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Karasuno actors wishing everyone a Happy New Year and hoping for our support in the year ahead.

Second image (Translations of what they are holding)
Takeda-sensei - Karasuno is strong
Ukai - The first sunrise of the New Year
Shimada - The best quality

Third image - Asahi “Even though I look like that, I’m still a high school student.”

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Hey! I’m finally reopening comissions because I need money on a new graphic tablet since mine is dying :”) 

Mail me if you want to commission me, I will give you my paypal and we will discuss all details! My email is, or you can message me on tumblr or twitter if you have questions!

What I will draw: fan art, soft BL/GL/NL, OCs, kemonomimi

I won’t draw: NSFW, furry, mecha, gore, backgrounds

Payment: only via PayPal

I can add a simply bg for 5$ (patterns, abstract shapes, clouds, grass or smth for fullbody’s to stand on etc), I also can charge more if the character has a detailed costume (usually 5-10$) Please, send references! The more references i have, the better (especially for OC’s!!) 

Drawing will take time, so please, be patient! (though I will try my best to draw it as fast as I can) And signal boosts and reblogs are highly appreciated, thank you all for your time ;;;;

Tater has a thing for glasses...

This fanart keeps going across my dash and I can’t stop thinking about Alexei’s reaction the first time he sees Kent in glasses.


It’s morning.  Kent’s wrapped up in giant, warm arms that are surprisingly softer than they look.  His body’s sore, but in the best way, and Alexei’s soft snores are muffled by the pillow.

Kent’s awake now, and there’s no hope of him getting back to sleep.  He thinks he could go running, but honestly curling up on his sofa with Kit and scrolling through his twitter sounds like a better idea.

It takes a minute to extract himself from Alexei’s arms.  It was the first time they’d been able to wake up together, but Kent had a feeling the guy was a cuddler.  He hadn’t been wrong.  Though he had been wrong about how much he was going to like it.  Normally Kent liked his space, but there was something about waking up with a giant body wrapped round him that he thought he could get used to.

Alexei makes a noise of protest, but when Kent tucks him back in and kisses the curls near his temple, he settles back in, and Kent can creep out.  He pauses by the bathroom and thinks, ‘fuck it’.  It’s too early to fuck with his contacts, and he doesn’t usually wear them round the house on weekends.

So he grabs his glasses from their case by the sink, shoves them on his nose, then wanders into the kitchen.

The tiles are sun warm, and Kit’s laying in a stray patch as he turns on the coffee maker, then dumps too much food into her bowl.  She murrs at him, but doesn’t move, and he thinks not for the first time it might be nice to be a cat.

Though if he were, there would have been no chance of giant arms pinning him to the wall, then lifting him, then fucking him within an inch of his life.  And yeah, that had been pretty fucking great.

He could stand to do that a few more times.

The coffee doesn’t take long.  He sets it to warm in case Alexei gets up, pours himself a cup, adds in his honey and cashew milk–don’t ask, it’s a thing–and then flops down onto the sofa.

His phone is only half dead which is pretty good considering.  He’s got a handful of messages in their Aces group chat, mostly consoling each other about the loss against th Sharks.  4-3, it could have been a lot fucking worse, but they’d been the favoured team that night so it stung.

Of course Alexei flying in and waiting naked on Kent’s bed for him hadn’t hurt.  Kent was really really not regretting mailing Alexei that key.

He was halfway through his morning twitter feed–Taylor Swift had just gotten a new kitten so of course he had to reblog and gush–when he heard a noise.  It was like an aborted yawn, and he glanced up to see Alexei by the TV with wide eyes, his mouth halfway open.

“Uh.  Morning.  There’s coffee if you…” he starts, but suddenly his phone is flying out of his hand, and his coffee cup is god knows where–hopefully on the table because fucking hell this is Berber carpet–and Alexei is pinning him to the cushions.

He’s not being kissed though.  Alexei’s just staring, then he takes one finger and traces them just under the arm of his glasses.

“How come you not tell me about this?”

Kent is completely confused.  “Uh.  The couch?  Because you knew about it.  You fucking blew me on it last night.”

Alexei grins slightly, shaking his head.  “I’m not mean couch.  I’m mean…”  He gently touches the bridge of the glasses perched on Kent’s nose.  “You wear this all the time?”

Kent’s brows furrow.  “Uh.  No.  I usually wear contacts but this morning I…” He’s cut off again because this time Alexei is kissing him all hot and dirty.  It’s a little sour from last night, but his tongue is soft and slick and so good.  Kent’s left a little breathless as Alexei pulls back.  “You uh…you got a glasses kink, there, Tater?”

Alexei shrugs.  “Maybe I do.  Maybe is sexiest thing I see on you ever.”

Kent giggles and pushes his face into the crook of Alexei’s neck.  “You’re so weird.”

Alexei sighs happily as he drags his fingers under Kent’s shirt, playing over his abs.  “Maybe.  But you like it.”

Kent pulls back to smile, to look right in Alexei’s eyes as he says, “Yeah.  Yeah, I do.”

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D stans and antis started #RespectDanielleCampbell, after Tammi exposed herself to post from B's ig, Ashley went off on twitter saying B is the BEST 24 y/o mom and tried to trend #RespectBrianaJungwirth someone replied "respect is earned, not asked for" Ashley commented "lol so Danielle earned her respect right 😂👏" then "shut up you know nothing" her response to everything is we know nothing. She's like a little kid in a grown up discussion twitter*com/misfitstylinson/status/816623678171578369

(x) “she’s like a little kid in a grown up discussion” this is some truth! not only her but also briana and the rest of that family though. i’m still so baffled because they legit think they can play their “innocent and private family” game and still go out there and interact/fight with the fandom, fake hacks, advertise various products, etc. that is.. not how it works. please, so many people would have loved that family had they just kept their goddamn mouths shut lmao remember pre-december 2015 when briana didn’t have a social media presence? we were all suspicious because we know hers had been wiped pre-babygate but that was about it. people were barely taking about her (and actually defending her) because it was only the rest of her family spewing bullshit. but she got greedy and wanted in on the nastiness.. to no one’s surprise.

Sounds of Silence

A short Cockles ficlet I wrote when Jensen posted the beautiful picture of his family

Misha swiped the pad of his thumb across the screen again as the black and white image began to fade, bringing it back to full brightness.  He couldn’t tear his eyes away.  He’d seen photos of the twins already, of course.  Jensen had been overwhelmed by tears when he’d called shortly after his son and daughter had been brought into the world, and he’d proudly texted pictures of the babies as every new Dad would.  

There had been many snaps over the holidays. Misha was stunned at how much Zeppelin already resembled his father and how adorable JJ looked, arms curled protectively around sweet Arrow, already very much the loving big sister.  Jensen’s family was beautiful, and Misha couldn’t be happier for his best friend.

The current picture on Misha’s screen though, the one Jensen had shocked Twitter and Instagram with just moments before, had Misha in a state of wonder.  The babies were adorable, JJ was her usual sweet self just gently touching her Daddy’s face, and Danneel was as lovely as ever; but Jensen – Jensen took Misha’s breath away.  As he took in the sparkle that lit up Jensen’s eyes, and the playful smile with just a hint of tongue, Misha could feel the tangible ache for the man he hadn’t seen in weeks.

Without even thinking about it, Misha clicked down to his contacts and scrolled down to Jensen’s picture, pressing call before giving it a second thought.  The phone was ringing before Misha really considered what time it was, or what Jensen might be doing.  Misha wandered across the living room finding himself pacing in front of the couch.

“Hey, Mish,” Jensen answered casually on the second ring.  Misha was relieved that his friend didn’t sound irritated or stressed out.  With three little ones at home, Misha knew time was precious.  

“Jensen.  How badly is your Twitter blowing up?  Has your phone spontaneously combusted yet?”

Misha couldn’t help but smile at the deep throaty laugh that sounded in his ear.  “Wouldn’t know.  As soon as I posted the pic, I closed Twitter and haven’t looked at it since.  Figured I’d wait out the storm before looking at it again.”

“Smart move, Cowboy,” Misha replied, lifting a couple of stray books off the couch cushion before he sank himself down into the worn leather.  It was strangely silent in the house.  West was still at school and Vicki had taken Maison to story hour at the library.  He missed the chaos of the kids’ continual chatter and Vicki’s banter.  He was glad Jensen was on the phone – one less person to miss.  

Misha couldn’t hear anything from Jensen’s end either.  “Seems quiet there.  Babies napping?”  Misha asked, an attempt to disguise the real reason for his call, although he suspected Jensen already knew.  The man could read him almost as well as Vicki.

“Zep’s asleep in the bassinet in the nursery, Danneel and JJ are both crashed in our room, and Ro’s lying in my lap just looking up at me like I’m the most fascinating thing in the universe.”  

Misha could hear Jensen’s voice trail off a little at the end and he could picture the man he loved talking to his baby girl.  He knew how the little one felt because he felt the same way sometimes when he looked at Jensen.

“Well you are pretty funny looking,” Misha joked.

“Oh, look who’s being hilarious.  What do you think, Arrow?  Is Uncle Misha an asshole?”

Misha shook his head and chuckled.  “You better watch your language around your daughter, Jen.  Danni will have your balls for breakfast!”

“I think both of my daughters are just as likely to pick up a potty mouth from their Mommy,” Jensen snorted; quickly switching to a soft shushing as little Arrow began to fuss from the noise and movement.

“What are you up to over there?” Jensen asked quietly.  “I don’t hear a sound.  That’s rare for your place.”

“Nothing really,” Misha sighed.  “Vick’s out with Maison so it’s pretty quiet.  I was going through some emails, taking advantage of the peace and catching up before we head back to set, and I saw your picture come up over Twitter.  It kinda threw me.  Before I knew it you were on the phone.  I barely remember calling you.”  It all sounded so ridiculous when Misha said it out loud.  

“Hey, Mish?” Jensen whispered, clearly Arrow had finally fallen asleep in his arms.

“Yeah?” Misha replied just as quietly.

“I miss you too, baby.  I’m glad you called.”

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though currently unconfirmed: it is speculated (based on hints given by ph shawols and local organizers) that shinee will be one of the next announced groups for the one k global peace concert - which will be held in mania at the sm mall asia arena on march 2nd. for any shawols from the philippines (or countries nearby) that would be interested in attending if confirmed: @shineeworldph is currently putting together a block seating project, to ensure that shawols are seated near each other to ensure the best possible ocean for shinee. a link to both their twitter and more information on the project can be found here

as already said: it has not been officially confirmed but, seeing as local shawols are already putting together fan events for the concert / given how soon it is it would not be a bad idea to be prepared and in the know just in case! if confirmed this will be the first time shinee that shinee has visited the philippines for a performance schedule since the 2013 k-pop republic concert.


This needs more love Voltron fandom

Josh Keaton ‏@joshkeaton

Here’s a story from #SpaceDad on this fine Christmas Eve. “‘Twas The Night We Formed Christmas” @voltron

Notes on an ending.

I’m going inactive until I decide what to do here. It just hurts too much to even think about Carrie right now, let alone sustain a blog that was, in part, about a story that has ended so tragically. I will never understand this. Never. I can only pray that Carrie did not suffer terribly and that she is at peace, and that her beloved ones and those who love her will find their way in her absence as best we can. 

Given the subject of this Tumblr, my thoughts also very much run to Harrison Ford, though of course, it is only one of many tremendous losses I am contemplating with her passing. Please do not @ me to talk shit about Harrison or tell me I’m focusing on the wrong thing or an unworthy topic or that I’m minimizing the loss of Carrie herself in any way, because I damn well know this is but a fraction of her tremendous story and the loss we’re all experiencing (see my Twitter if you need confirmation of that). I’m focusing on this here because this has always been a focus of my blog and I need to address it, even in a small way. If you don’t like it, jump off here and don’t look back.

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Kentarou, the grandson

I always talk on the phone with my grandma
And send her letters
And even though she’s always on my mind, 
In reality, Akita and Tokyo are pretty far away.  
If she gets sick, I can’t go to give her some rice porridge or anything.
Sometimes when I’m troubled, I ask myself more and more often,
Am I being a good grandson to her?  or
If my grandma is healthy, then that’s my one saving grace.

Translated by @nimbus-cloud

I’m still breathless, but holy shit, The Lying Detective was one amazing episode! It’s probably on my top three episodes now. That’s why I love Sherlock so much!

Mrs Hudson was so, so, so amazing. It might be Una Stubbs’ best performance in the series. She was badass AF! Toby Smith was so scary as Culverton Smith, help me! I wouldn’t expect less from him though.

Benedict, wow! Somebody said on Twitter it was his strongest performance ever, and they were so right! God, all the awards to him! I’m so, so proud of him, I can’t believe I’m his fan.

And that’s what I call a plot twist! Can’t wait for the season finale next week!

A compilation of similarities between real skaters and some YOI characters. Part 1

From top left:

Otabek Altin  - Denis Ten
Leo de la Iglesia - a mix between Max AAron and Jason Brown
Jean Jacques Leroy - Patrick Chan
Sara Crispino - Valentina Marchei
Yakov - Alexei Mishin
Emil Nekola - Sergei Voronov (even though he’s russian). 

Then, there’s something I would like  to specify, before some figure skating fan will come here arguing, or on the other side some YOI fan who likes shipping people:

This is made just for fun. It’ s pure speculation, and my point of view. 
I’ve been following figure skating for years, and I think that Yuri!!!On ice is a great way to get new people into the world of this amazing sport.
When I see someone that gets interested in skaters thanks to this anime, I can only feel joy.
I think that similarities are some sort of“easter eggs” for figure skating fans. Wonderful tributes from YOI authors to the best skaters of the world and history. That’s why i like to speculate and discover them.
Some skaters even found a little of themselves in it (For example, Marchei, Martinez and Wagner mentioned it on their instagram and twitter profiles. Edit: Today, 16/12 also Denis Ten!).
So, if skaters are not annoyed by this, I don’t  think that figure skating lovers should be.
Even so, i would like to say to Yuri on Ice fandom: don’t call skaters as “real life x or y”. This is not respectful.
To find references doesn’t mean that a skater is the real life version of your favorite character.
It’s art that pay homage to reality, and not the opposite.

There should be always balance.

By ConvictSasori, a person who is addicted to figure skating, likes japanese animation, likes Yuri On Ice. And yes. Who thinks that Yuri On Ice contains many resemblances to real figure skating, and that there’s nothing wrong about this.
What’s really bugging Trump about Obama
Trump and his closest advisers are bothered by Obama's critical comments and what they see as an effort to undermine the president-elect with last-minute policy changes. By EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE and JOSH DAWSEY

Donald Trump can’t decide whether he thinks the transition of power is going well or not.

But he knows he doesn’t like how much attention Barack Obama is getting and is also bothered by what Trump and his closest advisers see as an active effort to poke the president-elect and undermine the incoming administration with last-minute policy changes on his way out of office, according to two people close to the transition.

And the relationship is likely to get worse in the three weeks until the inauguration: Obama is scheduled to give a farewell address Jan. 10 that is expected to be a recounting of his successes and an inherent contrast with Trump and the administration is rushing to make public a report on Russian hacking during the election that intelligence officials say was done to help Trump, though the president-elect has disputed that entirely.

The president-elect’s latest Twitter attack on Wednesday morning — “Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks. Thought it was going to be a smooth transition - NOT!” — was followed, true to Trump form, six hours later by Trump telling reporters who asked whether the transition was going smoothly, “Oh, I think very, very smoothly. Very good. You don’t think so?“

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Okay, so I guess I wasn’t the only one who had this happen to me?

I just saw a Twitter post on my dash from @POTUS’s ‘President Trump’ with Donald’s fucking evil face in the icon, even though when I went on the profile to unfollow, I was already unfollowed?… like what the fuck?

If he’s gonna force his way onto my Twitter dash and I can’t unfollow him, next best thing is to block (i did). Idk if it’s a simple glitch but it feels sketchy and I don’t like that shit

Here’s another one by megi-san! Be sure to check out her pixiv account if you have one! (The link above by her name) Or check out her twitter! @megi_02. Just a short funny one with a YES/NO pillow. Translated by me. Megi-san is really fun to talk to! I don’t know too much Japanese but she was happy that fans try to message her in Japanese, too! She’s very much a devote Spideypool fan like us!

Though not perfect, I try to translate them to the best of my capabilities!

This is read right to left. That’s all, enjoy! 

Screaming from the Dr’s room

A smut request where Gerard is a gynaecologist, and things go a bit better than you expected.

Staring down at the multiple tweets that didn’t interest you, you switched to another app to try and find something interesting that would fill your waiting time. Sure, you could just do things the old fashioned way and not have to have your eyes glued to the screen of your phone; but you didn’t feel comfortable enough to do that. You were at the doctors to get your pelvic examination done, nothing had been worrying you, but it’s always best to get checked out. You’d rather a bit of awkwardness  instead of being surprised with some kind of STI. Even though you knew it was a perfectly normal thing to get done, you didn’t really want to look around at the other people in the room, who would make it obvious that they were judging you.

After scrolling through twitter, facebook and tumblr five more times, you heard a little beep, as your name appeared on the screen in the waiting room. Putting your phone away, you walked towards the doctors room. You weren’t going to lie, you were a little nervous, you’d never been to one of these things before, so you didn’t really know what to expect. Your legs went wobbly beneath you, and you could tell that anything would set your cheeks alight, even if you got the tiniest bit embarrassed. Knocking on the door you took a death breath in, closed your eyes, entering when called by the doctor. You were met with a peculiar man, or at least peculiar for a doctor. A man in a blue suit stood in front of you, with crazy flame red hair. Well this certainly wasn’t what you were expecting. You expected maybe a fat middle aged man who hated his job, or a judgemental women in her 20’s who seriously regretted her life decisions. Instead this man introduced himself as Dr. Way, and seemed friendly and alert, not to mention… attractive. You sat down, placing your rucksack on the floor, thumbling with the strap whilst avoiding eye contact.

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Rant time:

So, I just watched the video of Josh falling into the crowd on Twitter and it actually really upset me. I don’t usually post about this sort of thing but what i saw in a matter of 15 seconds just really got under my skin. 

For one, it didn’t look like he was being held up very well, which Tyler just tweeted a few days ago about this. Not having your phones out while they’re in the crowd. To support them. I know that for some people it was probably a little difficult. And even though it may have been an accident, it also could have been prevented. But what really got me upset was once he fell everyone swarmed and started grabbing at him. Groping would probably be a better word. Grabbing at his butt and I’m sure some people grabbed at his stuff too. Someone pulled at his pants, I even saw someone grab a fistful of his hair. 

I get that everyone was excited and in the moment but that is no excuse to grab at someone like that. I mean, pulling his hair? Really? Did no one think that it probably hurt? Did they also forget that Josh has anxiety, and no one cared to make sure he was okay. I can’t imagine how he felt during that moment and after. He probably felt super uncomfortable having a bunch of (I’m assuming) teenagers grabbing at his butt and at his junk. Personally, I would feel really violated if that happened to me. 

My point being is that if this were to ever happened again try and help instead of harass and grab them. I’m sure it would be difficult to help but it would be a lot easier to at least try. They’re people just like us and deserved to be treated like everyone else. It’s already bad enough that there are so many younger fans calling them “Daddy” and saying a bunch of vulgar things to them or about them. I get that you find them attractive, because so do I. But please don’t grab at them and say stuff like that to them. It’s just disrespectful. These are two people you look up to and idolize, don’t treat treat them like that. And what’s really sad is that this is the second time this has happened.

And this really goes for any artist you’re seeing. Have respect for them. Stop sexualizing them. They’re not objects, they are people with feelings that more than likely don’t want to be grabbed at. Or have those sorts of things yelled at them or tweeted to them or whatever. I honestly cannot stress that enough. 

I just really hope that this doesn’t make them stop doing things in the crowd, because I’ve never seen them before and that is one of the things I’m most excited about. I’d really hate for that to get ruined by people that don’t know how to act. But more importantly, I hope that Josh is okay.