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Even More Things To Add To Your Bullet Journal

Hello, my journalers! I am making another long list of bullet journal ideas. If you’d like to see my first list, click [here]. I had 30 ideas on that list, so be sure to check that one out! 

1. Books To Read

There are so many cute ways to create this section. 

2. All About Me Pages

These are some of my favorite pages to make. They can be simple and to the point, or colorful and complex. You do you and show off that you! Here’s a [link] to the post I made about my pages. 

3. Future Log

Having a yearly spread of what you are planning, need to plan, or just simply feel organized will help you feel less stressed about the coming year. I’ve seen a few ways how to set up a future log, but I chose the one that works best for my life. Mine has gotten a bit messy and only has the rest of 2016.

4. Movies to Watch

There are so many good movies coming out soon, and so many movies I just haven’t gotten around to see. If you’re like me and love coloring in blocks to show progress, then I suggest to set up the page sort of like mine. (But you can also do it any number of ways as well.) Here’s a [link] to my post about creating a movie/tv tracker)

5. Skills to Learn

I imagine a simple checklist can work. If you like to be more detailed oriented, you can make it more like a progress log. 

6. Important Phone Numbers/Addresses

Much like an address book, you can make pages in your bullet journal for the same function. Most people put numbers and addresses into their phones, but sometimes it’s just nice to have them written down someplace else. 

7. Year In Pixels 

If you’d like to see an explanation of this page idea, click this [link]. 

8. Fonts, Banners, and Frame Ideas

I think it’s convenient to have a few pages that act as a cheat sheet for your designing needs. 

9. Snail Mail Log

This is something that I am totally going to do soon, and possibly even include you all in on it. I want to start a mailing list for sending letters to more people. I love getting mail from family and friends, but it doesn’t happen often enough! 

10. Savings Tracker

This is such a lovely idea to keep in your journal. Be sure to stay on top of your finances! I like to keep an extra page for things I need to pay off or people to pay back.

11. Favorite Lists

This could also go in your “All About Me” section, but I decided it should be separate for me. You can list things like your favorite restaurants, meals, songs, classes, sounds, tastes, places, shoes, animals, colors, instruments, plays, games, etc. Get to know yourself better. 

12. TV Series Tracker

This is for those people who want to feel like they just want physical proof of how many times they’ve watched that series on Netflix. Here’s a [link] to my post about making your own. 

13. Monthly Challenges

These are so much fun to make for you all. If you want to add a challenge to your journal, click [here] for my master list of challenges. 

14. Music Playlists

You can make playlists on your phone with various apps, but there’s something sweet about writing out your favorite songs. You can create a workout, relaxing, studying, writing, etc. playlists.

15. Timeline of Your Life

Use two pages for this one because it will be filled by the time you are done. You can even use this for what you want to do in the future. 

16. Inspiration Page

Quotes, songs, people, pictures, charts, graphs, jokes, scripture, events, love, etc. WRITE THEM DOWN, BE INSPIRED, AND GO DO. 

17. Self Care List/Ideas

Sometimes we don’t know how to make ourselves feel better. Write a list of things you could try to do to help yourself become a healthier you. Examples: take a warm bath, go for a walk, drink a glass of water, watch a sad movie, etc. 

18. Monthly/Yearly Memories

It’s nice to have a page with all the memories you had that month/year. I tend to put a little doodle with each event/milestone in my life just to make it more memorable. (This was from my first journal. Please don’t judge.)

19. Sleep Tracker

I personally don’t use a sleep tracker because my sleeping habits are the worst and logging them might be upsetting to me. However, you can track the time you go to bed and what time you get up in the morning on a chart that is easy to read and compare with other nights. 

20. Me Time Log

Sometimes we all need a little time to ourselves. You can use this with the “Self Care List/Ideas” pages to log specific activities you do with yourself. You can keep track of the activity, when you do to, and how long your me time was. 

21. Tiny Adventures

Not exactly real adventures, but adventurous enough to get you out of your comfort zone. To see the original post about these adventures, click [here].

22. Word Tracker

For those authors and poets, keeping a goal sheet or tracker of your words helps a ton! 

  • Me: I'm gonna read Killing Stalking.
  • Best friend: don't do it.
  • Me: i come from Tokyo Ghoul, Atack on Titan and Parasyte. Ain't nothing scaring a bad bitch like me.
  • [2 hours later]:
  • Me[crying]: why is this happening to my baby yoobum? Life is so unfair. That bitch, sangwoo. No, i can't.
  • Best friend: i told you.
  • Me: shut up.
How to Lucid Dream for Magickal Purposes

Lucid dreaming can be used for divination, astral projection, and communicating with the spirit world. I am a Lucid dreamer, and after learning about the link between lucid dreaming and hag syndrome (a terrible thing I am plagued by) I did a lot of research about it. I found some scientifically backed ways to learn to lucid dream.

1.) Every morning, take a few minutes to reflect on what you dreampt. Most people remember dreams immediately after waking up, and then forget them shortly after. If you don’t normally remember dreams, taking a few minutes just after waking up to think about them can help you develop the ability to remember your dreams! Write down details, do your best to remember everything you can. The more often you take time in the morning to try and remember dreams, the more naturally it will come to you. This is also useful for dream interpretation!
2.) As you fall asleep each night, try to focus on what you would like to dream about. Don’t start out trying to do anything magical with your dreams, just tell yourself a story you’d like to act out. Imagine yourself flying, on an adventure, on a date. Completely immerse yourself in the fantasy as you fall asleep. Think of the details, focus on your senses. What do you hear? How does the grass feel under your feet? What do you see? This is also helpful for people who suffer from anxiety and toss and turn all night thinking about past or future stresses. Instead of pouring over the conversation you had 3 years ago, you can imagine you’re flying on the back of a dragon. This is another thing that gets easier the more you do it. The first few times you may find your mind wandering to other things, or just feel awkward. Keep trying!
3.) After a while of trying steps one and two, you will find yourself dreaming closer to what you imagine at night and remembering it more vividly in the morning. The next step is the one that is the hardest to start, and usually ends up being like switch flipping: taking control from within the dream. While dreaming, try to alter small details. This will take time, don’t be discouraged! You can get there. Eventually, you will be lucid dreaming with the best of them, and can utilize this skill for different types of magic.

Lucid dreaming is scientifically linked to sleep paralysis, or hag syndrome. It has to do with REM sleep. If you don’t know what it is, it is when you lay awake, eyes open, completely paralyzed with the sense that there is something horrible in your peripheral vision (yes, you hallucinate) attempting to harm you. They used to believe that hag syndrome was when a demon or an evil spirit attacks or possesses you. If you believe lucid dreaming helps you navigate the spirit world, i suppose that makes sense. I experience it a lot, and it is terrible. It would feel immoral to post about lucid dreaming without including a warning about the increased likelihood of hag syndrom.

There’s nothing wrong with your kinks as long as you don’t force them on someone.

I am a little confused about is why Johnny fans keep saying Johnny has a daddy kink when

1) he literally just explained the mama/daddy culture to the best of his abilities to leeteuk and xiuchen.

2) just bc someone explains the daddy kink (tbh he wasnt even explaining it in a sexual way, pls watch the My SMT episode) DOES NOT MEAN they have that kink (i can’t believe i have to say this)…

I don’t want to see you guys harassing him on every social media platform. His teasers are coming up, and I can already see those comments on youtube and instagram. Yo he’s going to read those comments, so don’t waste your time with making him uncomfortable. Tell him nice things like how proud you are of him. Johnny said so himself that he wants to talk with and see his fans again, so make it fun for him. Please just do this one small thing :( He deserves a good time.

Stop forcing things on idols this 2017. Thank you.

Being the fifth member/only girl in the band would include...
  • wanting to drop out of high school because most of the boys did but luke trying his best not to let that happen by helping you finish on the road so the two of you do math together at 2:00 am in the tour bus
  • all the boys being super protective of you
  • “i’m sad so can i sleep in your bunk tonight? we’ll watch a movie”
  • “calum, you’re over 6 feet tall and this bunk is really tiny and - fine”
  • a different boy carrying you off stage each night
  • “that’s where my shirt went! i’ve been looking for it for a month!”
  • “ashton, it looks better on me anyway”
  • “well…true. you still have to give it back eventually though”
  • being smushed in between calum and luke during an interview and them joking that you’re “in the middle of a cake sandwich”
  • fans coming up with ship names for you and each boy and making edits, youtube videos, gifs, etc. of their favorite ship
  • wearing heels basically 24/7 to be closer in height to your giant band members
  • re-dying michael’s hair for him in a hotel room at midnight when it starts to fade
  • knowing every single thing about all of the boys
  • bonding with lauren and being like the big sister she never had when she comes to visit ashton on tour
  • “um…why would i date someone that she (you) doesn’t like?”
  • luke snapchatting you from the bunk directly above you
  • attending award shows with them and the five of you looking hot af on the red carpet
  • collectively agreeing that you’ll be the one to make the acceptance speech if you win because michael claims that “you sound smarter than us when you talk”
  • constant funny tweets and instagram posts
  • being able to say “i love you” to 4/4 at any given time without it being weird at all
  • them saying it right back
  • always having someone to cuddle and have deep talks with
  • writing songs with calum
  • being completely comfortable in front of the boys and vice versa
  • possibly dating your fav and being the best couple in existence because you literally get to travel the world together


You’re literally all I need

Hello babes! Omg I haven’t posted anything in like 2 months and I’m truly sorry for neglecting you all for this long! I swear I never meant to do it so here I am with a little something. Nowadays I really don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to do these fake edits so instead I wrote this. Let me know what you all think, if it’s a good idea to post stuff like this here and there or if it’s not. I’ll try to be more active but I don’t want to promise anything in case I can’t keep it. I feel bad enough for not posting for 2 months so imagine if I were to promise to be active.. gosh, no. Feel free to leave any recommendations for me to do whether it’s fake texts or imagines/one shots like this. I’ll try my best to come up with something. :) I hope everyone’s having a good night, day, afternoon, morning, whenever you’re reading or seeing this. Also, thank you so so much for the 889 followers it means so much that you guys keep on following this blog even if I haven’t been active lately. :) Love you a lot, xoxo B

Length: 2,723 words and 4 and a half pages
About it: cute, a bit random since I just wrote what came to me

Missing Harry was something that never left my system. I missed him constantly – whether he was with me or not. His job required him to travel around the world most of the time and I was okay with it because I knew how much he loved to do it. We have always supported each other, no matter what the other wanted to do because we knew we weren’t alone. Having each other’s backs was what made our relationship strong and stable as well as being honest and open. Lying wasn’t an option between us, not even little white lies because we just couldn’t keep things from one another. Believe me, both of us tried it before but we ended up spilling the beans. It was weird though. I was never this honest with anyone in my life ever. Not even with my mum when supposedly she’s supposed to be my best friend. Well, in this case, Harry was my best friend. I kind of had a feeling he knew more about me than anyone else – including myself.

So, when he decided he wanted to go to America for a few weeks I let him. The band announced they were having a break, or as they like to call it “hiatus”, so who was I to tell him where he can and can’t go? They decided on this break for this exact reason – they didn’t want anyone to tie them to time limits and stuff because they’ve been told what to do for the past five years. It was only fair if I let him go. I’ll be honest, and say, it was the hardest thing because not too long ago did he arrive back home and just a few days after he went away again. However I wanted him to be happy and if he’s happy on the other side of the world then I’m going to have to deal without him. Of course, he asked me to tag along but having an office job is nothing like being a popstar. I can’t just take time off whenever because other people rely on me and that’s alright with me. I knew what I was signing up for when I applied, went for the interview and scored the job.  

But, missing Harry was something that never left my system. I missed him constantly – whether he was with me or not. Those few weeks that he spent in the United States turned into almost two months, my birthday nearing and I haven’t heard anything from him. Whenever I called him, he was busy in the studio or out with his friends which I understood in the beginning because I was aware of the fact he hasn’t seen them in a while and that he wanted to work on his own songs as well. But I just felt left out and forgotten. I tried my hardest to push these feelings out the window, to tear them out of me, put them in a box, lock it with a key then throw it into the river Thames. Nonetheless, it did not seem to work and it started to give me a headache. And mostly heartache but again, I tried to get rid of it by drowning myself in work. There were days where I stayed in the office for longer than I needed to; sometimes I even slept there because the couch was comfy enough. And in all fairness, it didn’t really make a difference since I would’ve slept alone at home as well so I basically just saved petrol in my car by not going back home.

Finding a black Mercedes Benz parked in front of my house after arriving home was not something I expected. Surprised wasn’t even a good enough word to describe how I felt the moment I stepped into my place and walked into the living room just to find my boyfriend on my couch in his sweats. My heart was beating uncontrollably against my chest, almost ripping out of its place as our eyes met and my bag dropped from my hands to the floor. With shaking hands I covered my mouth which was wide open in my surprised state, my eyes instantly starting to water up when I saw him walking towards me. He wrapped his fingers around my arms once he was in front of me, deeply looking into my eyes which were hid behind my glasses. My lenses started to fog up because it was really warm in the house and since I was out in the cold just a few minutes ago it was due to happen at any time.

“What are you doing here? When did you come home? And why didn’t you tell me?” I bombarded him with questions, my voice shaking like a leaf in the cold. Soon enough my tears started to stream down my face and as soon as that happened, I was already engulfed in Harry’s warm and loving hug.

“Don’t cry, baby doll,” he muttered quietly as he held me close to his chest, his chin resting on the top of my head as I hid my face in his chest. He smelled so good; I almost forgot how heavenly his scent was. Finding comfort in his arms made me calm down easily but at the same time I was still worked up from the fact that he was home. “I love you. I love you so much, yeah? Don’t cry, love.”

“Are you staying home? Are you staying with me?” the questions left my mouth without any second-guessing, my heart rate quickening up again as I was slightly afraid of his answer. What if he only came home to check in with the band’s team then he leaves again?

“Yes, baby doll. I am staying home, I am staying with you,” he replied without any hesitation and this caused me to smile. A huge grin spread across my face as I hugged him even more tightly causing my glasses to almost fall off my face. “I’ve missed you so much, you know?”

“I’ve missed you too, a lot. I don’t know how I’ve gone that long without you here,” I shook my head as I pulled away from him. Sniffling quietly, I pulled down the sleeve of my shirt to clean my cheeks and to wipe my tears off of my glasses. “Are you actually staying? Like, you’re not going anywhere, right? You are staying for like, a month?”

“More than a month, actually,” he winked at me as he put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. “I already said this, but I’ve missed you so much and I was so stupid to just leave as soon as we announced the hiatus and finished all of our performances and stuff. I really should’ve stayed, but I thought about it as I bought my plane tickets, and you never really stopped me from going away.”

“I didn’t because it seemed as though you were happy to leave. I didn’t want you to be sad because you only deserve to be happy so I let you go.”

“Were you happy when I left?” he asked me curiously, his fingers intertwining with mine as he aimed his words at me with a calm tone.

I kicked my shoes off then we entered my living room and sat down on the couch where he was laying before I came home. The TV was on some kind of cooking show which made me chuckle. Harry looked at me with an arched brow and I just nodded towards the screen so he looked that way. After that he sat so close to me that our noses almost touched and I just smiled at him being clingy. I truly did miss him a lot.

“No, I wasn’t,” I sighed as I finally gave him an answer. “But what did you expected me to do? Tell you not to go? I wasn’t about to give you orders when that was the very reason you guys took some time off.”

“You still could’ve told me you didn’t want me to leave,” he shook his head slightly, his eyes staring into mine. I could only imagine how horrible I looked with smudged mascara under my eyes and on my eyelids. “When you called me, you always did at the wrong times and I felt like a douchebag telling you I can’t speak. I always wanted to call you back but I just never did. And all I can reason this with is that it always slipped my mind. It’s really bad, I know.”

“Did you have a good time, though?” I asked him, changing the subject totally. Lifting my legs up, I placed them onto his lap then wrapped my hands around his neck. It was a weird position and I didn’t think it’d be comfortable but I liked it. “Have you written any good tunes?”

“Why do you not care about me leaving you?” he seemed and sounded so serious, it instantly killed off my good mood. My smile faded as I stared back into his eyes which were so close to me since I pulled him onto me.

I licked my lips as I slowly started to let go of him. Maybe he didn’t want to be this close and that’s why he didn’t answer my question.

“What’s the point of crying about stuff that’s already happened? You’re here, you said you won’t go anywhere for a while. I’ve missed you a lot and I love you so I just want to spend as much time with you as I can without any possible arguments. I obviously care about you leaving, but it wasn’t as if you wouldn’t have ever come back. You’re here so I don’t see the problem anymore.”

“So you’re not mad at me?” he looked genuinely surprised as the words left his mouth, forming a question which made me reconsider if he actually knew me better than anyone else.

“No, Harry, I’m not mad at you. It hurt but I’m over it, yeah? You are here to make up for the time we spent apart.”

“That’s right,” he smiled at me, finally. His green eyes lit up as he pushed me onto my back so my head was on one of the pillows. My right leg was between his body and the back of the couch while my left leg was hanging down since his body was between my legs. “I love you, doll face. I truly do. I want you to be my wife one day.”

“From zero to a hundred real quick,” I said laughing, slightly cringing a bit and Harry just rolled his eyes at me. “Why do you want me to be your wife? I thought I was really annoying.”

“You are,” he nodded as he came closer to my face and pressed a kiss onto my nose. “But you also make me really happy and always support me and I know I don’t deserve you but I want to keep you by my side for as long as possible. If you’d be my wife I’d be the happiest guy on this planet.”

“I’m your girlfriend, aren’t you happy?” I challenged him even though I felt a bit cheeky saying this even if I was joking. Never in a million years would I ever ask this question from him seriously.

“I am happy. The happiest I’ve ever been. I don’t even know why I just said that before actually. I’m sorry. I’m really happy now with you being my girlfriend.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” I smiled at him as I put my hands on either side of his face, cupping his cheeks and pressing a small kiss onto his soft lips. I closed my eyes as our mouths connected, the feeling I haven’t felt in a long time came rushing back to me. My smile grew as our lips parted from each other’s but I still didn’t open my eyes. I missed his kisses, his taste, and his scent. I just missed him in general. “I’d love to be your wife. Actually, I can’t wait for you to be my husband.”

“Really?” he asked me with a surprised expression on his face. We haven’t really talked about this stuff this deeply before because we either didn’t have the time or we just had other things to chat about.

“Yes,” I nodded smiling. “Don’t laugh, but your contact name has been “my hubby” before but then I was like, shit, what if he’ll see it and freak out or something? So I just changed it back to “gorgeous boy” then I changed it to “Haz” just today.”

“Is that supposed to mean something?” he looked at me questioningly. “Why did I go from hubby, to gorgeous boy to simply being Haz? Were you about to break up with me or something?” he joked as he was making his eyebrows go up and down with a cheeky half smile on his face.

“No, I was just trying to be mad at you but I love you too much,” I rolled my eyes as I pulled him closer and kissed his lips again.

This time we didn’t pull away after a small and innocent peck but rather he swept his tongue across my bottom lip and slightly bit into it to pull it apart. I let him take control of the situation, his mouth moved in sync with mine whilst my hands disappeared into his hair. A quiet moan left his lips which almost instantly died out as well because he kept on kissing me. It was sweet and much needed because going through two months without his loving gestures was challenging.

“You’re literally all I need,” he mumbled against my lips, his forehead pressed against mine. A wide grin appeared on my face as my heart was beating and my legs wrapped around his waist. “You make me happy and I can’t wait to call you wifey. I’m so proud of everything you’ve achieved in your life and you’re my role model. I want to be like you. You’re strong and independent. Kind but knows when to toughen up with people who need to be put into their places. You’re overall amazing and I’m so lucky to have you.”

“I’m lucky to have you, too,” I told him honestly, his green eyes captivating me. “You’re such an amazing human being I don’t even have the right words to tell you how I feel about you.”

“You don’t even need them because you always show me what I mean to you and I love that about you so much. I love everything about you and everything that comes with you.”

“Don’t get too sappy, Styles,” I laughed lightly and he just smiled at me. “You’ll have enough time to do that when you get on your knees and…”

“Oh,” he interrupted me with a cheeky smile and that look in his eyes which I knew very well.

“Shut up, silly,” I laughed as I pulled on his hair a little bit.

“Someone wants it rough tonight I see,” he wiggled his eyebrows once again and I couldn’t keep my laughter in anymore. Not like I did before, but this time it was chest shaking. Harry joined me instantly and I don’t even know how we ended up in my bed but we did.

I was tired, Harry was tired – we were both tired. I didn’t have the energy to take a shower so Harry being an angel that he is he decided we were going to take a bath together. And I didn’t argue with him I just agreed and got in the bath tub with him where I leaned against his chest, closed my eyes and just relaxed. Our conversation went from one topic to another; never kept talking about one thing for more than ten minutes. We had so much to catch up on so even when we were lying in bed and both of us were about to fall asleep we just kept on rambling.

It was so good to have him back so I just hoped that even though missing Harry was something that never left my system, it will quiet down for a bit.

Best MIN YOONGI quotes of all time:
  • "I want to be a rock in next life"
  • "I am extremely unmotivated right now'
  • "Why I do not manage my body? Because I do not like exercising"
  • "I don't like to move or go out. I don't even like meeting new people"
  • "I've slept for about 20hours straight."
  • "My speciality is rolling around in bed on our days off. I'm really good at it"
  • "I'm good at doing..ugly stuff"
  • "That seagull over there has a gf but how come I can't get one?"
  • "We all look ugly in the morning"
  • "Suga, genius. These 2 words are enough"
  • "I'm such a man, I know how to put on a tie"
  • "I'm reech. I have chain."
  • "I always wanted to nap in a different country"
  • *V talking about the time he cut his own hair*
  • S: "This is 32nd time we heard this story"
  • JK: Rapmon hyung doesn't dry off his back after showering.
  • S: He says "It will dry off anyways so why dry it off". Then why live if you'll die anyways?
  • "I think I can live in America. using hand gestures"
  • "I drank a lot of Gatorade yesterday so my hair turned green"
  • "we all had six packs, but because it’s summer, all the chocolate has melted off"
  • *Jin singing the gwiyomi song*
  • J: </b> gwiyomi! Gwiyo-<p/><b>S:</b> shut up.<p/><b></b> "Hoseok, grill louder to assert dominance"<p/><b></b> "My hairstyle is like a wealthy housewife"<p/><b></b> *to jungkookie wearing swimming mask*<p/><b></b> "You look really ugly. You look like squidward."<p/><b>JM:</b> hyung i heard you were looking for me..I'm here!!<p/><b>S:</b> okay good, now go away.<p/><b></b> "Jimin's special ability is being really boring"<p/><b></b> "I always suffer because of jimin everyday"<p/><b></b> Same suga, same.<p/></p>
Written on This Skin pt 2 - Luke Soulmate Au

Part 1

Part 3



“5sos Thurs. 5pm” was written on Luke’s arm. He couldn’t be happier. He was going to meet his soulmate in two days. His heart hasn’t stopped beating wildly for the past hour when the note showed up. Maybe this is her way of communicating? Maybe she wanted him to come… well jokes on her he’s performing.

“How am i going to find her though?” Luke asks the group… again. When the news spread among the band that she was going to be at the concert everyone was excited and jumping around. Now, an hour later, everyone has dulled a little, well except for Luke.

This will complete everything that Luke has ever wanted. Luke wanted to be in a good band with his best mates, check. Luke wants a soulmate to share his success with. He wants someone who he can bring along on tour with him and will enjoy it. Luke wants to give someone the world.

“Should I write back?” Luke asks his friends. They all perk up at the new proposition.

“Um Fuck yeah!” Yells Emily, Ashton’s soulmate.

“Don’t fucking swear” Ashton scolds, just as he did to the band in the early days.

“I don’t care… Im punk rock!” Emily yells, stealing Michaels infamous line.  She throws her hands into the air. Ashton takes the chance to squeeze her sides making her giggle like a little girl. Luke watches this all go down, excited that one day soon he will have that. He will have a girl that he can tease, and love. And she will love him back too.

“Hey thats my line!” Michael yells playfully.

Luke turns to the rest of the group, “What do you think?” Everyone nods in agreement with Emily. Luke is practically jumping in his seat now. “what should i write?”

“Something mysterious,” Says Jackie, Michael’s soulmate. She pops a can of soda open and take a huge gulp. Michael reaches to the bottom of the can and pretends to lift up. The rest of the group laughs at what could’ve happened if Michael decided to shove the can.

“How about something simple, like hey ima be there too,” Calum proposes, being sensible for once. Luke nods along to the idea.

“How about a little of both? Mysterious yet simple?” Emily proposes. She grabs Jackie’s can of soda and takes a big swig out of it, causing Jackie to yell, “hey!”  

Luke leans over and places his arm on the Desk in the Hotel room. Everybody crowds around awaiting what he is about to write.

He places the pen down on his arm and begins to write.

She places the pen down on the paper and begins to write.

Essays for this and Essays for that. There is always so much work to be done. It’s while Y/N is doing her work her arm begins to tickle. She looks down to see words appearing onto her arm after so long.

“I’ll be looking out into the crowed for you” What the hell does that mean? He’ll be looking out into the crowed? You look at the other things you’ve written on your arm as if it’ll give you an explanation. You finally spot something that may be of help. “5sos Thurs. 5pm” Was he talking about that concert?

You faintly remember that all the boys had their soulmates, but to check you look it up. Luke Hemmings. He was the only one who didn’t have a soulmate. Then you think its ridiculous and look up the opening act, Hey Violet. The two boys in the band had already found their soulmates, and you were pretty sure you weren’t into girls.

So you were left with Luke Hemmings. Lead singer. Loved by many. It was a split second decision. You know it was going against your promise, but you had to write back.

“‘Lead Singer?’ guys! she wrote back!” Luke yelled, even though his friends were only a few feet away. Everybody quickly starts to ask him what it says.

“She asked if i was the lead singer!” Luke yells, he grabs a marker and writes back.

“Yes” Was the immediate response Y/N got. Her breath hitches.

“Two days” Is what Luke got in return. He would see his soulmate in two days.


Sorry Anon, I am on my iPhone so I can’t answer your Q with Photos so I just capture your question and post the photo instead of writing about it 😍❤️
1- the best moment of Kaisoo is ¼ .
2- Jagi moment of Truth 😍 .
3- jealous Kai 💌 .
4- one of the rare moment where KS touch Kai and Sing for him out of Love 💔 .
5- Kai eyes eating KS with his lovable eyes 😭 .
6- KS “ notice me ” look and touch for Kai 💕 .
7- end of ceremony where Kai holding KS as he will fly up with the wind and they both where so happy😭❤️ .
8- Holding hands under the table , this moment make my heart jump , I mean look how they hold their hands like its glued together 😭.
9- when KS went to Kai and went to him like Hey baby come and spoil me , clinging to him then Kai took him in his arms 💔😭 .
10- well there is so many moments of staring and following each other radars but let me stop here 🙆🏻
Thank you , and Stay Strong ..

Heather’s “Do It Like Dean” Challenge!!

Holy shit yall!! I absolutely cannot believe you awesome people have me up to 500 followers!!!

Since I’m still way behind, more than any normal person should be…oops! I decided to do a challenge for my 500 followers celebration.

We’re gonna Do It Like Dean!! Since my URL is based off of a Dean-ism I figured why the hell not!!

I am pulling a few of the man’s best quotes, one liners, and where-the-fuck-did-they-come-up-with-that’s all into one sweet little challenge!

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I only have a few rules….just because I don’t want things to become any more chaotic than they have to…

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20 things I learned at 20

Now that I am finally 20, here are the 20 things I’ve learned

1. You can have only one best friend and that best friend can only be you. Because you may come across a dozen lovely people but the only one who can keep the ‘forever’ promise is you. 

2. Family is the most important. This is the only love that is truly unconditional and absolutely pure. They love you when you’re 5 and when you’re 18. They love you in your failure and your success. Their love doesn’t increase because it’s already at its maximum right from the beginning, it’s already infinite. 

3. Cocktails and aerated drinks may soothe your taste buds but tea soothes your entire body. It’s warm and calming and well, healthy. 

4. Your first kiss means nothing if it’s not with the right person. And the right person doesn’t mean your soulmate or someone who will never break your heart but someone who in that moment loves you as much as you love them. 

5. You’ve written over 350 exams and you’ve got a perfect score in some and scored miserably in others but do you remember your 9th grade math score? Do you even remember 9th grade math? Education is so important but not the stress and competitive grading that comes along with it. If you get a low score or even fail, not much will happen – you will get a retest. But if you get ill – mentally or physically, it will have undesired long term effects.

6. In 8th grade your school psychologist told you that you’re one of the few people who walk in life with open arms loving and helping everyone, not because you haven’t bled but because you know you will heal and have the strength to do so. At that point you laughed at her but now, years later you’re loving, accepting and helping in spite of having both, actual and metaphorical scars.
You’re kind and admitting that doesn’t make you conceited. 

7. Goodbyes don’t always have to be dramatic. Writing an 800 words message won’t make it hurt any less than an 8 words one. Closure usually has not much to do with the ones who wronged you but with taking your time in dealing with all the stages of grief. Some stage like anger may take only a month but acceptance may take years and that’s okay. 

8. Jealousy is a basic human trait. They can be the closest to you and yet envy your happiness and life. Envy is something you too experience and you can be happy for them and be sad for yourself at the same time because so bitter it is to view happiness from someone else’s eyes. You aren’t a horrible human being if you feel like there are better shades of green your grass could be. 

9. Read at your own desire and pace. 
You don’t have to read particular books to qualify as a bibliophile or read a specific number of books to be a bookworm either. Read what truly interests you and take your time because reading was never a task, don’t make it one now. 

10. Money is important. Money can’t buy love but it can buy happiness. But not blood money. Money honestly earned through hard work. That kind of money is good, that kind of money is required. You have a certain standard of living and if you want to maintain that after your parents stop financing you, you must make sure to earn the same. It doesn’t make you a snob or a spoiled brat, it only makes you a human aware of your wants, many of which have turned into needs by now. 

11. There are somethings you just never grow out of like bubbles and glitter and your mother’s hot chocolate and hugs. Those are the kind of things that make life bearable when adulting gets too hard. Those are the little things that matter the most.

12. You cry. A lot. 
But you don’t cry in front of people for their pity. You don’t cry to manipulate situations. You cry because you accept the pain. You cry because you don’t reject or lock away your emotions. You cry because your mental, emotional and physical self are in sync and that’s healthy. That’s so lovely. 

13. Bake cakes. They don’t have to look pretty as long as they taste delicious. Paint canvases. They don’t have to be a master piece as long as all the paint in your hands and face and jeans makes you feel complete. Write more. It doesn’t have to a novel or even be posted online as long as it lets you breathe a little lighter and smile wider. 

14. Go for walks alone, sit on the beach without your headphones, look up at the sky without a lover, buy flowers for yourself. Nature is legit free (for the most part). And it’s the richest thing that the world has. Le it bring you peace, let it help you survive. 

15. Make home feel home. Sometimes you won’t have your family to make it home. Sometimes you will have to make it home by putting a part of yourself and that means investing the time, energy and money in making it feel yours, in making it feel right. It may not be your ‘dream house’, it may just be a tiny room but it’s yours. Your surroundings play a major role in affecting your mood and vibe. 

16. Energy is real. 
You may not know much about Science beyond 10th grade but you do know this, e=mc ²  which means everything is energy, you are energy and there is positive and negative energy and you can feel it and you experience it in every person you meet, every place you visit, every room you step inside. You can and you must choose to surround yourself with positive energy. What you attract, you do get; what you attract you become. 

17. Spend time with yourself. It’s some of the best time you will have. You need to unwind, you need it to re-energize, you need it to focus and you need it for peace. You can go to a cafe by yourself, write, read, meditate, talk to yourself out loud, dance in your underwear, cook and just be. 

18.  Take care of yourself- no one else can, no one else will. Drink loads of water, there’s a reason why more than half your body is made up of water. Sleep well because staying up all night isn’t something to be proud of, it’s stupid. Don’t skip breakfast because skipping breakfast makes you crave fatty foods for the rest of the day. Stay healthy not because you want to look a certain way but because you want to feel strong and energetic and have an active mind, body and heart. Staying healthy emotionally and mentally is just as important. So let those who want to go, go and never say yes to something your gut wants to scream ‘NO’ to. 

19. Love yourself. If you don’t love yourself you will look for other people to love you. If you don’t accept yourself, you will keep seeking other people’s validation and the moment they withdraw it or walk away, you will crumble. And you don’t want to crumble. You want to enjoy the one person’s company you have to live with forever – yourself. Work on being a person you’d love to spend your life with because let’s face it, you don’t have a choice. It’s a long term investment and the only one that will never fail you. 

20. In Shakespeare’s words, “To thine own self be true”. In order to love yourself, knowing yourself is very important.  And knowing yourself doesn’t mean the adjectives that people use for you or what your zodiac sign says about you. It means what you know in your heart to be your truth. 

One more for good luck?

21. You laughed and thought it was very witty when you came across the quote, ‘Don’t take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.’
but god. Can it be any truer? Most things you’re stressing over now won’t even matter 3 years from now. But good days will turn into heart-warming memories that will stay with you even 2 decades later. 
Happiness and success are two different things but remember, they aren’t mutually exclusive. At least they don’t have to be. 

Buttercup 2

part  2/3

A/N: to me it feels like ‘bleh’ but you know maybe you will like it. atleast I hope so. Don’t hesitate to talk to me or give your opinions. Without you guys opinions I can’t improve myself. And yes I know there are a lot of grammar mistakes because I really want to post it right know, you waited to long and if I have to check it will only take longer. So don’t be afraid and just tell me what you think okay? I am not that scary. Your safe behind that screen lmao. :p

Genre: Angstish. the word Shit comes up so just a warning for those who don’t feel comfortable with it. 

part 1 part 2 part 3

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The room was silent once again, the only thing you heard was your heartbeat and you hoped, hoped so bad he could not hear it. A smile plastered on your trembling lips, sweaty hands clasped together. You looked in those beautiful familiar brown eyes, who seemed uncertain. You did your best to hide all the signs of discomfort and just looked at him with a innocent ‘honest’ smile.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” You cut the silence as you sat down on his bed, unclasping your hands, placing them behind you on the bed causing you lean backwards abit. “ I don’t know, I just…” Jimin broke the eye contact and sat down next to you. “You don’t believe me?” You were now full on pouting, unhappy he doubted you. Well to be honest he was right. Those 2 weeks without Jimin was unbearable and it made you decide to just lie to him. It was selfish yes but not seeing or hearing Jimin hurt more than being in his presence eventhough knowing he would not love you back. So you decided this morning to just love him in silence and tell Jimin you were over him. That there were no romantic feelings involved anymore.

Hands circled around your back as Jimin pulled you into his chest. He hummed when you returned the hug. “I missed this.” you agreed, burying your head in his chest. “Please let me stay like this” you mumbled. “what was that?” Jimin asked you. “nothing, nothing important.” You replied as you leaned back to give him your best smile. “Uhm y/n…?” Jimin grabbed your hands what made you think about that morning, that morning Jimin walked out on you. Your stomach churned once again at the thought but you silently kicked yourself for thinking about it. You didn’t ‘love’ him anymore, at least he thought you didn’t, so your hands clasped around his and encouraged him to go on. “I want to apologize for what I did. An apology isn’t enough for what I did. Just… when I came home and seeing those little flowers standing in the windowsill made me feel so guilty. I did not handle it the right way, I should have handled it with more care. You can’t choose who you love, and it’s not easy to get rid of those feelings. I mean ‘rid’ is a harsh word but you know what I mean. It was selfish of me to ask you that and that’s why I am very thankful you still want me to be your best friend. I love you.” Brown eyes were once again looking into yours. Relieved, grateful is what you saw but you could not help the clenching in your heart but you sucked it up and gave a little squeeze, telling him it was okay. 

A knock on the door was heard through the room. A couple of seconds later Jungkook’s head greeted you. Your stood up immediately and sprinted over towards him. “Jungie!” You greeted him happily as you threw yourself at him. In those past two weeks you’ve texted, called back and forth with Jungkook. He asked if there was something wrong because when Jimin came home that morning he was furious. Ignoring the greetings from the members and slamming with the doors. At that moment you did not know what to say. You could lie once again and tell him you had no clue or just to come clean. The latter had the upper hand and so you and Jungkook became closer. Sometimes meeting up or talking on the phone till the early mornings. Jungkook quickly put his arms under your butt securing your hold on him Your legs were wrapped around his waist and your arms around his neck. “I’m so glad to see you.” It was weird but Jungkook became a safe haven for you. “I am glas to see you to y/n but uhmm… I wanted to tell Jimin that Sora is here.” At that you ticked Jungkook on his back, asking him to let you down. Once you’re feet were on the ground, you grabbed his arm, but your eyes travelled to Jimin. A bright smile was seen on his face, rose colour painted his cheeks as he stood up right away when her name reached his ears. “That’s great! You can meet her now y/n. You will get along well. I am sure.” His voice sounded cheery and with a bounce in his step, he walked over, took your wrist in his hand and dragged you along. You turned you head around, mouthing a please to Jungkook hoping he would get it and to not leave you alone in this. 

 “Sora I want you to meet my best friend y/n. Y/n. This is my girlfriend Sora.” You shook her hand while your eyes scanned her face and body. Did she stepped out of a fashion magazine or something? She was breathtaking. Her kind eyes made you feel at ease instantly even if you didn’t want to. It wasn’t a surprise why Jimin fell for her. Killer looks and kind. Total package. “I’m glad finally meeting you. Jimin talked about you alot. In the stories he told, you seem very nice.” Sora said. “Right back at ya.” You laughed. “well it was nice to meet you but I have to go” you made up. She was here for a reason so you shouldn’t interrupt their time. “Go? Where to?” Jimin frowned. “Well euhmm…” before you could made something up, Jungkook had already spoke up. “Ah hyung. Y/n and I have a date. I promised to take her to the new ice cream shop what opened across the street. Right?” Jungkook pulled you into his side. “Right! Ice cream. How can I forget? We will see you later. Byebye!” you quickly added as you dragged Jungkook away to the frontdoor. You needed to leave as soon as possible. “We will bring you some when we will get back!” Was the last thing you shouted and you saw Jimin’s confused face before the door closed 

 “Hmmmm this is heaven. Really who invented ice cream is my hero.” You spoke while shoving ice cream inside. “Y/n you don’t have to attack it. It won’t run away geez.” Jungkook laughed. He grabbed a napkin and wiped the remaining ice cream on your cheeks. “How do you do it?” He mumbled to himself. You stopped your hand midway as you looked at Jungkook. He helped you alot. He was always there. Yes those 2 weeks were hard but with him it actually was kind of bearable. Yeah he could not heal your heart, well not immediately but if you were honest to yourself you knew Jungkook had stolen a tiny piece of your heart but all this time you ignored it. The love for Jimin overshadowed the tiny voice of your heart that told you that Jungkook was there, that you could learn to love him more. But on the other hand he was his friend. What would Jimin think? Seriously y/n? He has a girlfriend. He doesn’t care who you date. Should you just kiss him? Wouln’t that be taking advantage of Jungkook. You knew he had a little crush on you. 

Eyes travelled lower to his lips and back up to his eyes. “oh what the heck” was the last thing you said before grabbing jungkook by his shirt, pulling him almost on top of the table as you crashed your lips on his. His eyes went wide and his hands clutching your shoulders. To say that he didn’t expect this to happen would be an understatement. You kissing him in the middle of an ice cream shop. Your heart was hammering in your chest, splatches of red coloured your cheeks as your lips covered his. Realization suddenly downed on you when Jungkook made no movement to kiss you back. Your hands who held his shirt tightly, pushed against his chest, which made him fly back in his seat. “Oh my god. I… shit… Jungkook.. I…” you had no clue what to say. What did you say in this kind of situation. You had taken advantage of him. You did kiss him without his permission to do so. Glancing up to Jungkook who hadn’t said anything was sitting motionless and shocked. Tears began to well up in your eyes. You needed to get away, you needed to get rid of everything you felt right now. You were confused, lost, afraid but most of all you were heartbroken. “I’m sorry.” Was the only thing you said before leaving the store and Jungkook behind. 

 “Stupid stupid stupid. How can you be so stupid.” You whined, hitting yourself with your flat hand on your forehead everything the word stupid left your mouth. Seriously what kind of person were you to do these kind of things. Why were you feeling quilty towards Jimin when he clearly let you know that he was not interested. “You don’t know what you want right? Or what you need. Just please try to figure it out okay so we can move on, yeah?” You patted your chest where you heart was located. 

 The dark blue sky had taken over the orange one. The silver moon on her duty to protect the warm sun. Giving him light in the dark night. But somehow you loved the night. A lot of people do not like the night. Afraid of something dangerous lurking in the dark. But you felt at peace when the sky turned in all those colours, telling everyone night was approaching soon. The sounds of the day died down and now, now you could hear mother nature talking. The wind slipping through the branches just to steal that once dance with the leaves. The moon shining light on the tree to make it feel less lonely and sometimes the stars joining in to keep the moon company as she shone upon the tree. 

Were you the tree? Were your hands the branches as where Jimin was the wind slipping through your ‘fingers’ and coming across the leaves? Did that mean that Jungkook was the moon? “Ah what are you rambling y/n. Seriously.” You laughed at yourself for having thoughts like that. 

A sudden ‘crack’ sound behind you made you whip your head around instantly. “were you trying to sneak upon me?” You chuckled as your eyes roamed his familiar features. “No! I swear I did not!” Jungkook held his hands up in denial. Standing up from the bench you were sitting on you shuffeled your way over to Jungkook. “I’m so-” Jungkook’s hands flew to your face, holding it in place when his lips lightly touched yours, his fingers rubbing your cheeks. This time it was you who was shocked and with eyes as big as anime characters. 

“Jungkook” you mumbled against his lips. “Shhh” was all he said as he pulled you closer against his body. Your hands were no longer at your side but around his neck as your lips moved insync with his. The kiss grew steamier, your hands now tugging at his hair. The sighs and the moans swept away by the wind taking it away into the night. 

His hand was clutching his shirt in anger. His heart screaming for him to do something, to pull you away, to have you in his arms where you were supposed to be, But he couldn’t. He did not love you. This was just a best friend’s instinct trying to protect you. But who was he to fool himself. He doesn’t need to protect you from Jungkook. Why did his heart shrunk when Jungkook mentioned date, why did he follow Jungkook and why was he feeling this way?

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Reasons to love Wonho other than his abs
  • his eyes crinkle up when he laughs or smiles really big
  • he always has a smile (or a smirk??) on his face
  • his fanservice is a++++++++
  • he is super affectionate and its extremely cute
  • his voice has matured a lot in the few months between no.mercy and debut and that is amazing
  • he is a literal angel
  • he can go from being super sexy to extremely cute in a matter of minutes and that is something many idols have yet to learn
  • he started crying when he was telling the cameramen why he had to debut on no.mercy and his reason is heartbreaking imo
  • this picture:

anonymous asked:

Okay good, can you do a imagine based of *Woke the Fuck Up - Jon Bellion* with dylan pls?

i’m so glad i got this request, this is one of my fav songs lmao. enjoy love !!

The lyrics assert that he wants to contrast his dream and wants his current love to understand all he wants and needs is her. In the middle of the night, he comes to the sudden realization that she is what’s missing in his life.

Dylan quickly opened his eyes, sitting up immediately. He was still breathing heavily from the dream he had just been dreaming, the same dream he had been dreaming every night lately. He quickly looked over at the clock who was hanging on the wall; trying his best to read what it said. “2 am,” He muttered and sighed.  

It was the night before NBK. At first, he thought he couldn’t sleep cause of just the thought of NBK would make his heart skip a beat and he had been waiting a whole year for this day. But after awhile, he quickly realized what the problem was. His dreams about you has been driving him crazy lately.

You were laying in your bed, sleeping peacefully when you heard a sudden knock on your window. You quickly opened you eyes only to see Dylan, your best friend of years, standing outside your window. You sat up and looked at him in confusion. You made your way to your window and slowly opened it, looking the boy in front of you in the eyes. “What the fuck are you doing here, Dylan? It’s like 2 am, you can’t be here now! You know that ,y parents gonna kill me if they find out you’re here!” You hissed at him. “We need to talk, y/n.” He told you seriously. “And it can’t wait until tomorrow? Like, you know, we’ll see each other at school like we everyday?” You asked and looked at him in frustration. He looked up at you before looking down at his combat shoes, sighing. “No, it can’t wait anymore y/n.” He muttered. “I’m pretty sure it can wait a couple of hours,” You said. “No! It fucking can’t, okay? God, just let me the fuck in so I can explain!” E hissed and looked up at you. You stood there quietly before opening up the window completely so he could climb inside.

“So, tell me what the fuck’s so important at 2 am?” You asked in frustration before turning around to face the much taller boy. But before you could do anything, you felt him press his lips against yours. At first, you were quite surprised. Never in a million years you would’ve thought he would do that, since you always thought he only saw you as a friend, nothing more. After a while he pulled away, keeping his forehead pressed against yours. “I’ve been so afraid to put myself out there,” He whispered as he placed his hands on your cheeks.  “But time’s running out so I guess I needed to do this.” You looked at him in confusion. You didn’t quite know what he meant by that. “What’s that supposed to mean?” You whispered. “I’m so sorry y/n, but I really can’t tell you,” He whispered. “Wait, what? So you’re just gonna come over to my house at 2 am, kiss me, tell me that time’s running out and then tell me you can’t tell me what that’s supposed to mean?” You asked in both confusion and frustration. “I’m sorry.” He said, making you shove his hands away. “No! You’re not just gonna leave me hanging like that!” You said and turned around so you weren’t facing him anymore.

“I love you, okay? I fucking love you so much y/n, I need you to understand that you’re all that I want and need!” He said in an higher voice, showing some anger. You slowly turned around once again and looked him in his eyes. His eyes quickly became much softer as he sighed. “I just really need to hear you say that you love me back, or otherwise I need you to know that time’s running out.” He whispered and looked down at his shoes once again.

After a while you took a step closer to him, bringing his chin up before pressing your lips against his. At first, you could tll he was a bit taken back by your sudden moves but quickly caught on. “I love you too Dylan. Oh boy, I love you so fucking much. But before we can go any further, you really need to tell me what’s going on,” You said after you pulled away. He smiled at you before nodding, grabbing your hands. “I promise I will. I’m gonna tell you everything, I just need to go over to Eric’s house before I can tell you anything, okay?” He whispered, making you nod. He smiled at you once again before kissing your lips one more time. “I love you.” He said, still smiling. You smiled at him before opening your mouth to speak. “I love you to, Dyl.” You whispered.

He quickly jumped out the window once again, making his way down to his car before driving off to Eric’s house.

Dylan couldn’t help but smile as he realized that you would finally make his life worth living.

Void - Part 2

Characters: Johnny x y/n
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 1,464

part 1 Part 2 part 3

A/N:  I am so sorry for the delay, guys. But you all must know how hard school is. Anyway, I tried my best to come up with something which doesn’t disappoint any of you. You all looked forward to it so much, the last thing I could do was write something disappointing. Criticisms are most, most, most welcome. Please lemme know how you feel of it. 

And, while writing this I was listening to my UB’s beautiful song, I hope he brought out the best in me.

Admin Ayu ♥

“Y/n, I love you to the point I can’t function and process things properly when I think of you. You’re all I think about, and loving you has taught me to care about so many other things I never even found important. I love you so much it – it numbs me…” he sniffed by the end of the sentence, not being able to look you in the eyes, “If you give me one chance to make you happy, I swear to keep you the happiest, and never ever hurt you, ever. I love you, y/n” he took your hand in his large, trembling ones. His tears fell on the back of your hands, and you looked up at him, your senses filled with awe and admiration, and mostly love.

   “You fill the void in my heart with love and hope.”

   And, you had left everything for him. Your job, your home, your town, your family and friends; everything. All the sacrifices you had made back then didn’t feel so at all, since you were in love him. However, you were at a point in your life where you had already left behind so many things, that you could care less, very less.

  Shortly after he left you, you applied for a visa to Paris. You had always dreamed of settling down in the city which itself was the most beautiful embodiment of art and love in your eyes. However, you had never thought the time would come so fast, you had never thought that circumstances will force you to adapt to an environment you were planning to embrace when you were much older, in the arms of your just-as-old significant other.

  But you had to, all by yourself, leaving your 10-month-old baby at Johnny’s doorsteps. The fact that you had exhibited the vilest of all cowardice was a fact not left unknown to you. But you couldn’t process properly, couldn’t stop your head from dizzying furiously around your own little world whenever anything that could even merely indicate to him came around. Your little daughter was no less than a personification of the love you two once shared, or at the very least the love you had for him.

  So one bright morning, you gently placed your sleeping daughter at his doorstep, with only a letter and a bank account number from which he would receive some money every month for your daughter’s expense.

  And you left.

  Paris was a beautiful city, a wonderful place to live in. Your love for art had reincarnated, which was overshadowed by your love for him for what it felt like ages. It offered you with the love you thought that none but only living beings could offer. When you went to Paris where even walls screamed creativity and art, it seemed to you as if all the emotions ever felt in heavens and on earth were gathered in that one city, and you could finally belittle your own sorrow.

  Six years flew by and you turned thirty-five. You had managed to make new friends but no one gave you the feeling you had left behind, the love of a family. You wanted to see your daughter, who was to turn seven in two months. For her sake you had kept in touch with him through letters and he told you everything there was to know. You knew every little detail of her, and you were glad to know that his wife was fulfilling all her roles a mother usually does, quite willingly.

  She loves our daughter as her own, y/n. Only if you could get to see the bond they share, I’m sure you’d have asked for nothing more in life.

  Her eyes are just like yours, her smile and her frown are yours too. She is so beautiful, and when she says my name in answer to people’s inspection of her father, she sounds just like you.

  I realised something recently, her birthmark is also beneath her navel! She’s just a younger version of you, y/n.

  Somewhere in between the exchange of such mails you grew to love him more, and you detested that grow within you. The years you spent in Paris, you spent them expecting to fall in love with someone, but that never really happened. You couldn’t find anyone you could give your heart to the way you had surrendered it to Johnny, and the love you felt so greatly for him prior to your new life had influenced all other loves you could feel. None of them came to you as feverishly as your love for Johnny had. So, you never felt enough zeal or fortitude to infuse in the thriving quest to pursue any of them.

  However, his letters could also influence you to a good point, almost just as well as he himself used to. So after a month or two of your birthday, you took out a small luggage from the back of your cupboard, selecting the necessary commodities and clothes with caution for a week of stay. You were not planning to do much. Just meet some old friends, your old boss and colleagues, the loving neighbours you had when you were a Mrs. Suh, and take a look at your daughter from afar.

The fifteen-hour-journey had left you jetlagged, but your heart thumped hard against your chest as you took in the view of Seoul from your hotel room. You had a smile stretching your lips, though quite uncertain of how to label it. Because you couldn’t deny the glee, nor could you totally diminish the poignancy in your heart.

  Before you knew it the day of your departure had arrived. The flight was due an hour before midnight, so you had the day to yourself. As planned, you went to the park where your daughter played every Sunday.

  You were wearing a snapback, your hair tied up, a muffler wrapped around your neck covering the lower half of your face. You discreetly stood behind a tree, and it took you less than a minute to spot your daughter among the kids. ‘Oh lord…’ you thought to yourself, ‘She looks even more like me up close.’ The photos surely did a poor job to highlight the resemblance she held to you.

  You silently shed tears with a proud smile as you observed your daughter. She was a lively child with the brightest smile, her heart open to experimenting new things and welcoming new kids and befriending them. She bonded well with everyone around, and to your delight, everyone received her just as well. While taking the pleasure of seeing your daughter, you kept an eye out for Johnny and his wife, who were supposed to be at the nearby church.

  However, surprises come to you from where you least expect it.

  “I thought I’d never see you again.” You heard Johnny’s voice say from behind you, your shoulders jerking to the presence you didn’t wish for, “Welcome back to Seoul, y/n.”

  You wanted to turn around to see his face for once, up close. However, you couldn’t bring yourself to do so any longer. So you turned your head a little to the side, whispering an apology and a goodbye; before closing your eyes and running to the car your had borrowed, getting in it in a hurry and driving away.

You wiped your last tears as you sipped your third cup of coffee, rereading Johnny’s letter for the umpteenth time. A week after your return to Paris, you received his letter and took it to your favourite café by Seine River, Cojean Louvre.

Y/n, I won’t blame you for running away from me. I do realise it must have been hard for you to have found me when that is probably the last thing you wanted on your visit. It’s okay, don’t feel bad about having bailed on me so harshly. I just hope you find love, I really do. I hope someone fills the void in your heart with love and hope, too.


  “I just hope you find love, I really do.”
  “I hope someone fills the void in your heart with love and hope, too.


  His kindness was driving you to an extreme point of insanity, and the only way to return from it was to invest yourself in what you loved the most. In your head, you had already started putting colours together in a beautiful harmony, thinking of how to spill them on your white canvas later on. However, before your trail of thoughts could set a proper and aligned order to satisfy you, the man who was occupying the table behind yours spoke up in Korean;

  “Coffee is not very good for your health, why don’t you try some strawberry shake?”

P. S - Who do you think he was? ;)
         Lemme know~


Isaac Lahey:

—based on a song—

Try by Pink

Infinity by One Direction Part 2

Weapons by Hudson Taylor

Roman Holiday by Halsey (Slightly NSFW)

She by Green Day

Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys

Bloody Shirt by To Kill A King

Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and the Diamonds

Don’t Go by Rae Morris


First kiss with shy Isaac

Isaac is scared you got hurt because you won’t answer your phone

Fighting best friends who secretly love each other

Isaac thinks you’re an angel and worries he doesn’t deserve you

You’re grumpy at Christmas

Liam/Isaac jealousy love triangle

You’re a new werewolf with anger issues, Isaac’s always there to calm you

You’re new in school and already angry. You bite, he bites back. Part 2 (kinda)

You’re ducks. (I made a comment on this post that led to this happening. I told you I’d do it.)

“even when we’re throwing insults at each other and making rude passes i notice you’re checking me out and i have no idea how to feel about this except now i’m sort of anticipating having an encounter"

Drunken Love Confession

He leaves you to protect you, then realizes the error of his ways.

Mutual crushes, Isaac takes care of you when you get hurt

Isaac asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend to get Lydia to stop setting him up, despite the fact that you can’t stand each other. (female reader)

You have a quick, fiery temper and Isaac is always having to get you out of trouble. (Short, aggressive female reader)

Best friends, ‘practice’ kissing (female reader)

Liam hits on you, Isaac gets jealous (female reader, side Stalia)

You’re a Siren Isaac meets in France (female reader)

Isaac still has nightmares about his dad, you’re the only one who notices (male reader, NSFW)

You’re Scott’s brother and he finds out you’re dating Isaac (Male reader)

You don’t want to tell people you’re dating Isaac to protect him from the backlash of being seen with another boy. He ends up protecting you instead. (male reader)

You’re Stiles’ cousin and Isaac is your boyfriend. When things get too hot and heavy, you tend to run. Isaac seeks you out to talk things over. (female reader)

Love/hate, angst, jealousy

Isaac saves your Christmas

When you’re having a rough night, Isaac is supposed to be there for you when you call. But now you’re not talking and you’re not supposed to call. You do anyway.


Watching Scary movies and you start to distract him (female reader)

Isaac is a virgin and you’re not (female reader)

Isaac catches you touching yourself (female reader)

Casual threesome with Derek (female reader) 

—From this writing meme—

“Stop doing this to yourself.”/ “Oh… don’t cry…”/ Self-hatred

“What, nothing?”/ “Say something!”/ Christmas Proposal

“God, just shut up.”

“Oh… don’t cry…”

“I’m coming over.”

“I just want to see you smile…”

“I don’t want to be alone.”

“I can’t believe you believed me!”

“You… you used me.”

“Stop doing this to yourself.”

“Please, just stop talking.”

“What am I to you?”

“Open the door!”

“Stop looking at me like that, it’s your fault anyway.”

“Tell me the truth/ Do you hate me, too?” (Plus-sized female reader)

Come back!/ Tell me the truth. (Female reader)

~~Liam Dunbar:

“What, nothing?” Part 1, Part 2

“Do you hate me, too?”

You argue all the time so your friends lock you in a room together

~~ Scott McCall:

He’s the half-brother you never knew, Theo gets to you first 

~~ Allison Argent:

Girl on girl smut (NSFW, female reader obviously)

~~Peter Hale:

He realizes he loves you only after you’re gone, it’s still too late


You give them the silent treatment

Look, I just get testy when articles about queer ladies on telly ONLY talk about American shows (with the exception of Bea Smith.  But just her).  I mean, sure, exclude the ACTUAL queer lady playing an ACTUAL queer lady on the tellybox in favour of your heterosexual trashbag who craves attention and penis.

But then, I suppose this is what happens when articles get published and contain statements like “Clexa was the best written queer relationship in the history of TV”.

Here are a few other statements, from me:

1) No it wasn’t.  Not by a long shot.  The only true thing you can say is that it wasn’t the worst.  That’s it.  And even that point is open to debate.

2) Queer ladies come in all shapes and sizes, but thanks for only ever talking about the young, hot ones.

3) “Hollywood Hot” is kind of bland now.  

4) Other countries in the world exist AND make television shows.  I know!  Talking about “foreign” TV doesn’t just mean Canadian telly…

5) I rolled my eyes so hard at this entire list that I now have to chase them down the hallway…


OMG i am learning how to use photoshop and it’s so difficult…!! my first photoshop thing ever… i promise 2 get better

i have a song that rly reminds me of reyna and her past (+ sharing dad stuff with nico) and i listened to it on repeat through working on this. here:

he came knocking down the street lights
tearing up the new grass on the lawn
he was frightening off the livestock
I could feel him coming down
I let the Citranella dissolve in my hand
I began to feel real bad
when the ghost of your father comes to town
what the hell else can you do
I flung open all the windows
put the water on for tea
and let him pass right through