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Hyouka? wat dat

My friend, let me explain. 

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Hyouka is arguably (I’m going to get attacked for this) the best anime that KyoAni has and will ever make. 

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It is a subtle show involving lots of tiny character interactions with a small group of “friends” in a Literature club solving various mysteries around school. 

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It’s probably KyoAni’s best use of colour theory in general (Oreki and Chitanda’s eyes are complementary colours!) 

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and easily their most creative use of visual metaphor that isn’t a comedy. 

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If you watched OreGairu, it’s like that but instead of relying on smart dialogue choices, it instead relies on interesting character interactions (depending on the type of person you are, this can be good or bad). 

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It’s also probably my favorite anime of all time. 

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Plz watch it. 


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  • Chris: idk man i just don't know how to tell her
  • Josh: ok so what you're saying is i should create a scene where you have to choose between saving your best friend and the girl you love so you can save her and watch me get brutally murdered instead to show how much you love her
  • Chris: what no
  • Josh: i see i see so what you're saying is i should knock you out gently but punch her in the face so you can avenge her by shooting at me later to show her how angry and protective you are over her
  • Chris: josh no
  • Josh: ah alright so what you're saying is i should put you both in ANOTHER life and death situation with a gun so you can have an excuse to confess then blast your brains out in front of her to show her how much she means to you
  • Chris: josh stop

My drawing of Kieran Walker from In The Flesh (my new favourite tv show that deserved so much more)


Hello Friends!

Since the end of season one of agent carter is looming over us…

I’d like to recommend my favourite show Bomb Girls! 

It’s set during ww2, so if time period pieces are your thing- this is for you!

It’s well written and will melt and break your heart in the best possible ways!

And for the cartinelli fans, 

10000000% cannon lesbians etc

Also, Betty McRae is the greatest and gayest character of all time. 

The show is incredibly well rounded and full of many female perspectives. 

It’ll be great at filling the gaping hole that the finale will undoubtedly leave until (fingers crossed) season 2! 

I believe the entirety of the show is on american netflix. 

(and for any bomb girl fans out there who haven’t watched Agent Carter, WATCH iT!) 

I wonder if the development team for kingdom hearts is just down in the dumps so they look around and say, “let’s put out another 15 seconds of gameplay and watch the reactions.”

and then they all watch social media and just smile at how fucking dedicated we all are.

Me: oh hey! This is a pretty fun game/show/series! I like this very much, not so much for it to be a special interest, but I still like it!

Me, a week later: this is the best possible thing ever, who wants to listen to me talk about it and nothing else for the next 5 hours??????? It’s really really really good trust me you have to watch/play/read it PLEASE


EVERYONE WE MUST KEEP THIS SHOW ON AIR!!! It has been said that there MIGHT be Galavant season 2 if we all keep watching! SO WE HAVE TO MAKE SEASON 2 HAPPEN! How exactly do we do that you might ask? WELL THERE’S A LOT WE CAN DO!!!

step 1: get all your friends to watch Galavant! - this will add to the fandom!

step 2: follow Galavant’s official twitter and FB accounts- this will show the executives that Galavant has a big fan base!

step 3: buy the Galavant soundtrack on ITUNES AND RATE IT 5STARS!- this will show that audiences respond very well to musicals like Galavant

step 4: USE THE HASHTAG #wewantgalavantseason2 and tell all the writers and actors how much you’ve enjoyed the show!! AND HOW MUCH YOU WANT SEASON 2

WE CAN DO THIS GUYS!!! I believe that we can make this fandom so big, all we have to do is give the show more exposure!!!! Sharing the official Galavant trailer or your favorite clips certainly helps!!!  TOGETHERNESS WILL SEE US THROUGH!