as we walked out of the venue. There was a starbucks across the street as we both crossed and entered it. We ordered, me a small tea and her a coffee as we sat down at a booth.

“What have you been up to, Colleen?” I asked, trying to make small talk.

“Not whoring around like you obviously have been.” She said snobbishly, her voice still sounding friendly as ever.

“Excuse me?” I responded, my ears going hot.

“Well, have you seen all the guys you hang out with? It’s no wonder Vic is with me and not you. God, you can’t even keep yourself away, I feel so bad for you.” She smiled but quickly dropped it.

“That’s bullshit and you know it is. I don’t need to prove anything to you that I’m not fucking my friends. Most are dating others already.” I said, sipping my tea.

“Oh, cut the crap Y/N. You want Vic so bad, everyone knows it but him. It would be a shame if someone were to tell him…” She smiled, sickly sweet.

“I don’t give a fuck what you do or don’t do. We’re best friends. It won’t matter.” I got up, grabbing my tea and walking out.

“That’s so sad, you can’t even handle an actual conversation without bailing.” She said, following close behind.

“Colleen, shut the fuck up.” I snapped, opening the door to the venue.

“Y/N, what the fuck?” Vic said as my heart dropped.

“Vic!” Colleen said, running up to him as he quickly wrapped his arm around her waist and held her close.

“Why did you tell her to shut up?” Vic asked angrily.

“She was being a cunt!” I said, drawing the attention of Jaime and Mike who were near bye.

“I was making conversation!” Colleen said innocently, wrinkles forming on her forehead.

“Bullshit, my sex life is none of your business.” I said.

“Hey! Colleen wouldn’t say that, she’s not as rude as you are being right now.” Vic said.

“Vic, she fucking calls me a whore every time she sees me, bullshit she’s not fucking rude.” I shot back, my face as red as I tomato.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, but I need you to leave.” Vic said quietly.

“Vic!” Mike said. I looked at him, my face red and my eyes starting to fill with tears.

“Vic, she drove six hours to get here…” Jaime said.

“Just fucking leave!” He shouted as I turned and ran to my car, Jaime running outside and knocking on the window.

“Y/N, don’t go. We haven’t seen you in so long.” Jaime said, worry forming on his normally happy-go-lucky face.

“Sorry, Hime. Tell Tony I said hi.” I said as Jaime backed away, leaving me to drive home.

Six hours. 

I fucking sobbed for six hours.

I ran out of tears to cry, I couldn’t even speak because my throat was so thick. I just lost my best friend since grade 5 because of someone he knew for 6 months. Show’s how much he cared about our friendship.

I went into my room and collapsed onto my bed, pulling my pants off and staying in my t-shirt.

I opened my phone, checking my current instagram notifications. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Every post. Every fucking post was Colleen bombarding it with indescribable hate. Whore, fat, ugly, worthless we’re just a few. I groaned, throwing my phone as I buried my face in my pillow and promptly went to bed.

When I woke up, I saw that I had several texts from an unknown number and a missed call.

Sucks to suck, doesn’t it, sweetie?
How does it feel to know that you’re worthless?
Fucking kill yourself
Vic loves me and only me.

My lip quivered as I started to sob again, I didn’t even want to hear the voice mail she left me. She must’ve looked on Vic’s phone to get my number, there’s no way it was anyone else.

My phone began ringing as I answered it, not bothering to check who it was.

“Please, leave me alone. You had your fun, now drop it. I wasn’t trying to get in the way of you and Vic, I just wanted to see my best friend.” I said, my voice quivering.

“Y/N, It’s Vic.” I froze, sitting up and listening intently.

“I can’t explain to you how sorry I am on what happened yesterday, I had no idea Colleen could be so mean. Jaime showed me the instagram comments and I looked on her phone this morning.”

“Reason why I’m calling is, I want to meet you and give you a proper apology. Can I come over today.” He asked me.

“I guess so.” I responded, sniffling a bit.

“Please don’t cry, I’ll be over soon.” Vic said hanging up. I groaned, getting up and getting dressed. I washed my face and put on some simple eyeliner. Just as I finished, I heard a knock at the door.

I opened it, Vic looking at me intently. I motioned for him to come in as he came in and hugged me. I breathed in the scent of him as I hugged him back. It felt like how it should be, me hugging him and not a problem in the world.

“I’m so fucking sorry, Y/N. I don’t know why I didn’t notice earlier. I thought she could be a distraction, but she was just another obstacle.” Vic sighed.

“What do you mean?” I asked him, pulling away so I could look into his eyes.

“I needed a distraction, Y/N.” Vic started, taking a deep breath.

“I needed a distraction because I was in love with you.” He said, his voice cracking. 

“I’ve loved you since we were kids, you were my role model and inspiration. Growing up with you is the most amazing thing that’s ever happened in my life and we have an unbreakable bond. I couldn’t ask you out because I was scared, Y/N.” Vic whispered, his voice shaky.


"I was scared you didn’t love me back.” He said. I leaned up to him, tears flowing freely down my cheeks again as we kissed. We kissed through my hot tears, my dry, salty lips against his soft ones.

“I love you so much, I just wanted you to be happy.” I said, shaking.

“Don’t cry, I can’t stand to see you so sad.” He said, a single tear dripping out of his eye.

“I’m so happy, Vic. These aren’t sad tears. I loved you and still do.” I said as I kissed him once again as everything fell into place.

a/n: this was so fukking sappy shit


Karkat Vantas & Aradia Megido Bloodswap | Homestuck

Japan Expo is over and it was really amazing ! I spend a lot of time with my gf and my friends ! Also my exams are over, I’m free ! I would like to thanks my gf because she’s so fucking cute and she help me with my cosplays and my stress and.. She’s the best gf in the world. ♥ ( I can’t wait to have our DaveKat pic omfg )
Moreover, I’ve seen a lot of people and it was really cool ! ( A lot of homestuck trash of course :’) ) 
I share these two pic’ before it was the two cosplays that I’ve prefer to wear at this con ! I will have some pic of our DaveKat shoot next week ! o/ 

Also, I will try to test Rose Lalonde this week and I think I will shoot Aradia soon ( normal and bloodswap version ) ♥

Rainbow Moonstone, a fusion of @causebabyirule‘s Moonstone [here] and my Elbaite [here] and [here]. This is the gayest thing I’ve ever drawn, omfg.


I love you so much Nina Moon, you are the best, I hope you like this! If you want the full size version, I can send it to you whenever you’d like!

Moonlighting - Yoongi Angst Scenario, Part I

Originally posted by jinful

yeah so i was listening to my bts playlist (it’s my fav songs from each album lmao) and i get really emotional listening to bangtan bc i love them so much and their music gets me hype, and i was listening to cypher pt. 2/3 and i was like omfg i love yoongi so much so i was like i’ll write his next so yeah, next for angst week is my husband min yoongi

tw: abuse, suggestiveness

prompt: “It was a mistake.” + “It meant nothing.” + abusive ex-gf

“We were drunk…”

“I know.”

You both sat in uncomfortable silence before his phone started to ring.

It was her.

“Yoongi, I think you should leave.” You say as he picks up his phone.

He throws you a look before quickly exiting your small apartment.

Min Yoongi was your best friend.

The best friend that was dating his high school sweetheart.

The best friend that had cheated on his high school sweetheart.

The best friend that had cheated on his high school sweetheart with you.

You and him had gone out for drinks after you had gotten your report card, he was treating you for straight A’s this semester.

To be fair, you two had decided to stick by each other the whole night so that Yoongi wouldn’t do anything stupid.

And oh, how that plan collapsed.

No, Yoongi didn’t go home with some random girl he met at the bar.

But he did go home with you.

Your memory was still fuzzy, but all you remembered was waking up that morning with a raging ache from all over and a bleached-haired boy beside you.

You felt horrible and you couldn’t look Yoongi in the eyes afterwards.

One rather early morning you had heard a forceful knock on the door.

You looked at the clock, 4:23am.

Who the hell would come to see you at this time?

When the knocking continued, you decided to quickly get up and answer it before your neighbor’s started waking up.

You pull open the door, only to be meet with the one and only Min Yoongi.

“What do you want?” You hiss quietly.

“Can I come in?” He asks.

You can’t really see his facial expression with the dimness of hallway, so you allow him inside.

He quickly settles, flopping down onto your couch before expectantly looking up at you as you followed behind him.

“What’s wrong?”

“We got into a fight.” You notice him flinch when your hand reaches out, so you go to turn on a lamp.

When you got back to him you instantly notice the red marks on his pale skin.

You sit down in front of him, watching him get flustered as you kneel in between his legs.

You pull his face, rubbing fingers across the fresh marks.

“She found your marks… on my back.”

“So she hit you?” You ask, quietly.

He pulls your hands away from his face, scrunching up his nose.

“She was drunk, it’s not a big deal.” He shrugs.

You lean back, sitting on your heels.

“Does she do it a lot?” You ask.

He ignores you, leaning back into the couch and closing his eyes.

“I just came here to get some peace & quiet.” He mumbles.

“I’m just trying to see if you’re okay, Yoongi.”

And I am, okay? Leave it alone.

With that you stand up, making your way to your room.

“Whatever, you know where I keep the blankets, I’ll be in my room.”

You go up the stairs and make your way into your bedroom.

You easily settle into your bed, replaying the events that had just happened over and over again.

You couldn’t sleep that night.

The past week it was the same thing.

Yoongi showed up to your doorstep, mumbled about some argument and then voluntarily slept on the couch.

But, tonight he came a little more vulnerable.

His eyelashes were droopy with tears and his nose was red.

He was sitting on your couch, looking down at the floor, not uttering a word.

Yesterday? A bruise on his chest, today? a busted lip.

You just look at him for a good ten minutes.

He finally looks up at you, pulling on your hand and making you straddle him.


“No funny business, I promise.”

He pulls himself up, leaning into your neck, nose tapping your collarbone.

You both stay like that for awhile until you feel a warm wetness sliding onto your shirt.

You try to pull back to see what it was but Yoongi just clings tighter, his fingers digging into your bare back.

“Are you crying?” 

With that simple question he almost bursts into tears. He wasn’t making much noise, but was sniffling and you could feel the odd movement of his breathing from the quiet sobbing. 

He pulls back when he takes control over himself, leaning into the couch and quickly wiping at his eyes.

You hadn’t seen Yoongi cry… like ever.

To be honest, you never wanted to have to see him cry.

Because now you sat in front of him, helpless, wanting to do anything to make him happy.

“Why does she do this to you?” You take one of his hands and rub it to try and get him to talk.

“She’s a very violent drunk… and she’s very insecure about me and her. So she takes it out on me.”

Yoongi was never one to voluntarily fight, and even though he was three times stronger than his petite girlfriend, he would never want to hurt anyone, especially physically, so you knew he would never fight back.

But you wished he would at least push her away.

You tug on his arm, guiding him to your room and shutting the door behind him.

He wasn’t there in the morning.

And you had a feeling he wouldn’t be.

Instead he texted you.

Had to leave or she’d get suspicious.

You sigh out loud, and decide to just wait until he came back that night.

Of course he was there in the night, like you knew he would be; looking his usual self and trying to avoid your judging gaze.

“I’m sorry,” He sighs. “I just can’t leave her.”

“Yoongi, she’s a monster.” You cry out.

“I just need help, I-I’m ready to leave her.. but I don’’t know how. I don’t know what she’ll do.” He bites his lower lip. “I’m scared.”

You stay silent, opting to just comfort him.

“I’ll tell the boys and we can help you.” You mumble into his chest.

You felt his cold hands rubbing your sides before resting one hand on your waist and the other pulling up on your chin.

He presses his lips to yours, first pressing butterfly kisses to your thick lips and then pulling in for a more forceful kiss.

You feel your back press against the wall roughly before Yoongi moves his hand on your waist to your thigh, tilting it to stand inbetween your legs, holding your leg to his waist.

He moves his other hand to your neck, kissing down from your lips to your neck, stopping at your collarbone before beginning to harshly bite at the thin skin.

You had been so caught up that you didn’t realize how wrong it was.

You quickly attempt to pull away before you could sink any further into his touch.

“Yoongi, this isn’t right, isn’t this the reason she doesn’t trust you in the first place?” You mumble, finding it hard to speak with him still kissing your neck. “My marks on your body are the reason this even started.”

You felt horrible. You felt like this was all your fault.

“Nobody ever said I couldn’t put marks on you, shouldn’t people know you’re mine?”

He wasn’t making sense, anymore.

“I’m not yours. That’s the problem.” You rest your head on the wall. “You’re not mine, either.”

“I could change that.”

“It’s too soon, Yoongi. You need to get help first.”

He let go of you instantly.

“If you don’t want to be with me, just say it.

You blink at how quickly his tone turned harsh.

“T-That’s not why I-”

“That’s what it seems like.” 

He pushes himself away from you.

“I’ll see you later.” He grumbles, and you just watch, heartbroken, as he stumbles on his feet, rushing to get out of your apartment.

You hadn’t seen Yoongi in a couple of days, but Taehyung updated you that he was staying in the dorms.

You felt good knowing she wouldn’t be able to hurt him for a long while.

 That feeling was short lived as one day you opened the door to someone you most definitely didn’t want to see.

Im Sue.

Yoongi’s abusive ex-girlfriend.

lmao i tried not to get too deep into this one, but i feel that i did, you guys can message me with what should happen next bc i’m a lil stuck so yeah… this is one small part for my angst week (rlly angst month bc i’ve gone over a week but anyways)

i kind of wanted to do abusive ex-gf bc we often read more about abusive ex-bf’s and i would’ve written that but i like to write things that are a lil more different, i guess

thanks for reading~

Ten Year Wait

Requested: @mrshemmings26 “Luke and his family come visit us in our village because Liz was my mums best friend in high school and they haven’t seen each other in ten years.”

Word Count: idk but it’s fuckin long

“Mom why do you always have to have people over can’t I just get one week to myself?” I whine and give puppy eyes to my mother.  We are pretty much exact opposites, in high school she was constantly going out with friends and she still does to this day. I, on the other hand, despise talking to others outside of work and have a total of two friends (omfg that was a little too close to home). 

“Y/N, she was my very best friend in high school and we haven’t gotten the chance to meet in ten years I believe that is reason for a visit.” She gives me her annoyed voice and I roll my eyes and mumble under my breath. “What was that young lady?” She raises her eyebrows and looks shocked.

“Well if you were such good friends then why haven’t you seen each other in ten years? Can’t have been that good of friends.” She looks at me appalled for questioning her social capabilities and explains that her friend, Liz, I find out is her name has three sons and a job and does not have time or money to just travel across the country on a normal occasion.

“Actually I think she is bringing one of her sons with her since he doesn’t have a job or anything he’d be missing back home. And from what I can remember when we last met he was only a year or two older than you are so maybe you can make a new friend.” I roll my eyes and hop down from the counter to go return to my room and get my silence while I can and then she adds, “Oh yea I told her Luke could have your room so you will be sleeping on the couch.” This was when I decided that this Luke person and I would definitely not be friends.

A few hours later over the sound of my music I hear the dreaded squealing of middle aged women and the opening of our front door. I decide that heading down now and not getting yelled at later for being rude would be in my best interest. I say goodbye to my beloved bedroom for the week and walk down the stairs and am greeted by two blonde Australians. When I look behind the mom I see something I was not expecting at all, a very attractive male that looks like a celebrity I would fangirl over on the internet.

After the two women are done hugging and doing whatever people do when they haven’t seen each other in ten years my mom turns to me, “Y/N come here! This is Liz and her son Luke they will be staying with us for the next week.” I greet them both with the best fake smile I can do. Liz hugs me and Luke and I just kind of awkwardly smile at each other. 

“Y/N why don’t you go show Luke his room for the week so you two can get to know each other?” I give my mom a look and then begin walking back towards the stairs.

I assume the tall boy is following me from the clumsy stomps I hear on the stairs behind me.  I open my door and begin talking without taking a breath, “Welcome to my humble abode the bathroom is through that door, the other door is my closet and if I so much as hear a squeak come from it just know I also keep a pocket knife in my bedside table and I am not afraid to use it, don’t touch my music or movies but you can use the tv if you want.”

He stares at me with raised eyebrows before he interrupts, “You’ve done this before, many times.”

“How’d you guess?” I ask sarcastically as I plop down on my bed before looking up at him waiting for his answer. 

“I dunno you kinda sound like one of those infomercials do you wanna watch a movie while they freak out over each other?” he settles in next to me on the bed and I look at him and shrug, “Why not?”

This was how most of the Hemmings’ stay went, Luke and I watching far too many movies in my room and going on random adventures through town while our moms both caught up on the past ten years. Honestly, mom was wrong about one thing I didn’t end up sleeping on the couch a single time that week.  The first night Luke and I were watching Mean Girls, suggested by me but he seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did and I just happened to fall asleep. We weren’t even cuddling or anything but just sleeping next to the pretty boy brought me so much comfort.

So I made it my mission for the week to somehow fall asleep with him. The first two nights we both fell asleep watching movies and then on the third day I decided he was cool so I wanted to show him my favorite spot. We arrived at the coffee place and he ended up loving it just as much as I do. We spent hours just talking and laughing there until he decided he wanted a tour of town so I took him to all the places that are relevant in my life. I told him about all of my embarrassing stories from high school and about the park I broke my arm in when I was a kid and he listened to all of it.

That night our moms wanted us all to play some cheesy board game together and I’m not gonna lie it was pretty fun with Luke getting frustrated when we all ganged up against him. Anything and everything was fun with Luke, we just fit perfectly from when we first met. When Liz mentioned being tired my mom agreed so they both began to clean up and went upstairs to bed. Luke stayed down a few more minutes to help me finish off the rest of the food and then got up and walked towards the stairs. He turned around and gave me a look, “Aren’t you coming too?” he smirked laughing and began to ran up the stairs. A smile came across my face as I rolled my eyes and got up to go join him.

The fifth day Luke and I decided to try to cook dinner for both of our moms. We decided on spaghetti because that seemed simple enough. We were joking around as usual and Luke looked up at me with a guilty smile and I looked back at him confused and then I felt a slap across my face. My face was covered in red marinara sauce so I grabbed the cup of water I was drinking and poured it over his head in retaliation. We both burst out in laughter when our mothers walked in and freaked out.

 The rest of that night we spent cleaning red off of the floors and walls. “Y/N, you missed a spot.” I looked around for this alleged missed spot and came up with nothing so I turned back to him and was met with a finger dipped in marinara sauce. He booped my nose and his body began to shake in laughter. 

“Very funny Hemmings,” I tried hard not to smile and grabbed a napkin to wipe it off. 

“It’s your fault, your nose was too adorable I couldn’t help it.” I blush because this beautiful person just complimented me and tried hard to convince myself he didn’t mean it.

I felt his hand on my chin pulling me towards him when I looked up and his eyes were on my lips, “I don’t know how I waited this long for you.”

He moved towards my lips but I rested my hands on his chest and pulled back, “what about our mothers they’ll kill us.”

He just smiled at me and said, “Are you kidding they’ll use anything as an excuse to get to see each other again anyways, who cares.” I nodded and leaned back towards him and our lips met. My hands couldn’t help but move towards his hair, so I pulled on it slightly as we made out and he groaned.

 “Babe you’re killing me.” he mumbled against my lips. I giggled at him and pulled his hand up towards my bedroom so we could make out more without being caught. After a few minutes he pulled back and moved my hair away from my face.

 “Can we cuddle tonight please?” he asked me with a pout. I couldn’t help but give him my biggest grin and nod back at him as I pushed him to lay down and got comfy against his chest. 

Part 2?

Best friend watching The Musketeers...The Cardinal appears:
  • Me: 3...2...1...
  • Shannen: Oh. My. Fucking. God! Who the fuck is that?!
  • Me: Who?
  • Shannen: The guy playing the Cardinal.
  • Me: You mean you don't recognise WHO he is?
  • Shannen: No! Omfg, he's fucking gorgeous! I'd do him every day of the week!
  • Me: Oh? Do you need a doctor for this affliction?
  • Shannen: Uh, what? *eyes glued on the Cardinal and drooling*
  • *credits roll*
  • Me: 3...2...
  • Shannen: Omfg it's Peter Capaldi! It's the fucking Doctor!
  • Me: I think you need the Doctor, mate.
  • Shannen: Oh no, I think I need the Cardinal.
  • Me: Yes, my child, you do.
  • Shannen: Fuck you, Susanne.