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lion emoji reviews


looks like a shiba inu with a wig on. its like they’ve never seen a lion before. he looks depressed and i relate


this one also kind of looks like a shiba inu with a wig on but i like the bigger nose and the minimalism so i’ll let it slide


best one so far, actually looks like a lion. the eyes are a bit soulless but its still cute. nice pink nose and fuller muzzle. 10/10


my initial reaction to this one was ‘no’. its… kind of cute in a last chicken in the shop kind of way. not a big fan. what is going on with that ball snout? where is his mouth? samsung i’m disappointed in this emoji


this is literally just the apple one but better. the coloring is better and more inviting. i actually kind of like him. he smiles for us


I really like this one. nice style, cute fur tuft along with friendly and caring eyes and a nice little diamond on its forehead. this is my new favorite for sure. i would kiss this boy. good job facebook! this is the perfect lion emoji


THIS is a good one. minimalistic, but easily identifiable. has a nice long face like an actual lion. i would invite this boy to my birthday party

Emoji One:

this one is fantastic. cute and cartoony but still looks like an actual lion. most realistic nose of the night too. he looks soft and gentle i love him


i have included the tiger emojidex emoji so you can see how badly the lion one turned out in comparison. who let this happen? really disappointing emoji. i never want to see it again

conclusion: most of them suck but some of them are cute. i’m fairly disappointed in the lack of variety between them though esp after looking at the tiger emojis

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can you help me find the art thief fan fic that is super popular and everyone talks about??

I don’t blame you much (for wanting to be free) (ao3) - Phil first saw Dan, in a tiny museum in Manchester, wearing a nametag that said Dylan, cleaning one tiny patch of floor over and over, fringe falling in his eyes, staring at The Sea at Saintes-Maries like it was the best thing he had ever seen, like he was looking at something behind it, something hidden. Phil had said “hey, that’s my favourite too. Everyone always walks straight past it” and Dan had jumped like a startled cat and then instantly scurried off. Phil had thought no wait stay. And Dan hadn’t, obviously.

This one?

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Ok so we've talked about Harry with your butt, but what about boobs?? I have really big boobs that like attention so i need him to like boobs too! Let's talk about Harry and your boobs

Like hiiii…did I send this anon in to myself? Because it’s basically me.

No matter what size breasts you have, Harry’s going to love them and consider them his best mates. He will literally have conversations with them, pretending like they’re talking back, greeting them before he greets you…all that ridiculous nonsense he’s known for. 

“Damn, you two look good today. Oh, me? This old thing? Thanks, ‘ve had it forever. But back to you. Fuck me, amirite? Never seen the pair of you look so gorgeous. Is that a new bra? Makes you look so plump and delicious. Wanna eat you up.”

He would use them as pillows, for sure. Always wanting to rest his cheek on them when you’re cuddling so you can run your fingers through his hair and he can have a soft spot to relax. He’d nuzzle his nose into them to get comfy, moaning a bit about how good you smell and how soft you always are. Then when he’s getting a bit restless halfway through the movie, he’d begin to nip at them through your t-shirt, kneading one with the palm of his hand and biting at the other. 

Your laughs and attempts at making him stop would turn into soft moans as he pulled down at your shirt to expose your skin, grazing his lower teeth against your pert nipples, tweaking them with his thumb and forefingers to get a rise out of you. You’d push your chest against his lips when he brought both of your breasts together so he could get as much of you in his mouth as possible. He’s got such big hands, such long fingers, and they look so right against the bare skin of your chest. He’d growl because he’d feel like he wasn’t getting enough of you at once, nearly causing him to panic. He’d start to grind his hips into the couch between your legs where he’s nestled himself, and you’d whimper, trying to get him to create that friction against you, not the damn cushions.

“Jus’ wanna fuckin eat you,” he’d say against you, his mouth glistening and red. “Can’t ever get enough of you, pet.”

Mycroft Appreciation Post

I’m so happy with how much he was in that episode, even if it was absolutely soul crushing. Here’s a list of moments in The Final Problem that prove Mycroft Holmes is the best character in the whole show, feel free to add to it

• He sits on his own watching films he knows every word to
• He has a bloody sword inside his umbrella
• He sat in The Chair in 221B Baker Street to get Sherlock to talk to him
• He saved Mrs Hudson
• He dealt with the whole Eurus shitstorm practically on his own, despite the fact he was only a teenager
• He spends his whole life looking after his siblings
• The fact he struggled with his weight as a child and clearly still worries about it (hence the treadmill)
• The way he looked so heartbroken when his parents blamed him for everything even though he was doing his best to protect his little brother and sister
• Gets sick at the thought of killing somebody

Tol!Otabek & Smol!Yuri headcanons

I’m joining in on this avalanche my ask to @seeyounextlevel accidentally started lmfao, have some headcanons

  • it’s more or less a competition between them while they’re both growing, though neither of them knows the other thinks of it as that
  • yuri has been both waiting for and DREADING the moment he starts go grow bc 1) it’s gonna throw his skating to shit, but 2) he’s FINALLY gonna be able to look at people in the eye read: viktor and katsudon and jj, though otabek is a nice bonus
  • he manages to be taller than otabek for a while after his first spurt
  • but not for long, because otabek is still growing too
  • yuri is so smug when he’s finally the same height as his best friend
  • but then
  • but then
  • next time they see each other otabek has a couple milimeters on him again
  • yuri fucking seethes, this is competition
  • he buys shoes with a bit more sole to appear higher
  • otabek raises an eyebrow but doesn’t say anything, thinks it’s one of his fashion statements 
  • yuri grows a bit more, and is grinning whenever he goes to meet beka because finally, he’s taller and this is undisputable, right?
  • otabek shoots up and is a full two inches above him, and he doesn’t even look like he notices his growth spurt but he’s inwardly very proud of this bc kazakh men generally aren’t very tall in comparison to russians some other nations
  • yuri seethes even more, and otabek finally takes notice
  • he wouldn’t have even known this was A Thing with yuri if the other wasn’t pouting so much every time their height differences got called into question
  • but yuri isn’t being a good sport about this so otabek just decides to push it and tease him without ever telling him anything about it
  • suddenly everything is placed higher on the shelves. yuri’s high-soled shoes go missing somewhere in the closet. yuri can’t reach half the dry groceries without straining up a bit
  • otabek takes full advantage of this of course, either by looking on lazily and appreciatively while yuri refuses to ask for help and finds increasingly creative ways to climb up the furniture, or by pressing himself really close to yuri while stretching to help on the few times he relents and asks for help
  • this happens more and more
  • and more
  • turns out yuri isn’t as bothered with being shorter than otabek if there are some benefits to it  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • of course, if it’s anyone else he still throws a fit about it
  • it is yuri, after all

I know everyone wants Bitty to be the captain and I know that’s probably where this is going but like my ultimate dream is for it to go to someone we have never heard of before. 

Like unanimous vote for fucking James. He really deserves it. He was the MVP of the year, really pulled through for the team. Kept morale up and looked out for everyone, was the life of the party. 

Then cut to a sitcom style flashback, with all the crucial scenes over the past three years and James has been just out of the frame for everything. During the taddy tour. At the Epikegster (2k14). When they lost the frozen four. Jack’s graduation. 

He’s best friends with Ollie and Wicks. He got high with Shitty. Carried Lardo piggy back to half her classes. Hooked up with Nursey (twice). Got drunk and sung duets with Holster for a whole night. 

Come on guys, James, you remember him??? Right???? R I G H T??

If Diabolik Lovers was set in Victorian England, what kind of gentlemen would the Mukami brothers be? And which social class would they be in? And what kind of lady would Yui be? Requested by @s-e-kwan

Okay so I went with the idea that they aren’t vampires and just live their lives as plain humans. 

Ruki: Definitely part of the upper class, born into a extremely wealthy family. His personality would remain the same, and he would definitely look down on the lower classes. Although he despises all social events, Ruki is an expert dancer and his manners are the best. Many families would kill to have him marry their daughters.

Kou: It is impossible for the people around him to know whether Kou was actually born into a wealthy family or not. The boy has enough good looks that people are willingly inviting him to different high social events and willingly giving him things. Kou makes good use of his looks and easily picks up etiquette and know exactly how to act around the wealthy people. Great judge of character so he knows which angle to play for the situation to be in his favor. Definitely marries into a rich family…..or two.

Yuma: Born in the middle class, into a family of farmers. He would be into the upper part of the middle class, being very successful with his farm. Spending almost all of his time farming, he doesn’t have much time to pick fights and gardening helps keep him calm and happy. Of course on his occasional trips to the city he gets frustrated at the upper class people who dare look down him. Filthy rich people who can’t do anything with their own hands.

Azusa: Born into the lower class and with parents working very odd jobs here and there. He lost his parents to the diseases ravaging cities at a young age, being sent to an orphanage. Azusa quickly learned that if he was injured or sick that he would get most of the attention, therefor hurting himself on purpose at times. Unfortunately he was never adopted, he grew up and quickly learned how to adapt to certain situation and how to take care of himself. His hand became quick enough that he could steal many things without once being caught. Living his life travelling city from city, stealing what he needs on the go.

Yui: Imagining that Yui was not sent to be a sacrificial bride, she would most probably have been a nun, spending her days doing charity and praying to God. If not she would be born into the upper class, well trained in etiquette and how to probably act and behave, dressing up in pretty gown and jewelry, waiting for someone to ask permission to court her.


BAP Kissing Styles


  • passionate 
  • you can practically feel the emotion behind his kisses

Yongguk had realized he had gone too far with his words when he saw your eyes brimming with tears. His heart constricted, he had never meant to hurt you but his anger had gotten the best of him.

Before you could turn and run away from him he grabbed you by the arm and drew you into a deep kiss.

“I went too far. I’m sorry Y/N. Please forgive me, I love you,” a strew of apologies left his lips as he drew your lips apart.

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  • intense
  • kisses you whenever and wherever

“Himchan look at me,” you pleaded as you turned his head away from the car window and towards you, “what’s wrong? Just tell me.”

His eyes which were stone cold just a few seconds ago softened, as he saw your pleading eyes, “I’m sorry. It’s not your fault, it’s mine. I can’t believe I let you wear that dress.”

“What are you talking about?” You were confused.

“Oh come on, you’re telling me you didn’t notice the string of guys after you tonight?”

“No, of course not because you’re the only one I was looking at.” You smiled, a bit amused by his jealousy outburst.

Himchan’s eyes widened with your words and he stared deep into your eyes. Before you knew it, his lips were interlocked with yours and his hands had begun to run down your sides.

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  • tender
  • the type to bite your lip when things get heated

Daehyun sighed, visibly saddened by the fact that he had to leave you to go on tour once again. 

“It’s okay,” you smiled reassuringly, “you’ll be back in no time!”

I’m going to miss you,” he sighed again as he drew you in for a hug. 

He snuggled his head against the crook of your neck “I love you Y/N,” he murmured against you before drawing back with a small smile.

“I love you too.”

With that he tipped your chin slightly up before he leaned down to give you long and sweet kiss.

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  • quick pecks or drawn out kisses there is no in between
  • type to lick his lips after

Your laughter was music to Youngjae’s ears as he chased after you.

“How many times have I told you to ask before taking my clothes?” He asked, slightly out of breath from keeping up with you.

“We can talk about this later,” was all you said before you ran out the door, “I’m going to be late meeting my friends!”

Youngjae caught up to you just as you were about to turn on the car. He let out a laugh as he knocked against the front seat window, “come on Y/N, roll down the window.” 

You rolled it down with a smile. 

“I can’t believe you were going to leave without giving me a kiss,” he complained, more upset by that than the fact that you had stolen one of his hoodies.

“Sorry,” you said before he drew you in for a quick kiss.

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  • slow and sweet
  • lots of forehead kisses

You stared at the clock, unable to stay still from the excitement of knowing that Jongup returned from tour today. 

You looking at the dinner table again, making sure that everything was perfect and that all the candles were lit when he came.

The second you heard the door unlock you were running towards the door.

Jongup had just managed to close it shut when you wrapped your arms around him, “you’re back!” 

He let out a small laugh, your force knocking him back a little.

He was finally home and he couldn’t help but smile into your neck as he caught the scent of his favourite and familiar perfume on you. The distinct smell had come to be of comfort for him. “God I missed you,” he said as he drew apart slightly to give you a kiss on the forehead.

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  • playful but timid
  • most likely having to bend down or having to sit you on top of something so your lips reach 

The scent of food instantly made Junhong wake up and gravitate towards the kitchen.

“Good morning” he said, as he circled his arms around your waist and rested his chin on your head, “do you need any help?”

“Nope, I just finished,” you announced as you turned the stove off and turned in his arms.

“Did you just wake up?” You smiled, finding his messy hair cute. 

“Mhm, I’m sad you woke up before me though,” was his response before he picked you up and settled you on the counter.

“and why’s that?” you asked as you began to play with his hair. 

“Because I didn’t get to hold you for as long as I wanted to,”  he said before his lips pressed against yours. 

“What was that for?” You asked with a small laugh, after pulling away.

“To make up for it,” he smiled. 

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I hope you like these<3

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Yuri on Ice Week || Day 7: Shall We Skate?

Option D: Future/Headcanons/Theories

One of the things I’m looking forward to most ‘next level’ is seeing Victor skate again … seeing his new programs and costumes and how the new emotions he’s experienced during his break affect his skating. (And just to watch him move, damn)

I want to see it almost as much as Yuri, who spends all of episode 12 looking miserable even after delivering the best performance of his life and beating Victor’s world record, until Victor as much as *hints* he’s returning:

Obviously I’m looking forward to seeing Yuri and all the rest skate again in the future as well, but as Victor wasn’t a competitor this season we’ve seen so much less of his skating than we have the others, and I can’t *wait* to see more.

So you guys seemed to like my thirsty bisexual!yamaguchi with ace!tsukki who is not about that thirst life headcanon so here is more: imagine their conversation after they first met the team. Like, the second they’re out of earshot: “tsukki did you see the captain’s thighs?!” “I was actually looking at his face as is custom when speaking to someone” “well ok his face is nice too but his thighs” “omg” “the bald one was kind of hot too” “omg”. Also imagine that after they meet kageyama and hinata, yamaguchi’s still trying to catch up to tsukishima when he just goes “you know, kageyama’s pretty cute too” and tsukki just fucking sprints away because he is this close to being short a best friend.


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Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Warnings: mentions of cheating, and some swearing

Prompt: basically the reynold’s pamphlet except its not eliza but ya know u get the gist of it.

Y/N = your name

H/C = your hair color

F/C = your favorite color

Word Count: 1,023

(this is in the ham era, so it is not modern. i probably fucked up somewhere but i tried my best)

You held the pamphlet in your trembling hands. You shook your head in disbelief, tears rolling down your red cheeks. You took a seat on the edge of your bed, running a shaky hand through your H/C hair. You set down the papers at your side and continued to let the tears escape your eyes. You looked dead ahead at the wall as your vision got blurry.

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Prompt: married Eggsy with children and single Harry, still pining for Eggsy's love.


Soft strains of music provide a soundtrack to the breaking of Harry’s heart.

He’s always hoped to see Eggsy this way, all dressed up, face flushed with excitement, eagerness in every word that he says.

He’s always hoped to hear the words ‘I do’ on Eggsy’s lips, honeyed syllables that Harry could kiss away.

Harry gets his wish. The wedding is as grand an affair as he could have asked for. Eggsy deserves only the best, after all. He looks happier than Harry has ever seen him, head thrown back in laughter at something Roxy has said.

Harry lets his eyes linger on the way Eggsy’s suit fits him. Spectacularly cut, of course. The best Kingsman could provide. He tears his eyes away long before he has looked his fill. He’s not allowed to do more than look now, and the confinement is painful.

Movement catches his eye, dragging it back in Eggsy’s direction.

Eggsy’s husband has joined the small group, slides his arm around Eggsy’s waist and drops a kiss on his head.

Harry’s hand tightens imperceptibly around his champagne glass as Eggsy tilts his head up, silently asking for another.

Jack gives it to him, comes away smiling. They both are.

Maybe it was the Southern drawl. Maybe it was the proud, swaggering walk all the Statesmen seemed to possess. Maybe, Harry begrudgingly admits, it’s the fact that Jack is a genuinely good man.

Good men deserve each other. Harry knows he hasn’t been good for a long time. He thought he might be, briefly, when Eggsy looked at him like he’d hung the sun in the sky. He knows now that he isn’t. Good men get happy endings.

Harry is one of the every last to leave the wedding. He wants to see Eggsy like this as long as he can, radiating happiness. It’s beautiful. It’s heartbreaking.


“Eggsy!” That’s all the warning they get before Daisy barrels into Harry’s office, throwing herself into Eggsy’s lap.

Eggsy’s face splits into a wide grin. “C’mere,” he says, wrapping his arms around her and peppering her face with kisses. “How’s my little flower, today?”

“Sorry,” says a voice from the doorway, and Harry winces inwardly. “I tried to stop her from coming in–I didn’t want to interrupt–but…” Jack trails off with the shrug of one shoulder and an apologetic smile.

Harry waves it off, seemingly nonchalant. “Children will do as they please,” he says. “We were nearly done here anyways.”

Eggsy glances up at that. “We were? I thought we still had to go over-”

But Harry cuts him off with a shake of his head. “That will hold for another day or two, at the least. It isn’t often that you and Jack are both off at the same time. Take the rest of the day,” he says, trying to sound gracious.

“You serious?” Eggs asks, eyebrows darting upwards in surprise.

“Go,” harry says in lieu of a reply. “Before I change my mind.”

Eggsy’s smile only grows wider and it makes Harry’s heart ache. He used to dream that smile would be his someday. He still does, sometimes. The subconscious is a treacherous thing.

“Thanks, Harry. You’re the best,” Eggsy says, standing and settling Daisy on his hip.

Harry grits his teeth rather than protest. Eggsy’s best is standing in the doorway staring at the three of them. “Go on, then,” he says, tilting his head.

Eggsy goes. Harry’s heart goes with him. 

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let's talk about the floof. What is your personal fave TomCav hair? Do you ever miss the Flash S1 all-over-long style or do you love the shaved-sides hipster cut he has now?


Look, as long as we don’t get something as awful as the 1x02 flat hair *shudders* it’s pretty good.

HR’s haircut has its moments of looking terrific, and at other times not so much. See, this is pretty neat and stylish:

My favorite is definitely the Harry hair: not as long as Eo’s occasional “caught in a windtunnel” look from S1, but with that mad scientist bedhead and floofy bounce.

BUT outside of the show, the best has to be the SDCC 2015 hair.

It was the floof that just kept giving, to the extent we all wanted to be Danielle:

Street Racer!Jimin

Now it is time for the first half of the Busan line, an absolute angel who is looking s o nice like he’s always looked nicE but just when you think he’s hit the peak, he’s just like jk haha like did you see the pics from GDA that was some good shit, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • Starting off with visuals bc he’s a literal model
  • Orange!chim bc I saw this gif set the other day of orange!chim and how it’s the best hair color on him and I was just sold
  • I mean blonde!chim is looking really fucking good too like I mentioned before GDA pics were literal gold but I gotta stay loyal to orange!chim it was just so perfect and beautiful and I miss it (but I’m also super content with blonde!chim)
  • Also I just wanna add in that all black clothing!chim is one of my favorites so he’s forever in black jeans that make his thighs do the thing where they’re really muscular and ni CE
  • Okay so I’m gonna throw in some bad boy!chim (here) just for the hell of it I love bad boy!chim
  • So for everyone that hasn’t read the original post, I’ll sum the visual side of it
  • He’s got a lip piercing (probably spider bites) an eyebrow piercing and he’s got a couple tattoos, his main ones are the Mama 2014 tattoos where he had the album name on his side and then never mind on the other (my mind is still blown that it was so planned out fuck me up bighit)
  • On top of those tattoos, he has the tattoo that all of the other members have, a “B” to represent the group Bangtan
  • His “B” is on his wrist, on the side of his right hand
  • He chose that spot bc it’s pretty easy to cover up, just put on a couple of bracelets and no one can even tell but also bc it’s pretty easy to show off
  • When he’s racing, he makes sure his arm is in view so everyone can see it as he drives by
  • Okay but we all know that Jimin and chim are basically two different people, when Jimin’s off stage he’s just a shy lil bub that giggles and just wants affection from all the people but on stage he’s ripping shit off he’s growling he’s doing the hair thing he basically goes into attack mode
  • And I think the exact same thing would happen for street racer!chim
  • Like he walks in with his all black clothing and all of his tattoos are hidden and he’s just giggling and talking to everyone Tae introduces him to and everyone’s cooing at him
  • Everyone automatically assumes he’s either there for a friend or it’s his first time there bc he’s just so smol and cute and not the typical racer but then they also see that he’s in the same group as Yoongi and Jungkook and Namjoon and it’s just oh shit
  • They don’t realize it until they’re up against Jimin and Yoongi goes over to tell him about the course and it’s just like one of those oh s hiT moments bc they know they’re about to lose
  • Head canon time but he’s a lil bit of a flirt when he’s racing (no one realizes that he’s only flirting with you from afar)
  • Like when he wins a race, he always winks at someone you and he’ll give a lil smirk to someone in the crowd before a race like he just gets that confidence boost chim gets when he’s in his zone 
  • Jimin is a pretty versatile racer but his specialty is just being really fucking fast he’s the racer that you never get ahead of
  • You know how when BTS were in those idol races and Jungkook started running and literally slows down bc the gap between him and the others is so huge, that’s street racer!Jimin
  • You can pretty much put Jimin in any type of race, short distance long distance, he’ll win 99% of the time
  • He’s only ever had a few losses and those were when he was starting out
  • But that’s quickly a thing of the past bc those were just test races so Yoongi could see what type of racer chim would be so that he can help him out
  • Yoongi gets Tae and Jungkook to race against chim bc they’re the fastest racers and that’s when yoon sees the potential bc if beginner!chim can get that close to beating them, he’s got some talent
  • Okay but head canon that he and Tae are forever racing against each other
  • “If I win, you have to do the laundry for a month”
  • “Emphasis on that ‘if’”
  • “Fight me”
  • Jimin and you have been together for years so you’re there to see the boys training him and you get to see him go from a total beginner who couldn’t even drive in a straight line at that speed to a badass racer that’s just a beast
  • You already know that chim has a less than innocent side to him so it doesn’t really surprise you when he tells you what he’s gotten himself into and tbh you’re just glad he’s got the boys around him to keep him safe
  • Like you never have to worry about him bc if any of the boys thought for a second he could get hurt, they’ll stop him
  • You go to every race to support him and sometimes you’ll even join him in his car
  • “What’s this button do?”
  • “It’s for the radio I told you this car doesn’t have any cool buttons, it’s a normal car that just speeds up quickly”
  • “But what’s that one”
  • “The heater”
  • “So you’re saying if I push it we don’t get a sudden burst of speed”
  • “I’m saying if you push it, you’ll get warm” 
  • “Awesome”

In defence of Jaune in the last couple of episodes:

No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws.

Yes, Jaune has been very bitter against Qrow. But in the end he was also the other guy holding the stretcher.

Yes, Jaune argued with Ren and is wrapped up in his own thoughts, but he also listened to Nora and looked to Ruby for her reaction to the proposal. In the end he conceded to Nora’s reasoning and let Nora and Ren take the mountain route.

He’s a young man dealing with the realisation of a very dark world. Of course he’s going to be protective of his friends. He’s the tactician; its his role in the team to make sure they execute the best plan and not kill themselves in the process. Splitting up is dangerous, especially considering there are enemies much stronger than them. It was Qrow who fought Tyrian because RNJR didn’t stand a chance and now even he’s out of commission. Ruby is still targeted. Jaune can’t protect both Qrow and Ruby on his own. He would need Nora and Ren’s help. Splitting up does increase their chance of finding help, but sacrifices their defences.

There may be some unpleasant attributes coming out of Jaune, but everyone has those and expresses it differently. What’s important is that he’s still giving out the good stuff too. Like the fact that he cares for the safety of his team, and even Qrow. Enough to recognise that splitting up is their best chance at saving the dusty old bird.


You hadn’t noticed the looks Sara and Snart would give each other until Jax pointed it out. He hadn’t pointed it out on purpose, of course. He had made an off-hand comment about Snart and Sara communicating through strange looks, and you happened to overhear it. When you asked him what they were talking about though he became flustered and tried to change the subject.

You decided that you wanted to know since Sara was your best friend who knew you had a little crush on Snart. So, you went into her room one ‘night’ (if it could even be considered a night at all) to have a chat with the assassin. When you first asked, her she was reluctant to tell you, but sighed with an, I can’t take you two anymore and only said that Snart shared your feelings.

For a moment, you hadn’t believed her. How could someone like Snart have feelings (it was one of the traits that drew you to him. You always ended up liking people who you thought could never like you back). You quickly realized it wasn’t a joke, as Sara had never lied to you about these things before. So you were determined to get at least a date with Captain Cold.

That’s how you found yourself outside his room, staring at him as he cleaned his cold gun with his back towards you.

“Take a picture, it’ll-”

“I swear to god Snart, if you finish that sentence, I won’t let you take me out to get a drink.” You hoped you sounded confident because you sure didn’t feel that way. Snart paused, then turned to you. “So, what do you say, Captain?” You cross your arms and lean on his doorway unconsciously. “Drinks?”

“You’re so confident I’ll say yes?”

“What do I have to lose if you say no? I’m sure Ray will go with me if I ask nicely enough.” You didn’t miss the scrunch of Snart’s nose at the mention of Doctor Palmer. After a moment’s contemplation, Snart shrugged as if he couldn’t be bothered by the situation and grabbed his parka.

“Well then, let’s go, shall we?”

(Requested by @bookluver01 . Sorry, it took so long to get out. I do not own the gif)