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Little Witch (Part 2)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 1 563

Summary: The reader is raised by Hydra but manages to escape after they kill her parents. She is emotionally unstable and can’t control her powers. The Avengers rescue her and give her everything she missed form life and wanted to feel. But would her new found love be enough to extinguish her desire for revenge? What would be the side she would choose to rely on? Will she be ready to face the real her?

A/N: I cannot believe so many people liked Little witch. You guys made me so happy. After posting the story I went to bed and was really surprised in the morning when i saw that there were already 270 notes, 10 messages and 70 new followers. I’m amazed. You are awesome! ♥ I did my best to write this part and i know it may be a little boring but i promise the next ones (of course, if you want me to post them) to be more interesting. Please let me know what you think and if you would like to write from someone’s P.O.V. Enjoy ♥ (and sorry for the mistakes) 

Part 1

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All the avengers except Wanda and Bruce were now standing in front of the small medical center Tony had created a few months ago for situations like this. Through the transparent Plexiglas which was used as a wall, the heroes were looking at their new visitor. Wanda was inside with Dr. Banner, who was trying to find out and heal the wounds on the girl’s body.

“So what’s her name?”, Tony suddenly asked.

The whole group looked at Steve and Clint waiting for an answer. Since they came back, the girl was directly transported to the medical room, while the others were standing in the dark about what was going on.  

“She didn’t say it.”, Steve answered simply without moving his eyes from the girl inside.

“What exactly happened?”, Tony was eager to get at least some information.

“Yeah, the son of Col didn’t say anything about bringing a girl here.”

There was silent for a minute and when Clint saw Steve wouldn’t tell anything due to being sunk deep in his thoughts again, he recounted the story.

After the girl had recognized the American hero – Captain America, she gave them a chance to speak why they were here and what were they exactly doing. Wanda was the one who had talked most maybe because she knew how the girl was feeling at that moment.

“We are not Hydra’s agents. I know you are scared, probably frightened to death, but we just want to help you. ”, Wanda had spoken softly.

“How did you find me?”

“We have some sources that let us know when someone is in danger. There’s nothing you can be suspicious of. Come with us, we will give you food, clothes…answers.”, Steve had succeeded in attracting her attention.

“I-”, the girl had been glancing at the faces of each hero standing in front of her seeing the pure sincerity in their eyes. She hardly had come with a decision.

“If you don’t like us or feel threatened you can go, but give us a chance. We won’t let you down, I promise.”, with those words spoken from the brown-haired witch, who the girl began liking since the beginning, the little witch had accepted their offer still slightly suspicious.

“Through the whole flight Wanda was the only one who talked with her. I think she is the one who the girl trusts.”, Clint noted as he finished the story.

“Can we trust her?”, Nat questioned, “I mean, she is powerful, that can be seen, but what if it’s a Hydra’s way to get in here and collect important information about us, S.H.I.E.L.D?”

“I do not think so.”, Peter finally interfered with the conversation. He, as Steve, hadn’t stopped looking at the girl they found alone in the deep woods hours ago, “If you had seen her face when we came…”, her (y/e/c), full with tears and at the same time with rage appeared in front of him, “I have no clue what they did to her but it’s definitely not good.”

“I have the same opinion. We know what Hydra can do to their experiments. I saw what they have done to Bucky. It won’t surprise me if she had gone through the same.”

“Mr. Stark, I found the girl.”, Jarvis’ voice sounded through the corridor they were all standing in.

“You made him check her?!”

“Of course, Clint. I want to know who is coming in the base.”, Tony declared and then spoken to Jarvis, “What did you find out?”

“It was hard given the fact that her face hasn’t been seen by any camera in the world since ten years ago. However, I managed to do my job. Her name is (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N). At the age of seven she was kidnapped from her parents as they were on a vacation in Russia. Strangely, it seems the parents weren’t that eager to find her. They ended the seeking after a year. ”

At the same time in the medical room, Bruce and Wanda were trying to understand more about (Y/N)’s conditional and powers.

“So you are a witch, too?”, (Y/n) asked as her eyes widened from happiness.

“Yes, (Y/n), I am, just like you.”

“How did you become? You were born with it or?”

“Sadly, my powers aren’t natural. I got them the same as you – Hydra gave them to me. ”, Wanda was sitting opposite the girl, while Bruce was doing his job, “Some years ago, me and my brother, Pietro, were taken my Hydra so they could do tests on us.”

“And what were they doing to you?”

“They used something like a scepter and did different things to examine our powers. That’s all I remember.”, Wanda gave a smile to this little girl who had probably went through the same as her.

“So your stay there was like a holiday in comparison with mine.”, the girl stated with a bitterness in her voice.

“Was it that bad?”, Bruce spoke for the first time since he came there to observe the girl, “We have seen what Hydra have done to some people, but-”

“But you can never imagine or feel what they did to me so don’t act as though you had a clue how they tortured me.”

“I-I am sorry, I didn’t mean to-”, Bruce began apologizing but the girl stopped him.

“I see you’re trying to make me feel comfortable and so on but there’s no need to exaggerate.”, the girl’s stomach groaned and she hurried to put her hands over it to silence the sound.

“How can I be so stupid?! We are here from hours and you haven’t eaten anything in days and we still haven’t given you water or something to eat. I’m coming in minutes.”, Wanda was almost out of the room when she turned around, “Do you want anything specific or whatever I bring?”

“Whatever you bring.”, the girl answered but Wanda had already used her powers to see what the girl longed for to eat.

Bruce and (Y/n) stayed in silence until the doctor decided to ruin it by asking a simple question.

“Do you know what powers you have?”

“No and I don’t even know how to control them.”

“We can befriend you to learn how to cope with them. ”, the girl was about to say something but Bruce hurried to finish, “I do know how hard it can be, if you’re wondering. I have some ‘angry issues’ as Stark tends to say. When I am angry I turn into a big green monster-”

“Hulk.”, (Y/n) stated calmly as she remembered a part of a conversation, she heard years ago.

“Yes, Hulk. If I do not control it, I would kill the people I love without having a clue or regretting about it.”

Seeing how hard it was for that man to cope with his behavior and the terrified expression that appeared on his face just because of the thought of murdering his friends was enough to show her that each one of the superheroes here had gone through so dreadful situations. It showed her that she wasn’t alone anymore and that she can trust them. They will help her to recover, to control and maybe give her the family she lost ten years ago.

“Will you teach me?”, a smile spread on Bruce’s face as he murmured a positive answer.

The door opened and Wanda entered holding a tray with food.

“I hope you don’t mind inviting the others.”, seven people followed the witch in the room.

“Hello.”, the girl gave them a small smile and wave.

“I am Natasha but you can call me Nat.”, a read-head woman spoke, “Here are some clean clothes you can put on after you -”, but before Natasha had finished her sentence the girl had attacked the food.

There was a huge burger with French fries and curry sauce. She took a big bite and barely managed to chew it before taking another one.

“Sorry, ju’t úngry .”

While (Y/n) was eating the heroes introduced themselves to her. She knew some of them given the fact they had ruined some of Hydra’s experiments and bases but not their personal names. She liked them all, maybe Tony was too cocky but she did like ‘em all.

“You’d probably want to rest and recover but I have to ask you some questions. Do you mind?”, Stark didn’t want to scare the girl but he did needed answers.

“Let her at least take a shower before overwhelming her with your queries.”, when Peter stated his opinion the girl looked at him with a thankful smile. He blushed a little but tried not to break an eye contact. Even in those ripped and dirty clothes, and the messy (y/h/c) he could see the beauty in her. Something in her eyes was pulling him closer. He wanted to understand what had happened to her, what had broken her in such a way and revenge.

“Peter, show her the bathroom. We will wait you in the living room.”, and with that the avengers exited the room leaving the two teenagers inside.

“So, Peter…”, the way (Y/n) pronounced his name, as thought tasting it, feeling how it would sound, created a strange feeling in Peter’s stomach, “Where can I clean myself?”, a smirked appeared on the girl’s face as she saw the blushing boy opposite her.

Part 3

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Baby Logan - Wolverine x Reader

Summary : You have to tell Logan you’re pregnant, and that of course, it’s his. You’re terrified he won’t take it well…

This is part of some sort of a serie, where the reader is afraid to announce their pregnancy. Here’s the one I made for Captain America : Baby Rogers, and the one for Batman : Baby Wayne. Also, slightly NSFW, and sorry if it’s a bit crap, I just have so much trouble writing good things lately ! : 

(My masterlist blog here :


It was Storm’s 40th birthday party, and you were probably the only person present, along with Logan, that wasn’t drunk. Logan because his healing factor prevented him from getting drunk too long, and you because….

-You’re not drinking (Y/N) ? 

Ororo. The queen of the party. She was drunk since 4 in the afternoon, and was the most hilarious one ever. She kept trying to make sure everyone was having a good time, and unintentionally buzzing them with a small and weak lightning coming out of her fingers. Right now, she was afraid you weren’t having fun…

-You always drink, why are you not now ? Hahaha are you pregnant ? 

You don’t answer and look away. She stares at you, and it hits her. 

-Wait you are ?! 

-Shut up I didn’t tell Logan yet..


-No really, shut up ‘Ro ! 



She looks at you and, in her drunken state, suddenly understand what you just meant. From the corner of your eyes, you make sure Logan didn’t pay attention to what just happened, but he’s in a conversation with a very drunk Nightcrawler, and seem to have the time of his life listening to your blue friend’s Bible stories…Drunk Bible stories. He didn’t notice anything. Thanks God. Storm comes close to you and whisper : 

-Sorry. You didn’t tell him ? 

-I’ve only known for a day…or two…Ok I’ve known for two month. 


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The Lucky One Pt 7 (Bucky x reader)

Characters: reader, James (Bucky), Caleb (oc), Margaret (oc), Kevin (oc)

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Warnings: Angst and a lot of explanation, ya’ll. :) Mentions of violence, death, and a tiny bit of self-harm.

Word Count: 4.8K

Y/N: Oof. This was a doozy to write, my dears. I hope you wanted some answers, cause you got ‘em. I kept it as canon as possible but forgive me if I stray a little. I adore you guys. Thank you for the love and support for this story. There’s at least 2 more parts coming! Whoo! :)

<<<Part 6    Part 7    Part 8>>> Coming Monday 27 Nov, 3pm EST

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James hyperventilated a moment, rubbing a jittery hand over his face as he turned away.

“I’ll ask you one last time, where did you get my grandfather’s photograph?” you said, seething.

He whirled toward you quickly, startling you as he blurted out his response.

“Because he gave it to me!”


Stumbling backwards in shock, James’ words struck you like a punch to the gut.

“Wh—what did you just say?” you whispered, so sure you were hearing things.

He hung his head, refusing to meet your eye. “Your grandfather. He gave me that photograph.”

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Too Late

Summary: When Steve leaves you for another woman, it tears you apart, but Steve might feel the same way. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: The request got lost somewhere, but the person asked for an angsty/motivational story. I hope this satisfied whoever requested it. Happy reading! 

The day you met Steve was unlike any other. He had been so kind enough to pretend to be your boyfriend to scare off the man who kept staring at you the entire night, and the both of you eventually ended up hanging out until the sun was about to rise. From then on, you and Steve had become inseparable. 

You knew he was Captain America. Not many people realise it when they meet Steve, granted they all think he’s dead, but you weren’t one of them. You hadn’t said anything, though, afraid he would think of you as some fangirl who only wanted to get to know him because he was a legend. You hadn’t told him that you were a big fan of his work until you got to know him. Steve laughed it off, thinking it was the funniest thing in the world. Since then, nothing has become in between the both of you. He didn’t bring you to the tower a lot, wanting to keep his work life and his personal life separate, but when he did, the other Avengers made sure to get a good look at you. 

They didn’t tell you, but they admired your kindness and your willingness to get to know Steve. It had been tough getting used to the new century and you were there to help him adjust. They loved that you made him happy and they loved that he always came into work with a smile. You were their own version of normality, too, as always happy to hear the every day tasks you did as a non-Avenger.

Writing songs and poems had been a big part of your life for a while, but you fell off the wagon. You weren’t sure what hit you, but your life began to change before you and Steve met. Your friends were no longer people you trusted, your family was all the way across the country, and you didn’t find any motivation to write. That had been the breaking point and you frequently visited bars to get you mind off of things. 

However, Steve brought you out of that funk and you found yourself in love with writing once again. You filled your notebook with thoughts for poems and songs, and wanted to surprise Steve one day with all of the things you had said throughout the time you’ve been dating. 

But that joyful feeling came to an end. 

You sensed something was off when Steve stopped swinging by your apartment. He called and texted you less and less, and started to leave you one word answers of short replies whenever you did. You didn’t see him much anymore and assumed work was taking a toll on him. You didn’t pressure him to talk about it, but you constantly reminded him that you were there to listen if he ever felt like talking. But, that wasn’t the case. 

You sat in your apartment and heard someone knock on the door. You opened it and your best friend, Kelsey, stood outside, looking extremely distraught. 

“Y/N…,” she trailed. 

“What is it?” you said, anxious because she looked anxious. “Are you okay?” Kelsey sighed. 

“I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a complete asshole. It’s just that I don’t want anything to get in between us and I just need to say it.” Kelsey took a deep breath and you crossed your arms, waiting. 

“I’m in love with Steve,” she blurted out after trying to compose herself. “We ran into each other one day and I figured I’d try to get to know him because he means so much to you. We started hanging out more and one thing led to another, and we kissed. I’m sorry, Y/N. Steve said he wanted to talk to you, but I needed to as well.” 

You stood in shock and didn’t know what to say. How could two people you trusted with your life do something to hurt you, unintentionally or not? Steve, the love of your life had pressed his lips against another woman. Kelsey seemed to be torn apart too and desperately tried to get you attention. 

“Oh,” you said. “Well, who am I to get in the way of love?” you asked with a croak in your voice. Kelsey smiled sadly at you and reached for a hug. You awkwardly patted her shoulders until she let go. 

“I don’t want this to ruin things between us, though,” she said. Her phone’s alarm rang and she looked at you. “I’m sorry, I have to go. Talk soon?” You nodded, not trusting yourself to speak without yelling unkind words. 

Hours passed by and you constantly asked yourself why you weren’t good enough. The man who had pulled you out of thinking this way was the person responsible for putting you back on this mindset. Were you too boring? Were you not happy enough? Did he think it was a struggle to listen to you talk about your passions and struggles all the time? 

You hadn’t cried yet and that worried you. You felt numb, not sad or angry. You hadn’t moved from the couch since Kelsey left and you started at the blank TV screen, replaying the moments right before Steve had made less effort in your relationship. 

There was knocking on the door again and you assumed it was Steve. 

“Y/N, we need to talk,” he said, looking at you. You gulped and nodded, letting him in. 

“What do you want to talk about?” you asked in a small voice, fully knowing where this conversation was going. 

“To put it simply, I met someone else,” he said, averting his gaze to the floor. “I know it sounds terrible, and it is, but I feel like we lost that spark between us. I don’t want string you along because that would make me the biggest asshole.” As if you weren’t already the biggest asshole, you thought to yourself. 

“Well, I don’t want to stand in the way of the person you love,” you said, gritting to your teeth. You thought about cussing him out, but it’s no use. You were tired, you wanted to be alone, and yelling at Steve wouldn’t make you feel any better. 

“Uh, thanks. I hope we can still be friends?” Friends. This line was the line you dreaded. All of your ex-boyfriends had said this line to you and you knew you would never speak to Steve again. You hated that you weren’t speaking up to fight for him, but why would you fight for someone who didn’t want to be fought for? You could see Steve’s interest somewhere else and you swallowed your pride, wanting this moment to be over.

“Yeah, sure,” you said. Steve awkwardly smiled at you and walked towards the door. 

“See you around, Y/N.” 

You hadn’t. 

Back at the tower, it had been weeks since the Avengers saw you and they were wondering where you had run off to. It was unusual that Steve had stopped talking about you and stopped bringing you by. Tony, especially, liked having you around because he thought you had the most eloquent way of talking. Natasha liked your wit, too, and was genuinely upset that you weren’t around. They started to ask Steve, who kept saying you were busy. Between missions and reports, the team accepted his answer and didn’t think twice. 

But one day, Steve brought Kelsey to the compound with his arm around her waist and kissed her lips in front of everybody. 

“Uh, Steve? That’s not Y/N,” Tony pointed out. Kelsey felt embarrassed and Steve looked at Tony. 

“This is Kelsey, my girlfriend,” he uttered. Tony cocked his head. 

“But Y/N -”

“Y/N and I broke things off a long while ago. It was the right time to do so, Tony. I didn’t feel the spark anymore. I’ve found it with Kelsey,” he said, grinning at the girl draped in his arms. Tony watched at the two kissed and felt disgusted. Steve chose to leave you for another woman and that probably meant he’d never see you again. 

The other Avengers learned about the break up and about his new girlfriend. They didn’t like her very much, but granted it was because they thought you and Steve were the couple who would grow old together and live the happiest life. None of them liked when Kelsey was in the compound. She felt like an intruder, but they couldn’t say anything. They were nauseated because they were so used to you being around, cracking jokes and talking to them like they were people who you’d meet on the street. Kelsey seemed to only think of them as superheroes and didn’t bother to get to know them beyond their suits. 

You, on the other hand, were a mess. You cried yourself to sleep and you cried when you woke up. You only left your apartment when you needed to, and despite having friends who supported you, it didn’t feel like they were helping much. Diana Prince, or Wonder Woman, had heard of this breakup through Wanda and gave you her support and words of encouragement. Diana had a soft spot for you after the two of you met at one of Tony’s parties and she wanted to get to know you more, but it never seemed to blossom with her being away all the time for her day job and her night job. 

“Men are not worthy of you if they make you cry,” she had said, rubbing the upper portion of your back. “Steve is just another man in this big world and I’m positive you will find your happiness once again.” 

You sniffled and nodded, blowing your nose. “You’re right. I’m done crying over somebody who doesn’t give a damn about me.” Diana’s words had uplifted your spirits and she helped you regain your smile. 

What you didn’t count on was losing your notebook filled with your poems and songs. It was sacred to you and you wanted to expand on your thoughts. You figured the first step to getting over Steve was to face the fact that you were happy together, but now you were to individuals with different goals. You flipped your house upside down before deciding to visit the tower to ask Steve if he had it. 

You swallowed as you approached the front desk. This was the last place you wanted to be, but writing was so important to you and you couldn’t reproduce everything you had already written. 

“Do you have an appointment?” the secretary asked. 

“Oh, uh, no. I’m Y/N Y/L/N and I was just hoping to find something that was mine. I think I left it in the Avenger compound.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t let you in without an appointment. That area is strictly off limits unless accompanied by one of them or if you have a badge.” You sighed and began to walk out the door when you heard Tony shout. 

“Y/N, wait!” You turned around and saw him running towards you. 

“Tony,” you breathed, looking at him.

“Hey, kiddo,” he said, engulfing you in a hug, but let go soon after. “Sorry, I know it must be weird, I just missed you and -” but you cut him off and wrapped your arms around him. 

“I missed you too, you big goof,” you said. “I think I lost my notebook and I’d really like to find it. This is the only place I haven’t looked.” Tony led you to the elevators and happily let you up. 

The compound was exactly as you remembered it. The stain in the middle of the couch was still there, Sam’s ridiculous lamp stood by the balcony, and the notch that Natasha had put into the wall by accident was still right above the photo of Tony and Pepper. 

“Y/N!” Bucky said when he saw you. You grinned and waved at him. The entire group was lounging around and perked up when Bucky said you name.

“It’s nice to see you guys,” you said. “Is Steve around? I lost my notebook and I kind of need it back.” 

“Sure, let me get him,” Bucky said. He grunted when he realised he’d have to see Steve and Kelsey together.

Steve came out with your notebook and tried to make it as normal as possible. “Is this it?” he asked. “I found it in the corner of my room and thought it was mine.” You flipped through the pages and nodded. “I didn’t want to look into it in case there was something personal.” 

Ah, the ever so caring Steve. There he was, staring back at you, and you felt as if you might accidentally blurt out you still liked him.

“Thanks. Can’t really reproduce these.” You both laughed awkwardly. 

“What’s in it? If you don’t mind me asking.” 

“Just a bunch of stuff I’ve written. You got me back into writing and I’ve written a lot of things since, uh, well, you know.” 

“Since we dated?” you cringed. The wound was still so fresh. 

“Yeah, that. I should go. Thanks for keeping it,” you said before nodding at Steve and the team behind him. You turned to walk to the elevator and Wanda spoke up. 

“We’ll see you around, right?” she asked, her eyes becoming sadder. She knew the answer, but she wanted to be comforted. 

“Of course,” you croaked. 

“What would we do without you, right?” Clint joked. “I mean, I wouldn’t want Budapest to be broadcasted all over the world.” You chuckled and Natasha joined in. They had been so kind to share their Budapest story with you. It was the only inside joke you shared with the Avengers. 

“Budapest stays a secret. See you ‘round, guys.” You gave one last final wave before leaving.

As the year progressed, you landed a job where you wrote songs for the biggest artists in the music industry until people found out you could sing. In no time at all, you were given a record deal and everyone in the world knew your name. 

You hadn’t thought much about Steve and when you did, it didn’t hurt you at all. You accept that he moved on and you had to as well. Soon enough, your music played everywhere and your face was on billboards. Steve had noticed this too and was happy you moved on, but his heart tugged every time he heard you on the radio and every time he saw a promotional poster for your anticipated album.

“She’s going so well for herself,” Bucky commented. Steve tucked his hands in his jean pockets and looked at the ground. 

“Uh, yeah. Good for her.” 

“You okay?” 

“Yeah, I am. It’s good that she’s chasing her dreams.” 

As the day progressed, the team and Kelsey were hugely around the TV, watching E! Entertainment. They made it a joke - they’d always try to see what the media said about them and make fun of them later. What they didn’t anticipate was seeing you on the screen.

“Y/N!” the host exclaimed. “Tell us more about these two singles you released. The world is going nuts over them and everyone knows your name.” The team watched as you laughed.

“I’m happy they’re doing well. It’s sweet, whenever I meet fans, they always tell me how it’s so relatable and that they’re happy someone understands them.”

“What are these songs about?” 

“The first single I released was actually about an ex-boyfriend of mine. I wrote it when were were together and I thought about the things I loved about him most. I really wanted to emphasise how much he had helped me become a better person, basically.” 

The team smiled, but at the same time felt sad that you hadn’t gotten the chance to tell Steve this. Kelsey was jealous that her ex-best friend was achieving her goal, and Steve shifted in his seat, both slightly uncomfortable yet curious as to what you were going to say. 

“And the second single?” 

“It started out with me furiously writing about how much I hated my ex. In reality, I don’t. He’s a good person, really. But the song turned from writing about all the things I didn’t say to a self-help guide. I wanted to make myself feel better and I’m happy that other people are embracing themselves instead of focusing on someone who won’t love them back.” 

Steve winced and he felt his heart fall to the bottom of his chest. Had you really suffered? He hadn’t noticed because he was spending too much time with Kelsey. 

“Three of the songs on my album focus on the relationship I had with this person,” you began. “I lost my will to write for a while, but got back into it, and now I feel like it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

“If you could say something to your ex, what would it be?” 

The team watched as you pondered your answer, eager to know what you were going to say. 

“I’d tell him that I’m happy with my life now and that he should keep doing the things that make him happy too. He’s a nice guy, really, so I’d tell him to keep being true to his heart because that got me to take the leap of faith and land a record deal.” The interviewer laughed at the joke you made and the team smiled. The show turned into a commercial and Tony spoke up. 

“I’m so proud of her,” he said. 

“Me too,” Wanda added. “She’s already nominated for six Grammys this year.” 

“Holy shit, that’s a lot,” Sam added. 

“Not to mention her album isn’t even out yet,” Natasha said. 

Kelsey tried to block them out and held onto Steve like he was her lifeline. Steve felt like his whole world was crashing down and wondered if leaving you was the right decision. At first, Steve thought you and him weren’t meant to be and that you didn’t love him either, because you had been so nonchalant when be broke up with you. Now he realised you hadn’t cried or yelled at him because you didn’t see the point in fighting for him when he said he committed himself to someone else. 

“Steve?” Kelsey whispered. “I think I’m gonna go back to my place for the night. I’m a little uncomfortable.” Steve nodded and watched her walk out the door. The team was immersed in their own conversation about your success. 

“I want to design her stage and the lighting,” Tony said. 

“I could be her body guard and security,” Natasha added. 

“Oh, me too! I’d beat up any fan that stalks her,” Bucky said. 

Everyone laughed. Steve stood around and tried to genuinely laugh at their jokes, but he wondered if leaving you was the right choice. He had heard your songs on the radio, but he didn’t know they were about him. Steve often thought about the person you wrote them for and wondered if you met someone else, but now that he knew you loved him and felt like you had nothing when he left, he felt so guilty. He had pushed away someone who genuinely loved him for Steve Rogers, not Captain America. Kelsey was great, but not as great as you. Steve had deciphered that for himself when he heard you say you got over him with his own ears. 

But it was too late. He hadn’t seen you since the day you came to find your notebook and Steve wished he could’ve read all the things you wrote about him. That night, he sat in his room and wondered if his love life was doomed because he let go of someone who cared about who he was inside. 

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Quit Beating Me Up!

Request: Hi! Can I request a Peter Parker imagine with the prompts “Stay Awake” and “Quit beating me up?” (I know those two imply that it will end sad, but can you make it not sad but instead just fluffy?) Thank you so much!!!!!!!! I love your writing!

Summary: Peter’s jet lag from flying home from Germany is keeping him up, and ultimately you too. 

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Nothing beats the comfort of your own bed, especially after a long, exhausting day on your feet which you just had. As soon as your head hit the pillow, you couldn’t keep your eyes open any longer, even when you heard your window open and shut. 

Peter, having just returned home from Germany, and giddy with excitement and anticipation to tell you about his over seas mission, just couldn’t wait till morning to see you. So here he was standing over your sleeping figure, facing away from him, nearly jumping up and down, trying to figure out a way to wake you up that wouldn’t get him punched in the face.

You could hear what was happening in your bedroom, but only thought of it as a dream in your drowsy daze. You felt a cold hand clutch your shoulder gently, “Y/n, Y/n wake up,” you groaned in response, “Please. C’mon I have so much to tell youuu,” 

Hearing Peter’s voice pulled you out of your slumber. Agitated now that you know Peter’s in your room, you swatted the hand away, and pulled the covers over your head, curling into a ball.

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Home, Part One

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: mild language, fluff. about 3k.

A/N: This will be two parts with a possible epilogue. Wanted to thank @thebeasthasentered for reading my first draft and giving me some really helpful feedback. 

Summary: Your best friend in the whole  galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?  

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3   Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10    Part 11  Part 12 Epilogue

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From the Wreckage

summary: You and Bucky have been dating for a couple of years now. Lately, he has become extremely distant. You worry that the end of your relationship is in sight. - requested by anon. (want to make a request?)

words: 2,912

contains: angst? but it turns fluffy!  


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I was losing him, and I didn’t know why, or how to stop it.

 I met Bucky about six months after he was accused of the bombings in Vienna. He had been all over the news – people debating whether or not the Winter Soldier was a criminal. People demanded he and Captain America be charged with treason, terrorism, basically anything they could think of that had even the slimmest chance of sticking. It was a debate that took over news channels for months and months. People wanted so-called justice, but no one could find Captain Rogers or his team.

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The Beetle incident.


Whether or not Dan had heard his scream from downstairs was debatable. 

Whether he had discerned Phil’s wet feet pounding on the staircase was probable; but witnessing his red faced, butt-naked boyfriend pointing a trembling accusatory finger upstairs was unavoidable. 

The hand towel clutched over his Phil’s genitals to preserve his modesty was completely in vain, though somehow Dan didn’t think Phil would appreciate him pointing that out.

Ao3: ^.^

word count: 3,884

warnings: FLUFF like hell lotta fluff

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Weekend At Happy’s

Too Young to Be Super, Too Smart Not to Be: Chapter One | Chapter Two

Paring: Tony Stark & Child!Reader

Tags: female reader, child reader, set during and after Captain America: Civil War, childhood, divorce, feels, angst, fluff. 

Summary: You’re the child of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, and everyone is away doing adult things without you. All you want is someone to play dolls with.

Word Count: 1,717

Current Date: 2017-07-12

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anonymous asked:

Any recs for the best frostiron aus? Bonus for lots of fluff or hurt/comfort :)

sdfghjk i know for a fact that this ask has been in my inbox/drafts for over a month and!! anon!!! im really fucking sorry!!! i hope you see this

now, these are some of the more notable and favored aus that i have within the first few pages of my bookmarks on ao3, i didnt poll ppl on their fave aus, so, yeah. i did try to find fluffy or h/c ones in particular tho, so i hope these are enjoyable.
also its really very late for me so im just gona give titles, author/ratings/warnings, and summaries again.

Part of Your World- sombified419, T, Chose No Warnings
Tony hates business meets - HATES them - but he owed Pepper and off they went to Cuba. It was totally worth it, though, when a secluded walk on the beach led him to the love of his life. He couldn’t have been happier - even with the slight problem of getting said love back to New York. Loki was primarily a swimmer, after all.

Dollars to Donuts- flailingmuse, T, No Warnings
Tony texts Loki offering money for Loki to be his personal takeout guy. It’s weird, but so is Tony, and Loki is strapped for cash. The arrangement becomes something more when Tony changes the script and asks him for something else – a favour.

1001 Tales of Once Upon a Time- lucius_complex, T, Chose No Warnings (Slight DubCon at one point, bc of soe noncon-ish kissing.)
He could almost feel Steve’s stare burning a hole through his head. ‘I don’t understand Tony, what can you possibly do out of your suit that we haven’t already tried?‘
It’s Widow that puts it together first. ‘It’s not what. It’s who.’

Borrowed Heat- usedupshiver, T, No Warnings
No, Tony isn’t pleased about the fact that Loki is now a part of the Avengers. He can’t really forgive, he definitely can’t trust, but team is team so he does his best to deal with it. When a magical mishap turns Loki into a dragon – of all things! – it’s for some reason still Tony he seeks out for help and protection. So now Tony is stuck with a clingy and demanding dragon for company, until things can hopefully be set right.
The rest of the Avengers are not amused, but getting to know Loki in this new skin is letting Tony see the team trickster in a different light. Maybe he’s really not all bad?

Lead Me Not into Temptation; I Can Find the Way Myself- Like_a_Hurricane, Not Rated, Chose No Warnings
When something ripped a hole in time and space, flavored with a hint of death, shards of the machinations responsible for it fell into the distortion. One shard did land on earth, and Tony nicked it from a friend’s lab. The event that followed led someone to him, god or devil, possibly both, who found the mad inventor half-dead in a cave tearing palladium out of missiles. The god or devil, Loki of Asgard, eventually offered him a deal. From there temptation, damnation, and lack of any care for redemption, began to weave tangled webs around both parties, complicating matters considerably.

To Be Your Equal- usedupshiver, M, No Warnings
Growing up an unwanted orphan, to become an outsider with strange powers, Loki wishes for nothing more than to find a place and a purpose in life. When he is hired to help the rather mysterious Mr. Edward Stark with his just as mysterious work, he hopes to have found both.
But nothing is ever easy, and even as Loki finds himself drawn to Stark, there might simply be too many things keeping them apart. Loki must decide what he is willing to sacrifice, and what means too much to ever give up…
(A word of warning, there is a short sex scene between Steve and Loki but its very easily skippable, which is very much what I did.)

Taking the Fall- usedupshiver, M, No Warnings
Everyone expects Tony to end up eaten alive sooner rather than later when he is put in the same cell as the Lyesmith, a man so dangerous even the members of his former gang are afraid to come after him. But sometimes it might actually be wise to just grin in the face of danger.

Innocent Hearts- STARSdidathing,T, No Warnings
Prince Loki knows he’s not as revered and praised as his older brother, but he still so desperately wants to be able to impress the one Asgardian boy who holds his affections. It just somehow never seems to go to plan.

If You Had This Time Again- dls
Tony Stark closed his eyes in a wrecked Siberian bunker and woke up on a demolished New York street. Four years earlier.

Precious Gifts- STARSdidathing, M, No Warnings
Thor and the other Aesir might enjoy Midgard and the way its people worships them, but Loki is growing tired of such a simple, boring, mortal world. He is also growing tired of the virginal ’gifts’ that the mortals keep trying to bestow on him. Loki has no intention of accepting any of them… but, well, that’s before Anthony is offered to him. 

A Place To Stand- KageOtogi, M, Chose No Warnings
When Tony Stark finds himself trapped in a parallel universe, there’s only one place he can turn to for assistance: Asgard. Unfortunately, the god that answers his call isn’t the one he was trying to reach, and Tony is left relying on Loki to help him take down Amora before she makes the change permanent and leaves Tony stuck in a world where Steve Rogers never became Captain America, Bruce Banner never turned into the Hulk, Clint Barton never went straight, and Natasha Romanoff doesn’t even exist. 

Family Reunions- LokasennaHiddleston, T, Graphic Violence
When a freak accident raises questions about Tony’s mortality, the Avengers find out there’s a reason why Tony always survives his self-destructive heroics. Tony thinks he has the worst luck with dads and wants to just crawl back to bed with Loki. As for Loki… He just wants his lover to keep his promise and stay alive for a change.
And to think, it’s all because of Clint’s dog.

Thou Shall Not Fall- STARSdidathing, T, No Warnings
Tony has only ever met one other vampire that likes to have as much fun as he does.

Diece Your Lonely Heart- STARSdidathing, T, No Warnings
Inside a snowflake like the one on your sleeve, there happened a story you must see to believe.
Loki, a Jotun on Mt Jotunheim, was all alone; abhorred and feared by the Midgardians and the Aesir he hadn’t seen another soul since he ran away as a child. Tony Stark was a Midgardian who didn’t quite fit in with all the Christmas cheer. He needed to climb the Mountain to retrieve something and to get away from all the festivities.
Tony was never one to believe in rumors but Loki was never one to believe in miracles. Christmas was just a fairytale and neither of them expected anything else.

String Theory- lashworthe, M, Major ((mostly) temporary) Character Death
It’s 136 years since Tony Stark died, taking with him all the secrets of his genius. Loki Ruser is the new up and coming genius who buys up the old Malibu home of Tony Stark to discover its secrets. He gets more than he bargains for when he discovers the Iron Man design plans, and a sentient hologram of Tony Stark himself. Eventual mature content. COMPLETE.

and thats all they wrote folks!! again,,, super sorry for having this take so long,,,,, aaaaaaa

Mods’ Reads: June 2017

New mods, new features!

We know we are very behind on our recs, so by the suggestion of a lovely anon, we’ve decided to compile a list of fics we’ve read this month. This fandom always gives us amazing stories to gush about, which we are very thankful for :D

From new fics to old ones, our picks are under the cut:

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Who Is In Control (Part 15)

Summary: The Avengers find out about your past. You talk to Steve about your childhood.
Pairing: Tony x Daughter!Reader; Bucky x Mutant!Reader; Steve x Best Friend!Reader
Word Counting: 1.3k words
Chapter: 14/?
Chapter Name: I Don’t Understand
Warnings: Angst. Reader’s family was really problematic


(Who is In Control Masterlist)

Originally posted by captainamerica1-6

Oh, I wonder

The small meeting room was filled with incoherent and overlapping voices as Y/N cowered silently in her chair. Tony stood behind her, trying to think. Steve stroked the young woman’s shoulder, probably not knowing what to say or how to comfort her.

They’ve been in there for half an hour before the Stark woman finally stood up, losing her patience for a moment.

“Would everyone shut the hell up for one moment!” She yelled.

They were finally silent as they looked at her, surprised by the outburst.

“Can you all, please, sit in your damn chairs?” She asked exasperatedly.

They looked at one another and complied. Y/N could be very dangerous, and the look in her eyes wasn’t stable at all.  

“I know you’re all surprised and don’t understand what is going on, and we lied about some things, but something huge is happening right now.”

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I’m Home

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 3, 261

Warning/s: Mentions of death, Shouting, Violence, Angst and a little Fluff

Summary: Reader got sick so Steve decided to put her out of a mission, but reader doesn’t like it and ended up having a fight with his best friend, Steve. Steve asked Bucky to take care of her (bringing all the fluff into the story).Eventually, feelings were revealed. (Whose feelings? You’ll know once you read it ;) )

A/N: This was previously uploaded in a different tumblr account, but she deactivated (and I miss her soooooo! :( ) so reuploaded it here. I submitted this for a Christmas drabble challenge wherein we right a fic based on a Christmas song. Mine’s Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. (Y/N = Your Name, Y/F/N = Your Full Name)

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The difficulty of dating



Request : Hi! Can you make a Peter Parker x Reader where the reader is Tony’s cousin and she has superpowers too (Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis and she’s kinda more serious than Tony) ans she’s an avenger and Peter has a crush on her and he asks the Avengers for advice and each one gives him an advice and they all fail until he tells Tony about it? ( by @zainab-al-huwaizi )

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1650

A/N : Okay this is the first part guys, I had fun writing the summaries on my phone and I can’t wait to write the other parts (there will be 3 parts for this actually). ENJOY and don’t forget to tell me what you thought and that my requests are open !

The Stark Tower hadn’t been so occupied for such a long time. It was like a family reunion, everyone was there. Bruce Banner was in the lab all days doing no one knew exactly what, some experimentations Tony and him talked about all the time as if the health of the Earth depended on it, Steve  Rogers watched the television with Sam Wilson making up for lost time with the most important films of the century, Natasha Romanoff passed by everyday to check on everyone but she was also busy outside doing some minor missions for Nick Fury and for herself sometimes, Scarlet Witch was locked inside of her bedroom yelling at Vision when he came in her room through the wall without even knocking or warning about his entrance. And there were two new persons in the tower, Peter Parker who didn’t live here but loved to hang out with the Avengers, and Y/N Stark, Tony’s cousin, whom he offered to stay in for few months since she had helped the Team a couple of times and he needed to learn more about her powers.

For a reason no one knew, Y/N was a mutant, one of the last on Earth after the X-Men things. She was born with powers and it was a total mystery for the Stark family since she was the only one to have some. Y/N was really powerful, she was gifted with telekinesis but also pyrokinesis. She spent her days training with her cousin Tony to figure the limits of her powers and how dangerous she could be because she didn’t fully control it. Anyways, she only showed up for dinner or when she needed some rest, despite she hated to lie down doing nothing.

The first time Peter had seen Y/N was when he fought Captain America standing by Iron Man’s side. She was there, in his team, and he already had a pinch to his heart. She seemed to have his age,or maybe she was a little older, and the seriousness stuck on her face had him shook. When he was all friendly with his enemies and talking, Y/N screamed at the other team having no pity for them, she even had sent Hawkeye at the hospital.

Peter entered the living-room, where Captain was still watching TV and Falcon threw pop corn on some intelligent machines Tony had made, laughing his ass off since the robot was searching where the food was coming.

“Here’s the baby spider !” Sam exclaimed. “Don’t you have school ?”

“It’s five pm Mister Wilson, it makes hours now that school is finished.”

Peter joined the team months ago, but he still couldn’t call the Avengers by their names, it was either their last names or their heroe names. Not that they didn’t want him to, but he was just too intimidated to do so. He always felt like a kid in front of them and May had taught him to call the older oned by their last names. He was just following the rules.

“Is it your juice time already ?” Falcon giggled, loving to treat him as a child to annoy the spider.

“Shut up Sam, I didn’t hear the reason why the gremlins can’t eat during the night !” Steve retorted.

Peter felt discomforted right away, he came today for a special reason and he was starting to think he would look like a damn fool after he’d ask his question. Why was he asking them anyway, and not aunt May ? Oh, right, because the last time he asked, he finished with his girlfriend’s father as an anemy. Not that it was aunt May fault but… Maybe she just wasn’t her lucky charm. Plus, Steve and Sam were both men, maybe they had some victory stories to help him.

“Actually, ehm…” Peter took the speak back. He was blushing and all, rubbing his arm by unease. “I… I need an advice.”

Both superheroes watching TV looked up to the spider boy, immediately interested on what he was willing to tell even if they had no clue what it was about. “Okay kiddo, we’re listening.”

“Okay, so…” It was hard to launch into explications but once he started he couldn’t stop. “I like Y/N. Like, she’s always on my mind since I saw her the first time when I stole your shield Captain and she’s just so wonderful and we talked few times but she doesn’t seem to be interested in me which I understand because I’m sort of a loser and she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen but I was wondering how I could catch her attention up, right I don’t want to give up before even trying but obviously flirting is not for me and I need help you guys please don’t let me down. She… She’s great.”

Sam and Steve were arching an eyebrow, speechless of what Peter just confessed. But he was only fifteen and they knew how hard it could be at this age to be confident with girls. Steve knew it the most, he also was a loser back in his childhood and everyone was into his best friend Bucky forgetting about him.

“Well, first you should learn how to breathe when you talk and also how to pause.” Sam assured. Peter sighed, he didn’t take any pause because he was too stressed to do so, it was the first time he admitted someone -Ned didn’t count- he liked Y/N.

“I know what you need to do, Parker.” Steve said, making his representative smile with hope. “You just need to buy a bouquet of roses, and take her to the bal.”

Sam and Peter both remained speechless. The bal, was he kidding ? What was that supposed to mean anyway, the bal ? There was homecoming, but beside that… ? “Bal isn’t a thing anymore nowadays, Captain.” Sam made fun of him.

“Are you telling me I’m old ?”

“You’re like 100 ! Of course you’re old, such a handsome guy but still old.”

“Do you mean I should take her to a club ?” Peter cut them in their little fight. “I’m only 15, do you know that or… ?” He passed his hand in his hair awkwardly. That wasn’t his best idea to ask Captain some advice.

“Really ? Tony told me you were 14.” Peter groaned, Tony really had to learn how old he was. “Anyway don’t take on board what this relic just said, he’s out-of-date. I'mma tell you what you really need to do. Take her anywhere so you’re both alone, and talk to her about things, and other things, tell her things you like and dislike, don’t be too distant, then tell her you like her, be honest, she’ll notice anyway.”

“Somewhere we can be alone… I don’t know such a place.”

“Take her on the rooftop, girls love height.”

Peter came back to his apartment to change his clothes and put some perfume. He wanted to be as handsome as possible for Y/N, make a good impression. Earlier he had the guts to ask her if she wanted to join him at nine on the rooftop to help him with some homeworks, and she agreed even if she didn’t understand why he wasked her and not someone else. They weren’t that close and she certainly was less brilliant than him.

He was back at the front of her door at 20:53 but waited 21:02 to knock. The poor little boy was so stressed he didn’t want her to think he was ahead of time, anyway he was. She opened her door, she had just brush her hair and Peter could smell her shampoo flavor coming right to his nose. A real delight. She hadn’t take the trouble to change, which was normal since she thought she was just going to help him with his homeworks.

“So, how old are you, I don’t even know.” Asked Peter while climbing the stairs to go to the roof of the tower.

“I’m seventeen, but I know I look quite your age. Puberty had not hit me yet.”

Peter bit his lower lip. “You don’t need puberty.” He whispered and Y/N smiled, not answering. “So, uhm… Do you… Do you like heights ?” Y/N frowned, what was that question, really ? Peter was only trying to have a discussion with her and he remembered what Sam said. “Okay, that was weird. It’s just… It’s for class, my homeworks you know” He started lying. “I have a presentation and…”

“Am I the subject of your presentation, Peter ?” Y/N noticed he was nervous, and decided to gently play with it. She wasn’t dumb, and she understood by his clemsiness that he might have a little something for her. She thought it was cute. Peter was the only boy of her age or almost she talked to.

“No ! No you’re not you’re ! Not that you’re not interesting enough to have a presentation all about you but.. Okay there’s no presentation.” Peter sighed and he sat down on the side of the building, his legs in thin air. He remembered what Sam also told him. Be honest. “I like you.”

What Y/N responded him made his heart stop for a second. “I know.” He was so shocked he lost his balance, and suddenly fell of the roof. Wearing his web bracelets as always, he catched up on a window stopped his fall. The coincidence had him stopped right in front of Captain watching TV, and Sam whom turned his head to see Peter. He giggled, thumbs up.

“Good job kiddo !” Peter could read on his lips.

Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part B)

A/N: Part 5B 😍 I am killing myself with my expectations. 😂 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; 'She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A’)

You and Chris took a cab to TD Garden the day of the concert because you both agreed that parking would have been a bitch even if you did get there early. You were both right because though the gates only opened at 5:30PM, there were already hundreds and thousands of people waiting and wandering the area. You’d wanted to show up a little later, when it was closer to the opening so you didn’t have to wait with the rest of the fans considering who your fiancé was and how many times your face had been on a magazine. But Chris said it would’ve been in your best interest if the two of you got there earlier, something about beating the even bigger crowd. So here the two of you were, outside TD Garden with all the other eager fans, hiding your faces with sunglasses and baseball caps.

“Come here,” Chris pulled you along with him as he walked outside the barrier, trying to cut to the front of the line. You yanked on Chris’ hand when you heard people yelling at the two of you, demanding you to “cue like the rest of us!” You fought, but as always- Chris proved to be much stronger than you, so you kept you head down and followed him. “Chris Evans,” he whispered his name to the man at the door, passing him a notecard that had something scribbled across the top.

“I’ve got Chris Evans at the door, Chris Evans has arrived.” The man spoke into his communication device, then nodded at the response. “We’ve got someone coming out to meet you,” he told Chris and your heart jumped with excitement. Chris looked over at you, chuckling, when you squealed as quietly as you could. “They’ll give you a pair of VIP passes, please keep them around your neck at all times. After you,” he opened the door for the both of you and Chris walked in, pulling an overexcited you in with him.

“Oh my God, Chris!” You whispered-shouted, making Chris chuckle. “This is so cool, I’ve never been a proper VIP with extra privileges before. When I went to see Taylor Swift with my mom, we did not get this treatment. We cued like the rest of them,” you told him and he released your hand to wrap an arm around you.

“Well, no more,” he whispered into your hair when he kissed your head. “You are only going to get VIP treatment from now on, I promise.” You smiled as you looped you arm around his waist, leaning into him.

“Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N,” a very familiar British accent greeted the both of you and you tripped over nothing, stumbling slightly. You looked up and saw Ed Sheeran walking towards the both of you with two passes in his hand, swinging in the air. Your jaw dropped and you darted your gaze at Chris then back at Ed, then again at Chris. No words would fathom your thoughts and emotions at that very moment; you were absolutely starstruck. “Welcome to my Divide tour.” He passed the passes to Chris who took it with a grateful smile.

“You’re Ed Sheeran,” was all you could get out, much like the first time you laid eyes on Chris. Both Chris and Ed chuckled, like they’d talked about how your first reaction would be upon meeting him. “Oh my God,” your voice quivered as you breathed out those three words. “This is amazing,” you whispered to yourself.

“She’s a big, big fan,” Chris chuckled, holding out his hand to shake Ed’s. “Thank you so much for this, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten tickets if it weren’t for you.” Ed smiled and nodded, then looked over at you. You smiled, but still couldn’t find the words to speak. “Yeah, she’s going to need a few minutes I think.”

“That’s alright,” Ed chuckled and beckoned his head for the two of you to follow him. “We’ve got all night.” Chris stopped you for a brief moment, moving in front of you to loop the pass over your head. He pinched your chin, winking when you whispered-screamed nothing at him. He looped the pass over his own head then took your hand and continued following Ed down the hall. “How’s filming going?” Ed quizzed, glancing back at you and Chris.

“It’s going,” Chris chuckled. “I’m ready to call it a day and head home to my girl here.” He squeezed your hand and you smiled at him. “What about you? Still a long way to go before you head home?” Ed nodded, chuckling. “Well, at least we’re doing what we love.”

“That’s true,” Ed agreed, then his gaze fell on you and he smiled. “How are you doing there, Y/N?”

“I think I can speak now,” you chuckled nervously and both guys smiled. Ed slowed to walk beside you, rather than in front. “Thank you so much for helping Chris get tickets, Ed- or Mr. Sheeran? Oh God,” you mumbled to yourself, “I don’t know what to call Ed Sheeran.”

“Ed’s fine,” Ed told you with a soft chuckle and you nodded in acknowledgment. “And it’s really no problem at all, Captain America asks for my help to save his world?” You looked up at Chris and he smiled, beckoning his head to your charm bracelet where he’d a charm made calling you his world. “I can’t really say no to that, now can I? I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic myself, so I like a good love story and yours- it’s brilliant.”

“Thank you,” you and Chris replied simultaneously; Chris’ voice more stable and firm than yours. “We actually really love your song, 'Perfect’,” you told Ed and he smiled. “It is a very good summary of our relationship, or where we want our relationship to end up.”

“Chris mentioned that on the phone,” Ed informed you and you turned to Chris, smiling. “Which is why later when I dedicate that song to a very special couple in the crowd, you’ll know it’s for the both of you. I don’t think I should mention any names for safety reasons.” He chuckled when you and Chris nodded with pursed lips. “Anyway, this is my dressing room.” He opened the door and beckoned the both of you in. “You’re more than welcome to hang out, I have a feeling there are some things we need to discuss. Isn’t that right, Chris?” He quizzed with a knowing smile.

“Right,” Chris nodded with the same knowing smile.

“What’s going on?” You asked, glancing between the two.

“I may have made some premature wedding decisions without you,” Chris told you and your eyes narrowed in confusion. “I know we said we’d discuss everything, but- there was a very good offer that I couldn’t refuse.” You scoffed with a frown, facials asking “what did you do?” Chris bit back his smile as he said, “I may have booked our wedding band already.”

“You did what?” You frowned. “Why would you do that?” You asked, somehow not connecting the dots that there was a reason Chris was taking you to an Ed Sheeran concert as well as getting you a meeting with Ed Sheeran. God, you were one thick bag of soup. “We haven’t even picked a date and you’re arranging a wedding band?”

“Well, it’s not so much of a band than a solo artist,” Ed spoke up and you turned to him. You saw the smile on his face and suddenly, it made sense. You turned back to Chris who was doing his very best to stifle his laughter. “I hope you don’t mind me crashing, Y/N.”

“You’re going to sing at our wedding?” You asked breathlessly as you found yourself caught in a daze. Both Chris and Ed nodded, smiling. “That is- that’s like on my bucket list. Ed Sheeran singing at my wedding is on my bucket list,” you repeated to Chris, wrapping your hand around his wrist tightly. “Is this real? Am I dreaming right now?”

“No,” Chris chuckled with a shake of his head. “Ed’s singing at our wedding and you’re marrying me. This is all happening,” he assured you and you managed a shaky laugh. “Are you okay, baby? Do you need to sit down, or maybe a bottle of water?”

“I need you to love me less so there aren’t anymore big romantic gestures that will give me a heart attack and kill me before I’m twenty-one,” you told him; both guys bellowed with laughter. “You’ve done it again, Chris Evans,” you turned to him and cupped his face in your hands. “You’ve knocked it out of the damn park.”

“I knocked it out of the park with my fiancée,” he smiled. “So I might as well knock everything else out of the park too.” You chuckled softly, shaking your head in disbelief; you were definitely dreaming, this was way too perfect. “I love you, Y/N.” He whispered when he dipped his head, his lips inches from yours.

“I love you too.”

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Part 5C

Forever | 3: Regret

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 1080

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: (Throughout) Language

Characters (in order of appearance): Reader, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Paul Bettany

A/N: I started writing this in 2015, and it was v popular on wattpad so I thought, why not make it accessible to my pals on tumblr? pls bare with me as I post the next 10 chapters, and please, as always, let me know what you think!! I love hearing from y’all :)

Forever | 2

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If I Never Knew You (Jake x MC)

Originally posted by shippingdelights

Prompt: Round 14 of Choices Creates-Disney Songs! The song I chose is “If I Never Knew You” from Pocahontas (my fave Disney song ever).

Summary: Jake reflects on the time he’s spent with MC, and gives a final goodbye.

Warning: It’s sad, and I kind of hate myself for it.

*Author’s Note* I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has participated in this week’s ChoicesCreates so far! Your creative works and enthusiasm are incredible, and I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing, talented fandom! I also want to say a special thank you to the amazing and wondeful @hollyashton for creating this carnival and for giving me the opportunity to host this week! It’s been an absolute blast!!!!

This isn’t my best work, but I haven’t written anything in several weeks and wanted to do something for this week’s prompt. Feedback is definitely welcome and greatly appreciated! Thank you guys! I really hope you enjoy! :)


Princess/Boy Scout,

By the time you read this, I’ll be long gone. I know you don’t understand right now, and you gotta know this isn’t how I wanted this to end, but it’s for the best. I need you to know that I don’t regret any moment I’ve spent with you, but we both knew it was inevitable that our time together would come to an end and we’d go our separate ways.

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Love Letters to Bucky


Summary:  The reader decides to do something nice for Bucky and writes a series of cute letters for him. At first, the letters were friendly, but as time progresses and she writes more letters, she discovers that she is in love with the super soldier.

Fluffy/kinda cute/kinda angsty

Reader x Bucky Barnes

You can also find it here!

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Prologue : The worth of time.

A/N: It’s a try, I guess. The first chapter of my fanfiction. English is not my first language so message me if there’s fault ( well I reread it more than twice so I hope there’s not) and tell me if you like it or not, I would like to read your comment about my writing’s skill because I’m a beginner and I’m in lack of advise…Have a good day ! 

Summary : (Loki x Reader) Reader has the capicity of travelling in time to watch or rewatch events of the past. She also don’t understand why Loki left her months ago. And even if she’s trying her best, she just can’t get over her break-up and is traveling in time to live again her relationship. However, it’s never good dreaming too long of the past and to forget to live. 

Words : 842 

Warnings : None.

Originally posted by cedimond

NOSTALGIA From the Greek “Nostos” Idea of returning home from a long journey and from the Greek “Algos” Literally pain.

Feeling of pleasure and also slight sadness when you think about things that happened in the past.

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It Hurts Prolouge (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first Tumblr story. It’s weird for me to write in second person. So if it is in fact choppy, I do apologize. Thought I’d start it off with a Bucky x Reader! Hope you enjoy!

Summary: It’s been years since you’ve had social interaction or people who love and care for you. But you didn’t mind. The only thing on your mind was controlling the powers you never even wanted. That is until the Avengers come to you, needing your help. But only then do you realize how much you actually needed them.

Powers: Aquakinesis (Also known as Hydrokinesis) and Cryokinesis (Also known as Glaceokinesis). Essentially you control water and ice. I just wanted to sound sciency.

Warnings: Swearing

Note: This part mentions Bucky, but you will not see him until the next part. Okay? We cool? Awesome.

You wandered the busy streets of New York, a solemn look on your features. Music blared in your ears as you walked quickly wanting nothing more than to be back in the safety of your apartment.

Sure, there was a sleek black Desert Eagle tucked into the waist band of your black skinny jeans and you had a dagger tucked into your black combat boots.

Not to mention that you were essentially Elsa with the added ability to control water.

But that’s what scared you.

Being different.

Not being apart of the norm.

For all you knew, if anyone that didn’t already know about your powers, you’d be locked up and looked at like a science experiment.

Your apartment complex came into view and you visibly relaxed.

Stepping in, you pulled your earbuds out and smiled at the receptionist, Holly. Within the past few years of living in this apartment building, you and Holly had become good friends.

You don’t know how it happened, but it just did. She was the one person you trusted in this world.

“Hey Hol. How’re you doing?” You asked.

“I’m doing good (Y/n). Days been slow, as usual. And my bestfriend hasn’t exactly been around today so I could bother her.” She said, brushing a strand of auburn hair from her eyes.

You rolled your eyes, “Sorry, had to get some groceries.” you said, gesturing to the three plastic bags in your hand, filled with frozen pizza, milk and a few other items.

“Yeah, I can see that. But if you’d get a car or at least a bike, you wouldn’t have to walk for groceries.” Holly said.

“Well, if you’ve got the money to get me one, then sure.” You replied sarcastically, walking towards the elevator.

She chuckled. “Well anyway, there were a couple people who stopped by earlier and asked for you. I told them you were out at the moment.” Holly informed you.

First, your brows furrowed in confusion, then your eyes went wide. “T-they did?” Your voice was shakey and it was obvious her statement had rattled you. “Do you know who they were?” You asked.

“Um.. Not really. One guy had a metal arm though. It was pretty easy to remember.” Holly turned to clip a sheet of paper together, “He had a long sleeve on, like he was trying to hide it. I told him it looked pretty cool. Then he got all flustered. It was kind of-”

Turning back around she noticed that you were no longer in the lobby. “Well then. That was just rude.” She muttered, frowning.

You were originally going to take the elevator, but upon hearing this news, it was best to take the stairs.

Practically running, you reached your door walking up to it a little slower. You placed your bags on the ground, glancing around to see if anyone else was currently in the hallway at this moment. You put your ear up to the door, hearing hushed voices behind the painted wood.

Without making a sound, you pulled out your gun and flicked the saftey off. Inserting the key, you turned it to unlock the door. Gun held high. You held your breath and twisted the knob, slowly pushing the door open.

Grabbing the bags with one hand, you entered. Glancing around the living room it was just as you had left it.

You placed the bag on the coffee table a dragged a hand over your face.

“I swear to fucking god, I’m going insane.”

“No I don’t think you are.”

Jumping you turned towards the noise.

The infamous Tony Stark and Steve Rogers stood at the entrance to your kitchen.

“What the actual fuck is going on right now?” You ask to no one in particular.

Tony opened his mouth to speak but Steve cut him off. “Ms. (L/n), I do apologize for the two of us entering your residence without your permission, but we need your help.”

Your help? But wouldn’t that mean… “You guys know about me.” Panic rose in your chest. You kept to yourself, spoke to almost no one, and never even used your powers outside of your apartment.


Tony smiled, “An old friend with the ability to read minds and a machine that helps find people like you.”

You blinked incrediously not sure whether or not his statement was in fact a joke or true.

“As rediculous it sounds, Tony is telling the truth.” Steve said, his blue eyes filled with sincerity.

“O..Okay.” Biting your lower lip, “Why could you possibly need my help?” You knew you shouldn’t have believed them so quickly, but they were Captain Fucking America and Iron Man. People who have literally saved the planet more than once.

“Unfortunately we can’t discuss that with you here. We have no idea who is listening. So we need you to come with us back to our base. If you’d like you may pack a bag and take it with you.” Tony said being a bit more blunt than he should have in this situation.

“And if I say no?”

“You’d be putting more than a few peoples lives in danger. It’s imperative that you come with us.”

“Well then,” Drawing a shaky breathe. “What choice do I have?”