this is the best photo i have ever seen

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I miss your style from a few years ago I gotta say. You did a string of portraits in late 2014 that were some of the best fanart I'd ever seen, but something seems to have fizzled out? Your stuff now looks more fake to me. I don't know if you've realized there's a limit to how impressive you can be as a gifted young artist, and maybe it's dawning on you that you'll have to work differently as you mature and develop beyond copying photos prettily, but the classicism is something I genuinely miss.

No one ever says this kind of shit to men

When is someone gonna tell Sam Spratt and Mike Mitchell about “maturing and developing”??? I’ve been making art longer than either of them 

but “young artist needs to learn with my guiding hand” fuck you

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Thank you for sharing Pangur and your other kitties with us. They brighten my day whenever I see them, and I hope your blog has been a net positive for you. Please don't ever feel you need to apologize for taking care of yourself. I know it can suck to feel like you're disappointing people, but I admire you for standing up for yourself. I've seen a lot of generous people get burned out from Tumblr fame, and it's always a shame. All the best!

what a lovely message, thank you!

I’ve actually been surprised by how well folk respond to me setting boundaries -  it’s a huge relief that despite this blog’s growth, I can have as much fun posting photos of my dumb pets now as I did back with 200 followers


Best Skunk Ape Footage Ever

One of the most HD Bigfoot videos I’ve ever seen. Most videos have shaky cameras and low quality, but this one strays far from that. The cameraman is Matt M, he was canoeing through Lettuce Lake Park in Florida when he thought he spotted a bear. He realized later it was a Skunk Ape. He manages to keep the camera steady, getting a clear shot of the creature.

The ape is massive. The sheer size of this animal is shocking. When we first see the Skunk Ape it is sitting up in the trees reaching down and drinking the water. After it’s quenched it’s thirst it swings it’s legs down into the swamp and starts to walk away. The creature moves with ease through the swamp very naturally. The size of the animal is even more surprising when it becomes upright.

If this was a hoax it’s a very well done one. Not to mention a dangerous one to film! Swamps like this are very dangerous in Florida due to its predatory wildlife. Stepping foot in water like this is taking a huge risk to your life. However it isn’t surprising that a massive animal such as the one filmed here could be able to defend itself and maybe even be unbothered by some of the predators of these swamps. Predators typically don’t attack animals larger than them, and a Sasquatch definitely out-weighs most crocodiles and alligators. So what do you think? Hoax or authentic?


Okay, part 2 of 2 of my commentary on Jughead volume 2. All of these photos come from issues 8-11. These comics are frankly some of the best depictions of aromanticism that I’ve ever seen (and yes, there’s many different ways to be aro, but Jughead’s aroness lines up very closely with many aro narratives, mine included). Also, there is a pretty big spoiler in the 4th and 5th photos so don’t read the speech bubbles and avoid reading my explanation of the those photos as well. There’s one spoiler I can’t avoid mentioning in order to make sense.

Photo 1- Betty accuses Jughead of having a crush on a woman dressed up as a burger (it’s burger lady’s job to be a mascot and hand out coupons in costume). Despite Betty teasing him that he has a romantic crush on her, Jughead explains very clearly that he very much wants to get to know her as a friend because of their mutual interest in food, but that’s it. I like his use of the term “friendship crush” quite a bit. For a lot of aro-specs, when you meet someone really interesting, there is an intense rush of feelings. While they aren’t romantic in nature, there is a lot of overlap with romantic feelings. Both usually involve the desire to spend time with someone and get to know them, something that Jughead later says that he wants to do with burger lady. Still, the difference between a romantic crush and a friend crush is romantic feelings, of which the former possesses none of and Jughead is very clear that all he has is a friend crush.

Photo 2- Jughead ends up, with Betty’s help, talking to burger lady and asking her if she wants to spend time with him. She accepts, but it isn’t until Jughead walks away that he realizes that she mistook his invitation to hang out as being for a romantic date. He is horrified at his mistake, both because the idea makes him extremely uncomfortable and because he feels guilty for leading burger lady on (yes, burger lady has a real name, personality, and storyline, but for the sake of spoilers I’m trying not to say too much). While yes, some aro-specs do date, Jughead does not and strongly dislikes notion. Jughead wants absolutely nothing resembling romance in his life.

Photo 3- These panels add to touch averse Jughead. Jughead doesn’t like hugs from his friends (Betty hugged Jughead in volume one, in these comics, unlike River/////dale, Betty and Jughead have nothing but friendship between them). Jughead especially doesn’t like the touching that can often accompany a date, physically distancing himself from burger lady to prevent it. In general, Jughead doesn’t like being touched, although he will touch another character to help them when it’s necessary or in a casual manner (helping someone up, high fiving, etc.). Jughead literally wants no extensive physical contact with anyone.

Photo 4- (SPOILER) Burger lady casts a love spell on Jughead after their date. While she likes Jughead, Jughead acts erratically because of how uncomfortable he is and is unwilling to explain that he’s aro ace or that he thought the date was supposed to be just two people getting to know one another as friends. Despite how gross the connotation of love spells are, it is spun to validate aro aces. Jughead literally has zero romantic or sexual attraction for burger lady. The spell would have augmented any such attraction in burger lady’s own words. Instead, the closest thing to attraction that Jughead possessed in that restaurant was his love for food, so he falls in love with the nachos he and burger lady had been eating (as an aro ace with a passion for food, that would probably be what a love spell would make me fall for). I enjoyed this part because it was a nice affirmation that being aro ace equals not being attracted to any gender, end of story.

Photo 5- This was another good life lesson for a-specs told through Jughead (I’ve heard a lot of stories about a-specs being super uncomfortable when people were romantic towards them and not knowing what to do). Jughead admits to burger lady that he should have told her from the start that he wasn’t attracted to her in a romantic or sexual manner when he realized that she was interested in him. It isn’t that burger lady is unattractive, it’s that Jughead doesn’t date because he isn’t attracted to anyone (this is a wonderful and gentle way to respond to unwanted interest if you’re a-spec and don’t date). Beyond that, he apologizes for his rude behavior on the date and burger lady forgives him.

Honestly, these comics just get better and better with each issue. While I desperately wish that there was much more representation for a-specs, I can at least be happy that Jughead is top notch. These comics are lighthearted, pg, fun, and the revamping of the characters is refreshing without losing it’s classic Archie comics feel. Kevin is become a more prominent character in the Jughead comics. While Archie is still Jughead’s best friend, Jughead seem to rely on Kevin more. Seeing queer characters banding together in a small town is realistic and refreshing as opposed to the trope of having one lgbtqiap+ character in a huge group of straight cis characters. While the comic could be much more diverse, it at least feels like it’s trying, especially with Josie now being black. Beyond that, while volume 1 had a lot of social commentary, volume 2 didn’t hold any punches. In issues 1-11, the writers have been willing to make not so subtle comments on military recruitment in schools, bullying, objectification of women, education, and that’s just what I have noticed.

When volume 3 comes out, I’ll make some more posts like these.

The Long-Awaited Hat Story

As I wait patiently for my brother’s schedule to coincide with mine so he can assist me with editing my MinnCon “fanumentary”, in light of the posts I’ve made about it, allow me to take the time to tell the story about the American flag hat that Jensen’s been seen wearing several times since I gave it to him. 

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This isn't about sand! Now that that's out of the way...your nature reblogs are freaking me out. Because I can't decide if you wake up every night and scan through all of @menollywanderer's posts from who knows when (because I haven't seen any of them) and then reblog one? Or if you have a bot that randomly does this... It's like, keeping me up at night. Almost like my curiosity is keeping the sandman from visiting OK NOW IT'S ABOUT SAND

I’m sorry but this was the best thing I ever woke up to.

Yeah, I have a queue that’s delayed by like a month and a half. I throw some funny posts, fanart, photos, whatever cool stuff I see, for people who missed them.


I received something that means more to me than I can explain with words. A gift from the1stzombie. This book, Angel. This is the most beautiful book I have ever seen and the second I opened the gift and saw it I almost cried. I’ve wanted it so badly since the moment I knew it was being created. Paolo Raeli is my favourite artist and looking at his photos and reading his words always helps to put my mind at ease because it’s comforting knowing there is someone in the world feeling the same things that I feel. coltre I want you to know how happy your book makes me.

And again, because I don’t think I’ve said it enough, thank you so much Tyler. You really don’t know how happy this makes me.

I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I’M POSTING THIS. Babes, this is one of the most unflattering photos I have ever taken/seen of myself. Taken 9/8/15. Good GAWD. Anywho… Like most women, I struggle with NOT comparing my backstage to others frontstage performance. I see all my flaws, and compare my worst to your best. While I have gotten much better at not doing this as often or to such an extreme extent, I know so many other women out there struggle with this. So, I wanted to put myself out there and show you my “behind the scenes”. I LOOK LIKE BILBO BAGGINS?????? Lmaaooo. Ok, anyway, Babes, please work on this. It will really help you. I know it can be so discouraging to see other Babes post selfies and just think to yourself, “Oh my god, I look NOTHING like that…No WONDER no one has messaged me’. Please, please, please don’t think like that! CAUSE LOOK AT ME!!! I AM FAR FROM A MODEL!!! But not only have I had 3 serious POTs and and online SD, I am also just starting to speak with a 4th POT who works in the OIL INDUSTRY! (*fans self*) So, loves, when you’re doubting yourself for whatever reason, remember, if that bitch Reese can do this, SO CAN I. I believe in all of you! You got this! You are sexy af and all you have to do is OWN IT!!!! xoxo