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Hot & bothered (M)

You decide to slightly tease your close friend Minhyuk, but things take a turn…

Protagonists: Minhyuk (MX) & you

Word Count: 2,5k

Genre: smut

A/N : I got inspired by the photo teaser for MX’s comeback, I’m sorry for being this thirsty. I’m French Canadian so I hope my English is alright and that you like it ! Minhyuk is dangerously climbing my bias list… Also let’s give the boys their first win this comeback ! HWAITING ;) 

From where you are standing, you can just see the back of his newly red hair, moving excitedly as he talks non-stop about how awesome it’s going to be. You only imagine how bright his expression is and you know very well the night is going to be constant babbling about Monsta X’s new comeback. You don’t mind though. If Minhyuk has free time, you are pleased to hang out with him. His next few months are going to be hectic and you will probably not be able to see each other often.

“Did you?” He turns his attention away from the coffee pot, questioning you with a raised eyebrow.

“Enh? Sorry.”

“Did you see my teaser picture, it got released today?” He smiles brightly.

“Oh yeah, the fans loved it, it was everywhere on the internet and my Instagram feed.”

“Soooo, y/n what did you think?! Did you love it?! Didn’t I look fine!?” He yells excitedly, making Jooheon in the living room loudly sigh.

A faint blush creeps on your cheeks at the thought of that picture. When you opened your Instagram that morning, you almost choked on your coffee. Yes, you had eyes and had always been conscious that Minhyuk was gorgeous. But that picture blew the cute and fluffy image you had of him. It was somewhat mesmerizing and sexy; you never thought you could see him like that. You guys had been instant best friends since he talked to you on a broadcast a year ago, loud as ever and a mess of giggles.

“Well, yeah. I kind of… loved it… I guess.” The corners of your mouth curl up to a little smile as you watch him get confused and a bit worried.

“Wait, did you love it or not?” He pouts.

Here’s the catch about being an Idol. No matter how hot and adored you are, that kind of spotlight brings out self-consciousness and deep insecurities. You give a quick glance at Wonho, who is watching a movie with Jooheon on the couch. That man is the epitome of that statement. Turning your attention back to your friend Minhyuk, you decide to tease him in a different way. You abruptly close the space between you in the kitchen, grab his shoulders and tiptoe to his ears.

It got me all hot and bothered.” You whisper, breathing out a little too much to make sure it tickles him. He fidgets and opens his mouth in surprise. With a smirk, you release his shoulders and turn around to grab a mug. After all, you were both there to get some coffee. As you are stretching your right arm above your head, you feel Minhyuk lean close against your back. The heat of his body warms you through your thin t-shirt as he whispers in your ear.

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I’ll See You Soon? (Joshua of Seventeen)

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Title: I’ll See You Soon?
Character: Joshua Hong (Seventeen) x OC
Genre: Fluff (A lot of people I know is having a hard time right now, probably because of exams and such, so here’s a little comfort for all of you.)

It’s a quiet night, almost half past midnight and literally anyone who is normal would already be wrapped up in the comfort of their blankets, drifting into the wonderful world of dreamland. Besides, it’s Monday tomorrow.

Well, everyone except you, of course.

It’s not that you’re not normal, you’re completely sane, to say the least. But with your midterms starting in a few days, and from the way you had been studying your head off for the past few days, maybe you are starting to lose your mind a little, from studying, that is.

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Pas de Trois, 1.

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Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Theatre!AU, Polyamory, Fluff, Angst + Smut

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: None

Summary: Sharing a stage with Jimin and Taehyung is always rewarding, but the real reward is behind the scenes.

Count: 1694 words.

Note: As mentioned before, this is a series written for @chimdeer. Thank you for the love, as well! 

Pas de Trois: Act One, Scene One

PlaylistPrologue | One → Two


Inhale. You await with equability, a forefinger twiddling with loose tresses whilst observing the other auditioning individual. The ingénue is maladroit, possibly due to nervousness, and fumbles with her lines quite carelessly. “I do treat—entreat—your grace to pardon me. I know not by what power I am bold—I mean; I am made bold!” It is an amateur sight, to say the least. Once the judge’s sugar coat their true meanings behind fake smiles, “We’ll let you know of our decision very soon,” is given to the departing candidate and they sigh in unison as the door closes. The two adjudicators mumbled to themselves, scribbling down their remarks on a sheet of paper before glancing up at their final contender for the day.

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For this prompt: ‘College!au where Cas is trying to secretly take a picture of Dean because he’s the most attractive human, but Dean thinks he’s playing Pokemon Go so he goes over to talk to Cas, and Cas is so lost because he doesn’t do games.’

So perhaps this was a bad idea. No, scratch that, it was the most horrible idea in the history of bad ideas. Wondering again why on earth he’d let his friend Charlie talk him into this, Castiel discreetly eyed his target from behind the nearest tree.

Sitting on a bench beside some rusty old artwork, was a guy, staring at the screen of his phone with a certain determination. His brow was adorably furrowed, full pink lips slightly parted in concentration. ‘Infuriatingly handsome’ was the only description that did him justice, in Castiel’s humble opinion. Every day, the guy would hang out here all by himself, on that bench in the middle of that small park behind Castiel’s dorm. Sometimes during lunch break, but at times also late at night when it was starting to get dark; Castiel could see it all from his window.

And of course when he’d called his friend Charlie and told her about his annoying crush, she’d somehow trapped him into doing this. She’d demanded that if this guy was such a miracle and Castiel insisted on rambling about him every day, it was at least his duty to share a picture of the object of his affection with his best friend.

Taking a deep breath, Castiel took one step closer, knowing that he’d never get a proper picture from his hiding spot. Another step as Castiel held his breath; he was grateful that the guy at least seemed to be too absorbed in whatever was happening on his phone to notice his surroundings.

Lifting his phone, Castiel remained still as a stone, silently cursing Charlie Bradbury and her unreasonable request. He was close enough now, could capture everything, from the guy’s many freckles to his thick long lashes. He truly was beautiful…


Castiel exhaled, relieved that he’d done it, just as the guy glanced up and stared right at him.

Oh crap, oh no. What kind of an excuse was he ever going to come up with? This could only end in embarrassment, and Castiel’s cheeks were already on fire. But as Castiel slowly lowered his phone, he realized that the guy was smiling broadly at him, getting up from the bench, almost excitedly approaching Castiel.

“Dude! You were after that Venonat as well, weren’t you?” He grinned, nodding behind him at the bench. “The lure is still active for another twenty minutes, wanna join me?”

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Learn to take a hint.

I won’t reveal any names of the people involved of course, so here’s the cast for this story:

Rey - Myself

Kylo Ren - My boyfriend at the time

T - Creepy guy

This took place at a rather small but pretty well known convention in Texas. It all started on Saturday, and as I’m sure you all know, that’s usually the most crowded day of a con. But, I think this was the most crowded its ever been at this certain con. It was insanely packed. Now, I have severe anxiety and psychosis issues and I can’t exactly go to big events by myself. My mother wasn’t able to go with me on this day because of work, so a family friend happily offered to take me and help me with my medication, panic attacks if I had them, etc. So, my friend and I decided to walk off to another part of the venue that was calmer and less crowded. Anyways, after a few minutes of sitting down and chatting, she was hungry and wanted to go the hotel’s food court to go get food. I had sore feet and didn’t want to walk for a while, so i reassured her I would wait for her where I was and that I’d be okay. She figured I was right and walked off to go get food– I know this was a big mistake on my part, but hey, I’m a fucking idiot sometimes. I sat there for a few minutes chatting to the few people that passed me and asked for pictures, the usual stuff i’ve grown used to at conventions. Everything was fine

Then he showed up.

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Summary: two boys, dick pics, a flip phone, and coffee

Members: Chanyeol + Sehun 

Length: 1,674 words

A/N: lmaoooo i do not know what this is, it was a request but i had fun writing it im not even gonna lie AND I WAS AT A LOSs FOR A GIF SO SORRY NO GIF

What the fuck.” You snapped closed your phone, closing your eyes as you slumped in your chair, Chanyeol’s eyes watching you from above his coffee cup. 

“You okay?” His question flew over your head, as you opted for instead ignoring him for a solid 4 minutes, before finally peeking an eye open, his figure still as he scrolled through his phone. 

“No everything is not okay!“ The barista from the counter shot you a look, but you were too absorbed into your conversation to care. 

Chanyeol raised an eyebrow again, locking his phone and setting it on the counter as you sat determinedly towards him. 

"Well, what happened?”

You pursed your lips, removing yourself from the table as you sat back again to cross your arms, unsure of how to tell him, shaking your head and opting for the straight solution.

“I’ve been getting dick pics from this unknown number on my phone.”

Chanyeol didn’t choke or cough or sputter like the many times you had when you were on the receiving end of these messages, Chanyeol was a grown adult.

“So?” He deadpanned, uninterested again as you scoffed, bringing a hand up to clutch at your heart in dramatics.

“So? What kind of question…” You trailed off, looking towards the vaulted ceilings of the cafe as chanyeol sighed in front of you again.

“It’s not like you’ve never seen a dick.” He started, and you didn’t interrupt, because you knew chanyeol knew how many dicks you had seen. He opened his mouth to continue. “Just delete it and move on.”

You shook your head, vibrating the table as chanyeol held his drink protectively.

“It’s from the same number, every time.

“And? Block them.”

You blinked then, Chanyeol’s eyes rolling because of fucking course you hadn’t thought about blocking them. Chanyeol was a genius.

“You’re so smart, Channie.” You smiled at him, his eyes not meeting yours as he hummed again, absorbed with his phone as he typed out a text, and you began to search your pockets as you patted yourself down for the same.
You opened your phone again, fingering at the buttons until you go to your messaging app, hearing a snort come from Chanyeol as he looked up to survey you.

“It’s 2016, get off that fucking flip phone.”

You whipped your head up again, your tongue finding its way out your mouth as you looked back at the tall boy, but you didn’t argue it, you had something else to consult him about.

“Shouldn’t I like-” you began, wrapping a finger in your hair as Chanyeol watched you still. “Shouldn’t I like, tell him off before I block him or something?” Your eyes glinted, and you leaned closer to Chanyeol, his reaction what you were going to live off of.

“I mean if you wanna be dramatic about it, go ahead.”

You nodded, moving your head down to lick at your straw as chanyeol grimaced at you, but said nothing as you softly began to pad at the board of your phone, mumbling lightly along to your message as you deviously typed.

“Listen….fuckwit…” You took another slurp, prompting chanyeol to make a face at you again. “Send me….one more dick pic….and…” You stopped, tapping at your neck with your finger as you looked up at chanyeol for reference.

He shrugged, meeting your gaze. “I’ll screenshot it and put you on back pages?”

Your eyes lit up again, almost clambering across the table as the baristas still stared at with you annoyance. “Chanyeol you’re so smart!”

He only hummed again, a small smile playing at the edges of his mouth.

“Or! Back..pages…” You stuck your tongue out as you finished your message, smiling widely once you finished.

“That should do it.”

Relaxing, you placed your phone in your jacket pocket again, watching chanyeol with a grimace as he sucked from the top of his drink, you had nothing better to do.

You pursed your lips after a few minutes of silence, the ambient music of the cafe the only thing besides chanyeols slurping.

“I’m gonna miss him.”

Chanyeol choked on his drink this time, instead of air as you watched him with wide eyes.

“Miss who?” He almost screamed this time, but the baristas didn’t shoot him a dirty look, they liked chanyeol.

“Dick boy.”

Chanyeol breathed in through his nose, pinching the bridge of it with his fingers.


Shrugging your shoulders, you looked at him with honest eyes as you bit at your lip.

“He was the only person who texted me daily. Unlike some people.” Raising your eyebrows at him, chanyeol rolled his eyes harshly.

“Okay, one, it was pictures of his cock.” The baristas ears perked up at that, turning a shade of red. “And two, all you do is send me memes that are like 2 years old.”

“One, it was something, and two, you still use Facebook so shut the fuck up.”
Chanyeol watched you warily after you finished your sentence, your phone on the counter as he switched his gaze between you and it.

“You miss him so much-,” you cocked your head as chanyeol mouthed his words at you. “Well let’s call him up.”

He looked devilish, and you felt your arms began to sweat, but you couldn’t bring yourself to move yet.

“You wouldn’t.” You squinted your eyes at chanyeol as he easily grasped your phone in his hands and flipped it open, with an air of grace.

“I would.”

And then you found yourself launching over the table despite the quiet setting of the cafe, because chanyeol fucking would.

“Give me my phone.” You hissed, squeezing nails at the air as chanyeols freakishly long arm held it above his head, squinting upwards as he keyed in the numbers.


You pulled back then, gasping. Before you’re mind reached a conclusion that made you shrug your shoulders.

“He’s gonna hear a man on the other line, anyways. You’ll only help in deterring him.”

Chanyeol halted his working digits, shooting you a look that spelled no good as he snapped your phone shut.

“I ended up texting him, I can get why you miss him, his messages paint him as a real nice guy.”

You almost screamed besides yourself, watching chanyeol as he tossed the phone to you, as you struggled to catch it in the air.

“You looked at his dick pics?”

Chanyeol scoffed, like you hadn’t caught him doing that before, and rolled his eyes in his signature way again.

“No, read what he sent you.”

“If it’s another dick pic-”

“It’s not.”

The questionable material of the conversation between you two brought eyes from all around, and you grimaced as you flipped your phone open, fingers working to open the messaging app as you frowned.

There wasn’t the usual image attachments that accompanied the strange number sending the pictures, but there was words.

“Chanyeol, there’s words.” You sounded amazed, and felt hurt after chanyeol groaned again.

“Yes, read them, idiot.”

Opting out of firing back at him, your eyes scurried as you clicked on the message, absorbing the words that began to form into an apology of the sorts as you read on.

Oh fuck, I’m sorry, this is the wrong number isn’t it? Okay, shit. I’m really sorry, I don’t (hardly) send unsolicited dick pics I’m really sorry

“He’s sweet.” Your cheeks warmed, and chanyeol resisted the urge to reach across and smack you.

“Read on.”

Looking back down, you saw the message chanyeol had apparently typed, reading it with caution after you sent him the best death glare you could muster, which didn’t move him much.

Hey, I’m not the one you were texting but for some reason I guess her kink is secret dick pics, but if you’re really sorry, she’s cute and a sucker for apologies in the caffeinated form

“Chanyeol what the fuck-”

“Shut up.”

Your eyes evened out to the last message you had gotten from him, and for some reason your heart had started to beat a little wildly.

Oh forreal? Uh, well, if she wants pretend she hadn’t seen those pictures, I’m always up for coffee?

You snapped shut your phone in a manner than alerted chanyeol as you stared blankly forward.

“Was that too far?” His voice didn’t sound sorry, and you rolled your eyes as best you could.

“You got dick boy to willingly apologize to me in the form of coffee.”


“He could be a creep, you know that right? Like, 40 something and sending girls these things, chan.”

“No,-” he shook his head vehemently, the most movement he had had in 20 minutes. “That was a young dick, I can tell.”

And you had to nod, because chanyeol could tell.

“You’re putting me in danger.” You teased, flicking your phone open again as chanyeol sipped on his coffee, eyes closing in content.

“That’s why you’re messaging him back so quickly?”

You shrugged your shoulders too, thumbing along with an odd sense of excitement as you bit your lip.

“I like the idea of mystery boy.”

“Mystery dick boy.”

You nodded. “Yeah.”

Chanyeol cocked his head again, watching as you stared down at your phone, his mouth opening again in what he decided would be his final statement on the entire dilemma.

“Don’t send him titty pics back, and if anything happens with dick boy involving coffee or going anywhere, I have to go.”

You waved him off, texting back as quickly as you could on your ancient keyboard, chanyeol was right, you needed to upgrade.

“I can promise that you’ll come with me, I don’t know about the other thing though.”

Chanyeol shook his head again, muttering under his breath as he watched you with amusement.

“What kind of match made in creep heaven.”

And he reached over to drink the rest of your now cold coffee, figuring you’d get more later on from dick boy, or Oh Sehun, because he knew that number, at least, like the back of his hand.

Are We Out Of The Woods? - Part Three. Joe Sugg Imagine.

Part One:

Part Two:

You’ve been hiding out at your best friends house in Manchester since the night you left Joe. After you explained the situation to your parents, they were quite shocked at your decision and rather upset at Joe’s actions, but they completely understood and promised not to tell a soul of where you were going. When you arrived at your best friends house the next morning after leaving Joe with a rather full suitcase and duffle bag, she was completely shocked. She, like many of your other friends, did not know about your relationship with Joe and you were absolutely terrified that she would be angry with you for not telling her such a big secret. As soon as you told her, she thought you were joking with her, but when the tears began to build in your eyes and slowly fall down your cheeks, she took it a lot more serious and listened to every word you had to say.

“Oh darling..Come here..” She whispered, enveloping you into her arms and began to sooth you with her comforting words. She was more than happy to keep you at her house for a while and was very excited to have some company since her own boyfriend was currently on a lads holiday in Portugal. The first thing she did was lock the doors, before she began to grab pillows from every room and blankets also, together you both turned her neat, tidy sitting room into a magical, large, fairy lit fort with the most comfortable pillows and softest blankets. After she brought you both a mug of tea into the fort, she placed a blanket over you both and she listened to you talk about the sweet, romantic things Joe would do for you on your secretive dates, before she listened to the heart break and loneliness you’ve been struggling through when Joe began to ‘date’ Emily. You told her about how Joe was against making you and him public but he was more than happy to go into a public, fake relationship with a gorgeous model to keep you ‘safe’. Your best friend was appalled at Joe’s behaviour and began to rant about Emily and how fake she was and even began to give out about Joe.

“You don’t need him..You’re a strong, sexy, kind hearted, funny, witty, intelligent, kind, sweet beautiful girl and you deserve nothing but good in this world. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to be showed off. You deserve a man who isn’t afraid to hold your hand in public and kiss you in front of the world and show you off to all of his friends to make them jealous. I’m so lucky to have you as a best friend, and I’m not mad at you for not telling me about your relationship. I completely respect you and your decisions and I will always love you no matter what you decide to do in life, and I’ll always be by your side to support you..through everything..I’ll always be there for you..whether you need a shoulder to cry on or simply need someone to talk to or even laugh with..I’ll always be there for you..” Your best friend whispered as she wrapped her arms around your shoulders and pulled you in for a hug. Tears began to stream down your cheeks yet again, but they weren’t tears of heart break or sadness but tears of happiness. You were so incredibly lucky to have your/best-friends/name in your life. She was your rock. You’ve been connected by the hip since you were both toddlers starting school and you couldn’t have felt more blessed and happy in that moment. She was a true, loyal friend that you would never let go of.

“I’m going to help you get through this and we’re going to get happy, funny and tear free Y/N back..” She whispered kissing your forehead and softly squeezing your shoulders and you couldn’t stop the smile growing on your lips as you looked at your best friend and smiled back at her, wiping away the tears from your eyes because you knew she meant every word she spoke.

“I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend..Thank you so much..” You whispered before you enveloped her in a tight bear hug. You would be entirely lost without her in your life. That night you shed some more tears and struggled to let sleep overtake you, but maybe this was for the best. Maybe you and Joe were not meant to be together.

| Two Weeks Later |

It’s been two weeks since you’ve left Joe. It’s been two weeks you’ve been suffering with a broken heart and never ending tears, and it’s been two weeks since you’ve been properly happy. You haven’t been in contact with Joe or any of his friends since you couldn’t look back, but only move forwards. Your phone though, has been constantly ringing and dinging with calls and messages from Joe and even some from Caspar, Oli and Zoe. You’ve stayed clear from social medias and haven’t looked at any messages from Joe nor have you listened to the many voice mails he has left on your machine and the many messages and DM’s he’s left on your social media. Your best friend changed your lock screens to selfies of her pulling the weirdest double chin faces and it made you smile each time.

Your best friend has been there for you twenty four seven for the last two weeks and you couldn’t be more thankful. Your friend has helped you with everything and now she was trying to persuade you to leaving the house to go for a girly day of shopping, manicures and a five star meal in the city of London. At first you were quite, let’s say strong headed. “No your/best-friends/name. We’re not going to London! What if we bump into him? What will we do or even say? I can’t..I’m not ready in case we do..” You panicked feeling your heart rate increase rapidly. London was an insanely large city, but the possibly of running into Joe was still there and you couldn’t put that at risk.

“Come on Y/N! I’ve got to go work on Monday after my three week holiday and all I want is a little time with my best friend in the city of London where we can shop until we drop and get our nails done and eat at this incredible restaurant I booked us at..Come on..Please..” She pouted holding your hands and giving you the most saddest puppy dog eyes you’ve ever seen in your life. You sighed knowing the puppy dog eyes always got to you and plucked at each and every single one of your heart strings. “Fine, fine..but if we so happen to see Joe-” You began to speak but we’re instantly cut off by your friend squealing with delight and hugging you closely. “Yes! I promise you, we won’t run into him!” Your friend beamed before she dragged you both upstairs and began to get you both ready. You decided to sport a casual, skinny blue jean look with a grey sleeveless shirt, a pair of ankle boots and a long cardigan to match and keep you warm. Your hair was styled up into a messy bun and you were ready to leave the house after finishing your makeup to cover up the bags under your eyes and to give you a fresh look since you did not want to be seen with your red eyes and dark under circles.


You were currently walking through the shopping centre with your/best-friends/name after walking out of ‘Crazy Nails and Hair’ with your new French tipped manicure nails. You were both window shopping currently and wondering what shop you would both like to wander into and hunt for a good bargain. Currently you both stood outside of Topshop and gazed at the autumn collection that wasn’t currently being shipped in and you smiled lovingly at some of the jumpers knowing you would most definitely have to add them to your collection. As you pointed to a jumper on one of the window mannequins to show to your/best-friends/name, you heard a couple of gasps.

“Oh my god!” You turned to see a group of girls, maybe around ten or twelve girls surrounding you with their phones and you felt your eyes widen in shock and fear. “Oh my god your Joe’s best friend! Your Y/N! Wow..W-we just wanted to know if we could take a picture? I-if that wouldn’t be too much trouble..” A girl with curly blonde hair smiled at you and you felt yourself smile shyly and a blush creep upon your cheeks. “Yes, of course! It wouldn’t be any trouble lovely..” You smiled at the girls surrounding you. You were faced by many cameras and smiled for every photo taken and even hugged a lot of the girls. “Wow..Joe is so lucky to have you as a best friend..” A girl with red straightened hair smiled at you and you felt your heart crack and shatter inside and your smile slightly drop. Hearing his name from another persons really hurt you, but you quickly smacked the smile back onto your lips since you couldn’t tell Joe’s fan base about the situation your both in.

“Do you know if he’s okay? He hasn’t posted in a while..He’s missed two Sugg Sunday’s..and he hasn’t uploaded anything on his vlogging channel or even tweet anything..Do you know what’s up with him?” Another girl spoke out and you felt your stomach tighten into a ball of knots. Joe hasn’t tweeted or uploaded a video? That’s not like Joe at all, YouTube is his job and he loves it so much. Why hasn’t he been posting? As all of these thoughts began to creep into your mind, a voice broke your track of thoughts. “Are you guys both okay? We haven’t seen you in many of his videos since that model came on the scene..” The girl with rosy cheeks spoke making your mind spin like a merry go round as you tried to create some sort of excuse in your mind. “Joe has been really busy with his graphic novel..and some projects for you guys..I’m sure he’ll be back to normal soon..We haven’t spoken because I’ve been busy with college work and exams..” You lied right behind your teeth with a shy smile plastered across your face. You felt guilt pulse through your blood stream and your heart sink to your feet. You hated lying but you couldn’t possibly tell them the truth and let everything slip out.

'Oh, you see, Joe and I have been actually dating for quite a while now but he decided to shove me in the dark and actually go public dating with this beautiful, outstanding model for a publicity stunt so he could get more subscribers and she could get more followers and he completely blanked me and neglected me which is why I left him and that’s why we haven’t spoken..’ If you said a word about this contract, your almost sure that Joe’s management would easily come after you with loaded guns. 

“I hope everything works out well for you in college Y/N because you deserve it..I don’t know how you put up with that girlfriend of his! She’s so fake!” The girl scoffed and shook her head. “I know your best friends with Joe, but I always shipped you with Joe much more than this girl he has..” The girl grinned at you as many of the other fans agreed with her statement which made you smile to yourself and made your best friend chuckle. The subscribers would have supported your relationship with Joe if you both left the woods and they don’t seem to like Emily at all, just like yourself! As you parted your lips to speak, gasps and expressions of shock over took every girls face. “Guys, look! It’s Joe Sugg!” They all squealed loudly making you your eyes widen, your heart stop and your face turn as white as snow. Your head slowly turned to see Joe looking towards the group of fan girls that shrieked his name and you watched his eyes widened immediately as soon as he saw you. He was about twenty feet away and he began to walk over in your direction quickly.

“Quick Y/N, take my keys and run. I’ll distract him if I can..” Your best friends whispered, slipping her car keys into your hand before she pushed you after snatching your shopping bags. You felt a sick feeling rush through you along with panic and you instantly took off into a quick run and felt your heart jump to your throat with fear.

“Y/N! Y/N! Come back!” You heard Joe yell loudly. You ran quickly down the escalator and apologised as you brushed by people roughly. “Sorry! Sorry! Y/N! I’m so sorry miss!” Joe muttered as he pushed pass people as hard as he could to try and catch up with your running. Joe completely ran around the group of fangirls and your best mate like lightened and began to run as fast as his legs could carry him. He wasn’t about to lose you again and so he used every ounce of energy in him to run as fast he could possibly run. The group of fangirls began to chase after Joe too once they watched Joe take off in a run.

Your chest was aching and screaming with a burning feeling from the pain and the soles of your feet were in completely agony. Boots were not made for running. You quickly dashed through the shopping centre attempting to outrun your ex boyfriend as your blood was pulsing through you in an adrenaline rush and you could still hear Joe’s voice calling and screaming your name loudly. You were thinking quick, trying to create a diversion for yourself to distract Joe. You swung a left at the nearby make up store and ran through it and towards the other exit that led to the car park. You heard squeals and shrieks from inside the make up store which alerted you that Joe was obviously inside. You began to sprint for your life, searching madly for your best friends car and trying to keep out of the way of Joe.

There’s no way you could face him after all that he’s done to you and after the way you left him. Joe was your first ever love and it would only break you to look him deep in the eyes again and feel his soft, muscled arms around you. You were not ready to face this boy yet and you don’t think you ever would be. You smiled with victory seeing your best friends car and began to rush towards it. As soon as you reached it, you began to shove the key into the lock before you gasped loudly feeling your body instantly spin around and your wrists being held down against your sides. Your chest was rising and falling quickly and your mind was like a very fast carousel trying to keep up with everything happening.

You just knew you shouldn’t have came to London today. You had a gut instinct about it all but you still brushed it off and now look at the situation you’ve gotten yourself into. You wanted all of this to be some nightmare that you would soon awake from and then laugh about it over breakfast, but when you fluttered your eyes open, your breath was instantly caught in your throat.

Joe stood there before you, his chest rising and falling in sync with yours and his breaths rather deep. You didn’t know what to say. You could almost swallow the cologne he was wearing and you could almost touch his forehead with yours, you were that close. You watched his blue orbs study your face intently and you never felt more sick in your life. You wanted to throw up everything and the tears that have been building up, also wanted to break free like Niagara Fall. You haven’t seen this face in two weeks and now you were stood right in front of it. You felt completely numb and you were speechless.

“You’ve always been very quick on your feet, haven’t you?” Joe whispered, gazing down into your eye/colour eyes softly. Your throat was running dry and you could feel your heart pounding against your rib cage heavily before it fell to your feet as your stomach began to feel empty.

“Y/N..I’ve been trying to talk to you and get in contact with you every day..Please..just hear me out..” Joe spoke, his voice cracking ever so slightly and the lump in his throat battling to rise and overtake him. Your eyes closed and you tried to calm your breathing as your throat ran dry and your lungs shrivelled up tightly. Your chest was pressing against his, matching his breathing. Thoughts were swirling through your head like a washing machine. You didn’t know what to say to him nor did you know if you even wanted to speak with Joe after the way he neglected and ignored you to spend time with his fake girlfriend.

“Why?” You asked, breaking the momentary silence and felt your voice shake ever so slightly. “Why should I hear you out after you hurt me so much?” You whispered feeling your stomach tighten with a sickening feeling and the lump in your throat begin to rise making tears build up on your water line.

“Because I’ve got so much to tell you..” Joe answered in the blink of an eye. You studied the features of his face. His eyes were red and there were evident black circles under his eyes. You could see the worry, the panic, the hope and the sadness in his blue eyes. You sighed quietly and spoke. “Two minutes Sugg..” You whispered and watched a small smile tug at Joe’s lips. He kept your wrists pinned by your sides and his eyes gazed into yours.

“Y/N I’ve been a complete mess without you..I don’t blame you for leaving me after the way I treated you and I’m so incredibly sorry..for everything. I never meant to hurt you, it was never my intention. I was so stupid Y/N. I agreed to a stupid publicity stunt to protect you and gain more subscribers and I never even asked you if you were okay with the situation, but the strong girl you are, I don’t know why you did but you kept your mouth shut when you should have told me that you weren’t happy about this stunt. I was so wrapped up in trying to gain more subscribers for myself that I completely ignored you and tried to get in the eye of the media as much as I could. I didn’t give you the time that you deserve and I forgot about the little things we organised and ever since you’ve left me..I’ve just been an atrocious mess..I’ve broken things and cut people out of my life within just two weeks and I’ve been in a non stop constant worry about your whereabouts and I’ve been so worried about you..I need you back in my life Y/N and I didn’t realise just how much I did until you left me..” Joe spoke, rubbing his thumb across your wrists and held onto them tightly like you were going to float away and leave him for good.

Your eyes were watering with tears and they slowly dripped down your cheeks as you thought about everything. You couldn’t forget the last few months of your relationship with Joe. You’ll never forget those polaroids you took of each other and the cookies you would both bake at unusual times in the morning. You thought about everything you’ve both been through and felt yourself start to shake like a leaf blowing in the wind. You thought about everything you would do together and how at house parties, you would both manage to slip away for a bit and hide in the closet for a little private session of seven minutes in heaven. You gazed up into Joe’s eyes seeing tears fall from his eyes and you so desperately wanted to brush them away with your thumbs but with the grip on your wrists, it was impossible.

“Y/N..You’re an incredible girl. You’re smart, you’re funny, you’re adorable and you’re one of a kind. You’ve got the most beautiful eyes and the most gorgeous smile. Your heart is pure, solid gold and I’m sure you’re an angel sent from above. An angel that was sent to me and I completely blanked you..I don’t deserve you..I really don’t deserve you after the way I treated you..” Joe whispered, his voice cracking as he spoke which made your heart ache and your heart beat rather quickly. “I’m surprised you even stayed with me for that long..You deserve a guy so much better than me Y/N..but I am so incredibly sorry..for everything. I’m sorry for the way I acted and the way I treated you. I love you with everything Y/N. I love you so much and I’ve no feelings for anybody else. I broke off the contract with my management about Emily and Emily is now flying off to the U.S. You make my heart complete and without you I’m nothing Y/N. I’m nothing at all and I know my actions may never be forgiven but all I’m asking for is for one more chance..One more chance to show you how much I love you. One more chance to do everything with you and one more chance to show you that we do have a spark between us and a special something that nobody else has. I can’t let you slip through my fingers again..I’m not letting you go Y/N..We’ll take things as slow as you want..” Joe said softly and gently loosened his hands on your wrist and moved them to your hips, before he smoothly slides his hands up your sides and to your cheeks.

You could see all of the emotion in his eyes and from the tears he let escape. You’ve never seen Joe so heart broken and sad. His thumbs began to softly brush your tears away as your fingers very slowly and cautiously moved to his temple where you slowly and delicately ran your fingers over the stitches he had to get a few months ago from the crash you ended up in. You thought about everything and let Joe’s words sink into your mind. You watched Joe’s eyes slowly close at your touch as his breathing began to slow down like your own. Your finger tips slowly trailed down to Joe’s jaw and slowly to under his chin where you softly raised it.

“Oh Joe..” You smiled weakly, choking on your own words as you brushed away the tears on his cheeks and sniffled your nose. You softly moved your hand to his own which cupped your cheek and intertwined your fingers with his before your other hand moved to his cheek and you watched him nuzzle his face into your hand like a newborn puppy.

“I’m still hurt..” You said softly and watched Joes face fall and you could just about hear his heart breaking inside his chest. “But I’m willing to give us another shot..because I love you with everything too..” You whispered as your voice cracked, the small smile on your face growing as Joe’s facial features began to brighten and a large smile overtook his face.

You squealed feeling Joe pick you up and spin you around making you throw your head back and laugh loudly hearing Joe cheer with happiness before he pressed both of your lips together and began to move them in a slow, gentle sync, keeping you pressed against him as close as he could. You both smiled against one another’s lips before hearing camera flashes and girls squealing.

You both pulled apart very slowly to see the group of girls from earlier covering their mouths and squealing loudly as they clapped for you both. You saw your best friend smiling widely at you and giving you a thumbs up before a large camera flash over took yours and Joe’s vision and you turned to see a gathering crowd of paparazzi. Joe smiled brightly at them and shouted loudly. “This is Y/N Your/Last/Name! She’s the most perfect, beautiful girl in the world and I’m so happy to announce that Y/N is my girlfriend, I’m so incredibly lucky to have her and I love her more than she’ll ever know!” Joe smiled widely, keeping you high in the air as the smile on your face continued to grow and you couldn’t believe that Joe was actually telling everyone that you were an officious couple.

Joe looked into your eyes deeply and you felt happiness overtake you both as he whispered softly, “We’re out of the woods..”.


Hello lovelies! This is the end of this imagine! I really enjoyed writing this imagine and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as enjoyed writing it! So sorry for the long wait on this part but thank you so much for all of your support and lovely messages! Don’t be afraid to message me your thoughts because I would love to read them since I love reading your messages and thoughts! All my love! Xx

Fan Meet (Suga Scenario)

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Member: Suga

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 417 

Today was the day you got to meet BTS. You patiently waited in line with your poster and album in hand. You moved to Korea not too long ago and you were finally able to attend a fan meet. The boys were now in sight. You thought you were going to faint at the pure perfection before you. They were better looking in person, just like you suspected. You felt your heartbeat speeding up the longer you looked at them. You made your way through the line and now you were sitting in front of Suga.

“Hi!”, you squealed as you handed him your poster and album.

“Hey, what’s your name?”


“That’s a pretty name.”, he said as he wrote his name on your poster.

“Thank you. What’s your name?”, you blurted out of habit. You mentally face palmed yourself.

“Min Yoongi.”, Suga chuckled at your embarrassed face.

“So, where are you from?”

You were too busy mentally scolding yourself that you almost missed the question.

“Oh, I just moved to this area!”

“Really? You know we do a lot of fan meets here.”, he said as he opened up your album.

“I’ll try my best to come to all of them!”

Suga saw the photo card placed inside the album.

“You got my picture.”, he said taking it out and examining it.

“The best photo card.”, you smirked.

“You know it.”

You both laughed as he signed your album and photo card.

“I just wanted to say you’re really talented. I really admire you.”, you said wholeheartedly. Suga could rap, compose, and produce. On top of that, he had a humble and kind spirit which made him even more lovable.

“Thank you. I really appreciate it.”, Suga smiled shyly. You could’ve sworn you saw a blush creep up on his cheeks. You glanced at the girl next to you and saw she was ready to move over.

“It was nice talking to you!”, you reached out to him.

“You too. I’ll see you next time!”, Suga said as he shook your hand.

Once you got home you looked at the autographs on your poster and hung it up on your bedroom wall. You looked inside your album and brushed your fingers against the signatures. The photo card fell out and as you picked it up you saw there was a message written on the back.

I hope you keep getting the best photo card. I wish I had a photo card of you ;) -Min Yoongi

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could you do a jack Maynard imagine where him and you get into a huge argument and he is basically ignoring you for the next few days and like one night you can’t sleep and he gets up to see you crying in the kitchen or like the living room and he apologizes ??? And pls lots of FLUFF :) ty

A bed feels far too big when the person you’re so used to sharing it with isn’t there with you. I knew the argument was justified, Jack should not have got that handsy with that girl. I’d bundled the duvet into my arms in an attempt to make it feel as though another body was with me, but it didn’t radiate warmth and it’s chest didn’t rise and fall and it didn’t snore far too loudly like Jack did.

He’d stayed over at friend’s houses for the past few nights, but no one would take him tonight so I’d let him back in provided he slept on the couch. As much as I missed him, I wasn’t quite ready to forgive him.

I reached over and took my phone from the bedside table, squinting as I pressed the home screen. I opened Twitter to see the same picture flooding my notifications, blurry but unmistakable. I tried my best to ignore it and scroll through my timeline but I heard footsteps outside the bedroom door. I quickly put my phone down, bundled myself back up in the duvet and forced my puffy eyes shut as the door opened. I could hear bare feet on the carpet creep through the room and over to my side of the bed, bending down to the plug socket and wriggling a phone charger from it. All movement suddenly stopped and Jack sighed.

“Can’t sleep either?” he said. I sighed in defeat and opened my eyes.
“How did you know?”
“When you’re asleep and you breath in, you make a really high pitched noise, and you weren’t making it.” I had to smile at that. Jack slumped so he was sat on the floor. “I miss you. I really do. I knew I loved you before all this happened but it’s just made me realise that I don’t just love you. I need you.” He said this to the carpet and spoke as though he was making a speech to the mirror, but I knew he meant every word. Tears were appearing in the corners of his eyes. “I’m so sorry about what happened with that girl, I swear nothing happened but I’m sorry I made you feel this way. I never want you to feel like this again.” His head fell into his hands, and I jumped out of bed to kneel in front of him and cup his face in my hands forcing him to look at me. I could see remorse in his eyes.
“I forgive you,” I whispered. A look of relief washed over Jack’s face. “I won’t forget, but I will forgive. I love and need you too.” He cracked a weak smile and I kissed him, soft and slow and full of love, something both of us needed right now.
He slipped into the bed beside me and I cuddled into him, one arm around his waist and his hand on my back soothingly drawing patterns with his fingertips. And I could feel the warmth radiating from him and his chest rising and falling and a few minutes later I could hear him snoring far too loudly.

The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Said

This is the story of the worst thing I’ve ever said.

It was a joke. Well, it was supposed to be a joke. Immediately relax. What I said was no shade of offensive, it was not racist, sexist, or derogatory towards giraffes.

The worst thing I ever said was such because of timing. It was a bad time for a joke. I shouldn’t have said it. 

Every person I’ve ever told the story to responds the same exact way: they half-smile despite themselves as they rub their forehead and say “Anthony…”

Before I tell you what I said, there are some things you should know.

Mom is an earnest woman of small stature with the resolve of a 25 year old trying to find communal importance through Facebook statuses. She tries her best and relentlessly wants to let you know she is. Sad story short, she was regularly abandoned by her troubled mother and father and didn’t grow up with much genuine parental love. Mom is equal parts tough, sweet, and naive. She also can’t take a joke to save her fucking life. Her devotion to being a good mom and person sometimes makes her gullible or insusceptible to sarcasm. She’s been the perfect audience for my bullshit for 29 years, and not once has she ever suspected she was an audience member, even when she was physically sitting in the audience while I performed on stage. For example, her response to that last sentence would be something like “No! I know when I’m in the audience at a show you are performing at!” Mom sold makeup at Macy’s for about twenty years and she always looks beautiful. With or without product. She goes to church every Sunday and prays for me. My mom is four foot eleven, loves Barry White, and eats cookies with milk in the middle of the night. That’s my mom. Mama Shelly. Michelle Ann Apruzzese.

I think what attracted my mom to my dad was that he was sixteen years her senior and generally knew his way around life. He was both her husband and a father figure in the least creepy way possible, you asshole. Dad was many things: a bookie, a U.S. Army Ranger, a horse racetrack enthusiast, a hairdresser for Carol Burnett, a bartender, a plumber for the Jersey City Board of Education, a baseball player, and for all intents and purposes, the love of my mother’s life, the love of my brother’s life, and the love of my life. Dad was the heart and soul of the Apruzzese’s of Bayonne, New Jersey. He was an accessible, kind, understanding, and incredibly smart man for someone who only graduated elementary school. Above all, he was consistent. He was always there. With every year that passes and the further away from him I become, the more I love him. Dad never sat me down and gave me life lessons but I have an endless well of knowledge I’ve gained from him that will guide me through the rest of my life. Dad wasn’t preachy. His approach to life was the same as the great philosopher Rick Ross: “Don’t talk about it, be about it.” Countless times I saw my him do the right thing, even when doing the right hard thing was hard. I never saw the seams on him, I never knew if he had any doubts. If he felt bad, he never took it out on anyone or even let us feel the pressure of his feelings. I don’t know how he did it. He was also very fucking funny. All of his jokes followed with laughter. Not once did I hear him explain “what he was going for.” For example: my brother, Joe, came back 20 pounds heavier after his first two months away at college. When dad saw him he said “Jesus, Christ, Joe, you put on some weight!” My brother, in an effort to save face, lied and said “what are you talking about? I just lost 10 pounds!” Dad replied, “Where? At a crap game in England, you fat fuck?” Laughs. All the laughs. That’s my dad. Big C. Carmine Romeo Apruzzese.

You might have just thought to yourself, “this is nice but, what the fuck does this have to do with the worst thing he’s ever said? Oh, nice, a box of peach iced tea Snapples!” Relax, I’m getting to it. Open up the box of peach iced tea Snapples, take out each one and throw them in the garbage. Peach iced tea Snapples are terrible. Especially if you don’t realize they’re peach until after you get a mouthful of it’s awfulness. I imagine it’s a similar feeling that heterosexual men have when they pick up what they think is a female prostitute but later, after it’s already too late, find out it is a man in drag. That’s right. I imagine the feeling is the same. I wouldn’t know. Is your palate cleansed from my sincerity yet? Good. Now let’s dive back in.

To get a proper understanding of why what I said was the worst, you needed to know the key players and my relationship to them, which you now do. I’ll never forget the date of the worst thing I’ve ever said. It was September 30th, 2008, the day my dad died. I remember the day incredibly well. I had just graduated college a few months prior and didn’t have a day-job yet. I was still living at home and making pocket money by bartending three nights a week. On that particular sunny day, I woke up around 11 then watched “The Untouchables” starring Kevin Costner, Robert DeNiro, Sean Connery, and a young,  tight Andy Garcia. After that, I went to lunch with my friend Pat (which given how the day transpires, refuses to get lunch with me to this very day) at a place we frequented. A place in Jersey City called, coincidentally, Carmine’s Italian Deli. Ugh. I ate the day’s special for lunch: ravioli parmigiana. This was the first time I had ever heard of/violent consumed ravioli parmigiana. Essentially, it’s a bunch of raviolis, which are pasta-cheese pockets, covered in marinara and, get this, more cheese. After I over-ate, Pat was driving me back home when I got a call from my brother telling me to head to the school my father worked at because something “had happened.” At the time, my brother didn’t know dad had died yet either. As Rob Zombie has said (at least once in his life, I’m sure) “ignorance is bliss, Dragula.”

Second we pulled up to the school, knew something was wrong. There was a police car (key indicator) parked outside. I ran into the school and was cut off by a police officer who asked me who I was and I told him my name. His response was something I’ll never forget. He put his arm around me, lead me inside and said, “Anthony, we’re gonna have a bit of bad news for you.” This, of course, went down as the biggest understatement of 2008, merely edging out a thirteen year old’s science project that year entitled “The Sun is Good.” Once I got in the school, I saw my cousin Vinny (yes, I have a cousin Vinny and YES he is Joe Pesci), who’s a detective in Jersey City and he let me know my father had passed of a heart attack. I was the first of my immediate family to find out. They let me see him. He had died in the supply room in the basement of his job.

Job. My dad died at his job. I can’t type that without crying. When I went into the supply room I saw him laying on the floor. I asked my cousin, the other cop, and some paramedics to leave me alone with him and they abided. I still can’t get over the unfairness of it all. Not for me, but for him. My dad died alone on the unswept floor of an elementary school supply room. No pillow beneath his head, no loved one by his side, he deserved better. He deserved the best because that’s what he was. But man, that’s life. This is how it goes: unexpected and grossly not what we had imagined. Unfair. I approached his body. Rested on him was a generic looking, thick, pale sky blue blanket the had paramedics placed on him. It covered him from his ankles to the clavicle. His left arm lay against his side and his right arm was outstretched, pointing nine o’clock. I try not to think about why his right arm was like that. However, thoughts creep in my head that paint a picture of him struggling hard, reaching for life but coming up empty. It’s hard to imagine him like that because I never saw him struggle in real life. I grabbed his left hand. I could feel the life leaving his body as I promised him, through tears, that I’d try my best. Only he and I really know what that means and only he and I know if I’m keeping that promise. I did him a favor and the world a disservice by shutting his coffee with milk brown eyes for the last time. My dad, the heart of the Apruzzese’s of Bayonne, NJ, had beat for the last time. That’s when my brother arrived and got his bit of bad news. Shortly thereafter, the hardest thing I’ve ever witnessed happened. Mom got there. She knelt beside her dead husband, the father to her children and in some respects her too and wailed. She asked God “why?” and begged my father to come back. The girl whose parents abandoned her was now a woman and abandoned again. After what I’m sure was only twenty seconds but felt like my whole life, I pulled her up from the ground, wiped the tears off of her face, looked her in the eyes and said it.

“Mom, I think you might have to get a second job.”

Needless to say, the attempt to break the tension by joking about how my mom will get by financially now that everyone’s favorite Apruzzese lay dead at the toes of my New Balances fell flat. It, as always, did not register with my mom as a joke and my brother briefly marveled at the consistency in which I never cease to disappoint. I’m not sure if they even remember I said that. It probably got swallowed up in what was most important about the day, the ravioli parmigiana special at Carmine’s Italian Deli.

I have told this story to a few people, but never with this much detail. There’s still much more that I have chosen to omit because it both doesn’t serve the purpose of this essay and because what’s left is mine and his. In writing this, I realized how I had chosen to immediately emulate my dad the second both my mom and brother arrived at the scene. I didn’t cry in front of them that day. The first thing I said when we were all together was a joke. I tried to act like it didn’t bother me, for them.

Or, I’m an asshole.

I wish the years that followed were as retroactively well intentioned. The truth is, I grew cold. I tried to convince myself and everyone around me that my dad’s death didn’t bother me. I distanced myself from my mom and brother. I didn’t have my mom’s courage to love despite having lost badly in the past. Only recently have I tried to bridge the gap between who I became in order to survive and who I believe I am: Carmine’s son. It’s hard and scary to try. But that’s life. 

You can’t give up.

Well, that’s it. That’s the worst thing I’ve ever said. The sentiment came from what I believed was a very good place, like most of the worst things people have ever said.


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I met Motionless In White on July 19th at Mexico City. First Ryan, Devin, Balz, Vinny and Ricky signed my ticket, there were a lot of people so we had to make it fast and we didn’t have the chance to talk to them, just hi and thank you.

But when I went to Chris and asked him to sign the drawing I did of him he told me that it was truly amazing and that he really loved it, he asked me if he could take a picture of it with his cellphone which I obviously agreed and then he hugged me, while I was hugging him I told him that I love him and I immediately regret it because I didn’t want to creep him but he was really sweet and he told me that he loves me too.

Even though their manager was very mean to the fans, all the band were absolutely kind and sweet with us and all of them thanked us a lot for supporting them. It was definitely the best day of my life :D

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hi! if you're still taking prompts, how about "you’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but i’m so in love with you and damn you look good in the outfit i picked out for you" for scorbus maybe? or alternatively, "you’re drunk and walked into the wrong apartment and fell asleep on my couch oh god you’re going to be so confused in the morning” love love love your writing! :)

“Come on, Al!” Scorpius pleaded, getting down on his knees and giving his best friend his best puppy dog eyes. “Please?”

“You’ve been on dates before, you know what to wear,” Albus shot back, still scrolling through his phone and pretending not to be affected by the way Scorpius was currently on his knees in front of him. 

“I just need some advice,” Scorpius said despondently. He stood back up and went over to his closet, rifling through his shirts to find the best one. “I really like him.”

“You don’t even know him,” Albus said, frowning at his phone. “You met him on one of those stupid dating websites. He’s probably a forty year old man who will want you to call him daddy.” 

Scorpius turned back to Albus and rolled his eyes. “He’s been really sweet in all of our online chats,” he insisted, holding a shirt up against himself and looking in the mirror. “And in his pictures he doesn’t look older than twenty-five.”

“The picture could be years old,” Albus reminded him. “He could be some creep.”

Scorpius sighed. “I appreciate your concern but that’s not why I asked you over.”

Albus scowled and slid his phone back into his pocket. “Fine,” he said, getting to his feet and stomping over to the closet. “I’ll help you pick out a stupid outfit.”

Albus went through the closet, taking a moment to consider a few shirts before moving on. Eventually he decided on a navy blue button down and pushed it into Scorpius’ hands. “It’ll match your eyes.”

“Oh, um, thanks,” Scorpius said, beaming at him. “I appreciate it, Al.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Albus responded, waving him off. “Just remember to text me if you need an emergency call.”

“I will,” Scorpius said, going into the bathroom to change. Sometimes Albus couldn’t believe how shy Scorpius was. Even back when they were at school together and shared a dormitory, Scorpius was always changing in the toilets.

Albus heard the shower running and flopped down onto the bed to wait for Scorpius to finish. He noticed Scorpius’ mobile sitting on the nightstand and quickly grabbed it. It didn’t take long for him to guess the password for the lock screen and he opened the dating app Scor had used to find this date. 

Their conversations were fairly uninteresting, the usual kind of tripe. Pleasant but dull, generally speaking. Where was the spark? Why were they even bothering. What did this guy have going for him other than being nice? 

When he heard the water shut off, Albus quickly put the phone back where he’d found it. He didn’t want Scorpius to know he had peeked. When Scorpius finally emerged from the bathroom, he was all scrubbed clean and wearing the shirt Albus had picked out with a pair of grey trousers. 

“Fuck,” Albus said under his breath. 

“How do I look?” Scorpius asked, giving a little spin.

Albus swallowed thickly and looked down at his phone. “You look great.”

“Come on, Al, you can tell me the truth,” Scorpius said, shuffling nervously. 

“You look hot,” Albus assured him, forcing himself to meet Scorpius’ gaze. 

Scorpius smiled at him. “Thanks. I hope he likes it.”

“He’d be an idiot not to,” Albus said with a shrug, trying to play off his own attraction. He got up and walked over, smoothing down the collar of the button down. “Don’t be nervous.”

Albus had made a mistake putting himself so close to Scorpius. He’d made a mistake his whole damn life. “Al…” Scorpius said softly. “Everything okay?”

“Of course,” Albus said, clearing his throat and forcing a smile onto his face. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

“I don’t know,” Scorpius said slowly. “Something is wrong though. I know you well enough to know that.”

“Nothing’s wrong,” Albus assured him brightly, putting on a brave face for his friend. He could do this. He could send Scor off to fall in love with some other bloke. He could sit idly by while the guy he was in love with, and had been since he was eleven, went out and snogged someone else.

It took him a moment to realize his breathing had become shallow and his eyes unfocused. “Al, Al, breathe,” Scorpius said, clinging to him. “Take a deep breath, okay? I won’t go if you don’t want me to go.”

“No,” Albus choked out. “You have to go. You look so nice and he’s going to love you because why wouldn’t he? Everyone loves you because you’re perfect and gorgeous and sweet.”

“Al…” Scorpius said, his eyes widening in surprise. After a moment his face softened and he smiled. “Why didn’t you tell me?” 

Scorpius gently ran his fingers through Albus’ hair and Al leaned into the touch, craving it so badly. His breathing had finally evened out and he blinked away a few tears. “Because I’m an idiot,” Al said with a chuckle.

Scorpius’ hand was cradling the back of Albus’ head and he gently guided him forward until their lips touched. “Is this okay?” Scorpius whispered, just barely letting his lips slide against Albus’. 

“Yeah,” Albus said quietly, pushing forward and deepening the kiss. 

Scorpius backed him up towards the bed and they fell onto it, ending up both on their sides, facing each other. “How long?” Scorpius asked between kisses.

“How long what?” 

“You know what,” Scorpius said, reaching up and brushing his thumb along Albus’ cheekbone.

“Oh, um, you know,” Albus said nervously. “Since we were eleven.” 

“Jesus christ,” Scorpius said, closing his eyes. 

“I’m sorry,” Albus told him quickly. “I’m really sorry. At first I didn’t realize what I was feeling and then it seemed like I had waited to long to tell you. I kept telling myself that if you felt the same way I did then something would have happened between us. Nothing ever did.”

Scorpius exhaled loudly and opened his eyes. “We’re quite the pair, you and I.” 

Albus smiled sheepishly. “Why do you say that?” 

“Because I’ve loved you since we were thirteen but thought you must not love me back. I mean you spent all those nights in my bed but you never tried anything.”

“I didn’t want to ruin anything,” Albus mumbled, biting the inside of his cheek.

“So we were both lying there like a bunch of gits wanting to touch each other but scared the other one didn’t want it.” 

Albus snorted. “Pretty much.”

Scorpius smiled and captured Albus’ lips together. “You know this means we have a lot of catching up to do, right?” 

“Mhmm,” Albus hummed with a nod. 

“So I should probably cancel my date.” 

“Probably should,” Albus said, grinning widely. “He seemed boring anyway.”

Scorpius froze halfway to reaching for his phone and gave Albus a hard stare. “Did you go through my messages?” he asked accusingly.

“I might have glanced a few.” 

Scorpius rolled his eyes and grabbed his phone. “Did you even look at his picture?” he asked, unlocking his phone, fiddling with it for a few moments and then holding it out for Albus to see. 

Brown hair, dark skin, glasses and green eyes. Albus might as well have been looking at his twin. “Wow, I really am an idiot.” 

“Well, now you’re my idiot,” Scorpius said, typing out a quick message. He lied down next to Albus and Al watched as Scorpius deleted the dating app. The moment he was done, Albus was kissing him again - an apology and a promise. 

Creepypasta #622: Out From The Ashes


Story length: Super long

I’m a lumberjack, and I’m okay.

And that’s saying something considering everything that’s happened and that Forbes lists my profession as the most dangerous in America with 127.8 fatalities (the 0.8 guy must have been missing an arm or something) per 100,000 full-time workers. On top of that fun mortality rate, work’s intermittent at best, and the pay sucks. We’re always behind schedule, and it’s us peons who get the brunt of the pressure and frustration of the delays. Despite all of this, I enjoy what I do. The physical strain supplies me with a steady stream of endorphins, and the inherent dangers gives me my adrenaline fix.

I can’t say my co-workers are as happy, especially not after what we did the Minnesota white ash job. We were contracted out by a pool cue manufacturer to cut down a fair-sized ash forest for them to launch a new line of cues, and it didn’t turn out to be the easy job we expected.

Now, I’ve been to a lot of forests, many of them dark and ominous-looking, but they never bothered me. However, this bunch of ash… just didn’t seem right. I couldn’t really place my finger on it. It was like the contrast between the light and the shadows was too much– the sharp, black edges juxtaposing a verdant brilliance. Every distant sound was amplified while every nearby sound seemed muffled. The smell was of damp, rotten fruit and leaves. And it wasn’t just me that felt this way. By day one, we were all ready to get the fuck out, so tensions seemed higher than ever– a recipe for disaster.

The first two days on the job site were rough. We had equipment malfunctions, guys were getting in shouting matches over the dumbest shit, and everyone just seemed worn out. None of this stuff was uncommon at a logging job, but usually these things would start cropping up towards the end, not right at the start. I did my best to just keep my head down and do my work. I wanted this job done and over with, collect my pay and move on to the next. It was on the third day though, that I realized this wasn’t going to be an option.

It was right before lunch and I was sectioning out some felled trees for transport. I measured off the desired lengths and starting making my cuts. About a third of the way through the job though, my chainsaw just locked up on me. I grumbled and spit out some curse words as I wiggled it free from the log. I made sure it was turned off and then slammed it down on a nearby stump to take a look at it. Before I could start to look into whatever locked up my saw though, I saw Bob Corbin standing over by the edge of the tree line. His chainsaw was still rumbling in his hand and his ear protectors were dangling from his neck. I’d worked with Bob on over a dozen jobs, he was good worker, never slacked off, a grade A chopper. Here he was though staring off into space, with his back to the job.

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So, yesterday was probably one of, if not the best, day of my life so far. My mom and I drove 2 hours to get to the venue in Atlanta where Willam was going to be performing, and we got there about 3 hours early. The bouncer at the door was really sweet and found us a table to sit at that was close to the stage. We sat and people watched until it was time for the drag show to start. Four local queens did a song or two each before Willam came on. I’d pushed my way up to the front by this point so I was right in front of the stage the whole show. Willam came on stage and performed the AAA girls song, then Chow Down while he walked around the club, then came back on stage and sang Es Una Pasiva. Then his set was over and he went somewhere for a few minutes, so I went and stood in a corner while all the drunk twinks started trying to twerk. Then Willam came to the corner I was in and set up his merch on the table that was there. He pulled something out that had a “Dolphins Rape People” sticker on it, so that was funny. He had some of his new candles, and he lit one. It almost got knocked over a few times since people were getting pretty pushy to get to meet him. I stood there for a while stuck in this corner holding this little Asian guy’s phone so I could take a picture for him. He was a really sweet kid. People started to get too pushy, so Willam yelled for people to back the fuck up, then he pointed at me and asked if I’d gotten my picture yet, and I hadn’t, so I went next. I took a selfie of us (he had to bend down some cause I’m so short lmao), then he told me he liked my fishtail braid.  Also, he noticed that he’s the screen saver on my phone, and a picture of him out of drag is the background for my home screen, so he was like “Someone has a crush.” Then I asked him if he’d sign his CD cover that I brought with me cause I wanted to get a tattoo of his autograph, then he said he’d just sign one of his pictures instead and I woudn’t have to pay the $3 for it. Then I told him he was my favorite person ever cause my anxiety was at it’s limits and I couldn’t muster out anything else (and not come off as a total fucking creep) and I started to tear up a little (I don’t think he noticed, I held it back as best I could) and he thanked me and hugged me and I hauled ass over to my mom and had a panic attack from being overjoyed. Thank God it was a loud ass club cause I was hyperventilating like crazy for a minute or two until I was able to compose myself and walk out of the club back to the car. That’s the second time I’ve met someone I idolize and the excitement caused a panic attack lol. So, basically, that was literally the best night I’ve had in years. I couldn’t get over how big of a sweetheart Willam is. I get paid Friday, so I’ll go next week sometime and get his signature tattooed somewhere. I’m thinking on my shoulder/clavicle area. Overall, my first drag experience was nothing short of amazing. I’m gonna have to start job hunting in the Atlanta area so I can be closer to the shows.

His flawlessness completely outweighs my ghost face