this is the best one ive made

tfc characters as scottish tweets
  • neil: When you're arguing n someone says "you done arguing now" cheers mate you've just started a second round. Should've kept that on the hush X
  • andrew: Y is my instagram full of crushed avocado and poached eggs on toast for breakfast, just have some coco pops and piss off
  • kevin: Pre drinks is the best, whoever thought of getting pissed before actually getting pissed is genius
  • aaron: replace ma heart wae another liver so a can drink more n care less x
  • nicky: imagine the week before yer wedding ye came home fae work early tae surprise yer bf and walked in on him wearin bootcut jeans
  • dan: Why are boys so nasty to girls n think it they're pure legends for it hahahaha jokes on u when ur wanking into a sock mate
  • matt: They letters you see on twitter of boys tellin their burds they're going to Paris the morn etc stress the fuckin life out a me. What if she canny get her shift covered the morn? Whos gonna walk the dug? Think about these things u absolute maniac
  • renee: Mental what a couple a fairy lights can do, ye could put them on a deed body n id be like omg that's fucking lovely get that on ma Instagram
  • allison: If u see somecunt in the cinema buying popcorn, nachos n a juice theyre a drug dealer. No other explanation for that sort eh disposable income
  • jean: ever just think to urself, check the fucking state of my life
  • riko: Everybody's got that cousin that's really fuckall to do with ye, just your maw n their maw have been pals since Yous were cabbages

i. do you remember the night
we sat on my back porch and talked about constellations
and i counted your freckles like stars
and you told me you want to go far far away
and i told you you canโ€™t, not without me
and i think you smiled and everything
seemed lovely, but that night was the night
i realized everything was breaking.

ii. it rained the day you left.
pools of sadness welled up on the streets
and i tried not to cry, but that was the day i realized
you were the only one who ever really got me.
or i thought you got me. maybe you were
just the best one at pretending but
everything that came out of your mouth
made me shake in a good way.

iii. or maybe it was in a bad way. maybe loving you
wasnโ€™t everything it was supposed to be.
it was such an intense feeling, kind of like
galaxies exploding in my chest or maybe
a supernova: so beautiful but so tragic.

iv. iโ€™m trying to forget every good thing
you ever said to me. i want it all to be red.
i want it all to be ugly. iโ€™m trying to forget
how to love you, how to remember the bad times
instead of the good, how you carved my heart
out of my chest and left me in the wilderness,
how you left me empty.

v. but when i think of you, i just think of
how your eyelashes look in sunlight,
how your cheeks glisten in the morning air,
how youโ€™ve gotten me through
some of the hardest times in my life.
when i think of you, i think of sitting in your bedroom
drinking wine out of the bottle
and laughing and laughing and laughing,
laying in bed with you, our legs intertwined
and talking about our dreams
in the pitch black darkness.

vi. and i still feel it, even when
โ€จi know i shouldnโ€™t. it still eats at me
โ€จlike i am a parasite and my crooked mind
โ€จis higher up on the food chain. i wish
i could turn my brain off sometimes,
the way you do. i wish everything i did
wasnโ€™t trying to impress you.

vii. your sweatshirtโ€™s still in my bedroom
from months ago and i wonโ€™t get rid of it
just in case you ever want to come back and get it.
will you ever come back? do you ever
think of me? are things always going
to be the same as the day you left me?
even when itโ€™s sunny, i feel the rain clouds coming.

viii. i guess what iโ€™m trying to say is
iโ€™ll leave the light on on my back porch.

—  do you remember

i still think one of the best taz aus ive made is the high school au where Hurley and Kravitz are hall monitors and Hurley is super chill about her job but Kravitz takes it like. Too seriously and it almost becomes a game to the student body of ‘how much can I break the hall law without Kravitz catching me’ (a game that no one’s ever won…. until Taako that is)

Sloane is the student who wears light up heeleys down the hall and Kravitz cant find anything in the rules abt no heeleys but he just knows that they aren’t allowed and meanwhile Hurley is enamored 

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Mixed Emotions

Originally posted by edawnn

Pairing: Reader x Eโ€™Dawn
Genre: Angst
Request:ย โ€œ can you do something angsty with e'dawn please ?๐Ÿ™ƒ youre one of the best angst type writers ive come across ๐Ÿ˜ฉ but tysm and have a good night!! xxโ€

A/N: This sucks

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But when youโ€™re still in love with your ex, as I am now, all the new people you meet are stuck being compared not just with your ex, but with a romanticized version of your ex who is actually far better, smarter, and more attractive than they are in real life. Itโ€™s an unattainable standard. And youโ€™re essentially a hypocrite: youโ€™re completely emotionally unavailable, while also highly demanding of peopleโ€™s attention. The combination is not so attractive.
—  Karley Sciortino 

this brush makes me feel good about my life oh my god.
a little doodle because @creepyknees‘ floweypot comics really make me feel things about asriel???? like a lot of things deep in my heart? and the one with papyrus made me so happy, and even though fanon papyrus is sometimes different from canon papyrus, he’d have been best buds with this lil fluffball.