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Why Nerve is amazing

1.) it’s all about the dangers of anonymity on the Internet and how that leads to a feeling of invincibility and a disconnection from the repercussions of your actions

2.) the colors gradually become more neon and striking as the main character becomes more daring.



Gave Poe a new jacket. He seems like the kind of guy who’d match his clothes with his droid. His ship already matches, and plus he’s down one jacket anyways~

actually i just wanted to see him in black but don’t mind me




(vía ok…..this is incredible


Would Rose’s room really be able to tell Steven anything he didn’t already know?

Like everyone keeps suggesting that Rose’s room is the “best way” for Steven to “talk” to his mom, but so far we’ve only been shown that the room can only project things that Steven already knows or is subconsciously thinking about it.

The most obvious example is in Catch and Release when Steven wants to know what Peridot was about to say. The room couldn’t show Steven, because he had no clue what Peridot was talking about. Thus the room didn’t know either.

The way I see it, the only way for the room to “tell” Steven something he didn’t know or have Rose “talk” to him would be if Rose created a subroutine within the room. Kinda like how she left the video within Lion’s mane. She figured that Steven would eventually find Lion and, with him, find the tape. So its not hard to believe that she would’ve created a program of sorts within the room that would trigger at a certain point. Maybe if/when Steven enters the room and asks the “right” question? Like “what really happened with Pink Diamond?”

I’m so sorry but this is the only thing I could think of when I saw the video you published the other day (which was great btw)
I don’t even know what you look like but let’s pretend it’s something like this… again I’m sorry this is awful ashjdsk

(based on the hark! a vagrant nemesis comic)

Psst! You weren’t too far off with how I look

Serbian idioms and phrases, their literal translations and meanings

1. Бог је високо, а Русија далеко. (Bog je visoko, a Rusija daleko.)

Translation: God is high above and Russia is far away. (meaning that help is far and very unlikely)

2.Вук длаку мења, али ћуд никад. (Vuk dlaku menja, ali ćud nikad.)

Translation: A wolf changes his hair, but never his character.

English equivalent: A leopard can’t change its spots.

3. Дала баба динар да се ухвати у коло, а два да се пусти. (Dala baba dinar da se uhvati u kolo, a dva da se pusti.)

Translation: Grandma gave a dinar to dance, and two to stop.

English equivalent: Be careful what you wish for

4. Кад на врби роди грожђе (Kad na vrbi rodi grožđe)

Translation: When willows bear grapes.

English equivalent: When pigs fly.

5. Не може и јаре и паре. (Ne može i jare i pare.)

Translation: You can’t have both your baby goat (kid) and your money.

English equivalent: You can’t have your cake and eat it (too).

6. Лупа као Максим по дивизији. (Lupa kao Maksim po diviziji.)

Translation: Banging like Maxim on division. (when someone says lots of things that make absolutely no sense)

7. Два лоша убише Милоша. (Dva loša ubiše Miloša.)


1. Two bad (guys) killed Miloš.

2. Two bad - Miloš dead. (two bad guys joined forces to beat a good guy)

8. Не липчи магаре до зелене траве (Ne lipči magare do zelene trave.)

Translation:Don’t die till the grass is green, donkey (waiting for better things to happen)

9. Правити од комарца магарца. (Praviti od komarca magarca.)

Translation: To make a donkey out of a mosquito.

English equivalent: To make a mountain out of a molehill. 

10. Само слога Србина спаcава. (Samo sloga Srbina spasava.) 

Translation: Only unity saves the Serbs. 

*bonus fact: The phrase is an interpretation of what is taken to be four Cyrillic letters for “S” (written С) on the Serbian cross.


So Here’s the cool part. I’m about to leave for the Schiaparelli Crater where I’m going to commandeer the Ares IV lander. Nobody explicitly gave me permission to do this, and they can’t until I’m on board the Ares IV. So I’m going to be taking a craft over in international waters without permission, which by definition… makes me a pirate.

                         Mark Watney: Space Pirate

When Justice League comes out and it isn’t a shot for shot remake of The Avengers then it will get slammed for that as well – and if it is a success it will be accused of stealing the Marvel formula. Having a soundtrack isn’t an exclusive right of Guardians of The Galaxy, by the way, do I need to refer anyone to The Watchmen, The Crow or just about every action movie ever made? My advice to fans and the creators of Suicide Squad is this – forget about what the critics are saying, just make up your own mind and try to let yourself have fun. When there is a half-man-half-crocodile in this film fighting alongside someone wielding a katana named Katana, you know what you are getting into. I give Suicide Squad an 8/10.