this is the best icecream

Jaal trying to learn human slang with Liam gives me life.

Jaal: I’d rather have sand through my crack than deal with politicians.

Liam: “sand through your crack?” Is that really a thing, or are you just really bad at human slang?

Jaal: Fuck over.


Where Do Furbys Come From?

As a bit of a briefing, this post is mostly pure speculation and theorization. If you have any additional ideas or theories, feel free to send an ask or reply to this post! Now, let’s get right into it:
1998-2001 Tiger
These furbys as we all well know, originate from Furbyland, a collection of cloud islands trailing about our earthian skies. These furbys were capable of flight by their ears, and came down to earth to make friends and chat it up with the locals. Being that their home was in the clouds, they might have once lived in a state of constant daylight, hence their fear of the dark and general light sensitivity. They likely know the least about humans and have had the least amount of social interaction with them, considering their general lack of knowledge in human languages. Hence, why they ‘learn’ their human’s language along the way.
2005 Emototronic
Furby Island
These furbys originated from sea-based islands, also earthian, and though speculation may have assumed they were the evolution of 90′s furbys, it’s likely that they’re a subspecies of furby, considering they have their own ancient monuments and historical transcripts that don’t quite match up with the 90′s furbys’ history. These furbys were known for possessing predominantly mammal-like features. They also possibly never saw the sky as closely as their 90′s cousins did. These furbys still hold their history near and dear to their heart, and may even be a bit homesick, due to their storytelling of their old home.
2006 Funky Furby:
Based on canon from the movie, I’d say the funky furby is the result of island furbys embracing human culture and music. In one particular scene from the film, the younger island furbys start imitating the scenes and vocals they see on television, so this may be what inspired funky furbys to become so musically charged. 
Earth and Furby <CONNECT> World
AI furbys created by connect furbys, to test human interaction and to learn of the environment before the connects made the whole “take me to your leader” introduction. These furbys change drastically due to specific interaction, as a way to test the waters in regards to how humans themselves would interact to such different and unique creatures. The boom/crystal models are an upgraded system that essentially introduces humans to more beyond-basic personalities, and also hints at their own biological makeup (egg laying). These furbys already have a lot of human-centric thought put into their design, based on what the connects have learned through watching and waiting.
2016 Connect
Furby <CONNECT> World
These furbys seem to stray completely from any ties to earth, rather possessing their own world (perhaps planet?). They seem to don more alienistic qualities, having antennas on their heads that they use to communicate, sleep, and emote. They don’t seem to personally feel the triggers of their antenna, and as seen in the app, it is something they grow later after birth. Possibly non-organic tech? Still can’t fly with their ears, though considering their home it makes sense that they wouldn’t need the aid of flight. They’re likely the chubbiest furby as well, and considering their environment, (check out that ice cream cone forest behind the toilet) there’s no doubt as to why. 

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I'm going to Cologne next week, which places would you recommend for vegan food? :-)

hey! :) okay here are some i can think of:

1) well being (completely vegan, awesome thai food, they also have vegan fish things and vegan duck - that tastes in my opinion too real haha)

2) mei wok (completely vegan, all healthy!, whole grain options, also raw options but awesome warm dishes as well, also thai food)

3) 485° for pizza (omnivore with 2 vegan pizzas, without vegan cheese, but the best pizza crust in the whole town)

4) die eisdielerin (icecream and also some vegan waffles and stuff, haven’t been there but it’s good i guess)

5) cafe hibiscus (all vegan, really good cakes, some “snack options” like a sandwich and stuff)

6) burrito rico (omnivore, for quick lunch but you can get your own vegan burrito with soy chunks or so)

7) ecco (omnivore, lots of vegan meals, also everyday vegan brunch, big portions, a bit expensive)

8) cafe schmitz (they have 3 vegan icecreams, the best one definitely is chocolate sorbet and coconut sorbet, SO GOOD together)

9) mj sushi (omnivore, one vegan meal: gang dang tofu, probably one of my favorite meals if it comes to asian food)

10) signor verde (completely vegan, burger and stuff, good cake, in my opinion too expensive)

11) bunte burger (for completely vegan burgers, expensive in my opinion)

12) hans im glück (omnivore, 2 or 3 vegan burger)

13) dean & david (omnivore, vegan options, good for quick lunch)

14) venjoy (haven’t been there, lots of raw options, healthy, good raw desserts but doesn’t look comfy at all)

15) mataim (omnivore, but good vegan falafel and stuff)

16) rich & greens (omnivore, vegan options (burritos and smoothies etc) and a good vegan banana brownie, not restaurant like, more a cafe)

17) the bakery “kamps” is nothing special, but they have vegan “franzbrötchen” (cinnamon bun style) and a vegan apple stuffed baked thing, they are good! :)

What i would recommend to definitely visit? - depends on what you like, but i think i would go to wei wok or well being, to cafe hibiscus, if you like pizza to 485° and to the ecco because they have things like vegan schnitzel and some good vegan desserts :) and of course to mj sushi because of the vegan gang dang tofu, but that’s simply because i love the meal! it’s a red coconut curry with tofu and veggies, rice on the side, and beans with sesame sauce on the side :)

soo that’s all i can think of right now :) i hope that helped! :) xx


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if any of the background of the lockscreen are yours please kindly tell me I’ll give you credit or take it down 😘😘😘

This is the most healthy and delicious thing, I’ve ever tasted. 😍

What is it, you may ask.
It’s banana and blueberry icecream. And it’s the best thing in the world.

You need:
- 2 bananas
- A handfull of blueberries, depending on how much you want.
- Less than half a teaspoon of vanilla sugar.

Mash the bananas, blend it, add the vanilla and berries and blend again. Put it in the freezer for 1 ½ - 2 hours.

After that you have the most amazing, healthy icecream ever 💁🏼
Enjoy 😚👌🏻

Um, yes hello if anyone wants to give me some soft serve icecream with rainbow sprinkles…and like maybe all the money in their wallet or something I wouldn’t oppose.😊✨

Zodiac SQUAD: Cancer, Virgo & Sagittarius
  • Cancer, on Sagittarius's back, sighing: It's been so long since we all got to hang out like this....
  • Sagittarius, walking next to Virgo while carrying Cancer: Of course you would miss us; all you did during summer break was hang out with your little cousin and eat snacks while watching anime on Netflix
  • Virgo, scrolling through her phone as Cancer & Sagittarius bicker: You know, we look like a family going on a walk to the park
  • Sagittarius, looks over at Virgo w/ a disgusted face: If that's the case, I would like to file for divorce now, please.
  • Virgo, hits his arm as they both share a laugh together:
  • Cancer, thinking to herself: I would ship them so hard. They would honestly make a great couple, oh my gosh, their kids would be magical and and
  • Virgo, yells: Cancer!
  • Cancer, comes back to reality: Huh? Wha? What's wrong?
  • Sagittarius, smirks: Do you want ice cream? The ice cream truck is coming this way
  • Cancer, hops off of Sagittarius's back and start haul assing after the truck, screaming: ICE CREAM!!!!!
BTS REACTION: When You are very Lewd and Perverted

Jin: “hey jinnie~ how about after the shoot we relieve the common stress of a student in the back” *you make suggestive hand jerking motion*

“w-what? what do you mean? *know’s exactly was you mean and is just very flustered*

 Suga: *on the phone* “you know, sometimes i tell yoongi not to wear underwear in his leather pants just for pervy fans, like me, to enjoy” *smirks and laughs mischievously* 

“oh my goodness i don’t know this women”

 Rap Mon: *points to yourself* *make the “BJ’ movement* *points to him*

*just smiles and nods* *in head*”this girl here… were did i find her?”

 Jhope: *he is talking about you on a radio show*

host: would you like to give her a massage?”

“yeah, baby, i love you but you can stop your little nipple pinching attacks at any time. thanks”

 Taehyung: *your eating lunch with the group* “yeah i like my icecream warm… and sticky… taehyung make the best type of icecream if you know what i mean” *wink* 

“d-did this girl just described semen… what the hell?”

 Jimin: “DAAAMMMN JIMIN you can feed a f*cking village with those damn thigh cant ya?

*in a laughing fit because you were so extra with your words”

 Jungkook: *casually showing Jungkook a lingerie catalog and describing how fun they would make everything*

*chuckles at first* your joking right?

“nope” *continues to flip though the catalog*



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