this is the best photo she's ever taken

This is felicity, the most shit pissed angry cat you’ll ever meet. This photo was taken minutes before an unaware guest who hadn’t seen the true cruel underbelly of our sick, sick world innocently went to give this fluffy fucko a loving tummy scritch. Big mistake. We found this cat when she was abandoned by some trash tier tenants who did a runner without her, and after several days we found her with the fury of a thousand suns in her core. That fury is always under the surface, so when someone naively goes to touch her fluffy tum they best have a god to pray to. Simply put, there was a lot of blood coming out of the guy immediately afterworlds and a lot of long lasting family curses spouted towards him by felicity. It ended with him saying sorry and going home with his hand bandaged and felicity demanding mince for her troubles.
She’s still the angriest bastard cat god placed upon this earth and we love her with all our hearts, she’s perfect


so listen,,, i love angsty headcanons abt Victor’s family as much as the next person, but what if he has a really nice and happy family??

with that thought in mind, i spent the last three days working on this + a little comic i’ll be posting soon about my take on Victor’s parents

Their names are Ekaterina and Dmitriy; she’s a world-class photographer and he’s a former men’s fashion model who retired after Victor was born to be a full-time dad uwu. they met during a photoshoot and it was love at first sight (for Dmitriy anyway lmao)


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Imagine... Ellen DeGeneres

A/N: You and Harry have been keeping a low-profile relationship. You’re invited back to Ellen’s show in celebration of your album release. Ellen has a few surprises up her sleeve.

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I remember this. You thought to yourself, sitting on the familiar white couch across from Ellen DeGeneres. You returned a smile to the excited audience. The cameras, lights, teleprompters were where you had last seen them. The stage crew were the same, except for a couple new faces.

You were last here a little over a year ago after you had been discovered by a few music producers searching for new talent on YouTube. Last year, Ellen’s celebrity guest was Katy Perry and you only had a few minutes of stage presence. This time around you were her celebrity guest.

“Congratulations on your album, Y/N,” Ellen said.

“Thank you, Ellen. I was so happy when I heard I was invited back on your show,” you replied.

“You’re always welcome back here, Y/N. So can you tell us about your album?”

“The title of my album is ‘Walk with Me’. You can pre-order the album tomorrow!” you said excitedly. The audience cheered in excitement. “It’s my first album so I’m very excited. I’m really proud of it. It is very personal. It’s about my journey–my beginnings up to where I am now. I’m very excited to share it with everyone.”

Ellen nodded. “You know,” she said, pointing her notecards at you, “Someone else had just recently released an album…”

You chuckled, your eyes falling straight to your lap, your fingers fidgeting with one another. You knew exactly who she meant.

Ellen called out to one of the stage crew, “Shelly, can you pull up the album so Y/N knows who we’re talking about?” Your cheeks were turning hot. You didn’t want to how you must’ve looked like. You looked over your shoulder only to see an all-too-familiar album cover projected on the gigantic screen behind you. Indulged in rose water, his back the focus of the camera, a necklace around his neck.

“Oh no,” you started to giggle.

“Of course this is about as much as we’ll ever see– Harry in the bathtub. But you– you must get the full 360 view,” she teased.

You hid your blushing face in your hands. You couldn’t contain your laughter anymore. It was embarrassingly accurate. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” was the best response you could come up with.

“Tell us, were you in that bathtub when this photo was taken?”

You tried to compose yourself but your grin was undeniable. “I was not, no,” you answered.

“You’ve come along way since you were last on this show,” Ellen stated. “You’ve got an album coming out soon, you’re dating one of the most desired individuals in the business– after me, of course.” You could always count on Ellen to make jokes with such accuracy.

“Is that so?” you joked.

“Kudos to you two,” she said, “You’ve managed to keep this under wraps until now.”

“Nothing can ever been hidden from you, Ellen,” you teased. You learned through your media training the importance of precise word choice.

The truth was, you and Harry had been an item for other six months. The two of you met a year ago through mutual friends and the connection was instant. It went from exchanging numbers, to regular over-the-phone conversations, secret rendezvous, to leaving a little belongings at each other’s pad. The two of you agreed to keep your relationship hidden from the media to the best of your abilities but as time progressed, the two of you became more lenient.

“Are we going to hear about Harry in your album?” Ellen asked.

“Maybe,” you said coyly.

“Are you in his? Which song or songs are about you in his album?”

“I think that’s something he should answer for himself,” you smiled.

“Kiwi?” Ellen asked.

You burst into laughter, “Oh God, that’d be quite the surprise, wouldn’t it?” Ellen and the audience laughed together.

“So in celebration of your first album,” Ellen began, “We wanted to do something special for you.” She stood up and grabbed a paper bag from behind her seat. “Everyone, let’s do as practiced.” You watched as Ellen and the audience put on a white t-shirt with “WALK WITH ME” in bold print in the front of the shirt. Ellen modeled the shirt for you, your album cover on the back side. “Everyone here in the audience gets a pre-ordered copy of Y/N’s new album!” The audience cheered and clapped.

“I feel like crying,” you said genuinely, so touched by the amount of support shown.

“That’s not all,” Ellen said. “Harry, come on out!”

Part Two

Photographs (Josh Dun)

Originally posted by jcsephsdun

Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Self-concsiousness
A/N: more josh dun? More Josh Dun. sorry if this seems all over the place, Idk were I was going with it. Alsoooo I made a reference to one of their old vines :3c

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Being a Slytherin & Dating H.G Would Include:

Hogwarts Power Couple

‣Always showing off Hermione and not being ashamed to let everyone know you love her

“You guys, look at my Princess. Is she not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”

‣Despite your houses not approving of your relationship no one actually speaks out against it because, come on now, a Gryffindor and a Slytherin? That’s a deadly combination to piss off.

‣Your houses low-key admire the fact that neither of you give a damn about what anyone thinks

‣Your house silently applauds you for being a bad ass and breaking the norm by dating another bad ass from your rival house

‣Visiting Hermione for a few weeks during the summer and staying at her house

‣You charmed Mr. and Mrs. Granger the second you got off the platform and they immediately approved of you dating their daughter

‣Taking long walks together during autumn and winter, holding hands and giggling as you watch your breaths turn misty

‣The two of you are always either geeking out over books and dancing ridiculously in front of a mirror or kicking ass together, there’s no in between

‣Surprisingly, you two make a great team against Fred and George when it comes to prank wars

‣Sending each other loop sided smiles and shit eating smirks across the classroom

‣Hermione ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS steals your Quidditch team jerseys and jackets and ‘forgets’ to give them back

‣She always comforts you after you have an argument with your best friend, Draco, and you do the same when the banter between her and Ron escalates

‣Though Ron and Harry were adamant about your feelings toward Hermione being genuine, it didn’t take long for them to be convinced that you were absolutely head over heels for her

‣PDA usually consists of forehead kisses and really tight hugs but when you’re alone, it’s a whole different story

‣Hermione loves to tease you during class when you can’t do anything about it

‣Passionate kisses where her hands are tugging on your hair and yours are gripping her waist

‣You peppering open mouthed kisses from her jaw to her neck and down to her chest

‣Hermione is not at all shy when it comes to initiating make out sessions

‣When you’re sitting or lying down she loves to straddle your waist and grind on your hips while smirking down at you

‣She loves it when you pin her against the wall in an empty hallway and kiss her till her lips are bruised

‣Fun times in the Prefect’s bathrooms

‣One of your favourite pass times is sneaking out at night and going to the astronomy tower

‣You are both studious students and you appreciate that about each other

‣When it’s raining and thundering you take her to your room and together you drink hot chocolate and cuddle

‣You’re the big spoon and she’s the little spoon

‣Classic dates like going to the movies and dinner but also…

‣Dates where you two go to a paint ball zone

‣Dates are always memorable and you’ve taken to photographing every one of them with a device Hermione introduced to you as a 'polaroid’

‣Now you have a collection of these photographs strung up on your wall in your room at Hogwarts and your room at home

‣You’ve taken quite well with photography all together and your most precious photos are the ones you’ve taken of Hermione when she isn’t looking (candids, when she’s laughing uncontrollably, when she’s sleeping, etc)

‣Teasing each other 24/7

‣Play fights

‣Tickle fights because, is Hermione’s laugh not the best thing you’ve ever heard?

‣Learning new things together

‣Always supporting her in what she wants to do and vice versa

‣Suggesting books to each other until eventually you just read the same book to each other every night before going to bed

‣Eventually your relationship begins to heal the rift between Gryffindors and Slytherins and pretty soon you see interactions between students from both houses

‣Bringing out the best parts of each other

‣Emotionally stable relationship (none of that on/off bs)

‣Respectful towards each other


‣Is it possible to trust your partner unconditionally, yet still get jealous? Because that’s what happens here.

‣Random hugs from Hermione that take you off guard and nearly send you tumbling down, making Hermione giggle uncontrollably

‣She wraps her arms over your neck while yours encircle her waist

‣She knows all your turn ons and uses them to her favour shamelessly

*She always begins by taking control and kissing your neck and jawline. Then she would whisper all the things she’d do to you while smirking and grinding against your lap.

‣Taking naps together

‣Planning your lives together

‣Traveling all over the world

‣Intertwining your legs on a cold night

A/n: Thanks to @Anon for requesting this💕Who else is a Slytherin?🐍

remember when

pairing: mark x reader
genre/warning: no warning. fluff. 
word count: 411
description: based on ed sheeran’s ‘castle on the hill’ from his new album divide.
a/n: mark’s was a bit rough last go around, so we thought he deserved something sweet this time. 

“What about this picture?” Your daughter asks. You finish folding her shirt and place it in her drawer before walking over to see what picture she’s pointing at. It’s of you and Mark. Your arm is in a cast, and Mark looks like he wants to die. You laugh remembering that day. “That was the first time I met your grandma and grandpa. We’d gone on a hike with them, and your daddy accidentally knocked me down a hill.” You couldn’t keep a straight face as you told the story. The fall had hurt like hell, and you’d broken your arm, but Mark had spent the next couple months being your personal servant. Jackson had even bought him a maid outfit which he had worn. Sadly, that picture had not made it into the photo album.

“What about this one?” You lean over to get a better look at the picture and feel a pair of arms slipping around your waist. A chin rests on your shoulder.

“That’s the first time I kissed mommy. I don’t think I did it right.” Mark laughs in your ear. Your heart flips at the sound or maybe it was the memory of that first kiss. You two had been hanging out with Jinyoung and JB. The boys had been playing ridiculous games, making the losers do even more ridiculous things. Mark had lost a game to Jinyoung, and Jinyoung said he had to kiss you. You’d tried to run away because you liked Mark and your first kiss with him wasn’t going to happen because Jinyoung told him to. He’d chased you around eventually getting a hold of your face. He’d planted a kiss on you, and you smacked him. JB had taken the photo right after the smack.

“What about this one?” Mark leaves your waist and goes to sit beside your daughter. He takes her into his lap and situates the photo album so it lays across the both of them.

“That’s a very special picture. You’re mommy took that after telling me the best news.” He leans his head back to smile up at you.

“What news?”

“That I was going to be a daddy to the sweetest, most wonderful girl that has ever existed.” Your daughter squeals and reaches around to give her daddy a hug. She continues to point to pictures and ask about them, and you watch and listen as Mark tells the stories behind each of them.

I had a great Saturday at Birmingham Collectormania hanging out with @awesomelesbiansurgeon and @room-2o3, and meeting this special bean:

(no Jemma, holding the mic to your ear does not, in fact, help you hear the questions, but thanks for being so cute.)

Anyway, nothing special here but I’m just writing things down for my own benefit while I still remember something. This post is basically just me rambling for far too long.

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misscrazyfangirl321  asked:

Ahhhhh!!! Baby BatCat from Gotham for the ask meme, please!!!!


WHO HOLDS THE UMBRELLA FOR THE OTHER WHEN IT RAINS: Bruce, of course! Alfred taught him to be a dapper gentleman and to ALWAYS hold an umbrella over a lady’s head. Selina protests at first because she’s so used to weathering the elements, but she eventually accepts it and it secretly warms her heart.

WHO IS THE GRUMPIEST IS THE MORNINGS: I don’t think that’s even a question! Selina is a little gremlin if she’s up before 11, and is liable to bite someone’s head off if that someone (particularly Alfred) so much as looks at her the wrong way. She usually fumes silently because the spare bedroom is so dang comfortable.

WHO WORRIES THE MOST WHEN THE OTHER IS HURT/SICK: Bruce, most definitely. Selina often stops by when she has a chest cold to prevent from turning into pneumonia, and Bruce spoils her rotten. He makes chicken soup, fluffs her pillows and makes sure she has the best of everything. It’s also the same when she gets hurt and she doesn’t go to a hospital. Bruce will personally patch her up and disinfect her wounds. She protests his fussing but she secretly loves it because no one has cared for her so much before.

WHO PLAYS PRANKS ON THE OTHER: Selina! She will often slip into his house and set booby traps for him to get caught up in come morning, not caring if it’s Bruce or Alfred who discovers them first. Another favorite thing of hers to do is creep into his room and hang his action figures in the blind ropes. Bruce always smiles when he wakes up to these and loves how she pretends to not know what he’s talking about when they see each other next.

WHO IS ALWAYS THE FIRST TO SUGGEST CUDDLING ON THE SOFA: Even though Bruce is always thinking about it, he’s respects Selina’s physical boundaries way to much to be the first to suggest it. Selina never asks; she pulls him down on the couch and snuggles next to him under the excuse that she wants to watch a movie with him. Bruce is always more than willing to give in and immediately wraps his arm around her and watches any Tim Burton movie of her choice.

WHO INISTS ON CREATING NICKNAMES FOR EACH OTHER: Again, Selina. Bruce has never seen the logical point of nicknames, but Selina loves them. His #1: for her will always be “Cat” while hers for him always varies. Some days it’s “Dapper Boy” if he’s wearing a suit and other times it’s “Slick” if he’s wearing his leather jacket. But her favorite for him is “Patch”. Bruce had no idea why but he thinks it has something to do when he repaired her jacket.

WHO DROOLS ON THE OTHER WHEN THEY’RE SLEEPING: Both do. It always happens when they’re cuddling on the couch and fall asleep watching a movie. Alfred has taken photos of them sleeping that he plans on using for blackmail on either of them when the time is right.

WHO SAYS “I LOVE YOU” FIRST: Bruce. It just slipped out after kissing her one evening on the couch. Neither of them were expecting it and Selina left by the window spooked because no one had ever said that to her before. After a week though she realized that she loved him too and didn’t want to risk losing the best thing that had ever happened to her. She went back to the manor and told him she felt the same, and even though their relationship isn’t perfect, it’s the closet thing to perfection that she will ever experience.

Thank you for reading this even though it’s so long! 🙂

PLL Theory

I’m calling it. Aria knows who killed Charlotte, or at least something about the night she was killed. First she denies even leaving the hotel and then lies about going out to get her phone charger. Hanna tells her that she knows she was out for longer than that, but Aria in a sense tries to brainwash her, saying she remembered it wrong and was drunk. She then marches straight over to Ezra’s apartment and tells him that they never saw each other that night and of course Ezra goes along with it and doesn’t really look that surprised. The girls then find the tape of Aria leaving the hotel and confront her about it. So Aria tells them about Ezra (her alibi) and throws the suspicion straight off herself. Spencer doesn’t seem to truth her at first, but then Emily and Hanna convince her otherwise. And to think, the girls were so close to actually realising what Aria was really like.

Then at some point the girls give statements to the police and Aria lies about leaving the hotel. Seeing as the tape is currently ‘missing’ and has an unknown whereabouts, there’s nothing to say that she wasn’t there all night. The girls must back her up on this. Again, bad decision. In 6x18 the police receive a witness statement about an attractive brunette calling someone from the 2 crows diner. And who does Tanner go straight to? Aria. That in itself is suspicious. What about Spencer, or more importantly Mona who it actually was. Why not bring in all three? Because Tanner suspects Aria. She always has. Remember back in season 5 when she goes to Aria’s house to talk to Byron. She doesn’t go and talk to the other girls parents’. She tells Byron that the police are interested in Aria and that she is certain Aria is part of the complications.

The first sneak peek for next weeks episode shows Emily telling Hanna and Aria that Mona was the one who called Charlotte, but she never showed up. Aria then immediately suggests going to talk to the police, reminding the girls on several occasions that she’s still on the suspect list, which she clearly doesn’t want to be on. Why? Because she’s guilty. And not just of the fact that she left the hotel, but for everything that’s been happening to the girls since ‘A’ arrived in Rosewood.

Isn’t it convenient that as soon as Aria’s been taken down to the police station, she gets ‘set on fire’ by this new ‘Uber Bad’, who, may I just point out, really doesn’t seem to give a crap about torturing Aria at all. I know that she got burned by the fire, but she still hasn’t received a single personal text from ‘Uber Bad’ and I seriously don’t think that she’s going to in the remaining two episodes either.

I honestly believe that Aria getting burned was her playing the victim, thus throwing suspicion off herself. And an added bonus to that was that she could see how Ezra felt about her. She hit two birds with one stone. ‘Uber Bad’ proved that they were serious and when Ezra came running in, she knew that he still has feelings for her and cares about her. I mean, come on. It was so obvious when her face dropped as she saw Liam. She clearly would rather have been with Ezra.

So who killed Charlotte? Well, presuming that Charlotte is actually dead, which could go either way judging on what’s happened before, I actually think that it was Elliot (Dr Rollins). I didn’t at first, but after watching the 6x19 promo and seeing Alison clearly drugged up when she turned up on Aria’s doorstep, I honestly believe that he could have killed her. Charlotte went to the church. Why? To get married to Dr Rollins. But then he killed her instead.

But where did he get the idea from? What if Aria found Spencer’s paper? We know that Ezra read it, so he could have told her about it. What if Aria went out that night to check that Charlotte arrived at the church and then texted Elliot to say that the plan was in action? Ideally Aria wanted Charlotte to be locked up in the hospital forever. I predicted weeks before 6x11 aired that Aria would be the only one to say that she was still ‘scared’ of Charlotte. But that failed, so there was only one thing that could be done to keep Charlotte quiet. Kill her.

What did Charlotte need to keep quiet about? Well, the fact that she was just another cover up ‘A’ like Mona. There was no way that Charlotte could have built the Dollhouse and stalked the girls everywhere. No. She was only ‘A’ during season 4. She was Kisses -A and Mona was - -A. But what about -A? Well, that was and always has been Aria.

But this new villain isn’t part of the ‘A’ team. They’re clearly a copycat. So who are they? I can only think of Melissa at the moment. Marlene did say that ‘Uber Bad’ was related to one of the liars and ruling out the twin for a moment, the only liar with a sibling who’s got a storyline this season is Melissa. (I mean, I highly doubt any of the parents would do something like this, nor Jason who’s just disappeared off the face of the earth). Why? Because she’s being blackmailed.

Now, here comes the interesting part. Why isn’t Melissa attacking Aria? Because she knows about Aria being ‘A’ somehow, through Wren or Charlotte, I don’t know. I mean, she did try and kill Aria on the Halloween train, no questions asked, along with Wilden, so she must have suspected Aria for something. So they made a deal. Aria would help her find out who the blackmailer was. Only Aria lied to her and actually helped Rollins to kill Charlotte. Now all she has to do is sit back and watch the fun. Which seems something extremely like what ‘A’/Aria would do.

I mean, let’s talk about the wedding photos for a second. Only 12 photos were taken on that night, three of them from this ‘Uber Bad’ person. Aria was in the photo, which presumably means that she didn’t take the photo, but we can’t actually see her face, which I think was deliberate. Does this mean that she has a twin? That would be the best reveal ever. I can’t think of any more hilarious than two Aria’s running around Rosewood. The town would literally be screwed.

Aria looks at the photo that supposedly has her in it and then instantly zooms in while saying ‘I wonder who took it’. I hate to break it to you Aria, but zooming in isn’t going to tell you who took the photo. But conveniently zooming straight in on the note from ‘Uber Bad’ will get the girls freaking out. So was Melissa at the wedding? Highly unlikely, so I’m guessing Aria stepped in. What I am sure of it that Aria didn’t want Hanna to be there? Her reaction when she found out that Hanna definitely wasn’t positive. Maybe because she’d have to come up with another plan, or maybe her twin was going to be there? I’m not sure, but there is something fishy about the whole wedding thing.

Then afterwards Aria marries Elliot and Alison, no questions asked. Her reaction when she saw Alison was absolutely priceless. Of course, she was in on the fact that Elliot has drugged her, but clearly hadn’t been expecting Alison to be all ‘BFF’ towards her. This is literally the first Arison scene where the two girls haven’t looked like they could slit each other’s throats. They clearly have always hated each other, which is why Aria looked completely dumbfounded that Alison was acting like they’ve been best friends since they were born.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Aria was and always has been involved with the ‘A’ game and torturing the liars. Whether she actually realises it or not, which I don’t think she does, we don’t know just yet. With all the evidence pointing towards Aria and her constant shady behaviour in every single scene, she has to be guilty of something. I mean, seriously. I found around 20 Aria is ‘A’ clues in the pilot and there are literally about 2 for Mona, if that. Aria will always be the lead ‘A’ in my eyes no matter what, but if she’s not revealed to have at least some input in the ‘A’ game, I will be complaining. There’s just too much evidence to deny that she isn’t helping out or controlling the game.

Due to me making a big, happy family out of almost everyone in BNHA, here comes a far-fetched idea…


Meaning, I headcanon that Naomasa and Inko would totally hit it off. Since I imagine Naomasa as the sassy (can’t put enough emphasis on this) but ever-worried best friend of Toshinori and Inko is known to be an awesome, worried mother for Izuku, the two of them would probably bond over “their boys”.


Like, Naomasa getting dragged along to meet Inko, too, since Toshinori spends more and more time with Izuku outside of school and thus also spends time with Inko. During the first few meetings, Naomasa is just there to get to know Izuku and Inko and keep Inko some company when Toshinori and Izuku run of alone again to god-knows-where. But slowly but surely, the two of them get along better and better – they both worry about someone who’s dear to them, after all. They both got thrown into this situation – Inko didn’t know Toshinori when the man became like a father for Izuku, and Naomasa hadn’t known Izuku when the boy got basically adopted by Toshinori.


Naomasa is the one to assure Inko that Izuku will be as save as possible (since he will never be completely save again as a hero, that’s the best he can promise her).

Inko, on the other hand, is the one who can reassure the policeman that Izuku won’t let Toshinori go that easily. The retired Number One will never be lonely again, not as long as her son is there.


After some time, the two of them begin to spend time together, without Toshinori and Izuku. They meet up for coffee or lunch, exchanging the newest stories about their “charges”, keeping each other updated. They exchange phone numbers – mostly because Naomasa insists that Inko could be in danger, too, and that she should immediately call him if a problem should arise. It doesn’t take long until Naomasa starts sending Inko funny and cute little photos of Toshinori and / or Izuku, or both of them together. The pictures are taken when the two of them aren’t looking, training with each other or caught up in a deep conversation. To humour Inko, Naomasa adds silly captions to each of them, like

Izuku scolding Toshinori. Don’t know which one is the teacher here, honestly.


Ever seen a retired hero and his student in matching sweaters? It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.


They fell asleep while taking a break from training. Should I draw on Toshi’s face or let them sleep peacefully? Decisions, decisions…


It’s a silly but cute idea, and Inko loves each of the photos and the matching captions. It’s nice to have a friend who is not too busy with saving the world to keep her updated, really.


yourthedivinezero here we go, a little Denis Stoff action on my blog :) I hope you don’t mind me doing a part 2 as well at some point

Camera Crush Part 1 (Denis Stoff - Asking Alexandria)

Word Count: 1,290


It had been a year and a bit since you last photographed Asking Alexandria. You were a band photographer but you never really stuck with one band, you liked to get together with different artists because it made things more interesting. The last time you photographed AA would have been just before Danny left the band, you were sad to see him go because he always made you laugh.

You were close with all the guys really, Ben came with you when you got your first tattoo, Cameron beat up some creep hitting on you at a bar and lastly James and Sam were pranksters and usually got you involved pranking the rest of the band. They were like brothers to you and it felt odd not having Danny there anymore, but Denis was a good replacement and easy on the eyes. You had a feeling that he would photograph well which always made your job easier.

The guys were meeting you at your studio in London in Soho to do some group shots and individual shots of Denis for upcoming magazine covers and to update their website. When you arrived all of the guys had already made themselves at home, you made sure to get their favourite snacks and drinks in to keep them occupied between shoots.

‘y/n, damm girl you get finer each time I see you.’

Ben engulfs you in a bear hug and lifts you off the floor, which wasn’t hard considering you were smaller than him considerably. Next came Cameron, then James and then Sam. Denis looked slightly uncomfortable since he never met you before, you found it kind of cute how shy he was being around you.

‘And you must be Denis, I’m y/n.’

You put your hand out and he shook it. Behind you the other guys starting whispering to each other and you overhear yours and Denis’s name. Both you and Denis turn to glare at the guys who smirk before raising their hands in surrender. Sam speaks up and points between you and Denis.

‘Look at them with their super cute in sync glare, aren’t they adorable together?’

He steps forward and pinches your cheek playfully before you slap his hand away, what the hell were the guys going on about? Why were they suddenly obsessed with you and Denis? Yes Denis was hot but he wouldn’t be interested in some band photographer who never kept to one band and could be on tours all year round, he probably had the pick of the girls.

‘Shut up guys and let’s get some pretty pictures taken. It takes me a while to work wonders with you lot. There aren’t enough filters in the world.’

Ben and Cameron fake gasp and pout before storming off towards the warehouse where you’d be taking the pictures. Sam shook his head but smiled before following his band mates leaving you, Denis and James behind. James slaps you on the back before winking at Denis.

‘Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. But seriously if you hurt her you’ll have the wrath of the whole band Denis, y/n is like a sister to us so remember that advice.’

With that James left. Denis scratched the back of his head.

‘Are they always like that y/n?’

You nod before patting him on the shoulder.

‘Unfortunately, they love ribbing others and since you’re shiny and new you’re the target.’


y/n patted me on the shoulder before heading off to where the other guys were. Before she arrived I couldn’t understand why the other guys spoke so highly of her, band photographers were a dime a dozen. But when she walked into the studio I could understand why Ben and Cameron said if they didn’t know her so well they’d date her because she was beautiful.

Her y/h/c was thrown up in a messy bun and her y/e/c twinkled in the light coming through one of the windows. She wore a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a Bring Me The Horizon tank with a pair of black Vans. Her outfit was casual but she pulled it off and it looked good on her. Hold up Denis you couldn’t be crushing on a girl you’d never met before, you at least had to get to know her first.

Walking into the back room y/n directed me to where I should stand in the middle of the guys, she was very direct and knew what she wanted but at the same time cracked jokes with all the guys including myself. y/n was serious about her work but had a good balance between work and play.

I did find myself crushing on her more and more as the shoot continued and when the guys left us so I could do my solo pictures I was happy because I got to spend more time with her. We got up close and personal as she strived to get the best pictures, I had to stop myself from blushing every time she told me I was flawless and took great pictures.

‘And that’s a wrap Mr Stoff. What did you think of your first shoot with me? Now don’t be too honest because I’ll set the other guys on you.’

I laughed and followed her over to her laptop where she scrolled through the numerous photos of myself and then some of the band shots, each one was perfect and could be used and I felt like I needed to tell her that.

‘You take great pictures y/n, these are some of the best I’ve ever had taken. You have a serious gift; it’s also nice to see someone else in their element after being around a band.’

She blushed but quickly covered her cheeks with her hands.

‘What are you two lovebirds up to back here?’

Ben burst into the room followed by the others and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively between y/n and I. I shook my head and pointed at the screen.

‘She got some amazing shots.’

‘Yeah she always does don’t you y/n?’

I couldn’t help but feel jealous when Cameron casually slung his arm around her shoulder and kissed her on the forehead as he looked at the pictures. That should be me not him.

‘Denis great news, y/n is coming on tour with us this summer.’

To say I was happy with Sam’s news would have been an understatement. I was going to spend the whole summer with this beautiful crazily talented girl. I couldn’t deny my crush anymore, I had a good couple of months to win her over and maybe ask her out.

‘Denis a quick word.’

I nodded at Ben as he pulled me away from the others who were laughing at something y/n said.

‘What’s up Ben?’

‘You didn’t hear this from me but y/n has a little crush on you. I know you have a crush on her; it’s obvious to everyone in the room minus y/n because she can be slow to catch on sometimes. If you do end up dating please don’t hurt her because she means the world to me and the rest of the guys, okay?’

So y/n had a thing for me, well that made the summer a whole lot easier. Ben looked deadly serious, he was usually jokey and laid back but when it came to y/n all of the guys seemed protective and since I was still the new guy they needed to know they could trust me.

‘Okay Ben. I won’t ever hurt her.’

‘Good man because I would chop your dick off if you did.’

I glanced over at y/n one last time; I was going to make that girl mine one way or another.

Wedding Photoshoot (C.H.)

A/N: I do have a part two written if you guys want it :)  

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Part 2


Today was your best friend’s pre wedding photoshoot that she insisted on having. It was something that she always imagined herself doing ever since she was a little girl when she witnessed a wedding photoshoot out in a beautiful park somewhere in Brighton. However, she didn’t want it to be just her and her fiancé. She had her whole entourage come as well for some photos.
She chose this little cottage where she was able to take pictures outside in the garden as well as inside in a well furnished living room.
Now, obviously being her best friend, she wanted you to be her maid of honor - which of course you gladly accepted - however, she knew how much you hated having your photo taken unless it was absolutely necessary. So when she told you about her pre wedding photoshoot, you ended up slapping her head because you thought that you’d only have to do one session of photos which would be during the actual wedding. According to her, she didn’t want to spend too much time taking photos on her wedding night.
Oh, did you forget to mention who her fiancé is?
Michael Clifford.
Yes, as in the Michael Clifford from the band 5 Seconds of Summer.
You hadn’t had a clue how it ended up being Michael to be the first one to get married. You had your money placed on Ashton, but to each their own right?
Now, guess who the best man is and would be your partner for the entire night?
Calum, motherfucking, Hood.
It’s not like you had anything against him, it was the exact opposite actually.
From what you could tell as a fan, he had this totally soft, cuddly, teddy bear side to him that you couldn’t help but want to snuggle up next to him, but he also had this dark, bad boy side that gave you this certain vibe.
Anyway, your past few encounters with Calum had been good ones, and yet a little bit awkward, but good nevertheless.
You couldn’t help but find him extremely attractive with his new undercut and blonde bits in his hair that he had gotten done for the wedding as well as more tattoos on his left arm.
As of right now, all of the girls were getting their hair and makeup done as the guys were getting some shots done outside.
You best friend walked up behind you as you sat in a chair in front of a mirror while a stylist curled your hair. “Thanks for doing this, Y/N.”
You gave her a smile. “You’re my best friend. Of course, I’ll do it. Although, I’d rather be the one taking the photos but…” You trailed off with a shrug.
She laughed. “I know you’re more comfortable behind the camera, but I really wanted you to do this with me.”
You looked at her through the mirror. “I know. I’m here, aren’t I?”
She nodded with a smile.
“Okay, Y/N. You’re done,” the stylist told you as she set down the curling iron.
You have her a smile. “Thank you.”
Your best friend gave you a look. “Damn, you’re such a babe.”
You laughed and flipped your hair over your shoulder. “Stop it,” you playfully said.
She looped her arm through yours. “Well, I think we should head on out don’t you think?”
You sighed. “I guess. This is freaking uncomfortable though,” you say as you adjust your dress.
She hit your arm. “Stop fidgeting. The sooner we do this, the sooner you’ll be able to get out of it.”
“It needs to come faster,” you mumble as the two of you walked out the door.

You had just finished your individual shots and were loitering by the refreshments table as your best friend took pictures with her other bridesmaids. You had already done a massive group shot as well as a set with Michael, the other bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and your best friend.
“Hey,” a voice spoke beside you.
You turned to see Calum with a beer in his hand right beside you. “Hi,” you smiled.
He gave you a once over. “Don’t you look girly,” he teased you as he took a sip of his beer.
You rolled your eyes. “Ha ha, I know, Y/N’s in a dress. Unbelievable.”
Calum laughed and shook his head. “You look beautiful though.”
You gave him a smile as you blushed. “You don’t look so bad yourself,” you understated.
Calum looked so fucking delicious that you just wanted to ravish him right then and there. He had on black skinny jeans, a white fitted button up, and a black tie hanging loosely around his neck.
He raised an eyebrow at you but said nothing else as he took another sip of his beer.
“Calum! Y/N!” One of the photographers yelled as he approached us. “While Y/BFF/N and Michael are taking other pictures, I need to get some shots of the two of you since you are the best man and maid of honor.”
Both of you looked at each other. “Uh, yeah. Okay.”
The two of you headed on inside with the photographer and awkwardly stood off to the side since you didn’t know what to do.
“Okay, I’ll start with individual shots of the two of you, then the two of you together. Sounds good?” The photographer asked as he started adjusting everything.
“Feels good,” you muttered under your breath as a reflex.
You heard a low laugh come from beside you and tried to hide your smile as Calum tried to cover it up with a cough.
He smirked at you. “I see what you did there.”
You giggled. “Force of habit.”
He smiled.
“Y/N! Let’s start with you,” the man called and you gave Calum one last smile before walking over to the couch.
After you finished your set, it was Calum’s turn. He flashed you a wink as the two of you switched spots.
Calum made everything look so easy, then again, he has done a ton of photoshoots before. He was a natural and the camera loved him. You didn’t even think that there was even one bad photo that the man took.
Then Calum sneezed.
Okay, you lied. Maybe there was one bad one.
Calum groaned from where he laid on the ground as the photographer positioned the camera above him to get an arial view. “Stop laughing at me.”
You crossed one leg over the other from where you sat on a table. “You’re the one that sneezed during a shot. Sorry if I find you in mid sneeze amusing,” you shrugged.
“I can’t control the times at which I sneeze,” Calum said from the ground.
“And I can’t stop myself from finding something hilarious.”
Calum grunted and that made you laugh even more.
The photographer continued his shots of Calum from above as you watched on.
You glanced at the screen and couldn’t help but get a little wet down there at what was on it.
You tightened your legs together in order to create some type of pressure as you stared entranced at the photo of Calum on the screen. You weren’t even aware that Calum finished his set as you bit your bottom lip, thinking about all the possibilities you and Calum could get up to. He watched you for a moment before calling your name.
You turned your head towards him as you let go of your bottom lip. “What?” You say breathlessly.
Calum stared at you for a few seconds before speaking. “Uh, it’s time for us to take pictures together.”
“Oh, uh, yeah.” You shake your head to clear your lust filled thoughts. “Right.” You stood up and made your way over to Calum.
“Okay, I want natural poses from the two of you unless I instruct otherwise,” the man told the both of you.
You both nodded and settled into a normal side by side pose for the first one.
It went on like that for another ten minutes with different poses before things heated up.


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Concealed Confessions [1/1]

A/N: Merry Christmas to my naughty, red velvet cupcake, @xpumpkindumplingx!! <3

I’ve never written detailed smut before in my life so I decided to stretch my fingers at it for A’s Christmas present. This is set in the universe of my MC Take Me To Church - it’s in the future after they start banging (did you really think they wouldn’t?) You don’t have to read the MC to get this because it’s pretty self explanatory - it’s Priest Killian smut. Just to warn you, it gets dirty REALLY fast. It wasn’t going to be this dirty when I sat down to write it but apparently my muse likes a dirty talking Father Jones. So it earns the E rating - seriously, I may need to turn my pearls in after this. Beta read by the lovely and hilarious @jscoutfinch!

No warnings except if you don’t read Priest Killian this isn’t for you. He is an actual priest in this (so no undercover business) so if that bothers you my feelings won’t get hurt if you scroll past. Promise!

She was going to kill him. Screw the mind blowing sex and what the man could do with his tongue, she was going to murder him. Only, things don’t go quite the way Emma expected when she accosts Father Jones in the confessional. 

Emma groaned as she read over the email from Mrs. Muffit, wondering for a brief moment if the universe would consider it a positive if she beat the band mom to death with her homemade muffins.

She had been working part-time as the church’s receptionist for three months now, and she had never felt the desire to punch someone so much as she had the last few months while dealing with MaryAnn Muffit. She was by far the most overbearing of the band moms Emma had encountered, demanding the church’s fellowship hall for every little thing (the school’s gym still hadn’t been fixed from the water damage it suffered back in June) and constantly sending Emma emails throughout the week, sometimes multiple times a day. The newest one was in regard to another bake sale for the marching band - fucking marching band - and how they would need the fellowship hall from 8 to 12 this coming Saturday.

The only problem was Belle’s survivor group met every other Saturday during that time and naturally Mrs. Muffit hadn’t consulted with Emma on the church’s schedule before sending out flyers for the bake sale. Again. Emma prided herself on running the church’s schedule with an iron fist, able to juggle Belle’s survivor group, countless bake sales for the various school groups, and normal church activities so that everyone was able to use the space when they needed – and without stretching Father Jones too thinly.

And in walks Mrs. Muffit, expecting Emma and Father Jones to bend over backwards to accommodate her and her horrible blueberry muffins whenever the band decided it wanted to take a new field trip.

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Saiyuki: Saiyuki Crossroaders - At the Casinos

Another amazing illustration of four handsome men in the Sin City of Shangri-La. If there’s one thing I love about Minekura-sensei is despite the general story, she gives us all these side stories & information about the guys that prove they’re far more normal, regular dudes than we’re led to believe. I wouldn’t know how to play blackjack or poker to save my life but I wouldn’t mind learning if I was around these four. So cheers to you Saiyuki-fandom and a toast with a Cosmpolitan. For everything else, there’s the Three Aspect’s Master Credit Card (which is more like a Visa if you’ve ever seen the reference photo….). Saiyuki useless trivia is the best.

~EDIT: And now to address the following: Scans being taken situation has been resolved. Thank you.

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

Shawn Mendes - Lots of time


Shawn’s POV

I sighed admiring my work I did with the bookshelf. It stood safely and beautifully in our living room and soon it would be filled with our favorite books. I quickly cleared the room from all the garbage and then made my way into our bedroom. I stopped at the door seeing Y/N sitting on the hardwood floor. She was wearing one of my T-shirts with only her panties on and she was looking at old photos of us putting them all over the floor.

“What did you find?” I asked smiling as I walked over to her and sat down in front of her.

“I found a bunch of photos we made through year, they are amazing!” she smiled. “Look at it!” She handed me one and I couldn’t help but smile as I saw our at least three years younger selves cheesing at the camera. I think it was taken at her parent’s house around Christmas. We had onsies on and I had pudding all over my face, actually she was the one who got me all dirty. “I love these photos, we should make a huge montage out of them.”

“For example on this wall?” I asked nodding towards the one that was across our bed.

“It would look great,” she smiled at me leaning closer and we exchanged a quick kiss. “Look at these, I love seeing our “we just started dating, it’s a bit awkward but damn” selves!” she giggled handing me some more photos.

We had been together for six years, I was nineteen and she was eighteen when we started dating, now we just moved together. We came a long way but I love those early days that were awkward but quite amazing. There was a photo of us on the beach, she was hugging my waist as I had my arms around her shoulders. That was a kind of double date night with two of our mutual friends and I remember walking her home and being so damn nervous, because it was the first time we were seen out publicly.

“Your hair is so short on this one,” I smiled looking up at her. Now her hair was long and a bit lighter than back then.

“I regret chopping it off, I like it long,” she sighed smiling. “Your face is so much more… childish, it’s cute,” she giggled pointing at me on the photo.

“I didn’t even have to shave then,” I laughed. “Oh and this one, that’s one of my favorites.”

I held up the photo of us sleeping on the couch at my parents’ house. “Do you remember this?” I grinned at her. She tugged her hair behind her ears and took the photo from me. A wide smile appeared on her beautiful lips as she thought of that day.

“Was this after we got back from your tour and we hadn’t slept?”

“Yes. And we swore to my mom that we are not even tired, but ten minutes later we were off,” I laughed. She came with me on that tour and I loved having her with me every day and everywhere.

“Man, I was so sleepy and I feel bad that we missed the family dinner,” she shook her head smiling. “But this one is my absolute favorite.”

She handed me another one and as I realized when it was taken I smirked at her.

“This really is a great one.”

“Do you remember what we were doing before it was taken?” she murmured leaning to my ear as she snaked her arms around my neck. I pulled her to my lap and buried my face into her neck.

“How could I forget it?” I lightly laughed. The photo was taken after our first time. We had been together for about four months and it was totally random. We went to a concert and then ended up at her place and… it just happened. Then she took her camera and shot a photo of us lying the bed only the sheets covering us. I had my head on her chest with my eyes closed as she was smiling widely into the camera. I loved her so much and nothing has changed over the years. She was my everything and living with her was the best thing that ever happened to me.

“I love that we can spend every night together from now,” she mumbled as we just simply sat on the floor holding each other. These kind of moments were my favorites. Just having her with me and not worrying about anything.

“Not like we spent so many nights apart,” I chuckled. We basically just went from my place to her place spending the nights together. Since we both loved sleeping together we always ended up in the same bed.

“I know, but it’s official now,” she giggled kissing my cheek as she leaned back looking at me. “I love you,” she said gently playing with my hair at the back of my neck.

“I love you too, baby.”

“Can we continue packing tomorrow? I’m too tired, I just want to cuddle.”

“Anything you want babe,” I smiled at her. “We have lots and lots of time.”

“Sometimes I steal flowers from your garden on my way to the cemetery, but today you’ve caught me and have demanded to come with me to make sure the “girl is pretty enough to warrant flower theft” and I’m trying to figure out how to break it to you that we’re on our way to a graveyard” AU

Marigolds lined the picturesque white fence of his property, and Joseph took great care of them. They coloured his garden with bursts of yellows, oranges and reds, and never failed to add a little cheer to his life.

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#26: You're an actress

“What was it like meeting [Y/N]?” Dan reads the question from the YouNow chat, “Jesus fucking Christ, it was like the best thing ever. I was recently at the premiere of Fangirl, which stars [Y/N] as the main character. So Phil and I were walking the carpet, you now, casually, taking pictures and such when we heard an explosion of screaming behind us. We turn around, and there she is in the flesh, and I can hardly breath. We awkwardly stand there for a bit while she gets photos taken and when she moves on she sees us and we’re like… oh shit. But then she waved at us, and we got to talk to her for a bit, which was really cool. We each got to hug her as well.” He is momentarily distracted when his phone vibrates. Your name pops up along with the message Coffee? with the coffee mug emoji. He grins ever so slightly. “All in all a pretty exciting experience.”

“Who are some of your celebrity crushes?” Phil reads a question from his macbook behind the camera. He thinks for a moment. “Well, as you guys know, I have loved Sarah Michelle Gellar since I was a teenager, but recently I’ve been kind of obsessed with [Y/N]. Here she is.” He pauses to wave his arms about to remind himself to edit in the selfie he took with you later. “Dan and I met her at her movie premiere last weekend, and she was like the sweetest girl ever. Not only is she prettier in real life, but she’s also a normal person, which you don’t really expect when you meet a celebrity. Plus, she really seemed interested in talking to us, which was super awesome.” He pauses and blushes as he thinks back. “She’s also a great hugger. I might have squeezed her a little too hard, but she didn’t seem to mind.”

Secretly I think they need to make Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell into a movie. When my dreams don’t actually come true, I write about them.

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