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Jared x emotionally insecure! Reader

Requested by: anonymous

“my friend if you haven’t already, could you do jared w reader who high-key has no idea how to initiate any type of romantic advancement, due to insecurity from the past,, that is really oddly specific i hope it made sense”

A/n: you know what friend you sure can, also I wrote this while being extremely sleep deprived so I’m sorry if this seems off! But I tried my best lmao

Warnings: kinda angsty?

- you love Jared more than words can say
- And you’ve never felt like this about anyone
- And you were horrified about messing it up
- You’ve had a couple past relationships before
- But they all ended up kinda messy
- And one guy said you were ‘too clingy’
- And this made you hesitant to cue any sort of affection
- Thankfully
- Your dating Jared
- ok so we can all agree that Jared is a pretty touchy, lovey, guy right?
- you love that
- And you want to be like that too
- Buttt
- You have no clue how to initiate it
- thankfully he takes the reigns on that one
- But sometimes he can’t always do that, so you guys kinda come off as distant
- Ngl
- He thought he was being a bad boyfriend at first
- Or that you were just dating him out of pity
- But trust me
- That was not the case at all
- But you never really delved into why you never really showed affection
- Until
- One day
- You guys are in the hallway between classes and Jared goes to kiss you goodbye
- He leans in all close and stuff
- And he’s like a solid inch away from your face
- he’s expecting you to close the gap
- But you freak and just speed-walk away to your next class
- He was really confused and kinda upset
- And he confronts you about it after school at his house
- “So what was that about in the hallway today?”
- Your face goes bright red
- the room becomes deadly silent
- And you just burst out into tears
- “(Y/n)? Oh my god (y/n) I’m sorry I didn’t mean-“
- You cut him off by kissing him roughly
- When you pull away he’s so stunned he just sits there for a while and says nothing
- You think you’ve ruined everything again
- Your ex’s words come flooding into your memory
- you frantically gather your things and go to leave
- “W-wait, wait, (y/n), where are you going?”
- You can’t bring yourself to look at him so you just stare at the door and cry again
- He comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist
- And sits you down on his bed
- “Talk.”
- You explain everything to him
- He holds your hand throughout the entire thing
- When you done he just envelops you in this massive hug
- And you hear him silently whisper ‘I love you’ over and over again into your ear
- He tells you he has no problem with affection and he’ll always tell you if he’s ever uncomfortable
- You cried for the third time that day
- But this time it was tears of joy
- He’s just the sweetest

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85 with Adam Cole?😊

Yay ! I actually wrote something! It’s not the best, and I couldn’t stay under 300 words, but oh well. Thank you for requesting bb, hope you like it :) Also please enjoy this gif as much as I do hehehe 

Originally posted by tapemachinesarerolling

Adam’s eyes looked like they were just about to pop out of his skull. His stare kept going between you and Kyle, frantically trying to come up with a viable explanation for the scene unfolding in front of him.

“Adam!” Kyle’s voice quivered as he stood, almost too quickly, letting go of your hand harshly.

“Kyle,” Adam just about groaned, taking a menacing step forward, to which Kyle reacted by cowering back.

You were left confused in the middle of all this, not understanding what you or Kyle could have possibly done wrong. Quite frankly, you had gone out of your way to help the poor guy when he’d come to you, so the negative reaction was nothing short of unpleasant.

It’s not what it looks like,” Kyle breathed, holding his hands up in defense, one of which was still clinging to the velvet box he’d been showing you a few seconds prior.

“Guys, what is going on? This isn’t a big deal,” you pleaded, letting out a nervous laugh when two sets of bulging eyes set on your face. “Is it?” you wondered aloud, nervousness setting through your stomach.

“No, sweetheart, it’s fine, you haven’t done anything wrong,” Adam reassured you, his features softening long enough to make you feel slightly better. His lightness left the second he looked back to Kyle, though, doubling your confusion. “But you!” he pointed at his friend menacingly.

“Adam, quit it! I was just helping him out. He’s planning on proposing,” you insisted, pointing at the box Kyle was holding. “He needed to practice his speech on someone else, that’s all.”


Adam’s hand fell, along with his shoulders as he seemed to finally understand what was going on. You let out a nervous laugh, baffled that anyone could think Kyle had been actually proposing to you, in a locker-room, whilst being in a serious relationship with his long-time girlfriend. The idea was downright ridiculous, especially since Kyle was well aware of your hidden feelings for his best friend…

“Well, thanks a bunch anyway, I’ll be going now,” Kyle mumbled, patting you awkwardly on the shoulder and taking a few steps away. “Maybe you guys have a few things to discuss…”


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Hello! You seem very nice and I hope you don't mind a question from a newbie witch. So I hear a lot of 'labels' that many witches give to themselves (air witch, space witch, green witch, ect.) I was hoping you could help me find a guide of some kind that could explain these to me? I heard witches don't NEED labels necessarily but I would like to know about them so I can do some soul-searching to see what's best for me. Thank you. :) 💖

hello, sweet flower!! what you’ve heard is correct; there are so many variations of witches - i believe no two witches can be the same, which is actually a really beautiful thing. witchcraft allows us all to love so many of the same things and hold various similar beliefs, but also allows for flexibility and independence. each path is different and unique to you, and that’s part of the fun! you don’t need to deem yourself anything at all but a simple “witch” if you choose, but if you find you identify with many different things and interests, than there’s also the open freedom to call yourself any number of things. ☺️ i made a guide a little while back called Finding Out What Kind of Witch You Are. it has a few really simple tips for new or unsure witches to get a good start on their path. :-) i hope this is helpful to you! )O( ✨🙏🏻🔮

Bad Things Come In Threes

So this is the first installment in my FAHC Urban Fantasy AU! As always, please do message me if you’d like to know more about the AU or just want to talk headcanons or just talk, I’m pretty much always here! Hope you enjoy


When Burns begs for help from the city, it creates Geoff, a body from idle litter and neon streetlight glow and dirty river water.

He makes the Roosters greater than they could ever be on their own, pushes them to the limits and watches them flourish. Of course, Burns is still the boss, still makes the plans, but with the living embodiment of the city on their side, it gives them a leg up on the competition.

But nothing is immortal. Nothing can stay forever, at least nothing built by mortal hands. So they die, because that’s what mortals do best. In Geoff’s personal experience, dying is the only thing mortals can be depended upon to do.

Hullum got a car bomb, Heyman got a poison martini, Sorola got nothing special, just a bullet to the back of the head.

Burns ran. He ran and he ran, far away from the city. Whether he’s dead or alive, Geoff didn’t really know and it irritated him that the small human part of himself actually cared a little.

Geoff had finally completed the purpose he was made for. He figured at this point he’d just cease to exist, but it seemed that the city had different plans for him.

It whispers to him in a voice that only he can hear, ‘Stay,’ it hisses, 'Be the next king and you shall rule all till the end.’

Geoff likes the sound of that.

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Demon In Him Update & Taglist

I will post the last and final part of The Demon In Him tomorrow (Friday the latest).

I am 2.6k words in. You will get to know Balors daughter and also read about OC’s past life. I really tried to do the best I could and I hope you’ll like it. It kinda worms me that it is already the last part. But to be honest, I am also relieved…

Please, please, let me know if you want to be tagged in it. I don’t want to forget some of you again.

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i have a dilemma, and i was hoping that maybe you could help? i id as demiflux, and most of the time i'm agender, and my birth name is highly gendered (elizabeth). despite wanting to present mostly androgenously, i really don't want to change my name, as i'm comfortable with it and have grown used to it. it feels.... too weird for me to change it, but there's no gender-neutral nicknames for elizabeth that i've found. do you have any advice on what to do?

it sounds like Elizabeth doesn’t bother you so you can totally just use Elizabeth, you’re allowed to use Elizabeth!! but as far as nicknames you can always use a less common one.

Eli, Bee, Zab those are the best ones i can think of!

I’ve been thinking this morning that trying to discuss complicated characters with some parts of fandom is kind of like if you ordered  a side of beef from a butcher and picked it up to find a neatly wrapped tenderloin and three steaks.  And when you say, “This isn’t what I ordered,” they reply with “What are you talking about? Every bit of this is beef!”

A lot of people want to reduce characters they don’t like to handful of things they say or do in canon: the things that provide the best support for their dislike.  “That’s canon!” they say when you try to point out that the list is reductive.  And that’s true, but there’s also a lot of canon–sometimes near complete seasons of it!–that gets erased from their version.

I’m not talking about people whose dislike of a characters is based on actions or attributes that they see as particularly important, more important than what others might deem their redeeming qualities.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s quite a different thing than trying to have a conversation with fans of that character while insisting that the damning actions and attributes are The Only Things That Matter.

My point is, don’t bring a list of bullet points to a conversation with–or a piece of meta or a fic by–a person who sees X character as a rounded individual with a history, an interiority, and complexity, and expect them to concede that you’re talking about the same thing. That’s an excellent way to waste your time and theirs.

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I Headcanon that you love Tony Stark with all your heart and soul

That’s completely canon I love this boy so fucking much that I am sobbing just thinking about how much shit he has to deal with all the time and never gets a break or recognized within his own universe other than “I thought you were an asshole and you directly proved me wrong by being the fucking hero you are l but I still think you’re an asshole cuz I don’t like being wrong.” and like. Respect my son. Recognize my son. He’s doing his fucking best and is doing it better than anyone ever believed he could and he didn’t care and did it anyway because he thought it was right because he is a sweet amazing mess of a man who honestly needs a hug and a long long nap probably.

anonymous asked:

I have a friend that lives in Puerto Rico and I'm really worried about her. Help????

Aww bab I’m sorry. I wish I could help but I sadly have no way to so I guess the best we can do is pray that your friend will be okay, I really hope she is as I would hate to see someone go in such a way. I’m also sorry if that wasn’t good enough or not what you wanted as I have never dealt with something like this before but I try my best

- Mod Violet

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One more Pairing from me. TatsumixLeone

I don’t reall ship them but alright.

Who asks the other on dates: Leone
Who is the bigger cuddler: Leone
Who initiates holding hands more often: Tatsumi (same as Akame. If they are holding hands Leone can’t run away and do something stupid or flirt with other people)
Who remembers anniversaries: Tatsumi
Who is more possessive: Leone. She doesn’t like sharing Tatsumi
Who gets more jealous: Tatsumi. His girlfriend knows many people and is a hot woman. He has many reasons to be jealous.
Who is more protective: Tatsumi. You could clearly see it when Esdeath tortured Leone.
Who is more likely to cheat: Leone
Who initiates sexy times the most: Leone
Who dislikes PDA the most: Tatsumi
Who kills the spider: Leone. Tatsumi still wants to save the spider.
Who asks the the other to marry them: Tatsumi. He is the man after all.
Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Tatsumi. He tries flowers or chocolate but Leone likes sake as gift the most.
Who would bring up possibly having kids: Tatsumi
Who is more nervous to meet the parents: /
Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Tatsumi
Who tries to make up first after arguments: Tatsumi
Who tells the other they love them more often: Leone


Okumura Rin ★ | The lil cute Exorcist |
Happy Birthday to my lovely Minnie~ ( @okita-senpai ) ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡


James as a sniper

for Anonymous


H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y J U L I A!!!

I really want a sterek 10 Things I Hate About You AU where Stiles is the super smart but socially awkward and abrasive step-brother of the beautiful Allison Argent. 

Originally posted by paulwes

Scott is head-over-heels in love with Allison but Chris and the Sheriff (yes, they’re together and the best dads in the world) have a rule that Allison is only allowed to date when Stiles does. So, Isaac comes up with the brilliant idea of getting someone equally as awkward and abrasive: Derek Hale.

Originally posted by hobrien

(All of this drama could have been avoided if Scott had talked to Stiles about his crush on Allison, Stiles would have talked to his dads and convinced them to lift the dating rule; no drama. But clearly, Scott and Isaac didn’t think it through.)

At first, Stiles is suspicious and isn’t interested at all; he constantly turns down Derek’s attempts at flirting, thinking they’re practical jokes and set ups for pranks, but then over time Derek begins to break down his walls and Stiles breaks down Derek’s.

Originally posted by tweenw

Stiles begins to fall in love with Derek and Derek with Stiles, but it all falls apart when the conspiracy to get Derek to date Stiles so Scott can get with Allison is unveiled.Stiles, brokenhearted and betrayed runs away and Derek has to prove that he actually does like Stiles.

Allison tries to comfort her step-brother, but can only do so much. And, when all hope is lost, Stiles finds Derek standing in his front yard, soaking wet but come to tell him the truth: yes, he was paid to take Stiles out, but none of it was pretend, all emotions he had for Stiles were genuine.

They start again and go out on a proper date.

BTS: Teasing their girlfriend while she’s on the phone

Warnings: SMUTTY AF

It was requested by an anon :)

Kim Seokjin:

“A-ah,” you pressed your lips together, the small noise surprising your friend on the other line, prompting her to ask if you were okay. 

“M-hm,” you mumbled, teeth biting down on your lips, trying to keep in your sounds as she continued to speak over the phone.

But Jin wasn’t helping, his fingers continuing to trace circles around your clit, rubbing as agonizingly slow as he could, making you squirm in your seat. 

“Don’t let her hear, baby,” he whispered into your free ear, voice deep and raspy and you nodded in response, trembling under his touch. Then all too suddenly he inserted two fingers, causing you to moan and you instantly covered your mouth with your hand, embarrassed, and he chuckled, only moving his fingers faster. 

“My God Y/n,” your friend giggled when she realized what was happening. “Call me when you’re done.”

Min Yoongi:

“Yes boss,” you breathed in reply, hips rocking as Yoongi nibbled at your inner thighs, kissing all too close to your wet core. 

“What’s going on, Y/n?” he asked through the phone. “You sound sick.”

“N-no, I’m fine,” you answered, arching your back when Yoongi’s lips began placing soft kisses over your core, tongue occasionally sticking out to have a taste. 

“If you say so,” your boss replied, and when he hung up, you tossed you phone aside tangling your fingers in Yoongi’s silky hair, raising your hips to feel more pressure, begging him for more.

“Mmm baby,” Yoongi chuckled, “Don’t worry, you’ll get what you want.”

Jung Hoseok:

You tried to bite back your moans as Hoseok’s grip on your hips grew stronger, guiding you over his thigh. 

“Nothing’s wrong,” you replied to the voice on the line, but another moan escaped your mouth when his hands ran up your skirt, grabbing your ass-cheeks and rubbing you harder against him, his lips, sucking at your neck and jawline. “I-I have to go,” you hurriedly ended your call, hanging up before the other party had a chance to respond.

“Couldn’t wait now could we?” Hoseok whispered against your tingling skin, stinging your ass a soft pink with his hand. 

Kim Namjoon:

“Answer it, babygirl,” Namjoon licked his lips as he leaned up from the kiss that was interrupted by your phone call. You knew what he was thinking, and you weren’t on board, at least not fully. “Now, or else you’re not cumming tonight,” he rocked against you, your jeans in the way of fully feeling pleasure, and you did as he ordered. 

“Hello?” you shakily asked, burning bright red when you heard your boss speak through the line. 

“Sorry for calling so suddenly, Y/n, but are you free right now to give insight on a few project ideas with so-and-so? Over the phone is fine.”

Namjoon smirked and mouthed the words you hoped he wouldn’t. 

Do it.

Your cheeks flushed and eyes widened, stuttering a “sure” to your boss, feeling embarrassed, sinful, dirty, yet all the more aroused. 

“Great!” he cheered over the phone. “I’ll put you on speaker,” and you clasped your mouth with your hands as Namjoon thrusts against you once more, trying your best not to make any inappropriate noises as your boyfriend pleased you during the call. 

Park Jimin:

You were talking on the phone, sitting between Jimin’s legs when you felt his hands wander up your shirt. Throwing a glare his way, you continued to talk with your coworker, noticing his growing bulge against you. 

He nipped at your exposed shoulder, fingers grazing up and down your skin, one hand making its way up your body and the other towards your growing heat as you tried to ignore him, not really trying all that hard. 

“I just want to make you feel good…” he whispered, hand slipping under your shorts, fingers grazing over your core. “Pretty please?” he asked, firmly pressing against you as his other hand fondled your breasts.

At this point, your breaths had quickened, teeth sinking into your lips holding back sounds of pleasure. 

“I’m sorry,” you gasped over the phone, skin buzzing with need, body wanting more and more as Jimin continued to tease you. “I’ll call you later.”

Kim Taehyung: 

“What are you doing?” the voice on the other line asked when they heard something inaudible on their side. 

“Nothing!” you replied a little too loudly as Taehyung pushed up your pencil skirt, licking his lips at the sight of you almost undone underneath him. 

“W-wait,” you tried stopping him when he hooked your panties to one side, revealing your wetness, but you friend asked you if everything was alright, causing Taehyung to chuckle.

“Yes, it’s fine, I just…” a loud whimper left your lips as he rubbed his fingers over your sensitive core, making your friend all the more confused at your incoherence. “I have to go.” you abruptly ended the call, unwilling to wait any longer. 

Jeon Jungkook:

“Don’t mind me, baby,” Jungkook whispered into your ear as his hand slid between your legs, pushing your skimpy thong to one side. 

“What was that honey?” Your mom asked over the phone, and you replied with a quick ‘nothing’, biting back a whine as he rubbed his fingers up and down your wetness, lips nibbling at your ear, hard-on pressed against your ass. 

“You’re so wet.” he smirked, inserting a two fingers into your dripping core and you clamped your mouth shut, clenching around him, causing him to curse. 

“Everything okay?” she asked, and you nodded, mumbling a yes in reply. 

“I’m sorry mom,” you managed to breathe, “I need to go. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

A/N: I hope you guys liked it :) 

White sheets & purple kisses

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,032
Warnings: Smut - NSFW – Sexual themes, inappropriate language, nudity, handjob, fingering, squirting, unprotected sex - please guys if you’re going to be intimate with someone, please use protection. Also if you’re underage, please don’t read this.
Author’s Note: Hi guys, I don’t even know what to say about this. I think this is the most smuty thing I’ve ever wrote ahah so all I can say is I hope you enjoy it. This is also for @marvelous-fvcks writing challenge. I hope you like it! I did my best. And please guys, tell me what you think of it. I’m so nervous for some reason ahaha.
Prompt Word: Hickey

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