this is the best reaction to 'i'm pregnant' that there has ever been

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In the Obi Wan as Chancellor verse, how does Anakin react? Is he angry that Palpatine got the boot or that his master now has more to deal with? What about Cody? His trouble magnet general just became an even bigger target.

Cody is clearly going to be plotting with his brothers to ensure some sort of guard rotation, because their general isn’t just a general (and he was already a pretty big target because of that and all his shenanigans), now he’s the Supreme Chancellor as well. 

Who thought this was a good idea? 

The man runs himself ragged at the best of times, add even more difficult and time-consuming duties to his plate? They’re probably going to have to assign him his own healer who can go sit on him and make him sleep every now and then. Maybe even make use of a Force suggestion if need be.

As for Anakin, I see his reaction to be something like ?!?!?!?! where he’s not actually sure what to feel. Because he totally does trust Palpatine and doesn’t think it’s fair that he got ousted like that, but he also knows that Obi-Wan didn’t have anything to do with it. Also, of course Obi-Wan will do a good job, right? He’s Obi-Wan. But also can he stop being amazing at everything? Anakin’s starting to feel inferior here. Must Obi-Wan be a High Councillor, Jedi master, high general and also the Supreme Chancellor???

He’s also running on the same type of panic Cody and the entire 212th do. The man has no self-preservation and now a whole new bunch of people are going to start gunning for him!

Anakin Skywalker isn’t certain what he’s feeling. On one hand, he’s upset that a senator had the gall to call Chancellor Palpatine incompetent. The man has done his best for the Republic for years. How could she say something like that?!

He’d seen the reports on the holonews, of course. He doesn’t think anyone in the Republic has missed the pictures of Senator Mandai with her arms stretched in the air, possibly former-Chancellor Palpatine gaping, and Jedi master Obi-Wan with a look of horrified confusion on his face. Anakin hasn’t seen Obi-Wan look like that before, he’s usually too good at remaining calm and straight-faced. If the situation wasn’t what it is, Anakin probably would’ve framed that picture.

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- Honestly more like your best friend than a husband in my opinion

- “Hansol get your foot out of my face or so god help me” 

- Like he’s only shy in the beginning you’re going to be dealing with a straight up troll once you guys are properly married. 

- he isn’t the type to play like pranks on you, he’s just awkwardly obnoxious like he’ll sit on you when you’re trying to work or just start rapping loudly when you won’t give him any attention. 


- and because he’s like this it would low-key freak you out when he was romantic 

- like he’d like give you flowers or something and you’d just stare at him

- “…………”

- “What”

- “why are you being nice to me… what did you do….” 

- “Remember when you used to think it was cute when I did stuff like this”

- “you know it was rare then too”

- and then he’d like glare and take the flowers back and you’d giggling and hug him, practically tackling him and kissing his cheek

- the other members would always be in awe at your guys’ back and forth because good god the days when Hansol was stressing over whether the x in your text was a friendship x or an ‘i like you’ x were far gone 

- and they would take every opportunity to bring up old stories of Hansol stressing over liking you. 

- it was actually a great story, one worthy of telling your grandchildren

- you guys had met at the grocery store (going back to my roots like a pro)

- he had just been proper creeping on you and you had had a few brief interactions but it wasn’t enough for him to really make an impression on you other than the fact that you acknowledged that he was attractive

- you had made quite and impression on him though 

- so when you started as an intern at Pledis, he was immediately excited

- you would be like walking in in your professional blouse and pants and he would see you in the lobby as he was coming in and just freeze like “oh my gosh it’s her”

- you weren’t a trainee though, you were more involved with the business part of the company so he barely saw you

- he made opportunities to see you though

- and he would constantly be telling this story to your children like oh my gosh they would be so sick of the story of how you guys fell in love 

- but like backtracking a bit 

- it would be so cute when you told him that you were pregnant 

- like you two would’ve planned to have a baby but it just wasn’t happening so you guys were starting to get worried and even talked about going to a doctor when your period came late 

- like you wouldn’t tell him right away, scared that it might be a false alarm but after you started to have a proper suspicion a few days later you and Sophia would get a few pregnancy tests from the drug store and check before telling Hansol

- and like he would not suspect a thing because you and Sophia ran off together often like i suspect you guys would be close 

- When you finally did tell him he would just freeze for a few seconds 

- “s-say that again”

- “I’m pregnant Hansol” 

- and he would just break out into the biggest smile that anyone has ever seen and just hug you so tight, just so freaking excited

- he would start baby shopping when you were like 4 months pregnant and you would laugh and tell him how you guys didn’t even know the gender yet

- but when you DID have the baby oh my gosh it would probably be at like the worst time ever

- like i assume you guys would be married post 17 so he would be home but he might be in like the shower or something and you would barely have the ability to walk over and get him so you would just yell for him

- he would frown, immediately sensing the pain in your voice and running out with just a towel around him and for a second you admired your pretty husband 

- and then the contractions started and you came back to reality 

- “My water broke” you would strain out 

- the next few hours would be a blur and neither of you could remember them

- but when you finally had your baby girl in your hand it would just be so so so great. 

- you guys would always be having those fun family trips and stuff and honestly it would just be so so so so so so so so great 

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"I'm pregnant" reactions of the boys, please? OwO

I decided to go with the idea that they’re all adults and they’re in a relationship together (married or not changes for each boy). Also sorry for the different lengths in some.


“I’m pregnant, Castiel,” Candy tells him. The now dark haired male doesn’t look up from his guitar. Candy stands there nervously twisting her hands as she waits for his response.

They hadn’t talked about children before. Heck, Candy wasn’t even sure he wanted kids. She didn’t know if she wanted children, but when she thought of the child in her being Castiel’s a warm feeling filled her body.

“Castiel?” She calls to him again. 

Finally he looks up. “It’s going to be a boy.” Candy can’t stop the smile that forms as she pulls him into a hug.

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you're the best. and i'm stressed. so i'm gonna be a douche and ask: what's a Dad!Tony Daughter!Darcy head canon that you haven't shared with us yet and haven't figured out a story place for yet?

You’re not being a douche. Come on, dude!

Um … this is a tough question, though. I mean, I have them, but sometimes they’re not easy to explain out of context – like the ways Darcy and Tony are alike and why. 

But, okay, one is a Tony one. 

He didn’t have that “oh shit, I’m a dad” moment when Rebecca told him she was pregnant. He didn’t even really have it when Darcy was born and he held her for the first time. Mostly because the whole time he was thinking “I’m not cut out to be a dad”. 

He didn’t ignore her, or pretend she didn’t exist, or something. But it was more a responsibility where he just went through the motions. No, that sounds cold. But, he paid the child support, he got little toys for her, because it seemed like those were the things he had to do, that it was right for him to do.

He had that “oh shit” moment when he finally told Peggy a year after Darcy was born. Peggy was pretty much the only adult in his life at that point. (Bear in mind, Tony was very young. Early, early twenties).

Sure, there was Obie, but Obie called Tony an idiot and went immediately into damage control. Like, he wanted to ‘get out in front of this thing’, and suggested taking Rebecca to court to prove paternity, and wanted to call the lawyers and secure Tony’s inheritance so the potential gold-digger couldn’t get at it, etc. I mean, Obie aside, those were kind of valid concerns, but Tony got bristly, there might have been shouting. Probably one of the few times he and Obie actually got into a heated, personal argument. After that, Tony didn’t talk to Obie about it, and just handled it on his own. 

But, telling Peggy … that was something else. 

First, he respected Peggy, and she was one of the handful of people who always showed him genuine affection. Not fake to get in good with his dad, or because they wanted something from him. Actual affection. Peggy liked him for him. He expected Obie would call him an idiot, but he was terrified Peggy would, too. 

Second, he didn’t want her to look at him and be disappointed. You know, there are those people in life – maybe just one or two of them, but they’re there – who you just can’t stand the thought of disappointing. That person whose disappointment would be the crushing deal-breaker in your life, where you’d just know you were a piece of shit if you let them down. Tony was used to being a disappointment to Howard, and he coped, but to be a disappointment to Peggy would be brutal. 

So, it took him a year to work his way up to telling her. And even then it was in a rushed conversation over the phone, where he could hang-up before he could be forced to acknowledge any hint of censure in her voice. Of course, she called him right back and he didn’t answer. And so she called him again. And he didn’t answer again. He didn’t answer until the fourth time, and she yelled at him a little for that. 

And then … she didn’t call him an idiot. Of course she didn’t. She just asked about his daughter and how he was doing. He muttered and mumbled his answers, until she huffed and told him to speak up. She could be irritated with him for a wide variety of reasons, but she’d never looked at him like she didn’t like him. 

There was a hairy moment when he admitted he hadn’t actually been to see her since the day after she was born, and he sort of braced himself for Peggy’s reaction. But, she only got quiet for a long moment, and then told him, when he let himself, he’d be a wonderful father. That stunned him, he hand’t really thought about things like that. And then he scoffed, because what did he know about being a father? It wasn’t like he had a great example from his own life. Peggy said, ‘well then, do better.’ 

Then he wondered out loud what the poor kid had done to be stuck with him as a father. Like, who’d she piss off in her last life. And that was the one time Peggy got sharp with him. She was very firm when she told him he had a child now and he did not get to give up on himself or on her. He was allowed to have doubts and fears but he was not allowed to give up.

When they finally ended the call. Tony sat there for a minute and then he cried. Not that he would every tell anybody that ever. But, he did. Just a little bit, just a tiny little bit, as the realization that he was actually a father hit. When it became something real and not something of an abstract concept. Then he called Rebecca and asked for more baby pictures, because eventually Peggy would ask. 

And that got away from me. 

I think you were asking for like “Tony and Darcy make pancakes together every Sunday” except, you shouldn’t leave either of them alone in a kitchen for too long. This is a lesson Steve learned the hard way when he asked them to “just start the water boiling for me while I go get a few things”. Steve’s first mistake was thinking Darcy showed promise as a cook, since she can make a pretty darned good meatloaf. Steve’s second mistake was not realizing how bored they both were, which was why they were hanging out in the kitchen in the first place. 

Has Steve learned his lesson after the ‘what happens when we throw various objects into superheated water’ incident? Time will tell. 

I watched Bay Window 10 hours ago but I'm still having emotions so here's some stray thoughts bc my life got consumed by a fucking sitcom on Disney channel
  • I honestly have not stopped laughing about Lucas freaking out at him looking the same in his baby photos omfg
  • The return of Cory Matthew’s obnoxious yellow hoodie God Bless America
  • Now, as riarkle af as I am, I am always lowkey crying about rilaya. And I just. Riley and Maya, ages 7 - 20something in this episode, were the gayest they’ve ever been, like so gay it fucking cleared my skin.
  • (I’m not fucking kidding I clicked the link with my face looking as usual and when I turned off my computer, my skin was almost fucking clear. This is the best my skin has looked in months. I am honestly so fucking confused especially since I’m approaching my period so if anything I should be breaking out???? Riley and Maya’s homosexual love honestly cleared my skin there is no other logical answer here)
  • Topanga going on about how you get “used to comfortable” was really interesting. I can’t remember the exact wording atm but it gave me a lot of riarkle vibes and also threw me back to her and Cory’s first breakup. Where, ya know, they broke up because they were too comfortable together/nothing felt new. I need to rewatch that little speech tho bc it was interesting.
  • Okay I’m sorry but Lucas starring at his phone in confusion and mild horror going “Guys something is wrong” I’m dying
  • Like I love Lucas in situations like that but just everything else they do with him is like. Stop. Pls.
  • “You are both very special to me in…whatever ways you will eventually tell me” I honestly groaned so loud I woke up a bird sleeping in the tree next to my window. The bird was not amused and neither was I.
  • Farkle meeting the girls was so freaking adorable I can’t even begin but if Riley didn’t already know him why was he at a costume party in her apartment??
  • I got really weirded out when I realized “Baby Riley, Baby Maya and Baby Farkle” where all. Like. Around the same age I was when I first started watching Boy Meets World/when BMW ended. Like one of my first vivid memories in general is I was like maybe 4 and sitting on the floor in front of the tv, and Cory had a job as a telemarketer or something??? And he’s fighting with a costumer on the phone and goes “I’m bringing in the WIFE.” and Topanga made the sale. And now I’m a gross legal adult and watching a show about their kids. Yikes. Just fuck me up.
  • The little shout out to Mrs. Swavorski was nice.
  • They messed up their timelines again though because this had Maya saying her dad left when she was 7. But in GM Forgiveness they said he left when she was 5. Not that big of a deal but I like to nitpick.
  • Lil’ Farkle wearing a turtlenecks because he was scared of Vampires but then dressing up as Dracula because “My brain is very fancy” had me on the floor omfg. That was so cute and also like I’m 90% sure I did something similar at that age so this just further confirms that Farkle Minkus is My Son.
  • *Topanga, in labor, frantically honking the car horn* “YEAH, YEAH, WE ALL GOT THINGS HAPPENING.”
  • C O R Y like listen that scene was the closest we’ve gotten to Vintage Cory Matthews in a while and I’m LIVING
  • Farkle getting all embarrassed when the girls appreciated his glo up game awww
  • Riley telling Maya she’s her safe place and Maya holding up her hand to show off her ring and saying “And I’m yours”. How…heterosexual…
  • yeah, sure
  • Adult Maya getting her art showcased in SoHo!!! Yaaass bitch!!!!
  • Baby Maya literally just climbing into a stranger’s apartment because she liked the room decorations and heard a pretty girl singing omfg I could go on for hours.
  • Like I want to see what Cory’s reaction to eventually finding her there would’ve been you feel me?? I can just see him walking in and getting confused about the random little girl and Maya just tries to convince him she’s a ghost or something omggggg
  • “Whatever you want”, said softly with a loving smile.
  • So hetero
  • How does Farkle even get his hair like that
  • They joked about Riley almost drowning while bobbing for apples but fun fact in 3rd grade I had a Birthday/Halloween party and we had a tub set up out in my back yard and this one girl Kerry stuck her head in the water and deadass no lie a brick fucking fell on her head and she almost drowned and had to go home. So, the question is, why wasn’t overprotective Papa Bear Cory Matthews obsessively chaperoning the game when he knew how accident prone his 6 year old daughter was?
  • But Farkle saved her life like the prince she was dreaming of so I guess I ain’t even mad.
  • Okay it made for a cute episode and I get why Maya was upset, I do, but…Riley should not have to ask for Maya’s permission to redecorate her room??? It’s seemingly little things like this that make it hard for me to figure out whether or not I actually like Maya ugh
  • Why does Topanga’s hair appear to be a different length in every episode?
  • I like how they just walked in on their daughter and her friends tearing down wall paper and throwing everything out and even though they apparently had no heads up on this, C+T were just like “I'ght.”
  • As much as I don’t care about Lucaya, that “Giddy up, Huckleberry!” part was super adorable.
  • “Have some dignity, Riley!”
  • Can someone with actual talent make a gif of Baby Maya saying that and Riley yelling that when Maya jumped on Josh’s back orrrrr
  • Honestly everything that came out of Baby Maya’s mouth made me go “awww” like that kid was so good omg
  • I almost cried during the last scene and I’m kinda mad at myself tbh
  • Idk what else to say like I have more thoughts but I think this is my 40th bullet point so I’m wrapping this shit up rn. Overall, great episode. I’m still lowkey emotional. Honestly send help.