this is the best i've seen so far

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I've been a big fan of you since 2013. You're the literal best artist I've ever seen.

holy crap, thank you! that’s incredibly flattering! thanks for sticking around all this time!! ;o;

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2013 likes most like the art I associate with you for some reason I’m stuck 3 years behind

there’ve really only been minor tweaks to the style since then, so you’re really not super far behind. the biggest thing that’s changed is my coloring! and i’ve really rounded everything out. once i started training myself to work in huge resolutions, my comic work started looking a lot more professional!

(that bottom piece was actually done in december 2015 i was just too lazy to go back and fix the date there ngl)

i cleaned my line art up something fierce

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this is weird but I’ve always wondered if you did the art for the Planet Dolan channel on YT

nope! i did look it up, and it’s a super funny idea. but nah, i’ve never collabed with any youtubers!

Why Nerve is amazing

1.) it’s all about the dangers of anonymity on the Internet and how that leads to a feeling of invincibility and a disconnection from the repercussions of your actions

2.) the colors gradually become more neon and striking as the main character becomes more daring.



Gave Poe a new jacket. He seems like the kind of guy who’d match his clothes with his droid. His ship already matches, and plus he’s down one jacket anyways~

actually i just wanted to see him in black but don’t mind me

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I don't know if it'd help, but Cas's dying smile in 12x12 pretty much looks like Cas's pained smile when he was with Crowley and was asked by Dean if he was still working with crowley. Cas is so going to be so irked now that Crowley saved him :p

Working with Crowley: confirmed to be as terrible as a slow rotting death via poisoned spear.


And yes Cas’s “oh god Crowley just saved me AGAIN what the FUCK do I now OWE him oh god please say “never mention it again” oh god he’s GONE do I have to be NICE to him now what the FUCK just happened” face is one of his best so far on the entire show, while he’s lying there on that sofa just… ruing everything.

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Your beauty and the beast related posts... OH MY GOD! Amazing! Seriously the best thing I've ever seen on tumblr. I NEED to know where you got the dress, the hair, the bow, the rose, everything! If you don't mind of course thank you :D:D

Hi! Thank you so much! Glad you liked it and I apologize for my delayed response ❤︎

  1. Hair - unfortunately no longer available for download as far as I can tell, but if someone knows where to find it, please let me know and I will update :)
  2. Bow by @blogsimplesimmer
  3. Dress by @blogsimplesimmer
  4. Rose by Severinka
  • what she says: i love agent kallus
  • what she means: Agent Kallus is one of my favorite characters, but his characterization before "The Honorable Ones" versus after "The Honorable Ones" leaves much to be desire. In Season 1, yeah, okay, he's not that different from every other obviously evil, cunning, arrogant villain, but I bought it because not gonna lie, I'm kind of a sucker for cunning bad guys that claim they're just doing their job but enjoy following it to the letter. Plus, I liked how earlier on, it was like the rebels were the hunted while the Empire were the hunters, with the Inquisitors and the 'ordinary' Kallus being the main hunters, and I was interested in how he was gonna fight Zeb and what exactly happened at Lasan. But then, Season 2 got pretty bad with Kallus since he hardly did anything besides standing around in the bridge of an Imperial cruiser, which the LSG had already said in promotional material for the show that they didn't want him doing that. And then "The Honorable Ones" showed that even though it's one of my favorite episodes because we finally get to see what makes him tick, his morality and knowledge of what actually happens is actually CONTRARY to what it seemed up to that point. What would've been better is if they had put more signs of Kallus's grey morality in previous episodes so that it would flow better. While yes, some things can be alleviated through novelizations of scenes, it sometimes isn't an 'expansion' on the scene and instead comes more off as something like a sloppy retcon/excuse, like when he kicked that Stormtrooper down in the pilot and then the novelization said that he was extremely angry so he wasn't thinking straight (though I don't know if the author was let in on what the plan for Kallus's character arc was, so it's possible he was just writing what he knew and assumed, but the SWR writers + LSG didn't say anything against it during editing...). While I also do like the irony with how he basically led like four Imperials who've gone rogue to their deaths, I do recognize that it's only ironic because he's literally become the opposite/antithesis of himself from S1-S2, since he's literally a STATE SEC AGENT so even if he didn't have anything to do with them getting arrested/killed, being a state sec officer that has switched sides + committed treason would've been ironic no matter what (though I'm not sure if this is an actual complaint or if I'm just nitpicking with this one, but regardless, I still like it, even though it's kind of expected considering the circumstances.) (the author for three of those characters didn't know about Kallus's character arc either, but you know who did). I don't like that because of the time skip, we've skipped how Kallus got from the ending of "The Honorable Ones" to where he is in Season 3, meaning they SKIPPED THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. I'm torn between if he should live at the end of "Zero Hour", because if he lives, then they have a chance of giving him proper character development, especially so if they introduce the Mercenary/the Fool, and this plotline can also allow for more Zeb coverage that he desperately needs (in addition, we could get more bo-rifle fights, because I also thought that fight back in "Droids In Distress" was cool and that they should do more like that again), but then again, he could die to establish Thrawn's credibility and with that leaked picture, there's a pretty small chance of him trying to make his way out of the mercy of everyone on that ship. I'd still be up for a Kallus novel or comic or short story or something that delves some more into his character, though. So anyway, yes, while I do love Kallus, I wish they had done better with his character arc so that I could say with confidence that the stuff that happens to him was indeed on purpose and say that it is one of the best character arcs I've seen so far.

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could you please tell me from which culture you take inspiration for those beautiful valar? i'm pretty sure they're the best interpretation i've seen so far

Yes! But also remember that these are inspirations and sometimes I took freedom in the clothing

Vana - Romani 
Yavanna - Sioux
Estë - Hindu

Nessa - Khmer
Varda - Morocco
Vaire - Hmong    
Nienna - just… LARP costumes…………

Lórien and Mandos - Wadaabe
Melkor - Mongolia with… european breastplate….. I’M GOING TO REDRAW HIM

I’ll update reply to this ask once I’m done with all of the valar!

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Hey! You guys seem to have such a great gasp on the characters, and I love what I've seen so far! Who would be the best dancer out of the 104th (in a party kind of setting or traditional dance classes stuff)? What would each of them dance?

Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so glad that you enjoy the blog, and that you think I portray the characters well. You’re so sweet! :’) 

Traditional Dancing

Best > Annie > Mikasa > Marco > Bertholdt > Sasha > Historia > Ymir > Eren > Jean > Armin > Reiner > Connie < Worst 

Annie, Mikasa, Marco, Bertholdt, and Sasha are all actual dancers. Historia and Ymir danced when they were younger; Ymir stopped after middle school, Historia danced until she graduated high school. The others cannot dance to save their lives, but then again, maybe if they put in some effort it would be different. 

Of the five dancers, all do ballet, jazz and lyrical, and are somewhat adept at other styles and can make them look good given practice. Mikasa and Marco are experts at tap. Annie and Bertholdt specialize in lyrical and modern. Sasha is their go-to hip hop dancer. All of them can ballroom dance and partner dance. All of them are generally bad at acro. It’s great. 

Party Dancing

Best > Historia > Sasha > Mikasa > Marco > Jean > Annie > Ymir > Eren >  Connie > Reiner > Bertholdt > Armin < Worst 

When the dancing is more casual, everyone is able to dance a little better. Armin usually feels super awkward and overthinks everything, but he still has fun when he gets into it. Connie dances like Joey from Friends. Bertholdt can’t translate his traditional dancing skills to casual dancing; he just feels too awkward. Eren pretty much just jumps the whole time, but he’s having fun. They’re a fun group to party with. 

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I adore your mafia AU! It literally combines two of my favorite things. I think I have an unhealthy obsession for mob culture (I find it interesting) and then you decided to come up with the best YOI mafia au I've seen so far! If you want some of your stuff to be semi accurate to real mob culture, I highly recommend this documentary about the American mob family where actual former mobsters and police officers discuss it all! Either way you're doing a great job and I love all that you're doing!

Awww, that’s so awesome of you to day!! ;w;
Super happy that you like my AU so much! o3o
and that it appeals to both your mob interest as well as YOI ^w^
Ooooh, that does sound super interesting! :D
I’ll look into it, no guarantee that the AU itself will be realistic, since I already have so many ideas that I am going to do :O
But, I personally think it’s interesting and will look it up :3
Thank you for your support!!!



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Would you please do a Nessian Oneshot with the kiss thing you reblogged, pretty pretty please with a cherry on top cause your other Nessian posts have been the best I've seen so far!

OMG THANK YOU DEAR and really i don’t know what of the words “pretty please” makes me go all jelly in the knees but there’s something AND SORRY IF IT TOOK ME SO MUCH ANON ILY this was the prompt


He is only training her.

He is only training her.

He is only training her.


But Mother, he wants to do more than that.

“Don’t bend your wrist that way, you will only hurt yourself.” ,he says and the look she gives him is nothing less than infuriating.

Why can’t it be simple like it was with Feyre? Why does this woman have this effect on him? Why can’t he think straight when she is around, why does she make him feel so much?

She hits him again, sharp and angry but with a lack of discipline and direction, both things he would be more than happy to teach her how to master if she didn’t belittle every damn word he said.

“Bend your wrist that way again and next thing you know the bones will be broken.”, his voice in on the verge of a growl, Cauldron boil him she makes him so angry and so irrationally captivated at the same time.

His eyes get wide as she takes a step closer, standing on her tiptoes so their eyes are nearly on the same level and snarls “Don’t tell me what to do.”

A part of him, the sane one, screams at him for the umpteenth time that he is training so yes, he can tell her what to do and that he could tell her that or that he could think of how their relationship is already precarious as it is, always dancing on the edge of a knife.

But his sane part has never had a hold on him.

He steps closer, until there’s no space between them and her eyes widen in surprise, a bewildered look on her face but it’s just for second, than it’s gone, her icy mask taking its place.

Cassian angles his head so that his lips are not even an inch away from Nesta’s and he whispers,

“Is that a challenge?”

He sees the fire in her eyes, the pure, unadulterated fury.

He kisses her.

More than a kiss it’s a mashing of lips and it’s not gentle, it’s demanding and wanting and he can feel it, the moment she freezes, nearly imperceptible, the moment when her brain starts to weight the options, starts to rationalize everything to make a move to her advantage.

And damn it, damn her if  it doesn’t make him angry, how she would be capable to shut him out in this moment only because her damned pride needs to have the upper hand.

He will get that beautiful little head of hers to shut the fuck up and he will do it with everything he has.

He licks her bottom lip and then takes it between his teeth, hardly enough to make her whimper but not enough to cause her pain and she growls on his mouth, the sound travelling like waves on his body and when her mouth opens with the sound his tongue slips in.

He is going to devour her, devour her like he wanted and dreamed and needed for months and months.

Cassian moves her until her back hits the wall, his hands on her shoulder blades to soften the impact and kissing her harder. For a moment he thinks she will stop him, enraged by the feeling of being cornered but she doesn’t, she kisses him twice as hard and her hands go in his hair, gripping his head, pulling him even closer.


Fuck, he loves this woman.

His eyes snap open, the realization hitting him like a blow in the middle of his chest, his breath trapped in his lungs.

But he has to admit it to himself, he isn’t very surprised.

He’d been drawn to her from the first day he saw her and that feeling, the one he couldn’t name, couldn’t get a hold on, only grew when he saw her strength, her courage, her fierceness and stubbornness and those moments when her walls went down, like now.

He closes his eyes and bites her lower lip again, harder, and a single moan of pain escapes her lips before his tongue passes where his teeth where, slowly, and then enters her mouth again and brushes the roof of her mouth and she moans again, but in pleasure.

Now he needs-he needs her scent, he needs to breath her in until the smell of her fills his lungs.

His lips move from her mouth and his teeth graze her jaw as he buries his face in the crook of her neck and her scent hits him and if he wasn’t already painfully hard, that would have done the trick.

She grips his hair harder to pull his face up to her lips again and he smirks on her skin and his tongue laps at the skin on her neck.

She doesn’t push him away, she doesn’t move away, she moans.

His lips find hers again, the sound of her moan drilling in his head and he wants to hear it again and again and again.

Cassian’s hands start to roam on her body but it’s her hands that send the buttons of his tunic flying and hitting the ground and when Nesta touches his chest and a soft sound escapes her mouth he has to call on the last shreds of his self control or he will fuck her against this damned wall, hard and slow and so good she will scream for him.

He moves his hands to the back of her thighs and pulls her up, she takes the hint, hoisting herself up and hooking her legs around his hips.

Cassian grabs her ass to keep her up and the only thing he can feel is their tongues and lips moving together and her body on his, her chest clasped on his and he wants to take everything she is wearing off of her, he needs her so much and the smell of her tells him she wants him, too.

But he will have patience, he will have her on a bed and worship that fantastic body of hers, he will make her melt around him, know every inch of her so thoroughly that he will need only one touch to set her on fire and make her moan and beg and plead.

One of his hand move to her jaw while her hands are still on his chest when he hears a noise, so far away it could be on the other side of the world and Nesta doesn’t even seem to have heard it because she doesn’t stop, she pulls herself higher and hooks her hands around his neck.

They could go on forever and he knows it, and he wants it.


Azriel tried everything: from knocking, to shouting, to call both their names at the top of his lungs, but nothing. So he closes the door and hopes they will not destroy the room or die from lack of air. The shadowsinger closes the door behind him, shakes his head and smiles.