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pls more romantic soft macdennis i love the Funny Bad Men i need more

  • mac takes dennis to the rainbow for dennis’s 40th birthday, and even though they’re probably the oldest couple there, for once dennis doesn’t care, lost in the pulsing music, flashing lights, and mac’s all-consuming warmth. it’s one of his best birthdays.
  • mac has tried to show dennis how to properly peel apples on multiple occasions. each time, he starts by giving dennis what he thinks is the best demonstration possible - he’s pressed against the other man’s back, arms reaching around him so he can gently grasp dennis’s wrists as he guides him through each step. it always ends the same way: dennis tossing aside the fruit and backing mac into the nearest available surface.
  • dennis would do virtually anything for mac if the request is followed by “den”
  • mac wears his glasses around the apartment more often, ever since noticing the way dennis fixates on him when he does, mouth hanging slightly agape and a faint blush coloring his cheeks.
  • when it’s just the two of them left alone to close up paddy’s for the night, one of them (it’s almost always dennis) puts a song on the jukebox (”you’re the inspiration” is a favorite of both of theirs), and they sway gently to the beat, with no one there to interrupt them when they inevitably come together, joining hands and lips.
Princess Leia Organa

Can we take a minute and admire the nerve of Princess Leia Organa at the beginning of A New Hope, in light of Rogue One. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.” Death Vader was literally on the ship when you took off with the plans. He watched your ship fly away. He’s not guessing that “You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor.” He knows. And she still lies directly to the face of a Sith Lord from whom you barely escaped with the most valuable flash drive in the galaxy. Leia Organa: best princess or best princess?

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“The best part of the trip.” (Halt and Catch Fire 3x10)

Joe MacMillan, visionary and storyteller.

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Do u think the justice league put bets on Batman's identity?

not the big seven obviously because even on non-secured intercoms they call each other by their first names, but like… the smaller heroes? the newer groups? absolutely. it’s the first thing they try to find out after initiation, it’s become like… a sorority thing. every time a bunch of new heroes get into the justice league, there’s this thing hal someone coordinates. “try to shadow him and follow his every move until you find out where he lives. that’s what makes you an actual, real justice leaguer”. and it sounds so much like bait material, these are capable, young, bright, absolutely not foolhardy people who made it into the big leagues because they can get the job done, but then you think about how the flash or wonder woman had to do it too or something and it gives you a sense of honor. so you do it. and hal laughs

and the best part is i imagine bruce letting them tag along during his gotham patrol, pretending he didn’t detect them five milliseconds after they got on his tail, and just blatantly leading them to some forested grounds outside the city at dawn or something and reaching a tree, right? just getting near a tree and not moving for the rest of the day. he’s just standing there for at least seven hours because you know he can do it and nobody has moved because they might make noise, so you see all those heroes with their bright costumes hiding behind a bush and going “holy crap he’s sleeping standing on his feet hwat the fuCK bob???”

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The Flash

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Written by @raspbarry-allen

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It’s fantastic to see Darren Criss as a part of the “Arrowverse;” whether one loved Glee or hated Glee, Criss performing “Teenage Dream” was one of the best moments of that six-year run, and his character of Blaine, who once memorably took a slushie to the face courtesy of Grant Gustin’s nasty Sebastian Smythe, was a highlight. I was disappointed that this episode didn’t feature much of Criss’ musical talents; perhaps a return appearance may be in order so we can see more of what he can do.
—  Flash/Supergirl Musical Review: Putting A Little Love In Your Heart []

What’s up, party people? I tell ya’, I always had a hunch Barry saw me as a potential best man – or best mate, as Julian would say – but now it’s official.   When he and Iris tie the knot I’ll be there ready to rock the most epic best man speech ever heard on any Earth! This promises to be some high level adulting and I have to make sure I look the part.  Even though, the couple hasn’t set the date, I found myself looking into the mirror – fantasizing about the occasion – and decided your boy needed to step up his fashion game.  To put it simply, it was time to dress like “a real grown up” as Harry would say. So I cracked open my limited edition Green Arrow piggy bank and hit up the Central City Mall to buy some new threads. 

It’s been a hot minute since I hung around the mall, and I was bombarded by youths, elderly mall walkers (gotta get that heart rate up!), and pushy bargain hunters.  It reminded me of the classic zombie mall sequence from Dawn of the Dead (freak-ay!)  But I then spotted some kids hanging by the food court, goofing off.  They made me nostalgic for my old mallrat days.  Ah, the memories. I resisted the urge to hit up the video game store and headed straight for some upscale clothing shops.  Before I knew it I was in my own Pretty Woman montage of trying on baller outfits.  Slacks and new leather shoes? Check. Check.  Silk buttoned down shirt? For days.  Suave sports coat? You know it.  Suddenly I was strutting the mall, turning heads left and right.  I stopped at a storefront and looked at the fashionable man before me. Turns out I clean up real nice until…

Two kids from the food court ran past me, scuffing my shiny new leather loafers.  I turned to see a security guard chasing after them.  I ducked down a hallway where no one could see and opened a quick breach and popped out right in front of the kids.  I told them to slow their rolls and asked why they were being chased.  The kids looked scared and pleaded that they weren’t doing anything wrong – they were pretending they were Flash and Kid Flash on the hunt for a meta.  I have to say, I was touched, just the security guard caught up to us.  He barked at the kids – “no running allowed!”

When I told the guard they were only emulating the heroics of The Flash and Kid Flash, the security guard softened.  Turns out, he was also a big fan and let the kids off win a warning.  The kids thanked me and said they never expected a grown up to be so cool.  They disappeared into the mall, probably to hit up a Spencer’s Gifts like I did back in the day.

On my way out, I caught a glimpse of myself in a storefront window.  I saw the reflection of a sharp-dressed, serious man and realized I was kidding myself. This is isn’t me.  I’m fine at being an adult, but in my own way, going by my own rules. So I returned all the clothes and stopped at the food court’s Big Belly Burger for fries and a shake, in my Cisco-approved wardrobe.  And Barry and Iris will be cool with whatever threads I decide to rock on the big day.

This cast is probably more of a musical cast than musicals I’ve been a part of. It’s crazy. Grant Gustin, who plays the Flash, this is his dream - to do a Broadway musical. We were hanging out over the Christmas break and he was at my house in New York. What were we doing? We were watching Singin’ in the Rain. Donald O'Connor’s a hero of mine. Jesse Martin - Broadway, probably best known for being in the original cast of Rent. Then you’ve got Carlos Valdes. The first time I saw Carlos he was doing Once on Broadway. In terms of the pedigree, when this musical fails we’ll have somewhere to point the finger, you know what I mean? I think Danielle Panabaker is appropriately terrified, but she also knows that the heavy lifting and the blame for it is going to go on the guys like us who’ve done the Broadway shows.
—  Tom Cavanagh, on whether any of the Flash cast are terrified of doing the musical episode [x]
Wait, What? (Drabble)

Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: Julian Albert x Reader

Summary: You’re best friends with Iris and Barry. With this new timeline, Barry finds out you’re dating his newfound work nemesis.

A/N: I’m such Julian Albert trash rn. I’ve always loved Tom Felton.

This timeline, for the most part, seemed back to normal. Everyone was fine and the same…except one person: Julian Albert. Who the heck even is this guy? Barry thought to himself.

Barry asked around and people said the usual: He and Julian didn’t get along. After some days working with him, he could figure out why. Julian Albert was a stickler for the rules and regulations of the CCPD. Barry…well…ya know.

Barry dreadingly made his way to his shared lab thinking. He tries his best with Julian. He really does. But then Julian just ends up insukting him and his work ethic. Barry couldn’t understand how people thought he was a nice guy! He felt sorry for whoever Julian’s supposed girl-wait what?

“Woah,” Barry stops as in the doorway as he sees you sitting on Julian’s desk kissing him.

You immediately break away from the kiss and blush to see Barry, “Oh, uh, hi Barr.” You waved at him embarrassingly.

“H-Hi, Y/N. Y-You’re dating Julian?”

“Oh, uh,” you looked at Julian then to Barry, “Yeah. For three months now.”

Barry walked up to you still a little bit in shock, “How come you never told me? Does Iris know?”

You nodded, “Yeah she knows. And, well, I didn’t tell you because-”

“-Because she knows how you feel about me, Allen. We don’t get along and she figured you’d be upset with her if you found out.”

You but your lip and avoided Barry’s gaze, “Yeah, because that.”

“Aw, Y/N.” Barry hugged you, “I’m not upset. Shocked, yes. But not upset. I could never be upset. If you’re happy, then that’s great!”

“Really, Barr?”

“Of course. How about you two come to Joe’s place for dinner tonight? That way Julian and I could get to know each other a little better?” He looked to Julian, “What do ya say, man?”

“What do you say, Jules?”

Julian nodded, “I have a lot of paperwork to-”

“Jules, come oooonn. Pleeeaaasse! It would really mean a lot if you could get to know my second family better and they you.”

Julian thought about it then said, “Alright, I’ll give it a go.”

You immediately broke out into a smile, “Yay! I’m so happy!” You looked at your watch, “Aw dang! My lunch is almost over. I need to get outta here.” You gave a quick kiss on the lips for Julian then hugged Barry as you rushed out of there. Both Barry and Julian stared at the doorway.

Without looking at him, Barry said, “If you hurt her-”

“Don’t worry about that, Allen. I don’t intend on losing her. Ever.”

There is a certain point of time in the day where the inky dark of the night leaves nothing left for the eyes to see, save for whatever stars are left. In a few places, though, you could find places where even the earth itself was stained with stars of its own. The best place to find them were near airports, factories, or lonely roads: where there were just numerous enough to see, but didn’t crowd each other out like they did in the cities. Glittering red ones, white ones, sickly greens and yellows, too, all scattered across the earth. Little flashes winking in and out of sight if you watched carefully, and with enough patience. Sometimes, even, these lights would fly: they’d join each other in patterns, some loose and faint, and others following each other as thought they were part of some great synchronized dance, like a team of swimmers weaving across the dark. Others arranged themselves in rows along the ground, like bright sentinels, to guide the others across and away from the earth. I liked thinking of them as though they were stars trying to get back into the sky. Like they had fallen down to the ground, and were trying desperately to rejoin their friends that looked down on them from above. Maybe they felt out of place, being so few and so far between, when their friends were so bright and crowded together in the night sky. Maybe they knew that being on the ground wasn’t a good way to live. Earthbound, grounded, and unable to reach a place where they felt like they wouldn’t feel so trapped. And every day the lights in the sky faded out of sight, and the lights on the ground would lose their luster, dejected; only to regain their shine as soon as night fell, and twilight renewed their hopes with glittering determination. The lights would reappear, rebuilding their fragile efforts, redoubling their faith that eventually things would become better, and that things would not stay the same. Even today my own hopes stay with these lights, which made every effort, every day, as though none of their work went in vain. I miss them.

Going Home || Jack Maynard (Part 1?)

Out of the corner of my eye, i see Y/N fidgeting.

“Y/N, Stop,” I whisper from the driver’s seat of the car, in an attempt to calm her.

She stops playing with her hands and looks over to my calm face. “I’m just nervous, What if they don’t like me,” she confesses her concerns.

“Y/N, They’re going to like you, you are my best friend after all,” I say flashing her a smile. Y/N, my best friend, the girl I’m hopelessly in love with.

“Okay, yeah, it’s going to be fine,”

“Yes, it will,” I say holding my hand out for her to high five.

The drive goes smoothly and before we know it we are at my parent’s house. I park my car a grin on my face as I reach my out for my mother, “Hey mom,” I say embracing her.

“Hello baby,” She whispers kissing my cheek softly. We separate and I nod to Dad, “Hey Dad,”

“Hello Jack,” He nods back.

My eyes travel to the body that is stood a few meters away from us, I hold my hand out for her to take, but she doesn’t instead she wraps her arms around herself and stands next to me a smile on her face.

“Mum, Dad, This is my best friend Y/N,” I introduce, Y/N holds her right hand out to shake but mom embraces her in a hug.

Pulling away from Y/N she holds her shoulders, “You’re so much prettier than Jack said, and he said that you were gorgeous.”

I groan, “Mum, Y/N doesn’t need to know that.”

Her laughs fill my ears, “He never tells me how wonderful I am to my face,” She mock glares at me.

“I just don’t want your head to get any bigger,” I tease shoving her softly.

“Jack!” My little sister’s voice comes from inside the house, “You’re here.”

She comes running over to me hugging me I pick her up and spin her.

“Hey baby sister,” I whisper into her ear, “It has been too long, you’ll need to come stay with me soon.”

She nods, “Yeah I’ve missed you, big brother. Hey Y/N!” Anna greets.

“Anna!” Y/N say embracing her. The two had skyped multiple times.

The two girls go off into their own little world and before I know it Anna has dragged Y/N up into her bedroom to ‘chat’.

I walk into the living room of my family home and sit down across from my parents.

“What do you think?” I ask smiling softly.

“She beautiful Jack,” Mum comments looking towards Dad knowingly.

“Yeah she is isn’t she,” I ask biting my lip softly, “I want to ask her to be my girlfriend.”

“We know,” Dad says smiling softly.

“I think I love her,” I whisper.

“We know that too,” Mum laughs.

He's Not Cute (Part 1)

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Disclaimer: I don’t really know a lot about the Hamilton cast, so ignore the mistakes. Also, this is my first fanfic/imagine.

Warnings: Cursing

A/N: This is really just an intro to a multiple part series! Also, I’m bad at titles. Please give me feedback, enjoy! (Sorry for the format, I’m new at this)

You’re phone rang. You smiled as you saw Groffsauce flash across the screen. Your phone calls with your best friend, Johnathon Groff, had become the highlight of your day after you moved hundreds of miles away from him.

“Hey, Y/N!” He screeched.

“Hey Groff! What’s up?” You quizzed.

“I’m gonna be King George III in a musical!” He exclaimed.

“That’s amazing, what’s the musical about?” You questioned.

“It’s about Alexander Hamilton.” He replied.

“Who?” You blurted.

He laughed and said, “The guy on the ten dollar bill. How did you even pass History?”

“Shut up.” You said playfully.

“Anyway, you should move to New York!” He suggested.

“What?!” You shouted.

“I already showed the creator of the musical a video of you singing and he would love to have you as an understudy for Peggy/Maria and ensemble! It pays better than the acting job you’re doing!” He insisted.

“Well, only if you send me the soundtrack for the musical,” You bargained.

“Okay, I’ll text it to you. Love you!” He sang.

“Love you too!” You sang back.

He hung up. A couple minutes later, he sent you a file titled Hamilton. You opened it and blasted the music. It didn’t sound like regular theatre because of…rapping? There was actual rapping in this musical! After listening to the songs, you immediately texted Groff “I’m taking the next flight to New York! See you in a few hours.”

You were wide awake despite it being 4:30 am and getting no sleep. You had always dreamed of being on Broadway and now that dream was finally a reality! You snatched up your purse and ran out of your apartment, into the windy night air of Chicago without a second thought. You called an Uber and were off to the airport. Once you got to security, you realized that you totally forgot to change out of your pajamas and pack your clothes and other essentials in all the excitement. Shit. You realized that it was too late to turn back now, and let out a sigh. At least you wore leggings. Once you boarded the plane, you forgot about that problem because you were anxious to see your best friend in person for the first time in a long time and excited to see New York for the first time in your life. You sent Groff a quick text telling him to pick you up at 7:00.

Throughout the whole flight you were full of nervous energy. Once you landed, the reality kicked in: you were moving to New York with only your phone and the pajamas that you were wearing. You were tremendously unprepared. Once you got to the front of the airport, you saw Groff and ran full speed to him for a hug, nearly knocking him over.

“I missed you so much!” You shouted with glee.

“I missed you more!” He teased. You suddenly noticed a man standing next to Groff with a dorky smile on his face, his hands in his jean pockets, and dark hair brushing the tops of his shoulders, framing his face. He was cute.

“Who’s that?” You asked Groff.

“Why, you think he’s cute?” Groff teased. The mysterious man blushed furiously causing you to blush too. “OMG! It’s love at first sight! That’s Lin, he wrote the musical that I’m playing King George III in and he plays Alexander Hamilton.”

“Really? That’s super cool, I’m Y/N.” You said shaking his hand. You pulled Groff aside, far enough away from Lin that he couldn’t hear your conversation.

“What the hell Groff!” You whisper-shouted. “Why did you bring a cute guy here, I look like trash!”

“Well, I didn’t know that you weren’t wearing actual clothes… or makeup.” He argued, looking you up and down. “Also, you said that he’s cute,” He said that part a little too loud so that Lin hear it.

“Ugh, please don’t meddle in my love life, and I changed my mind, he’s NOT CUTE,” You informed Groff, regretting saying the last part so loudly. You glanced at Lin and he looked a little down, which confirmed that he had heard what you said. You dragged Groff back over to Lin and plastered a fake smile on your face, “We should probably go before anyone recognizes you two.” All three of you took a cab to Groff’s place and you changed out of your pajama shirt and into Groff’s smallest sweater in the bathroom. You heard them talking and decided to eavesdrop, being the nosy person that you are. You pressed an ear to the door so that you could hear them talking.

“So, what do you think of her?” Groff prodded.

“I’m not telling because no matter what I say, you’re gonna tell the whole cast, so my lips are sealed” Lin stated.

“Ugh, you’re no fun,” Groff pouted.

You decided that was enough eavesdropping and you left Groff’s bathroom. Lin’s eyes shot up to you, which you thought was a little weird.

“So, what’s the plan?” You asked enthusiastically.

“I was thinking that we could introduce you to the rest of the cast.” Groff explained.

“Cool!” You replied.

In the cab, on the way to Richard Rogers Theatre, you asked Lin about his musical. You were captivated by his passion and genius. Once you got to the stage, you saw that there were a ton of chairs on the stage and occupying those chairs were the people you assumed were the cast.

“Hola everyone, this is Y/N, she came here all the way from Chicago. She is ensemble and Jasmine’s understudy.” Lin announced with a heartwarming smile on his face. You smiled and waved. You were surprised that he knew where you came from, but then remembered that Groff probably told him. The cast then went around saying their names and invited you to next month’s Ham Fam bonding, which was something they did monthly to maintain their friendships. You happily agreed. The next month you shadowed Jazzy, learning the ropes of theatre life and became fast friends with the cast, and soon you were a family. Although you were painfully awkward when you were alone with Lin, life was great, as long as you ignored your hopeless crush on Lin.

The day of Ham Fam bonding you sat on a stool in Groff’s room for awhile, waiting for Groff and scrolling through twitter when you heard a knock at your door.

“Come in!” You shouted, not wanting to get up. It was Anthony and Daveed. They sat down on the couch across from you and started shooting you with questions, barely giving you time to answer them.

“What do you think of Lin?” Daveed asked.

“I- ” Before you could even answer Anthony asked you if you think Lin is cute. You were completely bewildered and grateful when Pippa walked in after hearing all the commotion and told the boys to get lost. They sulked out, over exaggerating their disappointment.

“Thanks.” you chuckled.

“No problem, they can be a little overwhelming at times, but they mean well.” She admitted.

“What’s up with them asking me about Lin?” You questioned. She just smirked and as she walked away you shouted “What’s that mean?”

“You’ll see.”

You moved the stool to Groff’s couch and drifted off with your mind swirling with your thoughts. This was the weirdest first month ever.

Christmas Cookies

Request:  Can you do a fluffy Barry story right before the holidays where you compete to see who is the best cookie decorator and it’s just fluff? Already established relationship please? Thanks 😁

Word Count: 2068

Characters/Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader, Iris West, Cisco Ramon (mentioned), Caitlin Snow (mentioned), Joe West (mentioned)

Warnings: Fluff?

A/N: Hello everyone! I know you’re expecting Heartlines part IV, but I had to give you a Christmas Present since it is not just ready (just working throught the final scenes, sorry) and this request from @angel34jolly-blog​ was the perfect treat! Also, bear with me, I wrote this before going to sleep so, any typos are on me and… also some lame lines… just hope you like it. 

Anyway, I hope all of you got a happy Christmas with your families, friends and loved ones!

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“I’m done, Allen. This is so done, we are so done.” My voice was dead serious while I glared at Barry, spoon on my hand. “How dare you say such a thing?”

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One of Mila Kunis’ first acting job was in a Barbie commercial when she was like 7, she says the best part of it was that she got to keep the Barbie.

Headcanon that Pam Burkhart once took Jackie to an audition for some doll’s commercials and got it. Jackie was on TV for long months every time everyone’s favorite show went on commercial breaks. She got to keep the doll and still has it.

One day, while spending the night on her room, Hyde sees the doll on her shelf. Like a lighting, a little flash to the commercial comes to his mind and he spends the whole week looking at Jackie with amazed eyes until she has had enough of his shock and asks what’s going on.

To her surprise, he asks: “Were you on a tv commercial as a kid?”

“Uh, yes. Of a doll, is in my room. Why, Steven?”

And, to his own surprise, he says the truth: “… Maybe I’ve been liking you since forever.”


“You are the girl on the doll commercial, I always liked you. I thought you were pretty.”

“Oh my god! You have always been in love with me! Oh, Steven!”

Maybe he shouldn’t had said anything, but the sex the news gave him? Well, he’s not complaining anymore. Besides, maybe she is right.

Arrow and/or The Flash Imagines:

X   Imagine being Oliver’s girlfriend and part of Team Arrow, and you volunteer as bait for the Dollmaker. He kidnaps you and Oliver is almost too late to save you from him, and you end up in the hospital
X   Imagine always going back and forth between Team Flash and Team Arrow, and finally Barry and Oliver tell you to pick one
X   Imagine being Barry’s best friend and part of the Avengers, and when Barry asks you out, Pietro challenges him to a race. Winner gets the date
X   Imagine being an Avenger and the team meets your boyfriend, Oliver Queen, when you cross paths on a mission. He doesn’t know that you’re a superhero, and you don’t know that he’s the Arrow.
X   Imagine being Emily Prentiss’ 24 year old daughter, and she finds out that your boyfriend, Oliver Queen, is the Arrow, and you knew about his secret identity
X   Imagine being saved by the Arrow
X   Imagine watching Oliver practice with his batons, and you offer to spar with him. He laughs and says he doesn’t want to hurt you, and you surprise him by beating him
X   Imagine meeting Oliver Queen for the first time and being really nervous
X   Imagine being an Elemental vigilante, and Barry wants you to become his partner
X   Imagine being a metahuman able to manipulate time, and helping Barry and the rest of the team. One night, after a difficult mission, he confesses his feelings for you
X   Imagine being ex-classmates with Cisco, and meeting him again at STAR Labs
X   Imagine being Caitlyn’s friend, and Barry secretly having feelings for you
X   Imagine being Barry’s best friend and you have the powers of magic, and he doesn’t find out until he sees some guys trying to rob you
X   Imagine teaming up with both Barry and Oliver, and they both spend the time trying to outdo each other because they both have a crush on you
X   Imagine having the power of telekinesis and annoying Caitlyn with Barry
X   Imagine training Barry in hand-to-hand combat after he gets beaten by the Reverse Flash
X   Imagine being a member of Team Arrow, and Felicity coming to you and begging for you to teach her how to use weapons
X   Imagine Team Flash meeting Peter Parker, your boyfriend, and Barry calls Peter’s web-fluid “silly string”, and hilarity ensues
X   Imagine you were Oliver’s girlfriend on the island, and he’s surprised to see you show up in Starling City because he thought you were dead

“Now that I’m falling in love with someone...”

No lie, that line from Iris was the best part of the entire episode for me. 

Ever since Flashpoint I’ve been wondering what exactly became of Iris’s confession to Barry on the porch? Even though the moment was erased did she still have those feelings? Did she still love Barry? 

I’ll admit I was over the moon when Iris told Barry that she loved him in the Season 2 finale but at the same time it didn’t feel…earned? At least not in the romantic sense. We know that Iris and Barry love each other, there has never, ever been a question about the love they share. The only problem is for the longest time their love towards each other wasn’t the same. She loved him like family, like a best friend, like the most important person in the world to her. On the other hand he was IN love with her and she was literally EVERYTHING to him. So yeah, there was love but it wasn’t the same. 

Hearing Iris tell Barry in the Season 2 finale was beautiful and it was befitting of the major moment that was about to happen. Iris had never looked at Barry the way she was in that moment when she said ‘I love you’ to him before. And more importantly she’s never felt the way she did in that moment. That ‘I love you’ was defintely different, but it still wasn’t “I’m in love with you” different. 

The thing I appreciate about this “i’m falling in love with someone…” now is that I truly believe that. They’ve shown us that. They’ve shown us Barry and Iris meandering through being a couple and we see week after week how their feelings deepen and how they’re rearranging their thinking, and their way of doing things, and their lives in general in order to fit each other.

We know Barry is in love with Iris, we have 3 seasons of proof, but now it’s nice to watch Iris fall in love with Barry. I love watching that wonder in her eyes as she stares at him and marvels over how handsome he is. I love that she thinks he’s just perfect as Barry Allen. I love that she loves her man and doesn’t care who knows or sees it. I know people are wanting more from Barry but we’ve had more from him and I’m sure we will again soon, but now it’s time to watch Iris fall in love. 

One of the Guys Part One (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 666 (omg this is everything)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: You can read part two herepart three and part four here :) This was kind of inspired by the song one of the boys by Katy Perry because that was a thirteen year old bop for me.

You had been Peter Parker’s best friend since you were both eight years old. Little eight year old you was playing on the swing when you noticed Flash from your class, he was picking on a boy who looked your age and pushed him to the ground. You were never one to see people being picked on and just look away, you always stood up for them and you still lived by that moral to this day. You remember storming towards Flash with pure determination, you weren’t going to let him get away with hurting some innocent boy. 

“Hey Flash! Leave him alone.” You stood in front of him, arms crossed as your eyes caught sight of the small boy whimpering on the ground. You sent him a sympathetic look as you bent down next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.You were lucky that Flash was still as immature back then as he is today, because the sight of a girl walking towards him sent him running away as he was scared that he was going to get cooties. 

“Are you okay?” You asked the boy sending him a friendly smile.

The boy looked up at you with his brown eyes, you noticed the tears that were trying not to escape but failed as one slid down his cheek. The boy sniffled and rubbed away his tears, shyly nodding at you. 

“My name is Y/N.” You liked his dark curly hair and the way his nose was a bit red from the cold. Maybe you could make this boy your new friend, you didn’t have many friends but this boy seemed like he was a nice person. 

“I-I’m Peter. Peter Parker.” He shyly stuttered out, nervously to be talking to a stranger. You helped pull him up from the ground onto his feet, brushing off the dirt on his jacket for him. 

“Well it’s nice to meet you Peter. You know, I think we’re gonna be really great friends.” You said cheerfully causing the boy to shyly smile back at you. It was just the beginning of a great and beautiful friendship.

Six years later and you both were still the best of friends and even added another member to your duo, Ned. There was nothing the three of you didn’t know about each other since you spent practically every day together. You always had each others back, you truly couldn’t have asked for greater friends. 

All was great until you noticed Peter starting to take an interest in other girls that weren’t you. At first you were completely confused as to why you were so jealous about your best friend staring at Liz Allan every time she walked by. You were only fourteen and this was the first time you’d ever experienced anything like this. 

That night you stayed up reading hundreds of blog posts and magazines, just wanting to know the answer to your problem. And all of them said the same thing, that you had feelings for your best friend. 

At first you laughed it off, thinking there was no way that was the reason. But then you started thinking about it more and more until you came to the conclusion that it was true.You didn’t know when it started or how it happened, but it was undeniable that you were completely and utterly in love with Peter Parker. You swore to yourself that you would never tell him though, if he found out it could destroy your friendship and you wouldn’t ever want to risk that. You couldn’t lose your best friend. 

It’s been three years since you realized you were in love with your best friend and it hasn’t gotten any easier watching him talk to other girls. Mind you that was very rare since Peter was really socially awkward. But it did hurt how he looked at other girls the way you’d wish he’d look at you. But no, to him you were just one of the guys.